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Thread: Spoilers Reminder

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    Re: Spoilers Reminder

    With the Rumble being tonight, another reminder of our spoilers policy. If for whatever reason you can't watch the Rumble live, but you'd like to remain spoiler free, be sure to turn off sigs, avatars well in advance.

    Revealing any sort of Rumble spoilers in the SB will result in an immediate ban for a couple of days. This is your warning.

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    Re: Spoilers Reminder

    Since I imagine we'll be getting a lot of visitors today, a friendly bump to know what you can and can not do with Wrestlemania 29 spoilers.

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    Re: Spoilers Reminder

    Bumping this as a reminder what is and isn't allowed on Wrestling Clique in regards to spoilers, please read the opening post if you are unsure on our spoiler policy.

    Enjoy mania.

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