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Thread: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

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    Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    Promos will be due friday, December 13th at midnight Pacific time, which is saturday, December 14th at 3 a.m. Eastern time and 8 a.m. in British time zone.
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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    "This one time, when I was recuperating after my first neck surgery, I was lying in the hospital bed staring up at the ceiling and just thinking. It was late at night and there was no sound except for the slow beep of the heart rate monitor beside me, so I could really focus on my thoughts. And you know what? It fucking scared me. The things that would flash through my mind as I was laying there...I tell you I was legitimately scared of some of the things running through my brain. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I ever actually gave in and really let myself think." - Wolf

    Time to Stop Chasing?
    Heart of the Beast...

    This isn’t the heart of a human. The heart of the human stopped beating a long time ago. This is the heart of a thing that should not be allowed to walk this Earth, something filled with such vile hatred that the only end result it could come to is hurting someone in the chaos that is its existence. The beating of its heart is irregular and erratic at best, an uncontrollable war drum pounding for the leveling of all of civilization. Its arteries are either filled with holes or with plague, assuring us that this thing cannot be alive, because no living thing can feel the sort of misanthropic tendencies that is pumping through this thing’s body. This heart is made up of a mix of cancer, late night depression, and a sense of self-destruction soaking in a pot of nihilism for the better part of a lifetime. This isn’t the heart of a human.

    Lungs of ash, a stomach of fire, a spine made of pain, this is the collection of organs that allows this thing to live, defiant of the rules of nature and God, as it continues to walk around on its legs made up of brief moments of rationalized makeshift success. When it breathes, it only takes air from the planet and exhales a toxic exhaust that will never dissipate, eventually burning holes in the o-zone bringing the swift end of its enemies that much closer. No maker would dare take credit for the bipedal machine whose brain burns under the flame known only as “waiting”. Yes, it waits, but not with ease or with comfort. It waits, listening to the clock tick away, slowly bringing the next day closer, because that is all it is capable of until its hands can find the next throat to squeeze, the next bone to break, the next hope to destroy. That is how it spends its time

    It had not always been like this. A faint sense of optimism had once pumped through the running river that is its veins, forcing it to look on yonder to the horizons with the awe-inspiring vision of a future that could have been. It often woke to the sound of the grinding gears of potential and fell asleep to the gentle whispers of a pending tomorrow, under the impression that, at any point, success could merely be a stone’s throw away from its doorstep. The word “futility” was simply a reference for the attempts that the opposition made to try and inhibit its path to glory; something it felt had been destined from birth to happen. The problem with a heart of that sort is that it opens itself up to attack with pride as its only defense and if said defense is penetrated and a wound is opened, an infection begins to fester, an infection that spreads until it overwhelms it entirely and dissolves whatever humanistic tendencies it had left, consuming the few passionate emotions it had. Sludge is now the only thing that flows through its body, trashing the body, slowly destroying it, watching it decay into something…unholy.

    This heart belongs to Wolf; bastard, rebel, failing wrestler, and former human.

    The night was filled with heavy thunder storms, that floated over the river that wound it's way through the city. The bright lights of the city shimmered in the puddles that laid on the drenched streets, and in the rain that still fell to the earth. The clouds still hung low, and the lightening flashed brightly lighting up the sky over the city, as the thunder rolled loudly. A few ventured out into the dreary night to go clubbing, or to attend the theaters that were playing the latest movies. Steam rose off of the streets and the humidity was getting worse by the minute as the rain fell. The camera focuses on the now empty arena. Lightening strikes the antenna that rose high above the arena, and disperses. A lone figure can be seen standing on the edge of the roof of the arena drenched with rain. Their long hair hung in front of their face dripping with the heavy rain water that had already fallen, and still fell with the same speed and harshness that it had been doing all day. As the camera moves in we see it is Wolf standing by himself looking out over the city. When he lights his cigarette, he does so with purpose. As if every draw from it brought him one step closer to this goal. His chest heaved with anticipation, as he glared into the camera's lens. Behind his eyes? He was a beast pacing in a cage, counting the moments until it's next meal with so much malicious intent. If there wasn't a smoke positioned between his fingers, those digits were clenched into a fist as ready for action as a loaded Mac-10 with the safety off. But you had to look close... These little tells were enough to know, but to the untrained eye? The man was as cool as a cucumber in cold-storage. He was steel. He was stoic. He'd betray as little as he could and he'd succeed in spectacular fashion. It was set to be a make or break night for Wolf. He'd been here before, with his career on the line.

    Wolf: Disrespect is rife in this business and in this company, it always has been and as long as there are egos, it probably always will be. FWA means a lot to me, it's been all I’ve wanted since I arrived here to win the FWA undisputed championship, the richest prize in the game today. I‘ve stood against anyone that has been put before me and I‘ve waded through whatever crap this company can toss up, and I‘ve done it all while trying to entertain the people who buy the tickets to see me. FWA isn't just the men and women in the locker room, it's as much the rabid, the hardcore fan base that show up to see us no matter. That's FWA. I may not run in any gangs, I may not join that months flavor group, I‘ve always kept to myself because through experience it's hard for me to trust any other wrestlers in FWA, but I'm still a company man, I still wear the banner with pride, I still represent the company with respect because whether I like them or not I know that this company is comprised of the best wrestlers in the world, it always has been. It always will be. THAT is why I want to rip the FWA Undisputed title from Ryan Hall and PAJ thinks he can stop me from chasing the title? I‘ve been hunting. Luckily for PAJ, he's quick prey. He's quite happy to run his mouth but he won't step up and say his words to my face. The running stops on Sunday, which is just plain unlucky for PAJ.

    He smirks. The huge pellets dripping from his forehead; finally his face is revealed to the camera. He clenches his fist as he stares out over the city. His brown eyes burn with a rage and a hatred for those who stand in his way.

    Wolf: Maybe PAJ does deserve a shot, that's a big maybe though. PAJ sits on his ass backstage waiting for the world to be delivered to him on a silver platter because he thinks that he's owed it. PAJ has all the talent to be a major star in FWA, but what he lacks is desire, what he lacks is passion. Anyone can and usually does get on camera and claim how great they are, how they deserve a shot at the Undisputed title. I'm not be the best wrestler in the world, I didn't set out all those years ago to become a pro-wrestler. I‘ve made choices in my life, I‘ve taken paths that lead to me to FWA and it was FWA and the passion of a few that came even before me that made me love this place. I started my career late, some would say I have a natural flare for it. I don't know about that, but what I do know is that in here.. - he pats his chest - I can't be beaten, I can't be held back. So while I‘ve had every door slammed in my face by authorities on my way to the Undisputed Championship, I keep coming back for more, I keep proving myself until they can't hold me back from Ryan Hall anymore. I trained, and I trained and I got into the best shape of my career and for PAJ to sit there and tell me that I'm pushing in front of anyone in this company? He's a deluded little boy. He has no idea what this company was built on. I‘ve bled for FWA, I‘ve bled for what I believe in. Isn't the FWA all about Pride? Not arrogance. Pride is all I‘ve ever had, I'll fight to the death for what I believe in, and for what I love. My son is starting to get old enough to really understand what it is that I do here, that has spurred me on to get back into the title picture too. If PAJ thinks I'm pushing in front of him then he has every opportunity to prove me wrong this weekend, as far as I'm concerned I'm just taking what I‘ve already earned a thousand times over.

    A loud grumble from above. The heavens are angry or perhaps hungry for what dwells on the surface below. Wolf grins.

    Wolf: You think I'm the perfect target right now. I haven't picked up any real significant wins. Chris Kennedy made a fool out of me, Ryan Hall got a few over on me, Ashley O Ryan softened me up. I mean, sh*t, I think I'm the perfect target... Problem is? I know me. I know me REAL well. And I know that I always get the last laugh. Always have, always will. PAJ, you must not know me very well. Either that, or you're f*cking retarded. It could really go either way. Tomorrow night? You're gonna run all over the ring, all over me. You're gonna go off every corner. You're gonna put me to the mat more than once. Sh*t, you may even get a couple near-falls. But eventually? You're gonna have to catch your breath... That's when I catch you and then I will hurt you. Because what you did to me last week is something that I will NOT forget. And it is certainly something I will NOT forgive. You've got a lot of talent PAJ and your squandering it on Jimmy King? Maybe you are retarded.

    Wolf explodes.C lash of thunder springs forth from the gray matter above and the rain keeps pouring over the roads and light of a mechanical world.


    Wolf takes a deep breath.


    Wolf takes an ireful drag, trying to calm himself. The sheer aggression in his eyes fades only a little as a cloud of smoke billows from his nostrils. Then the rain ceases. Only a few pellets fall into the puddle below. The clouds slowly parting but the skies remain dark for the most part.

    Wolf: Anyone who has followed my career knows that it's not easy being a fan of me, the easy route seems like a foreign concept to me, I seem to make things harder for myself, Sarah will probably testify it's a pretty stressful situation being the one backstage supporting me. She was one of the voices who picked me up when I was down after Mile High, she urged me to carry on, she told me that she didn't marry a quitter, because it genuinely crossed my mind that I may retire there and then. - he shrugs - Turns out though, I'm still here. I‘ve had two failed shots at the Undisputed title. One was an Mile High match and one a single contest with Chris Kennedy. I came up short both times, not proud moments for me I'll admit. I could do better, I didn't realize how out of shape the road had made me. I'm not going to make excuses, I was simply beaten. If I'm going to head back to the Undisputed title scene with my head held high, I want people to know that I deserve it. The way i see i tis if I can’t beat PAJ after questioning my claim for the belt? Then maybe I don't deserve another Undisputed title shot, maybe I'll have to settle and make my home in one of the other divisions before I retire. You've heard of that concept of loving something enough to let it go? Well that's sort of the situation I'm in with this. If i can't beat PAJ? Then maybe everything he's claiming about me is right, maybe I don't have what it takes to get the job done and become the best in the world at what we do..

    The sound of birds chirping at a distance. The whooshing of cars passing over the watery streets. Wolf takes a deep breath and looks up at the sky above. Finally, a few rays of sun come piercing through.Wolf heads for the door for the stairs, and opens it.

    Wolf: I will beat the living crap out of PAJ before hitting that Final Howl and sending him on his way, before I walk backstage and get a hug from my son and we sit back and watch just who this Beast is out to Hunt when Trial By Fire is all said and done. Whether it be Stu, Gabrielle or Hall you better keep your eyes on this match because if it's not me...then hell I'll endorse PAJ for a title shot myself. The smell of championship gold is in the air it's time to put up, or shut up and... I've grown as a wrestler, as a performer and as a man...and because of that? I will do whatever it takes. I never claimed I was the heart of FWA, and my heart may not be the purest one out there...

    He looks down at his chest, patting a hand to it

    Wolf: But my heart does have four sides, and it beats eternally...F-W-A, F-W-A, F-W-A.

    He pats his heart with every beating motion, he gives a simple shrug. Wolf continues to walk down the stairs and towards the main part of the arena. The ring had been set up, and the stage area wasn't far behind. He stands against one the barriers that had been set up, and continues to watch the stage hands set up for Sunday night. Wolf smiles to himself as he watches them set up, knowing that it wouldn't be long before everything would begin again. He turns away and heads toward the seats as the scene fades to black.

    The feeling, its there, deep in its ‘heart’. hate, kill, destroy. hate, kill, destroy. Hate, Kill, Destroy. Hate, Kill, Destroy. HATE, KILL, DESTROY. HATE, KILL, DESTROY. HATE! KILL! DESTROY! HATE! KILL! DESTROY! This is not the heart of a human.
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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    Lightning flashes...

    Thunder crackles...

    Mount Olympus was the home of the Gods.





    It was the main home to the King of the Gods, Zeus but it has become the pinnacle of what everybody foresees as the area to where all of the gods house their power. Surrounded by massive stone statues that were carved out to resemble the various gods stood Drew Stevenson. With a beautifully crafted marble flooring beneath his feet, he looked around with a very arrogant smirk stretched along his face and that was because he saw past what Gryphon is and he knew that the “Living Mythology” was just that – a myth when it came to this business and the possibility of him beating Stevenson. Slipping his hands into the pockets of his black colored jeans, he looked away from the statues that surrounded him and flashed that trademarked Stevenson smirk that let you know that he had something on his mind; he was up to something.

    “Mythology is a wonderful set of stories, it really is. I mean, you have all of these cute little tales, you have Gods, beasts, creatures, sex, giant wars – you have everything in them that captivates readers but all they are are stories and fantasy. It’s no different than playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons where you utilize your brain to create stories about fake characters because that’s what you are Jason Gryphon – you are a FAKE CHARACTER in this business!”

    Removing his hand from out of his pocket, he waves his hand outwards motioning towards everything surrounding him.

    “You truly believe that you are the “Living Mythology” and that you are the hero of the day. You don your little red cape, you put on that fake smile and you begin trying to “do the right thing” to save everybody but they don’t need saving Jason because right now? It’s YOU that needs to be saved! You need to drop the hero act, remove the red cape and come at me as Jason Gryphon – not the Living Mythology because *I* am above and beyond, more than some stupid little flashy gimmick and I am above stupid little gimmick matches like this Ladder match that you got to pick simply because you are the X Champion.”

    Snapping his head to the right, he stares directly at you as his eyes narrow showing great intensity and his deep breathing reflects his methodical demeanor.

    “You see Jason, doesn’t it kind of get to you knowing that you’re not ever really proving that you are one of the BEST wrestlers in this company? Climbing a ladder and utilizing your little Mexican jumping bean act doesn’t scream to people that Jason Gryphon is the best, swinging a weapon around doesn’t take actual skill or prove anything Jason – it merely shows that you don’t care about honing your craft and getting better as a WRESTLER and if you did care Jason then you would have challenged me like a MAN and in a WRESTLING match instead of this stupid little gimmick match that proves nothing and furthermore; you would have done what *I* have sworn to do all along and that is to drop the tardcore/stupid gimmick crap and to embrace, yes, EMBRACE what our forefathers built from the ground up and that is WRESTLING and that is what YOU Gryphon are disgracing by conforming to this little gimmick lifestyle that the FWA embraces for its stars to have. You just accept what they have told you Jason, you just accept the fact that they put you into these careless, reckless abandon environments which shorten your career and why? Because they feel that adding weapons, a ladder and bloodshed will spike their ratings and instead of telling them no Jason – you smile, nod your head and agree with them and think that it’s such a great idea to drop what wrestling means and to embrace what “hardcore” means and THAT is just ONE of the reasons why I think you’re a damn fake in this business Jason.”

    Clearly frustrated, he wasn’t finished expressing his thoughts regarding Jason, the X Championship and the FWA as a whole.

    Drew continues to speak,
    “You hold on to a championship that encourages for people to piss on the lineage of what our industry means and that makes me sick Jason. It makes me sick to know that guys like you are so willing to piss on the foundation and the history of our business just so that you can be labeled as a “champion” and I use that term loosely. It makes me sick that the old suits that are running a once great promotion refuse to listen to the men and women who break their backs for this damn company. Unless your name is Chris Kennedy, Ryan Hall, Wolf, Gabrielle Montgomery or anybody else who have stroke around here – you get ignored and tossed wherever they can find a spot for you. The hardest working men and women in this company are the ones that are treated like sweatshop workers and instead of speaking out and saying HEY, I REFUSE to lower myself to becoming just another gimmick around here – you Jason openly accept the position that they have given you and have become complacent and content at where you are; don’t you see that? Don’t you ever wake up from a good night’s rest and look over seeing that X Championship and think to yourself “why am I lowering myself to their standards?”. Don’t you ever just sit in the back and watch as a technical wrestling classic gets put on and think to yourself “man, I want to be that guy” after you see the ovation, the respect and the way that the crowd reacts to the LEGENDARY, match of the year performance that they put on with their skills and their bodies – not with weapons and stupid gimmicks? Don’t you want to be that guy Jason or are you literally fine with pissing away your career on being nothing more than a glorified stuntman and a spot monkey?”

    Drew pauses,
    “See, I would NEVER be okay or content with being a spot monkey or a glorified stuntman because *I* ALWAYS strive to be the BEST and the BEST is what I am – even if I don’t tote around the FWA Championship or get recognized by the suits of this company as their “top draw” or their “go to guy”. See Jason, I’m fine with that because *I* know that I’m the absolute BEST and I don’t NEED a stupid little gimmick or a stupid little gimmicky title for people to know because they KNOW by listening to the way that I talk and the way that I wrestle in that ring that I’m the BEST and come Trial by Fire? This no gimmick WRESTLER will show you, the suits and EVERYBODY ELSE tuning in that *I* am above and beyond a gimmick, I am the REAL DEAL and *I* am not a myth but a REALITY!”

    Filled with rage, intensity, anger and passion – Stevenson takes in a much needed deep breath and reaches over grabbing a large hammer that resembles Thor’s. Walking over the statue of Hades, he looks it up then down and rearing back, he takes a mighty swing and strikes the statue as it begins crumbling down causing Stevenson to back away not allowing for any pieces of the now destroyed statue to fall on top of him. As the large chunks of now stone rubble crumble down to the beautiful marble flooring, he walks over to the Zeus statue and eyes it up and down pretty hard – his fingers twitching on the handle of the hammer as he is rather antsy to strike the statue with authority and to destroy it along with the other proverbial fairytale of Hades and the other “Gods”. Continuing to speak after having destroyed the statue of Hades, the tone in his deep voice reflected the anger that was boiling deep within him.

    “You know Jason, reality is a funny thing because many men and women in this business ever truly accept it and they deny it when it doesn’t fit in with what they thought or wanted it to be. Reality is a cruel mistress Jason and do you know why that is? Because it takes heroes just like you and it brings them to their knees. It doesn’t understand the concept of good versus evil, good versus bad because it only sees things in black and white and reality is what you are going to experience at Trial by Fire when I tear away everything that you had going for you and I walk off without a care in the world. You had told everybody that I was striving and that you were thriving here in this company but is that honestly the truth? Can you really sit back at the end of the day and tell everybody, with a straight face and mean it that you are thriving whereas I am just striving?”

    Drew shakes his head,
    “See Jason, I don’t think that you can because being the good guy forces you to accept the truth and the truth is that with or without the X Championship? I belong at the top and you KNOW that! You know that I have been underused and been wasted talent for a long time now, you KNOW that I shouldn’t be gunning for the X Championship anymore because I moved on up from that close to a year ago and you flat out know Jason Gryphon that in that ring, as a WRESTLER when it matters? I have been and will ALWAYS be better than you and I don’t have to climb up a ladder to beat you but I will...”

    Pausing, he was all business right now and business was damn good.

    “... And I will because once that X Championship is STRIPPED from your grasp? The era of hardcore, of ladders, of pointless bloodshed and the era of guys having years removed from their careers and lives will be OVER!”

    Taking in a deep breath, he slung the mighty hammer over his left shoulder and just stared into your eyes with such conviction.

    “I want you to ask yourself this Jason, for being the proverbial good guy – how does it feel knowing that more support me in my cause for this company than they do you? How does it feel to know that the supposed villain of this story is the one that they want to win? Does it bother you? I bet it really stings doesn’t it? Here you are, the company guy who will do absolutely ANYTHING that they ask of you and here I am – the outspoken rebel who preaches AGAINST what the suits teach and/or tell you to do and *I* am the guy who the people follows and do you know why that is Jason?”

    Almost with sincerity in his eyes, he continues to speak.

    “Because the people want the TRUTH and *I* give it to them! You see, I might be quite possibly the biggest prick in this company but at least I’m honest and at least I fight for what I believe in instead of being a yes man and THAT is why I have never been as “big” as Ryan Hall, Chris Kennedy or the rest of the yes men because I do things MY way and I march to the beat of my own drum but not you Jason, oh no, you call yourself a catchy little moniker, you are willing to toss away the legacy that our FOREFATHERS built with their BARE HANDS just to wow the people from the top of a ladder and it sickens me to know, yes, KNOW that you win or lose? You will be rewarded for being the yes man that you are but you know what Jason? Hell, I hope that you’re listening as well Hall – I would prefer to be the “lowest” tier champion that still believes in wrestling than to be the World Champion that no longer cares and is nothing more than a damn puppet.”

    Growing angrier by the second, just like the Hulk, he lets out a loud yell and swings the mighty hammer into the statue of Zeus as it comes crumbling down all around him – smoke making him disappear. After a moment as the smoke begins to clear out, we see an angry Stevenson standing there wielding the mighty hammer that has just metaphorically taken out the Gods.

    “Continue to let them pull your strings Jason and maybe someday soon you’ll be right up there at the top with Hall and the rest of the yes men because all in all – at least *I* will still have my beliefs and at least *I* can say that I am and will ALWAYS be the better WRESTLER, the ONLY thing that matters in this business...”

    Dropping the hammer onto the marble floor and into the now pile of stone rubble, he looks up at the sky as the ever so beautiful Lucy Pinder approaches him and looks up at the sky with him.

    An Emerald means hope...

    And hope to revive wrestling is on the horizon.

    Trial by Fire; the return of WRESTLING!


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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    A day in July, 2013

    A jolt
    so fierce you nearly throw out your lower back. Heavy breathing. More of the same. The same nightmare. Standing in the ring. A wrestling ring, surely. Fans booing. Everyone looking at you. Three bodies sprawled about the place. A liquid-soaked belt in one hand. Microphone in the other. And the devil reference. You never make it to the end, though. That one was different. It went longer. It went until the end. Cut off just short. It's always confusing at first, but sooner or later you realize it. Even your dream consciousness cannot stay ignorant to the worst moment of your life so far.

    Sunlight seaps through the window of a quaint hotel room. You're on the final stages of your career, still reeling from a loss to Vodka & Venom for the FWA Tag Team Championships. Your run in the tag team division with "The Amazing" Ryan Rondo has concluded. No worries. It was a solid run. If you left the wrestling business today, you'd be a Hall of Famer. If you continue on, you have little to gain. Maybe one more house show. Then you're free, if you choose.

    The sunlight is rising in a beautiful morning. But the air is a bit chilly for the summer time. The hotel room seems strange. In fact, it looks nothing like the one you fell asleep in last night.
    "Wasn't the TV on the other side?" No worries. Must be imagining things and still shaken from the nightmare.

    A look outside tells a different story.

    The sunlight almost blinds you and surprisingly, snow is falling to the ground. "Snow in July?" People are leaving their rooms and walking to cars, taxi cabs, limousines. Whatever they use to head to the arena. A few people are wearing blue "Crossfire" T-shirts. People like "The Amazing" Ryan Rondo, albiet a much younger version of him than you're used to. There's a young Moira Crawford. And a young Draven St. Germain. And they all walk by you, down the hallway of the rooms, completely ignoring you.

    A split second later, a hand grabs your shoulder. A scraggly looking man, one who you know well, stands in front of you without a microphone or a polo shirt with a red FWA logo, which is odd for this person. If anything, he looks homeless.

    Todd Salum, a well-known FWA interviewer, looks depressed. He looks defeated. If anything, he looks lost.

    "Come with me."

    You follow. No idea why, but you do. You're extremely tense.
    "What the hell is going on? Is this another dream?" Salum appears like you, invincible to all others.

    "You're probably wondering what everything is. I'm going to tell you. I'm the first ghost."

    Your mind is racing.

    "The first ghost? What is this? Why do you look so..."

    "Out of sorts? Because I'm out of a job. Yeah, shocking. It hasn't happened yet for you. You're still recovering from your quote-unquote 'retirement.' Last match. All that stuff you proclaimed. Guess what? I'm out of a job."

    "Is this what things would be like if I never existed? How happy everyone would be? I always thought I was pretty unselfish, kind and hard wor..."

    "No. No. Well, yes. It is, but not about you. Right now, you're living in 2013. July 2013, to be exact, right? You see...what you see right now is October 2009. Look down there."

    Todd Salum points to the parking lot. A young version of "The Golden One" Devin Golden enters a taxi cab with his X-Division Championship belt around his waist.

    "Holy crap! That's me! I look 16 years old."

    "That's you. Just barely passed your rookie stage. X-Division champion. Longest-reigning X-Division champion, I might add. A record that still stands. But more importantly, look how happy you are. Look how happy everyone else is. We're all about to leave the hotel room and head to the Crossfire show. Do you know who is at the top of Crossfire right now? An evil Stu St. Clair. A demented Jack Severino. Yet, look how happy everyone is. They WANT to go to work. They love the FWA. It's a thriving business."


    "Do you know who ISN'T here? Do you know who ISN'T in the FWA yet?"

    You haven't caught on to the clues.

    "Chris Kennedy."

    You jump forward a second time. Heavy breathing yet again. "I'm going crazy." Why was a homeless-looking Todd Salum reminding you that Chris Kennedy wasn't in the FWA in 2009. You knew this already.

    Once again, you quickly gaze around the room to offer yourself some comfort. But once again, you stop breathing when isn't where you're supposed to be. It's not even a bedroom. It's a locker room, and you're sitting down in a bench. "How am I here?"

    "Follow me, Goldie."

    The soft-spoken, sexy voice belongs to none other than Lucy Pinder, a jack of all trades in the FWA. But, like Salum, she doesn't appear happy. Not at all. In fact, she has lost her charm and confidence. She walks from one wall to the next in the locker room, where you apparently woke in.

    "Lucy, I know I may have had a few drinks back in the day, but I never thought I had enough to start hallucinating. I'm not Ashley 'O Ryan!"

    As you rise to your feet, she opens the door. Sure, just another FWA hallway. But things look a little different.

    "This isn't about you. It is, but it isn't. If that doesn't make sense, it'll all become knowledge in time."

    "So if this isn't about me, then what is this about?"

    You walk out the room with Lucy. Being near her offers a warm feeling. Comfort. But once noticing your surrounding, the foreign atmosphere returns. Painted on the wall of the arena, the Hammerstein Ballroom, is the big red letters "F-W-A."

    "I'm the ghost of FWA present. But, if anything, maybe I should be the ghost of FWA past, too. You see...myself, Todd Salum, Langdon Trafford, Sam McDonald, Harry Baxter, David Weinstock. We're all out of jobs. It's December 2013. Not quite your exact present, but close enough. The Clique Wrestling Alliance put us out of work when they took over."

    "The who-what took over?"

    "The Clique Wrestling Alliance. Jimmy King. The PWS Network goes down and the FWA is left stranded without a home."

    This is all shocking to you. How could the FWA lose its home and become owned by another federation?

    "Can I stop it from happening? Is that what you want me to do?"

    "No. Well, yes, but you can't stop the initial events. Chris Kennedy's damage is far too much at this point."

    Your mind stops upon hearing the name. "Why is it Chris Kennedy's fault?"

    "Do you remember when Todd showed you what the FWA was like without Chris Kennedy around? Everyone seemed happy. Enjoying themselves. You seemed happy. Well, here's the FWA present day, IF Chris Kennedy never existed. Chris Kennedy hasn't been here for three years. He hasn't won two World titles, one World Heavyweight title, one Tag Team title and one X-Division title. Most important, he hasn't killed the will of nearly everyone still in the FWA."

    The two continue walking down the hallway. They pass a handful of FWA wrestlers, both jobbers and stars. All look a tired, but satisfied. They look determined and proud. They look strong-willed and happy to be a part of this company.

    "You have to remember what Chris Kennedy did...or in this universe...didn't do to this company. He didn't come in and change the game. Instead of using photos, bright colors and worrying about the aesthetically pleasing side to our work, we still worry about the important stuff. The words. The wrestling. People like Stu St. Clair weren't left behind. WOLF received his BIG moment. Devin Golden became the top guy. M.C. Fromage's spirit wasn't destroyed before it ever got started. Traitors like Ryan Hall and PAJ, people who stood for the same morals as Chris Kennedy, couldn't thrive. The letters still stood for hard-working guys like yourself who rose to the top because they deserved it. The Syndicate never dominated television and never became the same boring group the Great Siege ended up as. Ratings never plummeted. Chris Kennedy was never on top, and truthfully, that's all that mattered. That's all he cared about and all any of his fans cared about. It's a virus, Golden, and it's a virus that eventually led to the FWA almost DYING. The PWS Network goes down right as Chris Kennedy's second title reign ends. That isn't a coincidence. Those things don't happen overnight."

    "So Kennedy loses the belt. To me?"

    "No, but you're destined to face one another. It's as important as a title match. Your match is Round One."

    "Round One of what?"

    No response from Lucy. Golden walks down the hallway and stops. He's invincible to all those in this scene, aside from Lucy Pinder, but he watches something before his own eyes. On one of the TV monitors, standing in the center of the ring on Fight Night, is WOLF. And he's sporting the FWA World Championship.

    "In this reality, Wolf has been champ for seven months now. He's a heel, but he's good at it. He works hard. He does his job."

    And in the ring with him...standing as the hero we all know him to "The Golden One."

    "Trial By Fire 2013, the way it should be. the two hardest-working guys in the business going one on one for the ultimate prize. Isn't that what this is all about? Isn't that what you joined, put in the extra hours and worked for?"

    You can't speak. Emotions are overflowing. This is what you want. This is what you hope for. This moment. WOLF vs. Golden. For the World Championship. It's what you never received, because of Chris Kennedy.

    "So how does Trial By Fire turn out in the real world?"

    "When the FWA is at its lowest point...when the FWA needs its biggest star, Chris Kennedy, to lead us to bigger and better things...he signs with the CWA.

    Like I said...Round One."

    The strange, quick awakening happens a third time. My God, when will this end. The sweat is beating down your cheeks. The breathing isn't as heavy anymore. You're used to it now. "What is it this time? FWA future. Surely."

    You weren't asleep. Hell, you weren't even in a bed. Now you're sitting. Upright. Among the masses of FWA fans. Inside the Hammerstein Ballroom. Or it isn't. This is even smaller and more low-rent than that. This is...just a gym. The fold-up chairs people sit in make 10 rows surrounding the steel barricades. Half the chairs are empty. Beyond that, the walls of the high school gymnasium close in and would cause anyone with fear of tight spaces to have a mild panic.

    Inside the ring, two wrestlers put on a clinic. The pure wrestling is lost among the mainstream grappling world, and only witnessed by a couple hundred fans.

    You look around. Finally, a friendly face emerges. Sitting about two seats from you is
    Harry Baxter. Just a normal-looking man who also was fired from the FWA when Jimmy King took over.

    "Enjoying the spectacle?"

    "Losing my mind, Harry."

    "This...this is wrestling. This is wrestling at its finest. As you probably know, I am the ghost of FWA future. You've seen what FWA is like when Chris Kennedy wasn't here at all. You've seen what FWA is like in present if Kennedy never signed. Never existed in our universe. Now, here's what it would be like in FWA future...had Chris Kennedy never done everything he did."

    The two grapplers finally conclude their match. A good 15-minute showcase of this small, local wrestling group's best wrestlers. They do it because they love doing it. You can see it in their eyes. They are smiling. To be competing in front of no more than 200 people...that's their Back in Business.

    "This isn't the FWA, though."

    "Right. But this is small-time wrestling. This is what still exists, in its purest form, without Kennedy around. You see...Chris Kennedy isn't going away. Even if he lives up to the contract signed with the CWA, he isn't going away. He'll continue to wrestle, continue to hoard the top spots in any company he's in, and continue to slowly kill it all. Like the Smiths in the Matrix, he's a virus and eventually, there's no turning back. These two guys in the ring...they WANT to be like you, Golden. They WANT to be like Wolf. They WANT to be like Shane McLean. Like M.C. Fromage. Like Ashley 'O Ryan. Women want to be like Gabrielle not because she gets to sleep with Kennedy, but because she's the greatest female wrestler EVER. That STILL this world."

    "And in reality...with Kennedy wrestling until whenever he wants?"

    "These two guys in the ring...they don't want to wrestle for 15 minutes in front of 200 fans. They want to give 15-minute "Words are Weapons" promos in front of 5,000 fans. Anything less...and they are insulted. They won't put in the hard work. They only want to star in movies. They don't care about being remembered for how they helped wrestling. They only care about wrestling helping themselves."

    Golden looks on. His blood is boiling. He's in a rage. But he still feels helpless. He feels like reality is inevitable. He feels like eventually...all those things will happen.

    "I get it. I get Kennedy is killing the FWA. But...I just don't understand how this has to do with me? I've listened to you, Lucy and Todd. No one has explained what this has to do with me."

    "You have to realize why this has EVERYTHING to do with you. Everything we have showed you involved life in the FWA world if Chris Kennedy never existed. That means we have showed you the world if you subtracted Chris Kennedy. It is the opposite of Chris Kennedy. And Golden, if there is ANYONE in the FWA who is the 'opposite' of Chris Kennedy, it's you. You are absolutely NOT...Chris Kennedy. THAT's why this involves you."

    No sudden wakeup. A very peaceful opening of the eyes. Almost like you expect to be in some strange place. This time, you're in the correct hotel room. A night after your last match. You've wrestled, against a jobber, and won. You've announced your plans to "retire." Your contract is over. You didn't get your big shot. Dinorah Redgrave overlooked you. Fine with you. You tried. You gave everything your best shot. You had "The Heart of a Champion." You have let go of your wrestling career.

    The dream of "FWA without Kennedy" is over. Back to the nightmare of July 2013. Kennedy is still World Champion.
    Looking into the mirror, a similar mirror as the one you peered through when you and Ryan Rondo defended the tag team titles against Aut Pax Aut Bellum at Ace's High, yields surprising results. It isn't you who appears in the reflection. Well, maybe it is. Rather, it's you in a different state. A different character, yet the same one all at once. It's a combination of many characters.

    "If there is one word to describe Chris is 'outlandish.' He is the man who walks into the ring and thousands watch his every move. He is the man who earns a theoretical spotlight the second he walks through the door. And he is the man who will use all of those things to his advantage solely because he thinks it's fun. He is addicted to not only attention, but to shocking people and turning heads. He is addicted to having the spotlight shining on him and addicted to not just the attention of being the FWA's "face," but continuing to raise that ceiling by any means necessary. He can be content with accomplishments, but not content with accolades. He can be happy with the championships he has won, but not in how many ways he has won them. Chris Kennedy will toy with people just for the sake of making everyone say "Wow" one more time. That's the real reason why he dressed as La Muerta Blanca, won the X-Division title and eventually revealed himself the leader of the Syndicate. Because he wanted to turn heads to a greater extent than before. Why did he call himself "Son of No One" and play fake sad emotions off his father's death, only to use the "Son of No One" character to ally with Ryan Hall and defeat WOLF once more? For the exact same reason, to drop jaws and leave the masses speechless for just a split second longer than the last time.

    I am not the FWA's poster child, because I don't have the one thing Chris Kennedy has. I don't have the ability to turn heads. I tried it, burned the World Heavyweight title and crowned myself "The Rotten Gold." It didn't work out. But, as I said, the past becomes the present. I am "The Rotten Gold." I am a man who is rotten solely for the mistakes in his past and the failures along the way. I'm not perfect. I'm not a saint. I'm not Superman. There's a little bit of rotten inside everyone, and I'm no exception."

    White and gold face paint stares back through the reflection. In July, this image is put to rest. Yet, why are you staring at it?

    "There is revenge. Not revenge for WOLF or XXX or Carmine, but revenge for those who overlooked me. Revenge on Dinorah Redgrave, who instead of considering me for what I rightly deserved gave another shot to her boyfriend, Ryan Hall. Revenge on Hall himself, for being the one who works so little and receives so much. And revenge on Chris Kennedy, for being the person who looks at the FWA and sees three letters combining into an acronym that stands for three words and those three words joined with more words and into the correct order to form a series of sentences that touches on a specific emotion called 'astonishment.' And nothing more. He'll choose the CWA over the FWA? Of course he will."

    On the other side of this mirror is a reflection of "Whyte Thunder" because it is everything you stand for. A superhero who strikes the same fear into the hearts of some that the devil forces. Yet, a defender of good, a white knight against betrayers. One who believes in something. One who has more heart than to give up so quick.

    More heavy breathing, but more so because of a realization of the inevitable. You can defeat Chris Kennedy. You are perfect for it. Why? Because you are the most unlike him. You aren't Ryan Hall, a man similar to Kennedy, and a man who couldn't win the one-on-one match. You aren't WOLF, a man who also never could beat Kennedy and a man who is also similar to Kennedy. You are akin to Ashley 'O Ryan, a man who is so unlike Chris Kennedy that he DID in fact beat him for the FWA World Championship more than a year ago. You are yourself. You don't try to be anything you're not. You just took a little bit longer to finally realize WHO you have to be.

    "The one thing different...the BIGGEST thing if I never existed in the FWA world, this company wouldn't be as good as it is right now. For six years, I have been by the FWA's side. I have come to the arena, wrestled my match, taken my midcard-level paycheck and done my job to the best of my abilities with my dreams in my sights and the letters "F-W-A" in my heart. I did it for the letters. Not for shock. Not for surprise. No astonishment necessary. Not for anything like that, because, trust me, it isn't all too enthralling of a story. No, I did it for love. I love the FWA.

    And that is the last part of who I am that I have not described yet. I am rotten. I am revenge. I am a superhero persona. And I am also the white knight. I am the one who is always watching, whether it be in the dark corners of the hallways, among the fans, under the ring, in the rafters. I am always watching.

    And I am the one who must undo all of Chris Kennedy's damage in the FWA. It won't fix everything, but it's a start. Chris Kennedy chose the CWA over the FWA. We will be better off without him, but he has done his damage, and it is my duty to fight for the letters. Why?

    Because I am not Chris Kennedy."

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    Mackenzie Roberts is in the back and she shakes her head.

    Mackenzie Roberts:
    Susie Sue, really? Give me a break the "Queen Bitch" deserves so much more.

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    The Brethren El appear on the titantron.

    Ayla El: I will defeat KP DEATH on my own. No one on that idiotic team will even be able to lay a finger on me. They will be humiliated and beaten like the pieces of garbage that they are!

    DIVINE: T-MOM and K-PEZ are definitely not worth my lord's time.

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    “Where a beast would have claws, I was born with talent”. - Klaus Kinski

    We see PAJ sat on the floor in his dimly lit penthouse suite leaning up against the edge of his bed. PAJ is wearing his new T-Shirt, his old FWA shirt with the F crossed out with a C in it's place, just like he put on Wolf's arm. PAJ isn't smirking. PAJ is focused on his goal of beating Adrian Wolf at Trial By Fire. PAJ looks straight forward. His eyes never moving.

    PAJ: I have been called a lot of things in my career. Arrogant, overrated, cocky, stupid, quitter, A traitor. I can handle all the others but traitor is something that sticks with me. What is a traitor? It depends whose eyes you look through. I am a hero in the eyes of Jimmy King. I am a traitor in the eyes of FWA. What is Adrian Wolf? Through everyone's eyes he is a beast. A sub-human. Men are rational, Men think, Men plan and they execute with precision. A Beast is a reactionary creature that is driven by rage and driven by jealousy and when they come up against the average man that is fine but I am not the average man what separates me from the average man is that my plan is flawless and I have the talent to pull it off because I am not letting Wolf get what he desires and that is revenge.

    PAJ slowly gets to his feet and starts to pace around his bedroom looking more and more focused as time passes before slumping into his chair. PAJ smirks for a few seconds before rubbing his hand across his lips to dry them.

    PAJ: For the last few months, through all the chaos, through all the uncertainty that hung over FWA. There were two things that never ever wavered in the eye of the storm. My torturing of the big bad Wolf and my undeniable talents. I have developed from more than just some arrogant kid that thinks he is the best, I have proven I am the best. Mac Michaud, a monster, could not stop me last week. Wolf had the audacity to think he could put his hands on me like I am some common dog?! I am above everything else you have faced. I am special. I am great. I saw truth in the eyes of a leader when other say lies in the eyes of a rebel liar. They are blinded by their loyalty to a corrupt system. FWA is dead. Look at the tattoo on Wolfs arm. It wasn't just something I did out of hatred. One of FWA's most loyal wrestlers was humbled. He now wears the mark of CWA. Even if he did cut the flesh. The wound on his arm is the mark of CWA. Every time Wolf looks at his arm he will know what I did he will never forget the mark. I spent time breaking down Adrian Wolf but now the walls have come down and I will march through the front entrance and rip out the heart of one of FWA's sons. FWA will mourn for Wolf and when they are done mourning they will see the future because without Adrian Wolf there is nothing left to believe in. For some reason, that I don't understand, they believe he is the only hope FWA has of surviving. He wants to wage war on us 'traitors' but he is destroying the very company he is trying to save. Where would FWA be right now without Jimmy King?

    PAJ clicks his fingers and all the lights go out making the room pitch black.

    PAJ: This would be Fight Night.

    PAJ clicks his fingers again but nothing changes.

    PAJ: This would be Trial By Fire. This would be Back in Business.

    PAJ clicks his fingers again, nothing happens, the room remains dark until PAJ clicks his fingers again and the lights return to their dimly lit state and PAJ is sat forward in his chair with a picture of Adrian Wolf on the table beside him.

    PAJ: Notice a trend? There would be nothing without Jimmy King. He is the saviour of FWA and he is treated like all of us 'outsiders' are treated. I know that FWA still looks down on me because of my former employers? They look at me with disgust like I have some horrible disease that they don't want to catch. Jimmy King secured the future for all you FWA swine and you treat him like he riddled with disease just like me. Even your champion can see Jimmy King for what he truly is and you still think that piggybacking on Adrian Wolf will achieve something? I will destroy any hope people have. I have the chance to do something that no man would ever even think about happening. I have the chance to stop Adrian Wolf challenging for the Undisputed Title. Personally, that means nothing to me. Why would I want the FWA Undisputed Title? FWA is dead however, it means a lot to Wolf. It means a lot to Ashley O'Ryan. It means a lot to Gabrielle. It means a lot to the global fan base FWA somehow manages to attract. That isn't why I am doing it. I hate Adrian Wolf. Every bone in his body. Every fibre of his being. This is more than just about stopping Wolf from ever being Undisputed Champion again. It is about stopping Adrian Wolf from ever being a wrestler again. I will end all hope that this little pact has by destroying their symbol of hope at Trial By Fire.

    PAJ picks up the photo of Wolf, in a frame, and looks at it with disgust. PAJ stands up and throws it as hard as he can to the floor smashing the frame into five pieces and the glass in the frame into hundreds of pieces. PAJ stomps on the debris and twists his foot to further destroy it. PAJ stands on top of it and looks straight ahead at the camera.

    PAJ: There is an old saying I think is appropriate, cut off the head and the body will fall. I am saving everyone trouble. We don't want to play all these games for the next few months. Fighting, arguing, torturing Wolf, then Hall, King and I go on to destroy whatever would be left of FWA at that point. It would be a waste of my time, which is very precious, it would be a waste of Wolf's time, though I suppose he would want to prolong his career, it would just be a giant waste of time. I will nip this in the bud and end it at Trial By Fire.

    PAJ brings his foot off the destroyed frame and picture and walks forward. Deliberately moving his foot over the picture of Wolf. PAJ looks back over his shoulder and lightly chuckles before looking back and smirking.

    PAJ: Wolf has this reputation that precedes him. One that he should be feared. One that makes wrestlers hide. I laugh at them. I have known Adrian Wolf a long time. Longer than any of you would know. We have never gotten along. He never gave a crap about me and I returned the gesture in kind. Wolf is driven by jealousy. Isn't all too funny that the moment I start threatening the long term future of FWA he can't stop thinking about me. He assembles an army to stop us. He might have people to pander and stroke his ego but FWA's golden boy doesn't want anything more than to rip my throat out. He wants nothing to do with saving FWA but it is a convenient excuse for him to come after me. He started all this. I am ending it. Ending the iron-fist rule that Wolf holds over the FWA locker room. There will be some who will stand up to him, like O' Ryan and Gabrielle, because they are in on it. They accept it. When I came back to FWA people laughed at me behind my back, they joked that I would never be good enough to be apart of FWA, they tried to break me by putting me in the ring against Sean Moore. Someone so untalented they thought I would be offended. Who was the head of this campaign of hate? Adrian Wolf. The shine should be coming off his crown by now. I remained silent. I sat on it. I wanted the chance to be on equal footing with Wolf. I jumped through hoops when they told me too. I was a good little boy and I got my treat for showing them tricks I learned six years ago. It wouldn't have been smart to walk up on day one and smash Wolf across the mouth as much as I wanted too I knew that it had to be when it would propel my career in FWA and would ruin his. A guy with an ego as big as Adrian Wolf's let his ego get in the way and was willing to do anything, even putting potential shots at the Undisputed Title on the line, just because I was bringing down his house. I will do more than that. I will bring down his world. I have all the tools at my disposal to beat Adrian Wolf. Size is nothing. I proved that with Mac Michaud...twice. I can break down any man in the ring. Bigger or smaller. It doesn't matter to me. My talent supersedes any so called 'disadvantage'. It also helps that Adrian Wolf is weak. He gave into compromise. He let himself become tainted. Shamed and disgraced by being fired for drug abuse. Why is this man held in such high regard when he is a coward. I am a role model. I am not blinded by fear, I don't give into peer pressure, I know the power I wield and I embrace my strengths rather than making people feel better about themselves by easing up. What is worse is that Wolf wears it like a badge of honour. He is PROUD of being suspended. He is PROUD of being weak. Adrian Wolf is weak and proud of it. You see why I hate this man? He has wronged everyone in the business by cheating but is beloved for standing up for things he believes in. I have never stood up for anything other than what I believe in. I only know what I believe in, anything else is irrelevant because it means nothing to therefore it is unimportant to everyone in the world. How will the coward respond when everything is on the line? I will have Jimmy King at my side. I will do more than just use every advantage I have. I will force it down the throat of Adrian Wolf unlike he chokes on my talent. Until he sobs at any word being with P. Wolf doesn't scare me because he is human. I bought down the beast with a tranquilliser. I will charge the raging bull and I will end his horrid treatment of wrestlers. I will save the FWA Undisputed Title from ever being in Wolf's dirty hands again. I will expose the fraudulent Adrian Wolf and I will do it with a big, happy smile on my face. The Beast will be slain.

    PAJ stares with fire in his eyes at the camera there is a soft chanting for a group of children in the background.

    “Who's afraid of the big bad wolf
    Big bad wolf, big bad wolf?
    Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
    Who's afraid of the big bad wolf
    Big bad wolf, big bad wolf?
    Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?”

    PAJ: Not me...

    PAJ laughs psychotically never taking his eyes away from where he envisions Adrian Wolf to be looking when Wolf is looking up from the canvas at him. The scene slowly fades with PAJ continue to fantasize about the end of Adrian Wolf.

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    I Am Death, Destroyer Of Worlds

    One week has passed since Jason Gryphon defended his X-Division Championship against Alexander Sokolov in a brutal Extreme Rules match. After coming out on top against a determined challenger, Jason had no time to rest as he must once again defend his championship this week at Trial by Fire. Gryphon has defended the championship nearly every week this month and has come out on top every time. That would make any normal man a bit cocky but not Jason. He has gone up against the best X-Division challengers that his company has to offer but has never gotten a big head about where he lies in the food chain. Even when facing former World Champions like Chris Kennedy, Devin Golden, and Wolf, Jason has done everything in his power just to make sure that his creatures have something to cheer for every night. He knows that he cannot afford to be cocky at a time of great turmoil that FWA is in right now. The upper management will be looking for any excuse to get rid of the dead weight in the company in order to save a buck. Jason may be on a 2 month winning steak but he knows that all could come to an end this Sunday when he must face Drew Stevenson, a man that he has never faced off against before. Always one to do more than what is asked of him, Jason issued an impressive challenge to Drew after he defeated Alexander Sokolov on Fight Night. He openly taunted the former X-Division Champion by insinuating that his career is not going as well as Jason’s is and told “The Emerald” to meet him in a Ladder Match at Trial by Fire. The upper management must have liked the idea because they made the match official for the Pay-Per-View. Coming off a big win, can Jason Gryphon continue his winning way against an opponent that has everything to prove and everything to gain?

    There were many ways that Jason Gryphon could be preparing himself for his upcoming match with Drew Stevenson. He could be hitting the gym to build up his muscles, he could be running a marathon to build up his leg strength, or he could be studying his opponent through the use of video. Jason was not doing any of these things on this particular day. He had made his way to the Eternal Rest Cemetery in a rural North Carolina town. The X-Division champions mind was matching the overcast North Carolina sky. It was the kind of grey day that could have an effect on ordinary men’s minds. It could make a feel like staying at home and just hoping that the weather would change but Jason needed to be here to get some things off of his chest. He needed to speak to someone that was now calling this cemetery home. He had driven his up the stone pathway in a rental car that he had rented. Instead of flying straight to New York after Fight Night, he caught a plane back to North Carolina. He needed some time to think about his future and decided that he needed to pay a visit to someone that he had not seen in a while. Jason gets out of the car with wearing a pair of tight Calvin jeans that left little to the imagination, a Kansas T-Shirt, and a black Hugo Boss sport jacket that went with nearly everything that Jason had in his closet. Jason’s cell phone begins to ring and he looks and sees a picture of Jaimie Alexander on it. He answers his phone




    How are you handsome?


    I have been better. Now is not a good time Jaimie, can I call you back later?


    Sure, are you still planning to meet me in New York after I’m on Jimmy Fallon?


    Of course, I will meet you in New York.


    Are you going to show me off to all of your friends backstage before the Pay-Per-View?


    Yeah I will introduce you to everyone backstage.


    Ok, see you soon. Bye.

    Jason lightly laughs at his girlfriend’s eagerness as he hangs up the phone and puts it back in this pocket of his sport coat. There was an elderly caretaker that saw him pull up in his car and walks over to him


    Good afternoon Mr. Gryphon. I haven’t seen you here in a while. Has everything been already sir?


    Everything has been fine Gus. I have just been traveling a lot lately and I haven’t been able to get here as much as I should.


    I’m sure she will be glad that you are here today. I have personally been making sure that the grave site has been well maintained over the past few months.


    Thank you for that Gus. If you excuse me, I will just be off to pay my respects to her.


    Of course sir, if there is anything that I can help you with, I’ll just be doing my round on the other end of the compound.


    Thank you again Gus. You are a good man.

    Jason pats Gus on the shoulder as he moves past him. The champ has a rose in his hand as he gets out of the car and walk over to see one of the cemetery’s resident. He is beginning to sing as he walks.


    “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found,
    Was blind, but now I see.”

    He walks a small distant before stopping at a grave marker and putting down the rose. Jason is a bit choked up as he puts the rose down but he is able to speak.


    Hey beautiful, I know it has been a long time since I have paid you a visit but I hope that you can forgive me for the long absence. Nothing has been the same since you have been gone and it seems like the longer you are gone the more things are beginning to spin out of control on this little blue planet of ours. A lot has been going on since you have been gone. The Red Sox won another World Series, Superman made his return to the box office, and Miley Cyrus went insane. I know you probably could care less about the pop culture fades over today so I will get to the real reason that I decided to show up. You remember that dig we were in outside of Scotland in 2011? It started to pour down rain and we had to find a bit of salvation in that little Pub outside of Glasgow. When we got insane you got into this big fight when the owner of the place so that he would turn his TV over to FWA during the World Cup playoffs. I had no idea that you even liked pro wrestling, let alone could nearly take down a three hundred pound man with a hip toss. I just sat by your side and I watched you while you were watching this 300 pound sweaty men beating the hell out of each other. I have to admit I was a bit jealous of them until you turned and looked at me with a bit more admiration than you were paying this other titans on the screen.

    Jason halfheartedly laughs as he wipes a tear away from his eyes that was making its way down his cheek as he was beginning to speak.


    As the weeks when by, you got me hooked on the sport and it was one more thing that we could share together. You were the one that got me interested in pro wrestling in the first place and when you left me like you did, I tried to find some way to keep your spirit alive. Two week after died, I had to do something or I was going to go insane with grief. I turned on the TV and just by happenstance; a commercial for that week’s episode of Fight Night was coming on. It was like you were giving me a sign about how I could pay tribute to you.

    Jason gets down on his knees in front of the headstone in front of him and he continues to speak to it with even more admiration than he has given several of the beautiful women that he has been seen with lately. He even seems to hold this person in high esteem than his beloved creatures.


    I decided that I was going to take every dime that I had saved over the year and I was going to pay tribute to you in the only way that I know how. I was going to become an FWA Superstar. It took months of hard work but I was finally given my chance to appear in front of a live crowd. The feeling of all of those people looking at me and judging my every movement was a feeling that I was used to it. It was usually you and me in some remote region of the world digging up clay pots or plates from some extinct civilization. I showed them what I was capable of and my creatures, that’s what I call them, embraced me in a way that made me feel something for the first time since you passed. I quickly became one of the most talked about FWA Superstars of 2013 and after a bit of trial and error, I know you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I am the FWA X-Division Champion. I have held the championship for almost three months now. I have wrestled in almost every type of match that made you say “Oh my God” in the past. Ive been in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, A Tables Match, An Empty Arena Match, An Extreme Rules Match, and even an Ultimate X Match. I decided five of the X-Division’s finest in one match darling, it was amazing. I have done all of those things but I have never been in one of your favorite types of match, the ladder match. Being from North Carolina, I know that is a bit of sacrilege but I am going to make up for that this Sunday. I know I am going to put on the type of ladder match that will make those little Boyz from up the road in Cameron cream in their pants. I want to be able to give my creatures something that will make them stand up and cheer louder than they ever had before and this little match just may do it.

    Jason reaches up and he wipes some of the dirt off of the tombstone. As he wipes it away, a crest with a medieval Gryphon can on the giant slab of granite.


    These three months as the X-Division Champion have been three of the longest months of my life. The things that you get to do when you are a champion in this business are just something that I have never been able to do before. You and I were home bodies that were just happy snuggling under the afghan that my Grandmother made but finally being out there is another type of fun. You walk into a club with a 10 pound piece of gold around your waist and you can get a lot of attention. There are some good and some bad types of attention. You have people that want to prove their mettle against a champion fighter and there are women that want to have their way with you it seem if you are a champion in the bedroom as well as in the ring. Not that I have let many challengers in the…um…I think I have gotten a bit off track. Let’s get back to the present, you see, this Sunday I have to face one of the biggest challengers yet. I mean I have beaten some of the best that they have put in front of me but this Sunday I have to face a man that I have never face ever before. There is the element of the unknown going into the match and that is something that I do not like to have when I am forced to put my championship on the line. I like knowing what my future holds for me, I am a bit anal that way. I need to know what is going to happen before it happens. That gives me a chance to prepare myself for all the possibilities. The possibility of losing my championship to Drew Stevenson is not something that I will not plan for.

    Jason gets off of his knees and he sits down in front of the grave marker as he continues to talk.


    Let me tell you a little bit about him beforehand. He is your typical arrogant tool that believes because he wrestled with his sexuality while on his high school wrestling team that it makes him a better qualified to be the X-Division Champion. He may be a former X-Division Champion but that does make him better than anyone else in the ring. The only thing that makes him is a former champion. I am not even sure why I should be facing someone like him. Drew Stevenson had everything going for him six months ago but when things got tough in the business, he just couldn’t stand it. He could not take that other people were around and they were capable of stealing that spotlight that he believes belong on him. I should have to put my champion, a title that I have defended more in the past three months than any other champion has, on the line against someone that gave up on this business is disgraceful. Believe me darling, there have been times over the past 5 months where I thought about taking my ball and going home, returning to the life that I had before you came along, but I didn’t. I did not want to become a hermit or live my life like David Banner. I stuck it out and I was rewarded tenfold with a championship and a ton of respect from the boys in the back. Drew Stevenson does not deserve to be the X-Division Champion. The fact that I have to step into the ring and put my championship on the line against someone that just gave up is an insult to me, my creatures, and everyone else that has held the championship that I now call my own. I deserve to be the champion, not him, ME!

    Jason stands up with an angry look on his face as he continues to talk about himself.


    That fool has the ignorance to dare to think that he is going to walk into Trial by Fire and take what belong to my creatures and I just because he knows a few rest hold and arm bars! Bah! All of the wrestling moves in the world are not going to matter this Sunday because that pompous twit is stepping into my house. It is a house of where the only limit is your imagination. The things that I am going to do to Drew this Sunday are going to make his unrecognizable to the human eyes. He is going to have to leave for another two months and come back with another new face, if he decides to come back at all. Drew himself cannot believe his own hype because when he was coming up with a nickname for himself, he chose to call himself an Emerald. The only place where Emeralds matter are the magical land of Oz and by the end of the end of the ladder match, I am going to beat him so bad that he is going to have to ask the Wizard for some courage before he steps foot in the ring with me again. I am Jason Gryphon! I am the Living Mythology, The Mythological Marvel, and THE KING OF THE CREATURES! NOTHING CAN STOP ME FROM ULTIMATE VICTORY!

    Jason screams at the top of the lungs all of his nicknames so loudly that they could wake the dead, echoing throughout the cemetery. Almost too coincidental, as Jason beings to get a bit full of himself, the sky opens up, and it begins to pour down on the head of the champion. Jason looks up to the sky.


    Ha ha ha! You always did know how to make me feel a bit humble when I was getting a bit high on myself but I didn’t think you had the power to control the weather to get your point across.

    Thunder can be heard clapping off in the distance and Jason sees the flash of lighting coming from clouds.


    I guess I will take that as my cue to wrap this little visit of our babe. When you died, it felt like my entire life had been destroyed but like you always said, "Life is about writing new chapters." I just want you to know that everything that I have done for the past few months has been because of you. You not being here forced me to write a new chapter for myself. I never would have been able to get through some of the tough times if your shadow wasn’t in every one of those dank little hotel rooms that I had to bunker in while I was making my away across the country and climbing my way to the top of the ladder of the FWA. This Sunday I am going to climb to the top of the literally ladder and show the world that there is no one in the FWA that deserve to be the X-Division Champion other than me. Hell, for the past three months, I have been the X-Division and there has been no one that could hold a candle to me. I know that you have been there on the good days, watching me as I ran into the crowd after my victories and picking me up after my defeats. I hope that will not change. I will always need you in my head and in my heart.

    As Jason kisses his hands and places it on the headstone, Gus the Caretaker comes over with an umbrella and puts it over Jason’s head.


    Are you ok Mr. Gryphon?


    I’m getting there Gus, I’m getting there.

    Jason puts his arm around the elderly man as he politely walks Jason to his car with the umbrella over their heads so they do not have to get themselves any more wet than they already are. As they walk away from the headstone, the description on it can finally be read:

    “Grace Gryphon
    February 12th, 1985 – Feburary 10th, 2012

    Beloved Wife of Jason Gryphon"
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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    Cameras are rolling are rolling as massive size snowflakes fall from the clear black night sky. The snow is heavy and wet. A full moon is out with the stars shinning ever so bright. The forest looks enchanted with every single tree covered with snow. There is no wind blowing as it appears to be a calm night. There is neither smell of smoke nor any visible smoke in the sky. Cameras see a lone fox creep out from the forest. The fox stares at the camera for a moment then he stealthily moves away leaving tracks in the snow. The camera crew move slowly into the enchanted forest. Not a sound is heard besides the sound of packing snow from the camera crew waking is heard. The camera crew continues walking for several minutes and sees no signs of life just snow falling from the sky and the snow covered trees in the forest. They spot a squirrel quickly running down a tree and across in front of them to another tree. The forest is ever so quiet as they continue to walk deeper and deeper into it. They see a family of deer fleeing from up ahead. The deer sees the camera crew and they run off the clear path in the forest into the frozen brush. The camera crew keep walking without thinking what could have spooked the deer. The camera crew continues walking for several minute then come across a lone tree in the middle of the path. There is no sign of life. The tree looks dead yet it is still standing. A crow is perched on a branch of the tree eyeing the camera crew. There is a piece of paper that has been placed with a pocket knife into the tree. There is a message written in red ink.

    Lake of Fire

    December 12th 2013

    They say evil prevails when good humans fail to act. What they ought to say is evil prevails. I am no evil but I am a necessary evil that is required. I brought fear and reality to all those around me. I am no madman for a madman would have no self control and no understanding of the whole picture. He would not able to ensure his freedom. Where as I can. I do not need to tell a tales to make myself look ‘good.’ I am no angel for what I have done on this Earth for the many years I been alive. There is no fear of what is out there as I can breathe the open air. I hear things whisper in my brain assuring me that I am insane. They think our heads are in their hands but violent use brings violent plans. Keep him tied, it makes him well. He's getting better, can't you tell? They see it right, they see it well but they think this saves us from our hell. I’ve been told by many people to go to hell. Only one to tell me ‘I would tell to go to hell but you are already there. In many ways the one person is right. I can smell the burning of flesh and sulfur in the air. I see bright red with a touch of orange burning lake of fire. Not too far off in the distance I hear laughter almost too similar to my own coming from the forsaken palace. I do believe I am in hell.

    The camera crew begins to head past the dead tree in the direction of where the family of deer were. The crow on the branch of the dead tree stares at the camera crew and begins to caw. Could the caw be a warning or perhaps praying for their safety? A light wind begins to blow. The camera crew continues walking for ten minutes until they see a small glow of a flame in the distance. The camera crew comes closer and sees a massive circle with bulky candles all lit. There is fresh boot prints in the snow. Off to a side they see wooden cage with the door ripped straight off. The camera crew notice five horse troughs in a square formation on the outside of circle of candles. There some fluid in there but it isn’t water. The camera crew sees a shadow in the distance. They see a bit of an outline of a man with long brown hair that is partially frozen. He is wearing black boots size fourteen with white washed blue jeans. He is wearing a black leather jacket. The light blows against it and a flapping sound is heard making it appear the black leather jacket isn’t zipped up. The man slowly turns around. His He has a thick long brown bear that is partially frozen. He has a light blue eye and a pure white eye with his eyelashes frozen. With a no emotion on his face; it is none other than Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair. Stu glares at the camera as he begins to walk to centre of circle of candles. He then begins talking in all too familiar tone of voice.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Greed a sin for that every man has faced since the dawn of time. Wanting more than what they are given. Greed and lust go hand in hand. Adam and Eve were welcomed to stay in the Garden of Eden but they were not allowed to eat the forbidden fruit. Yet they greed and lust made them eat the forbidden fruit. They were banished from the Garden never to return. To some greed is good but it van damn all. As the saying goes all that glitters is not gold. The brightness of colour has been viewed in ancient times as a warning. The bright colours represented animals that are both poisonous and venomous. Gold or money if you would is greed. Everyone wants something they cannot have. I for one have no family as my own son Micah wants nothing to do with me. [*Stu pauses for a second then continues speaking*] He will come to me when he is ready. I have already let him go. He isn’t something I don’t need to worry about. What glitter isn’t gold. ‘The Unholy King’, ‘The Inferno’ or whatever he is calling himself these days isn’t carrying around about ten pounds of gold around his waist. He is caring around ten pounds of greed if you would. Originally when you won The FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title at Red White and Bruised there was desire and passion. You hadn’t tasted the belt since two thousand and eight. Only two weeks in you made a deal with the devil. What FWA was offering you suddenly became not good enough.

    • Stu shakes his head as heavy wet snow continues to fall from the sky. An annoyed look comes over Stu’s face as he pauses for a mere second. He begins to continue.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: What FWA had given for all these years meant nothing. It became the old what have you done for me lately routine. Money talks to a lot of people. I may have my greed and lust with being the most sadistic man on the planet but even I will never be bought for money. I am not mercenary for hire. I pick whatever side I want to be against. Money was never my bottom line. It appears it has become your bottom line Hall. All those times telling a younger me and Shane McLean in The Unholy Uprising never let money control you and don’t let it become an obsession. You’re about as good as telling the truth as me pretending to be a humanitarian. [*Stu smirks*] People just do not even buy into that. With you being with the company from the start from being The FWA Hardcore Champion in two thousand and five to Two Thousand and Seven becoming FWA World Heavyweight Champion. Being part of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to founding with G-rich The Unholy Uprising. You left a big thumb print of the company. You walked away to sign a deal with Jimmy King owner of CWA and the man who bought FWA. You were given more money than you could ask for. Must be interesting having a twenty four ATM for your personal use. Never having to worry about feeling underpaid ever again

    • Stu pauses as he smirks again and clenches his right hand before continuing to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Greed has gotten you and has cursed with great arrogance. Brushing of what FWA has done for you. Not to mention knock everyone on the roster not being on your level and never coming close. Leaving you with no competition if I am mistaken. Arrogance isn’t bliss it has made many people fall through out time. Hall do you really want to be one of those people? Dethroning you just doesn’t seem enough. Taking that FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight doesn’t serve enough justice for what your poor choices have made. Putting you down will be much harder then when I put ‘The Modern Day Anarchist’ Jack Severino down. Hell I haven’t put down the other monster I created in my own brother yet. It will be a huge leap to try to put you down. [*Stu pauses as a sick delightful look comes over his face*] I am up for that very challenge. Every challenge I have faced people say I take things too far. I destroy their lives by letting them become full of rage, disappear and hate. They do it all on their own while I enjoy the show. [*Stu pauses as he smirks*] It’s my greed for being sadistic beating at the sound of my own drum. Charles Manson was inspired and driven by The White Album and Helter Skelter was born. Still talked about today what occurred. What happened in The Tate House the word Pig written in blood on the wall. His view on the revolution was going to happen unfolded as the album matches his view points. While Richard Ramirez was driven by the sound of ACDC when stalked the nights being like a prowler. The apply named Night Stalker. Being like a ghost when he broke in and like a war dog when he opened fire. All in the sense he will be part of Satan’s inner circle according to several writers and criminal analysts. Leaving the court house when he was convicted saying ‘Big deal. Death always went with the territory. See you in Disneyland.’ He was content with what he did death seemed like no big deal. He knew he was going to be at the same table as Lucifer himself.

    • Stu pauses as he gazes the flame on the candles for a moment then stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Am I content? Certainly yes but I have my needs to dig into the greed. At Fight Night this past week Ashley O’Ryan my one true friend told me not take things too far with Gabrielle inside the steel cage. He was convinced Gabrielle; 'The Black Widow' as I call her would help me get my son back. Ash was blind by forgiveness. [*Stu pauses he stares at the ground. He exhales as his breath is seen from the cold of winter. He turns his head up*] Ashley forgave me and gave me a chance. We won the FWA Unified Tag Team titles this year twice. Yet Ash believes he is responsible for me falling into the black void. He isn’t the responsible for me falling into the black void as he calls it. IT WAS MY GREED AND JEALOUSY THAT MADE ME FALL INTO THAT BLACK VOID! He was on an important uphill climb to the top achieving his first single’s achievement winning the North American title. While at the same time holding one half of The FWA Tag Team Titles with myself. He thought and still thinks he is responsible for my actions. It was all my doing. Just because he didn’t act to stop them doesn’t make guilty like I am for committing them. He believes and thinks me getting my vengeance is going to me not see what is happening to FWA with Jimmy King wanting to see FWA implode on itself. Yes vengeance isn’t a solution but to me it is.

    • Stu reaches into his black leather jacket pocket. Wet heavy snow falls from the sky. Stu pulls out a box of patches. Stu lights a match on fire. He walks up to one of the horse troughs. He starts into the flame. He then drops into a trough and takes several quick feet back. A boom is heard as a fire emerges from the trough. The smell of kerosene emanates the air. Stu walks backwards to the centre surrounded by those candles. He stares at the blaze. He then turns his attention to camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: This past year since my return after taking time away after Mile High of Twenty Twelve I was written off like yesterday’s news. I was washed up and no longer lived up to who everyone thought I was. I was written off a irrelevant. No purpose just trying in vain to stay in the spotlight. I was run down more ways to Sunday from my peers were saying to the people on radio to television were saying. Those people that believed that were mere sheep. When I did have my moment again in the sun with Ash winning the FWA Tag Team Title for the first time since two thousand and eight. They tried to take that away from us. Calling it a fluke to dumb luck to anything to demean us. I was run down but I could still fight. However all that changed when Gabrielle decided to drag my personal life into the public eye. Bringing up my son how he doesn’t want me in his life to trying to convince the world I have a drinking problem. I pissed away the one thing I was good at on booze. I was like the mirror Jake Roberts was staring at when he battled the bottle. [*An angry looks comes over his face as he clenches his left then right hand before continuing to speak*] She might as well pissed in a bottle and told me to drink it because it pissed me off. I became bitter with myself for all that time then seeing her on television on ESPN running me down. Something snapped and took hold of me again. It was the darkness that lay dormant for a long time. It wanted to help and gave me control. It wasn’t like Eddie Brock being driven by hate by the symbiote had for Spiderman rejecting him while Eddie hating Peter Parker. It was different.

    • Stu stares into the fire as he pauses. He continues to stare for a moment. He exhales as his breath is seen from the cold winter air. He continues to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I had control and wasn’t driven by jealousy or greed. Rather I want vengeance for what she had done. Taking the FWA Unified World Tag Team title from her wasn’t enough. While after she lured Ash like she was a spider and he was a fly. Telling Ash "I'm here for you," said Gabrielle to Ash and when I'm through, you can open up your eyes to see… your world is on fire and the liar won’t let go. She has convinced she can help when she will ruin all the effort Ash out forth to get his Wife and kids back. Now telling him that she can help me get Micah back. [*Stu smirks*] Ain’t that rich? The Black Widow thinks it can tell a snake a lie? Who is she trying to fool? I never ventured into dragging someone’s personal problem out so the whole world can see. Everyone who I face let their problems become dirty laundry for the whole world to see. They wanted to be worse than me and they paid for it. All those problems that weren’t there reared their ugly heads. All Gabrielle did was give me my venom back. She found out at Fight Night how much venom was back. She dared to have Ash ask me not take things too far on her for what she had done to me. She played with a snake and it was her turn to get bit. Bashing her head against the steel cage walls and having her busted open was rich. Smashing her with my steel chain was good and dandy. It became better when she was covered with gasoline. [*A sadistic smile comes over Stu’s face*] I was more than ready to play with fire. Yet Ash chose to step in and try to stop me. I am not falling into that black void. I am doing what need to be done. SHE DRAGGED MY PERSONAL LIFE INTO PUBLIC VIEW AND PUT MY LIFE ON DISPLAY! Tell me how would you react to this? Pretty sure you wouldn’t be calm like a damn cucumber.

    • Stu looks annoyed as a brief sound of him gritting is back molar is heard. Stu reaches into black leather jacket pocket. He pulls out a pack of matches. He lights a match and walks up to one of the troughs. Once again he stares into the flame of the match. He drops into the trough and takes several quick feet back. A Boom is heard a blazing fire emerges with the smell of kerosene very much in the air.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You would be drinking yourself asleep. You would be having conversations with the one friend you can count on. For the main reason is because of your personal life is on display. Everyone you knew and thought they knew you would feel sorry for you. I do not want itty. That doesn’t help. It feels like I would be some god damn charity case. Hell anyone who has any pride wouldn’t want to feel like some damn charity case. She felt good by buying my son a ticket at Mile High. She wanted Micah to see firsthand how much of a drunken embarrassment his dad is. Turned the tables on Gabrielle. There is a saying people talk to much. Well she talked and talked about how embarrassing was. I pour an entire bottle of whiskey upon her. I know Gabrielle with all that money she has in her possession she spent a lot of money on expressive and exotic baths. I bet that was her first whiskey bath. Ash didn’t mind that. Now Ash siding with her and even accompanying her to that ring seems odd. Ash isn’t the distraction. Ash knows if he costs me anything in the match he will be in for a world of hurt. Him sticking up for Gabrielle is weird. Hell just because you don’t get any in months doesn’t mean you hook up with someone that has been around the block several times if you know what I mean. There is fear in her eyes as she knows my venom has returned. She has damned herself. She had her daughter at Fight Night. Watching her mother being beaten to pulp no mention covered in gasoline will not sit well with her. Truth of the mater she will want revenge. She will truly love to see me burn in hell for what I have done to her.

    • A sadistic smile comes across Stu’s face as he pauses for a second. The heavy wet snow continues to pours as the fires from the two troughs continue to burn.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I am not burning in hell yet for what I have done and will do in the future. The one thing I will do is survive. I have already tasted the fire four years ago when [*Stu pauses for a moment looking at the ground for a brief second. Then he looks at the camera*] Jenny Ignite through a fireball burning both my eyes. Leaving me with one pure white eye and one light blue. My sight remains the same but I see the scars from that fireball everyday and every second I see my reflection. The only thing the scar does for me is it reminds me where I have been.

    • Stu reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box of matches. He lights a match. He walks up to one of the troughs that do not have a fire burning in it. Stu stares at the flame for a brief second. He tosses the lit match into trough. He takes several quick feet back as a boom is heard. Followed by a blazing fire rising from the trough. The smell of more kerosene is in the air. Stu walks back into the centre of the candles. He gazes at the fire for a moment. He then turns to face the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I myself know Gabrielle has tasted the flame when she was burned by it in a Trial by Fire match one year ago. She will damn herself just to get even with me for what I had done. Her own daughter cannot view her mother in the same light as she appears to be nothing more than a victim. She no longer looks like a pillar of strength. Some say I am responsible for that. While myself believe in essence she is responsible for what has happened to her. She played with a powder keg that blew up in her face. She taunted and ran me down and made my problems appear in public view. What other option did I have to do? Taking her to court will do nothing except make a couple lawyers rich. [*Stu smirks*] Gabrielle needed a lesson to be taught to her. She got the lesion and now retaliation isn’t far off. Her lust had brought to now. SHE COULDN’T LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE! [*Stu exhales as his breath is seen because of the cold winter temperature*] Now at the same time I see eyes are on me. Not for what I have done but pure speculation. They think I am the third man Jimmy King was talking about. Let me remind you greed for money wasn’t my driving force. Neither was being offered multiple vacations in a year. I didn’t make a deal with the devil. As hard as it is to believe. I made no such type of the deal. Just because I walk alone doesn’t mean I am going to walk out of FWA.

    • Stu closes his eyes while he pauses. There isn’t a sound in the air but roaring fires burning in the iron troughs. He opens his eyes and stares straight into the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Yes I have known to burn the candles at both ends. I am not walking out for a better offer. Yes it is hard to believe. Even know when I tell you the truth nobody will buy into what I am saying. They see me as who I am and that is a snake. No deal with the devil was made. Even if I did make a deal with the devil would I tell you? [* A smirk comes over Stu’s face as he pauses for a second*] All of us have sins we need to pay for. Hall’s greed for money and arrogance. Gabrielle for making life becoming a display for whole world to see.Not to mention what a terrible liar she is. At least my lies are believed. Mine for my lust for being sadistic. It is no secret … [*Stu pulls out a box of matches He lights a match and walks towards the only iron trough that doesn’t have fire coming from it. Stu stares into the flame of on the match then stares at the camera. *] One of us will burn for our sins. We will all burn in hell.

    • Stu tosses the lit match into the trough and takes many quick steps backwards to centre of the candles. While a roar of fire is heard as flames emerge from the iron trough. The air is over powered with the smell of kerosene. The heavy wet snow continues to fall from the clear night sky. A sound of a crow cawing is heard. Stu gazes at the four wall of fire around acknowledging he is ready to be in hell. He spreads both of his arms to the side. The footage slowly fades out.

    End of Scene
    credit to xxhhhxx

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    ~Deah Ym Ni Gnitteg~


    No, this is not a Drew Stevenson promo, we just hear the gruff voice of Bobby Thunder before we take in the surroundings. The FWA locker room. Empty, save for three men. Nearby the door stand Bobby Thunder and Shawn Docherty, Docherty in a hooded top and jeans, Thunder with camouflage trousers and a shirt, jacket slung over his shoulder. Where these two are found, there is another who is always close by, and that is indeed the third man in the room. Shane McLean, unlike his comrades, is not ready to leave the building. He sits in a trance, in a state of dress, only wearing jeans and one boot. His right foot has a sock, and brown leather straps wrapped around it, disappearing into his jeans leg. His other shoe hands limply in his hand, as he stares into the room, seeing nothing.

    Shawn Docherty:
    “You coming man?”

    There is no response, not even an immature ejaculation joke. He just continues to stare into space.

    Bobby Thunder:
    “C’mon Shawn, he’s probably chatting to himself about the weather.”

    Shawn Docherty:
    “But, -”

    Bobby Thunder:
    “Look man, if we don’t get to the hotel with the rest of the guys, we might end up paying for our own meals again! Nobody recognizes the jobbers!”

    Shawn sighs, turns and walks to the door, glancing back at Shane in his trance. Shawn proceeds to leave and Thunder follows, the door closing behind. Shane continues to stare for a moment before a shadow moves towards him, footsteps accompanying it, and next to him sits down his vision of himself, the Unholy Shane. Unholy Shane sighs.

    Shane McLean:
    “For once you’re not even listening to me. I don’t even know what’s going on in your head, and that’s worrying, because I’m in your head.”

    The real McLean doesn’t hear him, and Unholy Shane sighs again, before lifting his boot and bringing it down on Shane’s unbooted foot. Shane yelps and turns to see himself, though technically nobody is there.

    Shane McLean:
    “What ya do that for!?”

    Shane McLean:
    “Technically, I didn’t do anything, it’s all in your head…”

    McLean considers this, his foot strangely hurting though.

    Shane McLean:
    “What are you doing anyway?”

    Shane McLean glances around the locker room, then at his hallucination.

    Shane McLean:
    “Do you think we can trust Jimmy King?”

    The Unholy Equivalent looks at him flabbergasted.

    Shane McLean:
    “Okay, I know we’re crazy, but that question is a new level of ridiculousness!”

    Shane McLean:
    “Don’t you remember our pirate lessons?”

    Shane McLean:
    “See, that kind of question I’m a lot more used to…”

    Shane McLean:
    “He’s dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Okay…now, how ‘bout we throw in a sprinkle of context.”

    Shane McLean:
    “He says that another FWA star is going to defect to the CWA…”

    Shane McLean:
    “You’re saying he’s lying?”

    Shane McLean:

    Shane McLean:
    “Then mind explaining what’s going on in your head, since your head clearly doesn’t understand!”

    Shane McLean:
    “He’s dishonest enough to convert folk, no doubt about that…”

    Shane McLean:
    “But who?”

    Shane McLean:
    “See…that’s the question…”

    Shane looks along the lockers, pausing on each name…Wolf… Golden… Michaud… Rondo… O’Ryan… PAJ… Stevenson… St.Clair… Gryphon… McLean… Docherty/Thunder…

    Shane McLean:
    “It could be anyone…I want to trust everyone, but I just can’t shake that somebody I stood with tonight, possibly spoke with, maybe even discussed who it could be that’s jumping, could be a traitor to the FWA.”

    Shane McLean:
    “But who then do you think it could be?”

    Shane McLean:
    “That’s the thing…I trust everybody.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Excuse me? There are so many backstabbings here in the FWA it’s a wonder our spine’s aren’t stunt doubles for Mickey Rourke’s arse!”

    Shane McLean:
    “This is different. Maybe it’s because you were more selfish, but now that I’m here just because I want to be here, I look around and I see how much everybody gives to the FWA. Everybody – whether I like them or not – has so much passion to perform for the FWA, that there’s nobody I can say is ready to turn their back on all this.”

    Shane McLean:
    “You honestly trust everyone?”

    Shane McLean:

    His eyes venture to another locker. The name reads “Princeton”.

    Shane McLean:
    “You think…?”

    Shane McLean:
    “No. No I don’t think so. Why return to a bridge just to burn it? It’s just…weird that he has decided to choose my back to watch.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Well, he has done in the past remember? He helped you retain the FWA Tag Team Championship in a handicap match against Vodka & Venom.”

    Shane McLean:
    “For his own reasons. I just wonder what he has to gain in assisting me this time.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Still, even if he has something to gain from you, you have something to gain from him. It wouldn’t have done well at all if Mac had managed to injure you last week. Don’t knock back a little friendly eye looking out for you, because there’s another pair of eyes watching you. As hard as it is, you need to put Princeton and the FWA to the back of your mind, you have your own business to take care of.”

    Shane McLean:

    Shane McLean:
    “Ryan Rondo! You’ve got to go out there and protect your North American Championship!”

    The real Shane McLean relaxes a little.

    Shane McLean:
    “Oh don’t worry about that, I’m not going to get distracted from a match against Rondo, with the pair of us in there, this is going to be fun.”

    Shane McLean:

    Shane McLean:
    “Yeah, pairing me up with him will be a great competitive match.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Are you taking this seriously at all?! It shouldn’t be about fun or competition, it should be about winning! It should be about remaining the North American Champion!”

    Shane McLean:
    “Don’t worry! I got this! I’ve looked at all the angles, took everything into consideration. I’ve studied what I should expect from Rondo, and what I shouldn’t expect also. He’s made a name for himself in the Tag Team Division in recent times, he’ll be out to reinvent himself, and we’ve seen what people can do when they try to do that. After all, that’s how you came into being. I’m ready for Ryan Rondo, don’t worry about that. I’m ready.”

    Shane McLean:
    “So you think you can get the better of him, but do you think you can win?”

    The real Shane looks at a loss for words. He knows what his Unholy Vision means.

    Shane McLean:
    “Can you destroy a piece of the FWA?”

    Shane McLean:
    “I…I don’t know.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Well, you better get to know! It sucks, I know it does, but the North American Championship means so much more than the Television Championship, you need to realise this! I know you don’t want to play into Jimmy King’s hands, I don’t like it either, but by ensuring it’s you that destroys the FWA Television Championship, you can protect the FWA North American Championship! The last person Jimmy King wants in a position to oppose him is us, and we are so much greater enabled as long as we have that belt to back us up! If you can’t bring yourself to burn that belt, then Rondo will, and you, will have nothing! But if you truly can’t do it for us, then you have to do it for the FWA!”

    The real McLean is looking at the floor, and he silently pulls his boot on.

    Shane McLean:
    “Come on, we can do this!”

    Shane stands, whilst his hallucination looks up at him, worried.

    Shane McLean:

    The real McLean picks up his t-shirt and walks out the room, not looking back, wordless. His hallucination sighs.

    Shane McLean:
    “Sometimes I don’t understand myself…”

    The Unholy Shane begins to fade, and we are left with an empty locker room. But who’s locker will be removed soon?


    ~The Ace of Diamonds~
    ~Shane McLean~
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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    "This is the biggest opportunity of your life."

    Robbins Thurgood's voice repeats in Shannon O'Neal's head. Just an eight-word statement said two days ago. Shannon hasn't been the same as she was the first few matches. She was undefeated. She had the entire Women's Division. But after losing to Divine and battling Saddle Sally to a draw, she's reeling.

    inside a bar, she is sulking away. An empty, desolate bar in the outskirts of New York City. Sarah Wolf and Saddle Sally are her opponents. The Women's title is her prize.

    "For two months, I was rockin'. I tried leaving the FWA but it brought me back in. I'm not here to tell a story about how I will win at Trial By Fire. I probably won't. Sarah Wolf is one of the greatest female wrestlers in FWA history. Saddle Sally is the definition of a veteran. But I deserve to be here."

    yet her recent weeks have made Shannon doubt that notion. Is she a wrestler? Is she fit for this business?

    "I've got a chance to become one of the quickest Women's Champions ever. Hello, Veronique. I know my history. But to do that, I must be better than one of the best ever. Sarah Wolf is incredible. She is at the top, the best in the business right now. She's like me. She's a fighter."

    Shannon's blond hair is perfectly waved down past her shoulders. Her blue jean jacket is so 80s, as are her outlandish earrings. It's a surprise she has been THiS successful in the FWA. A lot of people looked at he and labeled her, saying she wouldn't make it.

    "A lot of people looked at Saddle Sally and said she wouldn't make it. For two characters so different, we are also so similar just for how eccentric the characters are. We have tag teamed and beaten established teams. We have fought one another twice. We have built a mutual friendship and level of respect for one another. But those things canny stand in my way of trying to win. I will be in the ring with a current champ at her peak and former champ also at hers. I am the rookie of the trio. This is new to me. This is a learning experience."

    And this is also the first time in her career being in a rut. Shannon finishes her drink, leaves two $10 bills on the bar and walks away.

    "I may not win. I may not get rid of my slump. But it's a learning experience. I'll be in the ring with two talented women and this matc will set me up for future success. Learning experience."
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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    Cheyenne, Wyoming - September 2012

    Inside a doctor's office...

    Sally is in sweat pants, and an University of Wyoming hoodie. Sitting next to her is Zaire Wyoming holding her hand. Zaire wears a thick black leather jacket and jeans. A window shows there is snow falling outside. Sally finds herself tapping her free hand on the desk in front of them nervously.

    Sally finds herself fixated on the diplomas of Dr. Bradley Cole. His bachelors from Virginia Tech, his MD from University of South Dakota. Photos of him shaking hands with Harrison Ford, Dick Cheney, Tiger Woods. Then an oil painting of a still creek. It looks like one of those paintings you find inside a home decor store, a chain. A painting that many households hand over their wall Sally assumes. It is relaxing, but not comforting to know it's not very unique. She takes a deep breath.

    Zaire: It's goin' to be okay Sally.

    Sally: Yeah.

    Sally searches for anything else to look at to ease her. She settles on the snow falling outside the window.

    Sally: Early snow this year.

    Zaire: Yeah, reckon' it'll warm up 'fore it goes all cold again.

    Sally: Mhm. Probably right.

    Extended silence.

    Sally: What if?--

    Zaire: Don't even talk like that.

    At that moment Dr. Cole enters, he smiles quickly at the couple then sits down at his chair across from them. He shuffles through some documents then folds his hand and speaks.

    Dr. Cole: Sally, we ran this tests and it's confirmed that you are pregnant.

    Sally smiles.

    Sally: Y-ya' mean I'm gonna be a mom?

    Dr. Cole nods his head reassuringly. Sally can't stop grinning.

    Inside Sally & Zaire's home - December 2012

    Zaire is sound asleep in bed, Sally is not in the bed. The bathroom light is on it seeps into the room illuminating Zaire's face through the cracks in the closed door.

    Sally suddenly cries out, but it is not loud in fact it's barely audible but it sounds almost like a wounded animal. Zaire is shocked awake.

    Sally: Zaire...

    Zaire darts to his feet and pushes his way into the bathroom. The white tile is stained in blood. Sally lays holding onto the side of the toilet, legs sprawled out her white knight gown splashed in her own crimson. She's shaking, her face is contorted, and pale. Her eyes are screaming, yet she does not cry. Zaire stares at her, frozen he moves closer to her. His bare feet stepping in the still warm blood.

    Sally: Somethin' isn't right...

    Hotel room - Present Day

    Sally awakens from a nightmare, she gasps. The room is empty, still. Sally is breathing heavily. She pauses for a moment, then she dials on her cell phone.

    A bit later...

    There is a knock at the door. Sally in her pajama pants and University of Wyoming t-shirt answers the door. Zaire stands in the door with a bottle of water and aspirin. He hands her the items and she takes them and gulps down two capsules. Zaire stands in the doorway.

    Sally: Ya' can come in...if you'd like.

    Zaire steps inside, closing the door behind him.

    Zaire: So what was this nightmare?

    Sally: Jus' bad memories....I reckon the stress of my match brought it on.

    Zaire: Shannon and Sarah.

    Sally: Two tough ladies, they've got claws. Especially Sarah. Nothin' I can't handle.

    Zaire: Then why did ya' call me here?

    Sally: 'Cause I'm tired of fightin' with ya'. I fight enough inside the ring, don't need to do it outside of it too.

    Sally sits on the edge of the bed, Zaire goes and joins her.

    Sally: Shannon is a good gal. She's strong, intelligent, brave. Some of the best qualities a person could hope fer'. Good thing 'bout a triple threat is I don't necessarily have to beat Shannon to win. I don't wanna beat her, I want to win, but not beat her. I will if I have to, but I'd rather not. I can beat Sarah, I'd rather pin her anyway. She's the champ it'd mean more. But at the same time I gotta win one way or another so if that comes about by hitting an Elk's Horn on Shannon so be it. I mean she's a pro, she'll understand she ain't gonna hold anythin' back. Neither will I. This is fer' the gold, this is the reason we're all in this business. It's the reason I've clawed my way into this match with such fire and passion. The FWA Women's Championship!

    Shannon is my friend, but that title is more than a friend it's a callin', a purpose a lifestyle and now that I've had a taste of it I can't jus' let it go. I have to fight fer' this! And I have to fight Sarah Wolf to show her that I do belong, that I'm not jus' some glorified Sunday Night Smash main eventer that I can be the Fight Night main event, that people can travel miles to see me! That my hands holdin' the belt are the hands that can lead the FWA Women's division into a new era! I need to fight to make sure that Sarah Wolf never forgets my name! I need to fight so that Shannon sees that I'm more than jus' some hurt girl tryin' to find her way, that I'm a strong woman who jus' wants the world to recognize her and value her! And I need to fight in this I should've been fightin' fer' our marriage the whole time.

    Sally can't make eye contact with Zaire, she turns her head. She starts tapping her hand on the bed sheets. Zaire takes the hand closest to his body and holds it. Her caresses her hands, the hands that are rough from years of hard work on a ranch and inside the ring. He takes the barely feminine hands to his lips and kisses it. He then rubs her shoulder. Sally takes a deep breath.

    Sally: Triple threats don't favor the champion, I've gotta take this chance. It may not come 'round again fer' a while. Can't squander it. I gotta be the one who comes out on top, make them chase me. Not the other way 'round. It ain't gonna be easy, but what in my life ever has been? All I know is that I can do it, that I can win this match. 2014 could be a landmark year fer' me. And Trial By Fire could be the start of all that. But none of that will mean much if ya' aren't there to share it with me.

    Zaire: I'll be there. I've always been there.

    Sally looks into Zaire's eyes. Giving in now. The two lock lips, the most passionate kiss of their entire marriage. The two of them then slowly and gently lay down together...


    Zaire is fast asleep, Sally wakes up she nudges Zaire a tad. He doesn't respond. She grins momentarily then begins to whisper to him.

    Sally: Zaire. I'm sorry. I know you made a mistake, but I always knew deep down it wasn't really yer' fault. But I was jus' so mad. So mad at ya' I jus' was mad at myself, at the world, at God. I reckon, I guess...I guess that over the last year or so I've been feelin' like I'm not as valuable to ya'. I mean that title, winnin' that makes me more popular, more famous, less...expendable. I thought that it was all 'bout my worth in the FWA, but maybe if I'm really bein' honest I was worried I wasn't worth it mean heh, I mean Gabrielle she gets so many men to admire her, but it ain't jus' her beauty I mean she's done so much. She's got the badges to prove it, I've...I've got less. But I always thought that ya' day we'd.... I mean I'm not Sarah Wolf. That jus' ain't me. I don't wanna be her though, 'cause a woman like that could never earn yer' love. I don't wanna be Shannon, I've lived too much life to wanna do that all again. I'm pushin' 30, I don't got the energy she does anymore, I might as well be 50 with all I've gone through.

    Sarah has her accolades, her big victories, her legacy....I've got one title reign that if ya' blinked ya' missed it. Not much of a story to tell the kids 'bout.....Kids. I've felt so useless to ya'. Zaire, what if I can't have kids? I'm afraid to get pregnant again, what if I lose one again?

    Sally begins to shed tears.

    Sally: I mean, what if there is somethin' broken with me? I feel so broken, and when I saw all that go down with Mackenzie I thought...he's finally doin' it. He's leaving me. I'm not worth anythin' to him anymore. I was so scared. But I'm not anymore. I've done it, I did it. I did it for me, yes that was selfish. But I jus' had to know I could do it alone. But the truth is, I wasn't really alone, I could still feel ya' with me. And I hated it at first, but it drove me. And now I'm on the edge of somethin' and yer' really with me. And I jus' wanna win so badly, not fer' yer' approval or to think greatly of myself. No I wanna do it fer' us. I wanna do it so that one day kids or not I can be all old with wrinkles and a bad hip and tell everyone 'bout the time at Trial By Fire I, Saddle Sally became a two time women's champion. And then I'll smile, knowin' that everythin' that has happened to me and will happen to me was worth it. Everythin' was worth it 'cause I did it with you.

    Shannon and Sarah can come at me with all they've got. Pound on me 'till the cows come home. I'm not gonna give in. I'm not gonna give up. Why stop now? Why end when it's only jus' beginning? It's not out of hate, or rage, or revenge that I want to win. No, fer' the first time in my life I think I'm fightin' fer' somethin' a lot more powerful than that. As corny as it sounds I think love is the strngest thing ya' can fight fer'. I never knew that until recently, and I had to go through all this jus' to figure it out...Zaire, I never thought I could feel the way I do 'bout anyoen the way I feel 'bout ya', I never thought I could fight a match fer' love. But today I can. And I'm gonna grow disgustingly old with ya'. I value it all so much more now, 'cause I value myself. I value us. I value that I jus' have the ability to go out there tomorrow and give it all I've got!

    Zaire Wyoming I am madly in love with you, in love I am...

    Sally smiles and then kisses Zaire on the cheek, then resting her head on his chest she pulls up the covers and falls softly to sleep.

    Saddle Sally 3x FWA Womens Champion
    2013 & 2014 FWA Women Wrestler of the Year

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread



    Flick…and there’s a flicker of light for just a moment.



    Flick…and again a small flame dances in front of the camera.

    ?: The memories were overwhelming…it all came flooding back in a horrific tsunami. The smell is what I remembered most clearly, but it was different this time. That smell of burning that has haunted my nightmares was absent, but in its place all I could smell was the catalyst of the flame. It filled my nostrils…my lungs…I felt it in the back of my throat…when Stu St.Clair poured that gasoline on my head I was terrified and I was taken back to a year ago. A night I can’t forget no matter how hard I try. A night where MC fromage set my hair on fire.

    It was Trial By Fire 2012, I was happily married to Chris Kennedy, I was the Fight Night General Manager. So much has changed since then…my life is so very different, I am so very different. But one thing has never changed and never will, that is my desire to be the FWA Champion again. My historic first reign was ended by jealousy, but I will right that and so many other wrongs this year. I refuse to experience the terror of being set on fire ever again. I refuse to put my daughter through that sight ever again.

    The Snakes actions of hatred while it did terrify me, more than that it has motivated me, inspired me and reminded me of last year. I will do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening to me again…

    Whatever it takes…



    Flick…the flame flickers on again for a few short moments, lighting up a dull, black room mostly shrouded in darkness, as our eyes adjust all we can see is the arm holding the lighter…skin cracked and wrinkled. It is not the arm of the beautiful Goddess who’s voice dances in our ears…or is it?

    ?: I have been a cruel and heartless person in the past, I have been evil and vile. I have done some cruel things and hurt so many people for my own enjoyment. There are periods in my life where hurting people; physically and mentally gave me more joy than anything else. I did it all in the name of divine wrath, for a Goddesses scorn is not something that can ever be taken lightly, it is a terrifying thing. It has driven me to destroy so many things and each time it just made my joy in doing those things grow.

    I am not that cruel Goddess of wrath and scorn anymore…I have changed. I am at peace, I am happy…there is no more love of destruction in my heart. Instead I create; I create a legacy, I create something for people to look up. I create a family. But do not think that all this means I am no longer dangerous…I am still capable of wrath in the name of vengeance and divine justice. I regret the things I have done, the people I have wronged, the pain I have caused upon the undeserving.

    But Stu St.Clair and Ryan Hall are not undeserving…they need to be punished at my hands. And what better punishment than the flame of a divine beings wrath.

    Flick. Flick. Flick…the flame lights up the room once again, this time for longer…long enough to witness something that surely can’t be our Caramel Coated Goddess. Her hair is stringy and unkempt. Teeth missing, a scar upon her cheek. Her skin is withered and dry like leather, that glorious body is no more…oh she still has those legendary curves but they are no longer inviting, now just terrifying. Her clothes are just a tattered black rag…surely it can’t be her, but those eyes, those deeply brown orbs of emotion can be no one else’s…it is her. For the first time ever it is a relief when the light goes out and the darkness swallows her back up, hiding her twisted features away.

    Gabrielle: Fear not my children…your Goddess has not been ravaged by flame, the caramel has not been burned from my skin. I do not stand here like this as a testament to the horrors that Stu and Ryan will endure. No I stand here as a reflection of the chaos I am capable of. People have long said that on the inside I am ugly, that my perfect, flawless skin hides away a vile being with a black heart. Well in my darkest moments, in those times that have called for it…that is true. I am a vision of perfection, a pure beauty. But this is what my wrath looks like, this is the side of the Goddess that everybody wishes did not exist.

    But it does…and as much as I may want to hide it away, to pretend that it does not now and has never existed I can’t hide away this darkness anymore. Being divine, being immortal, being a creator of so many things is not all peaches and cream. I must endure and embrace everything that comes with who I am. This twisted visage burned into your mind is where all my cruelty has come from and there has never before been such a good reason for my wrath to come out from the shadows.

    Ryan Hall, the disgusting little worm of a man he is has betrayed the FWA, he has sold all of us for another easy ride. That’s the reality of Ryan Hall, his words are so grand…yet empty. Oh The Inferno speaks such a big game, but in the end…he is utterly insignificant. In fact it was not that long ago that he was a complete and utter joke. People remembered him as a failure, as somebody who once upon did something but was now embarrassing what little legacy he had left.

    And what about Stu St.Clair. The Snake, the man I wronged perhaps more than any other, I pulled your strings and you danced for me Stu. You drank yourself into a stupor as Micah, poor innocent little Micah watched on disappointingly. I have tried to write those wrongs, I have acted upon your words that you are supposedly a man corrupted by a dark passenger. You act like a victim, but I gave you every chance to be a hero, I gave you every chance to be the bigger man…and you just tried to burn me alive.

    I almost want to laugh at how pathetic you both are. Ryan Hall once again making himself look inferior and Stu St.Clair doing all he can to deny his humanity. Then there is me…divine, beloved…powerful…and happy.

    Just because wrath burns in my eyes does not mean I am not still happy…

    The flame flickers back to life, we all collectively hold our breath, terrified yet intrigued to witness our Goddesses innermost ugliness once more. But the soft, gentle light dances upon a gloriously familiar caramel skin tone. In all our glory she stands before us; a delicate yet dangerous being of perfect beauty. Her long, gloriously flowing brunette locks cascade down about her head and past her shoulders. Her soft, sweet, full lips are kissed with a smile. Her body, those curves hidden away but yet incapable of ever being denied their spotlight are wrapped by the caress of purple velvet. It is a robe that has the most enviable task of clinging tightly to her body. So many gold buttons undone as to expose the mesmerizing curves of her 34DD breasts and even below that to the top of her stomach. Just enough of these gold buttons do their duty and hide her smooth abdomen, full hips, thick ass and the top few inches of her warm thighs before once again the material parts and reveals the gloriousness of her long legs, leading down to a red soled, purple pair of Louboutin stilettos. And atop every inch of her soft, warm skin like a cherry on top of a cherry is that mouth-watering caramel coating. Despite all this though, despite her body spilling out of the constraints of that material it is her eyes, deep, passionate, powerful, an inviting brown mixed with the flicker of red a flame that captures our attention This Gabrielle, the living, breathing embodiment of seduction is perhaps even more terrifying than the visage of her wrath. She looks too perfect, too sweet, to ever be cruel…but the way the corners of her mouth curls and the flame of wrath in her eyes burns, no one can deny she is a Goddess in every sense of the word, for better and worse.

    Gabrielle: I am still an icon for the ages, a triumph against all doubt. I am a devoted mother, a kind friend, a former World Champion…and now I stand on the cusp of achieving that feat once again. When I was FWA Champion for ten months, when I was without doubt the greatest wrestler in the world the ugliness of divine wrath was a big part of me. Now though despite everything it is not the face that I will wear into Trial By Fire. Oh but Stu and Ryan you should still be worried though, I embrace all aspects of who I am now more than ever before. I have a daughter to fight for and friends who believe in me to fight for.

    And I have the FWA itself to fight for.

    I know Ryan’s stance in this war and I don’t trust Stu enough to put any faith in him…so the fate of the FWA falls upon my shoulders. All of that alone is motivation enough, but there is so much more to it. Revenge must be had, wrath must be delivered. Ryan Hall and Stu St.Clair must pay for their separate sins, for their wrongs to so many and their crimes towards me. You see while I sweetly smile at you, my body a reflection of all the great things in humanity, enticing you, delighting your sense no matter how hard you try to deny it…behind all that my ugliness drools at the thought of searing the flesh from your bodies…and walking away from the ring showered in gold.

    Once more that flame flickers to life, dancing before our eyes as we eagerly embrace the thought of seeing Gabrielle in all her curvaceous glory once more. Only this time it is isn’t a joyous sight, the left side of her mouth is kissed with a warm smile, while the right is stained with a callous smirk. In fact the entire right side of Gabrielle has crumbled and that twisted vision of her wrath personified has taken over half her body. One perfect breast, round, soft, perky…one wrinkled and saggy. It is the same tale across her entire body, the youthful Goddess of sensuality on her right, the haggard Goddess of wrath on her left.

    Gabrielle: This is me…the duality of a Goddess…the duality of Gabrielle.

    The fun and games have come to a close, my apologies to Stu are done, Jimmy Kings lapdogs thinking they have control is done…I will bring about a close to this disgusting chapter in the history of the FWA. I will cleanse the abhorrent from this company in a fiery blaze…

    In the interest of self-preservation, and the desire to remove the Snake from my life permanently…I think I will start with the man who’s son I helped raise. I no longer feel bad about being there for Micah Stuart…Ashley helped me see things clearly and made me regret my actions. But seeing my own blood, being whipped with a chain and doused in gasoline have a funny way of removing any feelings of guilt and sorrow. I tried to mend fences Stu…I’ve done all I can to make things up to you but it all falls on deaf ears.

    I will not waste another breath on asking for your forgiveness, Ashley has forgiven me, he has supported me, he has picked me back up, he is supporting me and will continue to do when we all meet in that ring. I know he is a good man, I know he is a good friend…he could never blame you for hating me, he accepts it as he accepts that I have changed. But what kind of a friend are you Stu?

    When Ryan Hall hit Ashley in the head with a just stood there and did nothing. You didn’t help your friend, you didn’t punish Ryan…you just stood there, and watching it all unfold. Like you were basking in the sorrow all around you. Basking in my pain and basking in Ashley’s pain. That’s the reality of who you are Stu, you need misery and pain all around you. You need that darkness to consume you and drown your feelings. It is not the alcohol you consume so endlessly that drowns your sorrows.

    No…the alcohol merely brings upon the darkness you need to hide all your pain.

    You are not a man corrupted by a dark passenger, you are a lonely old fool who needs a dark passenger to comfort him. That pit inside of you is all that you care about, it is you Stu. Darkness, forever in darkness, alone and worthless. I waste no feelings of pity upon you, I despise you for there is no good in you. A man who deserves to be a father would have forgiven me, but you don’t want that, you don’t want to open your life up to the possibility of having Micah actually in your life because that would shatter your darkness.

    That flame in her hand sparks to life again, it flickers across her twisted portrayal of wrath as her next words seem to only come out of that left side of her mouth.

    Gabrielle: My evil however…my ugly…it is just a small part of me…

    In the blink of an eye the full beauty of our Goddess is restored, her skin now flawless and her long gorgeous brown hair is adorned with a jewel encrusted gold crown.

    Gabrielle: It does control me, I control it, I focus it. This is why I have so much joy in my life. This is why I can inspire Ashley to forgive me and why he can never look at a hotdog the same again. This is why I make my daughter Carmella light up every time she see’s me. I am better than you Stu…we both have this stain of cruelty in our hearts but while it consumes all of yours, mine is otherwise pure. I welcome and embrace the light, I enjoy all the fruits of true friendship and love. While Ashley now has his doubts about you as a friend, he knows he can rely on me to always be there. You see I am his break from you, you have damaged his life so much, but I will never do the same.

    I keep my darkness in check…

    Her every word, no matter how much malice had just dripped off them was like a beautiful lullaby as the flame continued to dance before us and glisten off her glorious skin. After being starved of witnessing her delicious caramel and the way her firm yet soft breasts fought against the material trying to constrain them this had been a blessed miracle. But it all ends in a heartbeat, as the shadows fighting against the dim light of the flame consume her face for a second and we welcome back the duality of the Goddess. Her beauty invites us and her wrath guarantee’s only pain.

    Gabrielle: It never consumes me…if I am to admit something…well then a part of me, a part of the Gabrielle you all know and love wants to burn you Stu. Last year when I entered this match against MC Fromage and Ashley O’Ryan I only wanted to burn them because I had to. It was the only way I could win…this year though I will enjoy things so much more. I will enjoy my wrath upon you Stu.

    I don’t even care if you have forever tainted your name by standing alongside Jimmy King, your crimes against me are great enough already. Your crimes against the FWA, while everything we know is being made a mockery of you are too focused upon your darkness to do anything truly meaningful. Everybody knows that I am the great hope of the FWA, but all you care about is trying to scar me, trying to hurt me and make me suffer for deeds that I once regretted. I won’t regret what I do to you in this match though, I will enjoy every second of it knowing that you wanted to burn me from head to toe just for the fun of it.

    You sought to punish me for my misdeeds, but Stu you have out yourself into a situation where you are the one who will be punished. The last time a woman played with fire in front of you, it was Jenny Ignito and she almost blinded you…now I will finish the job my ex-wife started. You like to call me a Black Widow Stu…well we’re I’m from the spiders eat snakes…and I devour you to get back my FWA World Championship.

    It all goes eerily quiet for several moments before her beautifully haunting voice greets us once again.

    Gabrielle: Then the real fun can begin.

    Ryan Hall, the man of a thousand nicknames…and even more disappointments. For a man who has achieved so much in his career your legacy may be as the man who let more people down more often than any other. Now I’m not talking about your little partnership with Jimmy King where you do everything he tells you do like a good little boy. I’m talking about all those years not so long ago when the name Ryan Hall was a joke. Time after time you would return to the FWA out of shape and desperate for money, you’d stick around just long enough to cash a few cheques before the losses you were suffering night after night drove you away again.

    I remember feeling sad for you back then, after all I remembered the mighty Inferno and all those nights with you, me and Jenny together. Then there you were a shadow of the Ryan I remembered. It ruined all those memories…like when we would have our little Mixed Marital Arts sparring sessions. We both loved the ground game…especially when it was strip MMA. Oh I can’t deny that you got the best of me more often than not…at first but as my clothes came off you were easier and easier until you were a slobbering mess between my legs just waiting for me to get on top…

    You always made it so easy for me in the end…will you burn for me as well Inferno?

    She sparks the lighter back to life as the pure, beautiful Goddess is revealed, no trace of her furious wrath. Just that body coated divinely in caramel, wrapped elegantly in purple velvet and decorated with that golden crown.

    Gabrielle: Will you embrace the flame…or whither and hide from your namesake like you hid from success for all those years?

    I know how your mind works Ryan, I know that right now you are thinking that selling the FWA out, ridiculing the FWA Unified Championship and standing alongside Jimmy King makes you important but it doesn’t Ryan. Nothing will ever undo those embarrassing years of yours, and infact now you’re just digging that hole even deeper. You parade yourself around as Jimmy’s little lapdog, barking when he tells you, biting when he tells you to…and all the while proclaiming that the FWA is not worthy. The same FWA who’s Championship is on your shoulder.

    I know all too well how much you crave success…so how badly does it eat you up inside every time Jimmy King calls the FWA inferior?

    Her smile….twists into a haunting smirk as her mouth-watering caramel cracks and she’s instantly transformed into that most unGabrielle like visage once more before the flame burns out.

    Gabrielle: You need praise, you need to be told how great you are. But if you keep doing what you’re doing Ryan, you’ll just be that guy who is the best of the worst, that is after all how you see the FWA. The Unholy King proudly proclaiming himself to be King of a wasteland…you are a fool and it disgusts me that I ever called you ‘friend’. Al those feelings are gone, it is only my interests and the good of the FWA that matter to me.

    One year ago at Trial By Fire I smelt hair burning from my head. Three years ago at Trial By Fire I defended the FWA World Championship inside an Elimination Chamber. Two years before that I defended the World Tag Team Championships as apart of Sinful Sensuality. The year earlier I went hardcore with Jenny over the Women’s Championship. Punishing you and Stu, burning you both and walking out as the FWA Champion…will just be my latest triumph at Trial By Fire. You have no idea what you are in store for Ryan, you may think your win at Mile High means something, but it doesn’t I don’t care who you beat, I don’t care what lies they spewed about being the best, nobody you have ever faced has prepared you for me.

    Through the darkness we can make out that glint in her eyes, that glimmer of darkness in her ethereal brown pools of emotion.

    Gabrielle: I am on a different level altogether…I have everything to fight for. You though have nothing but you think you are a King worthy of praise. You are still that joke that everyone mocked, Jimmy King backed the worst horse he could have. He thinks he got a stallion when in all reality he got a crippled little donkey that doesn’t have the nerve to look anyone in the eye before he strikes. At my worst I would sink my fangs into someone when they looked at me. You Ryan…with all your muscles have to slink around and attack a woman after she’s gone through hell in a cage.

    You truly are miserable. I will force you to embrace this fact when at the conclusion of Trial By Fire you are left burned, Titleless, and alone after a pathetic urchin like Jimmy King chews you up and spits you out. This is how it will end for the Chameleon…will your tail grow back or will it be left as a stub to remind you of the time you tried to step out into my limelight, the time you did all you could to destroy me…and lost. Through all your weapons, and your sneak attacks…I still stand here Ryan ready to sear the skin from your flesh and listen to you beg me to stop.

    An evil giggle escapes from between her lips.

    Gabrielle: But don’t make a mistake here Ryan in thinking that it is purely anger that drives me here, while I do want to make you suffer, while you do deserve my wrath it is something else that truly motivates me to hurt you.


    I am bored off all of this Ryan. I am bored of you, bored of PAJ, bored of Jimmy King. I am bored of this notion that the FWA is just some developmental. I am bored of this war and all that it entails, I am bored of your endless cheap shots. So at your Trial By Fire I will bring an end to my boredom and I will entertain myself. I will once again become the FWA World Champion after I visit my wrath upon you and leave you as the smouldering worm you are.

    She brings the flame back to life and reveals once again the duality that is her divinity. That gold crown still rests atop her head, sparkling brightly. Though it is now obvious that one dull spot is missing a jewel.

    Gabrielle: Now you know what hides behind my welcoming smile, it is not heaven, it is not paradise…it is a nightmare waiting to hurt you both…lusting at the opportunity to scorch the world around you. Through all I have accomplished this match stands as the last missing jewel in my crown…and what better way to earn a red ruby than to spark the flame that burns away all else…

    And burn you both shall, burn in the name of your Goddess, burn for the benefit of the FWA…burn because I tell you too…

    Everything and nothing, the unseen expanse around Gabrielle suddenly goes up in flames. It all burns away in the darkness but The Caramel Goddess does not flinch, her twisted smile filters through the flame as she laughs a cruel yet beautifully taunted laugh…
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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    "Come on! Swing that club around like you know how to use it!"

    Following that odd statement [as if viewers aren't used to them yet], the scene opens from the darkness. The first image viewers get is that of a woman dressed up like a cavewoman, with the animal skin tunic and wild hair, standing in front of a black background with FWA written across the back. At first glance, this appears to be a completely new person to the viewers, but then they notice the black paint on the finger nails, and they see the black hair protruding out of the brown wig the woman was wearing. And then viewers get to see the woman's face, revealing it to be none other than FWA jobber Susie Sue. Currently, Sue is looking. . . well, depressed in the ridiculous outfit, complete with a wooden club that she holds awkwardly in her hands.

    Susie Sue:"Do I really have to go to such lengths to get on the main roster?"

    The camera zooms out to reveal to the viewers that the person Sue is speaking to is none other than the FWA Women's Champion [Writers Note: I love writing that statement] Ssarah Wolf. The champ is seated in one of those folding chairs that directors often sit in, but Sarah stands upon being spoken to.

    Sarah Wolf: "Of course you gotta go through with this. You asked me to pull some strings so you could get a chance on Fight Night, and I agreed as long as you did what I tell you. And I'm telling you that you gotta impress that cowgirl Saddle Sally and the eighties chick Shannon O Neil so they will take you on as their tag team partner."

    Susie Sue: "But why a caveman gimmick? And besides, I don't even wanna work with those two job--"

    Sue is about to say jobber, but she cuts herself off, knowing how silly that would sound. Sara is shocked regardless of the jobber's choice of words. Reaching into her seat, she pulls out her belt and taps it with herfinger.

    Sarah Wolf: "You see this belt, right here? This Sunday, the two jobs you just mentioned are going to be wrestling for this belt. The biggest title in the company, and those women are wrestling for it. So why don't you wanna work with Shannon and Sally. I mean, granted there not going to win this Sunday, but they had the opportunity, at least. And sooner or later, there going to get a chance at the tag straps. The two of them is not enough to beat me so they can use a third one!"

    The opportunity at gold interests Susie, and viewers can see the eagerness in her mascara covered eyes.

    Susie Sue: "But how is this going to impress your two opponents?"

    Sarah Wolf: "I mean the gimmick is gold, honestly. You got a big stick to hit people with, its something this company has never seen, and it fits in with the whole oddity theme my opponents have going for them. But honestly, you're not going to impress them by your looks alone; you're truly going to get to them with the delivery of your promos. Thus, right here, right now, I'm going to teach you how to cut a promo like Saddle Sally. Then, and only then will Sally notice you."

    Sarah walks up beside Susie Sue, standing abreast with herto face the camera.

    Sarah Wolf: "Alright, now I want you to cut a promo like you think Saddle Sally cuts one. Pretend like I'm your opponent"

    Sue looks at and Sarah, and nods.

    Susie Sue: "Titles can swap without warning, and this week, I'm going to emphasize that theory when I beat Sarah. Come Sunday--"

    Sarah cuts Sue off with her hand, shaking her head. Sara takes the club from Sue, pointing it to the camera.

    Sarah Wolf: "Wrong, wrong, wrong! You're using too many big words to be like Sally. Now, I want you to take this club and say the following. 'I'm fighting Sarah this week and I'm going to break my club over her head.'"

    Club exchange.

    Susie Sue: "'I'm facing Sarah this week and I'm going to break my club over her head.'"

    Sarah Wolf: "Great! Now raise the club higher. Good, good. Alright, your opponent is Shannon O Neil. What do you say?"

    Susie Sue: "I'm facing Shannon O Neil this week and I'm going to break my club over her head?"

    Sarah Wolf: "Perfect! Now you're learning to cut a promo like Sally. Alright, your opponent is Ryan Hall, cut a promo."

    Susie Sue:"I'm facing Ryan Hall this week and I'm going to break my club over his head!"

    Sara claps Sue on her shoulder, while she wipes away a fake tear from her eye.

    Sarah Wolf: "I probably would've added boudle somewhere in that last one, but I'm truly impressed. Great emotion and great delivery. Dare I say it, but I think you're even more charismatic than Sally. She may not even let you be her tag partner because you're vocabulary is so much larger than her. But if you impress Shannon, there's no way she could say no."

    Susie Sue: "How do I impress Shannon?"

    Sara doesn't reply immediately, instead gripping Sue by the shoulder.Sue catches on a second too late, and she stands there helpless as Sara forces her right hand into the mouth of the jobber.

    Sarah Wolf:"My goodness you can fit a lot in your mouth."

    Sue is struggling to free herself, but Sara has got a strong grip. Sara gets up to his wrist, and twists her fist in the woman's mouth before she retracts it. And then Sue drops to her knees, vomiting onto the ground.

    Sarah Wolf: "Ooze to face, Sue. All it takes is ooze to face."

    And Sara than proceeds to use her foot to press Sue's face into the the vomit. Screams and crying can be heard, but the camera zooms into Ssara's face so viewers are spared the disgusting scene.

    Susie Sue: "Why must I always suffer at the hands of others?"

    Sara's upper body shifts slightly, most likely from her taking his foot off of Sue.

    Sarah Wolf: I get Sally and Shannon. I get thrown into a match with two women that are going to hurt my reign even after I kick their asses. Can you just imagine my conversations and my twitter wars after this? I'm going to pass MmcKenzie by in the hall and be like 'hey, I successfully defended my title, and you didn't' And you know what she's going to say back? 'At least I had a real opponent.' And at first, I'm going to grin and accept Mckenzie's words as a compliment. I mean, she did refer to me as a 'real opponent.' And then the words are going to sink in, and I'm going to hang my head in shame.... shame. Yes I'm the Womens Champion, and I'm going to be one that accomplished something that several former champions couldn't do. But then I'm going to remember that I accomplished it on Shannon and Sally, and I'm going to feel the grins, hear the laughs and jeers at me. I'm the champion. Yet I'm going to be the fucking champion who beat Shannon and Sally in defense, something no one is begging to have in their history books."

    Sara runs her hands through her hair.

    Sarah Wolf: I mean, I have no doubt that I'm going to win this Sunday. Like seriously, I can go grab that club back there and repeat the lesson I just gave Sue. 'I'm facing Saddle Sally and Shannon this week and I'm going to break my stick over their heads.' And then unlike Sally, I can actually follow through with what I say.

    Sara nods, a smirk crossing her face.

    Sarah Wolf: Shannon O Neil. I just can't wrap my head around this character, how she's so popular. I dont see a talented performer in you. No, I see an up-and-coming rookie riding the coattails of history, of a character who became popular by long time ago. I see a woman riding it high. So high that she has crossed my path. And as many people would attest to, bad things happen when people cross my path. Especially people who don't deserve to be where I am. I've been in this business for over two years now and nothing annoys me more than to see the curtain jerkers rising to my hard earned level when they don't deserve it. Never once in my career have I been given chances at titles that I didn't deserve, because I stepped into the ring every single week and outperformed the rest of the roster. You haven't done any of that, Shannon. You've won two, maybe three matches tops, in situations that don't even warrant a spot on Fight Nnight, let alone a title match. And yet there you stand, my opponent this week in what was suppose to be the defining moment of my reign. In my biggest match, I'm facing the lowest of opponents.

    I'm facing jobbers.

    Thus, I'm going to treat you how you deserve to be treated. I'm going to wipe the floor with both of you, plain and simple. You're going to come at me, numbers in your supposed favor, but it won't even make a difference. I won't waste my time saying 'you're going to bring the fight' or 'your going to push me to my limit.'

    Because you won't.

    Shannon, I'm going to wipe the floor with you and your partner come Sunday. I'm going to walk into the arena a champion, and it'll be the same when I walk out. I'll be less of a champion, yes, but a champion none the less. And you? Well, you're be lucky to walk out at all, Shannon.

    Sara pauses, nodding her head once.

    Sarah Wolf: Come Sunday, I'm going to make you girls the role-models to the rest of the jobbers in this company. You're going to be the example of why you don't mess with me.

    And fade out.
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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    The Russian Vodka Party
    December 11th, 2013
    1:45 PM EST

    Amber and myself are standing in front of several tables each with different kinds of vodkas on them while River is on the phone with Trace. River looks at me and I simply nod to him.

    Trace, he gives the go ahead, send the 6 guys. Oh and make sure they aren't wearing their cuts. Alright, good luck brother, talk to you later.

    River hangs up the phone and comes over to us.

    Ok, we are here to figure out what vodka will work best on these tables along with how much of the vodka to use. Because while I do plan on burning Sokolov, I don't want to accidentally set the entire building on fire.

    I stand back with my arms wrapped around Amber as River and several workers go about testing out various vodkas until we get everything perfect.

    Are you worried of potential backlash for what you are allowing Trace to do?

    Vincent: Not really because they'll have no concrete proof that I had any part in what will be happening.

    Amber: That's true and it looks like the boys have found the right vodka and the ratio down perfectly.

    Me and Amber walk over to one of my workers and look at his notes.

    River, Amber I want you both to make sure that there is some Vodka under the ring ready to go so that I will easily set the table on fire and put Sokolov through it so I can send a message to Sokolov's dad through his son that the entire Sokolov family can burn in hell.

    While the 6 workers start putting the fires out, River, Amber and myself head to the elevator. After getting onto the elevator I take a big swig of the Smirnoff Vodka as the elevator doors shut and the three of us head up to the floor that my office is on.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    Real Life...

    Cold... sterile... and dimly lit. Jethro Warren grimaces and growls as the doctors set his broken fingers inside the cast. He looks to be in incredible pain as the praticing nurse on call delicately sets each of his three fingers inside their respective splints before wrapping, what seems like his entire hand in rolls of plaster. His face is covered in bruises and bandages, from the assault he took just an hour ago. As she continues to apply the plaster, the camera pans out to a second room hidden behind a double sided window.

    Police Officer: So he's not talking?

    The hospital adminstrator continues to watch as his doctor dips the castform in water, allowing it to harden and set. The officer, sitting on a couch, scrawls notes into his legal pad.

    Hospital Adminstrator: Aside for being a complete asshole, no... Not a word.

    Police Officer: Come on... the dude gets jumped by six bikers. Has no criminal record. According to every eyewitness, Mr. Warren wasn't causing any trouble with the bikers, or anyone for that matter.

    The officer finishes writing his notes and closes his pad. He stands up and walks over towards the glass just as the the cast is drained of excess water.

    Police Officer: It just doesn't add up.

    Hospital Adminstrator: There's only so much we can do. He doesn't want to talk. Unlike most of the assholes who come in here, this guy actually ponies up both health insurance and the co-pay. It's just not.......

    Police Officer: I know... I know... But it just doesn't make sense. This kind of guy should be begging for police protection. He should be bleating out every piece of information in fear for his life.

    Hospital Adminstrator: Obviously, he's a proud man.

    Police Officer: What makes you say that?

    Hospital Adminstrator: He refused any sort of drugs. Hell, the guy refused asprine for f**k's sake.

    Police Officer: What?

    Warren gives a nasty look to the doctor as she pulls out an assortment of colors to wrap his cast in. She grabs the white wrap as she rolls her eyes.

    Hospital Adminstrator: Look man... I'm not gonna tell you how to do your job, but if he doesn't want to talk. There ain't nothing to do. Chances are it was just an isolated incident. Chances are... Mr. Warren just wants to get out of here and forget this night ever happen.

    Police Officer: You're probably right man...

    The doctor finally finishes Jethro's cast. She casts a faint smile towards him, but he doesn't acknowledge her. He just grabs his stuff and heads out of the ER office. He rubs his casted wrist slightly and grimaces as he heads out the door. The doctors smile quickly disappears as she mouths "asshole."

    Hospital Adminstrator: I wouldn't worry about it man. Just take a load off.

    Police Officer: *chuckles* I wish... Still got five hours on my shift.

    Hospital Admistrator: Well s**t, that blows... Try to have a good one man.

    Police Officer: Thanks.

    The Police Officer quickly walks out the hidden room and heads down the hall, trying to catch up with Jethro.

    Police Officer: Mr. Warren.

    Jethro faintly acknowledges him, as he continues to head out of the hospital.

    Police Officer: Mr. Warren... you have my card. If you want to share anything. I'm just a phone call away.

    Jethro Warren: Yeah... thanks.

    Jethro quickly heads out of the sliding double doors of Blue Pearl Hospital and Emergency Room and heads off into the night, leaving the Policeman standing, almost dumbfounded.


    Jethro Warren: I can't lie... I've never felt so alive...

    Warren's words echo throughout the spacial emptiness of a large empty cellar as the scene fades in from utter blackness. Unlike most scenes and settings of FWA promos, with their grungy, dilapidated, and poorly lit surroundings. This cellar is brightly lit, sterile... unassuming. Lonely. The concrete floors are nicely polished, giving off a lovely shine that slightly reflects into the lense of the camera. You can almost smell the fresh, offwhite paint that decorates the walls and trim. If it weren't so empty... lonely... most people could actually inhabit a location like this. Unlike this cellar... Jethro Warren couldn't look, or feel, worse for wear. His pain crawls at him, as if echoing throughout this lonely cellar. Even though he's still dressed nicely in a casual three piece suit, his face, still lacerated and bruised from the beating a few nights ago. His left arm figits slightly due to the cast. Even though he has a slight grin on his face, he chokes back the pain. He then chuckles slightly.

    Jethro Warren: I really shouldn't be excited about Trial By Fire. Honestly none of us should be excited about Trial By Fire. Even that wet blanket, Carmine is better than being, damn near, the opening match on the YouTube Pre-Show. Not by much... but me... Christian Quinn, Askerov... *sigh* even Reaper are better than this nonsense. But even being the, hash tag, Wasted Talent on Trial By Fire can't keep me down at this point. Oh... no no no no... I've never felt so alive.

    Warren lifts his cast towards the camera, showing off the fact that his index, middle finger, ring finger, and wrist are completely immobilized under the plaster cast.

    Jethro Warren: We all know what happened at this point. It doesn't bear repeating. It's not worth a sad, pitiful yarn like what my opponents would tell you so they wouldn't feel bad about losing their next match. Quite the opposite. This empowers me. This makes it an unfair fight because Jethro Warren is firing on all cylinders. Jethro Warren isn't bored by the sad state of affairs that befells him. Oh no... this drives me beyond the edge of potential. Drives me beyond a hungry Russian import. Drives me beyond a man who views himself as a miracle of the modern world... And drives me beyond the emo poet, bedwetter we've mentioned before. These broken fingers are the spark I needed... And you three... have Vincent to thank for it.

    Warren slowly stands from his chair, turning his back slightly away from the camera.

    Jethro Warren: My three opponents tonight will probably expound their greatness, at great length about their superior skill and how their opponents are worthless. And all that useless guff that goes along with one of these viginettes...

    Jethro lets out a groan as he unbuttons his smart blazers and lays it on the back of the chair.

    Jethro Warren: You're talking about three men... well, two men, who can easily claim, and validate, the technical ability to beat the greats. And one who just writes about it. And then you have me. A realist... A survivalist... A guy that lived a hard life and thrived... Not some chilling backstory or sappy tales of greatness. Reality. *chuckles* Really guys... when's the last time a kimura won a bar fight... When's the last time a stunning array of technical wizardy saved a life? Stopped you from being mugged? Askerov... you came from a rough section of Russia. Did one of your suplexes stop some mobsters? Maybe saved one of your friends from getting roughed up by a drunk copper? The difference between Jethro Warren, and the rest of you... Is that I'm not a character... I don't claim to be an Instant Classic, nor do I write what allegedy happens to me in some tome for future study.

    Jethro slowly makes his way towards the camera.

    Jethro Warren: This is me... This is what you get. I'm a son of a bitch. And unlike the rest of you... With your clever moves and dazzling "ability." I do what needs to be done. Just like this... I did what I had to do. And paid the price... Can you say the same? Could you even claim that whomever did this to you would pay tenfold. No... Trial By Fire... there is no trial for me... Just another match... In a worthless spot. Another stepping stone. Just like chess. One move closer. Reality sucks... If you rather pretend to be something.

    The camera quickly cuts to black.

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    "Empires are forged on the ruins of fallen kingdoms."

    Fallen friends and desolate dreams
    I see the frenzy through these failing seams
    As the darkness rises the revolt grows dire
    This frail foundation slowly fails by fire
    Death, Destruction, Decay and Dismay
    You shall all depart on this promised day
    One kingdom burns, one kingdom dies
    An empire rises before your hopeful eyes

    This is my world.

    This is my time.

    This is my fire.

    This is MY HELL.

    It's all starts with a bright blinding light that breaks through all barriers shining down on the surrounding scene. It's a beautiful day, the air smells of life and beauty... pollen and flower petals blow through the air being swept away by a powerful gust that slowly dies down to a dull but comfortable breeze. The temperature is not too cold but yet not hot, it's a perfect climate for any casual onlooker. There is fields of green grass and healthy trees and through all of this grace and eternal beauty runs a crystal clear stream that flows in the direction of an enormous castle of immense proportions. It's rich historic aura and striking appearance makes it a marvel treasure for any traveler... A true timeless beauty. It's towers stretch high above the main hall, a four of them extend vertically and end with a point at the very peak of their structure. Each one has a look out balcony, undoubtedly to see when hostile forces approached and they all have large bells inside of them to warn the rest of the fortress. The rest of the marvel stretches wide and is protected from all sides from the river that extends itself from the beautiful surrounding landscape to circle all the way around creating a moat. At the massive gate of an entrance there is a draw bridge to allow those allowed to enter to travel safely over the water. The structure is over a millennium old and you can even tack on a few centuries beyond that. It's a structure that has escape the destructive prowess of time over and over again. Every single time it looked as if this piece of history would be destroyed, it escape by one way or another. You could say the very thing that makes this castle special IS it's history.

    The drawbridge opens and a large truck filled with supplies leaves the castle grounds and drive away into the distance. The camera view shifts to the stream now as we suddenly begin to jump forward in time... Numerous days and nights are passed over and slowly but surely the stream begins to die down and eventually it dries out to nothing more the a bumbling brook. The supply truck never again came and the effects of time suddenly became an extremely real and alarming possibly for this piece of history and the scenery the surrounds it. The grass begins to wither, the trees begin to wain, the air smells the waste and the castle looks worse for wear. Rocks begin to crumble and fall off piece by piece. It's a disasterpiece to replace the masterpiece it once was... the resources are gone and it has become apparent that history alone cannot save this place. One of the watch towers that stretched high above the scene comes crashing down on the main structure of the castle and causes part of it to collapse within itself. It's falling apart from the inside out with no one and nothing to save it.

    In the distance a silhouette becomes visible and the traveler methodically makes his way down to the location. After a few moments it becomes apparent that it is a man and he is wearing pretty fancy attire. This man is wearing a custom tailored designer suit with fibers that scream money accompanied by a crooked smile with a sadistic look in his eyes. His eyes though as mostly out of sight behind his crimson tinted aviators and his hair is styled nice and fashionable. He is also carry a briefcase like a businessman who is just dropping by to practice his trade. He stops when he reaches the front of the castle and shakes his head... now completely in frame it becomes obvious this man is the Last King, The Inferno, the unholy Ryan Hall! He examines every inch of the property thoroughly before eventually sitting down on a large rock in front of the drawbridge and lighting up a hand rolled cigarette made with the best tobacco leaves available. He inhales, exhales and sighs like he's bored... a trait that he has grown accustomed too.

    Ryan Hall:
    "Destiny... We all have one, whether it is socially significant or particularly plain this is the supposed divine line that draws up the foundation of our very lives. Destiny is a concept that is endlessly debated between the choices of free will or pre-determined courses of history. Destiny, however isn't simply categorized and segregated so easily into these two sides. One may, in theory, choose his own destiny and in this scenario destiny wouldn't be so much a pre-designed plan but rather the destination from a path chosen by each individual. Destiny... What do you believe this concept to be? Does it really matter? Will it really change history no matter how many life altering choices you make... or perhaps you were always meant to make those choices. No matter what conclusion you draw in your head the conclusion is the same... Destiny is real... It's more than just a concept, an idea or a theory it's the invisible strings connected to every individual that endlessly intertwines between every human being and the paths they walk. How does these paths never get tangled? Well it does... It gets tangled every day and because of this knots are formed. These knots become more than just course of one destiny but rather the direction these knots are carried will alter the future of every individual whose caught in the web it weaves... Every seemingly small action by every single individual pulls and tugs at these knots and as a result everyone is thrown into a tug of war over their own destinies. This phenomenon has been a welcomed occurrence in the eyes of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance hopefuls who gaze with wonder with their watchful eyes. These events become catalysts for wars and more and more strings and knots become tugged until it threatens to bring the whole house of cards down. You could call this... a butterfly effect... How one single action can, as a result bring down kingdoms... and give rise to empires. This approaching day of promise... A kingdom will go through it's trial by fire... and three individuals will fight for the right to lead this revolution to protect... or to destroy. This is the ultimate knot that tugs at the foundation of the FWA with every single person on this roster attached on the other side. This is my knot to pull... and my strings to sever. This your trial by fire... and I'm the judge, jury and executioner."

    The Last King enters the abandoned castle grounds as he walks over the termite infested draw bridge carefully and enters into the front hall of the building. The front hall is filled with dust and rubble as he slowly walks through the hall as if musing a few thoughts while examining something unnoticeable to the view of the frame. As he enters the main hall you can now see what remains of the large tower that fell directly into the middle of the damn area. The throne is in pieces and the support pillars don't seem like they're going to hold much longer. He shakes his head at the mess this place has become as if regretfully saying goodbye to a old familiar place.

    Ryan Hall:
    "The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance... has a had a storied and historic run as a company. It is one of the longest companies in existence and has some of the most historic belts in the business in the FWA championship and the North American championship. It's had some awesome feuds over the years and even gave birth to legendary stars like Ryan Hall, Ryan Hall and don't forget about the The Inferno... Ryan Hall! It is a place I have called my home since the mid 2000s as I came here looking to prove myself in the marquee company in the wrestling business. This is the place I wanted to be recognized and this is the place where the name Ryan Hall became a marquee and well-known name in the industry. At one point... I would of fought tooth and nail to keep this place to withering away and collapsing in it's own filth. However... Times chance... People change and most importantly this industry changes. The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance isn't the only big name out there anymore, there is other projects... Possibly BETTER projects like the Clique Wrestling Alliance who are building up a place that does not respect the name Ryan Hall nor have they learned to fear or loath that name. This is the dawn of a new era of wrestling where the individual companies in the world can no longer ignore each other. As I said... one single action can intertwine the destinies of so many... and together they will share the same fate of the company they are trying to protect. Jimmy King purchasing the FWA changed the course of all of our destinies with the single stroke a signature. Just like that we were thrown into a world where the first men to act would gain the biggest advantage in what is destined to be a exciting, extravagant new world. A world were companies like FWA are irrelevant and merely fodder for building and cropping the next stars of tomorrow. You all seek to protect this company like it's your kingdom and you are it's loyal people who refuse to believe that there is nothing left to protect other than crumbling, rotting structure. Gabrielle... Stu St. Clair... you are two are apart of the problem... a part of the fools who think there is light on the other side of the tunnel for this company BUT YOU'RE WRONG. This isn't a tunnel... it's a hole and it's leading you all straight into the pits of Hell. Me, well I'm going to be the one directing the boat leading you across the river of Styx and into the mouth of Hades."

    The Last King leaves the caved in chaos that used to be the crown jewel of this decaying disaster around him. He walks into another hall and looks upon all the pieces of art that hasn't been destroyed by time or looted by thieves. Ryan stops when he comes across one in particular... it's a large striking statue of a sexy goddess that stands over six feet tall. The beautiful piece is about eye level with him and is without any clothes... her arms are reaching out to him, at least they would be, if they hadn't been partially destroyed over the years of neglect and decay.

    Ryan Hall:
    "Not even Goddesses can except the inevitable law called time that dictates that everything and not even so called immortals can withstand this terrible test of time. Everything fades away... There are no Gods in this world, no Goddesses and if there were they all are dead. Gabrielle, ah Gabrielle... Fancy we find ourselves in this position after we've shared so many others in the past isn't it? At last I get a chance to show you my true moves and leave you feeling trembling in a way I, not you, will enjoy. It's been a long time coming between you and me, despite my misgiving and betrayal of your husband you and I stayed on good terms but at last you have finally found out just how much your friendship means to me, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You've just demoted yourself to yet another foolish rebel who hopelessly fights to the dying cause that is the FWA. You have aligned yourself with a side that has no path to victory, it's not a narrow path or a small path... it doesn't exist. This isn't a battle you can win this is manifest destiny, the strong devour the weak and the weak either fall in line or become martyrs to a worthless cause. No one will remember the few who fought for the FWA, no one will remember those boundaries you once shattered. The Gabrielle I see before me does not resemble any Gabrielle I have seen before. You are trying so hard to be your old self that you're completely blind to the fact that your goal is incredibly ridiculous and futile. This world is consistently changing and forever evolving and those who do not evolve and grow with it get left behind. Most people fall behind by refusing to change and getting stuck in their own ways or run in circles like Stu, you however are running backwards! I don't see a new Gabby when I look at you or even the old Gabby... I see something that looks like a bad infomercial on aging cream. A crumbling statue... decayed and crushed under the stagnant weight of time."

    The Last King circles the piece of architecture... he examines it closely and the more you zoom in on the artwork the clearer it becomes that it is covered with cracks and fissures. The Goddess is barely standing at this point and it's a miracle it has survived up to this point. It's about this point that Ryan Hall remembers the hand rolled cigarette he lit awhile back that has since gone out.

    Ryan Hall:
    "You aren't the same person anymore yet you continually backpedal not realizing that it is doing more damage than good. The new Gabrielle couldn't make it in the world title scene what makes you think the old one can as the FWA has evolved so many times since was last saw her? It's people like you who make me see that even at my WORST I am still a one eyed man in a kingdom of the blind. In some ways though you have clearly never changed. You were always a parasite, a succubus constantly feeding and leeching off a man you throw yourself onto. You're nothing but a snake who hides behind whatever guy you can convince to crawl between your legs and this time it happens to be Gabrielle. You can lie to yourself, lie to Ashley O'Ryan and lie to the world but deep down... you and me know the TRUTH. You don't love Ashley... you probably don't even really like Ashley all that much but he just so happened to be the most vulnerable person around and the easiest one to latch onto. Not too mention... He just so happens to be the best friend of one of your biggest enemies in the FWA, if not the biggest, in Stu St. Clair. Coincidence? I don't believe in them. You are the greatest woman in FWA history and yet through all your tricks and the strings you like to pull as a puppet master you have nothing to work against me. I have you figured out to the very core Gabrielle, I know you better than you know yourself. I know what makes you tick, I know what makes you squeal and I know how to beat you. I remember not to long ago you brought up how all of my title reigns combined doesn't match your single title reign but let's do a quality check? Who did you beat for that FWA title? Who did you defend it against? Yeah, that's right... "quality". Hollow... You're not more than smoke, mirrors and puppets and I can beat you at your own game at every corner. I have beaten over a dozen world champions several times over and you are another jewel to add to the crown of the last king. Gabrielle, your time has a Goddess of FWA has ending... The FWA is a crumbling kingdom and you're nothing more than withering shell of your former self. You truly are froze in time but I will unfreeze your with some gasoline and a match."

    The Inferno takes the half smoked cigarette and pokes the forehead of the sculpture with it. Just that small simple action causes the priceless piece of art to crumble into a thousand pieces and it scatters all over the floor causing a great bit of noise in the calamity of it's destruction. He begins to laugh at the utter destruction that one single blow has caused to the failing foundation of the piece. The Last King steps on the pieces of the rubble and walks away down the corridor. He pops up on another hall where some artwork seems to be intact, somehow still defying it's destiny that awaits in the destructive wasteland for destroyed art. He comes across a large painting that is probably old as the castle itself. It is a massive canvas that contains a giant serpent slithering it's way around a knight's neck and about to strangle him. Ryan smiles at this piece... it was actually quite beautiful, at one point in time. Now however you can only make out it's beauty once you look past all the pealing paint chips and water stain that have ruined this piece.

    Ryan Hall:
    "The serpent is a symbol of fertility and rebirth, poison and medicine and most of all vengelfulness and vindictiveness. It is a mighty symbol and creature that has appeared through out the most famous works and it's symbology is beyond infinite. In the bible the serpent was a devil who was punished by having it's legs taken away and forced to crawl on it's stomach. It was the first sin of the world... and Stu with your history in the FWA and the scars you have left on this company are undeniable. Looking at your past, relating you to sin would be an easy task but yet... that's not what I see when I look at you today. I don't see the symbol of the snake that you used to so epically symbolize, all I see is the shed skin of a snake long since DEAD. People have said it before but I am going to say it again... you're not the Snake anymore, you're not the man you once were. You have run away from yourself for so long, running in circles and hiding away in a closet scared of your own greatness that it has slowly withered away, decayed and died inside of you. All I can smell now from you is the rotten smell of the decaying soul you have long past abandoned. For the longest time I admired what you had become, the monster you evolved into, as a former protege of mine but then you decided to turn your back on all if it and every moment you spent away from your true self you lost that extra special something that made you a 4 time World Heavyweight champion. You lost the little brother I once saw you as and now you've become something entirely recognizable. Like Gabrielle you have not evolved but rather most recently backtracked your way in an attempt to find that dark passenger that made you so cruel and so deadly. Well Stu, I guess it's me whose words you trust that has to break this news to you... it's GONE. There is no more dark passenger... just the whispering thoughts of a fleeting dream. There is no future in your past just like there is no future left in this company. You haven't proclaimed yourself an enemy of the new world yet and if you truly want to become a monster again than all you have to do is shake my hand and join with me. I will show you have to evolve, become dangerous beast once again and rape and pillage the wrestling world. The way you are now... The person you are now... A person who refuses to let go of a ball and chain in Ashley O'Ryan who has foolishly let a succubus invade his mind. You are not a FWA champion, you will not be a FWA champion and you will fall with the rest of the them unless you wake up, smart up and change your skin."

    He touches it with his hand and wipes it causing the piece to become even more ruined with just a swipe of his hand. There is five strikes through the masterful piece of art that has now completely been ruined so easily... what a cruel monster time can be. Ryan Hall smiles at the easiness of it all.

    Ryan Hall:
    "It's been a long time coming old friend of mine. We knew this day would come where it would come down to you or me but unfortunately for you. I am not like you or Gabrielle who pull out the same tricks over and over again for years now. Yes, we know you're dark... you know about the things you struggled with on a daily basis. I know this... but it's the same routine you've been trying for years now. You haven't evolved, you haven't changed, like this painting you've sat there peeling away piece by piece hoping your art would withstand the juggernaut called time but it's your destiny like Gabrielle to succumb to the Mad Chameleon, it's your destiny you fall against the might of the ever-changing colors of Ryan Hall. Unlike you I have strived to be different every single week, I don't wish to become stagnant like you which only puts MORE fire in my heart to beat you into the ground to prove I could never be like you! I could never become a stale product just simply going through the motions without any real soul left. The only emotion I have seen from you leading into this match is your hate for Gabrielle, if you want destroy her I invite you too... She is just another opponent to me but at the end of the night one of your is getting burned... and if the other stands in my way they will get burned too. The Dark passenger is dead, The snake is nothing but a shell of empty skin and Stu you haven't proved yourself relevant in the world title scene in a long long time. I will show you... just how flammable the skin of a snake is."

    The Inferno reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a book of matches. He strikes one of the matches to life as the flame bursts into existence and he stares into the flame as he holds it closely to the picture. It just ever so slightly touches the medieval painting before the artwork is almost immediately incinerated as the picture of the snake vanishes into the blackness of ash. The snake is no more... and it's ashes as forever fated to blow through the halls of this deserted kingdom. The Inferno finishes his tour of the castle as he makes his way to the exit. He walks back into the sunlight and crosses the bridge to the other side of the dried up stream. A large truck drives behind him and blocks our view of the entrance of the castle. Two men get out of the truck and grab something from the back of the truck. Hammering can be heard a few moments later as Hall stands there with his back to the castle.

    Ryan Hall:
    "Do you think Napoleon conquered all of what he did with love, compassion and a soft spot for the little guys? How about Alexander the Great? Do you think he forged an empire that stretched from Greece to what is now Pakistan based on sympathy for the smaller Greek states that were taken over and assimilated by his father and combined into his empire? He ruthlessly carved his empire be devouring his way through the Persian ranks and into the Middle East. How many revolutions, empires, or wars were won by honor? Would America be a country right now if they met the British on the battlefield with honor and lined up to die one by one with the inferior tools and man power? You all possess these fairy tale-like views of honor and kinship carved into those little brains of yours. This isn't a Pixar film, this isn't an after school special, this is reality and I live by Spartan Law, survival of the strongest. Empires were forged on the bones of the weak and the foundation was built using the desolated ruins of the kingdoms they destroyed. You all want to paint me the bad guy because I refuse to fight a pointless battle and I strike when I see an opportunity to strike while you all are too much of cowards to do the same. I am not the bad guy, you are all just weak and that's why I am going to pass this Trial By Fire and walk out the FWA champion. Gabrielle, you may have tasted the fires of Trial By Fire last year but don't think for a god damn second that gives you an advantage in this match up. I was in the FIRST TRIAL BY FIRE! I was thrown into a god damn inferno! I LIVED THROUGH REAL TRIALS OF FIRE! You losing your hair and crying about it just shows how weak you are compared to me and I'll make sure I burn more than your hair this time around. Stu, your demons will never overcome my everlasting and forever expanding lust for power!! I will be the one to put an end to this reality you all stand for. It will be my hands that are the cause of the death of the FWA and I will rise from the ashes as the greatest thing to ever walk ever walk away from this company... and the only thing."

    The two men finish whatever they were hammering into the ground and they both approach Ryan Hall. The Inferno turns around and faces them.

    Worker: Would you like to be the one to press the button sir?

    He extends his hand and inside of it is something that looks like a switch. The Last King snatches it out of his hand and takes a few steps a way.. grasping it tightly.

    Ryan Hall: I would like nothing better than it to be my hands responsible for this.

    The Unholy Inferno walks to the left of the truck and a sadistic smile slides across that snake-like expression on his face. He holds his hand up with the switch and press down on the button. It takes a second before explosions begin to sound off inside of the castle and one by one the explosions grow louder until the entire foundation crumbles to the ground in the wake of fire and destruction. Rolling smoke and dust blow through the wind in massive amounts as fire burns what is left of the rubble that was once a beautiful castle from a majestic kingdom.

    Ryan Hall:
    "This isn't just my Trial By Fire... this is FWA's Trial By Fire and this is the beginning. The explosives have already been set and it will by my hands that set the FWA on fire. I will watch it burn... and BURN IT ALL DOWN."

    He drops the switch on the ground and jumps into the truck with the other two men and they drive off leaving the destructive scene. As they disappear into the distance the view of the camera shifts back onto the fiery destruction of ruins and fire. We stay focused on that shot for a moment before zooming out to reveal what was hammered into the ground in front of the site. It reads: Under Construction with the picture of a massive new age skyscraper for a business called Empire Inc.



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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    Alexander Askerov, The Russian New Breed with sweat trickling down his forehead stands in the middle of an otherwise deserted gym. All around him lay several dummies, having been thrown around the gym with effortless ease.

    This still does not feel real, where I came from I had very little but I was still happy. I had my dreams first and foremost, this idea of making it as a wrestler. But to train often times I was left to my own devices. There was nothing world class, it was all simple, strength, power those things that everybody can possess but very few ever master. I made an art form out of throwing people around. Compared to the way I trained in the woods of Durbent a person feels light. Russia, Dagestan is considered by some to still be rough and unforgiving, and yes it does breed tougher people. Only the strong survive, but I am not here to take over, the days of the evil Russian are long gone. My country is much more beautiful than many of you understand. It is that beauty that has inspired and motivated me. It has made me want to be the very best that I can be. I do not fight for personal greed, I fight because I am good at it and because I can be a hero to all. My countrymen have always been booed in this industry. Nikolai Volkoff was always the bad guy, but I am not. I want the fans to cheer for me, to support me, to will me on to victory when it seems hopeless. Last week I debuted and I won easily and the fans cheered for me, that was invigorating. But I know that to relive that feeling I have to work very hard this time. Harder than I ever have before. Four men to be sent down to the ring at the same time and only one man can win. Only one man can be cheered while the others walk to the back defeated. I will be that man, Alexander Askerov will be the hero of the night. In what is perhaps the biggest night in FWA history, one where the very future of this company is at stake I will start things off gloriously.

    The Russian runs a hand through his beard as he smiles genuinely .

    Christian Quinn, Jethro Warren and Carmine Reaper will all enter the ring alongside me, chaos will ensue. It will be a battle for survival, and nobody can survive quite like a Dagestanean can. Jethro is in the same position as me, a man who has recently debuted for the FWA, he wants to impress, he wants to make people care about him as I do. But he will have to wait for another time on another day. Alexander Askerov will never be any mans stepping stone, I will be the one doing the stepping, I will be the one marching to the top of the FWA. This night is just the beginning of that and who knows in time to come I may even see Jethro again when I get to the top of the FWA. If he is good enough he can follow behind me as the newcomers to watch in the FWA. Christian is a different man altogether, arrogant and self assure. He is that person that no matter where you come from it is easy to dislike him. Self belief is never a bad thing, but men like Quinn always take it too far. You need to prove you are worthy and deserving of the words you speak. You need to show that you are as good as you want to be. The fact that you are here in this match alongside two rookies tells me that so far you have not achieved the greatness you believe is owed to you. Then there is Carmine, the man who calls himself Grim. You are a good man at heart, but one who has suffered a lot, Katie, Vincent, those things have played with your mind. This match at the biggest Trial By Fire ever could erase all of that, could change all of that. But do you have it in yourself to do so? Do any of you have it in you to best Alexander Askerov? I think not, but only time will tell. Win, lose or draw I am going to do my absolute best, I am going to make new fans and wow the world. This is why I am here, this is what I am going to do!

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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    What’s a King to a God? What’s a God to a non-believer?


    The locker room of Christian Quinn this week seems a totally different scene from last week. In stark contrast, the room is brightly lit up, there aren’t any photos of his opponents around and in general, there is a happier vibe that floats around the place. Standing in the room is the perfection-personified person, Christian Quinn, standing in the room. Sharply dressed, as expected, with mostly the same attire of a shirt with a vest and smart trousers with shoes. He smiles as he looks around, glaring at photos of, not his opponents, himself. Standing victorious, battling to victory and various other poses. The man is quite content with himself it seems. He grins an infectious smile… the light sparkling off of his teeth.

    Look at this. This are all the moments of perfection the FWA has seen so far! And Christian Quinn hasn’t even wrestled a tenth match yet. Everyone is in for a treat this time.

    Quinn walks forward and takes down a picture of him holding the lead pipe in position, used to win the previous match on Fight Night, and ready to strike.

    Nobody thought of using a weapon to win the match, did they? Sheer brilliance from I, an ‘instant classic’ if I do so say myself. I mean really, come on. You just have to sit and wonder how none of your simple minds thought it could happen… but it did. Christian Quinn showed that he has an intellect far superior than anything. Even Stephen Hawking. Just think about that. Let it soak in. He can’t even take a piss without supervision yet he can outsmart you all… except me. Of course.

    Quinn also has in his hand, the moment of Stevenson exiting the ring and leaving the contest as Quinn smiles in the background.

    I have got to hand it to one individual for this moment. Me of course. I broke Stevenson mentally and he left. He feared he was going to be hurt by Thor’s hammer. He showed an ounce of intelligence by walking out of that ring. A small ounce. It might be enough to avoid losing but unlike Princeton and the other guy, he bitched out. Which makes him worse. He fears Quinn, he fears the hurt that the man they call Deus can unleash. It’s ok. Princeton and the other guy took their beating. I made them become believers.

    Quinn then steps forward and looks towards a section of pictures focused on Carmine Reaper getting beat up during the match. It shows Carmine laying battered from the pipe and covered in blood, another shows Quinn laughing as he holds the pipe and a final one shows him posing for the crowd with said pipe.

    This guy, I can’t remember his name, just so happens to have drawn the short straw and gets to receive another beating from the Instant Classic. He should consider himself lucky, most people don’t usually come back for seconds if I am honest. Maybe Chris or Callum or whatever his name is just doesn’t believe that I am the real deal. After all, a God means nothing to someone who doesn’t believe in them. But at Trial by Fire, Cameron is going to know that I am above even a God, I am some sort of superiority that just cannot be matched at all. Especially by him. I showed a simple flash of what I was capable of doing last week, I caught all of your attention and now it is time to make you all true believers. Carlton is going to be believer zero, the person it begins with. After all, he will have received two merciless beatings for his sins against me. He will be lucky to be alive after them. Maybe after this match I will remember his name. Only because I will probably want to youtube some things to laugh at whenever I am bored. That’s all this guy is now, a laughing stock, he has nothing for the FWA, nothing for the CWA and he has no respect for himself anymore. He’s not needed, he should go home. He’s in this match as simple fodder… for me.

    Quinn looks at the pictures again and takes down all of the ones at Carmine and chucks them to one side. There aren’t any pictures on the wall of his other two opponents at Trial By Fire, Jethro Warren and Alexander Askerov. Quinn hasn’t made it clear whether he knows of their existence or not but he clearly has something to say although it could be more words of wisdom about himself or a second tsunami of negative words towards Carmine Reaper.

    “I have to admit, I am disappointed that Christian Quinn was placed on the pre PPV show. But if you think about it, the FWA are being generous to their fans, you get to see Christian Quinn dominate not just one guy but three, all at the same time… FOR FREE. How lucky is that? Usually it should cost fifty dollars per minute of my time but you get some minute free. I’ll say five because I am feeling generous but all of my opponents will have probably broken inside a minute. So I could spend the rest of the time taking a little break and maybe speaking more wisdom? Who knows. It doesn’t matter, you all know you will have a good time because Christian Quinn is going to be there. It is quite funny actually because the three luckiest people at Trial By Fire are also going to be the three unluckiest people too.

    Quinn lets out a small laugh and goes over to a bag sitting down in the corner of his room. He’s got pictures of his beating on Carmine for him to hype him up for the battle but nothing of Warren or Askerov.

    See, recently, I’ve been able to reach into my bag of tricks and be able to insult people and talk about them using their photos. Well, I don’t know who Askerov or Warren are to be honest. I’ve only read about them. And at that, I fell asleep about fifteen times just reading about one of them.

    Quinn pulls out a Dagestanian flag and places it on the floor of his locker room, he shows a blatant disregard for it, standing on top of it with his shoes stamping on it a few times.

    Askerov is from this rather insignificant place called Dagestan in Russia. All you really need to know about that place is that is the place where drunken bums seem to come from. Just look at Askerov, he’s that guy you never give change to everyday you walk to work. And just like at Trial By Fire, I won’t be giving him any of my change… but hey he does get to step into the ring with me and that is an experience that he will never forget. He won’t need to ask people for change, people will willingly give him some money so he can retell the amazing story of how he got beat up by Christian Quinn over and over again. He will make them all believers. The FWA continue to put out people who are so far beneath me that I have no choice but to simply convert their way of thinking into my way of thinking. Askerov, right now, is just some guy who has come into this company with no real hype behind him and he’s an unknown. What has he done to earn a place in the ring beside the Instant Classic? I don’t know. It seems that the FWA appears to have its head up its ass when it comes to utilising the talents of Christian Quinn. Christian Quinn isn’t the guy who should be on the dark matches of a big pay per view. Christian Quinn is the guy who should be THE main attraction of the card. You thought Chris Kennedy was a main draw? That guy couldn’t wrestle his way out of a goddamn paper bag yet he’s at the top of this company? Even funnier that guys can’t beat him. I told you that Stevenson was gifted a fluke win and as for Wolf, he got lucky. I would ring his neck if he ever stood in the ring with me again. So, Alexander Askerov, you’re going to be featured in match number 2 of the true Christian Quinn era. You’re going to go down as one of the earliest standout beatings that Christian Quinn gave out. You’re going to think that your country’s stupid civil wars are nothing when you see me perform. I’ll make you wish you were sitting infront of a Georgian tank on the borders of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. You haven’t beaten anyone yet – and you’re not going to beat Christian Quinn…

    Quinn flashes a grin.

    But it’s okay, because that’s the same scenario for everyone so take comfort in the fact that despite being mediocre – you will be just as mediocre as anyone else is here… aside from yours truly. It’s your rightful place anyway so be grateful that you’re going to be allowed to exist.

    Quinn lifts up the Dagestanian flag and spits on it, tossing it aside, he then throws the bag aside, claps his hands and raises them to the air.

    You might be thinking that I don’t have any funny quips for Jethro Warren or anything to symbolise and mock him with….. but you’re wrong. I do. It’s write infront of me. It’s nothing. Because that is all he is. Nothing. I mean what is he noticeable for? He looks and acts like a pansy who thinks he is tough. He doesn’t even know how to wrestle… he can only brawl. He shows no skill whatsoever. Even Drew Stevenson would sweep him away like he was nothing easily. That just tells you how poor this guy really is when it comes to talent. He’s the perennial undercarder – sharing the role with Lord Blackbeak or whatever. He’s there to simply be used a springboard for better talent and it’s saying something when he is being used to springboard Askerov and Carlton. Obviously everyone is a springboard to me. That’s just the way it is. You can’t do anything about it. Just like how I can’t help being perfect, you just have to go with the flow, don’t you? But it’s all ok anyway Jethro because you will be in the same boat as everyone else in this matchup… a boat that’s already hit an iceberg and sunk into the depths of misery. I’m that iceberg. I’m going to take you into deep waters and sink you so far below you won’t see the light. You are just an incredibly stupid wrestler matched up against two other halfwits and Christian Quinn. You don’t have a chance. I’d laugh if you even manage to land a blow. Christian Quinn will walk through all three of you and will come out unscathed. I wish I could say the same for you all but unfortunately, I can’t. Wrestling Christian Quinn is going to change your life. It’s going to make you realise just how foolish and insignificant you are.

    Quinn acts like he is dusting off his hands and then turns around and walks to a coat hanger where his suit jacket is placed onto. He grabs his suit jacket and puts it on. He buttons it up and begins to talk.

    All three of my opponents will realise that last week wasn’t a fluke for The Instant Classic, they will soon realise that Christian Quinn last week wasn’t even Quinn going at fifty percent. Maybe I will raise my game by one percent or something and then you will realise that I am not joking around. I wasn’t kidding when I said play time was over and the Real Christian Quinn was coming to town and that it wouldn’t be fun for anyone. I don’t care about this CWA vs FWA crap, both companies are full of talentless fools who couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat. I’m not going to lie, I am getting fed up already of beating the easy people. I want a challenge, I want something that makes me sweat a little bit… not three degenerates who I will beat into a pulp with one hand tied behind my back. I know it’s hard for people with no intelligence to understand, but please, FWA, start putting Christian Quinn to good use. I’ll keep beating up your duds until you become believers.

    Quinn grabs a photo of him standing victorious last week.

    Get used to seeing this – you’re going to see it at Trial By Fire, then you’re going to see it the next week and on and on. That’s right. Christian Quinn can see the future as well. That’s just how much better than you all I am.


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    Re: Trial By Fire 2013 Promo Thread

    The ANGEL on my shoulder tells me he's proud of me
    That it takes a real man to live for everyone else before himself


    Ryan Rondo sits, dressed in a black suit with a navy blue tie, shades hanging off of his pocket. He has a look of deliberation on his face. He sits in something that resembles a courtroom almost. He is alone sitting on a podium himself, facing directly at a man who appears to resemble Chris Stallings as a judge. Rondo takes a look around, there aren’t any lawyers, aren’t any jurors… it’s just Stallings as a judge. The courtroom is empty yet he’s stuck facing the Judge and has something to answer about…

    Right now he feels uneasy, nervous, he’s in that state where you can feel the beads of sweat come down your forehead… you notice everything and it starts to stress you out. Am I sweating too much? Is it noticeable? Why am I here? A state of constant questioning is awash over Rondo. He looks down at his perfectly polished shoes and spaces out for a bit. He looks back up and notices the judge staring blankly at him. Rondo looks confused and clicks his fingers… the judge is frozen in time it seems. Suddenly Rondo hears a noise that sounded like smoke popping out of nowhere, he turns to his left and sees a small version of the Maroon Monsoon in his shoulder. Monsoon is wearing some sort of white tunic and has a halo above his head. He also appears to have some sort of golden aura around him too. He is also carrying a small harp.

    MAROON MONSOON “Look kid, you’ve got a tough decision to make. But I’m here to guide you through it. I’m the good side of your conscience and I’m going to help you put your mind at ease with whatever your mind is split in half on. So what’s it this time? Has Desmond Fox been creating more trouble?”

    Rondo looks confused… but well, weirder things have happened. He opens his mouth to talk to himself…. Errr, Maroon Monsoon.

    RYAN RONDO “Uh, this is weird but well, I have to beat Shane McLean at Trial By Fire by burning either my own belt, the Television title or burning his. I don’t want to do either. Why burn a piece of FWA history just for the self satisfaction of an egomaniac? Where’s Whyte Thunder anyway? I thought you would be joined by him”

    “He’s got something going on. Something about Chris Kennedy taking a dump in God’s urinal or something. But seriously, Ryan, remember your principles. You’re the honourable, loyal FWA guy and you cherish the title you already have. You can’t let the fact that Shane isn’t someone you dislike or have a problem with cloud your judgment in battling him. His title is the one you have to burn – it’s only the best way to go since the TV champion will be victorious… your belt should remain. If Shane wins, then he should burn the TV title. Do not be afraid though.”

    Rondo goes to reply to the angelical Monsoon but he hears another pop in the air and turns to his other shoulder and sees what he imagines what he would look like if he were a greaser with two devilish horns crowing from their head. The devilish incarnation of Rondo is chewing gum very loudly and also holds a comb in his hand.

    ???? “’Ey kid, don’t listen to this schmuck. McLean’s gonna be gunning for ya so don’t hold back. You take his belt. Screw your belt! Show him that you ain’t a goomba. Punch a hole in his fuckin’ chest!”

    Rondo looks over at his ‘bad’ self and wonders about his words for a moment.

    “I’m still burning a part of the FWA. I don’t want to do that.”

    “Look dude, it’s simple okay? It’s a kill or be killed matchup, you gotta take down this guy at all costs. Burn your title if you get the chance and take his. Prove you’re the alpha male ya know? This ain’t no game. This guy, this schmuck says he has the mo important belt right? Take it from him. Take all the glory! This fella said he has the belt that everyone guns for, not you. It’s more popular the goomba said so take it from him, you don’t need the extra workload when you can take a shortcut eh? Think about it.”

    Maroon Monsoon scoffs and tugs at Rondo’s ear, Rondo says ‘ow!’ aloud in response and turns his attention to him.

    “Forget what that greasy idiot over there is saying. Ryan, that belt you have has the potential to become more prestigious. Think of how you did it all with the tag belts with Devin Golden, you can do that again by yourself with the TV Title. It’s better than the being lazy and taking the easy route. Plus what would people think of your loyalties to the belts you claim to love? Shane respects you as a competitor and he knows that you have to do what you have to do to win. It is an unfortunate situation to be in but make it a bit more positive. Don’t think of it as something that helps the CWA be more prestigious than the FWA, think of it as a spectacle for the FWA, it is a momentous occasion when belts get unified. Be proud of what you are doing. You’re there to put on a show to prove the FWA is not just a developmental but is a special brand of wrestling. Do that. Shane might want to win but he won’t want to burn either belt too. You are on a level playing field.”

    Rondo takes in the Monsoon’s words and bites his lip in concentration, tutting. His peaceful confusion is broken by the noise of the Greaser simply chewing gum loudly and tutting.

    “This Maroon Monsoon guy? He ain’t ya pal. He knows nuttin’. He wants to talk about Devin Golden does he? Devin Golden burned a belt and look how he turned out buddy! You practically idolize Golden and well, if you do what he does, you might end up as popular as him pal! Dis Shane guy might respect ya but he still wants to cut ya throat y’know? He’s going to hurt ya, he’s going to want to burn your belt and gloat about it to ya. Do ya want that? Nah I didn’t think so. Burn your own belt, brag about it to him and take his for yaself. In this sorta sitch, the only person that’s important is you. Screw all these other mooks. Take that belt from him and unify them like ya always do. Prove that you’re a top guy, make that Jimmy King fool look stupid for dissing ya. Screw the FWA, you wanna be the best and the biggest and tha only way ya gonna do that is getting to the CWA. Being loyal to these fans get you nowhere. Don’t be a schmuck, look at me, I’m in hell, bangin’ broads whilst Monsoon boy over there is hanging from Matt Boudreau’s nuts like a good little boy. Who do ya wanna be? The man with it all or the loser who can only win people’s hearts. You’re a fool if ya don’t want it all, Rondo, ya hear me? Who cares if people hate ya? It’s all good as long as ya have fun pal. You do what you want to do, ya know? It’s all about what you want, not what they or anybody else wants. Screw the fans, screw Jimmy King and screw Shane McLean. It’s time for Ryan Rondo to make his name!”

    Ryan lets the words sink in for a minute, he is being convinced by both sides and doesn’t really know what to say. He has to beat Shane McLean, that’s all that is crystal clear to him at this minute, Shane isn’t the problem.

    “Think of it this way Ryan, you’ve never took his side, you’ve never cursed his name but you’ve come as far as you’re ever going to get until you realise that this is the moment for you to make a standout moment in the FWA. You can take the TV title to new heights and become regarded as one of the best TV champions there ever was. It’s not a bad thing that you have to burn Shane’s title, it’s just the way that it is. You might not be proud of it but you have to carry pride about keeping the belt and unifying them. The FWA, the mother that you share with Shane, won’t let your head fall for doing what was right. The audience will understand, they shall will you on to victory in future. Keep the FWA in your mind throughout the match, not burning the belts. The way to the top is going to be long regardless, Ryan, just simply take the best route you can, it makes it easy on yourself as it will teach you many lessons. Look at many of the main eventers, they weren’t automatically in the main event, it took them a long time to get there. You just remember the place you call home and everything will be alright. You are going to go out there and win that matchup and the fans will cheer for you when you burn the opposing title because you will have earnt their respect in the matchup. You’re not the only good guy in the FWA. Take a stand for the FWA with Shane after the match, it’s just an unfortunate circumstance but realise this: no matter the outcome, it’s all positive for the FWA because they will still have a champion to be proud of and a champion to help them fight for honor and pride against King’s oppression. You should know this and Shane will know this. Once this match is over, you can help the FWA together. The titles mean nothing when the company is being degraded by Jimmy King. Help the company and think about the titles later. That is the most important thing overall, Ryan. Remember what has got you this far – being respectful and loyal. Trial By Fire is the moment where FWA needs to see your loyalty the most. Burn Shane’s title in the spirit of competition – he will understand. The fans will understand – and hopefully you will understand. Some things need to be sacrificed for the greater good. This is one of those times, Ryan.”

    “You’re right. But what if Shane does get offended that I burnt his belt? What if I am just helping the FWA along to its demise?”

    “Who cares about that goomba, if ya beat him, he’s got no bidness being in the ring with ya. Shane McLean ain’t nuttin’ for ya. It’s going to become every man for himself out there. Think about it, would Shane stick his neck out for ya when it comes to it? Naw. Will anyone? Naw. People are scared of some jacked up goofball called Jimmy King and nobody wants to be the next guy to go or the next punching bag used for that PAJ schmuck. Point is, kid, ya gotta take McLean’s belt to assert your dominance, prove that it’s a dog eat dog world and that ya have got the mental strength to pull yaself through it ya know? It’s alright to respect McLean but ya gotta prove yourself. King is watching – you’ve gotta put on the performance of ya life kid, burn your belt and make everyone – the FWA and the CWA – fear ya, that’s the only way you’re gonna be safe now! Think of yourself kiddo not the FWA. You should always come foist. Always.”

    Ryan sits, the sweat still present on his forehead. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place in all honesty. He fumbles with his cuffs for a moment before finally realising that he has to say something. Time is still standing still and he is still battling with his conscience – both make compelling arguments but it’s up to him what he does at Trial By Fire.

    “I guess that you have both said your all. You both tell me a lot, but I guess I won’t have my mind made up until the moment comes at Trial By Fire. I want to keep my title badly, I want the Television title to become synonymous with the name of Ryan Rondo… but I don’t want to burn a title considered a bit more prestigious. It all comes down to whether I am more loyal to my belt or whether I have a taste for prestige. I have to get past McLean though. I respect Shane---“

    “Yada yada yada, you’ve bored me inta some sorta drowsy state, I’m fed up a listening to this goomba talk. All ya gotta do is what I told ya. Now I gotta go, I got some broads that need a good time shown ta them.”

    The greaser version of Rondo disappears with a ‘POOF’ and a cloud of smoke, the angelic Maroon Monsoon hangs around, waiting for Rondo to finish his little spiel.

    “I respect Shane McLean as a fellow wrestler and competitor. But I shouldn’t be looked past. All he has done is beat PAJ and Mac Michaud. Those are two feats I had accomplished practically a year before he even came back to the FWA. I’ve unified belts in two divisions already and I can make it a third. This could be the moment that people realise that Ryan Rondo is the go to guy for the FWA in future. It could be the moment that people realise the true potential of me. Who knows, all I know is that Shane McLean can’t question my credentials… but I could ask him about his. I win the TV title and then suddenly I have to face him in a unification match decreed by King? Who’s to say McLean isn’t behind this altogether? I don’t know. Nobody knows. I’ve got wins over Stu St Clair, Thomas Princeton, Jack Severino, Wolf, Brian Carter, Mac and many others, and I think that I can only boost myself further by adding Shane McLean to that list – which I will do.”

    The Maroon Monsoon applauds Rondo.

    “Exactly, it’s about the FWA, it’s about the greater good. It doesn’t matter that you will burn one of the belts. This match will cause suffering and pain but it will not have been in vain as both of you will come out stronger and ready to defend the FWA afterwards having been put through the most unfortunate situation. Good luck Ryan, all the good people trust in your judgment.”

    The Maroon Monsoon vanishes and Rondo is left to himself.

    “I’m here for the FWA and no matter what happens, I am here to stay, for the FWA… I won’t let Jimmy King drag this company down any further after Trial By Fire.”

    Rondo doesn’t realise that Monsoon had disappeared and simply shrugs off that last line, nobody heard him say it. Has all of his words fallen on deaf ears in reality? Does he need to make himself more noticed? Rondo is startled by time suddenly jolting back into life. It’s all going on really quickly now, he doesn’t have much time to make his mind up for the match. The Judge looks at him again.

    THE JUDGE/CHRIS STALLINGS “So… Mr.Rondo… what will it be?”

    Ryan looks down at his feet again then opens his mouth to speak…..


    The DEVIL on my shoulder tells me he's proud of me
    That it takes a real man to look out for himself and no one else
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