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    In the effort to make the rules simpler to follow and a much quicker read, we've revamped the rules. None of the rules have changed, it's just hopefully a lot easier to understand and know all of the rules. Be aware, rules may change at any time, but we will always bump the thread when a change has occurred.

    Six Golden Rules of WC

    1. No Spamming - Just posing images, bumping old threads (Over a month old), not providing reasons for opinions, nonsense or going off-topic. Basically, if your reply isn't geared towards the topic and adds something to the discussion, it's most likely spam.

    2. No Flaming - Personal attacks on another poster that serves no purpose in the topic. This would also include using derogatory race, sexuality or religion terms. In other words, keep your homophobic or racism terms to yourself.

    3. No Flamebaiting - An attempt to draw a flame out of another poster. (IE. Dismissing someone's opinion because of their avatar).

    4. No Nudity - There is not to be any nudity anywhere on the board. Also gross/pervy comments will be deleted as spam.

    5. No Advertising - Providing links to other sites or boards strictly to bring that site attention. Advertising in sigs must be approved by a Smod or Admin.

    6. No Spoilers - All spoilers must be in spoiler tags unless they are posted in the Wrestling News & Rumors section.

    *Note* Be sure to notice any particular rules threads that an individual section may have.


    1st offense - Warning
    2nd offense - Infraction
    3rd offense - Infraction + 3 day ban
    4th offense - Infraction + 30 day ban
    5th offense - Permanent Ban

    - We have a zero tolerance policy with trolls. While we try not to jump to conclusions over controversial members, if we believe you're here solely to cause problems, you may be ban without going through the above warning system.

    - Likewise, proxies are not allowed and may cause you to be banned if you're shown using one.

    - Alter accounts are not allowed; if you try to sign up again if your original account was banned, then the alter will be banned as well.

    - It's up to the discretion of the Smods and Admins when giving out punishments.

    The Staff
    To view the full current staff team, click here.

    Admins (Ed and Nash) - Admins have the ultimate power of doing everything. Some of their tasks and abilities include seeing IP's; IP banning; creating, editing and removing forums; selecting new smod's, handing out warnings/infractions, merging, deleting and editing threads; adding smilies/posticons; and a whole lot more.

    Smod (Fuji Vice, Silk, Smooth Jazz Punk and Zero) - Smods are the go to guys for admins. Their main purpose is to hand out infractions/warnings and to monitor the regular mods. Some of their other abilities include banning members, having a vote in creating/editing rules, choosing new mods, moving/editing/deleting threads and they become the unofficial mods of any sections that do not have a regular mod.

    Mods - Their main task is to monitor their own section(s). This includes deleting/editing/merging threads, reporting users to be infracted/warned, help new members become familiar with the board, monitor their section's members to suggest replacements if they happen to step down or are promoted to Smod, to help create solid discussions and to make their sections as popular as possible.

    - Staff members are meant to be role models for how we would like the rest of the memberbase to act like.

    - To apply to be a staff member, click here.
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    Re: - Rules

    In recent years, both the VIP forums and the Shoutbox have been more relaxed environments as far as the above rules for the main forum go. We recognise that we have a wide variety of members here on WC with differing posting styles, sense of humours, and barometers of 'what is in bad taste', and we try to accommodate for everyone here by having a serious, rule enforced main forum that encourages quality discussion, and then a chilled out, less restrictive VIP forum where you can spam to your hearts content.

    Whilst the VIP forum has pretty much always been anything goes, the shoutbox comes with it's own set of unwritten rules that have seen members temporarily banned for breaking said rules. We feel it's high time that these unwritten rules were, for lack of a better word, written down, so that we can ease confusion on the matter:

    Shoutbox Rules:

    1. No Wrestling Spoilers - Don't discuss a recent show or PPV until 24 hours after the broadcast. If you've got something to comment on or ask, take it to the threads, that's what they're there for. There used to be a 48 hour rule for pay-per-views, but we're dropping that down to 24 hours.

    2. No Racial/Homophobic Slurs -
    I don't think it should matter whether you're in the VIP forum, or on the main site, there's no place for language like this on WC that can cause offence. WC have censored words for a reason, don't try to circumvent our setup.

    3. No Porn -
    Simply put, don't post links to porn sites/videos in the shoutbox.

    4. Don't Alienate members -
    I'm not going to say No Flaming/Baiting, because that happens way too often in the sb and it's hard for staff to distinguish what is and isn't friendly banter. However what the Upper Staff don't want to hear is someone leaving the sb (and site altogether) because of the actions of a member making them uncomfortable. This could be through certain language used, being linked to indecent images, or just a constant barrage of abuse; if you feel a members actions in the shoutbox have gone 'too far' and are causing you distress, feel free to report it to an Upper Staff member who will investigate the matter.

    The * that should be added to these rules are that they apply to the public shoutbox, where every VIP member can see your shouts. If you really want to talk to another member in a way that would break these rules, take it to the Private Messaging shoutbox so that only the member you are talking to can see your shouts, not even the upper staff can see them. To PM in the shoutbox, click the To Everyone box directly below where you type, and enter the name of the member you wish to privately speak with


    Now we're not saying one slip-up and you'll automatically be getting sb banned, it's up to the discretion of the upper staff whether you're going to get punished for rule breaking. Catch us on a good day and it's likely you'll get a friendly warning to stop what you're doing wrong. Otherwise, you could face a temporary ban from the shoutbox, with the length of time increasing for persistent offenders

    1st offence - 24 hour sb ban
    2nd offence - 3 day sb ban
    3rd offence - 7 day sb ban
    4th offence - 30 day sb ban

    Hopefully that makes everything a bit clearer to our VIP members.

    - The Admin Team

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