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Thread: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

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    WWE WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    WWE 2012
    A New Direction


    Starting post-Wrestlemania 29. Results have been listed below, Triple H has taken control of the company after winning a handicap match at Wrestlemania. A World title Unification bout went to a draw, to the dismay of the WWE Universe. Several TNA stars are now settling into the WWE after financial difficulties riddled TNA. The Undertaker made his final WWE appearance with a victory over Mark Henry at Wrestlemania. And John Morrison captured the Money In The Bank contract.

    WRESTLEMANIA 29 Results


    John Cena def. The Rock

    Triple H def. Vince Mcmahon, John Laurinatius & Kevin Nash in a handicap match to win control of the WWE

    CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio in the WWE World Title Unification ended in a draw

    The Undertaker def. Mark Henry

    AJ Styles def. Jack Swagger(c), The Prophet Elijah & Samoa Joe to win the United States title

    Cody Rhodes(c) def. Alex Riley to retain the Intercontinental Championships

    Mason Ryan & Skip Sheffield(c) def. AirBoom(Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships

    John Morrison def. Wade Barrett, The Miz, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Drew Mcintyre, Rob Van Dam, Sheamus, Mr Kennedy and Bully Ray to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

    Randy Orton def. Chris Jericho

    Dark Matches:

    Gregory Helms(c) def. Sin Cara to retain Cruiserweight Championship

    Beth Phoenix(c) def. Mickie James to retain Womens Championship


    Staples Center | Los Angeles, CA
    25th August 2013
    The Biggest & Hottest Party Of The Summer

    Confirmed Card So Far (Subject to change)

    WWE World Championship
    Kevin Steen © versus Dolph Ziggler

    WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Seth Rollins © versus Christian

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    The Prime Time Prayers © versus The Maple Leaf Mafia versus The Flood versus Light SaBour
    Tables, Ladders & Chairs Fatal Four Way

    WWE Women's Championship
    Shaul Guerrero © versus AJ Lee versus Kaitlyn
    Triple Threat

    Thirty Minute Iron Man Match
    CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan

    Tag Team Match
    The Kings Of Wrestling versus Evolution

    Number One Contender's Match
    John Morrison versus Kofi Kingston

    Singles Match
    AJ Styles versus Ryder
    If AJ Styles loses he joins The Unreachable

    Summerslam - August 25th 2013

    F-All Out War
    - September 22nd 2013

    Halloween Havoc
    - October 20th 2013

    Saturday Night's Main Event
    - 9th November 2013

    Survivor Series
    - November 24th 2013

    - December 22nd 2013

    Royal Rumble - January 2014

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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Hi, welcome to the section and best of luck with your project.

    One question that immediately springs to mind looking at your Wrestlemania, is where did the TNA guys come from, you haven't mentioned that once in your backstory. Also what about Daniel Bryan and what did he do with the MITB contract?

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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    - CHAPTER II -

    Storylines Heading Into Wrestlemania 29

    - Legacy leader Cody Rhodes and his half-brother Goldust were feuding after the latter returned during the Royal Rumble match to eliminate Cody and cost him the chance to headline Wrestlemania. Cody and his brother would face off on the Mania pre-show with the final spot in the Money In The Bank match on the line.

    - After a surprising debut in late December after coming out of the crowd that saw him defeat Alberto Del Rio in his first match, Seth Rollins would be eliminated by a masked man that was never a part of the Royal Rumble match. The stunt was orchestrated by Del Rio and eventually the two would square off at Wrestlemania.

    - One of the more interesting changes over the previous months had been the former Zack Ryder. Ominous signs pointed to a mystery man named only as 'The Unreachable' coming, but fans were in shock as Ryder ended up being that man, complete with a darker look and less enthusiasm as before. Talking in riddles Ryder would add Alex Riley to his side and begin to target Justin Gabriel. The reasons why eventually came to fruition at Royal Rumble as another mystery man came out of the darkness and distracted Gabriel to help Ryder to victory. The mystery man ended up being Justin's brother Adam, and at Wrestlemania it would be Ryder versus Justin Gabriel in a battle for Adam's freedom.

    - Kevin Steen's debut at KOTR 2012 set off an nine month unbeaten run that saw the likes of The Big Show, Rhyno, Rob Van Dam and Bully Ray on his way to becoming what his manager Matt Strike called 'An Unstoppable Force'. Cue the return of The Animal Batista, who accepted the challenge of taking down Wrestling's Worst Nightmare on the biggest stage of them all.

    - The Kings Of Wrestling turned on Daniel Bryan to help General Manager Shawn Michaels in late 2012. As the year 2013 started to move along CM Punk was pulled into the feud and at Royal Rumble both Punk and Bryan lost singles matches to Claudio Cesaro and Kassius Hero. The matches were reversed at No Way Out with two more singles matches made, this time with the added stipulation that Punk or Bryan could not challenge for the Unified World Championship if they lost their match. Punk won but Bryan lost after Punk accidentally cost him the match, meaning Bryan could not challenge for the Unified World Championship for the next six months. Punk made the decision that he owed Bryan and an All Or Nothing tag team match was made for Wrestlemania with The Kings Of Wrestling, with a Kings win forcing the Straight Edge Superstar to give up his chances for six months too, whilst a Punk/Bryan win would hand The American Dragon back his opportunities.

    - A nine-man Money In The Bank Ladder match would pit AJ Styles against Bully Ray, Legacy's Joe Hennig, the only healtyh Motor City Machine Gun Chris Sabin, Randy Orton, CongreNation's Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam, Britannia leader Wade Barrett & the winner of the pre-show match between Cody Rhodes and Goldust.

    - The Women's Championship would be defended under tag team rules with the person winning the fall becoming the champion. Fan favourite AJ Lee had been having plenty of trouble with a reformed Divas Of Doom. But AJ Lee's friend Kailtyn would come to the rescue to even the odds against Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

    - For years Gregory Helms has been known as the WWE's outstanding cruiserweight star. But The Supernatural's excursions outside the divison saw newcomer Prince Devitt ascend to the top of the division with a take on all comers attitude. Helms continued to downplay Devitt's ability and stated that he would never lower himself to the Cruiserweight Division again. This all changed the week before No Way Out after Devitt told a moaning Helms that he would have to try harder to earn a place on the pay-per-view card like the Irishman had. After Devitt retained his title Helms sent a big message to Devitt as he hit him with a Shining Wizard. The two were eventually booked into a match at Wrestlemania, with the WWE Cruiserweight Championship on the line.

    - Beer Money lost the Tag Team Championships at No Way Out without being pinned after Legacy's Ted Dibiase and Blackjack Rotunda (Husky Harris/Bray Wyatt) pinned Richie Steamboat in a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match. Beer Money won a rematch by disqualification but Legacy kept the belts and another rematch was made for Wrestlemania.

    - An unique friendship between Christian and Sheamus formed a fan favourite tandem called Team ChristMus. At In your House at the end of December 2012 it was The Celtic Warrior who would win the Intercontinental Championship from Gregory Helms. Christian would eliminate Sheamus from the Royal Rumble before coming up short against the Irishman at No Way Out with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. With both men failing to win spots in the Money In The Bank Match it was Captain Charisma who set up another match between the two for Wrestlemania with a challenge for 'One More Match'.

    - Finally the match of all matches would headline Wrestlemania. John Morrison was on an eleven month reign as the Unified World Champion, aligning himself with General Manager Shawn Michaels in the summer of 2012 to prolong his reign well into 2013. But Dolph Ziggler emerged as a breakout star at the end of 2012, finally banishing rival Jack Swagger from the WWE in an I Quit Match at In Your House. Ziggler put forth his case to win the Royal Rumble but Morrison and Michaels were not prepared to even let him enter it, let alone win it. Cue the return of The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry, who attacked and decimated The Show Off ahead of a match between the two at Royal Rumble, that would put Ziggler's place in the showpiece match on the line. Ziggler would win the match and go on to win the Royal Rumble from the start, knocking the aforementioned Henry through a lowered steel cage to win the match and earn the right to headline Wrestlemania. Ziggler would defeat General Manager Shawn Michaels at No Way Out to cement his place as the hottest star in wrestling today, and all he needed to prove it was take the Unified World Championship from The Guru Of Greatness. Speaking of Morrison his relationship began to sour with Michaels and eventually the Unified World Champion would hits Michaels with Sweet Chin Music, a finisher that Morrison had adopted from The Heartbreak Kid. Michaels returned two weeks later to insert himself as the Special Referee in the biggest match of the year.


    Pre Show - Heath Slater © def. Richie Steamboat, The Miz & Mark Henry
    to retain the Television Championship

    Pre Show - Cody Rhodes def. Goldust to earn the final spot in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    Prince Devitt © def. Gregory Helms to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

    Justin Gabriel def. Ryder to earn Adam's freedom - After the match the Gabriel Brother's reunion was interrupted by the debut of two new Ryder associates, who we eventually found out were called Ambrose and Crowe.

    Alberto Del Rio def. Seth Rollins by stoppage - Rollins would pass out in the Cross Arm Breaker after bleeding from the head

    AJ Lee © & Kaitlyn def. The Divas Of Doom - AJ picked up the pin to retain the Women's Championship

    Beer Money def. Legacy © by DQ - Match restarted

    Legacy © def. Beer Money to retain Tag Team Championships

    Batista def. Kevin Steen

    Kofi Kingston won the Money In The Bank Ladder Match - During the match Richie Steamboat would knock friend Randy Orton off the ladder. Also with AJ Styles moments away from winning the match the lights would go out and Ryder, along with his two new associates would attack Styles to cost him the match, allowing CongreNation man Kofi Kingston to climb the ladder and unhook the briefcase

    Christian def. Sheamus © to win the Intercontinental Championship

    The Kings Of Wrestling def. CM Punk & Daniel Bryan - Punk/Bryan miscommunicated and now neither of them can challenge for the Unified World Championship for the next six months. After the match Bryan attacked Punk

    Dolph Ziggler def. John Morrison © to win the Unified World Championship

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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    title unification matches should not end without a result on mania imo

    and miami giving cena a standing ovation?? sounds difficult lol

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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Live from The Bank Atlantic Center, Sunrise, Florida

    The Raw video plays

    The pyros go off and we are brought to the announce table with Michael Cole.

    Michael Cole: Good evening everybody and welcome to monday night raw live from The Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida. I'm Michael Cole and joining me to commentate on tonights action is the suplex machine Tazz

    Tazz: Thanks Cole and its great to be here on a historic night for the WWE

    Michael Cole: Indeed it is Tazz, after last nights groundbreaking wrestlemania who knows what tonight will give us

    Tazz: Word from the back is we're getting a new general manager to oversee both Raw and Smackdown

    Michael Cole: Hope we get someone big

    Tazz: Anything is better than John Laurinatius Cole

    Michael Cole: John had his moments

    As they begin to banter on Justin Roberts is in the ring

    Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentleman, here is your new WWE general manager

    'IM JUST A SEXY BOY.......'

    The crowd erupt as Shawn Michaels makes his way out to the ring

    Tazz: Oh my god Cole, its H-B-K

    Michael Cole: For crying out loud i said someone big

    Tazz: HBK is big Cole, one of the biggest supertars to ever grace the ring

    HBK gets in the ring, laps in the applause before taking the mic

    HBK: Helloooooooo Flooorrriiiidaaaa!!!!!

    Crowd go wild for the callout

    HBK: Its great to be back in the WWE. And first thing i'm going to do is..........

    Alberto Del Rios music plays and his fancy car rolls into the arena to a chorus of boos

    Del Rio: The first thing you are going to do is announce Albertoooo Del Rioooo as the unified champion of the world and strip that cheating C-M Punk of his world title

    Crowd disagree as Del Rio enters the ring slowly

    Del Rio: It is my destiny to be the world champion and my destiny was stolen from me last night by that idiot and I suggest that you correct your mistake now!

    Del Rio gets up in HBKs face

    HBK: Woah woah woah Albertoooo, I make the decisions around here, not you so what you need to do right now is back off buster

    Crowd cheer but Del Rio gets annoyed

    Del Rio: Or what mister

    Del Rio starts to poke HBK in the chest. HBK looks at the crowd as he steps away from Del Rio and HBK superkicks Del Rio off his feet

    The crowd cheer as Del Rio lies down on the canvas.

    HBK: Now where was I ?????

    CM Punks music then hits to a huge pop and he makes his way down to ringside.

    CM Punk: Welcome back the heartbreak kid. Now I for one loved what you just did Shawn to our destined friend but he had a point. The title situation needs to be sorted. He thinks he won. I know I won. What do you say GM

    HBK takes a moment to think as the crowd continually chant Punks name

    HBK: Well what I will do is do whats best for the WWE

    EXCUSE MEEEEE!!!!!!!!! and Vickie Guerreros music blasts as she makes her way to the ring flanked by her entourage, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger and the crowd let out a torrent of abuse towards Vickie

    Vickie: Excuse me while I interupt your cosey little party but the only injustice last night was that neither or even both of my astounding athletes were in that unification title match and I for one think its about time they had their shot.

    Dolph and Jack enter ahead of Vickie and Punk puts his guard up ready.

    Vickie: So forget CM Punk. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are the future of this company and the rightful new champ. They are what the WWE needs

    Crowd boo continuously as CM Punk grabs the mic

    Punk: Dolph or Jack. The guy who spends more time getting ready than Vickie or the guy whose face is more diverting than Vickies.

    Crowd cheer and laugh as the pair get incensed

    Punk: I think the WWE will pass. Neither even picked up a win last night. So boys take your mother and go home.

    With that Vickie slaps Punk and tries again but he grabs the hand and Swagger gets in a cheap shot followed by Ziggler and the pair start to beat down on Punk as Vickie shouts in HBKs face. Punk tries to battle back but to no avail when Mr Kennedy hits the ring with a chair in hand and cracks one over Zigglers head and then nails Swagger with it too. Kennedy then stalks Vickie and the crowd cheer as he goes to hit her but Del Rio recovers and goes after Kennedy who cracks him with the chair instead and Vickie scarpers under the ropes as Del Rio runs dazed into Punk who hits him with the Go To Sleep. HBK gets back on the mic

    HBK: Right no more messing about, tonight starts the road to Backlash: The night of champions. 32 men 4 weeks 1 Unified world champion. And tonight we will see Mr Kennedy up against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger going one on one with CM Punk!!!!!!

    Crowd cheer announcement as all 4 men argue back and for.

    Tazz: Wow what an announcement from HBK

    Cole: What is Kennedy even doing out here, he had no right to swing that chair.

    Tazz: He had as much right as Ziggler and Swagger had double teaming Punk

    - - - - - - - - A RAW WRESTLEMANIA REVENGE TOUR VIDEO PLAYS - - - - - -
    - - -

    RVDs music plays as we come back and the ring announcer notifies us that the next match is from the WWE world title tournament

    Tazz: Heres a friend of mine I love to watch in the ring

    Cole: Van Dam is past it

    Tazz: RVD performs week in week out and never fails to deliver

    Bully Rays music then hits and he argues with the crowd down to the ring before placing his metal chain under the ringpost

    Match 1 I Singles I Unified World Title Tournament Round 1

    Rob Van Dam vs. Bully Ray

    SUMMARY: A back and for match ends controversially as RVD gets the upperhand and accidentally blinds the referee giving Bully Ray the chance to smack RVD with his chain and get the pinfall.

    Result: Bully Ray def. Rob Van Dam by pinfall (6:34) to advance

    - - - - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - -- - - - -

    As we come back from the break Santino Marella is backstage with Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly trying to impress them. He picks up a water pistol and starts squirting water around when a sudden halt is seen the camera flashes to a soaked angry Brodus Clay who grabs a startled Santino by the scruff

    Brodus Clay: In the ring, now!!!!!!!

    Santino: Oh, oh ok, please dont hurt me???

    Santino petrified as Brodus releases him slinks to the floor a a terrified Kelly and Eve look on

    - - - - A video plays hyping the WWE RAW Wrestlemania Revenge Tour - - - -

    As we come back Santino Marella is in the ring waiting with a fearful look on his face

    Brodus Clays music plays and the titan makes his way down to the ring menacingly sneering in all directions

    Clay gets in the ring, Santino begs him not to hurt him but Clay immediately shoves Santino down, Clay tells Santino to fight back, Santino smacks Clay with a forehand but Clay doesnt flinch, Santino then pokes Clay in the eye and Clay falls back blinded and Santino lines up the Cobra, runs at Clay who flattens Santino with a huge forearm. Clay sends Santino into the corner and hits him with bodysplash. Clay picks Santino up, runs with him into the corner and smashes Santinos back into the turnbuckle quickly following up with a fallaway slam. Clay then sets up a powerbomb, lifts Santino up and chucks him up into the sky hitting a midair spear on Santino on his way down. Clay just looks at Santinos motionless body for a second before leaving the ring to a chorus of boos.

    Tazz: I cant believe what ive just seen Cole

    EMTs rush down to the ring to see to Santino

    Cole: Well thats what happens when you **** off Brodus Clay Tazz, you get hurt

    Tazz: Well lets hope Santino isn't too hurt, and standing by backstage is Scott Stanford with the NEW United States champion

    Scott Stanford: Thanks Tazz and yes I am with the NEW United States champion A ----J------- Styles

    Styles comes into the picture to a huge cheer from the crowd

    Scott Stanford: AJ last night you captured the United States title in a fatal 4 way match, what are your thoughts on your future as US champ or do you see your future a a higher champion, the world champion perhaps

    AJ Styles: Scott, everybody dreams of being the WWE champion. And im no different, wih the backing of my fans and my own belief in my abilities then its certainly a possibility that I could be wearing the big gold in the near future, the skys the limit for me

    ???????: Yeah right AJ!!!!

    Christian appears out of the sideview and gets on the mic

    Christian : The only real belief around here is that you will never be the WWE champion, and MY PEEPS know it, you know it and you need to stop blowing a trumpet that isn't there, you will never be as great as I am

    AJ Styles: Is that right, thats why everytime we've faced off i've kicked your ass

    Christian: Well I will personally eliminate you from this tournament, it would be an honour

    AJ Styles: I look forward to it

    Christian scaulks away from view as AJ goes back to Scott Stanford but Christian runs from behind and attacks AJ, pummeling him into the ground, Christian picks AJ up and chucks him through a metal caged door. Christian then runs off as AJ lies in a heap

    Tazz: Interesting segment there Cole and another sneaky attack

    Cole: It wasnt sneaky when Shawn Michaels was doing it

    Tazz: HBK was being provoked unlike Christian

    Beer Moneys music hits and Robert Roode and James Storm make their way to the ring to a mixed reaction

    Worlds Greatest tag teams music plays and Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin make their way to the ring to a decent cheer

    Match 2 I Tag Team

    Beer Money vs Worlds Greatest Tag Team

    Summary: A decent tag bout with several spots ends when Beer Money hit the DUI on Haas and Storm covers as Roode knocks Benjamin down and Beer Money pick up the win

    Result: Beer Money def. Worlds Greatest Tag Team by pinfall (7:12)

    - - - - - C O M M E R C I AL - - -
    - -

    As we come back we are shown Shawn Michaels office and as we head inside we see Vickie Guerrero and her entourage arguing with HBK

    Vickie Guerrero: You cant be serious Shawn, its bad enough that they were both screwed last night now they
    have to win 5 matches to win the wwe title

    HBK: Now dont go barking orders at me Vickie, I'm giving them their chance just like anyone else

    Vickie scowls at HBK

    HBK: And I can just as easily take that chance away if I want

    Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me!!!!!!

    Swagger and Ziggler then quickly take Vickie out of the office and HBK goes back to his computer.

    A video package plays hyping Backlash PPV

    Excuse Me blasts through the arena as Dolph Ziggler makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger

    Cole: Vickie Guerrero is right, Ziggler and Swagger shouldn't have to qualify to be world champion, they should be installed already

    Tazz: And that wouldn't be fair on the others Cole, what have Ziggler and Swagger done to deserve being WWE champion

    Cole: A lot more than you Tazz, theyve both been champion before which means they know how to wear the gold

    Tazz: It also shows they know how to lose it too

    MR Kennedys music hits to a huge cheer and he makes his way down to the ring

    Cole: Kennedy had no right being out here earlier on tonight, the guys so up himself

    Tazz: He had as much right as Ziggler and Swagger had Cole

    Match 3 I Singles I WWE Unified World Title Tournament Round 1

    Dolph Ziggler vs Mr Kennedy

    Kennedy hits
    the Mic Check and covers but Vickie places Zigglers foot on the bottom rope. Vickie then gets up on the apron distracting the referee, Swagger appears to distract Kennedy and Ziggler hits a low blow followed by the pin for the victory

    Result: Dolph Ziggler def Mr Kennedy by pinfall (9:13) to advance

    Cole: Well done Ziggler, you sure showed him

    Tazz: Yeah showed him how to cheat

    Cole: A wins a win Tazz, even you should know that

    - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - -

    As we come back to the locker room The Prophet Elijah is prancing around preparing for his match as Scott Stanford tries to muscle in for an interview

    Scott Stanford: Tonight Prophet you take on old adversary Samoa Joe in the world title tournament what are your thoughts

    Prophet: Im your new champ baby, nothing gunna stop me

    Scott Stanford: Thats a bold statement

    Prophet: Oh yeah gunna go all the way man, Prophet on his way to the top, with the lord on my side I shall not, no, cannot fail

    Prophet then scurries off

    A video hyping up Money in the Bank winner John Morrison plays

    As we come back Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and R-Truth are all in the ring as Christan makes his way down to the ring to a huge round of booing

    Tazz: I cant believe the nerve of Christian earlier tonight

    A video is shown of Christian attacking AJ Styles backstage

    Cole: Well AJ shouldnt have said some of the stuff he did

    The countdown starts and Chris Jerichos music plays and he gets a mixed reaction from the Florida crowd

    Match 4 I Six Man Tag Team
    Sheamus,Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs Chris Jericho, Christian & R-Truth

    An eventful 6 man tag sees AJ Styles come out from the back and chase Christian away, with the number stacked against Jericho cowardly abandons his tag partner. Truth then recieves Trouble in Paradise, a Brogue Kick and a Shhoting Star Press as the trio pick up an eventually comfortable victory.

    Result: Sheamus, Kofi & Bourne def Jericho, Christian & Truth by pinfall (7:56)

    Backstage AJ is pummeling Christian who manages to get in a poke to the eye and runs into a dark corridor, AJ follows but is pushed back out by a debuting Abyss who has AJ bythe throat, Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam through a table on Styles and Christian reappears hugging the brute and they depart together and referees and security rush to help Styles

    Back in HBKs office the new GM looks disappointed at what he just saw just as Mr Kennedy aggressively bursts in

    Mr Kennedy: What the hell was that bullcrap Shawn, I thought you are supposed to be the guy in charge round here and those two numbskulls are getting away with screwing me out of my title chance

    HBK: Woah hold your horses Ken, I dont think I personally could have stopped what happened earlier, i'm just one guy, but what I can do is book a match for next week, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger teaming up to take on CM Punk and Mr Kennedy

    Mr Kennedy: Yeah well thats next week, what about tonight

    HBK: Well for tonight I think you should take the rest of the night off

    Kennedy just looks angrily at HBK

    Mr Kennedy: Dont make an enemy out of me Shawn, i warn you

    Kennedy then storms out slamming the door behind as HBK shakes his head

    Prophets music plays and he makes his way to the ring to a small jeer

    A big 'Joes gunna kill you' chant starts up and The Prophet Elijah gets irate shouting at the crowd

    Samoa Joes music plays and he makes his way down to the ring slowly with the crowd still chanting

    Match 5 I Singles I WWE Unified World Title Tournament Round 1

    Samoa Joe vs The Prophet Elijah

    Prophet tries to hit Joe with the double knee in the corner, Joe avoids and locks on the Coquina Clutch and Prophet immediately gives in and taps

    Result: Samoa Joe def. The Prophet Elijah by submission (5:47) to advance

    Cole: An impressive victory for Samoa Joe

    Tazz: Yeah maybe The Prophet Elijah will learn to keep his mouth shut now

    - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - -

    Backstage Scott Stanford stands by with former World Champion CM Punk

    Scott Stanford: C M Punk, tonight you go one on one with Jack Swagger, are you afraid your match may be jeopardised the same way Mr Kennedy was earlier.

    CM Punk: Well Scott, its plainly obvious to see that the wicked witch and her goblins are going to do everything they can to see me out of this tournament

    Scott Stanford: Any ideas on how to counter this

    CM Punk: Honestly Scott, Im just going to go out there and give the fans what they want, my all and hopefuly that will be good enough

    A video plays hyping the RAW Roster

    Back in the ring Tara is in the ring to a cheer from the crowd

    Beth Phoenix music plays and she makes her way to the ring accompanied by Natalya and the crowd boo the duo

    Tazz: Not a fan favourite are Beth and Natalya

    Cole: Everybody hates a winner Tazz. jealousy fills this Florida crowd

    Match 6 I Womens Singles I Non-Title
    Beth Phoenix vs Tara

    Summary: A great effort from Tara but Beth is to strong and hits the Glam Slam for the victory

    Result: Beth Phoenix def. Tara by pinfall (3:59)

    Tazz: Great effort by Tara

    Cole: Efforts dont win matches, pinfalls do

    Backstage and Christian grabs the mic off Scott Stanford

    Christian: You see AJ, I told you you werent in my league and I proved it, you want to mess with Captain Charisma, the multi talented athlete that I am, my backup showed you the path to the hospital and a warning for the future, you get in our way and you will get hurt

    - - - -C O M M E R C I A L - - - -

    We come back and Jack Swaggers music plays and he is accompanied by Vickie Guerrero

    Tazz: Jack Swagger already had a big say in the end of one match tonight, lets see what he can do for himself in a one on one situation

    Cole: Oh shut up Tazz, Jack Swagger is nearly half your age and held more titles than you ever have, of course he can get the job done

    Tazz: CM Punk aint no pushover Cole

    CM Punks music hits to a huge ovation and he makes his way down to the ring

    Tazz: Well its obvious who the home crowd support
    Main Event I Singles I WWE Unified World Title Tournament Round 1

    CM Punk vs Jack Swagger

    Punk gets the best of Swagger and hits the GTS on Swagger but the flailing leg of Swagger knocks the referee down and Punk has him covered and Vickie runs in and hits Punk, Punk grabs hold of her and the crowd are cheering but Ziggler runs down and hits Punk with the ZigZag and runs back to the back. Swagger celebrates as he goes to cover Punk as Vickie tries to resuscitate the referee. Kennedy then flies out of the crowd to the delight of the fans and hits a Mic Check on Swagger, flips Vickie the finger and Punk rolls over onto Swagger as the recovering referee counts the pinfall.

    Result: CM Punk def. Jack Swagger by pinfall (12:29) to advance

    Punk celebrates in the ring as Vickie screams her head off as we go off the air

    - - - - - S H O W - - -- - E N D - - - - -

    - -
    - - -
    - - - -
    - - - - -


    Bully Ray def. Rob Van Dam in World Title Tournament Qualifier

    Beer Money def. Worlds Greatest Tag Team

    Dolph Ziggler def. Mr Kennedy in World Title Tournament Qualifier

    Sheamus, Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne def. R-Truth, Christian & Chris Jericho

    Samoa Joe def. The Prophet Eljah in World Title Tournament Qualifier

    Beth Phoenix def. Tara

    CM Punk def. Jack Swagger in World Title Tournament Qualifier
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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    WWE.COM exclusive

    Latest News

    After Shawn Michaels announcement the WWE can reveal further details for the participants for the WWE Unified World Title tournament.

    They have also confirmed that the semi finals and final will take place when WWE presents Backlash : Night of Champions on PPV April 29th

    Each of these 3 matches will be under certain stipulations with the current vibe being that the final will be a ladder match

    Also at the Backlash PPV, the WWE are thinking of bringing in another title to be defended over both brands. Its thought the WWE will possibly let the fans have an input into the new title before deciding on which idea will be used

    Its also being rumoured that Triple H is in talk wth many other promotion ranging from Pro Wrestling Noah to SHIMMER to AAA of Mexico in regards to acquiring some showcase talent for a limited period, more on that when we hear.

    Here are the brackets for the first round of the WWE Unified World Title tournament.(Winners in bold)

    BULLY RAY defeated ROB VAN DAM

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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction


    Major announcement from WWE

    NXT Tag Team has been cancelled

    Due to the fall in ratings series after series of NXT the WWE have decided to abolish NXT once and for all

    In its place will be From The Vault, a program showing many classic matches from the last 25 years of WWE television and including some greats from ECW and WCW too

    This weeks installment : TLC 1 from Summerslam 2000 and TLC 2 from Wrestlemania XVII and interviews with all 6 participants and their thoughts on how it felt to be a part of it
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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction


    Smackdown comes live from the St Pete Times Forum center in Tampa, Florida

    Its been 5 days since Wrestlemania ended and the fireworks keep on going well into the next week and with new General Manager Shawn Michaels announcing the World title will be won in a tournament theres bound to be a backlash from former champion Alberto Del Rio

    We will also hear from the new Money in the Bank holder John Morrison after his epic victory at Wrestlemania and what his plans for the briefcase are

    Keep glued for more

    Announced for Smackdown

    John Cena v Wade Barrett in a World title qualifier

    The Miz v Big Show in a World title qualifier

    Cody Rhodes defending the Intercontinental title

    John Morrison speaks out about his MITB win

    Gregory Helms defending the Cruiserweight title

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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    St Pete Times Forum Center, Tampa, Florida

    Recap videos of Wrestlemania and Raw play

    The Smackdown video plays

    Pyros go off and we are brought to the commentators table

    Michael Cole: Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to friday night smackdown, live from Tampa Florida. Im Michael Cole and Im joined by my co colleagues for the evening Booker T and Josh Matthews

    Booker T: Hey wassup everybody cant wait for tonights show, gunna be a crackerjacker

    Michael Cole: A what?

    Josh Matthews: A good night i think Cole

    Booker T: Damn straight

    **R E A L E Z A**

    Alberto Del Rio drives his way down to the arena amongst a barrage of boos. He doesnt look happy one bit. He grabs a microphone and awaits quiet before speaking

    Alberto Del Rio: For those of you who dont realise, I am Alberto Del Rio, the rightful W...W....E champion.

    Crowd jeer

    Del Rio: But thanks to Aitch Beeeeeee Kayyyyyyy, I no longer have what is righfully my destiny.

    Crowd cheer and Del Rio gets wound up

    Del Rio: Cheer all you want, Im better than each and every one of yoooooou. And im not leaving till I have what was taken from me.

    **V O I C E S**

    Crowd erupt as 'The Viper' Randy Orton appears on the ramp

    Randy Orton: Alberto, you disapoint me. A real champion fights his way to the gold. I dont think theres any need to inflict more torture on these fans by staying in the ring. If you dont feel like movng, then im sure I can help you out

    Orton starts making his way down to the ring

    Orton: You see theres one thing I cant stand, and thats cowards. Alberto, you are a coward.

    Orton drops the microphone and runs into the ring but Del Rio cuts him off with a forearm over the back and Del Rio starts laying the boot in on Orton. Del Rio grabs Orton for the Armbar but Orton counters with a reverse fireman carry taking Del Rio down to the canvas. Orton stalks Del Rio, Orton goes for the RKO but Del Rio senses it ad rolls away under the bottom rope and Del Rio shouts at Orton as he makes his way toward the entrance ramp.

    **S E X Y - B O Y**

    HBK makes his way onto the ramp to the dismay of Del Rio but to the delight of the crowd

    HBK: You know what Randy, I totally agree with you. The WWE is no place for cowards. So Alberto, tonight you will go one on one with Randy Orton, and that match will be right now

    Del Rio shouts angrily at HBK as Orton sneaks up behind him and chucks him in the ring to start the match

    Singles Match

    Randy Orton v Alberto Del Rio

    Summary: A real battle takes place to open the show and Orton hits a huge dropkick on Del Rio followed by an inverted headlock backbreaker.Orton again sets up for the RKO but Del Rio pushes him off and hits a lowblow and the ref calls for the bell.

    Result: Randy Orton def Alberto Del Rio by DQ (5:58)

    After the bell rings Del Rio continues to attack Orton and locks in the Armbar and Orton immediately taps but Del Rio wont release the hold. Del Rio eventually lets go but only to go retrieve a chair from ringside.Orton crawls into the corner and Del Rio follows him waiting with the chair, Orton clambers to his feet and turns round into Del Rios swinging chair but Orton ducks the shot and hits the RKO. Orton slinks back up the ramp holding his arm and shoulder.

    - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - -

    We come back to a slow camera moving in on interviewer Christy Hemme

    Christy Hemme: Ladie and gentleman, I am standing by with the South African superstar, Justin Gabriel. Justin tonight you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to challenge Cody Rhodes for the intercontinental championship.

    Justin Gabriel: Yes Christy I sure do and I am so excited to get the chance to win my first singles gold here in the WWE. I feel that tonight, is my night, tonight I bring home the gold.

    Gabriel walks off towards the ring as we see a clip of Cody Rhodes watching the interview shaking his head side to side.

    ** T H E - R I S I N G**

    Crowd cheer as Justin Gabriel makes his way down to the ring

    Michael Cole: The audacity of Justin Gabriel, what makes him think he can defeat the amazing Cody Rhodes

    Booker T: Its 50/50 Cole and I like Gabriel, tremendous athlete

    ** S M O K E - A N D - M I R R O R S**

    Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring to a bunch of jeers, he stares at Gabriel, shakes his head then grabs a microphone.

    Cody Rhodes: Let me take a moment to introduce myself, Im Cody Rhodes, the dashing, the glorious, the coveted Cody Rhodes. Who may I ask are you??

    Rhodes puts the microphone to Gabriels face and before Gabriel can answer pulls it away to huge jeers, which he milks

    Rhodes: I will tell you who you are, you are nobody, a waster, a terrible excuse for a man, a cruiserweight jobber at best, and after this match you will be 'just another afterthought'

    Rhodes hands his microphone and title to the referee

    Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship

    Cody Rhodes(c) v Justin Gabriel

    An enthralling gutsy performance from Gabriel sees him hit a slingshot suicide senton, but Rhodes starts to domnate and Rhodes exposes the turnbuckle, whips Gabriel into the corner but Gabriel stops himself from hitting the exposed turnbuckle only to run into the CrossRhodes but Gabriel counters with an STO. Gabriel climbs the turnbuckle and hits the 450 splash to cover Rhodes for the 3 count. Gabriel is the new champ.

    Result: Justin Gabriel def. Cody Rhodes by pinfall (7:37) to become the NEW intercontinental champion

    The crowd are going wild as Justin Gabriel celebrates his huge victory

    Booker T: Haha Cody Rhodes just got served

    Michael Cole: This aint right, Gabriel cheated

    Josh Matthews: There was nothing wrong there Cole

    Booker T: If anything it was Rhodes who needed to cheat

    Cole: I dont think so Booker, that pad was faulty anyway

    - - - R A W - R E C A P - V I D E O - P L A Y S - - -

    As we come back Christy Hemme is in the locker room standing next to Gregory Helms

    Hemme: Gregory Helms, you requested an interview for tonight, can I please ask why?

    Gregory Helms: You can ask away, my reasons are simple. Im one of the greatest wrestlers to ever be in the WWE. I am the longest reigning cruiserweight champion in history. I defeated over 10 other superstars on my return to win the cruiserweight title yet again, but as usual I am an exclusion. I am completely ignored in the World title tournament and the WWE heirarchy are once again failing to recognise my talent. For years I was left trapped in a terrible superhero gimmick, a persona that is beneath me. So tonight I will reatin my title, unlike Cody Rhodes and I will win my match by pinfall, unlike Randy Orton, for im the supernatural, Gregory Helms.And my time is coming

    - - - - B A C K L A S H - V I D E O - - -

    As we come back Yoshi Tatsu is in the ring

    **I T S - T I M E**

    Gregory Helms makes his way down to the ring

    Singles Match for the Cruiserweight championship

    Gregory Helms(c) v Yoshi Tatsu

    Summary: Helms picks apart Tatsu before Tatsu gains some momentum but Helms moves out of the way of an aerial attack and hits The Nightmare on Helms street for the win

    Result: Gregory Helms def Yoshi Tatsu by pinfall (4:26) to retain

    After the match Helms stands over the fallen Tatsu and raises his title in the air

    Cole: Very impressive from the cruiserweight champion

    Booker: I must admit, Helms talks a lot but he just backed that stuff right up

    Matthews: And he continues his undefeated streak since returning

    Backstage now and Christy Hemme is standing by with Wade Barrett

    Hemme: Wade Barrett, last sunday evening at Wrestlemania you were unsuccessful in the Money in the Bank match as John Morrison emerged victorious. And tonight you face John Cena, who was successful in his titanic battle with The Rock. Are you afraid you may make an early exit

    Wade Barrett: Afraid? Afraid! Not at all. Im well aware of John Cenas escapades on sunday, but he defeated one man, a washed up one at that. Where as I Wade Barrett narrowly, and I mean narrowly lost out to several of todays best superstars, the odds couldnt have been more stacked against me. But with the Barrett Barrage all of last sundays mistakes shall be rectified when Wade Barrett eliminates John Cena from the Unified World title tournament. In fact, I, Wade Barrett promise to the WWE Universe that John Cena wont even walk out of this arena tonight, celebrations cut short I might say

    John Cena: Is that right

    Huge cheer as the man in question appears

    John Cena: Last sunday John Cena and The Rock made history. The star who defined an era against the star who is defining an era. The most electrifying man to ever appear in a WWE ring against me. And we tore Miami down to the ground. Ive never been in a more demanding match in all my life, and I wouldnt trade it for the world.

    Barrett: Well if its demanding your after then wait till tonight, because you will certainly get it

    Cena: Why wait till tonight, lets do it now

    Cena attacks Barrett and starts to pound him on the floor when Skip Sheffield comes out of nowhereand levels Cena. Skip grabs hold of Barrett and they dart off but Cena ensues only for Mason Ryan, the other half of the tag team champions to spear him right into the steel shutters. Barrett then levels Cena with a steel chair. Barrett wraps the chair round Cenas ankle and orders Ryan and Sheffield. The tag champs then lift up a steel girder together and slam it over the trapped ankle of Cena. Cena yelps out in agony. Barrett then gets in his face

    Barrett: You see like I said John. Its hard to win against the numbers. Hahaha

    Barrett and his crew then walk away as referees and security run to Cena

    Cole: Oh my that doesnt look good

    Booker: No it dont man, cant believe he just did that

    Matthews: I really hope John Cena is ok

    - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - -

    ** S A Y - I T - M Y - F A C E**

    Alex Riley makes his way down to the ring to a small pop

    **F L I G H T - O F - T H E - V A L K Y R I E S**

    Daniel Bryan makes his way down to the ring to a huge cheer

    WWE Unified World Title Tournament First Round Match

    Alex Riley v Daniel Bryan

    Riley hits Bryan with Youre Dismissed and covers only for Bryans foot tobe on the rope. Riley fumes and picks up Bryan who springs the Lebell lock on Riley immediately taps out.

    Result: Daniel Bryan def Alex Riley by submission (5:47) to qualify

    Booker: Wow great ring presence from Daniel Bryan

    Cole: Cant believe that terrible excuse of an athlete won, he belongs in the hospital with John Cena

    Matthews: How can you say that

    Backstage John Cena is being put into an ambulance as HBK arrives on the scene

    HBK: Whats the damage

    Paramedic shakes his head

    HBK: That bad

    Paramedic nods

    HBK: Damn it!!!!!!

    HBK recieves a message and grins, then starts dialling

    - - - V I D E O - H Y P I N G - M O T O R - C I T Y - M A C H I N E - G U N S - - -

    **M O T O R C I T Y**

    Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, the Motor City Machine Guns, make their way down to the ring to a huge cheer.

    **E N D - O F - D A Y S**

    Wade Barrett, Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield make their way down to the ring

    Singles Match

    Chris Sabin v Mason Ryan

    Sabin dropkicks Ryan to the outside, hits a plancha onto Ryan, Sheffield and Barrett. Barrett gets up on the apron. Sheffield clobbers Shelley outside with the title. Sabin goes through the rope but gets clobbered with the title aswell and falls into a huge Uplifting Spear from Ryan. Ryan covers for the pin.

    Result: Mason Ryan def Chris Sabin by pinfall (6:07)

    Cole: Great victory for Ryan, tag champs looking powerful

    Matthews: Great victory, they cheated!!!!

    Booker: This trio dont do anything by the rules

    - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - -

    Backstage and Hemme is standing by with the winner of this years Money in the Bank, John Morrison.

    Hemme: John, you overcame the odds on the biggest stage of them all to capture the briefcase and your opportunity at WWE world title gold. What the fans want to know is what your plans for the future are.

    Morrison flicks his hair and takes the microphone.

    John Morrison: My plans are simple, I took the briefcase on as you say the greatest show on earth. I earned this. But still want the recognition of earning my title. So I wont be using this briefcase. Im going to win the title the right way. By beating 5 other superstars in 5 different matches and by being the best of the best.

    ???????: R E A L L Y ! ! ! !

    The Miz appears into the picture

    Miz: Really! Really! Reaaaaallllllyyyyy! John, John, John, why hold the keys if you wont unlock the gate. If you really have to be so righteous about everything then hand me the briefcase, for old times sake, give it to someone like me who knows how to use one, or is the fact being that you know that even using the case your lame pathetic always lacking besides me ass wont get the job done, just like Daniel Bryan.

    Morrison grins

    Morrison: But last night Mike, you didnt get the job done, I did

    Miz: Yeah you did, i can admit that, but when it comes to winning the real prizes, I have and I will, because Im the Miz and Im aaaawwwwweeeeeesoooooooommmmmeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    Miz leaves as Morrison glares at him

    **A W E S O M E : I - C A M E - T O - P L A Y**

    The Miz makes his way down to the ring to boos

    Matthews: Miz not very popular here in Florida

    Cole: That doesnt matter, The Miz is awesome and you know it

    **C R A N K - I T - U P**

    The Big Show makes his way to the ring to a cheer

    WWE Unified World Title Tournament First Round Match

    The Miz v The Big Show

    Long drawn out match sees the referee knocked out by Miz pushing him in the way of Shows big splash. Another referee appears and Miz ducks Shows knockout punch which clocks the referee. Miz hits a low blow followed by Skull Crushing Finale and the original referee recovers just in time to count the pinfall as Miz uses the ropes for leverage.

    Result: The Miz def The Big Show by pinfall (9:50) to qualify

    Booker: Miz with a cheaphot

    Cole: But he got the job done, thats all that matters

    Backstage now and Wade Barrett and the tag team champions ae leaving the arena until HBK runs up to stop them

    HBK: Woah woah woah Wade, where do you you think youre going

    Barrett: Home to party Mr Michaels, you see we have had a very productive night and my opponent is ceasing to participate

    HBK: Well in one sense you are right, John Cena has ceased to participate, but your new opponent has been on the blower and is itching to get going and as the newest addition to Smackdown I just couldnt say no

    Barrett: You cant do this

    HBK: I already have

    Barrett and the champs start walking towards the arena

    HBK: Wait

    The trio stop

    HBK: One more thing, you two are barred from ringside, and if you interfere I will strip you of your tag team titles, bye now

    HBK waves the tag champs away as Barrett fumes

    - - - W W E - U K - T O U R - V I D E O - - -

    **E N D - O F - D A Y S**

    Wade Barrett makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos

    Cole: Who does Shawn Michaels think he is, Barrett was on his way home

    Booker: Hes the boss, thats who he is, and you do the crime you do the time

    Matthews: I wonder who it could be

    **M E N A C I N G**

    A hooded figure comes through the curtain as the crowd go wild. He pulls the hood down

    Booker: Its Wolfe, Desmond Wolfe

    Cole: Who

    Booker: Desmond Wolfe brother

    Cole: What a load of codswallop, the impressive Wade Barrett recalled from going home to face a nobody

    WWE Unified World Title Tournament First Round Match

    Wade Barrett v Desmond Wolfe

    Wolfe gets the upperhand with a flurry of punches to Barrett, Wolfe goes for a running lariat but Wade lifts him into Wasteland but is countered and Wolfe sends him into the corner. Clothesline by Wolfe. Wolfe lifts Wade onto the turnbuckle and hits the Hanging Cutter. Layla comes running down to ringside and gets on the apron and Wolfe looks worried at seeing her. The referee tries to get her to leave and Matt Morgan appears out of nowhere and hits the Carbon Footprint on Wolfe, pulls Barrett on Wolfe and exits through the crowd. Layla then leaves to the back and the referee counts the pin.

    Result: Wade Barrett def Desmond Wolfe by pinfall (11:39) to qualify

    After the match a confused and dizzy Wade Barrettcelebrates up the ramp as Wolfe looks on holding his head.

    - END of SHOW -

    - -
    - - -

    Smackdown Quick Results

    Randy Orton def Alberto Del Rio

    Justin Gabriel def Cody Rhodes(c) to win Intercontinental title

    Gregory Helms(c) def Yoshi Tatsu to retain Cruiserweight title

    Daniel Bryan def Alex Riley in World title qualifier

    Mason Ryan def Chris Sabin

    The Miz def The Big Show in World title qualifier

    Wade Barrett def Desmond Wolfe in World title qualifier

    - - -
    - -
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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction


    From The Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

    Raw this week comes from Atlanta Georgia and what will the next chapter of the Shawn Michaels lead WWE have instore.

    Last week HBK made his mark with the WWE title tournament announcement and we saw four superstars advance in CM Punk, Bully Ray, Samoa Joe and Dolph Ziggler, who will advance this week.And in the main event of this weeks Raw, two of those guys will go head to head with eachother and the guys they eliminated as CM Punk teams up with the hard done by Mr Kennedy to take on Vickie Guerreros Entourage of Dolph Ziggler and The Two Time All American American Jack Swagger

    Also last week Christian assaulted AJ Styles not once but twice with the help of The Monster Abyss, will Styles be out for revenge especially as the WWE United States champion goes one on one with The Monster Abyss for a place in the second round of the WWE title tournament.

    Also on Raw scheduled to be in action are Sheamus, Chris Jericho and Zack Ryder

    Confirmed Matches For Raw

    CM Punk and Mr Kennedy v Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

    'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles v 'The Monster' Abyss

    'The Great White' Sheamus v R-Truth

    'Y2J' Chris Jericho v Evan Bourne

    'Captain Charisma' Christian v Kofi Kingston

    Plus much much more

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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Live from The Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

    Video recap of last weeks Raw

    Raw Opening Video plays

    Pyros go off

    We are sent to the announce table with Michael Cole and Tazz

    Michael Cole: Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to live monday night raw emenating out of the city in the forest, Atlanta, Georgia. With me tonight, as always is my broadcast partner, The Human Suplex Machine Tazz

    Tazz: Thanks Cole its great to be here in Hotlanta, I cant wait for tonights show to get going, especially now that the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels is in charge

    Cole: Yes Tazz last week was the first Raw of HBKs, a very good one at that after he announced a WWE Unified World title tournament, but that decision didnt go down well with former heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio

    Tazz: No it didnt at all Cole, he got a superkick for his troubles and a chair shot to the head. Well last week we saw the power of wanting the gold when Dolph Ziggler defeated Mr Kennedy with outside interference from his ally Jack Swagger

    Cole: Yes and the favour was returned when Kennedy cost Swagger the main event match against former WWE champion CM Punk

    Tazz: Well they get to air their differences out later on in a big tag team match booked by HBK

    Cole: Sure to be a great main event

    Tazz: You betcha


    Christian makes his way down to the ring to jeers from the crowd

    Tazz: Christian not very popular here tonight

    Cole: Well im not surprised after his ambush attack on A J Styles last week

    Video recap shows Christian and Abyss attacking AJ Styles

    Christian has the mic in the middle of the ring

    Christian: Its like some people dont listen, they dont adhere to the rules of Christian, the locker room need to know that when you try rollin head to head with captain charisma, theres only one winner. The peeps know it, I know it and now AJ Styles knows it

    Crowd jeer

    Christian: Now I told him last week he wasnt in my league, and later on tonight Kofi Kingston wont be in my league as I beat him to advance in my journey towards the WWE World title

    **I AM, I AM**

    Crowd give AJ Styles a huge reception as he comes down to the ring

    AJ Styles: Not in your league, you maybe right Christian. Im above your league, always have been always will be and theres not really much you can do about that. As for last week, its pretty easy to send someone a message when theres two of you, but right now I dont see anybody but me and you captain. And im feeling a bit rowdy

    Styles then punches Christian and a fight starts and Styles whips Christian into the corner and hits a plancha.


    The lights go out and come back on and Styles is looking towards the entrance ramp but Abyss is already in the ring behind him and Styles walks right into a BLACKHOLE SLAM. Christian gets back to his feet as Abyss just stares at Styles and Christian starts kicking and stomping all over Styles

    **SEXY BOY**

    HBK: Now hold on just a second Christian, I have just recieved news that John Cena is going to be out of action for 6 months with a broken ankle and I dont feel like having any more of my superstars on the injury list. So right now you can get out of the ring and let Abyss have his title tournament match against AJ Styles.

    Christian exits the ring as a referee runs down

    Match One I Singles I WWE Unified World Title Tournament Round 1

    'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles v 'The Monster' Abyss

    As the bell rings Styles goes right at Abyss and hits several right hands and left chops in combination backing the behemoth into the corner, Styles with three kicks to the midsection followed by a springboard headscissor takedown on Abyss. Abyss jumps straight back up unaffected and Styles hits him with a couple more rights but Abyss grabs him by the throat and leans into Styles who kicks him in the midsection and breaks free running off the ropes and jumping at Abyss who catches him with a powerslam. Abyss picks up Styles and sends him into the corner as Christian looks on with delight. Abyss with a clothesline in the corner and Abyss pulls Styles out and aims a clothesline and Styles ducks and hits the pele kick in the corner, Styles looks back and Abyss has risen already and Styles tries to capitalise with STYLES CLASH but Abyss counters and hits a BLACKHOLE SLAM only for Styles to counter into a crucifix pin for a close two count.Styles runs at Abyss and eats a big boot. Abyss picks up Styles and hits a huge gorilla press slam into a powerslam and covers Styles for a two fall. Abyss pounds away at Styles and the referee counts to three before he releases and Abyss hits Styles with a kick to the face. Abyss whips Styles into the ropes, Styles ducks and hits a flying forearm but Abyss avoids and the referee takes the hit. Styles counters a chokeslam attempt into an arm drag takedown and holds the armbar submission as Christian gets up on the apron, Styles releases and immediately goes for Christian who jumps down giving Abyss the chance to regroup and Styles turns around into a charging Abyss but Styles moves and Abyss hits the turnbuckle. Styles lifts Abyss onto the middle rope and climbs to the top and looks to hit the STYLES CLASH but Christian again gets on the apron getting Styles attention and Abyss counters into a BLACKHOLE SLAM off the top rope, Abyss covers as the referee comes to and gets the pinfall

    Winner: Abyss defeated AJ Styles by pinfall to advance

    Tazz: Oh my Cole once again AJ Styles has been outsmarted by Christian

    Cole: And now hes out of the tournament too, Abyss advancing

    Tazz: Im gunna say it now, Abyss is the dark horse in this tournament, he looks unmovable

    Cole: It sure will take something big to get this monster down

    Christian and Abyss celebrate up the ramp as Styles looks on disapointed

    - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - -

    As we come back David Otunga is standing waiting in the ring


    **OH RADIO**

    Crowd cheer massively as Zack Ryder makes his way down to the ring slapping hands with a lot of the WWE fans at ringside

    Tazz: The crowd love Zack Ryder Cole

    Cole: They sure do Tazz, he has a real connection with the WWE fans

    Match Two I Singles
    Zack Ryder v David 'A-List' Otunga

    They lock up and Ryder hits a knee to the gut of Otunga and slams on an armlock but Otunga reverses and sends Ryder into the ropes but Ryder comes back and hits a leg lariat and then poses for the crowd. Ryder then hits a scoop slam on Otunga followed by a leg drop. Near fall for Ryder. Otunga battles back with some right hands after an eye poke and gathers some momentum sending Ryder into the corner and hitting a clothesline. Otunga bodyslams Ryder and hits an elbow drop. Otunga locks in a sleeper hold and Ryder starts to wane as the crowd start a COME ON RYDER chant, Ryder starts to fight out and Otunga tells the crowd to shut up and Ryder sends him into the ropes and ducks Otungas clothesline and hits the ROUGH RYDER and covers for the pinfall

    Winner: Zack Ryder defeated David Otunga by pinfall

    Tazz: Another well earned win for Zack Ryder

    Cole: Thats sure kept the crowd happy here in Atlanta

    Backstage now and Christy Hemme is standing by with Chris Jericho

    Christy Hemme: Ladies and gentleman I am standing by with multi time WWE champion Chris Jericho. Chris last week you abandoned R-Truth and left him in a 3 on 1 situation as Evan Bourne delivered the pinfall after his famed Shooting Star Press. Why did you do that and are you afraid you may suffer the same fate in your world title tournament match tonight

    Chris Jericho: Oh Christy you dumb bitch, did you not see last weeks match, until that freak AJ Styles ran down and scared off Christian I was well and truly in control of the match but with only R-Poof as a partner against three, yes three individuals I didnt want to risk an inury jeopardising my world title chances. As for Evan Bourne, just another name to add to my list of stars whose lights I will put out, did you know I once beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in one night. I was the first Undisputed champion in WWE history and after tonight, Evan Bourne, will never and I mean eveeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr be the same again!!!!!!

    Jericho leaves


    Evan Bourne makes his way down to the ring to a cheer from the crowd












    Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction

    Tazz: Strong words from Chris Jericho backstage Cole

    Cole: He means business Tazz, maybe its Jerichos time to hold the gold again

    Match Three I Singles I WWE Unified World Title Tournament Round 1

    Evan Bourne v 'Y2J' Chris Jericho

    Match starts and Jericho gets straight to work on Bourne after overpowering him and hits a backbreaker. Jericho whips Bourne and ducks but Bourne hits a sunset flip pin and Jericho kicks out after one and attempts the walls but Bourne flips Jericho off monkey flip style and Jericho charges at Bourne only to get drop toe holded into the canvas and Bourne locks in a boston crab and Jericho squeals as he tries to make it to the ropes but Bourne pulls him away. Jericho vainly pulls himself towards the ropes and grabs them and the referee forces Bourne to release, Bourne comes back at Jericho but gets a gouge in the eyes for his trouble and Jericho hits a chop block on the right leg which he now targets with a couple of kicks and Jericho drags Bourne near the ropes and hits a boston crab round the bottom rope applying all the pressure as the referee counts to 4 before Jericho releases. Jericho lifts the knee and slams it down hard on the canvas. Knee drop on the right knee of Bourne. Jericho hits a tilt a whirl slam on Bourne for a 2 count. Jericho sends Bourne into the corner and charges at him hitting a clothesline and tries to follow out with a bulldog but Bourne has hold of the turnbuckle and Jericho falls flat on his backside, Jericho comes back at Bourne but eats an enziguiri and both men are down but Bourne slowly reaches his feet, spots Jericho down and climbs to the top rope but his knee buckles and Jericho recovers to send Bourne off the top rope. Jericho hits the CODEBREAKER and gets the pinfall

    Winner: Chris Jericho defeated Evan Bourne by pinfall to advance

    Tazz: Well Jericho said he wouldnt succumb to Evan Bourne tonight and he was right

    Cole: Jericho targeted the right knee of Bourne and it worked, great hindsight from Y2J

    - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - -

    When we come back R-Truth is in the back listening to music when Christy Hemme tries to get a word but he shouts at her to **** off and tells the cameraman the same, as the cameraman leaves the camera he picks it up and starts talking

    R-Truth: Last week Sheamus, you, your mates and all those little jimmies out there teamed up on me but there will be no place and nobody for you to hide behind tonight. R-Truth will defeat you no matter the cost. Great White, meet your maker. And thats the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. Peace

    Truth chucks the camera down


    The new mixed version of Goldust and William Regals music plays to boos as they make their way down to the ring

    Cole: If your at home wondering why these two are together and being booed then here is the video from this past weekend on superstars

    Video plays showing Goldust in one on one action with Charlie Haas when William Regal, on commentary got out of his seat and planted Shelton Benjamin with brass knuckles. The distraction was enough for Goldust to hit the CURTAIN CALL on Haas for the victory

    William Regal: Shut up!!!!

    Crowd boo wildly at Regal

    Regal: Now that I have the attention of you smuglittle trollopes we would like to explain ourselves

    Goldust takes the microphone

    Goldust: You see not too long ago I had considered quitting wrestling altogether, stuck in a rut, no real momentum in my career and all the years of service to the men upstairs without any real success at the top. But William Regal came to me and said there is still time for that to change, still time to make an impact!!!

    Regal: And indeed there is, if theres nothing going to be given to us , then we will go get it ourselves.

    Goldust: So we have given all of our life to wrestling and its about time it started giving something back.

    Regal: And we are going to start by taking out the competition. The little whippersnappers that came in and took our places

    Goldust: That took our privileges

    Regal: That are taking our livelihood

    Goldust: But tonight starts the beginning of the end, we have been granted a place in the tag team championship turmoil match at Backlash whena dn I mean when we defeat the joke of a team that call themselves the greatest

    Crowd boo


    The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas make their way down to the ring

    Shelton Benjamin: So you think you deserve more than what you are getting, and what exactly do you deserve

    Charlie Haas: You dont get handed prizes for loyalty, this is the WWE, you earn them by talent and in your case Regal kissing the bosses ass.

    Regal goes mad as Goldust pulls him back and the crowd laugh as a chant of 'you kissed ass' starts

    Match Four I Tag Team I Championship Turmoil Qualifier

    Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) v Regal Gold (William Regal & Goldust)

    Haas and Goldust start the match and lock up and Goldust pulls Haas into his corner and holds the lockup as Regal blind tags and axe handles Haas to the canvas. Regal stomps away in the corner causing the referee to pull him away which lets Goldust illegally choke Haas on the bottom rope, Regal comes back and picks up Haas and hits a firemans carry slam into a headlock and Regal applies the pressure as Haas tries to fight it off. Haas starts to get to his feet fighting the headlock off but Regal releases and knocks Benjamin off the apron and Benjamin tries to get in and Goldust jumps in stomping to double team Haas as the ref gets Benjamin out of the ring. Goldust gets the tag and starts punching Haas in the corner before hitting a whip pull back into clothesline which Haas ducks, Haas punches regal off the apron and hits a dropkick on Goldust. Haas tries to make the tag but Regal runs in and tries to grab him but Haas kicks him, Regal grabs the foot, Haas enziguiri. Goldust clothesline on Haas but Haas moves and hits a german suplex on Goldust. Crowd cheer on Haas as he tries to make the tag and he gets it as Goldust and Regal get to their feet, Benjamin hits a right hand to Regal, right hand to Goldust, dragon whip on Regal sending him out of the ring and Haas grips Goldust and they set up on the ropes, Benjamin off the ropes and hits the BROKEN ARROW. The referee is telling Haas to get out of the ring as Regal sneaks in and uses the brass knuckles on Benjamin and puts Goldust on top. Regal then cuts off Haas on the outside as the referee makes the count

    Winners: Regal Gold defeated Worlds Greatest Tag Team by pinfall to qualify for Tag Turmoil

    Tazz: Another cheap win for Goldust and another illegal assist from William Regal

    Cole: You have got to feel for Benjamin and Haas, they had this match won

    Video plays hyping Backlash 2012: The Night of Champions PPV just 3 weeks away

    Cole: Backlash just 3 weeks away and we will crown a new WWE Unified World champion that night

    Tazz: Unless we have another draw Cole

    Cole: I dont think its possible Tazz as I have been told the final will be a ladder match to decide the champion and to avoid any odd scenarios

    Tazz: When did you find this out I had no idea

    Cole: Just now Tazz, right this moment


    **WHATS UP**

    R-Truth makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos and he furthers them by stealing a Sheamus poster off a little kid before ripping it up and handing it back

    Cole: A lot of attitude from Truth tonight

    Tazz: None very positive either


    Sheamus makes his way down to the ring to a good applause

    Tazz: Well we all know who the fans are supporting here in Atlanta

    Cole: Yeah me too

    Match Five I Singles I WWE Unified World Title Tournament Round 1

    R-Truth v 'The Great White' Sheamus

    Truth and Sheamus mouth off in the middle of the ring before Truth takes his jewellery off and puts it in the corner, Truth turns around and Sheamus hits the BROGUE KICK and thats all she wrote.

    Winner: Sheamus defeated R-Truth by pinfall to advance

    Cole: Wow Tazz Sheamus just damn near knocked Truths ehad off with that Brogue kick

    Tazz: Well thats what Truth gets for talking so much trash

    Backstage now and Christy Hemme is standing by

    Christy Hemme: Im standing here with.........

    Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me!!!!!!!!

    Vickie takes the microphone off Hemme and ushers her away

    Vickie Guerrero: Allow me to introduce The Entourage, The 2 time All American Jack Swagger and the future WWE World Unified champion Mr Heel himself, Dolph Ziggler

    Lots of heat for the trio

    Jack Swagger: CM Punk, last week was just a fluke, I had you beaten until that thug, Kennedy got involved but tonight you or him wont be able to sneak attack the 2 time 2 time all american american Jack Swagger and The Entourage will be successful

    Dolph Ziggler: Thats right Jack, Punk, Kennedy, you are stepping into the ring with Dolph Ziggler tonight, and Dolph Ziggler is perfection, and theres nothing better than perfection. Hashtag Heel

    The trio disappear as R-Truth walks past Hemme who tries to get another interview with him

    Truth pushes her into the wall, starts shouting at her and goes to strike her when The Prophet appears

    The Prophet: Woah man, peace be with you. The lord would not take kind to the abuse of women. Please let me have a little chat with you

    R-Truth: About what

    The Prophet: Like the good great lord himself, come seek and you shall find

    The Prophet walks off and Truth follows as Christy breathes a sigh of relief

    - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - -


    Kofi Kingston makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of cheers


    Christian makes his way down to the ring

    Cole: Christian has been making quite the ruckus the last couple of weeks on Raw

    Tazz: At least he hasnt brought Abyss with him tonight

    Justin Roberts: The following match is now a triple threat match and will be competed under falls count anywhere rules

    Kingston and Christian look baffled

    **I AM, I AM**

    Crowd go wild as AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring and Christian screams no over and over

    Tazz: Wow AJ back in contention

    Cole: All Christians scheming seems to be going down badly with the powers that be

    Tazz: And now him qualifying has been made twice as harder, and falls count anywhere too

    Match Six I Triple Threat I Falls Count Anywhere I WWE Unified World Title Tournament Round 1

    'Captain Charisma' Christian v Kofi Kingston v 'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles

    As the bell rings Styles goes straight after Christian who immediately ducks out of the ring and Styles follows and gets hold of Christian and starts hitting him with rights and then Kingston comes flying over the top rope taking all three men to the floor. Kingston capitalises by throwing Styles back in the ring and then hits a scoop slam on Christian before getting back in the ring and starting a brawl with Styles as both men trade punches and the crowd are behind both and Styles eventually ducks and hits the PELE out of nowhere and covers but Christian sneaks in and breaks the pin before the three count. Christian picks up Styles and puts him in the corner and lifts him onto the turnbuckle. Christian then whips Kingston into Styles but Kingston reverses the whip and Styles leaps off the turnbuckle hitting a crossbody on Christian into a pin which Kingston quickly breaks up. Kingston hits a floatover ddt on Styles and covers for a two fall. Kingston puts Styles on the turnbuckle and goes for a superplex off the top rope but Christian comes under and they have a tower of doom moment and Christian gets back to his feet first after Styles and Kingston hit the mat hard. Christian picks up Kingston and throws him out of the ring and starts to get mouthy to Styles as he stomps away, Christian goes to pick up Styles who small packages him and Styles gets a two fall. Kingston crawls back in and Christian dropkicks Styles and whips Kingston who counters with TROUBLE IN PARADISE but Christian ducks and Styles gets clobbered.. Christian goes for the KILLSWITCH but Kingston reverses sending Christian over the top rope and covers Styles, Kingston gets a close two count. Kingston picks up Styles who hits an enziguiri out of nowhere and sends Kingston sprawling to the outside with Christian. Its styles time to fly now as he hits a springboard 450 dive onto the pair on the outside. A this is awesome chant starts up. The trio start brawling up the entrance ramp and are all fighting at the top of the stage as Abyss appears and starts attacking Styles and Kingston helps Styles as they fight off the duo and Abyss gets hit with a double dropkick sending him off the stage. Christian hits the KILLSWITCH on Styles but TROUBLE IN PARADISE on Christian by Kingston and Kingston covers for the pinfall

    Winner: Kofi Kingston defeated Christian and AJ Styles by pinfall to advance

    Kingston celebrates on the stage and looks down to see where Abyss is but hes gone and then appears behind Kingston and Abyss hits the BLACKHOLE SLAM on the steel ramp. BLACKHOLE plays as Abyss stands tall and picks Christian up over his shoulder and leaves

    Cole: Well Kofi Kingston may have won this match but after what just happened I bet he wishes he hadnt

    Tazz: Yes Cole I have to agree with you, Kingston will face 'the monster' Abyss next week in round two but I sure as hell wouldnt look forward to it

    Cole: And what a Raw we will have in store next week, the Raw quarter finals of the title tournament are settling up to be exciting, as well as Abyss versus Kofi Kingston we will have Y2J Chris Jericho up against Sheamus and two of tonights main event participants up against Samoa Joe and Bully Ray respectively

    - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - -

    **EXCUSE ME**


    Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger make their way down to the ring accompanied by Vickie Guerrero and booed to the high heavens

    Cole: Hahaha the fans in Atlanta love to hate

    Tazz: They sure do and its pretty easy when you look at Vickie Guerrero


    Mr Kennedy makes his way out to the ring to a decent cheer and waits in the entrance area


    Cm Punk makes his way to the ring to a huge reception

    Tazz: And the crowd love CM Punk

    Cole: Well hes my pick for the WWE title, what about you Tazz

    Tazz: I think on the Raw side of things I will stick with what I said earlier and go for Abyss

    Punk and Anderson both run into the ring together and The Entourage soon exit the ring

    Main Event I Tag Team

    CM Punk & Mr Kennedy v The Entourage (Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger) with Vickie Guerrero

    We start the match with Kennedy and Ziggler and they lock up and Kennedy applies a belly to back waistlock, Ziggler reverses it and hits a back suplex on Kennedy. Kennedy starts to come alive and hammers both Ziggler and Swagger with rights as they try to take him down, Kennedy takes out Swagger with an enziguiri but runs into a dropkick from Ziggler. Ziggler with a scoop slam and Kennedy comes off the ropes and Ziggler locks in the sleeper hold. Kennedy starts to drop but the sound of Punk and the crowd rile him up and he starts to force his way out as Ziggler shakes his head. Kennedy sends Ziggler off into the ropes and lifts Ziggler up and hits the rolling firemans carry slam. Kennedy gets the tag to Punk who comes right in and hits Swagger off the apron sends Ziggler off into the ropes and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Cover for a two fall. Punk hits the falcon arrow on Ziggler and climbs to the top rope and hits a diving elbow drop on Ziggler and this time Swagger breaks the count.Swagger hits a shoulderbreaker on Punk. Swagger drags Ziggler over to the corner and tags himself in and covers Punk for a two count. Swagger then locks on the ANKLE LOCK and Punk is in pain and tries to crawl towards the ring ropes but Swagger locks the legs around it. Kennedy off the tope ropes hits a kenton bomb breaking the hold. Ziggler in hits the ZIGZAG on Kennedy. Punk back up clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope. Swagger runs at Punk with a big boot but Punk ducks, hits a roundhouse that Swagger catches and Swagger tries to lock in the ANKLE LOCK but Punk rolls through sending Swagger head first into the turnbuckle and back round into the GO TO SLEEP. Punk covers for the pinfall as Vickie screams

    Winners: CM Punk & Mr Kennedy defeated Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger by pinfall

    CM Punk and Mr Kennedy are celebrating when Bully Ray comes out of nowhere and assaults both of them with a steel chain. Ziggler and Swagger also start beating down on the pair and Bully chokes Punk with the chain before hitting a BULLYBOMB on Punk and Ziggler hits Kennedy with another ZIGZAG as the foursome celebrate as the show goes off the air.



    Abyss defeated AJ Styles by pinfall in World Title Tournament to advance

    Zack Ryder defeated David Otunga by pinfall

    Chris Jericho defeated Evan Bourne by pinfall in World Title Tournament to advance

    Regal Gold defeated Worlds Greatest Tag Team by pinfall in Tag Team Turmoil qualifier

    Sheamus defeated R-Truth by pinfall in World Title Tournament to advance

    Kofi Kingston defeated Christian and AJ Styles by pinfall in World Title Tournament to advance

    CM Punk & Mr Kennedy defeated Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger by pinfall


    Backlash 2012: The Night of Champions

    Confirmed Matches

    WWE Unified World Title Tournament Semi Final - Steel Cage

    ?????????? v ?????????

    WWE Unified World Title Tournament Semi Final - Extreme Rules

    ?????????? v ?????????

    WWE Tag Team Championsip - Tag Turmoil Match

    Mason Ryan & Skip Sheffield(c) v Regal Gold v ????????? v ?????????? v ????????? v ???????????

    WWE Unified World Title Tournament Final - Ladder Match

    Winner Semi Final 1 v Winner Semi Final 2

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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Updated WWE Unified World Title Tournament brackets:

    BULLY RAY defeated ROB VAN DAM
    ABYSS defeated AJ STYLES
    SHEAMUS defeated R-TRUTH
    THE MIZ defeated THE BIG SHOW

    Note:* Desmond Wolfe replaced the injured John Cena on the 6th April edition of Smackdown
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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    In the latest WWE rumours hitting the net, the WWE seem to have completely without reason changed broadcaster Michael Coles character, this past monday night on Raw Cole was more laid back and never antagonised the crowd or his co commentator Tazz. It is believed the change was made from the top tier of the board as they want to focus their brand more in the ring and around rather than at the commentary booth.

    In other news it has been leaked that at least four of the current WWE roster have failed wellness tests. No names have been giving as of yet and WWE will likely try to keep a secret the identity of certain said stars until they are dealt with internally. The obvious step now is to offer rehab and suspend the talent but right now this couldnt have come at a worst time after the Wrestlemania event the WWE is boming and this occurence badly dents future plans

    Its also been stated that the WWE are scouting for further talent.
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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    This weeks episode follows ECWs PPV Anarchy Rulz

    Tazz and Joey Styles introduce us to footage of three famous matches from the ppv that ran in 1999 & 2000

    We open with Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke, collectively known as the F.B.I successfully defending the ECW tag team titles against Yoshihiro Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck

    Extensive footage is then shown of the feud between Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka and we are shown footage of Mike Awesome returning to ECW at Anarchy Rulz 1999 to defeat ECW World champion Tazz and rival Masato Tanaka in a three way dance to become the champion

    We then see Rhino successfully defend the TV championship against Rob Van Dam at Anarchy Rulz 2000

    Finally we see Jerry Lynn defeat Justin Credible for the ECW World championship in the last ever match of Anarchy Rulz in 2000, we get the views from both competitors on the crowd atmosphere that night and Lynn on his only championship reign in ECW.

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    Smackdown re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction


    Live from the Gwinnett Center Arena in Duluth, Georgia

    Smackdown comes live from Georgia on Friday the 13th. What surprises will be in store


    Last week John Cena was scheduled to face Wade Barrett in the WWE title tournament but Barrett and his accomplices took Cena out with a broken ankle which will sideline Cena for at least six months. What will the reprecussions be for Wade Barrett and his stable as they crossed the line.


    Cody Rhodes lost his intercontinental championship last week to Justin Gabriel in a shock win for The African Superstar, what will the future hold for Rhodes as he takes on Drew Mcintyre and what will Gabriels future behold as he takes on Alberto Del Rio, both matches part of the WWE title tournament

    Also scheduled for Smackdown are John Morrison, Randy Orton and The Miz

    Matches Confirmed

    Title Tournament - Randy Orton v Ted Dibiase

    Title Tournament - Cody Rhodes v Drew McIntyre

    Title Tournament - Matt Morgan v John Morrison

    Title Tournament - Justin Gabriel v Alberto Del Rio

    Title Tournament - Mark Henry v Jeff Hardy

    The Miz and Gregory Helms v The Big Show and Daniel Bryan
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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    First time I've checked out your BTB, although I haven't read every section word for word, I'm hooked. I like the layout becasue for me personally it allows me to follow easily what is happening in your show.

    I enjoy the promos of your show so far I read the Raw show from Atlanta George you posted & can't wait what you do on Smackdown too.

    I checked out out for Unified Championship match up so many mouth watering encounters to look out for. The first one that stands out for me of all the matches you have bracketed Desmond wolf vs Wade Barrett. I really think WWE would knwo how to handle Desmond Wolf better then what TNA is doing with him. I think wolf could be as good as Barrett will be in future.

    Keep posting your shows & I will keep checking them out, I mighten post a review every time, but I want you know I'll be certainly checking it out.

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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Cheers Jimmie its th first bit of proper feedback ive had and I really appreciate it

    Like my title suggests im trying to go in a new direction and ease some of the more experienced and staler stars to the lower card or even off the shows completely and promote younger hungrier stars to the top. Theres plenty twists and turn to come and Smackdown will be up tonight hopefully

    Wolfe is untapped potential and the fact both are english makes it more interesting. I want my BTB to surprise and not be predictable

    Thanks for the feedback

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    Vengeance re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Friday 13th April 2012

    Live from Gwinnett Arena Center in Duluth,Georgia

    Video recap plays of last weeks Smackdown

    Smackdown Video plays

    Pyros go off
    Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Friday Night Smackdown live from Duluth,Georgia. I am Michael Cole and Im joined tonight by my co-colleagues Booker T and Josh Matthews

    Booker T: Hey Cole its great as always to be here commenting on the action, and what a night we have in store

    Josh Matthews:Yes Book tonight we have the continuation of the WWE Unified World title tournament with matches for Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and former World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio who goes up against the new Intercontinental champion Justin Gabriel

    Cole: Well we will also speak to John Cena after he underwent surgery this wednesday on the broken ankle The Barrett Barrage gave him last week

    Booker: that was some serious injury he had
    **END OF DAYS**

    Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring flanked by all his Barrage, Skip Sheffield, Mason Ryan, Matt Morgan and Layla and the boos rain down
    Wade Barrett: Well well well, its great to be in Georgia. You cant keep a great man down.John Cena, Desmond Wolfe, even Shawn Michaels. you all tried and you all failed to live with The Barrett Barrage. With the backing I have it cant be stopped, Wade Barrett is the uncrowned champion of the WWE. But not for long. I will win the WWE Unified World title at Backlash.

    **SEXY BOY**

    HBK makes his onto the ramp to a massive cheer
    HBK: Well then Mr Barrett, it seems you think that you are unpunishable, it seems you think that you can go around ambushing whoever you want , when you want. But no more. Tonight Wade Barrett you will be in action, you will team up with the WWE Tag team champions Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield. And you will be taking on The Motor City Machine Guns, Shelley and Sabin. And their tag team partner will be......Desmond Wolfe.

    Crowd give their applause for the match as Barrett fumes
    HBK: And to the man who interrupted my main event last week, you Matt Morgan will compete in the WWE title tournament against The Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. Happy friday the thirteenth

    John Morrison comes out, shakes HBKs hand then makes his way down to the ring

    Match One I Singles Match I WWE World Title Tournament Round One

    'The Blueprint' Matt Morgan w/Barrett,Sheffield,Ryan & Layla v 'The Shaman of Sexy' John Morrison

    Ryan jumps on the apron and Morrison goes for him giving Morgan the opportunity to attack Morrison from behind. Morgan hits a couple of right hands in the corner, elbow smash in the corner to Morrison. Morgan dominates with a clothesline, a shoulder thrust, another shoulder thrust and then a third. Morgan retreats to the opposite corner and runs at Morrison but Morrison moves and now Morrison starts hitting some rights as the crowd get behind him. Morrison hits a hard right that dazes Morgan and Morrison hits the middle rope jumps off and tornado ddts Morgan into the canvas. Standing shooting star press by Morrison for a two count. Morrison picks up Morgan and hits kicks to the midsection followed by a side russian leg sweep. Morrison with a standing moonsault but Morgan has the knees up and Morgan puts Morrison across the bottom rope and uses his foot to choke him as the referee pulls him off. With his back turned the referee doesnt see Ryan choking Morrison whilst Sheffield hits a huge running boot to Morrisons head. Morgan covers for a two count. Morgan with a sidewalk slam for another two count. Morgan then hits several elbow drops on Morrison and hits a suplex on Morrison. Morgan climbs to the top rope and goes for an elbow drop but Morrison moves and both men are down in the ring. Both men slowly stumble to their feet and start hitting rights back and for but Morgan gets in a kick and starts to hammer at Morrison, Morgan with a running clothesline but Morrison ducks and hits THE FLYING CHUCK on Morgan. Ryan and Sheffield ascend the apron and Morrison takes both of them down with a split legged dropkick. Layla distracts the referee whilst Barrett gets in the ring and waits for Morrison but Barrett gets pulled out by Desmond Wolfe who came from the back and Ryan and Sheffield try to help Barrett but Shelley and Sabin have come through the crowd and jump on the tag team champions. Morrison grabs hold of Layla and drags her into the ring but Morgan stops him with a forearm, Morgan with the CARBON FOOTPRINT but Morrison scouts it ducks and hits an enziguiri on Morgan. Morrison places Morgan under the corner and hits STARSHIP PAIN for the three count.

    Result: John Morrison defeated Matt Morgan by pinfall to advance

    Cole: Great win their for the shaman of sexy, who advances to the WWE title tournament second round

    Booker: Yeah big victory for Morrison, and dont forget he still has the money in the bank briefcase

    Matthews: So what happens to the case if he wins the tournament

    Cole: I dont know, thats a good point Josh

    Backstage Christy Hemme is standing by

    Christy Hemme: allow me to intro...

    Ricardo Rodriguez interupts

    No allow me to introduce, the reigning and soon to be rethroned WWE champion, Albertooooooo Del Riiiiiioooooooooo

    Alberto Del Rio grabs the mic

    Del Rio: Yes you see WWE Universe, Ricardo gets it. I am the WWE champion, I was never beaten for my title, my destiny is and always was to be the WWE champion. My path has been chosen, destiny will overcome all. CM Punk couldnt beat me, the Smackdown roster havent beaten me and I left Randy Orton in the ring last week as I was afraid for his health if I had remained.My name is Alberto Del Rio and I am the future of professional wrestling. But you already knew that.

    Del Rio leaves as Ricardo gives a funny look to Hemme before leaving too


    Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring and the crowd are booing him

    Cole: Cody Rhodes, the former intercontinental champion as of last week after his sensational defeat to Justin Gabriel isnt the fans favourite here

    Booker: there seems to be an instant dislike for the dashing one Cole. His cockiness probably goes against him at times


    Drew Mcintyre makes his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction

    Match Two I Singles Match I WWE World Title Tournament Round One

    'Dashing' Cody Rhodes v 'The Chosen One' Drew McIntyre

    The match starts with Rhodes talking trash into Mcintyres face and Mcintyre slaps the taste out of Rhodes mouth. Mcintyre starts to lay some rights on Rhodes who cowers under the top rope as the referee steps in. Rhodes hits a cheap shot to Mcintyre and hits a flurry of elbows followed by a vicious back elbow that has the crowd ooing and floors Mcintyre. Rhodes hits the second rope and hits a bionic elbow drop. Rhodes covers for a two count. Rhode goes up again and hits another bionic elbow drop from the second round and another close count. Rhodes is frustrated now and hits a couple of elbows before climbing to the top rope and hitting another bionic elbow drop but Mcintyre moves this time and Rhodes crash lands. Both men are down as the referee starts the count and as he gets to seven both men get to their feet but Mcintyre gets the better and hits a couple of right hands and whips Mcintyre into the corner. Rhodes with a running elbow but Mcintyre moves only for Rhodes to hit the beautiful disaster for the cover and Mcintyre kicks out on the edge of three. Rhodes is getting even more frustrated and goes to attack the referee but Mcintyre pulls him away and goes for the FUTURE SHOCK but Rhodes holds the ropes and Mcintyre crashes. Rhodes smiles as he stalks Mcintyre and hits the CROSSRHODES and this time Rhodes covers for the three count and the victory.

    Result: Cody Rhodes defeated Drew McIntyre by pinfall

    Rhodes look on as Mcntyre holds his head on the canvas.

    Cole: A very impressive victory in the end for Rhodes

    Booker: I hear that, Cody with the advance putting last week behind him

    Matthews: And Chrsty Hemme is backtage now with his possible next opponent


    Chirsty Hemme: Ladies and gentlemen I am standing by with The Viper Randy Ortoooooooon

    Orton appears flexing his muscles

    Hemme: Randy, tonight you take on former friend and ally Ted Dibiase.

    Randy Orton: Yes Christy I do take on my former accomplice Ted tonight and I have no disrespect to Ted but I see no other result than a Orton win via RKO. Its not that I dont think Ted is good enough. Its just I have to beleive that everyone can and will be beaten on my way to the title.

    Orton looks on to he side with fierce look as Cody Rhodes appears

    Cody Rhodes
    : Hahahaa. You know what Randy, you may aswell go be a comedian, your killing me over here. Because even if you do beat Ted, which is debatable, then theres no way you will beat me next week. Because I'm Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes is greatness. Cod Rhodes is the future. Cody Rhodes is the next WWE champion. You know when Legacy split up Ted did go into freefall, Randy you are as good as ever, but I am the only one t take my game to the next level. I keep improving while you Randy are and will be stuck at CROSSRHODES.

    Rhodes laughs as he slinks off and Orton sneers at him.

    A video plays hyping up the Backlash PPV

    As we come back the commentary team are talking amongst themselves

    **ITS TIME**

    Gregory Helms, the cruiserweight champion gets booed as he enters the ring.

    **I CAME TO PLAY**

    The Miz makes his way down to the ring threatening a fan as he does so.

    Cole: The Miz is a hell of an athlete but boy does his attitude stink

    **CRANK IT UP**

    Big Show is cheered on his way to the ring as he gives The Miz a bad look

    A video is shown of Miz lowblowing Show in last weeks tournament match


    Daniel Bryan makes his way down to the ring to a huge cheer

    Match 3 I Tag Team Match

    The Miz & WWE Cruiserweight champion 'Supernatural' Gregory Helms v Daniel Bryan & The Big Show

    Helms and Bryan start the match off and immediately locked up and fighting each other back and for with right hands. Bryan gets the better and hits a takedown from behind on Helms and locks in a rear headlock and Helms eventually reaches the ropes. Helms tags in Miz who gets in and this time locks up and hits a kick to Bryan, Miz poses for the crowd and runs off the ropes and hits a big kick to the face but Bryan gets hold of Mizs leg and pulls him down to the mat with an inverted leg lock. Helms quickly enters to break up the hold and they pull Bryan into the corner and Miz starts to pummel on the helpless Bryan in the corner. Miz with a couple of forearms to Bryan and Miz tags in Helms wh hits a couple of kicks to the midsection followed by a snapmare takedown. Helms goes for the shining wizard but Bryan ducks and hits a northern lights suplex on Helms and both men are down. Matt Stryker makes his way down to the ring and starts talking to Big Show who brushes him off to concentrate on the match. Helms tags Miz in and they hit a double suplex on Bryan and Stryker continually pesters Big Show. Show has had enough and gets off the apron to Stryker who cowers off and Miz starts choking Bryan which has the referee pulling him off. Stryker then slaps Show in the face and runs to the back and Show follows. Bryan has been left all by himself as the referee didnt see why Show left. Miz and Helms take their time picking Bryan apart and Bryans resistance dies as Helms hits the shining wizard followed by a SKULL CRUSHING FINALE for the pinfall

    Result: Gregory Helms and The Miz defeated Daniel Bryan & The Big Show by pinfall

    The cameras quickly fly to backstage where Big Show has continued to pursue Matt Stryker through the arena when a largely built man steamrolls Show off his feet. Show is physically hurt and Stryker just laughs as he and the large athlete leave quickly.

    Cole: Who and what was that

    Booker: I dunno Cole but he just took Big Show oouuuuuut.

    Matthews: Well whoever he was, Matt Stryker has a lot to answer for

    - - - - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - - - - -

    As we come back from the break we are in the locker room with Wade Barrett lining up his stable

    Barrett: So tonight, are we ready to make an impact, barrage our way into the main event. Skip, Mason I have complete faith that tonight we shall not fail. Those cretins havent a chance in the ring with the champions and the future WWE champion. Time to assert ourselves, like we did on Cena last week.

    They nod their head then leave as Barrett continues to prepare


    Crowd erupt as Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring and slaps hands with many of the crowd.

    Matthews: Wow great reception for the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy

    Booker T: Lot of love for Jeff in the house tonight, lets see if he can bring it down

    Cole: He wont have it easy though


    The Worlds Strongest Man Mark Henry makes his way down to the ring to a small jeer.

    Cole: Mark Henry was destroying everything in sight before The Undertaker defeated him at Wrestlemania

    Booker: Didnt go down without a fight though

    Matthews: He sure didnt

    Match Four I Singles Match I WWE World Title Tournament Round One

    'Worlds Strongest Man' Mark Henry v 'The Charismatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy

    Henry sneers as Hardy runs at him and trie to attack. Henry holds firm as Hardy comes off the ropes not once but twice and the second time Henry hits a right hand to Hardy taking him down. Two big elbow drops are followed by a running leg drop which Hardy moves out of the way from. Hardy hits a couple of kicks to the seated Henry before coming off the ropes and hitting a dropkick to Henrys face. Hardy clmbs the turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick which doesnt even faze Henry. Henry shakes the dizziness off before hitting a running clothesline on Hardy. Henry with a scoop slam followed by a leg drop. Henry covers for a two count. The fans try to get behind Hardy as Henry hits a backbreaker on Hardy. Another scoop slam and now Henry with a big splash but Hardy gets out just in time Hardy with a couple of forearms to Henry and Hardy hits a sitout jawbreaker on Henry and Hardy goes for the twist of fate but Henry pushes Hardy off into the ropes and clotheslines Hardy who ducks goes up the turnbuckle and hits whisper in the wind but Henry catches him and hits the WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM. Henry covers for the pinfall.

    Result: Mark Henry defeated Jeff Hardy by pinfall

    Christy Hemme is standing by with Desmond Wolfe and the Motor City Machine Guns

    Hemme: Guys tonight you take on Wade Barrett and the WWE tag team champions in a six man tag team match. Last week Barrett and his allies took you all out one way or another. Are you just out for revenge

    Alex Shelley takes the microphone

    Alex Shelley: Christy, revenge as they say, is sweet and a great route to take

    Chris Sabin takes the microphone

    Chris Sabin: But revenge can blind you to the real goals of the wrestling world

    Desmond Wolfe looks on bemused and takes the microphone

    Desmond Wolfe: What they are trying to say, I think, is that revenge is the obvious option to take in our situation but getting revenge can take our minds off the real targets of athletes like ourselves. We want gold and tonight we will start by pushing Barrett and his cronies to the back of the queue. Can I get a whistle

    Wolfe gives the mic back before letting off a huge wolf whistle

    - - - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - - - - - -

    **THE RISING**

    Justin Gabriel makes his way down to the ring to a huge cheer

    Cole: Fans love the new intercontinental champion

    Video is shown of Gabriel defeating Rhodes last week

    Booker: Well lets hope he can build on that victory last week with another tonight

    Yes but Alberto Del Rio might have something to say about that, especially with the mood hes been in lately

    **R E A L E Z A **

    A brand new Ferrari rolls out onto the arena floor but closer inspection shows Ricardo Rodriguez driving it. Gabriel looks over confused as Del Rio comes through the crowd and attacks

    Match Five I Singles Match I WWE World Title Tournament Round One

    Alberto Del Rio v WWE Intercontinental champion 'The African Superstar' Justin Gabriel

    Del Rio straight away takes the upper hand after the sneak attack and works over the shoulder of Gabriel. Armbreaker by Del Rio on Gabriel and Gabriel is covered for a two count. Gabriel looks hurt as he tries to amount an attack but Del Rio pulls a wristlock on Gabriel and follows up with a wristlock suplex and covers for another two count. Gabriel mounts a fightback but Del Rio cuts him off with a thumb to the eye. Del Rio with another suplex on Gabriel. Del Rio hits a dropkick on Gabriel. Del Rio with a suplex again and thi time Gabriel blocks it and hits one of his own. Gabriel gets some offense in and hits a springboard elbow to the face of Del Rio. Rodriguez gets on the apron and Gabriel pulls him into the ring. Gabriel then gets rolled up by Del Rio but Gabriel reverses into his own cradle and Gabriel gets a near two count. Del Rio jumps up and hits a clothesline into the corner. Del Rio puts Gabriel up on the and hits two forehands before climbing up with him and Del Rio goes for a suplex but Gabriel counters with a couple of right hands and Del Rio is stumbling as he falls off the top and Gabriel looks around before hitting the 450 SPLASH for the pinfall.

    Result: Justin Gabriel defeated Alberto Del Rio by pinfall

    Booker: Haha Justin Gabriel does it again. Del Rio underestimated the intercontinental champion

    Matthews: Wow this guys stock just keeps on rising

    Cole: Could he be a double champion by Backlash

    Del Rio is still in the ring furious and Rodriguez tries to help him but Del Rio pushes him down and leaves as Rodriguez looks on upset

    A video showing this past weeks Raw is shown highlighting the attack on CM Punk by Bully Ray


    Mr Money himself Ted Dibiase makes his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction


    Audience erupts as Randy Orton makes his way to the ring

    Matthews: The Viper Randy Orton had an interesting interview earlier on tonight

    Cole: Yeah rudely interupted by Cody Rhodes


    Cody Rhodes, to the dismay of both competitors and the fans makes his way down to the ringside area where he takes a seat

    Cole: Talk of the devil

    : What is he doing out here

    Matthews: Scouting by the looks of things

    Well lets hope thats all hes out here for

    Match Six I Singles Match I WWE World Title Tournament Round One

    'The Viper' Randy Orton v 'Mr Money' Ted Dibiase

    Orton straight away goes at Dibiase and hits him with a couple of lefts and then hits a belly to back takedown on Dibiase. Orton then hits an elbow to the face and sends Dibiase into the corner. Orton with a couple of shoulder thrusts and Orton takes Dibiase down into the corner and hits a coupe of stomps before pulling Dibiase up, Rhodes gets up out of his seat and Orton turn his attention which gives Dibiase the upper hand to start laying punches onto Orton and Dibiase takes Orton down with a scoop slam as Rhodes takes his seat again. Dibiase starts to choke Orton which makes the referee pull Dibiase away. Rhodes hits Orton with the chair and runs to the back as the crowd boo. Dibiase looks on at Rhodes before pulling Orton over and Orton gets the shoulder up to both Dibiase and Rhodes disbelief. Rhodes shaes his head and returns to the back as Dibiase picks up Orton and goes for DREAMSTREET but Orton counters into a modified backbreaker. Orton begins to stalk Dibiase and hits the RKO for the pinfall

    Result: Randy Orton defeated Ted Dibiase by pinfall

    Orton looks on at Rhodes who gives the unnerving look of a guy who cant believe he has to face Orton next week

    Booker: Randy Orton progresses despite Rhodes interference

    Cole: Yeah I thought Randy was toast back there

    Matthews: So did Rhodes and Dibiase

    - - - - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - - - - -

    A video plays hyping up next weeks RAW and the CM Punk v Bully Ray tournament match


    Desmond Wolfe makes his way down to the ring to a small cheer


    The Motor City Machine Guns, Shelley and Sabin make their way to the ring to a huge ovation

    **END OF DAYS**

    Wade Barrett and the tag team champions make their way down to the ring accompanied by Matt Morgan

    Cole: What is Morgan doing out here

    Booker: Supporting his mates I guess

    Matthews: More like aiding them
    Main Event I 6 Man Tag Team Match

    Wade Barrett & WWE Tag Team champions Mason Ryan & Skip Sheffield v Desmond Wolfe & The Motor City Machine Guns Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
    Match starts with Mason Ryan and Alex Shelley and Shelley locks up foolishly as Ryan is too strong and overpowers Shelley chucking him to the canvas. Shelley looks up and goes again but Ryan once more overpowers him and this time forces him into the corner.Shelley hits a gut kick followed by a reverse sto onto the middle turnbuckle taking Ryan down, Shelley hits a springboard splash on Ryand and covers for a two count. Shelley picks up Ryan and tags in Desmond Wolfe who comes straight in with a roundhouse kick taking Ryan down again and he hits a sambo suplex on Ryan before Ryan finally starts to get some momentum back and takes Wolfe down with a backbodydrop. Ryan quickly tags in Sheffield who immediately hits a running clothesline on Wolfe and then drags him towards the corner and starts pummeling him in the midsection. The referee pulls him away and then Barrett and Ryan get the cheapshots in on Wolfe to the dismay fo the fans. The referee sees nothing as they choke him and then Sheffield hits a running powerslam for a two count. Sheffield hits a knee drop on Wolfe before dragging him over to Barrett who gets the tag. Barrett kicks him in the midsection then locks on an abdominal stretch using the help of his partners to illegally double the pain whenever the referee isnt looking. The referee finally sees this and kicks the hands of Barrett and Barrett gets annoyed and threatens the referee which gives Wolfe the chance to make a comeback with rights and lefts and then Barrett swings a clothesline but Wolfe ducks and dives across to make the tag to Chris Sabin who explodes into the match taking first Barrett then Ryan down with right hands then dropkicking Sheffield and all six men are now in the ring tradng forehands. Wolfe and Ryan take a tumble over to the outside and Sabin hits the CRADLESHOCK on Barrett but the referee is distracted on the outside with Sheffield launching Shelley onto Ryan and Wolfe. Morgan gets in the ring and hits the CARBON FOOTPRINT but Sabin ducks and Sheffield gets clocked instead. Sabin clothslines Morgan out of the ring and turns around into WASTELAND and Barrett covers for the victory

    Result: Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield & Mason Ryan defeated Desmond Wolfe, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin by pinfall

    Barrett and his stable celebrate as the show goes off the air and Barrett signalling he is going for gold

    - - - - E N D S H O W - - - -


    Quick Results

    John Morrison defeated Matt Morgan to advance

    Cody Rhodes defeated Drew McIntyre to advance

    The Miz and Gregory Helms
    defeated Daniel Bryan and The Big Show

    Mark Henry defeated Jeff Hardy to advance

    Justin Gabriel defeaed Alberto Del Rio to advance

    Randy Orton defeated Ted Dibiase to advance

    Wade Barrett, Mason Ryan & Skip Sheffield defeated Desmond Wolfe, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin

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    re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Mate I hear you, I know exactly what you mean, which is why Iike it. I have just read your smackdown show & boy, it was better then Raw, what ever your doing keep it up. I too went through everybodsy else BTB to come up with my weird BTB. I don't mind the established guys doing well too it makes it more interesting when the new yugs end up knocking them off. I know everybody seems to hate John Cena but he is still a proven main eventer. I wouldn't necessarily have him lose every time on my show, but what you do on your show BTB is 100% fine afterall it's your BTB.

    The thing I mosr like about your BTB is the effort you put in in seems like you are trying really hard to produce a quality show, like anyone along the way mistakes are made, but for me you have got yourself a regular, because I do too like the unpredictable the more unpreditcable the better & but I too enjoy seeing the established guys still doing their thing it adds to more interesting storylines. But keep it up & I intend to post predictions when your post your ppv card prior to doing your show.

    P.S By the way down the track Desmond Wolf & Wade Barrett would make a cool tag team, maybe British Connection or The Redcoats.
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