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Itd be interesting to see this project picked back up. Still to this day my all time favorite.
Holy necro bump, Batman! 8 years since the last post. I am shocked the graphics still show at all.

I have toyed with a new WCW project several times over that period. That went as far as doing some writing. But nothing quite resonated enough that I thought I would stick with it, so it never got posted. I've toyed with other BTB projects as well, but similar outcome. The current idea I'm kicking around is 1984 WWF but that one has barely moved into planning so very unlikely to ever happen.

Sadly, I don't think I could take this one back up. Even if it was skipping ahead a bit and starting up with WCW 2010 or something. Just too many little things that I would want to go back and change, and that would lead to me wanting to start over, and then its just a vicious circle.

Doing another WCW Lives project tends to be the idea that appeals most to me when it comes to BTBs. And I would definitely change some things if I did it all over. But that would also become a problem - I would picking who to push and what storylines to run just to avoid redoing the same things, rather than what I want to do. Honestly, walking over the same path again just feels a bit unnecessary, even if it would be fun to write and hopefully fun to read.