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Nice answer. Thank you.

As much of an observation as a question... I was watching Royal Rumble 1990 the other day, and they did had promos for a lot of the participants. What stuck out to me was how many of those promos were kinda lame in content but were "intense" purely because the worker or workers were shouting the whole thing at the camera. Take away the shouting and most of them were really basic promos. Once this jumped out at me, the promos became rather comical. I don't know if I'll ever look at old later 80s WWF promos the same again. Ever noticed the shoutiness of that era and ever bothered by it?
Those multi-talent promos were awesome. As you said, most of the promos were generic and some were even bad, but it stood out. Back in the day, that was one of the highlights of both Royal Rumble and the "What are you thankful for" Survivor Series promos. Those promos were all about anticipation. It gave lower guys a chance to cut a quick promo, but then any time a major star would pop up for their promo, it was a fun moment.

As you can probably imagine, I haven't seen much (If any) build up to recent Royal Rumble matches, but the one complaint I often hear is how virtually no one except a couple of wrestlers even bring up the Rumble match. These quick promos would fix that.

Also on those shows back then, I really liked the presentation, typically at the very start of the PPV where McMahon would say each wrestler's name that is in the Rumble with a picture of them coming onto the screen. I liked all of those little things that made the PPVs stand out from each other.

So yeah, really generic shouty promos, but there was a fun value to them that helped add importance to the match.