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Thread: Archived Talent Database

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    FWA Archived Talent Database

    FWA Archive

    Looking for something?

    Welcome to the FWA Archive. This thread contains a hyperlink to every FWA profile on WrestlingClique. When a character is no longer active on the main roster, we merge the thread into here to keep the main signup section looking clean and uncluttered. If you're looking for someone specific, use the alphabetized table of contents below to find them. The years in parentheses are used to indicate when the profile was created, as some characters have multiple versions of their profile.

    Archived Talent

    Aaron Kendrick (2017)

    Aaron Kendrick (2018)
    Adam Bonnie (2015)

    Alan's Angels (2016)
    Alana Allure (2014)
    Aleksander Anderson (2020)
    Alessandra Allure (2015)
    Alex Millar (2015)
    Alexandra Marie (2020)
    Alexander Askerov (2013)
    Alexander Sokolov (2013)
    Ali Walker (2015)
    Alistair Alexander Williams (2014)
    Anastasia Redheart (2014)
    Annabelle (2015)
    Angelus Agonia (2016)
    Anzu Kurosawa (2016)
    Anton Storm (2019)
    Ashley O'Ryan (2013)
    Aut Pax Aut Bellum (2014)
    Ayla El (2013)
    Ayla El (2014)

    Beatrixx Black (2014)
    Bell Connelly (2015)
    Bella Kendall (2015)
    Ben Richards (2017)
    BlackHeron (2014)
    Brian Carter (2014)
    Broc Lobster (2016)
    Bronco Wells (2020)
    Bryan Poler (2015)

    Captain El Franko (2019)
    Caspian Campbell (2014)
    Carmine "Grim' Reaper (2013)
    Charles Gacy (2016)
    Cheshire Cat Clan (2019)
    Chris Kennedy (2014)
    Christian Quinn (2013)
    Craig Cage (2015)
    Cryos (2014)
    Cyb3r (2014)

    Damian (2020)
    Darius (2017)
    Darryl Digby (2014)
    Danny Toner (2014)
    Dave Sullivan (2014)
    Deception (2017)
    Desmond Fox (2014)
    Derrick "Bionic Eye" Mitchell (2015)
    Devin Golden (2013)
    Dinorah Redgrave (2014)
    Dinorah Redgrave (2016)
    Divine (2013)
    Divine (2014)
    Divine (2015)
    Dmac (2015)
    Dominic "The Diamond" Dust (2019)
    Dominick Armistead (2019)
    Don Sheen (2015)
    Donovan Moore (2019)
    Drake Whisnant (2016)
    Drew Jolson (2014)
    Drew Stevenson (2013)
    Dune (2014)

    Eddie Beltran (2014)
    Eimi Sanada (2016)
    El Tacos Hombres (2017)
    Elizabeth Gotteskind (2014)
    Elle (2016)
    Émilie Boucher (2015)
    Ewan Edwards (2013)

    Flex Body (2017)
    Frank "The Future" Blaze (2014)
    FutureShock (2017)

    Gabrielle Montgomery (2013)
    Ghost (2014)
    Gingy Eastwood (2016)

    Hamburger Helper (2017)
    Hanz Gruber (2017)
    Heatmaker (2014)
    Humanity (2014)
    Humanity (2017)

    Izzy Van Dorren (2017)

    Jack of Diamonds (2014)
    Jack Gekko (2014)
    James "Eyesnsane" Hughes (2014)
    Jack Silver (2020)
    James Sync (2017)
    Jason Gryphon (2013)
    Jason Miller (2015)
    Jay Star (2014)
    Jayson Shepard (2013)
    Jean-Luc Watkins (2015)
    Jennifer Sky (2014)
    Jethro Warren (2013)
    Jhunha (2016)
    Jimmy King (2015)
    Johnny Tsakatumi (2014)
    Jonas (2014)

    K-Pez (2013)
    KAIZEN (2014)
    Kevin Cromwell (2018)
    Kujo (2020)

    LeBron Carter (2014)
    Lenny Delafonte (2015)
    Liam Lennox (2013)
    LOCKE (2018)
    Lord Dog (2015)
    Lord Dog (2018)
    Los Hermanos Dragón (2017)
    Los Maravillosos (2019)
    Lucian W. Ace (2013)
    Lucian W. Ace (2019)

    Mac Michaud (2013)
    Mackenzie Roberts (2013)
    Maksim Alexei Chesnovskiy (2015)
    Malik Garcia (2015)
    Marcus Thane (2014)
    Mark Merriwether (2017)
    Mark Merriwether (2019)
    Mason Coutts (2016)
    Mason Coutts (2016)
    Max Magnus Mortlock (2015)
    Maxy (2015)
    Meth-head Matt (2014)
    Mi Redención (2014)
    Mike Garcia (2014)
    Miss De La Muerta (2017)
    Mitsuko Amori (2016)
    Mustang Maddie (2014)

    Natalie Iliad (2016)
    Nathan Cage (2018)
    Nathan Neptune Noland (2017)
    Nightmare (2015)
    Nobu Nishikino (2014)
    Nova Diamond (2019)

    Orion (2020)
    Over The Edge (2019)

    PASSION (2015)
    PASSION (2016)
    Penny (2016)
    Phillip A Jackson (2013)
    Prince Abdullah Assad (2014)
    Project X (2015)



    Rain (2015)
    Randy Ramon (2014)
    Richard Drake (2017)
    Risky Douglas (2016)
    Ryan Hall (2013)
    Ryan Hall (2020)
    Ryan Rondo (2013)

    Saddle Sally (2013)
    Sam Blaze (2014)
    Sam Donovan (2015)
    Sarah DuBois (2015)
    Sarah DuBois (2016)
    Sarah Wolf (2013)
    Scott Sylvester (2014)
    Sin City Vultures (2017)
    Sovereign Force (2014)
    Shane Cuthbert (2014)
    Shane McLean (2013)
    Shannon O'Neal (2013)
    Stan Weaver (2016)
    Starr (2017)
    Sterling Jagger (2018)
    Stu "The Snake" St. Clair (2013)
    Syn (2014)

    T-MOM (2013)
    Taylor Toxic (2014)
    Ted (2014)
    The BFG (2017)
    The Dirty Fucking Bastards (2017)
    The Division (2018)
    The Echo (2017)
    The Genocide (2017)
    The Hamburger Man (2016)
    The Heartbreak Express (2017)
    The Joker (2015)
    The Mist (2014)
    The Olympians (2016)
    The Valanders (2019)
    The Wave (2019)
    The Wildcards (2018)
    The Yūrei (2014)
    Thomas "Iceman" Jones (2014)
    Thomas Jordan (2016)
    Tim Stone (2015)
    Tobias Cooper (2013)
    Toby Grace (2014)
    Tommy Thunder (2016)
    Toxic Wednesday (2015)
    Travis Morgan (2018)
    Trenton York (2016)
    Triple A (2015)
    Tristan James Galloway (2016)
    Ty Johnson (2017)
    Ty Johnson (2019)



    Veronique de Moreau (2015)
    Viktor Maximus (2018)
    Vincent Blackbird (2013)

    Wake Walker (2014)
    Wally Tusket (2016)
    Wolf (2013)
    Wolf (2017)

    XYZ (2016)


    Zachary Kazadi (2016)
    Zako Wrath (2017)
    Zayne Richards (2014)
    Zoey Ellis (2014)

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    'The Caramel Goddess' Gabrielle

    Gabrielle Madison Montgomery
    The Caramel Coated Goddess
    The 2014 Wrestler Of The Year...


    5'7 / 170cm

    130ibls / 58kg

    29 (born 14th September 1986)

    34DD bust – 26 waist – 37 hips

    Auckland, New Zealand

    The Caramel Coated Goddess (Of The Mountain)
    The Lady In Black

    Her (not so little) Little Black Book
    Andrew Johnson
    Anthony Jackson
    Aja Melissa
    Ashley O’Ryan
    Cameron Cross
    Chris Kennedy
    Danny Toner
    Dan Ward
    Drew Stevenson
    Jack Severino
    Jenny Ignito
    Julian Knight
    Madison West
    Mackenzie Roberts
    Matthew Robinson
    Raquel Wednesday
    Ryan Hall
    Shawn Cortez
    Thomas Princeton


    FWA Accomplishments
    Former two time FWA Women’s Champion

    Former three time FWA World Tag Team Champion (twice with Jenny Ignito, once with Daniella Kennedy)

    Former Two time FWA World Champion

    Triple Crown Champion
    Inaugural FWA Woman's Champion and Inaugural Two Time FWA Woman's Champion
    First Female FWA World Tag Team Champion (joint with Jenny Ignito)
    First female to be a three time Champion and a four time Champion (joint with Jenny Ignito)
    Second Ever Female FWA World Champion, Third Ever Female World Champion
    Second and Third Longest Reigning FWA World Champion ever
    Former member Of Public Enemy (with Diamond Jack Severino, Brandon Reid, Thew Carvel & Rodel Montanez)
    Former member of the original Executive Excellence (with Diamond Jack Severino, Thomas Princeton, Alexx, Mountain Rush & Aja Melissa)
    Former member of The Unholy Uprising (with Jenny Ignito, Matt Boudreau, Stu St.Clair G-Rich, Ryan Hall, Nathan Swift, Alexza, Dmac, Nate Richardson & Shane McLean)

    Formerly one half of Sinful Sensuality with Jenny Ignito
    Former member of The Great Seige (with Dan Ward, Andrew Johnson, Zaire Wyoming, Saddle Sally, Jibade Jones & Chris Kennedy)
    Formerly one half of The Sisters of Destruction with Daniella Kennedy
    Former member of Executive Excellence 3.0 (with Thomas Princeton, Christian Quinn, Danny Toner, Michael Garcia & Malik Garcia)
    Won the 2010 and 2014 Mile High Massacre Match's
    Won the Elimination Chamber match at Trial By Fire 2010
    Went Undefeated On Fight Night From Mid September 2007 To Mid August 2008 (11 Months)
    Ten match win streak
    Has competed in over one hundred matches for the FWA
    Has won over one hundred matches in the FWA
    Headlined Back In Business X
    Miss FWA pageant winner (unofficial)

    Fight Night Dance Queen
    Voted to be Miss FWA 2012
    FWA Female Wrestler Of The Year 2010, 2012, and 2015
    Wrestler Of The Year 2014
    Heel Of The Year 2015
    Former Fight Night General Manager
    First and only recipient of the Christopher Stallings Memorial Award

    Non-FWA Accomplishments
    December 2007 FHM cover girl
    July 2008 Maxim magazine cover girl
    Got her own version of the bible centering around herself entitled the "GaBible" published
    Modeling contract with International Modeling Management
    Contract with Hentai Company ‘Kitty Media’ for her likeness, has so far featured in three comics; Hentai Goddess #1, Hentai Goddess #2, Caramelized Invasion #1
    New Zealand Under 16 National Archery Champion
    Has her own Lingerie Line; Caramel Lace

    Ring of Beauty Television Champion
    Global Impact Wrestling Woman's Champion
    Global Impact Wrestling's Most Valuable Asset
    Ex-Wife of Jenny Ignito
    Ex-Wife of Chris Kennedy
    Has a Sex Tape with former FWA CEO Matthew Robinson

    nGw Record
    nGw Revival II vs. Ghost - Win
    Bulletproof 2016 vs. Bell Connelly vs. Sarah DuBois vs. Sonny vs. Charity LeGrange vs. Bella Kendall in an Elimination Chamber match for Contendership to the nGw Womens Championship - Loss

    CWA Record
    Wrestle Royal 2015
    competing in the 2015 Wrestle Royal match - Loss

    Overall 120/43/3 (5 No Contests)
    Creation Of A Mountain
    Fight Night vs. Anyanka -
    Fight Night with Diamond Jack Severino vs. Anyanka & Alexx vs. Saddle Sally & Lt. Wyoming -
    Fight Night with Anyanka vs. Saddle Sally & Becky Jones -
    Back In Business II vs. Saddle Sally vs. Anyanka vs. Becky Jones for the inaugural FWA Woman's Championship -
    Fight Night with Diamond Jack Severino & Blight vs. Saddle Sally & Lt. Wyoming & Ashley O’Ryan -
    Fight Night with Jenny Ignito vs. Saddle Sally & Becky Jones -
    Fight Night vs. Saddle Sally vs. Becky Jones vs. Anyanka vs. Jenny Ignito in a bikini contest -
    Mile High 2007 vs. Saddle Sally defending the FWA Woman's Championship -
    Fight Night vs. Jenny Ignito defending the FWA Woman's Championship -
    Fight Night with Saddle Sally vs. Jenny Ignito & Jillian DeSilva -
    Fight Night vs. Jenny Ignito in an Arm Wrestling Contest -
    Fight Night vs. Jenny Ignito –
    Fight Night vs. Jenny Ignito in a Paddle On A Pole match -
    Trial By Fire 2007 vs. Jenny Ignito in a Harcore match for the FWA Woman's Championship -
    Fight Night
    with Diamond Jack Severino & Thomas Princeton vs. Yung Wun -
    Fight Night vs. Anyanka -
    Fight Night vs. Susie Sue -
    Winter Wasteland 2007 vs. Moira Crawford vs. Anyanka -
    Uncontrollable Chaos 2008 with Aja Melissa (Executive Excellence) vs. Raquel Wednesday & Brook (Midnight Carnivale) -
    Fight Night vs. Aja Melissa vs. Raquel Wednesday vs. Brook in an FWA Woman's Championship number one contenders Match -
    Fight Night vs. Susie Sue -
    Back In Business III vs. Jenny Ignito for the FWA Woman's Championship -
    Fight Night vs. Brook in a Wet Tee-Shirt match -
    Payback 2008 vs. Jenny Ignito defending the FWA Woman's Championship -

    The Rise Of Sinful Sensuality
    Smash vs. Wanda Wells -
    Red, White & Bruised 2008 vs. Vendetta for the FWA Woman's Championship number one Contendership -
    Fight Night vs. Anyanka -
    Fight Night vs. Moira Crawford in a fencing exhibition -
    Loss (Gabrielle’s first in eleven months on Fight Night)
    Fight Night Third Anniversary Show
    vs. Alexza -
    Fight Night with Jenny Ignito (Sinful Sensuality) vs. Moira Crawford & Aja Melissa (Shadowed Angels) defending the FWA World Tag Team Championships -
    Mile High 2008 vs. Moira Crawford for the FWA Woman's Championship -
    Mile High 2008 with Jenny Ignito (Sinful Sensuality) vs. Diamond Jack Severino & Thomas Princeton (Executive Excellence) vs. Dan Ward & Andrew Johnson (Aut Pax Aut Bellum) in a Ladder match defending the FWA World Tag Team Championships -
    Fight Night vs. Dan Ward -
    Fight Night with Moira Crawford vs. Jenny Ignito & Aja Melissa -
    Trial By Fire 2008 With Jenny Ignito (Sinful Sensuality) vs. Dan Ward & Andrew Johnson (Aut Pax Aut Bellum) for the FWA World Tag Team Championships -
    Fight Night vs. Susie Sue –
    Betrayal 2008 with Jenny Ignito (Sinful Sensuality) vs. Dan Ward & Andrew Johnson (Aut Pax Aut Bellum) defending the FWA World Tag Team Championships -
    Tribute To The Troops 2008 with Jenny Ignito (Sinful Sensuality) vs. Draven St. Germain & Elliot Black in a Bra & Panties match -
    Fight Night vs. Susie Sue -
    Fight Night vs. Aja Melissa -
    Fight Night with Jenny Ignito (Sinful Sensuality) vs. Matt Boudreau & Thomas Princeton -
    Carnal Contendership 2009 vs. Susie Sue -
    Fight Night vs. Ayla El -
    Fight Night with Jenny Ignito (Sinful Sensuality) & Wake Walker Dan Ward & Andrew Johnson (Aut Pax Aut Bellum) & Alexx -
    Fight Night vs. Nicole Summer -
    Back In Business IV with Jenny Ignito (Sinful Sensuality) vs. Dan Ward & Andrew Johnson (Aut Pax Aut Bellum) defending the FWA World Tag Team Championships -
    Fight Night vs. Wanda Wells -
    Fight Night vs. Molly O'Brien -
    Fight Night vs. Suey Side in a Dance Off -
    Fight Night vs. Anyanka -
    Fight Night vs. Wanda Wells -
    Fight Night Fourth Anniversary Show vs. Aja Melissa -
    Fight Night vs. Jay Lewis -
    Fight Night vs. Dan Ward -
    Fight Night with Anyanka (Divine Candy) vs. Andrew Johnson & Dan Ward (Aut Pax Aut Bellum) for the FWA Tag Team Championships -
    Fight Night vs. Blaq Lightning -
    Fight Night vs. Darnell Porter -
    Fight Night vs. Saddle Sally -

    Gabrielle Ignito Atop The World 29/6/1 (1 No Contest)
    Fight Night vs. Susie Sue -
    Fight Night with Darnell Porter vs. Saddle Sally & Zaire Wyoming -
    Fight Night vs. Tiffany Reinhart -
    Fight Night with Anyanka vs. Saddle Sally & Sara Wolf -
    Fight Night vs. Duke Drazin -
    Betrayal 2010 with Jenny Ignito (Sinful Sensuality) vs. Raquel Wednesday & Tiffany Reinhart -
    Fight Night vs. Rocky Creed vs. Elliot Black -
    Fight Night vs. Nathalie DeSilva -
    Fight Night vs. Darnell Porter -
    Fight Night Fifth Anniversary Show vs. Moira Crawford vs. Sara Wolf vs. Alexandria Nervosa vs. Anyanka in an Elimination match -
    Fight Night with Dan Ward & Andrew Johnson (Aut Pax Aut Bellum/The Great Seige) vs. Darnell Porter & Rocky Creed & Sara Wolf -
    Red, White & Bruised 2010 vs. Duke Drazin -
    Fight Night vs. Sara Wolf -
    Fight Night vs. Rocky Creed -
    Fight Night vs. Anthony in a Whip On A Pole match -
    Mile High 2010 vs. Rocky Creed vs. Andrew Johnson vs. Duke Drazin vs. Bullseye Johnson vs. Darnell Porter in a Mile High match for the FWA World Championship -
    Fight Night vs. Anthony -
    Fight Night with Dan Ward & Andrew Johnson (APAB/Great Seige) vs. James Sync & Diamond & Apollo (The Smash Bros) -
    Fight Night with Andrew Johnson (Great Siege) vs. Duke Drazin & Darnell Porter -
    Trial By Fire 2010 vs. Andrew Johnson vs. Chris Kennedy vs. Duke Drazin vs. Darnell Porter vs. Bullseye Johnson in an Elimination Chamber match defending the FWA World Championship -
    Fight Night vs. Dinorah Redgrave -
    -History Missing-
    Aces High 2011 vs. Duke Drazin defending the FWA World Championship - Win
    -History Missing-
    Back In Business VI
    vs. Duke Drazin defending the FWA World Championship -
    -History Missing-
    Red, White & Bruised 2011
    vs. Duke Drazin in a Last Person Standing match defending the FWA World Championship -
    -History Missing-
    Fight Night vs. Charon - No Contest

    Mrs. Kennedy
    Fight Night vs. Rebel Bad Ass in a Hardcore match - Win
    Fight Night vs. Drew Stevenson - Win
    -History Missing-
    FWA Eighth Anniversary Show vs. Aja Melissa in Gabrielle's 100th match - Win
    -History Missing-
    Fight Night vs. Devin Golden in a GM Rules match - Win
    -History Missing-
    Trial By Fire 2013
    vs. MC Fromage vs. Ashley O'Ryan for the FWA World Championship in a Trial By Fire match -
    -History Missing-
    Aces High 2013 vs. Ayla El for the FWA Women's Championship - Loss
    -History Missing-
    The Return Of A Goddess
    28/8/1 (1 No Contest)
    Fight Night with Daniella Kennedy competing in a Tag Team Battle Royal - Win
    -History Missing-
    Red, White & Bruised 2013
    with Daniella Kennedy vs. Stu St.Clair & Ashley O'Ryan (Vodka and Venom) for the FWA Tag Team Championships - Win
    -History Missing-
    Mile High 2013 with Daniella Kennedy vs. Stu St.Clair & Ashley O’Ryan (Vodka and Venom) defending the FWA World Tag Team Championships – Loss
    Fight Night vs. Stu St.Clair for the FWA World Championship number one Contendership –
    Fight Night with Ryan Hall vs. Stu St.Clair & Ashley O’Ryan (Vodka and Venom)
    Fight Night vs. Stu St.Clair in a Steel Cage match –
    Trial By Fire 2013 vs. Ryan Hall vs. Stu St.Clair in a Trial By Fire match for the FWA World Championship –
    Fight Night with Ashley O’Ryan & Wolf vs. Ryan Hall, Ryan Rondo & PAJ - Win
    Fight Night
    vs. Saddle Sally in a Bra and Panties match - Win
    Fight Night with Wolf, Whyte Thunder & Shane McLean vs. Ryan Hall, PAJ, Ryan Rondo & Thomas Princeton - No Contest
    Aces High 2014 competing in the 2014 Carnal Contendership Match - Loss
    Fight Night
    vs. Drew Stevenson - Loss
    Fight Night with Whyte Thunder & Saddle Sally vs. PAJ, Ryan Rondo & Ayla El - Win
    Back In Business IX vs. PAJ in a Steel Chain match - Win
    Fight Night with Shannon O'Neil & Saddle Sally vs. Andrew Johnson, Dan Ward & Mackenzie Roberts (Aut Pax Aut Bellum) - Win
    Fight Night vs. Wake Walker - Loss
    Fight Night vs. Thomas Princeton - Win
    Aftershock vs. Stu St.Clair with Ashley O'Ryan as the Special Guest Referee - Win
    Fight Night vs. Susie Sue - Win
    Fight Night with Dinorah Redgrave vs. Saddle Sally & Beatrixx Black -
    Fight Night vs. Ryan Hall -
    Red, White & Bruised 2014 vs. Stu St. Clair in a Last Person Standing match -
    Win (100th win)
    Fight Night with Ryan Rondo vs. Stu St.Clair & Shane McLean -
    Fight Night vs. Stu St.Clair vs. Ryan Rondo vs. Shane McLean for the FWA World Championship number one Contendership -
    Fight Night with Vincent Taakab Blackbird vs. Phillip Alexander Jackson & Jethro Warren -
    FWA Ninth Anniversary Show vs.
    PAJ for the FWA World Championship - Win
    Fight Night vs. Beatrixx Black -
    Fight Night with Saddle Sally vs. Beatrixx Black & Shannon O'Neil -
    Mile High 2014 vs. Ashley O'Ryan vs. Jason Gryphon vs. Ryan Rondo vs. Stu St.Clair in a Mile High match defending the FWA World Championship -
    Fight Night vs. Susie Sue defending the FWA World Championship -
    Fight Night with Saddle Sally vs. Jack Of Diamonds & Shannon O'Neal vs. Chris Kennedy and Drew Stevenson vs. Ryan Rondo & Jason Gryphon -
    CrossFire Reunion Show vs.
    Jack Of Diamonds defending the FWA World Championship - Win
    Fight Night vs. Beatrixx Black in a Bra and Panties match -
    Fight Night with Saddle Sally vs. The Green Bay Fudge Packers -
    Fight Night with Ryan Rondo, PAJ, Randy Ramon & Ayla El vs. Jack Of Diamonds, Ace Of Spades, Shannon O'Neil, Syn & Humanity (The Movement) -
    Trial By Fire 2015 vs. Shannon O'Neal in a Trial By Fire match -

    Reclaim The Throne
    9/8/0 (1 No Contest)
    Fight Night
    vs. Shannon O'Neal defending the FWA World Championship in a No Disqualification Match -
    Winter Wasteland 2015 vs. Jack Of Diamonds vs. Phillip Alexander Jackson defending the FWA World Championship -
    Carnal Contendership Super Show vs. Bobby Thunder - Win
    Carnal Contendership Super Show competing in the 2015 Carnal Contendership Match -
    Fight Night vs. Taylor Toxic - Win
    Fight Night vs. Ryan Rondo in a Champion vs. Champion Match - Loss
    Back In Business X vs. Drew Stevenson defending the FWA World Championship -
    Fight Night vs. Cryos -
    Line In The Sand 2015 vs. Drew Stevenson defending the FWA World Championship in a First Blood match -
    Game Over Supershow vs. Devin Golden in a Champion vs. Champion Match -
    No Contest
    Fight Night vs. Bell Connolly in a Champion vs. Champion Match -
    Red, White & Bruised 2015
    vs. Chris Kennedy defending the FWA World Championship -
    Fight Night with Christian Quinn & Danny Toner (Executive Excellence) vs. Chris Kennedy, Dan Ward & Andrew Johnson (The Great Siege) -
    FWA Tenth Anniversary Show vs. Chris Kennedy defending the FWA World Championship -
    Fight Night with Michael Garcia, Malik Garcia & Christian Quinn (Executive Excellence) vs. Chris Kennedy, Wolf, Ghost & Lord Dog (Ghost Dog) -
    Fight Night vs. Bell Connolly - Loss
    Mile High 2015 vs. Bell Connolly for the FWA Womens Championship -
    FWA vs. CWA Supershow vs. Ashley Adams - Win


    Style Of Wrestling
    Aggressive, quick, technical, very flexible ala Melina/MsChif/Christy Hemme a trait that can help or hinder her, she is also very willing to use her feminine wiles to win a match

    She carries herself with a certain elegant but yet incredibly sexual demeanor. Has a Goddess complex. Is confident, gorgeous, wealthy, beautiful but with a darkness to her.

    Current FWA Feuds:

    Classic FWA Feuds:
    Jenny Ignito
    Moira Crawford
    Aut Pax Aut Bellum
    Duke Drazin
    Vodka and Venom
    Stu St.Clair
    Phillip Alexander Jackson
    Shannon O'Neal
    Drew Stevenson
    Chris Kennedy

    Wrestling gear is a combination of Maryse Ouellet and Nikki Bella; low cut tops/halter tops, micro shorts, knee high wrestling boots, etc. Fond of exquisite and revealing dresses outside of the ring and is also fond of lingerie, uniforms and outfits (teacher/schoolgirl/geisha/etc).

    Caramel Coated DDT / Black Widow DDT (Desecrator; Scissored DDT)
    Fall From The Mountain Top (Alberto Del Rio style Super Enziguri)

    Perfected Wrestling Moves
    Split Legged Hangman’s Neckbreaker
    Split Legged Moonsault
    Split Legged Leg Drop
    Savate Kick
    Leg Lariat
    Step Up Enzuiguri
    Jumping Heel Kick
    Hair Pull Curbstomp
    Headscissors Takedown
    GaBuster (Reverse Lungblower)
    Desecration DDT (Hammerlock DDT)
    Rapture (Flying Snapmare Reverse DDT)
    Suplex into a reverse DDT
    Shoulder Jawbreaker
    Death Valley Driver
    Neck Scissors
    Roll Through Into A Half Boston Crab (ala Lance Storm)
    Lotus Lock

    Entrance Music
    Hard by Rihanna
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    Vincent Blackbird

    • Name: Vincent Blackbird
    • Height: 5'10"
    • Weight: 195 lbs
    • Age: Classified
    • Hometown: Classified
    • Nickname(s):
      • Vince
      • Vincent Blackbird the Anarchist for a New Era

    • FWA accomplishments:
      • X Champion (1/13/2013 - 3/7/2013)
      • X Champion (2/24/2017 - current)

    • Non-FWA accomplishments:
      • Current General Manager of the nGw
      • Inaugural, & 1st ever 3x nGw World Champion
        • Inaugural: January 2013 - May 2013
        • January 2014 - March 2014
        • March 2016 - May 2016

      • 2x nGw Tag Team Champion.
        • W/ Joey Ortiz: December 2014 - April 2015
        • W/ Vic Voorhees: December 2015 - January 2016

    • Type: Heel
    • Manager:
      • Jack Severino

    • Girlfriends:
      • Sonny
      • Bella Kendall

    • Bodyguard:
      • River

    • Style of Wrestling: Primarily he uses Jeet Kune Do, but he knows other styles. (In Hardcore/Extreme Rules type Matches, his preferred "Weapon" is the Kendo Stick)
    • Gimmick: He believes in the fundamental principles of Anarchy, crazy persona of Deadpool, internal anger and rage of the Hulk, morality and mind game capability that rivals the Joker. Essentially, he's a crazy mofo that is always angry and loves playing mind games on people.
    • Previous FWA Feuds: Nightmare
    • CURRENT FWA Feud(s): N/A
    • Finishers
      • Submission - Blackbird Dragon: [Modified Buffalo Sleeper with Body Scissors]
      • Clan Blackbird: Devastating Striking Spear
      • Wrath of the BIRD Empire: F5 into a Rock Bottom

    • Perfected Wrestling Moves:
      • Diving Spear transitions, by holding onto Opponent after Spear and flipping backwards bringing Opponent with me into hard Alabama Slam.
      • Combination of a Camel Clutch & a Full Nelson (Uses my legs to trap the opponent's arms). Occasionally includes a Modified Leg Trap Camel Clutch
      • Reverse Roundhouse Kick
      • Bite of the Dragon
      • Clothesline
      • Schoolboy Roll-UP
      • Suplex
      • Spinning Heel Kick
      • Backhand Chop
      • Belly to Back Suplex
      • Dropkick
      • Slingshot Crossbody
      • Inverted Atomic Drop
      • Back Body Drop
      • Running DDT
      • DDT
      • Ballistic Punching Combination
      • Sidewalk Slam
      • German Suplex
      • Backhand Chop
      • Corner Clothesline
      • Rebound Clothesline
      • Short-arm Clothesline
      • Elbow Smash
      • Dragon Whip
      • Punt (only used when in his ruthless state)
      • Stomp
      • European Uppercut
      • Knee Lift
      • Over the shoulder arm drag
      • Turnbuckle Bulldog
      • Full Nelson Slam
      • Iconoclasm
      • Double leg Takedown
      • Samoan Drop
      • Sliced Bread #2

    • Appearance:
      • Tattoos: Symbol of the Clan Blackbird on his right shoulder, the Symbol of his wife's Clan on his left shoulder, and the Symbol of the BIRD Empire on his back.
      • Scars: Glasgow Smile, scarred/burns on his face due to a prison accident
      • Hair: Shoulder-length, Black with crimson highlights
      • Eye: Iris is a crimson sliver, Cornea is pitch black.

    • nGw Entrance Video:

    • Introduction Promo:

    • Non-Wrestling Accomplishments and/or Miscellaneous Information:
      • Genius level intellect
      • Brilliant tactician and strategist
      • Skilled manipulator and deceiver
      • Highly skilled in stealth
      • Access to hi-tech equipment
      • Expert Marksman with Firearms.
      • Expert Swordsman.
      • Former President of Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Miami (SAMMIA)
      • Leader of the BIRD Empire
      • Chairman & Owner of BIRD Imperial Industries and Blackbird Customs

    • Contact Information:

    • Picture:



    (Bella Kendall)

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    Mackenzie Roberts

    Name: Mackenzie Roberts

    Nickname: Queen Bitch

    Hometown: Palisades, New York

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 125

    Age: 24

    Associates: (Partners/Managers)

    Career Highlights: (LOW and Non-LOW achievements): 1X FWA Champion, Was the manager of the best tag team of the modern day era Aut Pax Aut Bellum

    Wrestling Style: She gets down and dirty. So I guess you could say a little bit of everything.

    Heel/Face: Heel

    Gimmick: She is a bitch and she will tell you about it. She didn't want to wrestle at first as she was just a manager but then she wanted to get in that ring and here we are.

    Movelist: (Minimum of 5 moves for the sake of the LOW Writers): Slap, DDT, Bulldog, Dropkick, Boston Crab

    Trademark Moves: (Minimum of 1, Maximum of 3) Heroes Kick (Bitch Kick)

    Finishers: (Minimum of 1, Maximum of 3) The Crush (Russian Leg Sweep into pin)

    Appearance: (Base pic of character, No WWE Base pics)

    Entrance Theme: "CrushCrushCrush" Paramore

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    Carmine "Grim" Reaper

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 245

    Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

    FWA Achievements: 1x World Tag Team Champion w/Bullseye Johnson, 1x North American Champion

    Heel or Face: Face

    Finishers: Hostile Takeover (Running Powerslam), Dragons Grip (Mandible Claw), The DownFall (C-4)

    Other moves: Atomic Drop, Dropkick, Boston Crab, Clothesline, Suplexs of all kinds

    Currents Fueds: Micheal Garcia (if we find him)

    Theme Music: "Can You Hear Me Now" Framing Henley
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    FWA Random FWA Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the land of creativity and opportunity.

    Before you ever set foot in the FWA's doors, you need to formally sign-up a character. To do that, you need to provide us with some basic information. Here's the template of what we need from you before you're ever booked into a match or can begin creating an angle or feud. You will do this in your character's bio page, which goes in this section.

    Character name:
    Current feuds:
    Non-FWA accomplishments:
    FWA accomplishments:
    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one:
    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.):
    A minimum of five perfected moves your character does in a match (this cannot be a finishing move, like a powerbomb or a chokeslam):
    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:
    Base pic for your character (please include the name of the base pic):
    Theme music:
    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us:
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    Stu 'The Snake' St.Clair

    Name: Stu St.Clair
    Height: 6 foot 4
    Weight: 210 pounds
    Age: 34
    Hometown: Kelowna British Columbia, Canada
    Nickname: The Snake
    Manager: n/a
    FWA accomplishments: 6 Time FWA Tag team Champion(Five Times /w Ashley O'Ryan (One Time /w Shane McLean), FWA North American Champion, 5 Time World Heavyweight Champion(Current)
    Non-FWA accomplishments: 1st FTW tag team champion
    Type (Face or Heel): Face
    Style of Wrestling: well balanced
    Gimmick (i.e. respected, hated, bully, etc.): sadistic, Jake The Snake meets Raven meets Age of The Fall meets Charlie Manson
    FWA Win/Loss Record: 42-18-0
    Current FWA Feuds: None

    Finisher(s): DDT (evenflowing ddt), Damien's Death Drop (outsiders edge)

    Perfected wrestling moves:
    -Arm Wrench Short Arm Clothesline
    -Bear Hug
    -Neck Crank Suplex
    -High Angle Senton
    -Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker into Bow & Arrow Submission
    -Calf Branding
    -Drop Toe Hold
    -3 or 4 Jabs Follows Up With A Discus Punch/Clothesline
    - Roaring Elbows in Crucifixion Hold
    -Suicide Dive
    -Russian Legsweep
    -Upper Cut
    - Back body drop
    - Running Knee Lift
    -Triangle Choke
    -Top Rope Leg Drop
    -Ten Knife Edge Chops
    -Rapid Elbow Shot To Head
    -Atomic Drop
    -Running Leg Lariat to opponent when his head is on bottom rope.
    -Arm wrench on opponent's arm and paintbrushes (slaps) back and side of the head.
    -Irish Whip Opponent into turnbuckle corner, runs to he ropes beside opponent and knocks opponent down a clothesline after opponent hits the turnbuckle and takes a step back
    - Sleeper hold
    - Arm Drag occasionally followed up by turning it into a Scissored Armbar
    - Diving Leg Drop
    - Abdominal Stretch
    - Side Walk Slam
    - Pile Driver
    - Elevated Boston Crab

    Entrance Theme (If you wish to include one): Mr Crowley – Cradle Of Filth


    Introduction Promo:
    The scene opens up with the sky in a reddish tint as the sun slowly goes down. The ground is covered with red and orange leaves. A shrivelled up tree is there with no leaves on it as it appears to be either dead or nearly dead. A little bit away from the tree is a crucifix standing up. It appears to be made recently. It is made out of cedar. There is no blemish or scratch on it. It is sanded evenly. The camera turns and there appears to a gasoline canister beside it. Suddenly a gust of wind begins to blow as the leaves dance in the wind. Suddenly a voice heard.

    When Jenny was burnt
    He knew malevolence
    At the heart of all
    A cold and jagged abyss bled of sense
    The throne he earned
    Through God's benevolence
    Started his own fall
    Clothing ragged dogma in his own magnificence

    The voice is heard behind the tree. The camera turns towards the tree. A man walks out behind the tree and faces the camera. His long brown hair is being blown by the wind. His black leather jacket is undone and is being blown against the wind. His eyes tell us that he has not slept for a long time. His eyes look like one of a murder waiting to kill someone. He is none other than Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair. He clenches his fist with anger as the wind continues to blow. He begins talking in his all too familiar tone of voice.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: When is a good time to cross the line? How blind do people go just to attain gold? Anytime is a good time to cross the line. I pick my moments to cross and so do others. Some are just driven by lust and revenge. I was driven by revenge for the murder of Damien. I was angry like a little boy is when his dog was run over by a car. Shawn brought misery into my very hostile life. It was almost as if he was bringing in misery to extinguish the burning anger inside of me. He didn’t extinguish it he only poured more gas on to the fire within me. Sure the whole world though I would fizzle out like a cheap sparkler. I didn’t. I only got even worse in the eyes of many. Funny how people view what I believe to be an improvement to myself as a downside? I only grew stronger that day. I made a person you were once close to; considered a top student of yours into a nightmare that you can’t seem to wake up from. Shawn you can keep pinching yourself along with splashing water on your face all day long because truth of the matter this isn’t a dream or better yet a nightmare in this case that you can’t wake up from. This nightmare only got worse. You woke up something inside of me that has been dormant sleeping up to now. Sure I have my skeletons in my closets which is one my inspirations for the things I do. However the thing that has been dormant is a much more twisted inspiration. Sure the things I did when I was driven by my past were sick but it wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

    • Stu smiles sadistically. He eyes the gasoline canister and then the crucifix. He then puts his right hand in pocket and feels around. He snickers as he pulls his right hand out of his pocket.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: My history is well known but for those who don’t know allow me to educated you. Since the day I could walk I was beaten and humiliated on a daily basis growing up. I never knew why I was beaten and humiliated so often until I got older. I learned he thought I was weak and I wasn’t worth anything. He had given up upon me when all I did was want to try to earn his love but he never embraced it. He didn’t listen when I moaned, cried or said one word. He only listened when something was worth listening to. I was never worth in his eyes to be listened to. Not even sure if he is listening to me now. The pain I went through is undescrible; any other man would crack from pressure and take his life because of that. I didn’t crack nor did I rat him out to the police. Doing that would be way too easy of a thing to do. I prefer with just living with it and having it as inspiration. However that is the inspiration I am going off usually. What I have yet to tap into for inspiration is something that would be written as the eighth sin. That how twisted and sick it is. I didn’t want to resort to it but I was forced into it by you. I am not going to regret what I am going to do. However people will blame you Shawn for what I will unleash. It will be not be pretty at all. It is a tidal wave you had to put into motion last week and it is too far gone to be stopped. Begging, crying and getting your little groupie to convince me otherwise is not going to work. It will only he make it worse. I am not a reasonable person, I am a snake. I don’t take too kindly being expected to be reasonable. There was nothing reasonable I have to discuss with anyone. I answer to no one expect myself.

    • Stu’s face becomes quite serious as his eye become demonic like.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I never had to answer for my actions unless I wanted to. But I want you to answer for your action last week. What were you thinking? You took a woman I have feelings for and tied her to a crucifix, then light a fire around her. I wouldn’t give a damn if it was anyone else but why Jenny? The Goddess if Shadow and Flames out of all people. You burned her by her element. Do you have any ideas what you just did Shawn? You just ensured that you won’t just be worrying about me but Jenny as well. Jenny most likely wants payback for that little stunt you pulled last week. I am not sure when she will strike or what she will do to get even with you but nonetheless it will be ’fun’ to watch from my stand point. [* Stu snickers*] Think about Shawn it is one thing when Ash and myself combine forces. Just imagine would happen if Jenny and I joined up to destroy. Destroy is more like the g rated term for what we will do to you. Seeing as you burned her I wouldn’t be surprised if she returned the favour by burning you at the stake and not letting you off so easily like you did to her. Cortez I never played with your personal life by attacking you wife or children. That’s Ash’s job. [*Stu snickers.*] I will be sure he stops by and visits your wife and kids while you are at the hospital praying that you will recover. What you did Cortez [long pause];you might as well taken a beer bottle and urinated in it and told me to drink because you have pissed me off. If you wanted to get that personal Cortez we can play like that. You should have told me sooner so I could have started sooner but seeing as you started I will end up finishing what you started.

    • A sick smile creeps over Stu’s face as the wind continues to blow through his hair.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Speaking of things you started, have you looked at yourself lately? That isn’t my reflection in the mirror that would be yours. Look what you have let yourself to become. There is a reason why nobody comes after me Shawn and it is because I am a cancer. I corrupt all that is around me. Look what I did to Ashley O’Ryan. He went from a drunk who wanted to a have a good time to an attempted baby killer. I made him become paranoid and he pushed the people he cared about away from him. He went so far as striking the women he loves because of my treachery. He didn’t just strike her once he struck her multiple times in that brawl back at the FWA Anniversary show. He was overcome with letting his ego getting in the way of the match he got beat by Moira. He then went to Jillian De Silva for answers. Jillian should have watched what she said because Ash was on edge. He was ready to snap at any moment and it just happened to be at that time. It just so happened she was pregnant with Ewan two little bastards...I mean kids. When Ash kicked Jillian in the stomach the people around the world froze because of what Ash did. All that could be heard was Ewan cursing Ash’s name for what he did. Ash was amused with himself for what he accomplished and full accepted the cancer I brought on to him. As for Moira she wanted to learn how Jenny’s mind works and seeing I was morning after the murder of Damien you did. She wanted something and I wanted something as well. We negotiated and she helped me take you in your hometown while with Raquel and in front of your family as well. The look on your face was priceless and I get a good snicker every time I look at that footage of yourself. It seemed like you could not believe it yourself. I could believe it as could Moira.

    • Stu’s smile grows even bigger as Stu reaches into his pocket and pulls something out. What he pulled out cannot be seen as it is hidden within his fist. Stu looks a right fist holding something in there then looks back at the camera as the wind continues to blow through his hair.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: The crowd, your family, the locker room and yourself couldn’t believe what just transpired that night. Hell I bet you are still having problems coming to terms to what happened to you. It was unbelievable in your mind and though it wouldn’t happen in a thousand years. Guess what Shawn? Get use to it and learn to love it. I am loving it and so should you. Shawn if you are wondering where this is going to allow me to tell you. You are slowly becoming someone you loath. When you look in that mirror that isn’t my reflection that is yours Shawn. You are transforming yourself to become everything you hate just so you can get back at me. I’ll admit that is bold but there are consequences for every form of action. The consequence you have been dealt Shawn is that you aren’t going to be the same afterwards? It didn’t happy to Ash after he fought me. What makes you so sure it will not happen to you? You can say that you will not be corrupted but who are we fooling? You already shown signs that you are corrupted. Attacking me is nothing but committing murder is another. How far are you willing to fall from grace just to get back at me and get the World Title back? Once you fall down from grace there is no way getting back up there. Corruption is written all over you and I highly doubt you would want to go back to grace after doing those ‘acts’ you loved doing. Don’t try to lie to me Cortez because I’m a snake.

    • Stu with his free left hand he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He pulls out a cigarette and places the pack back into his pocket. He places his cigarette in his mouth. He opens his right hand holding the lighter and lights up the cigarette. He takes a deep puff and exhales slowly. Meanwhile he keeps flickering his lighter.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Speaking of lies Cortez. How long has your wife known about your little affair going on with Raquel Wednesday? She must trust you a lot to hang out with another women like that. Then again you did hang out with Anthony Jackson a lot. Perhaps you picked up the bad habits he had which ended with Jillian dumping Anthony. Unlike that there was no marriage between them even though Anthony was planning to purpose to her. Your situation is worse. Your wife can divorce you and take half of your stuff and take the kids with you. Where will that leave you? I am pretty sure Raquel isn’t rich like G-Rich and is a bitch about how much she has. She would go broke just because she loves you that much. After all her stuff including her house is posed by the IRS where will you go? Defiantly can’t go with you ex wife. Even you did I would be damn sure the kids would be ‘happy’ the daddy hurt mommy. [*Stu snickers.*] It would undoubtingly kill to have your own kids hate you. It would almost want you to pack it in. I know how much I hated my father so I can relate to your kids having a shitty father. I bet you would ‘love’ to feel like a failure as father and a husband. It would look like you have nothing to show for it. No loving trophy wife, estranged children that hate you for hurting mommy. Truth hurts doesn’t it Shawn? You know what also hurt Shawn?

    • Stu moves his right hand with lighter in hand in front of his face and starts flickering in it.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Being on fire begging for someone to put you out. Having the flesh burn on your legs, your arms, your legs, your back and your head. The flesh bubbling from all the heat the fire has produced. I would love to see a man have his flesh and skin burned away. It would be delightful for me watching. Especially the way you burned Jenny. Playing with fire is dangerous and you should have remembered the warning your parents told you. Don’t play with fire you’ll get burnt. Getting burnt is exactly what is going to happen. You burned the Goddess of Shadow and Flame and it’s time to see you pay for your crime. You burned her to get back at me and send me a message. The message was received and it was not well received. It makes me want to hate more then I would normally do. All things you thought I wouldn’t do will now happen because of what you did Shawn. Funny how the PPV is called Trial by Fire. I find it funny because fire will be in control of your fate. It doesn’t care of what you have done. All it cares about is burning brightly. All I care about is getting even with you for what you have done and the way I am going about it is going by an old saying. Do to others as others would do to you. I am going to burn your hide brightly to appease the fire and The Goddess of Shadow and Flame Jenny Ignito.

    • Stu stops flickering his lighter and places it back in his pocket. Stu grabs the gasoline canister and starts pouring it all over the crucifix and around it. The ground around the crucifix and the crucifix itself are drenched by the gasoline. The last of the gasoline pours out of the gasoline canister. Stu throws it to the side. Stu pulls out his lighter out of the pockets and starts flickering it.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Shawn you told me to go hell. Well guess what I got for you? I am bringing a piece of hell to show you. You like setting a girl I like on fire. Well we will see how much funny your wife and kids have seeing you on fire. Welcome to your own personal hell Shawn. Please enjoy your stay.

    • Stu flickers his lighter and the flame stays out. Stu drops the lighter on the ground drenched with gasoline. The wind blows through Stu’s hair as he looks on. The ground quickly catches on fire and spread up on the crucifix. The fire has overtaken the ground and crucifix. Stu reaches into his pocket. He produces two photos. The photo is one of Shawn’s wife and kids. The other is a picture at Shawn’s wedding. Stu tosses both photos into the fire. The photos catch on fire instantly and Stu smiles sadistically as he watches them burn.

    • Camera back up until you can make out Stu and the fire from a good distance away with the reddish tint in the sky.

    End of Scene

    Superstar Base Pic (Post a picture of what your character looks like, or resembles):
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    "The Destroyer" Jayson Shepherd

    Name: Jayson Shepherd (Judas Mesias)

    Nickname: The Destroyer
    Hometown: Dedham, MA
    Height: 6’9
    Weight: 315 lbs
    D.O.B.: July 30, 1979
    Entrance Theme: ‘Death Rattle’ by Pantera
    Type: Heel
    Style of Wrestling: Power & Brawler
    Gimmick: Streetfighter with Boxing, Freestyle Wrestling, & MMA training
    Valet: "The Mistress Of Destruction" Vendetta

    Manager: Trystan Delahunt

    FWA Win/Loss Record: 15-22-1 (not accurate)

    Current FWA Feuds: FWA fans, anyone not associated with Team T.D.
    FWA Accomplishments: None.....yet
    Non-FWA Accomplishments: 3X DWF World Champ, 2X DWF Tag Team Champ, 2X DWF Hardcore Champ, 1X DWF King of the Ring, 3X DWF Owner’s Cup Winner, 1X GCW United States Champ, 1X GCW Hardcore Champ, 1X PXW World Champ, 1X PXW Tag Team Champ

    Finisher(s): Total Destruction (Burning Hammer Inverted Death Valley Driver) and Cataclysm (Kudoh Driver)

    Fifteen Common Moves
    1. Big Boot (Standing and/or Running)
    2. Full Nelson Slam
    3. Chokeslam
    4. Death Rattle (Set up like a Complete Shot, but drives his opponent forward into a backbreaker)
    5. Greetings From Condon Park (Overhead Toss, aka Cracker Jack)
    6. Beat Down and Busted Up (Crucifix Bomb, aka Border Toss)
    7. Destroyerplexes (Suplexes of all varieties)
    8. Bearhug
    9. Flying Lariat (i.e. The Undertaker)
    10. Snake Eyes Turnbuckle Drop
    11. Running DDT
    12. Bicycle Kick
    13. Heart Punch
    14. Club To Back
    15. Body Punches

    Three Running Strikes
    1. Big Boot
    2. Flying Lariat (i.e. The Undertaker)
    3. Bicycle Kick

    Three Running Grapples
    1. Running DDT
    2. STO
    3. Mat Slam (Slam opponent’s head into the mat)
    Three Rebounding Moves
    1. Flapjack
    2. AA Spinebuster
    3. Military Press into a freefall gutbuster
    Four Submissions
    1. Kata Hajime
    2. Gogoplata
    3. Defibrillator (Accordion Torture Rack)
    4. STF
    Four Aerial Moves
    1. Diving Headbutt
    2. Guillotine Legdrop
    3. Diving Clothesline (i.e. Kane)
    4. Dropkick (Hey, if The Big Show could do it in WCW, I can do it here)
    Four Turnbuckle Moves
    1. Old School (Rope Walk Club)
    2. Turnbuckle Powerbomb
    3. Foot Choke
    4. Corner Strikes (i.e. Kevin Nash)

    Three Trademark Moves
    1. Death Rattle (Set up like a Complete Shot, but drives his opponent forward into a backbreaker)
    2. Defibrillator (Accordion Torture Rack)
    3. Greetings From Condon Park (Overhead Toss, aka Cracker Jack)

    General: Shoulder-length black hair, black goatee
    Tattoo(s): Lion's head (upper right arm), Irish flag w/ shamrock (upper left arm), skull w/ two blood-soaked daggers with "Win at all costs" written in Olde English around it (right shoulder blade), skull w/ tarantula and scorpion (left shoulder blade)
    Piercing(s): Bullring, left eyebrow, tongue (2x)
    Ring Attire: Black sleeveless T-shirt, black leather pants, black boots, black leather elbow-length fingerless gloves
    Entrance Attire: Black leather hooded sleeveless trenchcoat

    Base pics:
    "The Destroyer" Jayson Shepherd -

    Trystan Delahunt -

    "The Mistress Of Destruction" Vendetta -

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    Re: Stu 'The Snake' St.Clair

    Welcome back Stu. Glad to see you here!

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    'The Reborn' Phillip A. Jackson

    'The Immortal'

    Character name:
    Phillip A. Jackson (Still referred to as PAJ by others, calls himself Phillip A. Jackson)





    Associates: Viktor Maximus

    Current feuds: Whoever dare take on the project.

    Non-FWA accomplishments:
    2 x LOW Undisputed Champion
    2 x LOW United States Champion
    4 x LOW Tag Team Champion
    LOW Hall of Famer 2011
    LOW LifeTime Achievement Award 2011

    FWA accomplishments:
    2 x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    (27/7/14 - 11/9/14)
    (5/11/15 - 21/6/16)
    2 x FWA North American Champion
    1x FWA Tag Team Champion
    (26/7/2018 - )
    Most Improved of 2013
    2015 Golden Opportunity Winner (Cashed in 5/11/15)

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.):
    High Flying, Technical, Likes to control the pace, Hardcore

    A minimum of five perfected moves your character does in a match (this cannot be a finishing move, like a powerbomb or a chokeslam):
    PAJle – Pele kick
    Dropkick to the knee followed up with an enziguri
    Various Springboard moves (Such as Springboard Inverted DDT and Moonsault)
    German and Snap Suplexes
    One handed bulldog
    Half nelson slam
    Sidewalk Slam
    Back Breaker
    Thesz Press
    Heel kick
    Running Knee Drop, following up by an Elbow Drop.

    Ring Tendencies:
    Kicks opponents when they are lying on the mat.
    Taunts aggressively a lot.
    Beats down opponents.

    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:
    Amazing Splash (Spinning Frog Splash)
    720 DDT - From Springboard or turnbuckle

    Base pic for your character:
    Alex Shelley

    Theme music:
    Vacuity - Gojira
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    "The Inferno" Ryan Hall

    The Inferno

    The Last King

    The Mad Chameleon

    Ryan Hall




    An undisclosed location in the Quebec province of Canada.

    The Inferno
    The Unholy Angel
    The Last King
    The Mad Chameleon

    FWA Accomplishments
    4 time FWA World champion
    1 time FWA Hardcore champion
    Most FWA Word championship wins
    Longest reigning Hardcore champion of all time
    2009 Carnal Contendership winner
    Started career 9-0 to create the first ever famous undefeated streak
    Former member and one of the leaders of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman
    Co-creator of the legendary Unholy Uprising
    Has defeated over a dozen former FWA or WHC champions
    Officially the 2nd Senior/Longest running member of the FWA (debut in April 2006) 8 years and 8 months & counting

    Non-FWA Accomplishments
    1 time EAW World champion
    1 time IWL World champion
    1 time EAW Inter-American champion

    8-0 professional MMA record
    Former DREAM Heavyweight champion
    Former Strikeforce Heavyweight champion
    DREAM Openweight tournament champion

    2004 NCAA Heavyweight champion
    2003 NCAA Heavyweight runner up
    4 time All American collegiate wrestler


    Style Of Wrestling
    MMA, Aggressive but Technical, Amateur wrestling

    A man with a thousand faces and a thousand allegiances... though he has stayed true to only one... his allegiance to himself. After a long road to redemption and winning back the hearts of the fans and his peers he made a deal with the "Devil" and by result has at long last won back his coveted FWA Undisputed championship. Not much is known by his childhood as his family is dead and the only information we have received is that which Ryan Hall has shared with us. He lost his family in a traumatic inferno that engulfed his childhood home and left him with scars that he claimed sparked the first little flame that became the Inferno. He is

    Current FWA Feuds:
    Stu St. Clair, The entire FWA roster


    He has burn scars scattered through out his body and one hardly noticeable on his face.

    Inferno Cutter (jumping cutter)
    Hell's Fall (package piledriver)
    Unholy Asphyxiation (Jon Jones/Mike McKenzei-style guillotine)

    Perfected Wrestling Moves
    The Unholy Cutter (The Drift)
    Inverted Headlock Backbreaker
    German Suplex
    Missile Dropkick
    Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
    Rock style DDT
    Judo Throw
    Spear into mount
    Double Leg into mount w/punches
    Double Leg into side control w/ punches
    Snap Suplex
    Hammerlock DDT
    Snap Neckbreaker
    Death Valley Driver
    Kimura Lock
    Triangle Choke
    Triangle Choke reversal into dominant position
    BJJ sweeps
    Various suplexes
    Various throws

    Entrance theme

    "The Devil In I" by Slipknot

    Slipknot - The Devil In I - YouTube

    Sample Promo

    The Mad Chameleon

    "Eyes That See Darkness."

    "A Heart That Feels Light."

    "Feet That Seek Originality."

    So many layers... So many lies... So many wolves... So many sheep...

    It's a world of the honorable and the successful.

    You cannot be a man of honor and reach the top of this world...

    You cannot have a code of conduct that condemns my action without being a hypocritical fool filled with envy.

    The perfume of the jealous leaves a stinking rotting stench... for anyone who denies me or pretends I am the devil is only jealous of my ability in this game.

    This is not a game for the old... yet an "old" man has gone and change the game.

    This is my game...

    I see darkness but illuminate it with the light inside my heart... and then I drop everyone on their hands by rejecting both sides of the coin and forging my own.

    I am originality.

    I am the game changer.

    I am forever changing my colors like a chameleon...

    forever adapting...

    forever evolving...

    My colors reflect my surroundings and I will take your success and use it against you.

    You can call it unfair... You can call it unjust. You can call it whatever you will but the rules of this game I have written on the front of my hand while the secrets of lie on the back.

    I am the mad chameleon. I am the bridge between the past, present and future.


    Colors, All we see is the ever-changing hue of the rainbow flashing before our watchful eyes. An intensity and explosion of flavor and color that dances in our senses and shifts between the spectrum. It never stays one color, a constant blend of adaptability... The lights begin to settle down and lose their erratic electricity. As the brightness slowly dies down we now realize we are surrounded by mirrors. They are all around you engulfing the scene in an endless reflection. It's a long corridor of mirrors that stretch as far as the eyes can see and before your eyes you see your reflection before you a hundredfold. You raise your foot and take a step and a hundred clones follow your movements in unison. You continue to walk down the endless hallway of mirrors until you see a shirtless man standing in the middle of the spectacle. He is only wearing thin jeans stained in what appears to be multicolored paint... only it's not. All the colors, they reflect off of him as if the colors are blending into his skin. He turns to face you and you realize who it is. The man of a thousand nicknames... the teller of a hundred stories and the architect of betrayal and scheming. He is the one and only Ryan Hall... A disgraced Hall of Famer who relishes in the aura of hatred. He stands before you multicolored like a human chameleon blending in with his surroundings... The color finally completely dies out and he turns around to face the hall of mirrors while completely ignoring your existence. He walks into the myriad of mirrors and his reflection begins to appear all around you. You follow as you notice you don't reflect in the mirrors at all... like a vampire your presence is completely undetected by the accompanying mirrors. Ryan Hall continues to walk until he is surrounded by all sides by his own reflection when suddenly everything begins to morph. Right before his eyes he sees his entire list of identities manifest themselves in human form right before him. He sees the scared shitless kid crying in the ashes of his forgotten home... clutching the burns on his body as he witnesses with his own point of view, the birth of the Inferno. Bathed in the fire, however the kid still doesn't resemble the monster we have all come to know. Ryan presses on as the reflection changes to the chaotic rookie who wanted nothing more than to prove himself to the world, prove his worth.. and that he mattered. He smiles and shakes his head at the naive kid before him. His thoughts shift back to the days of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman and the ultimate betrayal that became known as the second initiation of the Inferno. He recalls Daniel Sinclair and eXcellence taking away his opportunity to win his first FWA championship and robbing him of vengeance against Sean Kelleher. As he remembers these events and the pit of fire he was thrown into the reflections before him grow even more distorted as burns begin to spread until we see the scarred state he was in after the first ever Trial By Fire. This Inferno... is angrier... full of hate and desire to destroy, a true avenger. Ryan recalls getting his long awaited revenge on Sean Kelleher and going on to win his second and third world titles. That's what it was all about right? The titles... not the bonds... not the friends... not the fans and certainly not a silly girl. All he wanted was what he originally wanted... and still wants, the recognition. He stands firm at his past selves in his beliefs and determination to reach the top of this world once again. He smirks and walks forward... through his former selves and into his future. His thoughts shift toward the biggest match of his career, a match of redemption, vengeance, recognition and worth. His reflection now back to normal begins to distort until the image of Ryan Hall is that of Nate Richardson, One of his opponents at Mile High. He stops and the image of Nate Richardson stares back at him reflecting his movements perfectly... or is it... that has has BECOME Nate Richardson?

    "Can you recognize me? Can you see through the illusion and see the truth of who I am? I am Nate Richardson... The Nightmare... The Rightfully Reborn... The one man who has stood by Ryan Hall no matter all the despicable acts he has committed. The lies... The wars... The Inferno's snake-like nature has never caused me to lose faith in my friend, even when he has lost faith in me. I will continue to believe in Ryan Hall because I am an idiotic fool who can't see the truth behind the veil of my own envy. I want Ryan's greatness... I admire it and I crave it... but most of all I resent the fact that I can never be him. That is why I blame you fans... Not because you have betrayed me or never done anything for me... But because I have never been able to achieve the level or aura of The Inferno. He doesn't care about anybody or anything and that is why I choose to turn my back on you fans... because I want to be like him. Why else would I follow him blindly into the Seraphim? So I could capture some of his essence and bottle it, cage it and find a way to emulate him better than he emulates everyone else. As Nate Richardson, I don't stand a chance... but standing next to Ryan Hall... I was a part of something but then he cast me aside once again. This is now my chance, to show everyone that Nate Richardson is on Ryan Hall's level. All I have to do is win Mile High and become the FWA champion... but I know that won't happen... that CAN'T happen... because I am me... and Ryan Hall..."

    The face of Nate Richardson suddenly turns back to the face of Ryan Hall.

    "Well, Ryan Hall is Ryan Hall. I have always been a step above Nate Richardson at every turn... I surpassed him in 2006 and I have never slowed down, meanwhile he hiccups along at every turn... forever chasing the flames of the Inferno he could never catch. Friends are simply worthless bonds when it comes to this wrestling world. I will never let bonds come between me and my goals and those that do will only become tools for my grand design. Manipulation over friendship, betrayal over bonds and vengeance over brothers. You could never be me Nate Richardson, I have shown you that what... five time in a row now? Well this will be the sixth... my friend... my brother in resistance and fallen wing of the Seraphim... If you stand between me and what is mine you will find out the meaning of blood brothers... as I hold up the FWA champion wearing a crimson mask of YOUR blood. Stand down little brother... Stand down. We have had quite the history between us both... Starting way back in 2006 we first came across each other's paths are enemies and both of us taking two very different roads. You were the new North American champion and I was a hotshot rookie who won the Hardcore championship and just suffered the first loss of his career to then FWA champion, Sean Kelleher. It was a match that held little significance at the time but we put on a wrestling spectacle and stole the show for ourselves... but in the end I lost and you went on to hold the North American championship for a record amount of time. Me however... I plotted my revenge and made myself stronger... All I wanted to do was surpass people like you. Soon believe it or not we actually joined forces in a sister federation of the FWA and started the Resistance with G-Rich... we ran through the company in record time but I still found myself envious of the Nightmare I lost too. A few years past before I finally got my chance to face you again and what a perfect story it was. The legendary Ryan Hall returned at Back In Business to end the career of the infamous Sean Kelleher and went on to face the FWA champion Nate "The Nightmare" Richardson for the title at Payback. It was the ultimate redemption story for me and like any good story I conquered the Nightmare and became the world champion once again. It was a defining moment in my career AND in yours. Ever since that day I have never looked back and you could never stop chasing MY back. I became a fleeting dream, the more you try to remember... the more I escape you and float away. I am no longer in your league Nate... am I far superior to you now... like I have shown you five time in a row now. This match is about the redemption of Ryan Hall... not the Rightfully Reborn. I have already defeated you and stolen everything about you that was worthwhile. I emulated your style and perfected it and now it is but a mere piece of Ryan Hall."

    Ryan Hall closes his eyes and ventures forward until his thoughts of Nate Richardson are gone from his mind. Suddenly his thoughts shift to himself... His arrogance... His obsession with himself grows and as this obsession of vanity grows his reflection begins to morph into the ugly face of Duke Drazin.

    Duke Drazin's Reflection: Duke Drazin knows only one thing... Duke Drazin is a God among the tiniest of insects and this match is but a cruel joke FWA has played onto Drazin's opponents. It does not matter that almost every single one of these guys have beaten Drazin... It does not matter that every single one of Drazin's opponents is much more Hall of Fame caliber than Drazin could ever be. All that matters is Duke Drazin. Hall of Blame... You continue to blame everyone for your actions even though you personally admitted all of it was bullshit and part of your plan to garner trust through out FWA. Drazin is blind to this... Drazin does not accept this and Drazin does not accept my loss to you either. How could a God like Drazin every loss to a stinking pile of puss like the Blame of Hall or Hall of Shame... whatever Drazin does not need to remember things... he is a God. He does not need to remember all his failed attempts at winning the FWA championship... All those losses to Matt Boudreau and how long Drazin had to wait to steal his opportunity to gain what was rightfully his. Drazin will win Mile High because Drazin was chosen by God, er I mean Drazin was chosen by Drazin to win this match.

    Coming down off this arrogant power trip... the mad chameleon's reflection shifts back into Ryan Hall.

    "The only thing that matters to Duke Drazin is padding his own ego. This guy makes the combined egos of everyone else in the match look like nothing and this is not something a champion should be. This is not the attribute of the greatest and baddest man in the world. This is the characteristic of a little boy who can only tell jokes and call people names because history has already shown he is the WEAKEST link in this entire match. Duke Drazin? Please... The only time that name will ever be on a title again is if 3/4 of the roster decide to pack up their shit and leave. I beat you once you arrogant psychopath and no matter how much you will it with your "God-like" prowess... the ending for you is inevitable. It may not be me being victorious... but your end is already written in stone. A winner can except his faults and admit his mistakes. I have admitted mine... confessed the vile things I have done... and admitted to everyone that I am a lying monster. What are you Duke Drazin? Will you ever admit what you truly are? A failure. I may not have been around when you first came skulking around the halls of FWA and I may not have faced you more than one time... but the one time was all I needed to measure your worth. Your delusions of grander will not save you from the awful truth that stares you in the face. You are out of your league in this match, this isn't something you have a chance of winning... Hell you couldn't beat ANYBODY in this match in a one on one competition now could you? Your pathetic... You can tell all the jokes about me you want it's never going to change the facts. Facts are facts... Jokes are just humor that makes people forget that I beat you, 1-2-3 and it helps people forget that you are your biggest and ONLY fan. I can't stand to hear your first... and it would be an honor for me to rip your precious vocal cords out for you. Now that would be a joke for the ages... A voiceless ego maniac. I will steal your voice... just like I have stolen everything and what little is good about you. I am the mad chameleon and your strengths are my strengths."

    He closes his eyes once again and forgets about his arrogance and his ego... he let's it all go and continues to walk through the never-ending corridor. The sound of a slithering snake passes through his ear drums... and his reflection once again changes... this time to another brother in arms... The Snake... The demon within the man, Stu St. Clair. Once again he reflects the blood brother of his enemy... and his own stable brother. He is Stu St. Clair... and Stu him.

    Ryan "The Snake" Hall: Looking into the heart of a man, you can always find a demon. A disgusting... demented... dangerous creature that claws it's way into the heart of men and always fights to corrupt and destroy. Any man can succumb to these demons... but sometimes the dark passenger slips through our souls and into our hearts. It corrupts and blackens and destroys everything we hold dear. You can only keep the darkness at bay for so long but it comes pouring out in all it's fury. I have lost everything because of this dark passenger that dwells deep inside... always waiting... always plotting... with his watchful eyes. I have lost my son... Micah and everything that I love in this world and now I have to see it smeared across my face every single time I step foot into the FWA. I can't take it... it's too much... I feel the walls slipping... I feel the dam breaking... but wait. . . This is the wrong match for me? Gabrielle isn't here... Where or where do I steer my darkness?

    The face of the snake distorts and chances until it once again becomes the face of the Inferno. He smiles sadistically and speaks softly.

    "The only logical place to point your darkness is towards yourself... that is the only person you have to blame for everything that has happened to you. So, you're being tortured? Boo hoo. Get the hell over and it and deal with it like a real man... stop wallowing in self pity because you don't have a family. You don't need a family... In fact I am personally going to help you out in that regard, o my brother. How you ask? Well that's so simple! I am going to destroy your very own little brother? Isn't that so sweet of me? I am going to show you that the darkness you feel is nothing but broken bonds that you shouldn't even concern yourself with. Micah... Gabrielle... they will be on your mind in this match up and for you.. with all that anger and no little **** bitch to thrust it at? What will you do...? Well. I have an answer for that question to... Nothing. You can just stand there and watch as I destroy your brother because if you come across my path I won't hesitate to use your blood bond to your brother as a message to him. This match isn't about you, you don't belong in it... but your blood does bring a quite an amusing game for me... How much blood of Wolf's family can I spill in one match? Well... At Mile High I am going to solve this riddle... And now I have a riddle for you...? How many Infernos does it take to win the FWA championship? Don't answer please... We all know that answer. There was a time when I honestly looked up to you as the greatest wrestler in FWA history but after returning and seeing the empty shell you have become, I have changed my opinion. You have become nothing but a walking disgrace to the greatness that people call Crossfire. A man I once looked up too I now look down upon and it's hard to believe you ever held FOUR world titles. Maybe I am wrong however... Maybe you aren't a disgrace to the legacy of Crossfire, maybe you are living proof that the show wasn't that good to begin with. Hype hype hype... that is all that surrounds your forever fading legacy. It may be time for someone to step up and put you to rest before you bring anymore shame to the friend I once knew named Stu St. Clair. Maybe its time the snake sheds it's skin of FWA and slithers back into the hole of darkness from which it came. I don't wish to be the one... and maybe it won't be this coming day that it happens... but I will put you down if I have too, and brother... you know I can AND will. I am everything you are but better... I am deeper... darker... but most importantly, I am NOT a shell of my former glory. I only continue to get better... while you fade away."

    The Mad Chameleon laughs to himself as he walks deeper and deeper in the hall of mirrors. The various hue of colors around him begin to fall into darkness. The color of red stays however... the hint of red illuminates the darkness and an uneasy feeling sets down in the pit of your stomach. Ryan Hall reaches into his jean's pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He grabs one with his teeth and pulls it out of the match before striking and match and holding the flame up to the deathstick. Ryan then takes a long drag of the cigarette and sighs as he exhales. The mirrors begin to get cloudy and the identity of the reflection becomes lost. The Inferno stops and looks into nearby mirror... he stares hard until the face of Wolf appears. He snarls as the face of Wolf snarls back.

    Adryan Wolf: "The time has finally come for vengeance... Justice is coming for the pieces of shit known as Ryan Hall and Chris Kennedy. For years I have worked day in and day out... HARDER THAN ANYONE ELSE... yet it's Ryan Hall and Chris Kennedy who get the spotlight. NO, that's fucking bullshit... I will be damned if I sit back while those spineless sons of bitches get away with their cowardly acts of nonsense. Ryan Hall... is without a doubt the biggest disgrace to this sport... He is nothing but an old washed up turd who burns anything that comes close to him. You are nothing but a shell of your former self who disgraces those of us who actually work for a living while you lazily sit on your sofa and plot while Dinorah Redgrave hands you TITLE SHOT AFTER TITLE SHOT. IT'S BULLSHIT! I CAN'T FUCKING STAND YOU! I SHOOK YOUR FUCKING HAND AND YOU USE THE OTHER ONE TO STICK A KNIFE IN MY BACK?! NO FUCKING WAY! I WILL BE DAMNED IF YOU'RE THE GUY THAT TAKES ME OUT! I AM GOING TO BREAK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR..."

    Slowly the rage and intensity of Wolf shifts into the furious face of the one and only Ryan Hall. The man chameleon has taken yet another face.

    "Sometimes what is viewed through the eyes of fool can never be explained. Their perception on reality is much different than those of us who have keen eyes and the ability to peer into one's heart. Rage... Intensity... Anger... These are all useful tools in their own right but when used in excess they are nothing but useless baggage. It's not healthy to walk around angry all the time, in fact it might just shorten someone's career. Sound familiar? Well it certainly should. Adrian Wolf, all that hatred you hold inside you is going to eat you alive one day... kind of like a Wolf eating a little doe while it's still breathing... ironic how you would be that sad little doe in this case. You may hate me... and you have every reason to do so... but I hate you as well. Tell me something Adrian... do you think your hate is greater than mine? Do you think I have forgiven you for Carnal Contendership? How about for Golden Opportunity? Or maybe... just maybe you ACTUALLY thought I forgot about Back In Business? If so you are the most naive little monster I have ever met. All these... these three points in time are just drops of water in sand compared to the level I hate you as a person. You by far are the biggest hypocrite in wrestling today. You attack me... sabotage me... cost me multiple shots at the world title I worked so hard to get back and what... you were just helping me realize who I was? Was that you said after Back In Business? Sorry... I find it's hard to remember bullshit. You were jealous... Envious of the man I was and the fact that after all your hard work I walked back into this business and blew everyone's fucking minds. Meanwhile you sat there in the shadows... everyone had already forgotten your epic bout with Chris Kennedy for the Undisputed FWA championship? Everyone cast you back in the shadows and you were not but jealous of the spotlight being on me. So you attack me... justified your reasons with the first load of bullshit that came to your head and then after shaking my hand refused to listen to my words as your "friend". So I used that opportunity... yes I wanted to end your career not to help you... but to appease my own sick sense of justice. I wanted to break your legs so you could never walk again... but I settled for Sara saying I quit for you. Well, that wasn't enough... Your bitch stepping in is NOT MY JUSTICE. My justice ends when you end Wolf... it ends when your spirit finally breaks and your inner wolf dies with one last pathetic whimper. I wanted to hurt you... I wanted you to know I never forgot you... and then..."

    The reflection of Ryan Hall begins to distort into the face of three different men. It's the face of Ryan Hall, Adrian Wolf AND Chris Kennedy all morphed into one disturbing figure.

    "That's right... that's when Chris Kennedy appeared. He approached me with a deal, a proposal, an opportunity that most would turn their nose at and scoff as they walked away. It was a deal with the devil that most probably see as me being used by the Syndicate or me being used by the FWA champion, Chris Kennedy. Tch. Only simpletons and fools could possibly see it that way... I am the ultimate opportunist... and this was the ultimate opportunity. I saw a way to not only screw Wolf out of the FWA championship but effectively let the world know my true intentions... and who my true enemies are. Not only that... But I got the chance to lay me hands on that mutt... and see his face when his world came crumbling down and knew it was ME who sent him there. This current situation we find ourselves in was not created by Chris Kennedy or Ryan Hall however... it was created by Adrian Wolf. Everything that is happening, every horrible situation he finds himself in, he has only himself to blame. Wolf... You told me I was washed up... yet I am embarking on my longest and most successful streak in my wrestling career. You told me I wasn't hard worker... implying I was taking weeks off. Yet since my return YOU have taken WAY more weeks off than I have. You know how many weeks I have had off this past year? Two... two weeks... out of almost an entire year... and unlike you ya bastard I didn't request those off! SO... tell me... who is the hypocrite. Is it Ryan Hall? or is it you flea bag?! Don't worry... You don't need to answer because the truth is evident. I have been called a liar... however I don't need a reason to lie to you. The truth is my friend and I can use it to disprove anything you throw against me. You sir... have done to me everything I have done to you... yet you talk about me like I a scum? That is why I hate you more than anyone else. That is why I won't rest until you are nothing but ashes in a urn above my fireplace, because YOU are NO hero. You are NO antihero. YOU ARE NO SAVIOR! Your fury, your fire, your anger... throw it all at me... smite me with it and try and destroy me... you're destined to fail because this isn't a fairy tale and you aren't a hero. You're just an ugly bastard who got way in over his head against a guy who never forgets. So tell me Adrian... what will it take until you quit? How many loved ones must fall? Bones must break? and blood must fall? We shall find out... and it won't end at Mile High but IT WILL BEGIN! FROM THE WOLF... I HAVE STOLEN HIS RAGE! HIS INTENSITY!! HIS FURY!!!"

    A sly smirk sneaks across the face of the now silent Ryan Hall as he approaches the nearing end of the labyrinth of mirrors and reflections. The mad chameleon finishes what is left of his cigarette and throws it behind him almost hitting you in the face... once again completely denying your own existence. He travels throw a maze of mirrors before reaching the last corridor. It's a straight hallway filled with side by side mirrors the cover the ceiling, walls and even the floor. He steps into the hallway and walks toward the multicolored light that lies at the end of the tunnel. As he paces through the tunnel reaching the end of his journey his reflections begin to morph into perhaps the second or even the MOST important man in this match... either way a champion always deserves the last... even if it's a chameleon.

    Ryan Christopher Kennedy
    "The time... of a new era IS upon us all... Here comes the fall of my biggest enemies. Those who dared to think they were my equal's and could ever match up to the greatest champion this company has ever seen. You arrogant pieces of shit are so full of yourselves you probably think you actually have a chance don't you? Don't be fools. Adrian Wolf... I once respected you but now all I do is resent the words I once spoke about you. You are nothing but a washed up has been... much like the silly fool Ryan Hall. He probably thinks he is getting the better of this deal... Hah what a farce. I destroyed the entire Seraphim and took away one of the biggest contenders in one fell swoop... The Syndicate has no opposition and will continue to take out everyone who corrupts this corporation. Ryan Hall... You are nothing more than a carbon copy of Chris Kennedy. Even though you were here first and are more emulated than anyone in FWA history you dare say the same words of the dictionary as I do? You don't deserve to stand in my shadow but out my good graces I have allowed you to revel in the success of the Syndicate and follow us into prosperity. Your Seraphim was a joke and your claim to the title is a j-..."

    The reflection of Chris Kennedy begins to become droopy and distorted. The face begins to melt as fire appears all around him into he is covered in flames. When the flames finally die down it is Ryan Hall standing in the reflection... The Inferno himself. Ryan stops and looks to his own reflection in his mirror and he smiles.

    "A joke... Nothing more than a has been... old... Half committed... Lazy... Fool... Hypocrite... Just a bunch of words my enemies have thrown out me since I have returned to not only deter my confidence but to fool everyone else into believing they may be right. Everyone talks about Ryan Hall and all the awful despicable things he has done. These are nothing more than what Kennedy does best. Words in the form of weapons. I will admit... Chris Kennedy... You do an awesome job at defeating opponents before they ever step foot in the ring with you. You rip them into shreds with your words until they have no confidence left and they walk out onto that stage only a shadow of a man. Not only that... but you are also one hell of one an athlete and one damn cocky asshole. You have the skills... You have the persona... You have that family name crested onto your legacy. You have everything anyone could ever hope for in a champion except there's just one problem. THERE'S ME. There is a looming shadow cast over your rising legacy... A snaking overcast cloud closing in on everything you hold dear to to you... and that shadow is ME. You have everything going for you in life... but so do I. I may have not have the famous last name... I may not have the rockstar good looks... I may not have the Hollywood films under my belt and I may not have a FWA legend of a wife, slut or not to stand by my side... But I have my fire... I have my passion... and I have my unholy determination to never give up! I will never stop clawing my way to the top! I will never allow myself to settle for mediocrity or be talked down by the fancy trash talk you call a promo! This alliance, power trip or whatever the hell you wish to call this alignment doesn't mean a damn thing to me! It was all just a means to an end that allowed me to get to this point. I respect you, I will continue to respect you after this match and I hope you harbor no ill will to me... Actually wait I don't hope that... I just realized I don't care."

    He snorts at the thought at himself caring about some arrogant snob growing up in a mansion somewhere and being handed the keys to the FWA Ferrari.

    "Not me... Not when I lost everything as a kid and fought for every single thing I have in this world! I didn't get handed my mansion... I didn't have fancy wrestling instructors as a kid! I had none of that! I worked for it! How dare any of you question my work ethic when I have created a mountain of legacy out of a an ant hill to start from! You snobby son of bitches can burn to the ground when I stand above you all and you realize you made mistake by ever writing me off! Chris Kennedy... This alliance between you and me... Is a symbiotic relationship... You are using me and I am using you. You may think you are the architect of Seraphim's destruction but you would be sadly mistaken. That faction... was never meant to be the big bad opposition to the Syndicate... The fact that you probably thought it was only adds to the credit of my planning. It did EXACTLY what it needed to... provided me with an overwhelming force of talent that I could use to propel myself back into the mountain tops of FWA. Because of this... An offer came around... One that would not only shock the world and put the name Ryan Hall back to the forefront of everyone's minds but earn me another title shot after I have had so many ripped away from me. This is my chance to prove myself once again as the undisputed King of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. Not only that... but I will be it's Last King... An everlasting king that will sit on that throne until the end of it's days. The name Ryan Hall will surpass all others... the Kennedy name... the Boudreau hype... The St. Clair legend... All of them are nothing but falsitudes and false hype. My fire... My Inferno burning inside me gravitates me toward you Chris Kennedy... it calls on me to destroy you. It calls upon me to end this once and for all! This is the end for you... This is the end for all of you! Chris Kennedy... it's your magnificent aura and stylistic presentation that I will take from you!"

    The Mad Chameleon finally reaches the end of the corridor and reaches 5 mirrors with one giant mirror hanging high above them all. Each of the five mirrors reflect back each of his five opponents in this match. Nathan Richardson, Duke Drazin, Stu St. Clair, Adrian Wolf... and Chris Kennedy. Each of them great in their own right... but each of them... emulated... adapted...

    Above them all their appearances morph into one person and that is a brand new magnificent Ryan Hall... something more than just an Inferno... Something more than all of them. This "Reflection" is multicolored and multi-layered.

    "All of you... All five of you have things about you that are great... and things about you that aren't. All of these things I have cleverly and closely examine and emulated in my own ways but now comes the moment of truth. This is the moment where I turn your greatest strengths against your greatest weaknesses... As a not so wise man once said... Your colors have been stolen... Stolen by the Mad Chameleon. I have morphed myself into all of you but don't think for a second this means I am just cheap copies of you. You couldn't be farther from the truth if you have come to those explanations. I am all of you... PLUS MYSELF. All my strengths... All my power... is only multiplied by everything I have taken away from performing with each of you. Mile High is the birth of the Mad Chameleon... and a new age in the FWA. Ladies, gentleman, mutts and gerbils... This is the beginning of the Colors era... and all of you are colorless."

    All of the mirrors shatter all around him and thousands of pieces of glass shards and crystals fall all around him glittering beautifully in the hues of the surrounding colors. The colors continue to reflect all around our antagonist as you can only watch in awe... as the colors fade and the light falls into darkness.
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      Country                    United States

    Devin Golden

    "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden
    Height: 6-1
    Weight: 205 pounds
    Age: 33
    Years of wrestling experience: Nine
    Years in FWA: Seven
    Gimmick: Emo, gothic heel; no longer "The Heart of a Champion" but a charcoal heart, free of the chains and limitations enforced by his heroic ways
    Current FWA feuds: N/A
    Style of wrestling: High flyer and technical mixed
    FWA title reigns: 3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion, 4x FWA Tag Team Champion, 2x FWA X-Division Champion
    FWA accomplishments: For many years held record for longest X Championship reign; only person ever to hold the World Heavyweight title and tag team titles at the same time; member of the famous tag team "Sunrise-Sunset;" founder of The Crossfire Great Siege; 5-2 record in Tapei Death matches; fourth person in FWA history to compete in 100 matches
    FWA win-loss record: 89-56-3

    Title-reign history
    05/17/2009 - 01/17/2010
    09/04/2015 - 10/19/2015

    FWA World Tag Team Championships
    07/17/2010 - 10/02/2010 w/ Mike Curtis
    10/02/2010 - 10/30/2010 w/ Moira Crawford
    10/30/2010 - 11/18/2011 w/ Ashley 'O Ryan

    FWA World Heavyweight Championship
    11/20/2010 - 1/24/2011
    06/27/2015 - 08/08/2015
    10/31/2015 - present

    FWA Tag Team Championships
    10/10/2012 - 06/08/2013 w/ Ryan Rondo

    Vertical suplex into a faceplant
    Diving crossbody
    Somersault plancha from inside the ring to the outside
    Triple rolling German suplexes
    Single-leg boston crab
    Step-up enzuiguri
    Knife-edge chops
    Top-rope moonsault
    Stalling vertical suplex
    Swinging neckbreaker
    Double underhook gutbuster

    "Golden Touch" frogsplash
    "Thunder clash" sitout faceplant

    Appearance: Black eyeliner, dark black hair with long bangs and gold-colored hair hanging down on the front-left side of the face, stud earrings, unshaven face, spiked hair, full-sleeve tattoos on the right arm but none on the left arm, open black jacket, no shirt and black pants

    Theme music: "Coma" by Guns 'N Roses

    Speed - 88
    Strength - 87
    Quickness - 82
    Intelligence - 94
    Grappling - 87
    Striking - 87
    Heart/will - 91
    Reversals - 85
    Tenacity - 86
    Aggressiveness - 89
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    The Brethren El - Ayla El & Divine

    This is temporary as I can't really remember the originals.

    Character name: Ayla El
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Age: 26
    Face/heel/tweener: Heel
    Current feuds: Kassie Summers
    Non-FWA accomplishments:
    FWA accomplishments: Women's Champion X1
    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one:
    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.): Technical/Brawler (cheats when she has to)
    A minimum of five perfected moves your character does in a match (this cannot be a finishing move, like a powerbomb or a chokeslam):
    Half Boston Crab
    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:
    Bitck Kick - Spinning Kick
    Base pic for your character: Meagan Good
    Theme music: "ET"/"All The Things She Said"
    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us:
    Ayla: I am Ayla El. The most holy and pious ruler of the FWA. As your ruler, I will lead the FWA to true purity as I am the greatest entity that the FWA has ever seen. The Brethren El will lead all the FWA into the light.

    Character name: Divine
    Height: ???
    Weight: ???
    Age: ???
    Face/heel/tweener: Heel
    Current feuds: Kassie Summers
    Non-FWA accomplishments:
    FWA accomplishments:
    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one:
    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.): Crazy/Mind Games
    A minimum of five perfected moves your character does in a match (this cannot be a finishing move, like a powerbomb or a chokeslam):
    Butt Bump
    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:
    Divine Touch - Powerbomb
    Base pic for your character: Raven Symone's girlfriend
    Theme music: "ET"/"All The Things She Said"
    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us:
    Divine: Divine is a devout follower of Ayla El. Listening to her almighty words, Divine will be able to ruthlessly carry the FWA into the light and mould it into Ayla El's vision of it.

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    "Living Mythology" Jason Gryphon

    Name: Jason Gryphon
    Nickname: "The Living Mythology"
    Height: 6' 5''
    Weight: 245 pounds
    Age: 29
    Years of wrestling experience: Two
    Years in FWA: Two
    Gimmick: Heavy Fan Favorite
    Current FWA feuds: None Yet
    Style of wrestling: Speed and Power
    FWA title reigns: 1x FWA North American Champion, 1x FWA X-Division Champion, Final 24/7 Champion
    FWA accomplishments: 2013 Rookie of the Year, North American Champion, X-Division Champion and Ultimate X Winner.
    FWA win-loss record: 23-14-3
    Shoulder Tackle
    Military Press into an Oklahoma Slam.
    Tornado DDT
    Reality Check
    Spinning Side Slam
    Suicide Dive
    Stinger Splash
    Stalling Suplex
    Fall-Away Slam
    Float Over DDT
    Triple German Suplex
    Sidewalk Slam Into a Backbreaker
    Carolina Cloverleaf (Texas Cloverleaf)

    The Lion's Lariat (Discus Clothesline from Hell)
    The Eagles Wings (Flying Crossbody)

    Appearance: Jason comes out wearing a white and black sleeveless hooded robe. His tights are white with black lettering. He also wears black boots with white kickpads on them.

    Base pic:

    Theme music:

    Jason makes his way out onto the stage as the first verse of this song finishes. He points to the heavens and a continuious stream of golden pryo shoots out of the stage. He walks up to several young members of the crowd and places his forehead against theirs (ala Rey Mysterio). He gets into the ring and goes up onto all four turnbuckles, pointing to the heavens.

    Speed - 90
    Strength - 90
    Quickness - 85
    Intelligence - 95
    Grappling - 85
    Striking - 88
    Heart/will - 98
    Reversals - 83
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    Jethro Warren

    Meet the Warrens...

    Name: Jethro Warren

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 257 lb.

    Age: 28

    Face/heel/tweener: Heel

    Current feuds: Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird


    Amber Warren

    Jethro's Black-Hearted Bride

    Thomas Princeton

    Executive Excellence


    National President, Vultures Motorcycle Club

    "Vultures on the Empire"

    FWA accomplishments: None

    FWA Win/Loss Record: 10-12-2

    WIN - vs. James Sync (Fight Night 11/15/2013)
    LOSS - vs. Carmine "Grim" Reaper (Fight Night 11/22/2013)
    WIN - vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird (Fight Night 11/29/2013)
    LOSS - vs. Christian Quinn (w), Alexander Askerov, Carmine "Grim" Reaper (Trial By Fire 2013)
    LOSS - vs. Thomas Princeton (Fight Night 1/3/14)
    WIN - w/ Alexander Sokolov vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird & Tobias Cooper (Fight Night 1/8/2013)
    WIN - w/ Drew Stevenson vs. Carmine "Grim" Reaper & Tobias Cooper (Fight Night 1/24/2013)
    LOSS - X-Division/Emerald Championship Match vs. Drew Stevenson (c) vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs. Alexander Sokolov (Aces High 2014)
    WIN - w/ Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs. Carmine "Grim" Reaper & Thomas "Iceman" Jones (Fight Night 2/21/2014)
    LOSS - vs. Ryan Rondo (Fight Night 2/28/2014)
    WIN - w/ Lucian Ace & Christian Quinn vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird & Vodka and Venom (Fight Night 3/14/2014)
    LOSS - vs. Brian Carter (Fight Night 3/21/2014)
    WIN - vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird, Quake with Fear Death Match, X-Division Tournament Match (Back in Business IX)
    LOSS - vs. Thomas Princeton (Fight Night 4/18/2014)
    LOSS - vs. The Mist, Thumbtack Match, X-Division Tournament Finals (Fight Night 5/2/2014 - Main Event)
    DRAW - w/ Amber & Trace vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird(Fight Night 5/16/2014)
    LOSS - X-Division Championship Match, First Blood vs. The Mist (c) vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird (Aftershock 2014)
    WIN - vs. Dave Sullivan (Fight Night 6/6/2014)
    LOSS - w/ Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs. The Kennedy/Carter Administration (Fight Night 6/20/2014 - Main Event)
    LOSS - w/ Executive Excellence vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird & The Kennedy/Carter Administration (Fight Night 6/27/2014)
    DRAW (No Contest) - Unlock and Load Match - vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird (Red, White, and Bruised 2014)
    LOSS - FWA World Tag Team Championship Match, Executive Excellence vs. The Kennedy/Carter Administration (Red, White, and Bruised 2014)
    WIN - Number 1 Contenders Tournament for the North American Championship vs. Prince Abdullah Assad (Smash 7/31/2014)
    WIN - Number 1 Contenders Tournament for the North American Championship, Finals vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs. Thomas Princeton (Fight Night 8/15/2014)

    Style of wrestling: Brawler, has a bit of technical ability, but mostly a brawler.

    Base pic for your character:


    Perfected Moves

    1)Discus Elbow
    2) Second Rope Knee Drop
    3) Giant Knee Lift to Chest
    4) Fist Drop
    5) Second Rope Fist Drop

    1) Piledriver
    2) Single Leg Boston Crab
    3) Uranage Suplex
    4) Swinging Fireman's Takeover
    5) DDT

    1)Yakuza Kick
    2)Top Rope Clothesline
    3) Warren Lungblower
    Rope Assisted Inverted Lungblower - YouTube

    Finishing Moves

    1) Warren-Flowsion
    Iikitousen - YouTube

    2) Knockout Bomb
    (usually done after turnbuckle pad has been taken off)
    Turnbuckle Powerbomb - YouTube


    Intro Promo


    We dramatically fade in from black to a beautifully decorated study. Quite subdued in nature, it is not flashy or gawdy, it has a cold, barren ascetic Sitting on the desk is a man with quite a similar coldness. Even though he's wearing the finest of tailored suits, the design is quiet, simple. He leers into the camera with a slight grin on his face.

    Jethro Warren:
    People carry their baggage through life. Every wrong... every problem... every sin... and, trust me, and every regret they've ever had... They carry it with them. It's such a waste.

    Warren is slow to stand, looking off to his side.

    Jethro Warren: Human potential is only measured by the greatness you achieve in life. End of story... It's the human condition, on the other hand, to regret anything you do for the sake of greatness at the cost of anybody around you. Big things and little things alike can hold you back... Regrets that hold you down and stop you from reaching your potential.

    Jethro peers back into the camera. His sneering grin long gone.

    Jethro Warren: Long ago, I realized that... Little things like regret held me back... Little things like regret made me one of you. Until that day... when I was fourteen and left for dead by my mom and dad. I was worth more to them dead, than alive. A big fat insurance payout was between me and their potential... In this case to make money. Not a single regret in the world, they had, putting me down for a few million. It was the greatest thing they could have ever taught me. Even when the doctors put me back together... I knew I would've done the same thing.

    He chuckles wryly.

    Jethro Warren: That's enough about me... Since that day, no more regrets. Every little thing I've achieved was at the expense of other... Sometimes honestly because of my own potential... other times the scales of fate needed to be balanced... in my favor. At the end of the day... It doesn't matter how we did it. It just matters if we did it. The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance is just another achievement, a new paradigm to test myself. Regardless of how the cards fall, they'll fall in my favor. Every match I win, and every example I have to make. *chuckles* The things I have to do... No regrets. My name is Jethro Warren. It's a name FWA history won't forget.


    Theme music:

    Dark Grounds, by: Adrian Von Ziegler

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    Re: Carmine "Grim" Reaper

    Are you ok with how I wrote the Ultimate X Match?

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    Re: Carmine "Grim" Reaper

    Yup. It was totally cool man. Glad to see you here!

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    Re: Carmine "Grim" Reaper

    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    Yup. It was totally cool man. Glad to see you here!
    I just knew that with both Blackbird & Reaper in the Ultimate X Match, I just knew that I had to write that interaction between the two of them on top of the Ultimate X Structure. Because considering what happened at last years, it just had to be written in in some form.

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    "Silver Soul" Lucian W. Ace

    "And you shall shed tears of scarlet."

    "The depths of my soul are rooted in dark thoughts… But then, we all have darkness and light in us. If we are all light on the outside, there is nothing but darkness underneath. There comes a time when the darkness must come to light."

    Name: Lucian Wolf Ace

    Nicknames: White-haired Samurai, The Blue Dragon, Cool, Silver Soul

    Hometown: Kyoto, Japan - Born in Juneau, Alaska

    Height: 6 foot 3

    Weight: 210 lbs

    Age: 19

    Hair colour: White

    Affiliation: Heel, a young boy who lost hope

    Entrance theme: Within Temptation - Demon's Fate

    FWA accomplishments: -Golden Opportunity winner

    The Cursed Fate of Lucian W. Ace

    - Lucian was born as a bastard son of a future FWA legend Adrian Wolf with with

    a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes resulting in his characteristic fair skin and white hair
    - After his FWA debut he managed to secure the managing services of the one Kerry Kennedeny for himself until he witnessed him die in the middle of the ring

    - He won the Golden Opportunity Elimination Chamber and he was granted a World title shot he was never able to take due to a serious injury
    - He was one half of the tag team called "The Ronnin" with his best friend Inazuma Izaya before Izaya disappeared without a trace
    - The lack of skin pigmentation resulted in a skin cancer which was the last straw that broke Lucian's back

    "Drop ink on the finest snow-white paper and it will inevitably absorb into black. Its purity demands it."

    (Ace after he found out about the skin cancer)

    Lucian Ace: What so you turn your backs on me and now you're trying to take my freedom of speech? people in Hammerstein Ballroom at Aces High I will say whatever the hell I want. : The fans started to boo:SHUT YOUR MOUTHS! : He growls into the mic : Listen to you all, look around, look to the person next to you and know that just like every arena full of fans over this world that you are exactly the same in that you crush the dreams of professional wrestlers all over the world. From chants of 'you cant wrestle' to boos to chants of 'boring' like you think you have some kind of right to dictate what you see. You don't pull up outside an Actors house and boo them, or heckle them because you didn't like the fact they were in a movie. No. But for some reason you think that like the judgemental maggots you are you can pay your entry fee and take your seats and you can judge us, judge ME like you even have a clue what I'm going through? : he seethes : I've been trying so hard to be a better man, to become someone that you...the fans could be proud of. : he chuckles : How naive of me right? How stupid of me to do anything for you fickle morons. You killed Lucian Ace in Hammerstein Ballroom, you sucked the passion right out of me. You left me with nothing, you turned your backs on me when I needed my fans the most and for what? Because I didn't give you your one hour match? Because I didn't put my life on the line. I WAS JUST DIAGNOSED WITH SKIN CANCER! But you selfish sons of bitches don't care about that do you? Huh? Do you? You booed me, you booed me like I'd walked out here and said your town, your local hockey team or your local football team sucked. You woke me up, you took the blinkers off of me and I realized that you don't give a rats ass about anybody but yourselves. You don't care if we live or die in this ring, hell you'd probably rather we died out here because you'd have seen a good show. I've seen video footage on youtube of Owen Hart falling down. You sick fucks felt the urge to put it up for the world to see, a husband, a father, and uncle, a son and you put his death onto youtube for the world of cynics to leave comment on. This is real life, this WAS my life and you people shit on that because I for one night of my life....stopped giving. It's take, take, take with you people and you give us nothing in return and all we ever, all we EVER asked for was to be appreciated for our talent, as human beings and you people can't even give a wrestler that. You're sick, you killed me. You hollowed me out....But most of all you woke me up. In fact I bet you people want to see Jack Gekko and Thomas Jonson put their differences aside for one night to make sure they beat me right? You WANT those two to beat me don't you? DON'T YOU?!

    He yelled rather aggressively as the fans started booing more so now as Lucian snarled out at them narrowing his eyes, maybe in aggression or maybe he was trying to focus on them. His words were rather slurred so it was clear to see he wasn't sober.

    Lucian Ace: The day you would rather a couple of CWA maggots like Jakk Gekko and Thomas Jones win than somebody who has done what I have done for you people. Well I guess I know where I stand. Jakk spelled with two Ks, we never did get that match at Aces High and who knows when we will. Frankly I just don't like you, I hate the fact that you parade yourself around here like you own this place. You have no idea what's running through my head right now. You have no idea the pain I have felt over the last few weeks. You have NO IDEA what it's like to be going through what I'm going through. But you should go ahead and consider yourself part of the problem because while you may not have made the mistake of falling for the bullcrap these fans feed you like I did, you are one the voices that keeps ticking over in my head. All the mocking you've done to me. You're no better than them Jakk, you're no better than these hecklers in the seats. You stand from afar and you bully, you poke fun at until somebody snaps....well Jakk maybe I'm closer to snapping than you thing. Maybe you've pushed and you've pushed and I'm back against the wall with no option but to lash out. To fight snap. : he sneers : I know what you're thinking're thinking what all these people are thinking. You think I have already snapped, you think falling off the wagon means that I can't do it any more You're...dead...wrong. I'm warning you now, keep on pushing, keep on poking this sleeping dog because one day...,maybe one day soon - I will turn and I will bite.

    He remained quiet for an uncomfortable amount of time as he sat there in the corner, almost treating it like he was alone backstage when in effect he was in an arena filled with people who were now starting to chant mixed chants of 'BOOORING!' and 'WE WANT WRESTLING!'. Lucian raised the mic back to his lips, completely disregarding the chants. Quinn stands smirking at the crowd, letting the hate hit him full pelt. He doesn't care, Ace has it under control, he knows what he wants to say.

    Lucian Ace: Thomas... : The fans again cut him off with boos : SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTHS! : He Yells again : Thomas, like me you've fallen for what cheap thrills these fans can give you when you step through the curtains and there's that reaction, that standing ovation. Like a drug isn't it Tom? Your heart beats and you think it might just burst out of your chest. But it won't because that feeling will be gone come morning time when you wake up with a splitting headache after being hit with the Hyoryu Senbi. That reaction won't be there after the match when you're being stitched up in the trainers room, when you're lying in a hospital bed...when you find out about cancer in the hospital bed - that reaction won't be there Tom. That reaction won't be there because these fans don't give a crap about you the second you step out of the ring, the second you step off camera. Thomas I have seen more than a 19 year old should have seen. I have had shoulder surgery, I have had my head split open and I have been to the top of the mountain and back again. I did all that under the pretence that these people wanted me too, that all these people wanted me to be that man. I have seen these people turn on people they apparently loved at the click of somebodies fingers. These people don't love you Thomas...these people will ride your health, ride your hopes, ride your dreams....ride you into the ground Thomas. It's what they do. Well they won't get me Thomas, will you let them get you?

    He uses the rope to pull himself up a little groggy like as he stands leaning in the corner, he glanced back at the ramp way.

    Style of wrestling: High-flyer, Martial Arts

    Finishing maneuvers:

    1. Hyoryu Senbi- Springboard Roundhouse Kick/He also executes it Chuck Norris style

    2. Dragonfire - Dragon Sleeper

    Frequently Used Moves:
    -Leg Lariat
    -Dragon Suplex
    Springboard DDT
    -Yakuya Kick
    -Jumping Enziguri
    -Dragon Whip
    -Asai Moonsault

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    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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    With heart as cold as ice
    Only paying the price
    Lonely and forever lost
    Fear his wrath by far the most


    Real Name: Adrian Wolf

    Nicknames: The Beast, Angel of Death

    Height: 6 foot 8

    Weight: 290 lbs

    Body Description: Muscular, Broad Shouldered and Scarred (There are so many they're hard to identify. Some are long and jagged from barbed-wire, others blotchy from burns or sporadic from landing on broken glass, thumbtacks or debris. To borrow from Joey Styles: "His body is a road-map of pain.")

    Age: 35

    Affiliation: Stone Cold Babyface, a very angry rebel

    Notes: - His parents were killed when he was young by his brother Stu St. Clair and he came to FWA seeking retribution.
    - He was fired and suspended for drug abuse during his FWA career
    - He was buried alive twice and set on fire once
    - He almost killed an unborn child once
    - Former member of the stable "The Age of the Falle"
    - Former leader of "The Great Siege Wolfpack"
    - One half of the tag team "Cursed Bloodline" with Stu St. Clair
    One half of the tag team "Beauty and the Beast"

    FWA accomplishments: 2 x World Heavyweight Champion, 2 x North American Champion, 1 x X champion, 1 x FWA Tag Team Champion, First ever Grandslam champion, 1 x Carnal Contendership Winner, Main Evented Back in Business twice

    Style of wrestling: Brawler/ Powerhouse/ Hardcore

    Finnishing moves

    1. Final Howl- Military Press Spinebuster

    Military Press Spinebuster - YouTube

    2. Wrath of The Beast - Stretch Muffler

    Brock Lock - YouTube

    Signature Move


    Roman Reigns BEST spear ever!! - YouTube

    Wrestling Moves:

    Double A Spinebuster
    Running Powerslam
    Big Boot
    Torture Rack- submission and toss-off

    Entrance theme

    Metallica - Broken, Beat & Scarred (Studio Version) - YouTube

    Metallica- Broke Beat and Scarred


    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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