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Thread: Jim Reviews WWE Weeklies

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    Re: Jim Reviews WWE Weeklies

    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud Strife View Post
    I remember watching Macho Man making his predictions. I remember he said, "Good News, Owen Hart...", then pulls his name off of the bracket and throws it behind the board, "Doesn't qualify or move on" something to that effect. Then that ended up being the winner. Kind of wonder if that was intentional or what. Looking back at that King of The Ring, he was the obvious winner.
    "The good news is Owen Hart...runs out of rocket fuel".

    That segment was actually pretty fun because of how Savage would explain all of his choices for the winners.

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    Re: Jim Reviews WWE Weeklies

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    "The good news is Owen Hart...runs out of rocket fuel".

    That segment was actually pretty fun because of how Savage would explain all of his choices for the winners.
    Ah yes, thanks for the correction. If I remember correctly, the only first round winner he got correctly was IRS defeating Mabel? I think Kid beat Double J by DQ or something, and Razor made it to the finals. It would be kind of cool for WWE to make this an event again. If nothing else, make it a Network Event. Have 16 Wrestlers, wrestle qualifying matches on their brands and then have all three rounds in the same night. They could also do a female version as Queen of The Ring on the same show. That way you have six matches, which could cover two hours. If not, throw in a Mid Card title (even the CW Title would suffice) match. Just my opinion though.

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    Re: Jim Reviews WWE Weeklies

    July 8, 2004

    Michael Cole and Tazz runs down the main matches tonight including two title matches - John Cena defending the US Title against Booker T and The WWE Tag Champions The Dudley Boyz defending against Billy Kidman and Paul London.

    Rob Van Dam vs Mark Jindrak
    RVD’s current rival, Rene Dupree, joined the commentators to provide some guest commentary. At this stage, Jindrak is still doing his Reflection of Perfection act, but he’s already lost his manager, Teddy Long. The Reflection of Perfection was such a dud of a gimmick that it only lasted a few months, mostly on Velocity. In fact, since coming over to Smackdown in the draft back in March, this is only Jindrak’s second match on Smackdown, with the previous being way back in April. Jindrak would attack before the bell to give himself far more offense than you would have expected. Most of the offense is build around working over RVD’s back. RVD would make a comeback only to set-up a very awkward Rolling Thunder attempt because he took forever to actually attempt the move. Seriously, I don’t know what happened. First RVD looked at the crowd, then slightly adjusted Jindrak, then looked at the crowd some more, stalling, looking at the crowd, before finally going for the Rolling Thunder that Jindrak would counter with a pair of knees to the back. Not that Jindrak’s regaining his time on offense would matter though as moments later, RVD knocks him off of the middle rope during a superplex attempt with RVD finishing Jindrak off with the Split Legged Moonsault. Just in case you weren’t already aware that Jindrak was a geek, he was beaten by something that wasn’t even RVD’s finisher. With that, Jindrak would be sent back to Velocity where he’d kill a few months before finally returning to Smackdown in the fall to become a member of Kurt Angle’s new faction. Pretty easy victory for RVD despite rarely being on offense. **

    In a replay from last week, JBL defended his newly won WWE World Title by beating Spike Dudley. After the match, Eddie Guerrero came out to attack him to continue the fight. Guerrero announced that in two weeks, the two would have a cage match.

    Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed JBL regarding his WWE World Title defense inside of a steel cage next week. JBL puts himself over as such a gentleman while Guerrero is a lowlife. In a questionable line, JBL claims that Guerrero never bothered coming to wrestle in Canada while he was WWE Champion like JBL is apparently going to do tonight in Winnipeg. What a bizarre line. I understand heels lie, but it was just a few weeks ago that Smackdown held a televised taping in Toronto while Guerrero was champion and he wrestled on the show. Couldn’t you have just given some BS insult against Eddie that while true, isn’t fair to use against Guerrero? Anyways, JBL brings out another champion, El Gran Luchadore, to tease their upcoming match tonight. Don’t worry, JBL promises to pay for Luchadore’s hospital bills. See, THAT sort of BS line is something I love since it’s Canada. Even if Luchadore is going to have to go to the hospital, it’s not as if he’d have to worry about it money wise like he would if the show took place in America.

    The Dudley Boyz © vs Paul London and Billy Kidman - WWE Tag Titles
    A rematch from the last episode of Velocity where Kidman and London won a non-title match by DQ. Going into this match, there wasn’t any reason to suspect a title switch would even be a possibility. After all, their previous match didn’t even air on Smackdown! At this point, just seeing London in such a match is pretty rewarding because even though he is really low on the card, he’s hungry to deliver a good performance. The entire match was built around London excelling. Early on, it was just London’s dives before he crashed and burned on the outside. That set-up a Dudley Boyz’ face-in-peril sequence with the commentators questioning if London will even be any help to Kidman if he could get the hot tag. Once Kidman got the hot tag, things picked up with a lot of hope spots for the challengers. London is showing fire and you’re somewhat buying into the idea that an upset is at least possible. London prevents a Dudleys’ What’s Up by knocking D-Von off of the top rope. Kidman would switch places with Bubba Ray and London would deliver a What’s Up Drop that literally destroyed London’s knee brace due to the force of coming down on the mat. London would lay Bubba out with a super kick and Kidman would nail a Shooting Star Press to win the match and crown NEW WWE Tag Team Champions. Great job by London and I found it impressive that they slowly won over the crowd. Although London/Kidman wouldn’t do anything with the titles, considering the fact that they were penciled in to be The Dudleyz program for the next couple of months, they needed this upset victory to add any sort of heat to the program. Otherwise, it’s just The Dudleyz randomly feuding against a pair of JTTS. ***

    Backstage, the new champions are congratulated by their fellow cruiserweights, The Bashams (...wut), The FBI, and Billy Gunn. The Dudleyz confront London and Kidman and after a stand off, offer their hands in a sign of respect to the new champions. I’m actually surprised that the WWE put as much effort into this as they did.

    Elsewhere, Josh Matthews interviews Kenzo Suzuki. He’s looking to win the WWE US Title, but now states that he loves America. Hmm…

    Cena comes out to defend his WWE US Title. He cuts a quick rap on Booker before Kenzo Suzuki runs out to try and attack Cena. Cena is able to get the best of Kenzo, but in knocking Suzuki out of the ring, Luther Reigns blindsided Cena. Reigns would drop Cena on the mat with his finisher, The Reign of Terror. Looks like the US Title match will have to wait.

    JBL vs El Gran Luchadore
    Billed as a Champion vs Champion match with Luchadore apparently the champion of all of Mexico. This is actually a rematch from the April 22nd edition of Smackdown, which oddly enough also took place in Canada. On that night, the masked man was portrayed by Paul London. This time around, it’s Shannon Moore. It’s pretty decent for what it is. Luchadore hangs in there, but he’s all about posing, resulting in JBL easily able to always get the best of him. Late in the match, a second El Gran Luchadore appears to knock JBL out of the ring. The new Luchadore switches places with the original and actually gets in offense against the champion. Immediately it becomes clear that this new Luchadore is actually Eddie Guerrero. The match just sorta...ends with JBL on the outside and the new Luchadore getting on the mic to hype next week’s JBL/Guerrero WWE Title steel cage match. We couldn’t get a finish here? Eh, it served its purpose. ** ¼

    Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Booker T regarding his upcoming WWE US Title shot. Booker’s all smiles due to Cena’s previous attack by Kenzo and Reigns.

    Raw Rebound highlights Eugene’s chance to be GM for the night due to Eric Bischoff’s absence. Chris Jericho earned an WWE IC Title shot by winning musical chairs, but Batista would interfere in his match to ensure Randy Orton retained the title. Meanwhile, Triple H conned Eugene into fucking over Chris Benoit and Edge during a tag match against Triple H and Ric Flair. Vengeance is this Sunday.

    Backstage, Rey Mysterio is hanging backstage with Spike Dudley and Scotty when The Dudley Boyz show up. Dudleyz request some alone time with Spike where they reminded Spike that they offered to accompany him during his match last week against JBL. Spike refused to let them, which meant he may have prevented himself from becoming WWE Champion. Bubba again tries to talk Spike into accepting his offer of providing Spike a bit of help in his upcoming match, but Spike blows off his brothers, laughing at the fact that they’re no longer the tag champions.

    Rey Mysterio, Spike Dudley, and Scotty vs Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, and Akio
    Although this one obviously didn’t receive much time, they made the most out of what they were given. The first half was just about Mysterio playing the face-in-peril until he could get a hot tag to Scotty. That kicked off a second half where it was all about all six men hitting spots and immediately going into the next spot. Tons of energy with even guys like Akio standing out with his dive to the outside. Despite not becoming The Boss yet, Spike already feels more relevant and fresh than he had in a couple of years in this current position. Alas, the Spike story is about how despite looking good, he can’t get victories without The Dudley Boyz helping him out. As a result, Noble counters a Dudley Dog into a neckbreaker and then pins Spike with a Tiger Driver. A bit surprising that Noble would be the one picking up the pinfall instead of Chavo since this is only Noble’s second victory on Smackown this year, the first being way back in mid January. Fun stuff. ** ½

    Back from commercial and Paul Heyman is in the ring. He reads off a written speech where he throws his now former clients, The Dudley Boyz, under the bus, blaming them for everything that happened to Paul Bearer. Heyman is in tears as he begs for forgiveness from The Undertaker. Heyman is a great sniveling coward.

    Before the main event, we get another plug for next week’s main event. Inside of a steel cage, JBL will defend the WWE World Title against Eddie Guerrero! Also announced is Luther Reigns vs Charlie Haas in a rematch from Great American Bash. Joy...

    John Cena © vs Booker T - WWE US Title
    Booker earned this title shot by winning a triple threat last week against RVD and Rene Dupree after he stole the pinfall from RVD. These two always had shit chemistry and this wasn’t any different. Before the match began, Kurt Angle was wheeled out by Luther Reigns to watch the match up close. Although the match only went fifteen minutes, it felt way longer. While Angle spent the match cheering on Booker, he would also break one of his crutches over Cena’s back when the referee wasn’t watching. This allowed Booker to maintain the advantage for most of the match. Cena would slowly get in more and more offense the longer it went on, causing Angle to become more desperate. The finish would see Booker selling on the outside, Angle using a cane to stand next to Booker, screaming for him to get up when Cena would continue the fight with Booker. Due to Booker ducking during a Cena closeline attempt, Angle would accidentally by hit with the closeline instead. Stealing Angle’s cane, Cena would knock out Reigns and then toss Booker back into the ring. Just before Cena can get the victory, Reigns attacked to cause the DQ. So glad I endured all of that just for a fuck finish. It gets worse though as Angle gets on the mic and demands that Reigns brings him the US Title because as a result of Cena laying his hands on the Smackdown GM, Cena is officially stripped of the US Championship! My big annoyance about this is that it didn’t really led to anything. Sure, Booker would become US Champion next week, would have a future messed up match with Cena in the future to kick off the Best of Five Series, but Angle flat out screwed Cena over, but it didn’t result in a Cena/Angle program. Why bother going to the effort of stripping Cena of the title and giving Booker the title if you’re going to keep the Cena/Booker feud going on and there’s already plans of having another screwy finish in an upcoming match? It’s all pointless. Another dull Cena/Booker encounter, but this one has the extra bonus of being overbooked when it didn’t need to be. * ½

    If nothing else, this edition of Smackdown felt newsworthy. Between Cena being stripped of the WWE US Title and the Dudley Boyz being upsetted for the WWE Tag Titles, that’s two title switches, of sorts, in one night. With Great American Bash now eight days in the past, you can really feel like Smackdown is beginning its next chapter following its initial post-Wrestlemania angles. Eddie/JBL is just about done with Guerrero set to renew his program with Kurt Angle following next week’s episode. Booker T is now set up as Cena’s main rival. Spike Dudley actually an angle going on with the Dudley Boyz, who are now in a somewhat interesting program with Billy Kidman and Paul London. Even Chavo Guerrero has been depushed out of being a meaningful Cruiserweight star. Quality wise, I’d say the next few months is slightly better than the post-WM months, but the post-WM months had much greater highs such as the two Guerrero/JBL PPV matches beating out anything Smackdown is going to offer for the rest of the summer and fall.

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    Re: Jim Reviews WWE Weeklies

    I take complete credit for this review. You're welcome everybody .

    Expected that sort of rating for the RVD/Jindrak match. Didn't realise this episode of Smackdown was such a big one in terms of title changes though, crazy. One thing though, boy that entire Cena/Booker program was a stinker.

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    Re: Jim Reviews WWE Weeklies

    Survivor Series Showdown
    November 21, 1993

    For whatever reason, there’s a greater emphasis on this being known as “The Showdown” or “Sunday Night Showdown” rather than the proper name of “Survivor Series Showdown”. Maybe Survivor Series Showdown got replaced like literally everything else Survivor Series 1993-like.

    This weekend on WWE Superstars - Bret Hart wrestled IRS when Mr. Fuji came down to the ring. Bret punched out Fuji, but that brought out Yokozuna and Jim Cornette. Fuji would end up sticking his flag into Bret’s back for the DQ. When IRS looked to continue the attack after the match, Owen Hart ran out for the rescue, leading to Bret and Yoko going at it a bit.

    Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan opens up the show with the two plugging the main event tonight of Bret Hart challenging Yokozuna for the WWE World Title. They claim that the result of the match is going to have huge ramifications on the Survivor Series...which makes zero sense. Neither Bret nor Yokozuna is scheduled in a singles match on the PPV. The big news is that this event is being held from two locations with the other hosted by Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon. Their big matches will be Doink vs Bastion Booger and Marty Jannetty vs IRS. Heenan plugs the planned segment of Rio Rogers with Shawn Michaels visiting the Hart Family house.

    Bastion Booger vs Doink the Clown
    Jesus. This is brutal on paper. A preview of the elimination match of Team Bigelow vs The Four Doinks at Survivor Series. It’s even worse than I imagined. Before the match, there’s a bunch of hijinx from Doink including wearing fake arms. Booger eventually managed to get the best of Doink by tripping him up and dragging the clown out of the ring, splashing him against the ring post. What followed was several minutes of Booger working over Doink without any offense from the clown. You know it’s dull when Jim Ross brings up how deliberate Booger is being multiple times. Doink eventually got in a flurry of punches, but Booger quickly squashed that come back. When Doink managed to avoid a closeline, rather than go into some offense, Doink foolishly just laughs, which allows Booger to deliver a closeline once Doink turns around. Booger covers, but Doink slaps Booger’s back, as if it’s the referee telling Booger that he won. Booger gets to his feet, with Doink tripping him up, quickly rolling him up to get the victory. The match went nearly eight minutes and Doink got in...three punches as offensive moves? An absolute trainwreck. ¼ *

    After the match, Doink pulls out some hot sauce and pours it on Booger’s pizza that the big man brought out to the ring with him. An unaware Booger takes a big bite out of his pizza and goes crazy with the hotness. Poor fella.

    Three weeks ago on WWE Superstars, history was made as Ludvig Borga cheated to beat Tatanka using one finger to end Tatanka’s undefeated streak. After the match, Yokozuna delivered a Banzai Drop to further injure Tatanka.

    Raymond Rougeau brings out The All Americans team of Lex Luger, The Steiner Brothers, and The Undertaker to cut a promo on The Foreign Fanatics for the Survivor Series. The PPV is still days away, but there’s already been a couple of eliminations with the injuries to Tatanka and Pierre! Looking back, it’s odd that Rougeau was tasked with interviewing the team when his brother, Jacques, is on the Foreign Fanatics team.

    Over at the WWE Studio, Todd Pettengill gives the fans a crash lesson on how to order PPV. It’s never been easier!

    Four weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, following Crush’s heel turn, things seemed to have been smoothed over after Crush and Randy Savage reunited. Instead, Crush attacked Savage. That brought out Yokozuna to deliver a Banzai Drop to complete Crush’s heel turn. A couple of weeks later on Raw, Savage attacked Crush, causing WWE President, Jack Tunney, to rule that Savage could no longer be a part of the commentating team.

    Crush w/Mr. Fuji vs Virgil
    It was just this past week that Crush was named as Pierre’s replacement on the Foreign Fanatics team for the Survivor Series. At this point, Virgil has fallen firmly into the role of a JTTS, often teaming up with actual jobbers in losing tag team efforts on TV, but every once in awhile Virgil will be given a win against a jobber on Wrestling Challenge or Superstars. Despite the opening couple of minutes looking like it will just be a squash, Virgil actually gets in a surprising amount of offense to the point that he lands several dives including one to the outside. Although I do really dig Virgil’s offense, the match went on for far too long. All Virgil needed was a tad bit of offense to make it interesting. At some point, Virgil looking so good is only going to make Crush look bad. How is Crush supposed to be one of the top new heels when he struggles against a JTTS? Crush would end up finally winning after eight minutes with his vice grip hold. Okay, but would have been better at just a couple of minutes long. **

    We go back to Superstars last week with Razor Ramon defending the IC Title against Rick Martel. In the match, Adam Bomb’s manager, Harvey Wippleman, tried to interfere to help Bomb’s teammate at Survivor Series, Martel, but all that ended up happening is Wippleman accidentally getting Martel counted out. That led to Martel roughing Wippleman up until Bomb came out to defend his manager. That brought out Diesel and IRS to try to calm their partners down so that they can go into Survivor Series on the same page. The segment ends with The Model and Bomb hugging it out.

    We had off to Canada with Rio Rogers (Brother Love working a Texan gimmick where he sounds just like Dusty Rhodes) is with Shawn Michaels. They’re apparently right outside of the Hart family home. Inside of the “Hart” home, is a guy dressed in an old woman’s mask portraying Helen Hart. Stu Hart is another guy wearing a mask. Shawn makes a point that the Hart family favors Bret to Owen.

    IRS vs Marty Jannetty
    A preview of the upcoming Survivor Series match of Team IRS vs Team Razor. This is also billed as a former IC Champion vs a guy who wants to be IC Champion. Unlike with the Crush/Virgil match, Jannetty isn’t given much of a chance to fly around sadly. Although Jannetty is able to use his speed at first, once he’s sent head first into the steel steps, it allows IRS to control the majority of the match. As expected, IRS in charge means it’s dull city. Things would improve some as Jannetty makes a comeback at the very end, but he suffers a killer closeline that causes Jannetty to be turned inside out ala Rikishi. That gives IRS the victory. As a match, it’s okay, but I expected more with Jannetty in it. * ¾

    Raymond Rougeau now brings out the entire Foreign Fantastics team. Jim Cornette gives a summary of the Foreign Fanatics/All Americans build-up with Tatanka being eliminated early, The All Americans smartening up and eliminating Pierre, but that only meant they could add Crush to their team. Johnny Polo dedicates the PPV match to Pierre.

    Todd Pettengill is back with a Survivor Series reports. The big story going into Survivor Series is all of the early replacements. Pettengill hints that there may be even more replacements before the PPV! The card so far includes The Foreign Fanatics vs The All Americans, Bret Hart and the Harts vs Shawn Michaels (Previously Jerry Lawler) and The Knights, Team Razor (Currently with Mr. Perfect, but will be replaced with Randy Savage) vs Team IRS, and Team Bigelow vs The Four Doinks (Which ended up not even including the actual Doink!) There’s even going to a SMW Tag Team Titles match between The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs The Heavenly Bodies! Again, Pettengill stresses that he suspects there will be more changes announced. Be sure to watch tomorrow night’s edition of the shortened version of Survivor Series Showdown to get the latest news! Jesus, the build-up to this PPV was an absolute trainwreck. Literally the only match that either didn’t get changed in some manner or ended up being purposely misleading (Doink not being on The Four Doinks) is the non-WWE match!

    Since I already reviewed the main event at the start of this year, let’s do a bit of copying and pasting.

    Yokozuna © w/Mr. Fuji vs Bret Hart - WWE World Title
    The DVD credits this as being a Raw match and while it is technically true it aired during a Raw telecast, it’s actually from Survivor Series Showdown 1993 (Yes, Jim, we know that this is Survivor Series Showdown…). What ended up happening is the week of Survivor Series ‘93, there was a 2 hour Survivor Series Showdown special on the USA Network on Sunday, Raw was then replaced with an one hour version of the Survivor Series Showdown on Monday, and then Survivor Series would air on PPV on Wednesday. This ended up being a rather good match that I’d consider as being better than both their underrated WM 9 match and their weaker WM 10 rematch. With this match going through two commercial breaks, it’s roughly the length of both of their Mania matches combined. Yoko was still at the stage of his life where he could move around rather fast for a guy his size. He brought some violence to the match by hitting Bret with a chair a couple of times behind the ref’s back. Fuji tried interfering, but Bret caught him on the apron and punched him down. The longer the match went on, the more I was getting into it with the crowd actually buying into the idea that we might see a new champion being crowned. Bret was able to knock Yokozuna down a few times and got in a few nearfalls following a middle rope bulldog. The finish of the match is admittedly pretty screwy, but it does make sense once you learn what really happened, which I will explain after the match review. What we saw was Bret locking in the Sharpshooter and Owen Hart coming down the entrance way high fiving the crowd. Then there’s an abrupt cut to Owen apparently attacking someone before going after Mr. Fuji and using the salt bucket to strike Yokozuna while Yoko was still locked in the Sharpshooter to draw the DQ. That result made little sense to me. This bizarre finish hurt the match some. It doesn’t ruin it, but when you had a rocking match going on and then the finish is the shits, it’s pretty disappointing. Still, I LOVE that the WWE has finally released a match from an USA Network special like the Survivor Series Showdown. It’s better than either PPV match between Bret and Yoko. Even with the awful finish, it’s well worth checking out. *** ¼

    So, what REALLY happened at the end of that match? To explain what happened, it’s important to go over what was happening in the WWE at the time. Like nearly every non-PPV, Survivor Series Showdown ‘93 was taped a couple of weeks in advance. That was normally not a problem, except in this case, Jerry Lawler was charged with rape claims, forcing the WWE to pull him from Survivor Series and hastily replace him with Shawn Michaels as the leader of the team that would face Bret, Owen, and the rest of the Harts at the PPV. Not only did the WWE have to quickly edit out a Jerry Lawler vs Owen Hart match that was taped for Survivor Series Showdown, but they also had to edit out Lawler coming out to the ring to try and interfere. So in actuality, Owen Hart’s entrance was actually taken from earlier in the taping for the Lawler match and that was spliced in the Yoko/Bret match while purposely trying to avoid showing Owen attacking Lawler. So the actual finish makes sense, but due to Jerry Lawler’s legal troubles, the WWE had to edit it to try and remove Lawler, causing the finish to make little sense.

    Back from commercial and we head back to both sets of commentators for the final hype job for Survivor Series 1993. They’re eventually interrupted by Men on a Mission with a special Survivor Series rap.

    Especially in the last couple of years, it’s pretty common for major changes to occur in the WWE to affect Survivor Series in the weeks leading up to the PPV. Yet, AJ Styles winning or losing the WWE Title and Becky Lynch getting hurt is nothing compared to the sheer mayhem that the WWE endured in the lead up to Survivor Series 1993. All of these changes forced Survivor Series Showdown 1993 to become a highly important show in terms of explaining the changes. The Jerry Lawler rape accusation forced the WWE to pull him out of his planned match with his Knights against the Hart Family at Survivor Series. At the taping for this Showdown, he had wrestled Owen Hart, forcing the WWE to edit out the match, edit the Yoko/Bret match to remove him, and then to film a last minute skit with Shawn Michaels and Rio Rogers to explain why Michaels and Bret are now at odds. As interesting as it is seeing this show pop up on the WWE Network, I would have been even more interested in seeing the never before seen original version of this event with the Lawler/Owen match. The Survivor Series main event of The Foreign Fanatics vs The All Americans was a match built around replacements and it was how they hyped this match all throughout the show. Granted, once Crush was added to the match, it made little sense that The Undertaker had been Tatanka’s replacement when Randy Savage would have made much more sense. Not only had Savage been fired as a commentator, but he was now engaged in a program with Crush. But wait, Savage is going to be a last minute replacement at Survivor Series, but replacing Mr. Perfect after his insurance deal forced him to leave wrestling again. Did it make any sense for Savage to be on Team Razor against Team IRS? Absolutely not. In fact, I’d say based on the past, it would have made more sense for The Undertaker to be on Team Razor since he had just recently wrapped up a year+ feud against Harvey Wippleman’s clients. Team IRS had someone Wippleman managed! But ultimately, Taker was inserted into the main event instead, which did help set-up the Taker/Yoko program, so I suppose it had a purpose. The main event of Survivor Series Showdown 1993 is the only match worth watching. If you don’t own the Bret Hart Blu-ray, where I originally reviewed the match, check out this match on the WWE Network on the Showdown. Ultimately, as much as I’m thankful that the WWE Network has uploaded one of these pre-PPV specials, I’m left scratching my head why they picked this one. An earlier Survivor Series Showdown had a much clearer theme. But hey, I finally got my wish of one of these specials on the WWE Network. Woo!

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    Re: Jim Reviews WWE Weeklies

    Bastion Booger is to me what Damien Mizdow is to you. I love bad things in wrestling, but I think he's the one guy I just refuse to watch again.

    Yokozuna and Bret had good chemistry together. I must have seen this match if you say it's on one of his dvds but I don't remember it.

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    Re: Jim Reviews WWE Weeklies

    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    Bastion Booger is to me what Damien Mizdow is to you. I love bad things in wrestling, but I think he's the one guy I just refuse to watch again.
    But unlike Mizdow, Booger never really did much. Even if you refuse to watch any of his matches, what are you really missing? One PPV match and a handful of Raw matches. Meanwhile, Mizdow was involved in many championship matches, whether directly or indirectly, and I believe on every PPV during his run.

    Yokozuna and Bret had good chemistry together. I must have seen this match if you say it's on one of his dvds but I don't remember it.
    It's on The Dungeon Collection DVD, but only as a Blu-Ray extra.

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