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Thread: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

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    Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Promos will be due Tuesday, December 3rd at midnight Pacific time, which is Wednesday, December 3rd at 3 a.m. Eastern time and 8 a.m. in British time zone.

    No extensions.

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Drew, “Unstoppable!”

    The voice was easily recognized as Drew Stevenson’s, FWA Superstar and a man who was most likely making less and less friends with some of his remarks about the FWA and the fact that Mr. King had taken over and began to rule with an iron fist; the way that the FWA should have been ruled long ago. With the video portion of the promo opening up, there stood a smiling Stevenson who was dressed very professionally. A black suit that cost one hundred thousand dollars, a platinum plated Rolex and Oakley sunglasses that was the cherry on top of the proverbial cake that made him a fifteen out of a ten so in other words, better than perfection. Standing directly in front of the lens of the camera while smiling from ear to ear, he put his hands into his pant pockets and wasted no time what-so-ever in beginning to cut his promo for the upcoming edition of Fight Night.

    “You see, ever since the FWA was taken off the PWS Network and Mr. King has taken the reigns from the VERY incompetent former suits? Ratings have spiked and I have FINALLY been seen for the REAL talent that I am. Oh yeah, I am REAL in this business and not some hardcore reject. When guys like Carmine who I have beaten by the way decide that they NEED a weapon to win? I am utilizing nothing but the foundation that our business was built on to beat these guys in THEIR environment. When these guys in their little X Division get off by slamming each other through tables and onto thumbtacks to get over? *I* am slamming people down with the almighty suplex and proving that *I* am the best REAL, PURE wrestler that the FWA has ever seen.”

    Smiling, he was full of himself.

    “Guys like Chris Kennedy? He was an ENTERTAINER and he made that known. Gabrielle Montgomery? ENTERRTAINER! Ryan Hall? A street fighter and that same thing goes out to Wolf and then you have all of these little Mexican jumping beans who like to do flip flops in that ring and *I* am the ONLY man in the FWA who likes to stick to the very core of our business; WRESTLING and you can bet your sweet ass that no merry little hardcore reject who jerks it at night to the mere thought of wielding a weapon is going to beat ME!”

    Pausing, his once smile had faded and turned into that of a very serious demeanor.

    “Oh hell no, I am the best PURE wrestler for a reason and I am going to prove that this week at Fight Night when I out-WRESTLE the three of you retards and send you back to whatever hole you came from. I’ll start with Carmine Reaper, a man who I think is quite possibly the biggest chode and most overrated douche bag that the FWA has ever put stock into.”

    Narrowing his eyes, he licks his lips and is ready for a war.

    Drew smiles sarcastically,
    “How are you doing man? Yeah, doing good!”

    Still expressing that very fake smile, he quickly changes his demeanour to reflect the fact that he truly dislikes Carmine and everything that he stands for.

    “I hope for your sake that you are Carmine, I really do because I am going to kick the unholy hell out of you this week on Fight Night. The last time we faced off Carmine? I beat you and I did it in the middle of that ring for the world to see. I took this “legacy” that you have built and I sent it to where it truly belonged, right down the toilet. Oh yeah, I showed everybody that you’re no Reaper, no, the end to your name is just a facade because you may have been pretty good once upon a time and I REALLY emphasize the maybe part but now that *I* have been in the picture? The name Carmine Reaper has become synonymous with the work suck, blows and my personal favorite; sh*t!”

    Smiling, arrogance was oozing out of every pore.

    “Oh I’m sure that pissed you off, didn’t it? However, everybody knows that you’ll do absolutely nothing about it because you can’t and you never do. You haven’t been successful in so long that the people literally forget that you even exist until you are forced back down their throats that they HAVE to think about you for that very moment until you lose again and head to the back where we THANK GOD don’t have to see or hear about you again until you get your ass kicked the next week.”

    Smiling, he knew those remarks would light a fire under Carmine’s ass.

    “Go ahead and try to deny it Carmine, tell all of these ignorant people what they want to hear because that is EXACTLY what you will do. You will look into that camera with your beady little eyes, you will put on that fake little smile and you will give the people, your fans assurance that you will rise above and beyond but see Carmine – you won’t because *I* am going to beat you again and *I* am going to stop you. You represent what was old and bad, you represent what the FWA USED to be and *I* represent what the FWA is becoming under the new leadership of Mr. King. Do you get all of this Carmine, huh? Do you understand that I am going to use you as a stepping stone to reaching that next plateau, I am going to make DAMN SURE that through your blood, through your sacrifice and on top of your bones becomes MY rise to the top – my ascension, all you can do is accept your fate Carmine and that is that *I* am your reaper and you are beneath MY feet.”

    Letting that arrogant smile slowly form along his face, he looks rather maniacal as he removes his hands from out of his pant pockets and clasps them together almost as if in that Devil’s Advocate manner. While standing there, he keeps his hands clasped together and never removes his icy cold stare from off of the lens of the camera.

    “Christian Quinn, the self proclaimed instant classic. You know, the more that I stand here and think about that little moniker of yours – the more that I realize that it fits and it fits well but not the way that you are hoping. No, you see, you will be an instant classic but only because *I* will put you there. You will be a classic because quite frankly, I am going to make sure that the name Christian Quinn becomes a classic in the since of that I am going to finish what I started last week and I am going to REMOVE you from the equation of being any sort of obstacle that constantly lurks in my path.”

    Pausing, he separates his hands and stretches them out at his sides.

    “Last week was just a small taste of what I am going to give you Quinn. I already kicked your ass last week, I was the sole reason as to why the “Instant Classic” moniker was really put into fruition because you are going to be on your way to the bottom of the barrel and out the door after this week and I will be the man responsible for such a feat in one week when you and Carmine are licking your wounds and understanding that everything I said is the honest to God truth – I am the best PURE wrestler, I am everything that this business was built on and I am everything that Mr. King wants in his powerhouse version of the FWA. You see Quinn, he doesn’t want flashy moves and cheap gimmicks; he wants WRESTLING and *I* am going to give him just that when I put Jason Gryphon down and remove this hardcore stigma that the old FWA branded onto the X Championship simply because they felt and believed that blood, guts, and gore would get the people interested. What you and they fail to understand is that this business was never founded on who could hit each other with a weapon. No, it has been and will ALWAYS be founded on who is better; who can WRESTLE better than everybody else in this company and you are looking right at him Quinn.”

    Stretching his thumb out, he pointed back at himself.

    Drew continues to speak,
    “You see, I have ALWAYS been the best PURE wrestler that the FWA has ever had but the old suits and the PWS Network felt that they needed drama in-order to rake in those ratings. They felt that Chris Kennedy on top was the best thing for them because of the fact that he was an entertainer and a big time movie star. In my opinion Quinn, you are just as bad as him because of the fact that you run around with this flashy little moniker that is so cliché if you want to hear the truth and you truly think that you are that gimmick. Guys like you live by your monikers and that’s perfectly fine man because you will also die by your moniker as well and I hope that you can accept that Quinn because you have no choice BUT to accept that since I am going to put you down again this week.”

    Drew nods his head,
    “I dominated you in our last encounter! I beat the unholy hell out of you and I made sure that you and everybody else took notice that *I* was out to change the very landscape of this stupid little X Championship and its stupid little rules and when that bell sounds Quinn, hell, even you too Carmine? I am going to bury two more bodies and make sure that the X Championship is on its way out to sea and the three of you standing across from me in this match are the sacrificial lambs in making sure that the FWA becomes a WRESTLING promotion again instead of this Jersey Shore crap that it has become. Change is on the horizon, and you are about to be sacrificed for the cause.”

    Upon bringing his arms back in, he slips his hands back into his pant pockets and begins taking a nice little walk. As the cameraman pulls out, we can see that Stevenson has walked over to a nearby pile of rubble that is there from whatever was tore down and destroyed. Looking down at the rubble, that highly arrogant smirk that Stevenson is known for creeps up along his face again as he was obviously thinking up something.

    “Oh how the mighty have fallen. Thomas Princeton, a man who was once recognized as the absolute BEST that the FWA had to offer is now in a heap of rubble. How does that make you feel Thomas? Does it motivate you? Maybe it pisses you off – hell, only you can answer that question but if it were me Princeton? I would be absolutely livid at the fact that a company that used to recognize me as the best now sees me as nothing more than a stepping stone for the “lower” tier guys and I use that term loosely. You are a former World Champion in this company Thomas and I recognize that, of course, I also recognize the fact that when I beat you that Mr. King is smart enough to see just how good that I am and that I SHOULD be in the Main Event picture battling the likes of Ryan Hall for the FWA Championship but instead? The former and I say this with pride but the former morons who used to “run this show” are slowly but surely being weeded out for something better and yours truly beating the likes of a former World Champion spells out disaster for you but success for me and since I’m pretty sure that I’m not a guy who you have ever studied up on, let me tell you that I am all about success and just like Carmine, you are the PERFECT stepping stone to getting what I want and to where I deserve and I’m going to make damn sure that the name Thomas Princeton is underneath the name Drew Stevenson when it comes to who is a success and who is a failure in this company.”

    Removing his attention from off of the rubble that was a symbolism for Princeton’s once great and illustrious career, he now gives his full attention to the camera that watches and records his every word.

    “Now how will you come out of the gate man? Will you come out running on all cylinders or will you just be there realizing that what I said is the truth? I mean, you can’t really deny what I’m saying because I have facts to back up my claims against you but maybe you’ll finally get that fire back that you once had because now you are just that guy who stays on his hands and knees to be a launch pad, a springboard if you will to the next level and you will be that guy at Fight Night when I prove that I’m better than you, that I’m better than Quinn, that I’m better than Carmine and when I prove that I’m better than a myth like Gryphon.”

    The once cockiness that Stevenson expressed is now that of pure intensity.

    “Keep having false hopes, keep believing in your false idols because Fight Night is when this company ran by Mr. King will no longer ignore me or try holding me down. The three of you who stand in my way are nothing more than sheep who are being led to the slaughter and *I* am the big bad Wolf who is about to blow this house down...”

    The camera slowly pans in on his eyes as they are filled with intensity and narrowed to reflect just that.

    “... BANK ON THAT!”

    Removing his hands from his pant pockets again, he reaches out and grabs a hold of the lens of the camera pie facing it away causing the camera to hit the ground. Upon hitting the ground, we can see the black booted feet of Stevenson as he kicks dirt back behind him and into the lens of the camera before walking off out of mind and out of sight.


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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    The Explanation
    “There are no secrets that time does not reveal” - Jeane Racine

    The scene opens with Alexander Sokolov sitting at a table at a small, run down diner. He’s alone, drinking a cup of coffee, which is nearly gone, and clearly not trying to hide a bottle of Ruskova, a smooth Russian Vodka. It’s evident by the cap missing and nearly a third of the liter bottle being gone that Alexander has been adding it to his coffee. he sits with legs crossed, the top foot resting on the edge of the table. He reads a newspaper, Izvestia, one of the most popular Russian tabloids. After a few minutes and a few more sips of his spiked coffee, a waitress approaches., would you like another coffee?

    The girl is a short, thin, blonde girl, who, by appearance, couldn’t be any older than 16 or 17. This must be her first job, and probably her first time fearing a customer as much as she fears Alexander.

    Yes, I would love more coffee, little girl. Why do you stutter and shake when you speak at me? Are you afraid I would hurt precious little girl?

    At this point, Alexander has reached up to caress the cheek and chin of the waitress. This makes her flinch initially, but she stays in her place, nervous look on her face.

    N-no. It’s, you aren’t supposed to have alcohol here, and the manager wants me to confiscate it…

    Alexander’s face turns from a surprisingly charming smile to a dark glare. He slowly stands up, somehow not hindered by the amount of alcohol he has consumed.

    Are you trying to telling me I cannot have my home’s favorite beverage, little girl?

    His hand turns from a caress to a firm grip on her jaw, as if to prevent her from moving either closer to the alcohol to retrieve it or farther, as if to keep her from running.

    Alex! Let her go, dammit! What did I tell you about treating American women with respect?!

    Alexander’s agent, Kinsman, enters the diner now, seemingly just in time. He walks in between the waitress and Alexander, forcing the grip on her jaw to be released.

    Sit back down! You’re going to get yourself arrested. We can’t afford that this week.

    Get me coffee, little girl.

    Alexander has taken his seat now, with Kinsman slouching so unprofessionally across the table. After Alexander says these words to the waitress, he picks up his newspaper, and turns to look at the waitress, returning to the now grim looking cheerful smile he had before.

    Y-yes sir.

    And this. take this, kid. dump it out in the sink or something. He doesn’t understand that you CAN’T drink in public like you can in Russia, right Alex?

    Yes, Kinsman. And you must remember. Not we cannot afford anything. I cannot afford anything happening. Must you forget I am one in ring against Gryphon, not we?

    Alexander affixes a glare upon Kinsman, who sinks deeper into his seat. The waitress returns quickly with the cup of coffee for Alexander. Alexander pushes it across the table to Kinsman.

    American coffee is not good without Russian vodka, Kinsman. You drink this mud water, I will not without my Ruskova.

    Alexander returns to his paper, and after a few minutes of silence and Kinsman sipping his coffee, Alexander starts speaking.

    You know Kinsman, I am winner. I have been in FWA for very short time, and I have won two-four-seven title already. Sure, I lose title to Gryphon, but only because he did not pin me and stupid rule states he only have to pin other guy. And that was only loss in FWA for Russian Prodigal Son. Nobody pinned or made me tap out. I may have lost two-four-seven title but I have not been beat.

    I know, but you aren’t champion anymore, Alex. You’re chasing again. You have to act like a champion, or the company won’t want to give you a title shot again.

    Ah, Kinsman, but why you say that? They already have. Do you forget this week I face Mr. Gryphon for X Title this week? They have gave me title shot once again, so they have told me i am basically already X Champion.

    Can you really be so confident, Alex? You didn’t win last time.

    Alexander slaps the coffee cup out of Kinsman’s hand, sending it flying at the counter where the glass shatters onto the floor, leaving a trail of coffee on the floor. Alexander stands up, flattens out his shirt, and walks around to Kinsman’s side of the table, before lifting him up by the collar of his ratty blazer.

    I only lost to Mythology man because he pinned other guy! I lost match but I was not beat! I cannot be pinned. I hit Red Eye and put Gryphon in dragon sleeper and say goodnight to him.

    You need to be focused though, Alex. What’s the real reasoning behind you accepting the FWA contract? I didn’t exactly do you any favors when it comes to money or perks, but you still signed instead of searching further. Are you sure you didn’t come here with a hidden agenda? I know what happened to Olek. I know you’re targeting Vincent Blackbird. That spraypainting incident last week didn’t go unnoticed by me, management, or Vincent!

    Alexander drops Kinsman, sending him to land hard right back onto his seat. He returns to his seat, and it looks like, wants to continue this conversation peacefully. The name Olek was what seemed to send Alexander into this calmness.

    How did you hear about Olek, Kinsman? That was not public news even in Russia. It could not have been important news in America either.

    Last week, after you spraypainted Jugem’s chest, I searched for anything pertaining to the symbol you put on their first. I know what’s going on, and you need to forget it if you want to stand a chance against Gryphon.

    The conversation ends here, as Alexander gets up and walks out of the diner. Talk of Olek has seemingly upset him, a side which anybody seeing is very rare. Alexander was raised to be a hard, emotionless man by his father. But anybody who knows anything about mafias and gangs knows that your comrades in the mafia are your family. See, Olek was about as close to a brother as Alexander ever had. Back in the diner, Kinsman is confused, unsure of why Alex left so somber. The waitress approaches the table, looks at the empty seat, and places the bill in front of Kinsman.

    This is, um, for his coffee, sir.

    The bill reads I KNOW over the whole sheet, and the waitress leaves. As Kinsman watches her leave, somebody precarious catches his eye in the kitchen, before disappearing. Kinsman attempts to pursue the man, but when he reaches the kitchen, the mysterious man has left with no sign of exit...

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    "You know if you had asked me back in 2009 where I thought Ashley O'Ryan would be in 2013, I'd have told you that he would have retired as World Champion and be on his way into the Hall Of Fame because he was tired of winning. That irish mother f*cker was as dominant as anyone when he was on, just as much so as Chris Kennedy. But now, it's like someone forgot to replace the batteries in him. He is over."

    Wolf vs. Ashley O' Ryan

    The evening slowly creeps over New York as Wolf rouses himself. An alarm screeches, and a quilted comforter is launched at the opposite wall with a THUMP. He snaps up straight. His heavy breathing echoing the sweat on his brow, another night another abomination. This was reality for a man so skilled in dealing pain; when stripped of his trade and pleasure that man's dreams of revenge became so vivid... He frightened even himself. A smile creeps over his face as he realizes reality has returned. A low giggle becomes a chuckle, one day he'd commit the atrocities in his head - And that thought comforted him every morning. His body twists and his feet hit the floor next to the bed. Without looking an arm reaches and retrieves a cigarette and lighter. It is quickly lit and sucked to halfway. Smoke bellows from his nostrils as he stands and stretches, cigarette dangling from his lips. The right arm runs a hand through his long black hair as the left reaches a hand out to scratch his rear. Pulling a pair of dirty blue jeans off the end of the bed, he pulls them on quickly. Wolf lumbers into the bathroom leaving the camera alone with the alarm still blasting. After a moment he returns from the bathroom and SMACKS the alarm. It stops. His arm dives into his gym bag dropped right in front of the camera. He pulls out a plain black T-shirt and pulls it over his head. Wolf leaves the frame for only a second and returns with a chair and an ashtray. Wolf kicks the bag out of the way and places the chair front of the camera. He plops down before placing the ashtray on his leg and taking the last drag off his cigarette. It's stamped out as he rubs the last bit of sleep from his eyes...

    Wolf: We all know where my head has been. We all know how much I want to go toe to toe with PAJ. But we're less than twenty-four hours away from a contest that will test every bit of my ability. A match with a man that will do everything in his power to try and break my resolve, bust me open, rend my flesh and take away from me the one thing that means anything in this contest... Victory. You know there are three things that are absolutely real in Professional Wrestling... The money, the miles and any match that pits Wolf against Ashley O'Ryan.

    Wolf shrugs, then takes a drag off his cigarette. Smoke billows from his mouth and nostrils as he continues...

    Wolf: I don't put people over, it's not my job. I had to scratch, claw and fight for everything I have and so does everyone else. So when I see my name across from Ashley O'Ryan? I smile. Not because I see King's little twist, but because I don't have to worry about putting this guy over. Ashley is over. All I have to worry about is beating the shit out of him. Because I've been in this match before, a long time ago, in this very galaxy. Back then it was for a point of pride. I was like the rest of the idiots running around these days: I was a bit younger, I ran calling for shot at the World Heavyweight Championship and I thought I knew what the f*ck I was doing. See, there was this Irish Champion and that guy's name was Ashley O'Ryan. And Ashley? He was over, way over. I thought pissing him off would get me into the ring with him, it did. I thought that once I got into the ring with him, it would be in some kind of "hardcore," "extreme," gimmick match, it was. I thought that once I got that match, we'd do it at at a Pay Per View, we did. So here I was, every single step of my plan falling into place. I had my FIRST one on one World title shot, with already a future Hall of Famer back in 2009, at a major Pay Per View, all I had to do was win. Shit, I beat my brother Stu to get the shot. I was former X champion, I was the biggest, the meanest, the baddest... How the f*ck could I lose? He hit me from top rope move but not before he had to adjust his bum ‘hip’. That’s an old joke, Ashley is old. And fat. Ashley is old and fat. He says he is 35, which, by the way, I don’t believe. With Ashley, you have to add 10 to whatever he says his age is. 45 is not a healthy age for a professional wrestler.

    Wolf shrugs, takes a quick drag off his smoke and says:

    Wolf: I still have no idea how I could lose, but you should ask Ashley. Because he knew. He beat the shit out of me that night. Put me to my f*cking paces. Showed me that I wasn't above the pecking order. That if I just did my job well, every time I was asked to do it, eventually I'd get to where he was - is. Well, he was right about that too. Because every time I'm asked? I do my job. I do it well. So well, in fact, that now I'm a Grandslam champion. Ashley O'Ryan? Well, he's the former World champion. Good for him.

    Wolf chuckles smugly.

    Wolf: But he's over. The people know who he is. The fans chant his name. I want this match, I need this match. This is going to be nothing more than good old fashioned brutality. My classic blend of garbage-wrestling and malicious intent. It's going to be me, showing the world that I have no equals. Ashley is over, but after tonight? He's going to be under. Under my heel, under my radar. I will have taken back my loss. I will have washed away my shame. I will have regained my honor. These are the kind of guys I'm fighting for. Now, I could sit here and blast Ashley all day. I could tell Ashley that no matter how much blood is on his face, I can still see his guy-liner. I could make some reference to Ashley having sex with various farm animals back home in Ireland... But I'm not. I won't. I won't cheapen this experience with it. Ashley O'Ryan doesn not deserve it no matter how over the hill I think he is. Fact of the matter is this... it is called Fight Night for a reason. This match is testament to that. It's the showcase. Where you show your best horses and then watch them jockey for position with grace, skill and a little elbow grease. Then see who crosses the finish line in one piece. It's a wonderful, beautiful, grotesque thing. Much like this city, that skyline and the blood stains on the bricks between the buildings. Within all the beauty, all the skillful architecture, there lies the chaos, the anarchy, the pain. I love it. I think that's why they call the surface of the ring "the canvas". We are the artists, and that is where we hone our craft. Where our edges are sharpened to razor efficiency. This is the challenge I expect from this company. This is why I'm fighting for this place, for all of our fans. I don't care if you want me to or need me to. I'm doing it. I'm not doing a great job, but this match is a chance for me to once again hone my skills and prepare me for the task at hand. I thought Jimmy King was pissed, but obviously he wants me at my best. Obviously, he wants all of FWA at it's best.

    He swipes, the ashtray flies out of the shot and presumably against the opposite wall, judging by the sound. Wolf was fuming...


    When his gaze is turned back to the camera, he has that telltale look in his eye. The fire was raging behind them. Wolf's eyes bore though that camera, out of the atmosphere and right into the eyes of Ashley. Wolf's face had contorted into a visage of hatred and rage.

    Wolf: I know you are going to give me hundred and ten percent, Ash. Too bad you are gonna need a hundred and twenty. Because guys like me don't lose bar fights and I am not not speaking a foreign ENGLISH language akin to that annoying bullshit girls used to say to one another in grade school. Gidda-gee-gidda-gah-gidda-SHUT THE F*CK UP! I win wrestling matches, I take titles, I lead the masses of asses wherever I want. You better show up ready to fight for your life. If you can't do that? And you are trully over... Don't even bother coming to the ring, pull a Hall. Turn tail and f*cking run.

    The image goes black. The dead-air hangs silent before the FWA logo fades back onto the screen. It's held for a moment before it too fades... To black.

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    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Ayla El appears on the titantron.

    Ayla: In the first ever Last Woman Standing match, you will lose to me Kassandra Summers. This is promise you, and trust me - I don't ever lie.

    The titantron shuts off.

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Act of War


    an aggressive act, usually employing military force, which constitutes an immediate threat to peace
    Collateral Damage

    At 89 E Houston St, New York NY you will find a small, if not cozy little café named Bowery Coffee.
    It’s simple and away from the hubbub of the more notable New York locations. Simply put, it isn't a Starbucks on Main.

    Todd Salum sits alone, staring into a steaming hot cup, hoping that maybe an answer will form itself in the black void that is his coffee. His hair is unkempt; his face hasn’t been shaved in nearly a week, and the suits he would normally wear have been traded in for a pair of wrinkled jeans, an army green t-shirt, and a grey hoodie. The black under his eyes rival a raccoon, due to the lack of sleep over the last few days.

    Ashley: “You look like crap me boy…”

    Salum looks up to see his longtime friend, Ashley O’Ryan standing over the table.

    Todd: Ash? W-what are you doing here?

    Ashley helps himself to the empty seat at the table.

    Ashley: Actually, I just got off the ‘orn with yer wife… She’s worried about you Todd; worried enough to call me. If she’s calling me, then I know it’s bad. She said you ‘aven’t been sleeping, that you just pace up and down the floor all night. You barely eat. You barely say anything. Todd…I’ve known you fer years and I’ve never seen you looking loik this.

    Todd Salum snarls painfully into his coffee, not looking at Ashley.

    Todd:What am I supposed to do Ashley? One day I have the best job in the world, the next I’m thrown out like some sort of trespassing transient. Treated like nothing but collateral.

    He slowly looks up, his eyes are red, his face drained with defeat.

    Todd:I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I loved that place. I still do. To be tossed out like that… and not just me. God…poor Lucy…she was such a sweetheart. She deserves better. We all do. Except for Piers, that two-faced bastard. All of us, everyone behind the scenes were like family. If I had to give my job up to ensure that one of them got to keep theirs, I gladly would. But for Piers to go and wiggle his tongue up Jimmy King’s blowhole, it’s clear he never felt we were family. It was always about Piers Gallagher for him. Always looking out for number one. Turncoat Judas.

    Ashley orders a coffee, black, and a glazed doughnut.

    Ashley: I wish I knew what was going to ‘appen Todd. ‘ell, just being backstage is so strange. There are all these new faces, and they all ‘ave this vibe like they feel they are better, superior. Some even look like them being sent to work backstage for the FWA is a downgrade for them. A bloody downgrade! They’re so indoctrinated in the words of Jimmy King, in this concept that the FWA is nothing more than a developmental territory for the CWA that they stand around looking at us like we’ve wasted our years; that people loik me, Stu, Wolf, Gabrielle..all of us ‘ave wasted our efforts being in this ‘dumpy little company’. Then you get the loiks of Ryan ‘all and PAJ and well…more Turncoat Judases.

    Sallum and Ashley remain silent for a few minutes, slowly sipping their drinks.

    Todd: Something’s gotta change Ashley. Something ‘as to be done.

    Ashley: I know Todd.

    Todd reaches across the table, grasping Ashley’s arm tightly, his eyes piercing.

    Todd: No, you don’t. I know how everyone of you think. When it comes down to it, you are all mavericks. You all want to be the individual to step up and make the big play. You all want to be the one to make the pin, to make that big move during the match that everyone talks about. Whether you or anyone else admits it or not, every single one of you has an ego. In this company, that is important. But in this moment, Ashley there is no defeating this by being a lone wolf.

    The words are a kick in Ashley’s stomach, but exactly what he needs to hear.

    Ashley: If anything changes, I’ll let you know Todd. Until then, get some rest. ‘ell, we both know you never took a real vacation in all those years working for the company. You’ll kick yerself when you get ‘ired back and realize you never went to Fiji or anything.

    Todd simply smiles

    Todd:It’s just good to know I’m not forgotten yet…


    Battle Lines

    Ash walks out of the café and down the street, Todd’s words playing in his head. “There is no defeating this by being a lone wolf.”

    He could feel his blood boil, the hair on the back of his neck stand up, goosebumps. He felt tense, pissed off. He grabs his phone from his pocket and turns it to video mode.


    Ashley: "Adrien, you know who this is. So I ask you to simply be quiet and listen to me. I know that you are able to do that much, right? To keep calm enough to listen to the words of a man who actually gives a sweet DAMN about the future of this company. I respect you. I respect your energy. I respect the fire you bring. I respect the voraciousness at which you have so viciously attempted to go at the throat of the very idea that we are lesser then our CWA counterparts.

    But I DO NOT respect your blind rage.

    I get it. Yer Wolf, The Beast. A monster capable of bringing pain and destruction. Wunderbar. But how about you take a breath, look around, and realize just WHAT is going on ‘ere.

    This is WAR.

    This is a damn war we are in, and we are taking orders from the General on the other side of no-mans-land. We’re Union soldiers, suddenly expected to take orders from a Confederate. Does that make any damned sense to you? If not I want to know why; because I have a major problem with it.
    So let me ask you, why do they ‘ave you facing me? Hmm? Why do they ‘ave Wolf Vs Ashley O’Ryan? And not just ‘ave us foit, but ‘ave us practically MIDCARD. Now I realize I’ve slumped lately. But you? Adrien, seriously me boy, think about that for a moment. Midcard. Whether you admit or not, they are doing their damnedest to neuter you.
    Adrien, they ARE succeeding. Or are you to bloody blind to get it? Yer a threat. Maybe the biggest threat we 'ave going fer us. But instead if focusing yer energy where it's NEEDED, they 'ave a 'hungry creature let loose on the people they want ruined. A starving wolf, not caring who 'e sinks 'is fangs into. I know you care. Aye, your a creature, a stone cold killing rebel. But yer OUR stone cold killing rebel. You think yer working against Jimmy King? Dammit Wolf, I know wot yer going to try to do.
    Yer going to try to prove a point by destroying me, and anyone else King throws at you! Then when the FWA numbers are thinned out, and yer weakened, King will throw PAJ and 'all at you. By the end of it all, Jimmy King will 'ave a Wolf's 'ead mounted on 'is damn wall.

    Listen to me Adrien. LISTEN! You go as far with me as I know you can, and you doom the FWA. You use me to try to prove a bloody point to the CWA and Jimmy King, and the only point you prove is that you aren't working against them. Yer working FOR THEM.

    Ashley takes a pause, looking around. It's an industrial area. He see's groups of co-workers heading into places of business. They chat about this and that as they all go inside. Ashley moves the camera to show them.

    Ashley: "You see that Adrien? You see that everybody? Working together. Do you think that everyone of those people get along? Not bloody likely. But they still work together fer a common goal. Wolf, I know you care about the FWA.
    Well guess wot? SO DO I!

    He brings the focus of the camera back on himself.

    "The FWA is my 'ome. It's OUR 'ome. There is NO GREATER CAUSE to band together that I can think of then that. Don't you agree?!
    Now I'll make no qualms about it, the last little bit, I've sucked. And I get it, me whole career I've been up and down. I'm amazing one moment, then losing to the loiks of PAJ the next. I win a belt, the I lose it before you can say 'Ashley O'Ryan, FWA Champion.'
    I don't meet that magnificent standard that is given to so many of the FWA greats according to some.

    Roit now, I don't give a single damn.

    Call wot I've done insignificant. I don't care. Tell me that Stu was the real reason be'ind Vodka and Venom's success. Fine. Tell me that every singles belt I won was the result of stupid luck. Wotever

    But 'ave some blow'ard wanker from another company come along, purchase my 'ome, and insult it? 'ave them fire one of me best and oldest back stage friends?


    The other stuff I can let go. Say wot you want against me. I could care less. I've 'eard it all, and frankly, I've told meself worst things in the mirror then anybody could ever say to me face. So don't waste yer time.

    But when it comes to the FWA, when it comes to me adopted family, that gets insulted?
    You 'ave one PISSED OFF Irishman.
    And not blindly pissed off. Pissed off with focus. Focus on where this anger SHOULD be.

    Sallum asked something of me. Of all of us. 'e told me that there is no way the FWA can make it through this coming onslaught with a bunch of lone wolves.

    I agree with 'im.

    I will be ready to foit you. Because I know you will be ready to foit me.
    But mark me words, if you show me that you want to keep being a lone-wolf, that you aren't willing to pack with those of us who want to protect the FWA..

    I WILL take you down.

    That isn't a threat. I won't waste me time with threats. That is a promise.
    One I want you to think about, Adrien.

    There is an anger. It rages and boils in me veins, ready to lash out with a battle cry and a scream fer blood. But it is a rage forged loik steel into a sword ready to remove the right 'ead off the right body. Not randomly lop them off until it 'its the intended target. It is an anger sharpened into the tip of a single arrow, perfectly designed to pierce the 'eart of the enemy with the focused eye of a marksman. Not a thousand arrows, each duller then the next, being blindly fired into friend and foe, just 'oping to 'it the roit person. I am invigorated. Made anew. I am many things Wolf. But a foiter is wot I've been the most in me loif. A warrior. The difference between me and some others, is that part of me can become listless, tired. In times of relative peace, it all but ceases to be. It becomes dormant. And the fool and the unknowning take me for weak. I am not weak. Nor do I not care. There is simply no battle to raise that part of me, unless I will it.
    Now, I do not need to will it. That part of me is awake, the war paint is on, and it is charging into battle, screaming battle cries in ancient Gaelic!"

    There are strength in numbers. We could really use you among our numbers. Not as Jimmy King's puppet mantel piece.

    Me family 'as a motto. I don't quote it often. But cause fer a very long time, I never felt it applied to me.

    Malo mori quam fodari

    Death before Dishonor.

    This motto, I offer to the entire FWA.

    Adrien, there is plenty of dishonor in wot moit 'appen in that ring between us.
    And I would rather die foiting fer the FWA, then cower from the 6'8 beast they throw me to.

    But I would much rather be a brother in arms.

    The battle lines are being drawn Wolf. Our side can not afford any more collateral damage then it already 'as lost.

    Make yer call, Adrien.

    I'll see you in the trenches. Make sure yer wearing the roit damn uniform.

    [Video uploaded, and sent]

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Russian Roulette

    Another week and another championship match where Jason Gryphon must compete. The King of the Creatures sounded defeated not only Alexander Sokolov but also Jayson Shepard in a Triple Threat Match two weeks ago and after taking Sokolov out of the match with an impressive table spot, Jason appeared to knock Shepard’s head off of his shoulders with a vicious Lion’s Lariat. After that victory, Jason was not only able to walk away with his championship but also took home Sokolov’s 24/7 Championship, merging it with his most prestigious X-Division Championship. Last week, Jason looked to the future where his matches are going to be even more difficult now the company has gotten rid of the dead weight. He went toe to toe with Wolf but it was not able to seal the deal thanks to the new management cancelling the bloody contest in the middle of the match. FWA gaining a new owner who claims that FWA will be a developmental territory for his more established brand is going to be bad for business. Jason is going to have to prove himself all over again and he has the perfect chances to do so in the future. A new challenger for his title has been named and his name is Drew Stevenson. “The Emerald” took time away from FWA and came back with a new poisonous attitude that has not only affected her personal life but has made him more vicious inside of the ring. After dispatching with Vincent Blackbird with a vicious Kimura Lock, he name has his sights set on Jason and the championship that he treasures. Stevenson is not the only challenge that Jason must face soon. This week on Fight Night, he must defend his championship against the former 24/7 Champion who claims that Jason never defeated him for the championship. Jason will not simply roll over Sokolov this week on Fight Night, he is going to show the Russian what happens when you come into the House of the Creatures and threaten to take away the greatest treasure of the King. Alexander Sokolov is now in way over his head and he will only find pain and misery at the end of his match with Jason Gryphon.

    Jason Gryphon is enjoying one of his few days off and has made his way back to his picturesque cabin in the North Carolina Mountains. The sun has finally down and the star have come out making for a beautiful scene that Jason has enjoyed many nights in the past. This time however, he has some company with him to enjoy the peace and quiet. It appears that his encounter with Kat Dennings was a one-time thing and he is making his way through the other female cast members of the Thor movies as he is snuggled up on his sofa with one of the most talked about women in Hollywood right now, Jaimie Alexander. There is a roaring fire in the fireplace and the sounds from the cracking of the wood fill the quiet room. The two of them are happily keeping each other warm under a red afghan that Jason’s grandmother made for him. After a few minutes of snuggling, Jaimie pulls her petite hand from under the covers and grabs for the remote control of the television set that is laying on the coffee table in front of them.


    Is my warm body not enough to entertain you anymore?


    You know your body can entertain me for hour Jason but I just wanna catch the ass end of Sports Center before bed. We have had a long day and I haven't been able to check the scores for my teams.


    You're the one that stood in the freezing cold taking pictures with your fans after dinner. We could have been home an hour earlier


    It's called being polite and every picture I take gets me one step closer to become Wonder Women. You know how much getting that role means to me. Besides, you were standing right there next to me taking pictures with your own fans, so you can can shush it about that.

    Jason smiles at Jaimie as she turns on the television set and turns over to ESPN.


    You have the looks of an Norse Goddess, you watch Sports Center, and you have an affinity for hunky wrestling icons? I think I am in love.


    I wouldn't be here if the feeling wasn't mutual.

    Jaimie leans down and she gives Jason a quick peck on the lips before turning her attention to Sports Center. As they are watching, Jason’s cell phone begins to ring and he picks it up. It appears to be a text message.


    I wonder what this is about. If it is the boss calling me into work, I ain't going. I have given up enough of my happy time.


    Who is it? Who is it Jason?


    Every since the company has changed hands, I have put a network of people I trust in place backstage so I can know what is going on while I am not there. It’s one of the little birds backstage in a meeting with the match makers.


    What is your little birdy tweeting to you about?


    It appears that Alexander Sokolov has been bitching about the fact that I did not pin him to take his title and has somehow managed to get an X-Division Title match against me on Fight Night.


    How in the name of God can he actually claim that he has any right to be the X-Division Champion? I mean you and that loser Shepard picked him up and hurled him out of the ring through a table like he was a drunken reprobate at last call. I don't see how he even still has a job let alone can be claim to be the #1 Contender to the X-Division Championship.


    I guess that is what he is complaining about. He claims that he never had the chance to defend himself against the pin since he was knocked out cold at the time. It is like complaining that missed the fireworks on the 4th of July when you are in London.


    He was the 24/7 Champion before you beat him in the Triple Threat Match. Maybe he thinks has some sort of rematch clause that he is exploiting to get a championship match with you.


    He shouldn’t have a rematch clause since his title is no longer recognized by FWA. When I defeated him and Shepard, the 24/7 Championship was merged into the X-Division Championship. It just irks me that when I am supposed to be getting my head together for my match with Drew Stevenson that I have to be distracted by people like Alexander Sokolov.


    Are you worried because you don’t think that you can beat him this week?


    For the betterment of our relationship, I am going to pretend that you did not say that.

    Jaimie cracks a light chuckle at Jason’s comment and he gently lifts her off of his body and stand up. He walks over to the wall where a new trophy case stands. Inside of the Trophy Case are his X-Division Championship and the retired 24/7 Championship.


    Competition, it is the thing that makes us strive to be better and to do better Jaimie. Every day I am better than then yesterday. Every since I walked into the FWA for the first time I have done everything my power to make people believe what I was saying. I have the speed and the size to dominate my opponents but I don’t want to do that. Domination is not…fun. The battle between good and evil is something that we all love to see, which is why your movie career keep getting bigger and better. They want to see what Thor and Sif are going to do next. They want to see who they are going to be facing in the sequels. They want to see how they are going to win. If you just came into the picture and stabbed a villain with a sword that it would not be that compelling of a story. The story behind my entire career has been competition. I have won fought to the best of my abilities and sometimes I have lost a battle or two but I always end up winning the war. I have been to hell and back over the past couple of months and no little Russian Nesting Doll is going to end my X-Division Championship reign.


    I know you have had some bad months but you have to look at where everyone that you have defeated soundly has ended up. Where are they now babe? No one of them are even around to say anything about their failures when they came up against you

    Jaimie gets to her feet and stands next to Jason and he stays into the shiny gold of his championship titles.


    You are truly wise woman.

    Jason kisses her hand and they go back to sitting on the couch.


    I have taken more people out of this business than a hostile takeover ever could. I take the championship away from Dave Sullivan and he snaps. The fool tried robbing a Home Depot in over to try to get over and be more edgy. He is probably feeling his cellmate’s edge right about now while I am here feeling your much softer ones. I humiliated Michael Garcia to the brink of insanity and he has not been seen for over a month and I doubt that he will ever return. I defeated Jayson Shepard on three separate occasions and he quickly announces his retirement from the ring. This week on Fight Night and I am going to add another name to the scrap heap of history when I defeat Sokolov in the middle of the ring. There will be no more bitchin’ from the Russian once he comes face to face with the King of the Creatures and falls to his knees in front of my creatures.


    You cannot look past of Alexander but you need to watch you back. There seems to be some sort of conspiracy against you.


    Indeed there is my lovely. After I found out that FWA had been sold, I told Jimmy King that their was only one King in FWA and it was yours truly. The next week, my match with Wolf, a match that could have propelled me towards the grander goals is stopped by that fool and I am brutally assaulted by his new little pet Ryan Hall. Ryan may think that he has some former of protection now he is in the bosses pocket but he is in for a rude awaking. If Gabrielle doesn’t take the championship away from him at Trial by Fire there are a number of other superstar that would love to shut that liar up once and for all. If he thinks that I am afraid to slap the taste out of his mouth he has another thing coming. My Mythology is stronger than the Corporate Machine that Hall now calls home and if he wants to step into the ring with him and I will finally be able to pay him back for the lies that he told me about the Seraphim and I will get to my revenge for his spineless attack.


    What about Drew Stevenson? What are you going to do to him?


    Drew is all business when it comes to his in ring ability. He is a gifted technical wrestler but when something out of his element comes along, the only thing he does is fall to pieces. He cannot stand it when he is put in a match where his technical ability cannot back his ass out of a corner. I am anything but the cut and dry wrestler that Drew is. I have a styles and a flash that has made me one of the most successful X-Division Championship in recent history and I have done it in some of the most outlandish matches that out business have ever cooked out. I won my championship by flying through Dave Sullivan in a Triple Threat Fall Count Anywhere Match. I have slammed Michael Garcia through so match tables that I now get a discount at Lowe’s. The crowning jewel of my career was putting my championship on the line against 5 other men in an Ultimate X Match but did I fail?


    No, you did not!


    No I did not! I rose to the challenge and I defeated 5 men in one night, all of whom were trying to take my championship away from me. I will not bow to the tyranny of any Mad Russian, Corporate Killer, and Cowardly Champion. My name is Jason Gryphon! I am the Living Mythology! I am the King of the Creatures! They have put their faith in me time and time again and I will never let them down! I shall conquer, I shall rise, and I shall win! Alexander Sokolov is has awakened a sleeping giant and he will have to deal with the consequences!


    I love it when you talk like the warrior I know you are!

    Jaimie climbs up onto of Jason and quickly straddles him.


    You need to show everyone why you deserve to be where you are right now baby. There are still fool out there that thing that you don't deserve the faith and love that you creatures put in you. You need to do something big to make them believe!


    I am going to make an example about of Alexander Sokolov. This Friday on Fight Night is going to be like the end of Rocky IV but without the campy speech at the end. The people champion shall reign supreme while the evil Russian lays flat on the canvas looking up at the lights. I am going to show the world that when you complete against Jason Gryphon, you are doomed to fail. I may get put on the mat a time or two but I get right back up and I find a way to win. I am going use him to show Drew Stevenson, Jimmy King, Ryan Hall, and anyone else that dare to doubt my abilities that I am the future of the FWA. I am the one that everyone should be putting their money on and it is only a matter of time before I become every stronger that I am today. The X-Division Championship belongs to my creatures and I and it is going to stay will with me. Soon I will move on to bigger and better thing but I will do it with the X-Division Title around my waist because there is no one that can take my gold away from me.

    Jaimie plants a massive lip lock on Jason, who kisses her back just as deeply. He gets to his feet with the Hollywood starlet wrapped around him tighter than the bandages on a mummy. They walk into the small bedroom in the back of Jason’s cabin and he slams the door closed with his foot. The sounds of two happy young lovers can be heard as the we once again see the trophy case where the 24/7 Championship and the X-Division Champions rest.

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    “Oh yeah Gabby.”

    “Come on.”

    “Just one more inch.”

    “I know you can take it all.”

    Could it really be? Could the FWA’s and in fact the professional wrestling industries most sexual member finally be caught in the act by a professional camera crew? Oh sure the sex tape with former FWA CEO Matthew Robinson had wet the appetite. After years of her suggestively teasing the world we had all bared witness too her naked body being ravaged, squeezed, spanked, covered in sweat and writhing in the throes of passion. But Matthew Robinson had infamously stated that she was ‘holding back’ in that performance. Now though it seems we are moments away from getting to witness Gabrielle at her best with some Irish sausage.

    “That was bigger than you thought it was right?”

    The special situation is not lost on the CWA camera man, we can hear him breathing deeply, savouring the moment and preparing for what he is about to witness. This could make him a hero amongst his colleagues…and hell with her promiscuity it could even have a sweeter reward. Putting aside the CWA and FWA rivalry for a second, who could resist this woman?

    “Great job Gabs, that’s nine, you’ve just got one more to take fer an even ten.”

    Or it seems the cameraman may have to join a crowd, it must be a sausage fest in there. Even better for the camera and still worth it for the cameraman.

    “This is it Gabs, last one, open wide.”

    The camera blurs slightly, its operator in a rush as he rounds the corner and takes in the sight of Gabrielle and…Ashley O’Ryan alone. He’s instantly disappointed, it is indeed a sausage fest but neither of them is naked, Ashley’s fly isn’t even undone. It’s just Gabrielle and Ashley sitting on a black leather couch, a now empty plate on Gabrielle’s lap as Ashley holds the last of ten hotdogs up to her mouth. She greedily begins to swallow it, taking it past her soft lips with ease. She bites down on it as little as possible, just taking inch after inch deeper and deeper, swallowing her tenth hotdog like it’s the easiest thing in the world. The whole time her tongue can be seen darting in and out of her mouth, almost softly caressing it. Ashley smirks and it almost looks like Gabrielle is smiling as the Irish Switchblade places a hand on the back of her head as she eagerly swallows the last of the hotdog. She grins from ear to ear and licks her lips as Ashley grins and then leans back in the couch with a delighted sigh.

    I knew giving you ten otdogs would make me sweat a bit…but that was something else Gabs.

    She just giggles sweetly and then brushes a few strands of hair out of her eyes.

    Ten in a little over a minute, yer doing well, but I’m telling you there’s no points for style, using yer tongue just slows you down.

    Gabrielle looks at Ashley visibly perplexed.

    It’s just I’ve never had anyone tell me not to use my tongue before…

    Ashley just chuckles before he glances over at the cameraman.

    I think you may ave broken that cameraman over there Gabs…

    Gabrielle:[/b] What hotdog eating is a sport…and I have to practice if I’m going to compete in a competition.

    Ashley just nods his head with a smirk on his face.

    I’ll give you some space to torture our new friend over there alone.

    O’Ryan then gets to his feet, shaking his head amusedly as he leaves the room and leaves us to gaze upon the gorgeous Gabrielle. She is dressed very casually in a tight pink baby tee thats strained by her perky 34DD breasts and a blue pair of ultra short denim short shorts that barely covers her ass. Her gorgeous body with that caramel coating sparkles under the golden sunlight that filters in through every window. Those long smooth legs, elegant neck, dainty yet strong arms, her toned stomach and enough cleavage to end word hunger. She is dressed simply, but still as elegant as ever, an undeniable beauty with a body that can drive a man insane with lust. Watching her deepthroat and swallow a hotdog was a joy to the senses, but her sweetly inviting scent is saved only for the still sweating cameraman. Through his lens he doesn’t just admire the curves of her legs, or the supple roundness of her breasts that vie for freedom, her jewellery, a diamond navel piercing and two gold hoop earrings capture his attention as well. Her smile which is all at once devious, loving, inviting and warm dances upon her full, soft lips that are a fiery shade of red. Above that her passionate, intense eyes, a deep brown in colour gaze into the camera lens. There’s a cruelty to them though, but not malicious, just so enchanting, that coupled with that body and all the rumours about her sexual prowess she sits there as an utterly desirable yet ultimately (mostly) unattainable fantasy, the gateways to which are those brown orbs. Finally her long, luscious brown locks, curled ever so slightly, cascades about her head like the icing upon the cake that is this stunning woman. Just as we’ve taken in the visual delight of our Caramel Coated Goddess…she parts her lips and her sweetly soft yet powerful voice dances in our collective ears.

    Well, well, well…it seems that the CWA’s influence and supposed power over the FWA knows no bounds. But don’t worry your cute little head Inferno I’m not talking about you…yet. Rather my new friend here sweating bullets and struggling to hold onto his camera is wearing a bright red CWA shirt. Just days after one of his colleagues broke the news and mocked my venture into competitive hotdog eating….here he stands obviously invigorated by what he saw. In fact I think he, I can confirm he’s standing to attention…

    So Jimmy King and all his cronies they can mock all they want but it is ultimately futile. Just as all of his attempts to discredit the FWA are. Nothing you can do, nothing you can say will ever turn the FWA into the wasteland you envision it to be. You think I haven’t been mocked before?

    I am a proud, successful and confident woman, a revolutionary, the second longest reigning FWA World Champion ever. I have been called things that makes Jimmy Kings little war look like a schoolyard fight in a sandbox. I don’t care who you’ve got to stand beside you, PAJ…that overrated nobody or adorably; Ryan Hall…the slimiest worm the FWA has ever known. This company has witnessed a lot of cruelty, a lot of arrogance, a lot of men determined to destroy and conquer. Adrian Wolf, Jack Severino, Ryan Hall himself and of course Stu St.Clair, monsters who have masqueraded as men.

    Ryan is the worst of them all though, sure his cruelty may not compare to Stu and Jack setting people on fire or Wolf kidnapping Anthony Jacksons daughter, but Ryan has always been the slimiest of them all. Ryan is the one who pretends to be better than he is. Ryan claims he’s something special, he’s betrayed everyone he’s ever known…

    A smug smirk saunters across her lips.

    The clock is ticking Jimmy King, he may act like your prized dog on a leash now but it’s only a matter of time before he’s bored of you. I must admit to looking forward to that moment. I am not a cruel person by nature, I am a loving and kind person, a devoted mother…who has strayed from that path at times. But cruelty is not in my nature, still I will savour every second of the moment when Ryan Hall turns on you Jimmy. Watching you trying to tear this company apart is something I cant let happen. There’s nowhere else in the world where women like myself, like Jenny Ignito, Jillian De Silva, Moira Crawford…even the likes of Ayla El can be given every chance to succeed to their full potential.

    So I take this very personally. It’s not just another wrestling company, it has become my home. Family, friends, love, fame, fortune, success that I dreamed of as a little girl…I owe all these things to the FWA. Ryan Hall, PAJ and whoever else has been led astray do not worry me in the slightest. Ryan made his little impact last week, really it was cute watching Jimmy pull the strings but I know Ryan so well. I know exactly who he is…so I’m not worried…if anything I’m a little flattered that my status as the number one contender has sent the once mighty Inferno scurrying for safety in numbers.

    That smirk gives way to a brief, teasing giggle.

    The only thing that concerns me right now is all about the FWA. It’s not the future, there are things in place to protect that…no I am far more concerned with The Snake.

    She visibly gulps and her bottom lip seems to tremble ever so slightly.

    I am afraid of very few things, my only true fear is disappointing my daughter. But this week there is something else that does send a shiver down my spine…something bigger than anything the CWA could ever dish out; Stu St.Clair. The Snake has venom back in his fangs…and I put it there…

    Now I may have to pay the price for that, I know what I did. I accept that I took things to far, I rubbed Stu’s fractured family in his face. I mocked him for losing Jenny and Micah…I may even deserve what he has in mind. But I wont go down easily, I beat you Stu just a couple of weeks ago and won the right to be the number one contender. Now this week you have the chance to join me…that terrifies me even more.

    I am more than confident in my abilities, I am a six time, three division Champion in the FWA. I have won Mile High matches, Elimination Chamber matches, Hardcore matches…and the occasional dance off. I have headlined Back In Business, I have taken over Fight Night as a part of The Great Siege…but only once before have I competed in a Trial By Fire match, and that was last year…and I lost. MC Fromage burnt hair from my head…that smell is something that has never left me. Now…this year I may have to enter this horrific battlefield with a man that wouldn’t stop at my hair.

    I need to prevent that from becoming a possibility, I need to keep you out of the Trial By Fire match Stu. I won’t let you get anywhere near me with a pair of matches…so no matter what you do in this cage match I will always get back up. I refuse to lose to you tonight and give you the opportunity to burn me because of things I did in my past. I have changed since then, I am a better person, and while I can understand your pain you need to move on Stu.

    There are bigger things going on than your hatred.

    The very survival of the FWA should be our concern, embarrassing Jimmy King is bigger than what I did to you when I wasn’t being myself. You need to let go of this anger Stu…I can help you. I have already helped Ashley, he is happier now than he has been for some time…I can make you happy as well. I can bring you, Jenny and Micah closer together. You need to know despite everything that has happened…a part of Jen does still care for you…and a son can never forget his father no matter what he has done.

    I can help repair that…everyone else has moved on except for you Stu. Here am I the woman you despise, I think I’m in more pain from that clothesline you gave me than I am from anything Ryan Hall did. But I’m not throwing Micah’s existence in your face, I’m not mocking your demons. I apologize for all I’ve that, what I am doing is eating hotdogs and revisiting so many old memories that Ashley and I have. He has moved on, he has forgiven me and is happier than ever, he has even taken control of his demons. He’s beating them Stuart, not because of me, I won’t claim to be his saviour, no he’s beating them because he’s forgiven me and released his anger.

    We have both moved on, but you can’t Stu…and I know I did some terrible things, but you aren’t innocent either. Everything I did was just you tasting your own medicine for a change. You’ve sicked snakes on people, injecting them with venom, you tried to burn Jenny alive, and you did burn Baphomet. You drove Ashley to do unspeakable things, he kicked a pregnant Jillian in the stomach…and under your influence he revelled in it. Ashley forgave you though, he now calls you a friend, his closest friend, the one person he has been able to rely on for the last few years without question.

    The Caramel Coated Goddess then bites down on her bottom lip and momentarily glances to the side.

    He has me now though as well…and I know you saw the look on his face last week when you were unleashing you r anger upon me. He was torn between friends, his oldest drinking buddy…and a dear old friend that can put a smile on his face like non other. I’m not suggesting he would ever choose between us, I’ve hurt Ashley enough without putting that on him but how can he stand by and watch his two closest friends like this. I want to move on Stu…for him, for you…and for my own safety.

    I have no shame in saying, in admitting right now that I am terrified of what you may do Stu. I saw that madness in your eyes last week, and sheer joy when you were standing over me. I’m not fighting to win, I’m not fighting to keep my shot at the FWA Championship as a one on one match. No I am fighting for my own safety, I know that every second that I am in that ring is a second that you will enjoy and I will not. My goal in this match is to escape as soon and possible, to put that cage between you and I. I do it not out of cowardice, I do it out of self-preservation, out of not wanting to scare my little Carmella with my appearance…like I did following last year’s Trial By Fire match.

    I will beat you Stu, I will prevent you from having the opportunity to do horrific things to me. My past is my past as your past is your past. We are different people now, accept this Stu…before you do something you will come to regret.

    She almost looks sad, there’s no smile upon her face any longer, just a look of concern and worry. There’s no joy in Gabrielle’s heart at the inescapable fact that she has to face Stu St.Clair in a steel cage. But the fire in her eyes does not falter, she will not give up no matter what Stu does. That is the final image we see of the gorgeous Goddess, her caramel hue sparkling under the light, with a look of confidence and concern upon her face.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Scene open up with blackened sky with snowflakes falling ever so softly from the sky. There is a smell of burning logs in the air but no visual of the fire. The ground is frozen with snow piling up ever so quickly. Trees have become frozen with snow looking like ominous snow ghosts. A crow flies over head and perches itself on a branch of a frozen tree. The camera zooms in as the crow turns its head in the direction of the smoke. It turns it head back. The camera crew begins walking past the tree where the crow is perched. The crow begins shrieking with fearful caws. As if the crows was giving great warning. The camera crew continue walking for several minutes as wind picks up and starts blowing. Snowflakes begin blowing into the faces of the camera crew. They notice wolf prints in the snow. It looks a pack of wolfs were hear recently. The camera crew begins walking further down in the direction of smoke. The smell of the smoke is becoming stronger. Something catches the camera crews’ eyes. It is an old base camp with wooden walls that are reinforced with iron. There are several small towers on this base camp. There is a gate there that is open. The smoke is coming from within the base camp. The camera crew then notices a hunting knife stabbed into a tree with a piece of paper being pinned to the tree.

    Frozen Eyes
    There is no fear behind these eyes. Everything I have done was for a purpose. Invaders do not make me become bloodlust with no though tor reason. Emotions are not going to trigger my reaction. Just because the embers are burning doesn’t mean the fire is out of control yet. There is still time which will be spent not panicking. Yes it may look grim to some but all things look grim at first. At the first sign of trouble fear mounts upon someone and shakes their confidence. Soon all they see is despair with the end coming at any given moment. There is no hope. Hope was lost the moment they gave into the fear. Some got burned by the embers but that shouldn’t weaken their confidence. Yes there is a thing known as overly confident. Pride doesn’t blind me. It helps stay the course. I can look into the eyes of death and not blink. There I no fear in my eyes. There is no only fear within ones’ eyes when they let it happen.

    The camera crew walks to toward the gate that is open. They enter the gate and there is a massive fire pit with a raging fire burning from it. The place seems all but abandoned despite a burning fire. There is a holding cell with foot prints walking towards it. The camera crew walks over and sees iron bar door closed and locked. The camera crew sees a man with long brown hair that is partially frozen wearing a black leather jacket with blue jean and black boots on; with his back to the camera. The man slowly turns as we see a man with black leather jacket done up with a thick and long black beard that is partially frozen. He has one light blue eye and one pure white eye. It is none other than Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair. Stu stares at the camera crew and takes his left and right and hand and holds the iron bar in the holding cell. Stu slowly exhales as his breath is seen from the coldness of the weather. He begins to speak in his all too familiar tone of voice.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Frozen is what some call a select few that have no emotions. Voided of it all while his personality is just as chilling. There is no happiness or joys only bitterness of the cold. Some are left alone while others stay with him hopping the man they once knew would return some day and leave his frozen throne if you would. Others are inside a cell similar to this fighting to get out. While others still…[*Stu pauses a for a brief moment before continuing*] are perfectly fine being inside the cell. It has a weird effect on the mind ten years can feel like ten minutes if you occupy yourself. You will become settled with yourself. If not the voices in your head will eat you alive. During that time people regret the time they lost. I however have no regret with the time I lost. You learn focus and concentration. The strength of mind you can come out with. I am not going to tell you lies to make myself look good. It is no secret everyone mentions I am at war with myself. Constantly fighting waiting for end game to occur. Battling myself is like being inside a cage facing those very demons that are causing the battle within to occur.

    • Stu pauses as he slowly exhales with the sound of wind blowing not to mention the crackling from the fire. Stu continues speaking.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Those demons I once fought are gone. I am one with myself through the battles with myself. Those battles shaped who I am and what I am. I have been at war with myself from a young age to now. The demons I faced inside shaped many things that were both good and bad.. depending on whom you asked. I already know I lost any chance of having family. Micah my only son is gone for now. The weakness that once were there. Hidden away to protect me from myself were brought up by Gabrielle Now that weakness is no long gone. I can move forward and be a monster with no regret. That sadistic cold hearted monster was very much alive at Mile High. I put everyone on notice. The buzz was in the air I was back. Vodka and Venom were back on top becoming Five Time FWA Unified World Tag Team Champions after knocking off the Sisters of Destruction. That first night there was a buzz. Clique Wrestling Alliance owner Jimmy reared his ugly mug to everyone in FWA. He implied FWA from the announcers, referees and even the wrestlers themselves didn’t measure up to CWA, I will admit I turned my head and saw what the commotion was about. I took little notice as Mr Jimmy King was trying to play ‘Mr Big Shot’ in our yard. Jimmy last week got two misinformed and bitter FWA wrestler a deal. Those two wrestlers made a deal with the devil. One being PAJ which doesn’t surprise me. As the saying going money talks and obviously PAJ was listening. The other did really got m attention. This man gave more years than I have to this company. He climbed back to the top of mountain and tasted what it was like being the FWA World Heavyweight Champion again. After a few years of coming up short in his attempts to get it. He finally got it.

    • Stu shakes his head side to side; he clenches the iron bars in the holding cell harder as he pauses. He slowly exhales and continues speaking as the wind picks up.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Last week he took an opportunity and low balled and finished me off in the ring. Then he let the animal loose from his cage. The fires in his eyes were burning. I was one of three LAID OUT by a sledgehammer. I was out cold but I heard everything that was being said. The man spat on the company he loves and that is responsible for his success. Not to mention knocks everyone saying THERE IS NO ONE IN FWA THAT CAN BRING UP the prestige of the very title he is holding… The FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title. He declared this company is a soon to be baron wasteland and there nothing this company has to offer him. He wants to see this company burn straight to hell. [* A sadistic smirk comes over Stu’s face as he briefly pauses*] Ryan Hall just pissed on every single person he worked with in this company. The guy wants his glory and what is more fitting then to join the competitor’s company with the belt and wish that company he was just with burn to the hell. Everyone call me a snake someone who nobody can trust. God damn I see Judas holding that belt while holding the knife he used to stab us all in the back. [*Stu pauses as he chuckles for a moment*] More appropriately ‘The Inferno’ Ryan Hall burned us. Hall can be an Unholy King if he wants to be. The Unholy King is going to gallows whether knows it or not. When you betrayed someone you were taken to gallows. When you attempted to kill someone or something you were taken to the gallows. [*A sadistic smile comes over Stu’s face*] I am pretty sure we can find a noose that will fit around his scrawny neck.

    • Stu chuckles then he stops as he stares at his feet and looks back up at the camera. The fire crackles loudly as Stu begins to speak once again.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: On the subject of betrayal everyone seems to think I am being rough on Ash from last week’s match when he was in the ring with Gabrielle. I wasn’t being rough. I was going all out. He didn’t even get out of first gear in the match. He was going easy on Gabrielle. We are a TEAM that would rattle anyone’s cage if you would. All I could do is watch like a man behind bars and watch every event happen and not be able to do a damn thing. Just because I got in the ring when I wasn’t the legal man and dropped her with a DDT I shouldn’t get this look of I have gone too far. THAT WASN’T GOING TOO FAR! [*Stu with his left hand points at himself as he speaks*] I SHOULD KNOW WHAT GOING TOO FAR is. We weren’t there. In that match Ash didn’t want to step up so I did. [*Stu goes back to holding both bars a smirk comes over his face*] I know when people are being led along on the ride. Ash being led on a ride by Gabrielle. She is trying to play the innocent card. She isn’t that damn innocent when I am no angel either. She is a black widow and Ash is going to be bitten. All Ash’s hard work to get Moira and the kids back will be for waste. Gabrielle is going to make all that hard work and effort be for nothing. All she will causes more problems. Hell she even coming to you ask for your help in protecting her from me. Wanting you make sure I am not brutal to her in the match when I throw her around like a rag doll.

    • Stu shakes the cell door violently as the wind blows the falling snow straight into Stu’s face. Stu stops after a moment and stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Make sure you don’t try your hardest when you’re in the ring with her. [*Stu shakes his head with disgust as he pauses*] I don’t know when you started making kool aide Gabrielle but you have done pretty good job make Ash believe every little lie that comes out of your mouth. You’re even clinging to him starting to find new romance. You truly are a black widow. I can see it now. Your saying to him I am here for you. Then just like a black widow you seek your fangs in him and leave for dead. You cannot lie to a snake Gabrielle. I have seen you give an interview saying how about the family life now. That is quite hypocritical given how many marriages have you been as of now? You may have scored a victory over last week but lighting doesn’t strike twice Gabrielle. The only things that strikes twice in the night when you go home two men in the same night. [*Stu smirks*] You can act sweet and butter Ashley up like he was a piece of toast. I am not one to believe anything out of your mouth. Sure you have the second longest reign as FWA World Champion but I have the longest reign as FWA World Heavyweight Champion. You cannot throw that accomplishment to hang over my head. Gabrielle everyone talks about me being this sadistic, unforgiving monster and how I should be caged up and behind bars. Here I am behind bars. [*Stu starts shaking the cell door for a moment*] You feeling scared yet Gabrielle? I have taken back Ash and my Tag Team Titles back from you at Mile High but I haven’t gotten my vengeance yet. Sure I got the title back but that isn’t enough to my liking.

    • Stu clenches the iron bar on the cell door as he shakes his head side to side. The wind continues to blow snow in the face of Stu as he doesn’t flinch. Stu continues to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You dug into me dragging my personal problems with having no family now and wanting to have one out. You made it no secret out announced it to the world. You made me feel something that I have not felt all that often. I felt guilt. It didn’t sit well. All you did Gabrielle was keep prodding me bring it up more times and being cruel about the whole thing. It weighs heavily on one’s mind. All that did to me was remind who I was. I am not a monster out of control. I am in control now. Your going nowhere in the match. I am bringing an extra chain with a lock to prevent you from walking out the door. There is no escape. Nobody is getting in or out. [*A sick smile comes over your face*] Your survival is in my hands. You brought up my problems to the surface. I can make you pay in many ways. I could make you pay in blood. I could get you tied up between the ropes and dump a massive python on you. I COULD WHIP YOUR BARE BACK WITH MY STEEL CHAIN. Watching the welts form and blood coming out. There is so many options Gabrielle. It is going to be hard to just pick one. [*Stu chuckles for a moment then his face goes serious*] Don’t worry I won’t drag your family into this like you did to me. Even sadistic men have standards. That is one thing I couldn’t bring myself to do. There is one way to win and that pin fall once I lock the door with a chain and lock.

    • A disgusting sick look comes over Stu’s as he runs his hands up and down on the iron bars of the cell door. The fire crackles. Stu begins speaking again.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair; Ash has enough sense to not dare get in MY CROSSHAIRS. He may not like the result of the match but he knows I have my reasons. You can look for forgiveness but you will not find it. I looked and got nothing. We are who we are. Or some people say we are who we choose to be. I am who I am because the events in my life have shaped me in this way. I have chosen to be this sadistic monster but I have control. I am no Lord of War. I am the definition of evil by most but I still have my humanity. DON’T EVER THINK OTHER WISE. I want vengeance I already dug a grave for myself because when you want vengeance you make one grave your enemy and one for yourself. You know you’re already damned when you declare vengeance. Truth be told I already know that I am damned from what I have done. I have the blood of many on my very hand Gabrielle. I will have no regrets or second thoughts when I am locked inside that sixteen foot steel structure. That’s a playground for me Gabrielle. There is no more FWA officials to save you from my wraith. As longs as there are eyeballs to the screen there will no problem what so ever I do to you on national television.

    • Stu clenches the iron bar of the cell door as wind continues to blow snow that is flling from the sky in his face.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Not only do I have you inside the steel cage. If I pull off a victory I am in the Trial By Fire match. I will have a chance to make you suffer that much more I choose to do. I burned Baphomet and threatened to light Jenny Ignite on fire. I have no problem playing with fire Gabrielle. If I do win that steel cage match I will make you burn for your sins. Hearing you scream from my snakes is one thing. Hearing you scream when you’re on fire will be a ‘delight.’ I am going to watch you burn that night and remember what the smell of burned flesh smells like. Yes I am talking about Jack Severino. His faced gotten burned from my hands and one other. I have it in me to do that. There is no hiding from me Gabrielle. They say evil prevails when good humans fail to act. What they ought to say is evil prevails. I am going to prevail inside the steel cage Gabrielle. ‘Welcome you to my nightmare. I think you're gonna like it, I think you're gonna feel you belong. A nocturnal vacation, unnecessary sedation, you want to feel at home 'cause you belong. Welcome to my nightmare whoa, ho, ho, ho... Welcome to my BREAKDOWN!!!‘

    • Stu spread his arms to the side with a sadistic grin on his face. The wind continues to howl blowing snow falling from the sky in his face. The fire continues to crackle. A crow cawing in the distance is heard. The smell of the smoke is still very much present as camera footage slowly cuts off.

    End of Scene.
    credit to xxhhhxx

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Getting Back in the Ring:

    We open up the scene and we see Mackenzie Roberts and she is in the arena. It is empty and she is looking in the ring and she has a sullen look on her face. She is wearing her wrestling gear and has her feet up on the seat in front of her. She has an Ipod in her hands and she had her ear buds in as well and you can see that she is listening to music obviously as she is shaking her head back and forth. As we get closer we can see that her sullen look on her face is starting to become one of sheer determination. She finally looks and sees the camera and she slowly takes out the ear buds and presses stop on her Ipod and then shakes her head.

    Mackenzie Roberts: So you want my thoughts on my next match?

    Fair enough.

    She then unzips her bag and she puts the Ipod in it and then she zips the bag back up and looks back at the camera with the same look of determination.

    Mackenzie Roberts: But first I want to talk about what has been going on here in the FWA.

    It has changed a lot and I know that, I know that things are going on and a lot of people don’t know where to go or what to do. But what has happened to me?

    I have been forgotten about and there is no way to deny that. Management has forgotten the hottest and the most talented women on their roster. Who cares that I have lost to that phony Sara Wolf twice, who cares that she took my title. I SHOULDN”T BE FORGOTTEN ABOUT! I should be in that ring time and time again, but no I haven’t been in that ring in a month. I haven’t shown off my skills I haven’t shown everyone what I can do anymore, and it pisses me off. I know I shouldn’t talk like this and say what I have been saying but that is how I feel. I should be given a chance at the title again, I need to prove myself against Sara Wolf once again. I have proven myself before to this company and I need to do it again, but like I have said I wasn’t given that shot until now and who do I have to face someone named K-PEZ, come on.

    Mackenzie shakes her head and her hair goes all over the place and it sits right in front of her face. She then takes both of her hands and pushes her hair back and then she grabs the hair tie that is on her wrist and she ties her hair back in a pony tail.

    Mackenzie Roberts: K-PEZ doesn’t matter to me to be honest. What if I win? Everyone will say the former champion should have beaten her. Who cares that she had a little rust she should have won that match no matter what.

    If I lose.

    Mackenzie laughs.

    Mackenzie Roberts: Nevernind that won’t happen, I will win. But see if I lose people will start talking about how I lost a step. That is the point that I’m making no matter what I do people won’t care. I have been lost in the shuffle even if I win this match it won’t matter because management will think that I should win this match no matter what and that kind of pisses me off. I don’t want that and I don’t need that to be honest, all I want do is go into that ring and do what I have become damn good at. People need to realize that I’m getting back to the top of my game in this match and that is all that matters. I will win this match but what will be the talk? Oh Mackenzie should have won the match. She is a former champion and she is facing a rookie that won’t matter in a couple of weeks. If I lose what happens? I will be told that I have lost a step that I’m not good enough anymore that the former champion will never get back to the glory that she once had. That is where I am standing right now, if I win I should have if I lost well I shouldn’t have.

    But in all honesty should I be in a match like this? No I shouldn’t be. I should be the one facing Shannon O’ Neil, she should be putting her number one contendership up against me. Not Saddle Sally. What has Saddle Sally done to deserve that? She is going to lose and Shannon O’ Neil is going to laugh all the way back to the backstage area and realize that if she actually faced someone that was actually good in the ring she wouldn’t be the number one contender but she is taking the easy way out and facing Sally. Sour grapes? You bet your ass they are I’m sick and tired of playing the nice girl that allows crap happen to her, I’m changing and I’m changing for the better.

    Mackenzie reaches back in her bag and she pulls out a golden tiara and it says “Queen Bitch” on it, she smiles as she puts it on and she looks at the camera.

    Mackenzie Roberts: This is what I used to be. I was the “Queen Bitch” of the FWA, women in the back would cower from me and most of that was because of how I beat Ayla and became her. Now when I walk in the back people stop caring about me and just say “oh that is Mackenzie Roberts don’t pay attention to her she is just a flash in the pan.” Well fine think that but all that matters is that I’m coming back as the “Queen Bitch” and I’m going to start pissing everyone off again.

    K-PEZ has no shot against me and she shouldn’t even walk down to the ring. All she should do is come down to the ring and then turn her skank ass back around and get counted out. It will save her all of the embarrassment of facing me. Her little time in the FWA has started and now she is going to get crushed and realize that she isn’t good enough for this company and that she should start a new career. Hell, I heard the street corner is looking for a hot new hooker and she could fit that bill.

    Oh wait did I just say that? Yes, I did because she deserves it and she should realize that walking into this company at this point and time was the worst move that she could have done. She will never taste the gold that I had because she has to get past me and she won’t get past me she is just simply not good enough for it, she should be facing someone like Saddle Sally, that would be a great competition between the two. Well it might not be great because all of the fans would be bored to death. They rather watch me and I can see why, I have the looks I have the smile and I have the eyes where everyone wants to watch me in that ring, everyone is going to fill these seats and they are going to want to watch me win a match and return to the glory that I want no that I deserve. I shouldn’t have lost that title, I should have kept it and the management knows it. Why do they want to keep running out Sara Wolf week after week and show that she is the best the FWA has to offer me when they have me in the back just sitting there and waiting to get my shot again. I’m done waiting I’m coming out from the back and I’m showing everyone what they have missed and poor K-PEZ is in my way.

    Mackenzie gets up and she starts to stretch and she grabs her back and starts to walk up the steps and the camera follows her.

    Mackenzie Roberts: The fans are going to be in these seats waiting and wondering when I will make my appearance and I will come out to my music slide in that ring and the women will boo me because they want to be like me and the guys will cheer me because they want to be with me, they wives will hit them and shake their heads and the men will shut up because they know who wears the pants in the family and I will show the world what I do best. People are going to start to see me as I was and they are going to start to see that I’m still that damn good in that ring. That is all that matters because that is what is going to happen. The FWA might have moved networks or whatever but Mackenzie Roberts is still here and she wants what is hers. Sara Wolf is just keeping my title warm from me, all of you are going to be sick of hearing me talk about how I want my title back how I need my title back and to be honest I don’t care. I’m still as good as I say I am. I might have lost to Sara two times but deep down it doesn’t matter because when I get my 3rd chance against her I will beat her. Because quite honestly who is going to beat her but me?

    Saddle Sally? Yeah right.

    Shannon O’ Neil? I don’t think so.

    K-PEZ? Yeah right she is going to be so beaten after tonight she will never show her face in the FWA again and to be quite honest that is a lot better then what it is now.

    Ayla El? No. She is too busy playing dress up with Divine to realize that the Womens Division has passed her by and that she never will touch the Womens Title again.

    Gabby? Maybe. But she will never touch the Womens Division because she has gotten better than everyone else and I will admit that. She is so much better because well that is what she is, and I will still kill for the day to face her in that ring.

    Other than that there is me and I will be the one that beats Sara Wolf but not before I take K-PEZ to the woodshed and smile the whole time I’m doing it because I’m the “Queen Bitch” of the FWA and everyone needs to realize that again.

    Mackenzie smiles and she takes her right hand and brings it up to her mouth and blows a kiss to the camera before she walks away and we watch her ass as she walks away.

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread


    I pull into my parking spot in the underground parking garage of BIRD Imperial Industries. I take my helmet off when River and the lovely Amber approach me.

    Boss, we've dug further into why Alexander Sokolov is seeking revenge.

    Vincent: Oh?

    I put my gloves into my helmet then put it onto the gas tank of my motorcycle. I get off of it and the three of us make our way to the elevator. As we ride the elevator up to the top floor, we listen and hum to the elevator music, then the elevator dings indicating that we've arrived at the top floor. We get off of the elevator and head towards my office.

    Yes, it turns out that the Russian that you had killed for disrespecting you early on in your FWA Career, before your ordeal with Carmine, was the “older brother” to Alexander.

    Vincent: Well, if Alexander is anything like that Russian, then he'll go down easily. But just in case, lets watch his X-Division Title Match against the current Champion, Jason Gryphon.

    River: It'll definitely be an interesting Match to watch considering it will be contested under X Rules.

    Vincent: That makes things even more perfect, because I'll be able to help determine who'll be the X-Division Champion going into the Trial By Fire PPV.

    Amber: Baby, whomever is the X-Division Champion going into the upcoming PPV will face Drew Stevenson.

    As we come to my office door, my current secretary quickly opens the door for us.

    Then it will be the perfect opportunity to get my own bit of revenge when I cost Alexander his Title Match against Jason.

    I go to sit on my comfy couch as Amber comes and sits across my lap. River sits in the chair across from us and my secretary puts some documents on my desk then leaves closing the door behind him.

    In other news, it turns out that Carmine is looking to get back into the Tag Team Division and is currently seeking a new partner.

    Vincent: Oh great, knowing whats left of the current FWA Management Team they'll likely book me & Carmine against Alexander Sokolov and that other new Russian Alexander.

    Amber: That may be true baby, but that's for another time. Right now, we need to focus on your opponent, Jethro Warren.

    Vincent: Ah yes, Jethro Warren... Jethro Warren.... JEThrrrooo Warrreennnn.... Who the hell is Jethro Warren?

    River: If I remember correctly he is one of the recent guys that joined the FWA prior to the buyout. And I think that he's only won maybe one Match and it was against James Sync back on the 15th of last month.

    Vincent: Ah ok, so no one special, because, who the hell hasn't beaten James Sync cause I think even former FWA Wrestler, Mike Mundane has even beaten James Sync. I mean, James Sync is an old fossil from a bygone era like Carmine Reaper. So until Jethro gets some better credentials under his belt, he won't be anyone that will be taken seriously.

    Amber: So we're going to look past Jethro and focus on the X-Division Title Match?

    Vincent: Correct and who knows, perhaps in costing Alexander the Title Match on Fight Night, we'll end up getting a Match against him at the Trial By Fire PPV where I put him into the grave like I did to his so called “brother”.

    We laugh then we get back to some corporate business involving another Arms Deal in Russia just to piss off Alexander, his father, and their mafia.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    "Master, as you have listened to all of them, now also listen to me. For I have seen a great vision” - Judas

    The scene opens to PAJ looking downwards towards something. After turning on FWA PAJ is happy. No more Syndicate. No more shackles to bind him. The camera zooms out slowly and we see that PAJ has a marker in his hand and is standing over an 'FWA' shirt that is draped over a table in his locker room. PAJ crosses something out on the shirt and violently strokes the marker across the shirt. PAJ throws the pen down and picks up the t-shirt and smirks. PAJ turns the shirt around and shows it. The F has been crossed out and a C has been written on so the shirt says CWA. PAJ puts the shirt on over the top of the plain black hoodie he has on.

    PAJ: Am I really a traitor?

    PAJ turns around proudly and looks in the mirror to assess his work before turning back away into the rest of his locker room.

    PAJ: Or am I something more?

    PAJ smirks.

    PAJ: I am now world renowned. People from all walks of life know my name now. Name a traitor? Benedict Arnold? Judas? Edward Snowden? People talk about them. They are infamous and infamy lasts forever. I will be in FWA history forever as the man who dared to stand up to the broken system. The corrupt system that plagued FWA for years back when Matthew Robinson was in charge. FWA was riddled with debt and couldn't pay wrestlers, why do you think I was in an inferior company? Where did the money go? From memory I believe that Matthew Robinson spent almost all of FWAs money on whatever cosmetic surgery that his posse of eye candy needed. That is NOT how to run FWA. Nothing has changed. People are focused on the wrong things and they looked to The Syndicate to save them and now FWA will beg Jimmy King and CWA to spare them from their fiery demise.

    We zoom in close on PAJ's eyes and it is almost like we can see the fire in his eyes watching FWA burn as he has a sick smile on his face.

    PAJ: When I said I didn't need The Syndicate. I meant it. Now everything has fallen into place and now I am free from the shackles of The Syndicate but I am forced to remember The Syndicate by facing the man who I exacted revenge on? What logic is that? Mac Michaud has fallen off the wagon. Just a shell of the man I once admired then again The Mac Michaud I admired has long been dead. The Mac Michaud I admired was never in The FWA. So why did I stand at his side when he came crawling to me? It was the right opportunity at the right time. I needed a big statement to truly cement myself in this company rather than just being that outsider, that quitter, that loser that you all once thought I was. Mac Michaud was a pawn in my very long con. I was never loyal to Chris Kennedy or Mac Michaud. I never believed in The Syndicate but The Syndicate believed in me and I had to keep that illusion up until the time came. When Mac Michaud cost me my North American Title it became time and I waited and I waited until Mac Michaud thought I had forgiven him for his crimes. I made The Syndicate great because I was all about the success but not for Chris Kennedy, not for Christian Quinn, not for Mac Michaud but for the Last Great Englishman, PAJ.

    PAJ points to himself with a big smirk again. PAJ looks to the wall and see the pictures of The Syndicate holding all of the singles titles in FWA. PAJ pulls the picture off the wall and looks at it in disgust. PAJ throws it into the bin hard, smashing the frame. PAJ walks over to his bag and pulls out a new picture to put on his wall. It is a picture of Jimmy King, Ryan Hall and PAJ backstage after the last Fight Night and smiles graciously at it.

    PAJ: I now have a cause to truly believe in. Chris Kennedy, as I have said, was too scared to punish FWA. The FWA that laughed at me behind my back. They thought my name was ridiculous. They thought I could never hack it in FWA and that FWA was too big and noble of a company for a joke of a wrestler like me. Now FWA is on it's knees begging me, begging Ryan Hall and begging Jimmy King not to put the final nail in the coffin. I am one of the men that will seal FWA's fate. I will not mock FWA I won't put myself on that low of level. I will feel...absolutely...nothing...FWA is dead to me just like The Syndicate was to me, long before last week. I don't need this. I don't need closure. I don't need to remember what The Syndicate was. I don't want to lower myself and face the Steroid junkie that is Mac Michaud. Mac will want some sort of closure after he corrupted all his brain cells and he will be confused about what is going on. I can see it now. Mac Michaud sitting in an empty destroyed locker room waiting for his idol Chris Kennedy to come through the door and his 'best buddy' come through the door. No-one arrives and Mac sits there all confused wondering where his friends went. Chris was never your friend. I was never your friend. The Syndicate were never friends.

    PAJ shakes his head with disgust.

    PAJ: We were a group of like minded, cut throat wrestlers who wanted to the same thing. It was never going to last much longer. I saw the long term vision. Chris Kennedy saw the light and jumped ship. Is he a traitor or is the great Kennedy family above such insult? Why does FWA bow at his feet. His alter-ego, La Muerta Blanca, was a figure more than it was Chris Kennedy after all I was La Muerta Blanca, Christian Quinn was La Muerta Blanca. Chris Kennedy was a figurehead for FWA but he didn't want that. He hated being a figure for FWA and yet people can't help but love everything he does. If it takes me being a martyr for the greater good then I will let you crucify me but remember when FWA is burning and CWA is reigning supreme I will have been sacrificed for the noblest cause. You are only igniting the fire by treating me as a traitor. Burn me and the end will only come quicker.

    PAJ slowly rubs his chin smirking, envisioning the end of FWA.

    PAJ: Many will say that this match has been a long time coming....I is about time you were truly punished. No partners. No rules. Man to man in the ring. Size has always been irrelevant. You might believe that you can overpower me, that you can use your size to get what you want but I will break you just like I will break FWA. Call me what you will but you know more than anyone that I will stop at nothing to be victorious. Atleast I am pure. I am enlightened. Not shackled to the roids or to a false loyalty. Mac you have been nothing more than a big man with a low ceiling your whole career and you will never be anything more. I am the future and you will be angry about it I'm sure but don't be. Don't be blinded by your roid rage or your really obvious jealousy. Just let it wash over you because soon you won't feel anything. You are doomed just like anyone you have ever known in FWA. Your loyalty will be your undoing. CWA is the future of this business. Jimmy King is our messiah. You are not good enough to be saved. I will be laughing from my lofty perch when you and other talentless peasants are eliminated not just from the remains of FWA but from the wrestling business because there is no coming back from this for anyone that gets in our way. You were apart of the dominance of The Syndicate when we had 'The False Idol' Chris Kennedy at our head. You know how it feels to dominant with men for the same cause. More importantly, you know how it feels to be betrayed and how it feels to be a betrayer. You betrayed me. You ignited this fire. This was all down to the 'original' members of The Syndicate. Kennedy drove Ryan Hall to Jimmy King. You drove me to Jimmy King. The Syndicate was EVERYTHING that was wrong with this company. The Syndicate bankrupted FWA and you wouldn't let it die. I wanted out for a long time and I knew you were weak enough to fall for my mind games. I wanted you to screw me over when The North American and TV titles were on the line. You played right into my hands. I evolved. I changed. I became everything that FWA wanted me to be. I became the most dominant wrestler on the roster and yet they treated me like crap. I am everything they fear now. I have proven I am more than just a one trick pony. My career has been fluid. Mac your career has been condensed down into a stale tasting pill or ya know, Steroids. You are filth. You lied your way to where you are and cheated your way to an eleven month title reign. You make me sick and I am one of the most hated men in FWA. You should be strung up and paraded as a villain yet the three men who are trying to change this business for the better are chastised. Welcome to FWA's flawed logic. The exact logic that means I will smile as FWA dies. The exact logic that means I will smile when I finally get my chance in CWA. Death to FWA. Hail To The King.

    PAJ laughs as he taunts by putting his fist on his chest looking up to the ceiling with a satisfied smirk on his face as the scene slowly fades.

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Backstage stands Alexander Askerov, its the morning of the biggest day of his life and he's already at the Hammerstein Ballroom, already in his wrestling gear and has wrapped and unwrapped his hands numerous times.

    This doesn't feel real. I have worked toward this moment for so long. I have dedicated my life to getting to this moment. This is not my new job, this is a dream come true and I am not your stereotypical Russian. I do not bring 'Var', I am simply here to be the very best that I can be. I am here to win, I am here to make my name, and I am here to wow the FWA fans. It all starts with my match with Cletus, it may seem insignificant to some, afterall who is Cletus? But I have dreamed about this match so many times...I cant imagine anything better.

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Journal Entries From A Mad Man:

    Jethro Warren:

    “I knew without a shadow of doubt that I would beat him. Did it make me look good? No. Because I was expected to win in a lot of people’s minds. People knew that sooner or later I was going to win a match again and it just happened that I was lined up against someone with a name of a jobber. Was it a great match? Probably, not but still I should have won and I did. Now I turn my attention to something else. Jethro Warren isn’t even in my mind anymore. He can’t be and he won’t be. Hell, he will probably leave this company soon. Just the feeling I get from him, and plus it isn’t like it would be a huge loss, to lose someone like him. Someone who can’t hack it in the ring. Someone that thinks that his shit don’t stink. Someone that well in all honest should be looking for a new job because wrestling isn’t his forte. Granted I could be wrong and he can turn out to be something great, but I highly doubt that because when I faced him in that ring I noticed something he doesn’t have the heart to make it. Oh well. Most don’t. A lot of people didn’t think I had the heart and then it was ripped out and guess what happened I got the “Black Heart” and I became someone that people feared. That is where I’m going back to and the FWA has Jethro Warren to thank. He gave me that feeling of winning again and now I want to do it over and over again. So thanks Jethro if you are reading this, you have brought me back to where I want to be. No, where I need to be. No longer will I be laughed at I will be feared.”


    “The Emerald” Drew Stevenson:

    “What makes man great?

    Is it accolade upon accolade?

    Because that is what Drew Stevenson wants all of us to think. Look at his profile and listen to him speak. He thinks that him holding all of these titles under the sun actually matter. But what he fails to realize that in the FWA he is nothing but a peasant nothing but a joke. Because you see when you hold titles in other companies that is great, but the only place that matters is the FWA, and he has only held one title here and he didn’t hold it for that long. Also the title reign in the long run didn’t make people turn their heads, it isn’t one they talk about time and time again. But you see with the titles I held they actually talk about them. I was THE FIRST EVER WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPION! When I became the North American Champion I had a feud that will go down as one of the best that had ever graced the FWA. Granted, Drew Stevenson and Mac had a great one as well, but in that feud it only made one man great, it made the other one just himself. A feud should make both men not just one. That is what happened to poor little Drew Stevenson, people still talk about Mac and he still does great things, Drew doesn’t and he will always be in the man that plays second fiddle because he simply cannot be great.

    But he still talks about his greatness doesn’t he? He still toots his own horn, but quite frankly I think everyone is getting sick of it. To make waves in this company you have to stand out, you have to be different, and all Drew does is the same old same old. He doesn’t give you the wow factor he is just blah. Although when he speaks you’d think that he has dominated the FWA, and that he is going to change it for the better. He needs to save it because I have heard that from every damn wrestler that has come into this company, they all say that they want to be a champion, they want to make changes to this company, but only the great do that, and only the great can sustain it. Drew isn’t great and he never will be. He can toot his own horn and build himself up because that is the only way that someone will actually care about him, because when he gets in that ring he gets stale and boring, and now when he speaks people want to change the channel because they have heard all of it before. He doesn’t want the people that have been on top for long still there, and he says he will stand up and do something about it, but when he stands up he falls back down, so all he needs to do is get out of the way and let the men play, and the little boy he is just needs to go back to the sidelines and watch.”


    “The Instant Classic” Christian Quinn:


    No really who?

    Oh yeah another pretty boy. Someone that thinks that with looks you can get anywhere you want. Pretty soon at least I hope that he will get the hang of it and realize that he isn’t going to be that great, that looks don’t make the man.

    But who is Christian Quinn?

    Wasn’t he in The Syndicate? I believe he was although he didn’t really matter in that group. He was the fifth wheel of that group, I guess everyone needs someone like that, but I would think people expected more out of him because of the looks. I just can’t wrap my head around him and he makes me at a loss of words. I guess that it isn’t a bad thing in one way but in some it is bad because well that means he hasn’t jumped out at me. He hasn’t made an impact here in the FWA, granted he hasn’t been here for long but if you want staying power here in the FWA, you need to stand out you need to make an impact, and Quinn hasn’t done it yet and I don’t think that he will. This match could be his coming of age match and people could start to talk about him but I don’t think that it will happen here because well I just don’t think that he is that good right now. I think that he might be biting off more than he can chew in this match.

    Christian Quinn isn’t going to make an impact in this match he is going to be with Drew Stevenson watching me duke it out with the other man in this match. Quinn, isn’t at my level yet, that doesn’t mean I don’t think he will be. The jury is still out on him. But granted I will watch him because he does have a chance, just not yet.”


    Thomas Princeton:

    “Do I really need to go into this man?

    He made my life a living hell for close to a year. He stole my girl, he stole my title, everything that I wanted in this company he took and he smiled the whole time doing it. Do I feel that I still owe him a beating of a lifetime? Yes I do.

    Old scars are still on me from him and I want to scar him just like he did me. Granted this will probably be the only time I face him and quite frankly that is probably the best for him because if I had to face him again I would probably kill him. And people would understand why I did it, and the will slap me on the back and tell me good job. The living hell that I had to endure under his thumb would make a lot of people go crazy, and I guess that is whom I owe it to. Maybe that is why I’m a little off maybe that is why I still write in a journal, maybe that is why my heart was crushed, Thomas Princeton and Alexx are the ones that everyone should thank.

    Thomas Princeton used to be a star in this company, hell he is a former World Champion but after that he didn’t do anything in this company, and now him coming back I feel is just for that one last shot of glory, and true people might say the same thing about me, but the difference between me and him is that me coming back I’m actually going to gain something from it, Princeton he won’t do anything with it. He will again throw his money around and probably parade his “Yes Men” around again but other than that he won’t do anything, hell if he faces me again like I said I will kill him.

    Princeton is a man that you can’t think of anything nice to say about, most of the time I can find the good in people but there is no good in him, there is all bad and all evil. I didn’t like him when I beat him for the North American Title and I still don’t like him now. When I see him walk down to that ring I’m going to want to rip his heart out and I don’t care how I do it I’m just going to do it. People might think that I have forgotten what has happened years ago but that will never die within me. I will always have those scars they might not be visible to the blind eye but they are there. I will die with those scars and no matter what I do to Princeton they will always be there. No matter how many showers I take, no matter how much vengeance I get they will stay there. People might not believe that but still it is there and I know it is. Princeton is going to be my bitch in this match and it will be fun beating him over and over again.”


    Am I Back?

    “Who knows?

    But how do you know if you are back in the first place? Is it by winning matches? Is it by having people talking about you? Either way, I feel that I still have some time to do, I still need to keep going and I still need to fight harder and smarter. This match is going to go a long way for me, I know that I have three opponents with different stories with different feelings but in this match they are all wanting the same thing as me and that is a win and only one of us is going to get it. I want it and to be honest I probably want it more than anyone of them. Stevenson just wants to talk himself up more, Quinn well he needs something where people will talk about him, and Princeton well this is his first match back so why not get a win out of it. But out of all of them I NEED IT MORE. My life depends on this company and I’m going to take it by storm once again, because the last time I was here before Devin Golden put me on the shelf I was riding high and I was going to become something, I owe a lot of things to a lot of people, and this is my come back and in this match people will see the Black Heart Carmine Reaper, and for that a lot of people should be scared. Hell if I was in their shows I would start trembling now, or hell at least hide.”


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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Let there be Vengeance. Let there be Guidance. Let there be mercy upon all of their souls.


    Christian Quinn sits in his locker room… with nobody around him, something unfamiliar it seems. He sits on a simple steel chair, half keeled over with a towel over his head… hands placed on his knees in a somewhat ritualistic manner. He lifts them to his head and holds them there, as if he is deep in thought or in pain. Or distressed. Surely not. A wrestling god never becomes distressed by anything. So why is he distressed? Who knows. His locker room seems devoid of any signs of life, nothing is hung up, no mess, everything is clean. All that is hanging up are pictures of the three men that Quinn will face on the next Fight Night: Thomas Princeton, Carmine Reaper and Drew Stevenson. I’ll rephrase that, they are the three victims of a horrible, horrible massacre occurring on the next fight night. Sounds better. Quinn doesn’t move, he doesn’t take the towel off from his face. He has the posture of someone who has been defeated and can’t quite believe it. He is exuding an air of disbelief, distress and self depreciation.

    It’s been a while since Christian Quinn has tasted any sort of victory. The Syndicate is all but non existent, he has no allegiance to either Mac Michaud or PAJ and they can squabble over who’s bigger and better all they want because both of them are unimportant. Mac is a dud who can’t beat a simple fool like Ryan Rondo… Rondo’s best wouldn’t even bother someone like Alexander Sokolov or Jason Gryphon… who themselves are nothing but hype, flops. I see people getting recognition that they will never deserve in a million years. Ashley O’Ryan is a star because he fluked a win over Chris Kennedy yet people fail to notice that this man kicked a pregnant woman and also cheated on his wife recently… I get boos for simply telling the truth and O’Ryan gets cheers. Or how about the aforementioned fool, Ryan Rondo, he gets cheered because he looks good and because he panders to idiots because he, himself, is also an idiot. I have tried to be the saving grace that the FWA and its fans needed but they weren’t having it. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know the answer because people who watch wrestling make no sense… especially when they cheer for the wrong guys. This time, I am not going to say I am here for the fans or that I am here to usher in a new era of wrestling for them. No, Christian Quinn has decided that his mission in this company is a mission that has a sole benefactor: Christian Quinn. And Christian Quinn only. People think that I am a selfish, arrogant, deluded man… they haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg yet. Just wait. It all starts on the next Fight Night…

    Quinn cuts himself off as he rubs and claps his hands together, accompanied by the sound of an egotistical and almost manic burst of laughter. He keeps clapping his hands together, stamps his feet, then suddenly he whips off the towel that covers his face and reveals what’s underneath: A face covered in sweat with eyes that contain a fire burning brighter than Polaris. He stops his outburst for a moment and cracks a serious yet wry smile. He stands up and adjusts what he is wearing. He tucks in his white shirt, adjusts his black waistcoat and ensures his black trousers are pulled up. He then laughs again.

    You all really thought that was all I had to give? All I had for Wolf and Drew Stevenson was a whimper? People are so easy to fool. Christian Quinn let them win. Why? Because it gives you all hope it seems. It lets you all think that you are going to be ok. The FWA will never be okay. It’s seen as a joke by the CWA and it’s only a matter of time before they come calling for me. Infact, you might think that I am the third. But here’s a clue and the reason as to why it is not me. They said they had a third MAN. Christian Quinn is no man. He is an immortal. But Christian Quinn does not believe the FWA deserves to even have his name illuminate its events anymore. But if it means that he gets to crush every single member of the roster to prove just how above them all he is, he will do it. Ryan Hall and PAJ are smart cookies, they’ve sided with Jimmy King… only because of FEAR. They think they are safer siding with him. Nope. You’d be much safer on the side of Christian Quinn. You’re all fools but you’re all too blind to see that. Let the man they call Deus open up your eyes.

    Quinn walks over to the pictures hanging up on the walls, he surveys them for a bit. He laughs at Princeton’s and Reaper’s. He stops laughing at Stevenson’s. They met last week and Stevenson won… because Quinn allowed him to. But was it the right move? Of course it was, Quinn masterminded it, everything he does is the right move no matter what. Perfection in human form, mentally and physically. Reaper, Princeton, Stevenson might think they have no threat from him but that’s exactly what Quinn wants them to think. To think that they are better than him, to think that they will walk over him. Quinn grabs the photo of Carmine Reaper and holds it up to his eyes, trying not to laugh.

    They say Carmine Reaper was once a talented individual. They also said that the world would end last year. I look at Carmine Reaper and I see someone who has lost the fire in his eyes. He doesn’t belong here. He should be on death row right now for acts of terrorism, should he not? I thought he blew up about a bajillion of Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird’s companies that help him rule the world and then made off with forty five suitcases full of 50 trillion dollars? Did he not? As easy as it sounds, I don’t think he is man enough to do that. He’s certainly not man enough to stand up to someone with such stature as Christian Quinn, that is for sure. Carmine Reaper is to the FWA what the Jacksonville Jaguars are to the NFL: A laughing stock. You might think I know nothing of him, but as I have said many a time, Christian Quinn is omniscient. Reaper was the weakest in his stupid little ‘Sons of Liberty’ stable that contained not only him, but two other fools who had no business belonging in the ring. I can’t even remember their names. I heard one actually won a world title here but that was just through the grapevine and I seriously doubt that anyone who lacked the presence of mind to associate with Carmine Reaper would win the FWA World Title. Then again, the whole company is a shambles right now so it could have easily been a shambles back then. Who am I kidding? This company has always been a shambles, the only difference now is that it’s slightly less shambolic due to the presence of “The Instant Classic”, and that is a bona fide FACT. Carmine Reaper prefers to chase girls than titles, he prefers to act like a little sourpuss when he gets beat and pretends to be all dark and stroppy – Carmine Reaper is just a young child trapped in a fool’s body. He moans and moans about no progression yet does nothing about it. Infact, I’m starting to suspect that he and Vincent Takaab have something going on since Takaab enjoys droning on and on about Carmine. But then again, I might be the only guy who listens to Blackbird… I only do it for the giggles, he is a pretty funny dude to laugh at. So is Carmine though, the whole thing is hilarious. Carmine wants to be legitimate, he wants to rise up the ladder and be seen as another prospect. The truth is… he is always going to be a stepping stone, a patty, a simple victim. He is going to be my victim. Forget everything you know about him right now because after Fight Night, Christian Quinn is going to be the sole reason why Carmine Reaper’s name is of any note… and it’ll be because Carmine Reaper will be made to appear every bit the fool he is. It’s all he deserves for stepping in the ring with The Immortal. It’s all he deserves for not realising that he is outmatched. Christian Quinn will take everything from Carmine Reaper in a heartbeat. Look out for when you see him break and wilt under pressure again… just like he has numerous times already. This time, Carmine Reaper won’t want to come back. Because of I, Christian J. Quinn.

    Quinn rips up the photo and rolls the pieces up and discards them… just like how Carmine will be discarded from being any sort of threat in anyone’s eyes after Fight Night. Quinn averts his focus onto the second photo and his grin becomes so big that his perfectly chiselled jaw just might fall off. Luckily enough, it doesn’t…. He surveys the photo with a look of disgust in his eyes, the man, if you want to call him that, he sees before his eyes is something he used to respect a long time ago… but now, he’s nothing… something that doesn’t even deserve to look at the shadow of Quinn’s. Of course, it’s Thomas Princeton. A once reputable name… but now seen as someone who has dropped the ante a little.


    Quinn pretends to let out a little laugh then resumes talking with a tone of disgust in his voice.

    Thomas Princeton. A republican, a patriot, a man of integrity. Or so I thought. Princeton sold his soul when he disregarded any principles he had and let his wife place his balls in a vice. Princeton was the de facto leader of some schmucky group that thought they were excellence… but then he was outshone by a great man, one of the true heroes of the FWA… Jack Severino. The fact that Princeton let someone beneath him rule the roost is something that I disgust about him. He should have made sure that everyone knew there place but instead he was too busy cooking his wife breakfast in bed and worrying about the pointlessness of politics and money. Princeton is what you call a has been. Someone who was at the top for a tiny little while then suddenly became exploited and exposed as nothing but a sham of a man and wrestler. This man’s highlight over the last 2-3 years was ending the run of a certain James Raine… some sort of crybaby who wasn’t cut out for this company… which is hilarious in itself. Princeton is like Carmine, nothing but a stepping stone and nothing but a future Christian Quinn showcase. I look at Thomas and think that he really could have been something, he could have been almost as talented as me, dare I say it… but instead he’s now almost as talented as my left pinky toenail. Which is still a compliment given that it is Christian Quinn’s toenail we are talking about here. Princeton will get his due. But neither Princeton or Carmine are too important to me, they’re just fodder in this matchup…. Well everyone is, but they are here to fill the blanks and to get some exercise. Of course, all they will be getting is a beating and a paycheck to cover up the fact that they are nothing compared to “The Instant Classic”."

    Quinn throws that photo away this time, not even spending any of his precious time ripping it up. And now he focuses on the polaroid of one Drew Stevenson.

    The biggest fool of the lot. Christian Quinn has never made a mistake in his life but letting Drew Stevenson beat him is the closest thing to it… despite being miles off. Stevenson appears to have gained an ego over the last few weeks because he has beat a few cans… and then he was given a victory against Christian Quinn. Well, I am going to rectify that this week. See, I managed to scout out just what little talent you have, Stevenson. And I can confirm that whilst it is more than Carmine Reaper, it is nowhere near Christian Quinn’s level. You had your fluke and big name win, and now its time that you were pegged down a few notches by moi. You call yourself “The Emerald” but really… I think that you should look at some more gemstones and minerals and whatnot because I think “Pyrite” suits you a lot better. “What’s Pyrite!?” I hear you ask. Well, obviously your inferior pea brain doesn’t know what it is. It’s better known as “Fool’s Gold”, so why is that relevant to you, Stevenson? Because that is all you are. Only idiots and fools alike would look at you and think you are gold in this company. You’re a joke. You were supposed to be in the, somewhat farcical, upper echelons of this company yet you couldn’t even take a belt from Jason Gryphon. After I show you my true talent and power, I will also show you how to take away a belt from someone who is less gifted than you… which is saying something. Although of course, I am Christian Quinn and I am more gifted than God himself. And I am definitely more gifted than you Drew Stevenson. I tried to be a nice guy and give you a little boost last week, give you a big name win… but at the end of the day, you were the wrong guy to have a fluke win over me. Nobody deserves a win over me anymore and that is the way that it is going to be from now on. You’re marked for the worst beating you have ever received in your life… and then some. You will understand true power when you feel Thor’s Hammer. You’ll understand Christian Quinn a lot better when you realise his full potential. That’s all for you. I’m done wasting my precious time and air on you, Carmine and Princeton, I am coming to collect the debt you all owe me now.

    Quinn punches the photo of Stevenson through the wall. He then turns and composes himself.

    No more messing around. It’s time that the real Christian J. Quinn came out to play. It’s time that everyone turns around and NOTICES ME! I am the greatest wrestler in this company and it’s time that you worthless peons realise that. I wish it broke my heart to say this… I really do… but honestly it doesn’t. For Carmine, Stevenson and Princeton, for the FWA and for EVERYONE not named Christian Joseph Quinn: It’s Game Over. The Instant Classic Era begins now.

    Quinn smiles one last time and then readies himself, confident that the rest of the FWA world is now going to know his name, whether they like it or not:

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    Re: Fight Night 11/29/13 Promo Thread

    Ebb Tide

    It's three A.M., but the music is still blaring out of rickety, broken speakers. Even with the tawdry punk music agressively blasting throughout the bar, a slight buzz can be heard throughout Churchill's, echoing through the walls and cheap glasses in this broken down Little Haiti hangout. Still, what's left of the crowd doesn't seem to mind, or has gotten use to it, and continue to drink, shoot pool, and play darts. One man though... completely out of sorts at this dive bar, carries an extremely annoyed look on his face as he finishes off his last dash of whiskey. Looking miserable and bleary-eyed, in his nice, tailored suit, better suited for clubbing in one of Miami's most elite and exclusive clubs, Jethro Warren anxiously taps his fingers on the bar top.

    Jethro Warren: Hey, can you turn down the damn speaker! We get it, the goddamn thing's broken! Either shut it off, or f**king fix it!

    The bartender looks at Warren, slightly annoyed.

    Bartender: ... Another Whiskey?

    Jethro rubs his eye as he lets out a slight grunt.

    Jethro Warren: Yeah... whatever...

    The bartender finishes getting beers from some bikers at the other end of the bar, then quickly attends to Jethro. Jethro hands the bartender a twenty, with a disheartened sigh.

    Bartender: You should try to relax man. You look like you're a work.

    Jethro Warren: How terrible this place is... I might as well be a coal mine.

    Bartender: Whatever, dude...

    Leaving Jethro to his misery, the bartender walks off.

    Jethro Warren: Don't call me dude.

    Jethro pulls out a cigarette and lights it.

    Jethro Warren: Man... this place is a shithole. Who would want to protect this turf? *chuckles* Even the Haitians moved out years ago... It's just one of those things. The tides come in then roll back away. Just like the FWA, this place probably use to be special. I'm sure the speakers didn't hum... And you didn't have s**t-head bikers acting all tough and bad, chasing the customer out who mattered.

    In the background, over Warren's right shoulder, you can see plain as day... the Reaper, armed with M16, flanked, bottomside, with a "Miami" bottom rocker. A few of them are near the back corner, drinking and hitting on everything with a skirt. Jethro Warren looks directly into the camera.

    Jethro Warren: Speaking of the low tide... Blackbird... That's right. Vincent Takaab Blackbird. Lord of the Birds... The Presidents...... of those guys back there. I know what you're thinking... That diary writing, wet-napkin pulled out the luckiest win of his life, and I'm not a threat. Nothing to worry about... Probably have some club business... or god business... or whatever the hell you do... You shouldn't worry about Jethro Warren. Maybe he'll go away. Maybe he'll disappear. That's why I'm here. That's why I'm on your home turf, right now. Jethro Warren is here to send you, Vincent, a message. I don't fear bikers, and I don't fear birds. Trust me... there's very little I fear in this world. *chuckles* And Bird Enforcers dressed up as bikers... Definately not one of them. But on the other hand... I've never skated through life, wanting the easy way out. I want your undivided attention on me, because I wouldn't be living up to my potential if I just tried to sneak by you. Jethro Warren is much better than that. Jethro Warren doesn't play things on a hope and a prayer. I want your best... So I can beat your best...

    As Jethro Warren continues on, making his point, one of the Sons, a Prospect, walks up to the bar.

    Jethro Warren: So... Jethro Warren gets beat by Carmine Reaper... What can I do for you to take me.......

    Prospect: Hey man! (speaking to the bartender). I need some shots and a couple of pitchers!!!

    Jethro Warren: ... Seriously...

    Jethro looks over at the Prospect.

    Jethro Warren: Hey... You're a Son, right?

    The Prospect, obviously annoyed by the question, doesn't even bother to glance over at who's asking.

    Prospect: What about it?

    Jethro Warren: Yeah, yeah man... You work for Vincent, right?

    Jethro grabs his glass of whiskey and takes a quick swig of it.

    Jethro Warren: Can you give him a message for me?

    Just as the disgruntled and annoyed prospects turns towards Warren, Jethro smashes him on the side of the face with the half full glass. Blood goes everywhere on the bar. Churchill's riles up in pandemonium. The other Sons quickly charge towards Warren, stopping dead as Warren flips his blazer open, flashing his holstered pistol. The Sons back off slightly as they hurl obscenities at him.

    Jethro Warren: You tell your boss that Jethro Warren's coming for him!

    Bartender: Dude! You need to get the f**k out of here, now!

    Warren throws some money on the bar-top as he backs away quickly towards the door.

    Jethro Warren: You boys better miss Fight Night this week! Cause I'm gonna burn my name into his f**kin' skull!!!

    Jethro, quickly followed by the camera man, head out of the bar. The Sons are skill cursing and threatening Jethro as they tend to their wounded. On quick foot, Jethro Warren heads down 2nd Avenue. The camera man chases him down before getting right in front of him again.

    Jethro Warren: I'll start a war to get my name known, Blackbird! Like I said, the name, "Jethro Warren" is going to get burned into your skull on Fight Night. Your Bird nonsense, your biker nonsense... the unwanted tide rolling away. And Jethro Warren. The man who's gonna beat you this week... The tide, forthcoming. The FWA... hell, the CWA... won't survive the Warren wake.

    Warren takes a quick left, passing the camera man and heads off into the night. The scene fades out among the night sky and faded neon signs of Little Haiti.

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