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    CWA Staff

    The Staff


    General Manager
    Dash Carlisle
    A former professional wrestler that was extremely popular in the late 80' all the way through the 1990's. Dash Carlisle is a fifteen-time world champion with a "flair" for the nicer things in life. Dash prides himself in telling it like it is and bases his business decisions off of his gut reaction, which is never wrong.

    Announcers and Interviewers

    Tim Coleman - Color Commentator

    Tim Coleman is the snarky, know it all (or so he thinks), Adrenaline Rush color commentator. Tim tends to cheer in favor of the heels, and will almost always sing their praises no matter what the situation is.

    Jim Taylor - Play by Play

    Jim used to be a wrestler in his youth, so every now and then he's willing to give some insight. He's a CWA legend and he has a soft spot for the babyfaces. He's also fair, unbiased, and calls it like he sees it.

    Junior Play by Play/Backstage Interviewer - Daniel Oakley

    Daniel is a former collegiate wrestler turned sports analyst/journalist that has made a name for himself on the independent scene and overseas (United Kingdom, Japan, Australia) through his impassioned commentating and ability to relate to the fans. He wears the titles of millennial and "smark" as a badge of honor and is unbiased when giving his opinion.

    Lindsay Monahan - Ring Announcer
    The longtime ring announcer for Adrenaline Rush.

    Michelle Kelly - Lead Backstage Interviewer
    The longtime lead backstage interviewer for Adrenaline Rush. Michelle is sweet, but that doesn't mean she'll put up with anyone's nonsense and she'll speak her mind if she has to.


    Senior Referee Billy Stevens

    Jonny Yamaguchi

    Karl Rooney

    Nate Byrne


    Don deVries - Lead Road Agent/Trainer

    The first ever Ruler of the Ring back in 2009 is now the lead road agent for CWA, and he also helps train the young talent in the developmental territory.

    Mr. Willis - Road Agent

    Former world champion, Mr. Willis is now lending a helping hand as a road agent for CWA.

    "Doc" Jack Adams - Trainer

    Legendary wrestler and former play by play man for High Voltage, Doc Adams now spends his time helping the younger talent in CWA's developmental territory.

    Tigre Santos - Trainer

    This former superstar was once part of the tag team, The Patriotic Connection, with Clint Shepard and he still remains close friends with Shepard. Now, Tigre spends his time helping train the young up and coming superstars in CWA's developmental territory.

    Clint Shepard - Trainer
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    Re: CWA Staff

    For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to, I encourage you to check out the staff of CWA and read a little bit about who they are! This is a great resource to use when writing your promos and gives you a better visual of the people when you read through the cards.

    Note - Character bases for Jim Taylor, Tim Coleman, and Michelle Kelly have been updated to the following:
    Jim Taylor: Mike Goldberg
    Tim Coleman: Chael Sonnen
    Michelle Kelly: Renne Young

    Note- The pic base for Daniel Oakley is MLB's very own, Scott Braun.

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