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Thread: Character Representations

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    Character Representations

    I'm unsure of what happened to the previous thread, but it hadn't been updated in quite some time so I figured I'd make a new one.

    Wrestler's name is in bold, and their rep will be unbolded.


    CWA Talent
    Jon Snowmantashi: Takeshi Morishima
    Drew Connor: Matt Jackson
    Ethan Connor: Nick Jackson
    Nate Savage: Kevin Owens
    Michelle von Horrowitz: Carey Mulligan (Inactive)
    Elijah Edwards: Ryan Reynolds (Inactive)
    LIGHTBRINGER: Kazuchika Okada (Inactive)
    Krash: Marion Fontaine
    Cyrus Truth: CM Punk
    Shawn Summers: Luke Rockhold
    Prince Ali: Michael B. Jordan
    Joe DiMiaco: Rusev
    Paul DiMiaco: Mojo Rawley
    XYZ: Dalton Castle
    Jonathan McGinnis: Kenny Omega
    Lilith: Katie McGrath
    Izaya Snowmantashi: Kota Ibushi
    Apollo Griffin: Cedric Alexander
    Jackson Fenix: Adam Cole
    Ricardo Vance: Rocky Romero
    Santino Dongarelli: Trent Beretta
    Cody Mundz: Mark Briscoe
    Bobby "Smooth": Wes Brisco
    Trevor Ocean: Dash Wilder
    Brayden Bridges: Ryan Hurst
    Luna Cross: Peyton Royce
    Connor Cross: Tomasso Ciampa
    Mendoza: Iestyn Rees
    Sammy Riggins: Matt Riddle
    The Beast: Braun Strowman

    Ashley Adams: Summer Rae
    Romeo Rollings: Jeremy Piven
    BoBo: Gedo
    Jeff Potter: Ricky Gervais
    Noah Nitro: Alex Silva
    Thomas West: Big E
    Anna Malikova: Anna Kournikova
    Belle: Alexa Bliss

    Jiggy John: Jeff Jarrett
    Jobber Jimbo: Perry Saturn
    Jugem Jugem: D'Lo Brown

    CWA Staff
    Afa Seanoa: Samoa Joe (Adrenaline Rush GM)
    Tim Coleman: Bobby Heenan (Color Commentator)
    Jim Taylor: Gorilla Monsoon (Play by play Commentator)
    Lindsay Monahan: Lilian Garcia (Ring Announcer)
    Michelle Kelly: Renee Young (Lead Backstage Interviewer)
    Toxic Rain: Scarlett Bordeaux (Secondary Backstage Interviewer)
    Billy Stevens: Rick Knox (Senior Referee)
    Jonny Yamaguchi: "Red Shoes" Hiroyuki Unno (Referee)
    Karl Rooney: Todd Sinclaire (Referee)
    Nate Bryne: Drake Wuertz (Referee)
    Don DeVries: Ron Simmons (Road Agent/Trainer)
    "Doc" Jack Adams: Dean Malenko (Trainer)
    Mr. Willis: Randy Savage (Road Agent)
    Tigre Santos: Eddie Guerrero (Trainer)
    Clint Shepard: Mick Foley (Trainer)

    CWA Hall of Fame
    Roberto Superstar: Edge
    The Ultimate Pain: Seth Rollins
    Joey Nicholas: John Morrison
    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Austin Aries
    Daren Storm: Chris Sabin
    Axel Storm: Alex Shelley
    Mr. Showtime: Dolph Ziggler
    Mr. Willis: Randy Savage
    Jackson Sonik: Chris Hardwick
    Deportista: El Generico
    Alexis: Melina

    All of the Hall of Fame pic bases are retired and unavailable for use unless approval by a mod and the handler that used it previously.
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    Re: Character Representations

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