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To be honest, I haven't seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yet. I can't say I'm in too much of a hurry either. Although I enjoy the Harry Potter series, that was a series that took many years before I finally gave in and watched it. With Fantastic Beasts not being directly tied to Harry Potter, but rather just being in the same universe, I don't have much interest to see it.

But hey, enjoy Fantastic Beasts 2 next month.

There's like descendent's off people offharry potter with some of the characters , for all his faults Jonny depp is looking like he's gonna be a great bad guy And rosier who's decendence's are in hp plus I want to see Nichols flannel the wizard who created the philosophers stone is in , thres a funny clip when Jacob a muggle shakes flannels hands and said u don't look a day over 375 yrs of age he's in 600's lol