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Thread: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Very much looking forward to the CC, and I love the fact you're taking it international. This thing is going to be huge. Cant wait to see it play out once you get by SummerSlam.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Just to echo what's been said but that NXT:CC looks awesome! Great selection of wrestlers and the idea of it going international is a nice touch!

    Should be good

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    Re: September BTBOTM: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    JULY 26TH 2013

    "The Heat Is On Part II"

    So the Road To Summerslam continues on SMACKDOWN this week with Houston the host as The Biggest Party Of The Summer edges closer.

    The fans in Houston are in for a massive treat as Ric Flair will make a previously unexpected return to the ring as he teams up with Randy Orton to take on The Kings Of Wrestling. Last week Flair came out to confront Orton and try to reason with him to let his feud with Claudio Cesaro and Kassius Hero go, but The Kings came out and goaded, taunted and insulted both Orton and Flair, resulting in The Nature Boy igniting a melee with a poke to the eye of Kassius Hero. Tonight Flair will return to ring action for the first time in over five years. Will it be a big mistake? Or does Slick Ric still have what it takes to be The Dirtiest Player In The Game?

    The WWE's United States Champion will also be in action as Joe Hennig takes on a member of Legacy for the umpteenth time, although it is still not the one that he wants. Last week on RAW it was Legacy leader Cody Rhodes that made his return after a month long sabbatical to blindside Hennig and with the help of Dustin Rhodes, Ted Dibiase and Blackjack Rotunda, Rhodes left Hennig lying in the middle of the ring with a warning that Legacy was far from finished with The Product Of Perfection. Hennig retaliated this week on RAW as he attacked Dustin Rhodes and Ted Dibiase during a Last Chance Triple Threat Qualifying Match against Beer Money, gifting Legacy the win via disqualification. Cody Rhodes was absent and Paul Heyman refused Hennig's request for a match with the Legacy leader, instead handing him a chance of retribution against another member of Legacy, Blackjack Rotunda. Can Hennig overcome the numbers game this week as he battles Rotunda? And will there be another appearance from Cody Rhodes, despite Paul Heyman's insistence that he won't be around for a few more weeks?

    Speaking of the Last Chance Triple Threat Match, we found out on RAW that Legacy and The Usos will make up two-thirds of that contest to see who will take the fourth and final spot in the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Summerslam. And tonight on SMACKDOWN the last spot in the Last Chance Triple Threat Match will be decided as the newly formed Light SaBour, Chris Sabin and Evan Bourne, will take on another crowd favourite in The Gabriel Brothers, Justin and Adam. Both sides will be looking to grab the huge opportunity dangled in front of them. Which team will walk out of Houston successful?

    Finally former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Prince Devitt will be in action as he takes on Sin Cara. The match might be the last thing on Devitt's mind but also could be an opportunity for him to remove himself from stressing over the fact that his girlfriend Scarlett Marseille is currently spending twenty-eight days with the man that also took his title away from him, Austin Blake. Blake's teasing via video last week enraged Devitt enough to smash up a TV monitor backstage. Will Devitt be able to focus with Sin Cara looking to grab a huge win to boost his chances of getting into the WWE Cruiserweight Championship picture?

    All this plus more, only on Friday Night SMACKDOWN!!!

    Scheduled For Smackdown

    Randy Orton & Ric Flair versus The Kings Of Wrestling

    The Gabriels versus Light SaBour

    Joe Hennig versus Blackjack Rotunda

    Prince Devitt versus Sin Cara

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Last week's stuff with Orton/Flair and KOW was great so I look forward to the main event tonight. I wonder if my prediction of a Flair heel turn will come to life, or whether I'm just a mile off the pace. The rest of the matches announced are all just pretty standard mid card stuff to help further the tag title situation and Hennig/Rhodes.

    Devitt/Cara should be a good match as well but I'm more looking forward to more Austin Blake. He stole the show for me last week.

    This show should be another good one, I'll be reading.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction


    Toyota Center - Houston, Texas
    August 2nd 2013

    “The Heat Is On Part II”

    A video plays to show footage from last week with Austin Blake taking Scarlett to a fancy restaurant as his 28 days with Prince Devitt’s girlfriend begins… whilst Devitt flew into another rage after Blake taunted him. Footage from the past few weeks also airs of Cody Rhodes returning to attack former Legacy member and United States Champion Joe Hennig, whilst we also see Harry Smith throw Drew McIntyre into the Smackdown set on last week’s show, only for McIntyre to return later in the night and cost Smith the chance to win the WWE Television Championship. Finally we see the return of Ric Flair on last week’s Smackdown. The Nature Boy came back to plead with Randy Orton to walk away from his feud with The Kings Of Wrestling only for the villainous duo to come out and mock Flair. A riled up Nature Boy attacked The Kings Of Wrestling and stood tall with Orton but tonight he makes his return to the ring for the first time in over five years as he teams with Randy Orton to take on The Kings Of Wrestling.

    ”Born 2 Run” by 7Lions

    The Smackdown intro comes to a close as the cameras throw us deep inside the Toyota Center and we are quickly picked up by tonight’s commentary team of Michael Cole and Booker T!!! Booker shouts out how excited is to be in his hometown as the Road To Summerslam hits August. Cole takes over as he promotes tonight's show which will see Joe Hennig take on Blackjack Rotunda, the final Last Chance Triple Threat Qualifier will take place and in tonight’s main event Ric Flair will make his return to in ring action as he teams up with Randy Orton to take on The Viper’s adversaries Claudio Cesaro and Kassius Hero, The Kings Of Wrestling. Booker T states that he cannot wait to see The Nature Boy back in action before the night looks ready to go with the first contest of the night.

    ***THE RISING***

    The crowd rise and give a great reaction to the arrival of The Gabriel Brothers, Justin and Adam (yes Adam Rose for those who are unaware), as the two head down to the ring for the final Last Chance Triple Threat qualifying Match. Cole and Booker put over how Legacy and The Usos have already booked their spots in the Last Chance Triple Threat that will take place this coming week on RAW. Booker adds that the Lact Chance Triple Threat will be off the hook but will be nothing compared to what’s coming at Summerslam. Cole reminds us that the Last Chance Triple Threat will decide who takes the final spot in the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships at The Biggest Party Of The Summer.


    Another great reaction, even better than The Gabriels in fact greets the recently formed team of Chris Sabin and Evan Bourne, oddly going by the name of Light SaBour. Bourne and Sabin hand tag a couple of fans as they begin their arrival before they dart down to the ring and slide under the bottom rope. Both men head to the turnbuckles to pose for the crowd before they drop down and meet one another for a fist bump before staring down the two men who stand in their way of a place in the Last Chance Triple Threat. Cole reminds us that Light SaBour were unsuccessful at Night Of Champions as The Prime Time Prayers retained the WWE Tag Team Titles but will be hoping to take the next step towards getting another crack at the gold here tonight as the bell rings to start SMACKDOWN off with a bang.

    Last Chance Triple Threat Qualifiying Tag Team Match
    Light SaBour (Sabin & Bourne) versus The Gabriels (Justin & Adam)

    Story & Finish: A plethora of high risk attacks and a frantic pace start the match off as both teams look to get the win that will put them into the Last Chance Triple Threat. Light SaBour take the early initiative with a double dropkick to Adam Gabriel before his brother Justin eats a back body drop from Sabin. Bourne hits Adam with a Northern Lights Suplex for a close fall as Justin breaks it up. The tide turns as Justin gets a blind tag into the match and as Bourne misses a clothesline on Adam coming off the ropes he is hit with a Springboard Cross Body from Justin!!! The Gabriels take a foot hold in the match as Justin breaks out his arsenal of attacks including a Spin Kick, a standing Moonsault and a Spin Out Powerbomb that gives him a two fall. The Gabriels work together as they send Bourne into the corner before Adam runs at him and connects with a clothesline. Justin backs into the corner and gets ready to hit Poetry In Motion on Bourne as Adam crouches down into position… but Chris Sabin comes out of nowhere and hits a missile dropkick to Justin as he charges across the ring.

    The crowd are really into the contest as Sabin and Adam Gabriel square up and start to go at it. Sabin looks for Cradle Shock as he lifts Adam onto his shoulders but Adam slides off and backs him into the corner with a couple of right hands. The referee seems happy to let things go as Adam lunges with a clothesline, but Sabin ducks it and scoops Adam up before he places him into the tree of woe!!! Sabin takes off around the ring before he connects with a running dropkick to the face of Adam. Bourne rises and with Adam still trapped in the corner he joins Sabin as both men charge across the ring and connect with a Double Hesitation Dropkick to the prone Adam Gabriel!!! The crowd pop as Light SaBour look in control of the match but they turn around and Justin Gabriel leaps at them and knocks both men down with a Double Single-Footed Dropkick!!! Dropkicks are everywhere as Justin whips Sabin into the corner before he drives Evan Bourne shoulder first into his own partner!!! The crowd are on their feet as Bourne drops to his hands and knees and Justin Gabriel takes his chance to use him and springboards off Bourne’s back to clatter Sabin with Poetry In Motion!!!!

    Justin Gabriel and Evan Bourne are the legal men and Justin grabs Bourne up and drops him with another Spin Out Powerbomb… but Bourne kicks out on two. Justin decides to head to the top turnbuckle and looks for the 450 Splash to win the match. Justin steadies himself but Chris Sabin leaps up and hits the top rope to crotch Justin on the top turnbuckle. Booker T yells that Justin is in a tight spot but before Sabin can head up with him Adam Gabriel charges into the ring and attacks him from behind. Adam whips Sabin into the ropes but Sabin hangs onto the rope before he boots a charging Adam in the face!!! Adam rebounds right into the path of a rising Evan Bourne who crashes into Adam with a Flying Spinning Wheel Kick!!! Adam flies out of the ring as Light SaBour turn their attentions towards the ensnared Justin Gabriel. Sabin stands in front of him with his back to the African superstar whilst Evan Bourne heads to the opposite corner. Bourne charges towards Sabin who vaults him into the air towards Justin Gabriel… and Bourne brings him flying off the top turnbuckle with a hurricanrana!!!! The crowd go absolutely nuts for the move as Evan Bourne quickly covers Justin Gabriel and with Adam Gabriel out of the equation he easily takes the three count and the victory for his team.


    Winners by pinfall after a Catapult Hurricanrana and qualifying for the Last Chance Triple Threat!!! Chris Sabin & Evan Bourne…… Light SaBour!!!

    The crowd applaud an excellent opening encounter as Light SaBour overcome The Gabriel Brothers to advance to next week’s Last Chance Triple Threat Match. Chris Sabin and Evan Bourne embrace before the referee raises their hands to confirm their victory. Michael Cole and Booker T promote how exciting the contest was and Booker gets a little over-excited about the finishing move Light SaBour used to put Justin Gabriel away. A couple of highlights from the match are shown with Light SaBour connecting with a Double Hesitation Dropkick before Justin Gabriel uses Evan Bourne to hit Poetry In Motion on Chris Sabin. Finally we see Bourne catapulted into the air before he brings Justin Gabriel crashing into the canvas with a hurricanrana to get the win. Back inside the ring The Gabriel Brothers are on their feet and Light SaBour approaches them before offering them a handshake of respect. To the delight of the crowd The Gabriels shake hands with Light SaBour before exiting to the back to allow Chris Sabin and Evan Bourne to bask in their win. Michael Cole reminds us that this coming week on RAW Light SaBour will battle The Usos and Legacy to decide who will be the final team in the Fatal Four Way Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Summerslam.

    Tables, Ladders & Chairs : The FirstSummerslam 2000

    Video footage plays of the first ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match at Summerslam 2000 between The Dudley Boyz, The Hardys and Edge & Christian for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The chaotic carnage that ensued saw all six men put their bodies on the line time after time throughout the match. The Dudleys hit a 3-D on Christian through a table. Bubba Ray Dudley was shoved off a ladder to the outside of the ring through a double stacked pile of tables. The finish to the match saw D-Von Dudley and Jeff Hardy fighting on top of the ladder as they looked to retrieve the title belts but Edge & Christian came in and pushed the ladder over. Jeff Hardy hung on to the title belts twenty feet in the air but Christian managed to swat him down with a ladder. Edge & Christian climbed the ladder together to pull down the belts and win the first ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match.

    The Staples Center – Los Angeles, California
    August 25 2013

    The Biggest Party Of The Summer

    The show returns backstage and we see The Gabriels walking through the corridors after their defeat to Light SaBour moments ago. Justin and Adam look a little disappointed with their loss but their path back to the locker room is brought to a halt by the emerging presence of Legacy’s Dustin Rhodes, Ted Dibiase and Blackjack Rotunda. The group, still without Cody Rhodes, stand across the corridor until Ted Dibiase steps up and speaks to Justin and Adam Gabriel.

    Ted Dibiase: Awwww!!! Did you two not get the job done? The look on your faces tells the whole story boys.

    The Gabriels do not look impressed and Justin tries to push past Dibiase only for Dibiase to hold him up.

    Ted Dibiase: Hold on a second. I’m not finished. We are really sorry that things didn’t work out for you tonight guys… but just to make you feel better I hope that you tune into RAW this week and watch as a real team gets the job done. Because me and Blackjack Rotunda over there are going to beat The Usos, and we are going to do what you couldn’t do and beat Light SaBour... and we are going to book our spot in the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match at Summerslam. And then we are going to win back the WWE Tag Team Titles that we never should have lost a few months ago in the first place. I hope you two boys understand that Legacy is the breeding ground of the future of this industry… maybe one day we’ll let you do some errands for us… because we all know that The Gabriel Brothers are not worthy enough to be in the same ring as Legacy… let alone even think about being this company’s Tag Team Champions!!!

    Dibiase lets out a loud cackle as he stares in the face of The Gabriels. Adam has had enough and tries to physically involve himself with Dibiase but both Dustin Rhodes and Blackjack Rotunda step up to him, and Justin Gabriel smartly pulls his brother back.

    Justin Gabriel: You may think you’re wrestling royalty but soon enough the penny, or should I say dollar is going to drop Ted. You’re not good enough to be in the same ring with me, just lucky you were born into the right family. And we can’t wait to see the look on your face Ted when you fall flat on your face next week. Because believe me Ted… that will be priceless!!!

    The Gabriels walk away seemingly having had the last laugh but they foolishly turn their backs on Legacy and the raging Ted Dibiase attacks Justin Gabriel from behind. Adam Gabriel turns only for Dustin Rhodes to join in the ambush and level him with a big boot. Blackjack Rotunda gets a few kicks in on Adam Gabriel as Dibiase locks Justin Gabriel into the Million Dollar Dream!!! Dibiase wears Justin down as Dustin Rhodes picks Adam Gabriel up and bounces him off a nearby door. As Justin Gabriel begins to fade a sea of officials race onto the scene and Dibiase drops a floppy Justin Gabriel onto the floor. Dibiase smirks and holds his hands up to state he is done as Legacy retreat away from the scene happy with their actions. Michael Cole calls it a very unnecessary reaction from Legacy although Booker T mentions how Legacy mean business and remind us that we’ve still got Blackjack Rotunda set to face their rival Joe Hennig later on tonight.


    As the show returns ringside we are quickly interrupted by the arrival of the former Intercontinental Champion Christian. And Captain Charisma is not alone as he marches out from the back with a massive picket sign in his hand with the words ‘Justice 4 Christian’ on one side and ‘The True Peeps Champion’ on the other. The announce team mock Christian’s claims of unfair treatment as he heads towards the ring, whilst also informing us that Christian is not scheduled to be out here right now. Christian grabs a microphone as he heads inside the ring. He climbs the turnbuckles with the sign in hand and raises it into the air before yelling out ‘Justice for Christian’ to a half cheering, half jeering crowd. Christian steps down and finally addresses the crowd.

    Christian: Fear not my Peeps… your saviour has arrived!!!

    Chorus of jeers greet Christian’s opening line but he shrugs it off.

    Christian: Your Intercontinental Champion is here!!! And I am out here to again protest on your behalf… because somebody needs to make a stand for the good of the WWE Univese. I am out here tonight to inform the WWE powers that be… and specifically Paul Heyman… that justice needs to be served. This sign that I carried out here tonight with me… it’s not just a sign…

    Christian briefly pauses as he surveys the crowd.

    Christian: It’s not just a sign… it’s a message… a message for justice that demands that Paul Heyman… the man with all the power around here… comes out here and does the right thing. Does what is right for the Peeps all over the world… and hands me back the Intercontinental Championship!!!

    The heat increases for Christian and sections of the crowd start to irritate Captain Charisma with chants of ‘We Want Rollins!!’

    Christian: I’m sorry to burst the tiny little bubbles creeping out of your mouths but Seth Rollins ain’t here… and thanks to me he won’t be here for a very long time. At Night Of Champions I made sure that the Christian wannabe was put firmly in his place… right between a steel chair and the steel steps!!!

    Christian shakes his head as he begins to get angry but the crowd continue to rain down the heat on Captain Charisma.

    Chrsitian: You people deserve a champion that can take on the responsibilities and dangers that come with being a champion. Not one who right now is sitting in a hospital bed feeling sorry for himself rather than doing the right thing and giving me my rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. Since Night Of Champions Seth Rollins has hidden from me… because he knows that the next time we meet I'll show the whole world the fraud he really is. Seth Rollins has been hiding... whilst I have had to face Rob Van Dam and CM Punk in the space of a week. And if it wasn’t for time expiring on RAW this week you can guarantee that I would have added CM Punk to the long, long list of people your true Intercontinental Champion has beaten.

    Michael Cole scoffs at Christian’s claim as the crowd continue to boo the Canadian. Booker T calls for somebody to come out and stop Christian from talking.

    Christian: But I’m not out here for me. I’m out here for justice. Justice for my Peeps… justice for the WWE Universe… and justice for the Intercontinental Championship. Seth Rollins does not deserve that title… hell after what I did to him back at Night Of Champions I doubt he will even come back to the WWE out of fear of what I will do next… let alone come back before the thirty days expire that requires him to defend the title. So Paul Heyman? Do the right thing? Come on out here and give these people the justice they deserve. Give me back the Intercontinental Championship that I deserve and I will show you and the rest of the WWE exactly what an Intercontinental Champion looks like!!!

    Christian grabs the picket sign and starts waving it about in the middle of the ring to the disapproval of the crowd but before long at least one of his requests is granted.


    Paul Heyman marches out from the back to a big pop from the crowd and the WWE General Manager is all smiles as he heads down to the ring. Christian continues to chant ‘We Want Justice!! as Heyman steps up the steel steps at ringside. Heyman enters the ring and stops right in front of Christian before he shakes his head. The announce team mention how Heyman does not look pleased as he retrieves a microphone.

    Paul Heyman: So let me get this straight Christian. You come out here with your little sign and you demand that I serve out justice? You come out here and demand that I give these people exactly what they want? You come out here in front of all these people who paid their harf earned money to watch tonight's show and you demand that I just take the Intercontinental Championship away from Seth Rollins and hand it over to you?

    Christian nods his head agreeing with Heyman’s opening statements.

    Paul Heyman: You really are something Christian? You have the audacity to be out here and have the gall to ask me to hand the Intercontinental title over to the man that Seth Rollins made tap out at Night Of Champions???

    A pop from the crowd as Heyman lays the facts down on Christian. The fans start to chant ’You Tapped Out!’ and an irate Christian scowls at Heyman and yells that he never tapped out (which he clearly did)before the latter continues.

    Paul Heyman: Well allow me to ease the fears of the WWE Universe… because that is something that I certainly won’t be doing tonight. In fact stripping Seth Rollins of the Intercontinental Championship and handing it over to you Christian would be one of the greatest injustices in WWE history… especially as the only reason he is injured is because of your reckless actions.

    Christian: I’m owed a rematch Paul? And you and I both know that Seth Rollins won’t be able to defend the title against me before the thirty days are up. He's scared of me Paul. You need to do the right thing Paul. Not just for me… not just for them…(points to the crowd) but for Seth Rollins!!!

    The fans jeer Christian as he continues to think he speaks for them. Heyman shakes his head as he persists to be flabbergasted by the former Intercontinental Champion’s demands.

    Paul Heyman: I intend to Christian. I am doing what’s right for them… and especially what’s right for Seth Rollins. And you're right Christian… it is looking very unlikely that Seth Rollins will be able to make it back in time to defend his title against you inside the thirty days.

    Christian beams with delight as the crowd show their depreciation for Heyman's statement.

    Paul Heyman: But that is exactly why earlier today I had an emergency video call meeting with the WWE Board Of Directors and after deep deliberation... they have decided to grant my request!!!

    Christian confusingly mouths ’What request?’ as Heyman stares him down.

    Paul Heyman: Well Christian… seeing as though you asked so nicely I’ll spell it out for you so that . The WWE Board Of Directors were in agreement that seeing as though Seth Rollins being unable to defend his title inside thirty days was completely down to your irresponsible actions and not of his own fault… they have decided to extend his deadline to defend the Intercontinental Championship… to thirty-five days!!!

    A big pop from the crowd but Christian does not look happy.

    Paul Heyman: Because if Seth Rollins is able to... he will defend the Intercontinental Championship… at Summerslam!!!

    A huge pop from the crowd as Heyman delights in informing Christian that Rollins has been granted a reprieve.

    Christian: Okay Paul… that’s fine by me!!! Because it doesn’t matter whether I have to wait thirty-five seconds, thirty-five minutes, thirty-five hours or thirty-five days… at Summerslam I’m going to beat Seth Rollins… and I’m going to take back my Intercontinental title!!! Because I'm Christian... and that’s how I roll!!!

    Christian defiantly expresses his confidence that he will take the Intercontinental Championship back. Heyman nods his head at Christian before he lifts his hand up to his face and slaps his own forehead.

    Paul Heyman: How silly of me Christian. I nearly forgot to mention one tiny, little detail. You see Seth Rollins will definitely have the opportunity to defend the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam. However… he will only defend the Intercontinental Championship against you… if you manage to make it there!!!

    A huge pop from the Toyota Center and the sound of Christian’s jaw hitting the canvas can be heard all through Texas as a wide grin spreads across Heyman’s face.

    Paul Heyman: Because you see Christian… I’m all for justice. In fact I’m all about Justice for Christian so much so that I think you deserve to earn your shot at the Intercontinental Championship. It's only right!!! And speaking of injustices I was visited earlier tonight by a man who was a part of one just this past week on RAW… and I felt really bad that there was nothing that I could do to help him, so I came up with another idea. Tonight… right here in Houston, Texas…. you Christian will defend your shot at the Intercontinental Championship… against Robert Roode!!!

    The roof nearly comes off the arena as Paul Heyman drops a bombshell on Christian. A furious Christian screams at Heyman that he cannot do that but Heyman just drops the microphone and exits the ring. Christian rages around the ring before he grabs the picket sign and snaps it in half to the amusement of the fans in attendance. The announce team laugh up Christian’s predicament too as Booker T yells out that Paul Heyman just laid down the law on Christian. A livid Christian continues to thrash about the ring as Michael Cole promotes that we will see Christian defend his shot at the Intercontinental Championship tonight against Beer Money’s Robert Roode. Booker T adds that he cannot wait as the show heads to a break.


    The show returns with a smiling Paul Heyman walking through the backstage area, still gleaming about putting Christian in his place before the break. All of a sudden Heyman runs into another disgruntled employee, this time Prince Devitt.

    Prince Devitt: I need a word Paul?

    Paul Heyman: What can I help you with Devitt?

    Prince Devitt: Austin Blake. I need you to get him to bring Scarlett back right now. I can’t take this anymore Paul. It's killing me inside. I don’t trust him. She doesn’t belong with him… she isn’t safe!!!

    Heyman doesn’t seem to know what to say as he shrugs his shoulders a little.

    Paul Heyman: Devitt… I can understand where you are coming from, believe me... and I know that it must be hard for you to accept that Scarlett us with Blake right now but my hands are tied. At Night Of Champions you lost to Austin Blake… that's a fact... and as much as it must pain you Devitt… you’ve got to accept that he earned the right to Scarlett for the next few weeks. Again I’m sorry… but there is nothing I can do.

    Devitt looks hopelessly at Paul Heyman before dropping his head in despair. He bites his tongue before he says anything he might regret and walks off down the corridor. Heyman shakes his head. Feeling Devitt’s pain as the announce team remind us that Devitt will go one on one with Sin Cara later tonight. They also discuss if we will hear from Austin Blake and Scarlett after their dinner date last week.


    A big ovation meets Joe Hennig and the WWE United States Champion looks in the mood to fight as he powers down to ringside. The announce team talk up how Hennig was irate this past week on RAW, so much that he attacked Legacy during their Last Chance Triple Threat Qualifying Match, and cost Beer Money the chance to be a part of the WWE Tag Team Championship Match at Summerslam.

    A video airs to show Hennig charging down to the ring on RAW and nailing Dustin Rhodes with a lariat on the outside. Robert Roode looked to have the match won as he dropped Blackjack Rotunda with a Double R Spinebuster but Hennig continued his attack on Legacy on the outside as he hit Ted Dibiase, who was a part of the match and gave the referee no option but to call for the disqualification.

    Hennig shakes his head inside the ring as he looks up at what went down on RAW before he awaits the arrival of Blackjack Rotunda.

    ***IT’S A NEW DAY***

    And Rotunda is not far away as he steps out from the back to a chorus of jeers, and has Legacy stable mates Ted Dibiase and Dustin Rhodes for company. The trio stop at the top of the ramp and Ted Dibiase has a microphone in hand as he prepares to speak to Hennig.

    Ted Dibiase: Joe? Before Ro here comes down to the ring and teaches you a long overdue lesson in respect I just thought you would like to know that Cody is currently away meeting with some very important friends of his. But fear not for he won’t be too long and he has kindly prepared a little something for you in his absence… take a look!!!

    A video starts to air on the big screen above Legacy…

    The following has been brought to you by

    A Million $ Productions

    The black-backed words fade away and the video throws us inside a basketball gym where somebody is shooting hoops alone. The camera fades in before it shows that the individual is basketball star and LA Clippers Centre DeAndre Jordan!!! The crowd give Jordan a huge ovation as he hails from Houston but their cheers soon die down as Jordan is joined in the gym by Cody Rhodes!!!

    Cody Rhodes: DeAndre!!! My man!!!

    Both Rhodes and Jordan claps hands before they bring each other in for a hug.

    DeAndre Jordan: Cody!! Whats up!! You ready to shoot some hoops??!!

    Cody Rhodes: Come on DeAndre… you know I’m always ready!!

    The video breaks off into a montage of Rhodes and Jordan playing a little bit of one on one. Rhodes dispossesses Jordan before he follows up with a lay-up that nestles the ball into the basket. Jordan stops and shakes his head before applauding Rhodes.

    DeAndre Jordan: Awesome!! I forgot how good you were Cody!!

    The video continues with a bit of free throwing and Rhodes executes several three-pointers, although the video splits between Rhodes throwing the shot and the ball landing in the basket. There are more shots of DeAndre Jordan clapping his approval at Rhodes’ talent. Rhodes throws an overhead shot into the basket, this time with no video split and as he recoups the ball he meets up with DeAndre Jordan once more.

    DeAndre Jordan: Damn Cody… I got to take my cap off to you. That was perfect!!!

    Rhodes smiles but shakes his head at Jordan.

    Cody Rhodes: No DeAndre… what you just saw was Cody Rhodes… and that was Better Than Perfect!!!

    Rhodes tosses the ball to Jordan and the two embrace before they head off out of the gym together and the video footage comes to an end with another black-backed screen…

    Cody Rhodes
    “Better Than Perfect”

    The cameras return to ringside and Joe Hennig is livid as Legacy laugh at the top of the stage at his expense. The trio make their way down to the ring before Rotunda enters. Hennig tries to get at him immediately but the match official holds him back. The announce team discuss the mocking video just played and wonder if Hennig will be able to contain his already volatile temper against Rotunda, especially with the rest of Legacy at ringside.

    Non Title Singles Match
    Joe Hennig versus Blackjack Rotunda

    Story & Finish: These two square off and Blackjack Rotunda gets the upper hand early on by using his strength but Joe Hennig turns the tide and starts to unload on Rotunda with his array of attacks. Hennig drops Rotunda with a hip toss before he dropkicks him in the face to the delight of the crowd. Ted Dibiase and Dustin Rhodes try to get involved but Hennig fends them off only for Rotunda to regain the advantage with an attack from behind. Rotunda sends Hennig into the corner and squashes the United States Champion in the corner with a Body Avalanche before he drops him with a running clothesline. Rotunda looks to the middle turnbuckle and a leap off with a Senton Splash but nobody is home as Hennig slides to safety. Hennig quickly hits Rotunda with a snapmare before he comes off the ropes and connects with a Rolling Neck Snap!!! Hennig starts to build a head of steam as and drops Rotunda with his signature Flapjack!!! Dustin Rhodes climbs on the apron again and Hennig decks him before he locks Rotunda up for the Perfect Plex!!! Hennig hits it!!! The Product Of Perfection holds it for the cover but Dustin Rhodes slides into the ring and breaks up the cover, causing a disqualification!!!


    Winner by disqualification after interference from Dustin Rhodes & Ted Dibiase!!! Joe Hennig!!!

    The fans jeer as Ted Dibiase also slides into the ring and Legacy begin another three on one beatdown on Joe Hennig. Dustin Rhodes levels Hennig with a running hip attack before Blackjack Rotunda rises and lands a Running Senton Splash on top of The Product Of Perfection. Dibiase finally wades in as he tells them to pull Hennig up and as he does he sets him up for Dream Street!!! Dibiase looks ready to plant the United States Champion… but the crowd raise their voice as The Gabriel Brothers charge out from the back!!! Justin and Adam race to the ring and Dibiase throws Hennig down, before The Gabriels slide under the bottom ropes and into the ring. The numbers are against them but Justin and Adam manage to duck under clothesline attempts from Dustin Rhodes and Blackjack Rotunda before they bounce off the ropes on the other side and take both men out with a Flying Cross Body and Dropkick respectively. Rhodes and Rotunda exit the ring on impact and Ted Dibiase’s previously smug expression is wiped from his face as he realises that he is all alone with The Gabriel Brothers!!! Booker T calls it karma but Dibiase refuses to wait around and accept his fate as he drops down and rolls under the bottom rope to safety. The Gabriels help Joe Hennig up to his feet and the trio stare down Legacy as Dibiase grabs a hold of Rotunda and Dustin Rhodes and retreats up the ramp. Legacy yell at Hennig and The Gabriels as Michael Cole points out that it looks like Legacy’s big mouths and actions tonight might have found Joe Hennig some allies in his battle with Cody Rhodes and his associates.


    ***IT’S TIME***

    Gregory Helms makes his way out and boy does he not look happy. The announce team remind us that last week Helms came out and berated the upcoming NXT Cruiserweight Climax series that oddly he is set to host, only to get a little more than he bargained for.

    A video airs and shows highlights of last week’s SMACKDOWN with Gregory Helms mocking the NXT : CC, and claiming that the participants are not up to the standard of the WWE cruiserweights set by him. Cue NXT CC competitor Adrian Neville coming out to interrupt Helms and after a few words Helms tried to attack Neville, only for The Man That Gravity Forgot to turn the tables on Helms and knock him down with an enziguri before he landed The Red Arrow on the former Intercontinental, Cruiserweight and Television Champion.

    Back at ringside and Helms tries to brush off the heat from the crowd until he sees one holding a sign that depicts Adrian Neville in flight performing The Red Arrow. Helms approaches the fan and snatches the sign out of his hand before he angrily tears it in half to increase the heat on him. Helms marches into the ring and demands a microphone as he has something to get off his chest. The crowd continue to give him a hard time as he tries to begin his speech.

    Gregory Helms: If you people could just shut your stupid damn mouths for a second I’ve got something I’d like to get off my chest!!!

    Helms less than polite approach to asking for a little bit of silence does not go down well with the Houston crowd.

    Gregory Helms: Last week I was the victim of an unprovoked assault… I was attacked by a man that doesn’t even work here. And what do the powers that be do about it? I’ll tell you what they did… nothing!!!

    The fans cheer as Helms continues to get irate as he paces across the ring.

    Gregory Helms: They did absolutely nothing. They didn’t punish that reckless idiot Adrian Neville for putting his hands on me. He could have seriously injured me!!! Who in the hell does he think he is? I’m the greatest cruiserweight wrestler that the world has ever had the privilege of seeing perform before them. And I will not be treated like this. In fact I might just go and have a little chat with my legal representation and see if I can go about suing Adrian Neville for what he did last week. You can’t attack somebody from behind and get away with it!!!

    The crowd again protest against Helms and Michael Cole laughs off Helms claims, reminding us all that it was Helms who tried to attack Neville from behind first.

    Gregory Helms: Now I ain’t sayin’ I’m just sayin’ that if the WWE don’t want things getting ugly between me and Adrian Neville in the future… they better get someone out here to officially kick Adrian Neville out of the NXT Cruiserweight Climax… because I’m Gregory Helms… I’m Supernatural… and Adrian Neville... just like the rest of those NXT losers… is just a Gregory Helms wannabe!!! And I ain’t goin’ anywhere until he gets exactly what he deserves for putting his filthy, disgusting hands on me!!!

    Helms continues to pace side to side inside the ring and the crowd refuse to back him and instead jeer Helms. As for Helms demand nobody seems to be coming…

    …he waits

    … and waits




    ***BOOYAKA 619***

    The arena roof nearly comes off as the music of Rey Mysterio blares across the Toyota Center!!! Booker T is out of his seat in excitement and yells that his ‘dawg’ is here with Michael Cole also putting over how unexpected the surprise arrival of Rey Mysterio is. Mysterio is dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt that has the ‘NXT : Cruiserweight Climax’ logo emblazoned on it. Inside the ring Gregory Helms fumes as Mysterio tags hands with several fans on his way to ringside. Mysterio springs into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle to pose to the crowd once more before he grabs a microphone for himself. Helms however does not let Mysterio speak first and instead makes the first verbal move.

    Gregory Helms: Rey Mysterio!!! What in the hell are you doing here!!! I want someone with authority out here Rey, not a guy who can’t even lace up his own boots anymore… let alone mine!!!

    Mysterio smiles as he stares at Helms before he finally speaks.

    Rey Mysterio: Real clever Gregory. But you don’t need anyone with authority coming out here tonight, what you need is a wake-up call. Someone to talk a little sense into you.Now I thought that last week Adrian Neville handed you that wake-up call that you needed when he nailed you with that awesome gravity-defying Red Arrow… but I guess you still didn’t get the message!!!

    Gregory Helms: Oh really? And what message is that Rey?

    Rey Mysterio: Look at yourself Gregory? You are out here just like last week complaining about a guy who doesn’t even work here. Instead of getting yourself back in the ring and proving a point you come out here and cry and moan like a little girl. I think it’s clear to me and to all these fans exactly what your real problem is Gregory. You’re scared!!!

    Helms doesn’t like what Mysterio is stating and he furiously gets in the face of Mysterio and wags his index finger at him.

    Gregory Helms: Scared? What do I have to be scared of Rey? Please, tell me… because I would love to know what could possibly scare The Supernatural Gregory Helms!!!

    Rey Mysterio: I think you are scared of competition Gregory? I think you are really scared that these guys in the NXT Cruiserweight Climax are going to put on a series that will never be forgotten here in the WWE… and that when the dust settles they will be seen as the future of the WWE’s cruiserweight division… and that you won’t be!!!

    Helms goes as red as beetroot as he snarls at Mysterio but the former World Heavyweight Champion is not finished.

    Rey Mysterio: But I thought you were better than this Gregory. I’ve known you longer than twenty years Greg and I really thought that you had more class than you are showing tonight. Guys like me and you should be paving the way for the future of the cruiserweight division… not selfishly standing in their way!!

    Helms laughs at Mysterio before he walks around the ring shaking his head. Helms approaches Mysterio again and smirks as he responds.

    Gregory Helms: Guys like you and me? There’s a big, big difference between you and me Rey Rey… you might be happy being a thing of the past and well past your sell by date… but me… I’m not and I’m very much still the present and future of cruiserweight wrestling. I’m the bar that those little punks need to measure up to… but I know that they can’t. Because they are not like me and I’m sick of someone like you Rey Rey coming out here and showing me a complete lack of respect. In fact I beg you Rey Rey to leave right now before you end up making me do something I definitely won’t regret!!!

    Helms edges menacingly towards Mysterio but to the delight of the crowd he does not budge.

    Rey Mysterio: I didn’t come here to have a go at you Gregory, far from it. And I certainly didn’t come here for a fight. I came here hoping to see a change in attitude from you Gregory. But seeing as though that’s not looking likely… then I’m here to offer you a proposal instead.

    Everyone looks a little confused, especially Gregory Helms as he stares down Rey Mysterio.

    Gregory Helms: A proposal? What kind of proposal?

    Rey Mysterio: I came here to offer you a challenge Gregory. A challenge that I hope that you will accept because if you don’t want to help pave the way for the future of this division then I think I might have to sway you. My proposal Gregory… is if you really think that the NXT Cruiserweight Climax is just a second rate competition… filled with second rate stars that don#t belong in the WWE… then why don’t you prove it!!!

    A huge pop from the crowd as Mysterio lays down the gauntlet to Helms. The former Cruiserweight Champion just smiles as he stares Mysterio down. He looks out to the crowd for a few seconds before he responds.

    Gregory Helms: Okay Rey… if you want me to kick Adrian Neville and the rest of those Helms wannabes into place then I’ll happily do so. In fact I’d take great pleasure in it. And I will do it just to prove a point to you Mysterio… you and anyone else who thinks those guys are the future of the cruiserweight division. Because they're not!!!

    Rey Mysterio: I had something else in mind Gregory. My proposal to you is that I pick three guys… any three guys from the NXT Cruiserweight Climax… and you pick three cruiserweights… any three cruiserweights from the WWE roster… and we put them up against each other in a six man tag team match… at Summerslam!!!

    A huge pop from the crowd as Mysterio gets them on their feet with the thought of getting glimpse of the NXT Cruiserweight Climax stars before the series starts. Helms however doesn’t look too thrilled with the idea.

    Gregory Helms: Is that the best proposal you got Rey Rey?

    Rey Mysterio: Hey… I understand if you don’t want to take me up on my offer Gregory. After all it’s not like you have much to lose… especially against second rate competition. It’s okay to be scared Gregory!!!

    Helms looks pissed that Mysterio is questioning his guts.

    Gregory Helms: You think I’m scared of those idiots Rey. Well I’m not!!! If this is what I got to do to prove to you that NXT is nothing but second best to the WWE’s cruiserweight division then that’s exactly what I will do. Your three guys… my three guys… Summerslam… you’re on!!!

    The fans pop wildly and Mysterio has a huge grin on his face as his music plays and he nods at Helms before he exits the ring. Helms stares down Mysterio as the Master Of The 619 makes his way up the ramp. The announce team call it a hell of an announcement and wonder who will be a part of the six man tag team match. Booker T states that Gregory Helms will have to put up or shut up at Summerslam.

    A video begins to play inside what looks like a luxury mansion. The lights are off but the bright shining glow of a log fire glistens in the background as the camera moves towards it. As the camera gets closer we see the back of a large armchair with somebody sitting cosily in front of the fire. The cameras swing around the large lounge room and we see several photos of an unidentified individual on the walls, ranging from reaching the peaks of a very high mountain to hand gliding above a canyon to white water rafting. Finally the armchair spins around and the individual sat on the chair has a glass of wine in his hand. He smiles as the camera greets him before he finally brings volume to the video.

    “Hello, my name is Lawrence… Lawrence Everhett.. And soon enough you will all be seeing plenty of me in the NXT Cruiserweight Climax. Now I have lived a very fruitful life as you can see. I have travelled the world and experienced the best experiences the world has to offer. I’ve climbed the highest peaks in the world and pushed myself through some of the toughest waters and hikes that the beautiful world has thrown into my lap. But now I have only one goal left to fulfill. I must come to the WWE and show the world just how great Lawrence Everhett is… and at NXT Cruiserweight Climax I do not see failure as an option. The others may think they have a chance… but unlike the mere few who have ascended Mount Everest… there will be nobody that will conquer ‘Mount Everhett!!’”

    Everhett laughs before he continues to sip away at his wine. The camera backs away from him before the screen begins to fade out to black.

    …is coming to NXT : Cruiserweight Climax!!!

    Just four weeks away!!!


    A great ovation meets Sin Cara as he charges out from the back and sprints down to ringside. The International Sensation springs into the ring to another little pop before he rises to the turnbuckle and poses to the crowd. The announce team talk up how much of a fan favourite the high-flying Sin Cara is and discuss whether or not he could be in contention to be a part of Gregory Helms’ team at Summerslam. Booker T calls him the ideal candidate but wonders whether Helms’ ego will get in the way of picking the best of the WWE’s cruiserweights.


    If Sin Cara got a great reaction then the arrival of Prince Devitt got a thunderous one as the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion strolls out from behind the curtain. Devitt does not share the crowd’s enthusiasm for his appearance though as the commentary team quite rightly point out that he is a man with a lot on his mind. Devitt keeps shaking his head disappointingly as he arrives at ringside and Booker T exclaims that he hates seeing Devitt like this. Michael Cole again fills us in on the fact that Devitt’s girlfriend Scarlett Marseille is currently being forced to stay with Devitt’s rival, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Austin Blake, after Blake defeated Devitt at Night Of Champions. Devitt is in the ring and ready as the referee rings the bell to start the singles match.

    Singles Match
    Prince Devitt versus Sin Cara

    Story & Finish: A back and for start between the two and with Devitt’s mind not fully on the contest he is caught out by a Flying Headscissors from Sin Cara. The Mexican flyer keeps Devitt down for the next few minutes with an array of dropkicks and gets a close fall with a running tornado DDT. Sin Cara’s early dominance finally breaks as he hits the ropes and looks for a Springboard Moonsault onto Devitt but the Irishman sidesteps the attack and drills a hard kick right into Sin Cara’s midsection. Devitt follows up with a running dropkick to the face that sends Sin Cara sprawling under the ropes to the outside. The intensity of Devitt rises as he heads to the ring apron and charges along it before he dives onto a rising Sin Cara and takes him out with a Diving Cross Body Block!!!

    Prince Devitt lifts Sin Cara up and drops him face first off the ring apron. Devitt rolls Sin Cara back into the ring before he hits a slingshot leg drop for a close fall. Devitt hits Sin Cara with a trio of corner clotheslines before he snaps him into the canvas with a snap suplex. Devitt drags Sin Cara up and sets him onto his shoulders for The Prince’s Throne!!! Devitt tosses Sin Cara up into the air but Sin Cara counters out with a arm drag takedown. Devitt flies across the ring and on return Sin Cara dropkicks him in the knee to take him down. Sin Cara calls for the Hurricanrana Driver and he charges towards Devitt, but the Irishman sees him coming and counters the Hurricanrana Driver into a Sitout Powerbomb!!! Devitt holds for the cover but Sin Cara kicks out at two, frustrating Devitt again!!!

    Prince Devitt sends Sin Cara into the ropes but Sin Cara ducks under a clothesline and performs a great looking springboard back elbow that rocks Devitt back into the ropes. Devitt bounces forward and Sin Cara looks for a Tornado DDT!!! But Devitt shoves him off in midair… Sin Cara lands safely on his feet but turns right around and into the path of a flying Devitt who takes Sin Cara’s head off with a Dreamcast Kick!!! The crowd cheer as Devitt nails him with corkscrew spin kick but Devitt doesn’t rest on his advantage and quickly drops down on top of Sin Cara and puts him in The Devitt’s End!!! The Irishman locks his submission hold in tight and Sin Cara, with nowhere to go has no option but to tap out!!!


    Winner by submission with The Devitt’s End!!! Prince Devitt!!!

    A great reaction greets Prince Devitt’s victory and the Irishman looks a little happier having won the match than he did before he entered. Michael Cole calls it a much needed confidence boost for Devitt but there are no smiles anymore as Austin Blake flashes onto the big screen!!!

    Austin Blake: Devitt!!! Hello again!!! It’s so nice to see you… not!!! Seeing you right now seems like a complete waste of my precious time but I just had to drop in and give you an update on how things are going between yours truly and your girlfriend.

    Devitt angrily points up at Blake, who just smiles gloatingly back at him.

    Austin Blake: And as much as I’d love to say it’s been all fun and games, because believe me there was plenty of fun… and there was lots of games!!!

    Blake winks at everyone to which Michael Cole responds ‘Oh please!!’ Devitt however continues to scowl as he intensely stares up at Blake.

    Austin Blake: But it seems that little Scarlett has been a very naughty girl this week… and not the naughty kind that I like baybay!!! If I was Santa Claus she wouldn't be getting any presents this year. So I had to put her over my knee for not doing as she was told.

    The cameras pan out and we can see that Austin Blake is sitting inside his house whilst Scarlett can be seen in the background outside the house, seemingly scrubbing the poolside floor.

    Austin Blake: Now don’t worry too much about it Devvy, because I really think that Scarlett is learning her lesson. And tonight is going to be the night she makes it up to me… if you know what I mean. In fact I really think she’s starting to fall for me buddy. I’m sorry but who wouldn’t? Look at me… I’m Austin Blake baybay… and I’m More Than You Can Take!!!! I’ll be seeing you next week Devvy… if I find time to step away from the bedroom that is!!!!

    Blake laughs and grins as the video comes to a close with the crowd jeering the obnoxious Blake. Devitt rages up inside the ring and tries not to lose it. Sin Cara is still inside the ring and puts an arm on Devitt’s shoulder to comfort him… but Devitt snaps!!!! Devitt drags Sin Cara down into the canvas again and locks him back into The Devitt’s End!!! The crowd don’t know how to respond to Devitt’s actions as Sin Cara frantically slaps the mat in pain. Devitt refuses to release the hold though and a swarm of officials raid the ring to try and convince him to let Sin Cara go. Eventually Devitt frees Sin Cara and the look of shame immediately hits him as he realises what he just did. The announce team refuse to condone Devitt’s reactions but try to sympathise with what he is experiencing at the moment. Booker T mentions that Devitt looks a lost man from the guy that dominated the Cruiserweight Division this year and Michael Cole blames Austin Blake for tearing Devitt apart personally and emotionally. Prince Devitt walks up the ramp with his head down as the announce team mention that they don’t know what the Irishman is capable of anymore. The announce team move on to promote that later on tonight Ric Flair will make his return to the ring and coming up soon we will see Robert Roode of Beer Money challenge Christian for the latter’s Intercontinental Championship rematch against Seth Rollins at Summerslam.

    In the corridors of the backatage area we see the aforementioned Robert Roode walking but he doesn’t look too upbeat and soon enough his tag team partner James Storm furiously rushes up towards him.

    James Storm: What the hell Bobby!!! You said you were going to talk to Heyman about getting us back into the Tag Team Title hunt and instead I find out you’re in there angling for title shots for yourself. What’s goin’ on!!!

    Roode holds his hands up to try and calm his friend and partner down.

    Robert Roode: Easy James… I went and saw Paul Heyman… and I begged him to put us back into the running for the tag team titles. But he said no. He said despite what happened last week that he just couldn’t change the decision as technically Legacy did nothing wrong. I never asked for what happened next James… I was about to walk out and tell you what he said when he called me back. He said he couldn’t give me a shot at the Tag Titles until after Summerslam… but he could give me something else.

    James Storm: Yeah… a god damn shot at the Intercontinental Title. I got that part Bobby… from Paul Heyman no less.. but let me ask you this Bobby… where’s my shot? Huh? Seems that you've been taking your eyes off the real prize a lot lately. Maybe because you've got your eyes on winning one all for yaself!!!

    Robert Roode: I knew this was a bad idea!!!

    James Storm: Then why didn’t you turn it down Bobby, start thinking about us and less about yaself.

    Roode stares at Storm for a few seconds as the uneasiness between the pair continues.

    Robert Roode: Let me ask you something James? If it was you who was offered the chance to win an opportunity to become the Intercontinental Champion would you turn it down?

    James Storm: In a heartbeat Bobby!!!

    Robert Roode: No you wouldn’t James. You would pass up a title shot as much as you would pass up a free beer. And I wouldn’t expect you to. You should be happy for me James. I thought we were brothers Cowboy?!?!

    Storm finally calms down and nods his head as he takes a big swig of the beer in his hand.

    James Storm: We are Bobby… you know that. It just would have been nice of y’all to tell me before I have to hear it from someone else.

    Robert Roode: I’m sorry James… I should’ve been the one to tell ya’ but I need you to back me up partner. Tonight is just something I gotta do. You understand… right?

    Storm finishes off his beer and tosses it over his head.

    James Storm: Of course I understand Bobby… I’m just being silly. Think I had a bad beer. You go out there and you make that son bitch sorry ‘bout his damn luck and I’ll be right here cheering you on.

    Roode pulls Storm in for an embrace and the two hug it out.

    Robert Roode: Don’t worry Cowboy… I’m going to bring home the W tonight. And then I’ll get the beers in!!!

    James Storm: Damn right you will!!!

    The two share a laugh as the situation seems to be resolved. Storm pats Roode on the back before he leaves him to prepare for his match before the show heads to a break.


    The show returns inside the office of Paul Heyman and the WWE General Manager, as always is met with an irate superstar and this time it is Harry Smith. William Regal is with Smith as the pair angrily confronts Heyman and for once it’s Smith doing the majority of the talking.

    Harry Smith: I want Drew McIntyre Heyman!!! I don’t care what you need to do… just give me Drew McIntyre!!! I’m sick to death of seeing his face everywhere I go… attacking me during my matches… attacking William Regal… the guy doesn’t deserve to be breathing the same air as me… but if he’s going to keep getting in my business then I’m going to have permanently erase him.

    Heyman sits back in his chair as Smith and Regal await an answer.

    Paul Heyman: So let me get this straight gentlemen… last week you were finished with Drew McIntyre and didn’t want anything to do with him. But now this week you want him in a match. I’m confused gentlemen… you could have had what you wanted last week but flatly refused.

    Harry Smith tries to contain his anger but eventually he leans down towards Heyman.

    Harry Smith: I don’t care what happened last week Paul. I want Drew McIntyre… so make it happen!!!

    Paul Heyman: Again excuse me if I’m mistaken but you will get the chance to get your hands on Drew McIntyre tonight in the six man tag team match I’ve booked.

    Smith does not look happy as he stares into Heyman.

    Harry Smith: You’re right Paul. I do have a chance tonight to get my hands on McIntyre. But it’s just that Paul… a chance. And a chance isn’t good enough. I want a guaranteed chance of putting Drew McInytre in his place once and for all. One on one. Man to boy. He won’t know what’s hit him when this Bulldog sinks his teeth into him.

    Smith starts to froth at the mouth as the intensity in his words take over. Heyman smiles as he folds his arms and sits right back in his chair.

    Paul Heyman: I’ll see what I can do.

    Heyman doesn’t budge from his seat but Smith seems happy enough with his response as he smirks before he rams his way past Regal and out of the office. William Regal remains and shares an uneasy stare with Paul Heyman who motions for him to leave. Regal quickly scurries out of the room and after Harry Smith as the announce team wonder what will happen next between Drew McIntyre and Harry Smith later on tonight when the two are in six man tag team action.

    ***TAKE A FALL***

    An awesome ovation meets Robert Roode as the Canadian powers out from the back. Roode pumps himself up before he poses to the crowd. The announce team state that tonight could be a career changing night for Roode if he can pick up the win over Christian. Michael Cole runs through Roode’s career to date with his noted success in the tag team division alongside Beer Money partner James Storm being followed this year by Roode showing incredible potential as a singles competitor. Booker T takes over and reminds everyone that Roode made it to the King Of The Ring Final two months ago before losing out to the current Unified World Champion Kevin Steen. As Roode enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckles to salute the crowd Michael Cole continues on that Roode’s success seems to have been driving a slight wedge between him and his partner James Storm over the past few months, with several miscommunications in tag team matches not helping matters. Booker T says he knows exactly what it feels like to start gaining singles success after being a tag team specialist for so long and it’s the thirst for solo success that keeps you going back for more.


    The crowd jeer as Christian makes his second appearance of the night. The former Intercontinental Champion does not look pleased as he heads down towards the ring refusing to acknowledge any of the fans. The announce team discuss Christian’s plight tonight after he talked his way into defending his Intercontinental Championship rematch by demanding that Paul Heyman hand him back the title that currently belongs to the injured Seth Rollins, a man that Christian purposely and viciously attacked at Night Of Champions. Michael Cole states that Christian could receive the punishment he deserves tonight if he can’t overcome Robert Roode. Christian enters the ring and furiously points at Roode, blaming him for what’s happened tonight. Roode just smiles back at his fellow Canadian and the referee finally rings the bell to get the match underway.

    Singles Match for Chrisitan’s Intercontinental Championship Rematch
    Christian versus Robert Roode

    Story & Finish:
    The match starts with Christian trying to tell Robert Roode that he doesn't belong out here in the ring with him and Captain Charisma's pleas for Roode to leave end up with 'Double R' drilling Christian with a big right hand to huge cheers from the crowd. Roode backs Christian into the ropes with a series of right hands before he whips him across the ring and hits him with a running knee to the gut. Christian keels over and Roode sends him into the corner before he charges after him and clatters him into the turnbuckle with big clothesline. Christian stumbles out of the corner and Roode hits him with an atomic drop not once but twice. Christian looks in trouble as the fired up Roode sends him into the ropes, but this time Christian hangs onto them and waits for Roode to charge towards him before he pulls the top rope down... and Roode's momentum sends him crashing over the top to the outside.

    Christian takes a breather before he slides out of the ring and starts to pick apart Robert Roode. A couple of kicks from Christian are quickly accompanied by him slamming Roode's face off the ring apron. Christian grabs Roode and slams him face first off the steel ring post to jeers from the crowd. Christian decides to re-enter the ring as the referee continues to count Roode out. The crowd urge Roode to get back into the ring and with the count at eight Roode rises and manages to dive back into the ring just before the ten count. Christian immediately goes back on the attack and hits Roode with a series of strikes. Christian kicks Roode into the bottom turnbuckle before he uses his foot to choke him several times before the referee gives him a final warning. Christian pulls Roode up and hits him with a couple og uppercuts to the face but a slap to the face takes it too far and Roode turns the tables on him!!!

    Robert Roode throws Christian into the corner and drives his shoulder into his midsection several times. Roode climbs up on top of Christian and connects with a flurry of right hands before he drops down and levels Christian with a clothesline. Roode drops Christian into the canvas with a scoop slam before he comes off the ropes and drops an elbow into his midsection. Roode pulls Christian up and drives him back down with a series of knife edge chops. Christian staggers on the spot and Roode takes aim with a clothesline... but Christian ducks under it and manages to drop Roode down from behind with an Inverted DDT!!! Christian makes a cover but only gets a two count. Christian goes on the attack and sends Roode through the ropes to the outside. Chrsitian waits for Roode to pull himself up by the apron before he races across the ring and hits a baseball slide under the bottom rope and into the face of Roode.

    Christian slams Roode into the steel steps before he rolls him back into the ring. Christian comes into the ring and calls for the Killswitch to end the match but as he twists Roode shoves him into the ropes and cuts him half with a Spear!!! The crowd erupt as Roode makes the cover... and Christian can't kick out in time!!! But he manages to get his foot on the bottom rope!!! The fans delight turns to despair as Chrsitian survives and Robert Roode cannot believe it. Roode goes back on the attack and hits a Rolling Neck Snap on Christian before he drops him off the top turnbuckle with Snake Eyes!!! Roode waits for Christian to stumble into him and kicks him in the gut before he drops him with a snap suplex!!! Roode calls for the Double R Spinebuster as he pulls Christian up to his feet. Roode bounces Christian off the ropes but again Christian hangs on... Roode approaches but Christian gets a boot up and kicks Roode in the face.

    Christian comes off the ropes and takes Roode's knee out with a chop block!!! Roode crumples down and Christian immediately heads to the top turnbuckle. Christian yells some insults the crowd's way before he leaps off and connects with a Frog Splash to Roode!!! Booker T thinks that could be it as Christian hooks the leg... but Roode refuses to go down easily and gets a shoulder up just in time!!! Christian cannot believe it as he wipes his forehead. Christian's anger seeps through as he slaps Roode across the face and begs him to get to his feet. Christian heads to the corner as he looks for a Spear but as he stampedes across the ring Roode slides out of the way and Christian hits the middle turnbuckle hard. Christian bounces right into Roode who sends him into the ropes... Christian quickly counters though as he soars through the air on return with a Flying Cross Body!!! But Roode ducks out of the way and Christian wipes out the referee!!!

    The crowd 'ooh' as the referee is down but Robert Roode reacts quickly and catches Christian off guard and drags him down to the canvas with a Crossface!!! Christian is in trouble as Roode has him right in the middle of the ring and within ten seconds Christian taps out!!! The match should be over!!! But there's no referee!!! The crowd jeer the lack of referee as Robert Roode has the match won!!! Roode realises that the referee is out and releases the hold to try and revive him. The referee refuses to budge though having taken the full force of Christian's attack moments ago. Roode returns to Christian and pulls him up but Captain Charisma catches him out of nowhere with a low blow!!! The fans jeer Christian as he smirks at the crumbling Roode before he grabs him from behind and plants him into the canvas with the Killswitch!!! Christian stands over Roode and surveys the ring before he realises the referee is down and heads to the outside. Christian grabs a steel chair from ringside to a chorus of boos from the crowd with Michael Cole begging for Christian to rethink his actions!!!

    Christian slides into the ring with the steel chair as he looks to inflict some serious damage on Robert Roode. Roode is helpless as Christian stands over him looking to slam the chair into the back of his head. The commentary team remind us that Seth Rollins did not fare well at Night Of Champions once Christian has a steel chair in his hand... but the crowd cheer vociferously as James Storm emerges from the back and dashes down to the ring... and he's got a chair in his hand too!!! Christian sees Storm coming as The Cowboy slides into the ring and decides to flee as he exits the ring on the other side. Storm points his finger at Christian and warns him to watch himself... before he turns around and slams the steel chair into the face-down Robert Roode's head!!! The WWE Universe is in shock, as is Christian as James Storm stands over Roode's body having smashed the steel chair off the head of his best friend!!! Booker T is speechless as Michael Cole screams out 'What the hell?' Storm doesn't say anything but instead steps out of the ring and surveys the rest of the match. Christian looks weary for a moment but quickly slides into the ring as the referee regains conciousness. Christian jumps on top of Roode for the cover and without any doubt picks up the three count to retain his Intercontinental Championship rematch... thanks to an unlikely assist from Roode's tag team partner James Storm!!!


    Winner by pinfall after James Storm smashed a chair over the head of Roode!!! Christian!!!

    Nobody can believe what they’ve just seen!!! James Storm stands outside the ring emotionless as he stares in at the fallen Robert Roode. Christian takes a quick look at Stomr on the outside and decides that he’s got what he wanted and quickly slides out of the ring delighted that he’s held onto his Intercontinental Championship rematch at Summerslam. Michael Cole condemns James Storm for selling out his ‘friend’ but Storm continues to show no remorse for his actions, instead chooses to crack open a beer and starts to sip it. Booker T doesn’t know what’s gotten into Storm but Robert Roode begins to stir on the canvas. This forces Storm to make his way up the steel steps and to step inside the ring. Storm approaches Roode as the latter scrams his way up to his knees with the help of Storm’s knees. Roode looks up at Storm who doesn’t say anything. Roode looks desperate as he asks ‘Why!!!’ but instead of replying with words Storm just shakes his head before he takes a step back and...





    The bottle explodes off of Roode and the crowd shower James Storm with heat. The match official charges in between Roode and Storm as the latter just stares down at Roode, who is flat on his face in the middle of the ring and not moving. Storm looks out at the baying crowd before he takes one more look down at his partner. Storm shakes his head before he steps over Roode’s body and walks right on out of the ring without saying a word. Michael Cole and Booker T are lost for words as James Storm strides up the ramp and to the back, still not uttering a word about his actions. Back inside the ring several EMTs and backstage staff attend to the stricken Roode as he continues to lay motionlessly. Cole finally breaks the silence as he apologises for what everybody just saw before ironically a replay of what just happened airs. Booker T wonders what on earth must have been running through James Storm’s head tonight after he first cost his best friend the chance to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship and then he goes and knocks his lights out by smashing a beer bottle over his head. The commentary team hope that Robert Roode will be okay but move on to remind us that later tonight we will see the return of Ric Flair, and right now Byron Saxton is standing by with the two men who will be trying to make The Nature Boy’s return one he will want to forget.

    We head backstage where Byron Saxton is standing by preparing to interview inside the interview pit.

    Byron Saxton: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guests at this time… Claudio Cesaro and Kassius Hero… The Kings Of Wrestling!!!

    The crowd boo the appearance of Hero and Cesaro as The Kings slither onto the scene.

    Byron Saxton: Gentlemen… tonight you two will be in tag team action against Randy Orton and the returning Ric Flair after last week saw The Nature Boy make a surprising return that ended up with a physical confrontation between all four of you.

    The Kings look furiously at Byron Saxton before Kassius Hero snatches the microphone out of his hand. Claudio Cesaro shoves Saxton away as The Kings take over the interview. Hero looks directly into the camera as he starts to speak.

    Kassius Hero: Physical confrontation? What the hell were you watching? Last week we were assaulted by a pensioner. That fossil Ric Flair is lucky that we duly respected our elders last week or he’d be in the hospital eating through a straw like the rest of the people his age.

    Claudio Cesaro: That’s right Kass. It’s a shame that Ric Flair had to do what he did because his actions have made our future actions easier. Tonight Ric Flair and Randy Orton will find out exactly what The Kings’ wrath feels like. Tonight Randy Orton will wish he had walked away last week and never looked back, because when we are finished with him and Ric Flair… we promise that they won’t be able to walk away!!!

    Kassius Hero: Which brings us to tonight. We will show the world just how great The Kings Of Wrestling are… but we know all about Ric Flair and his tendency to play dirty. We know that give Ric Flair an inch and he will steal a mile. That’s why we went to see Paul Heyman and asked if we could make tonight’s match be a no disqualifications match.

    Claudio Cesaro: We don’t want any asterisk hovering over tonight’s result. Paul Heyman has granted our request on the condition that Ric Flair and Randy Orton agree to it too. So I guess that we will be having a normal tag team match tonight… because everybody knows that those two relics don’t have the guts to take on The Kings Of Wrestling without bending the rules behind the referee’s back.

    Kassius Hero: Who can blame them though? Look at us. We are The Kings Of Wrestling… we are true wrestling royalty… Ric Flair… he’s just a dirty old dog ready to be taken out back and finally put out of his misery.

    Claudio Cesaro: Randy Orton’s mistake is going to cost Ric Flair tonight. Because when we step into the ring… we always get the job done…

    Kassius Hero: Because The Kings Reign Supreme…

    Cesaro nods his head in agreement with Hero.

    Claudio Cesaro: …the Kings Reign Supreme…

    Hero throws his elbow up and Cesaro wraps his own arm around it in an uppercut position as both men stare intensely into the camera.

    Both: Over everyone!!!!!

    Cesaro and Hero continue to stare into the camera as the segment comes to a finish with the next break in the show.


    SMACKDOWN returns backstage to the loud noise of singing.

    “There’s so much I want to do!!!
    And tonight I want to lay it at your feet…
    ‘Cause girl… I was made for you…
    And girl… you were made for me…”

    The camera catches up to the noise and we are met with the presence of WWE Telelvision Champion Heath Slater rocking away in his locker room with headphones blocking out the world.

    “I was made for lovin’ you baby!!!
    You were made for lovin’ me!!!
    And I can’t get enough of you baby!!!
    Can you get enough of me!!!”

    Slater thrashes around yelling out the lyrics to a popular Kiss song and jumps to turn to his left before his singing comes to an abrupt halt. We see why straight away as Slater is joined by Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin smiles as Slater removes his headphones and the former offers Slater a handshake, which Slater accepts.

    Shelton Benjamin: Congratulations on last week Heath. I got to admit you had me good. Hopefully you can bring that same fire to our six man tag match tonight.

    Heath Slater: Sure thing Shelton… I’m The One Man Band baby… I bring the fire every night of the week!!!

    Shelton Benjamin: Good to hear it because I really want to teach that Miz a lesson tonight after what he did last week. But enough about that because what I really came here for is to ask you for another shot at your title, only this time we can do it one on one. What do you think?

    Slater smiles and nods his head at Benjamin.

    Heath Slater: Sure thing Shelton… I’d love to give you another shot at this. But let me warn you pal… I don’t have any intention of giving this title up.

    Shelton Benjamin: That’s what I like to hear Heath… but I’m The Gold Standard… and sooner or later I’m gunna put some gold around this waist. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

    Benjamin pats Slater on the shoulder before he walks off and after a brief moment of thought Slater goes back to singing away as the announce team remind us that Slater and Benjamin will be teaming up tonight… and that match is up next!!!

    A video package starts to play inside a local gym and we see a wrestling ring right in the center with several people watching. The camera moves towards the ring and we see that the crowd are watching Big E Langston in training. Langston charges across the ring and takes his opponents head off with running lariat. Another opponent comes in and Langston tosses him over his head with an overhead belly to belly. Langston stalks the first opponent as he rises by the ropes and clotheslines him hard over the top rope. Langston pulls the second opponent up and hoits him over his right shoulder before he drops down and drives his opponent down with an over the shoulder backbreaker!!! The crowd start to applaud Langston as he takes a towel and wipes the sweat from his forehead. The camera comes in closer to Langston…

    Big E Langston: I’m Big E Langston…. and I’m coming to the WWE!!!

    The screen fades out to black with Langston staring intensely into the camera…


    Coming soon!!!


    Alberto Del Rio makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of jeers. The announce team discuss how Del Rio’s year has gone downhill ever since he lost to Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules in a Submission match and wonder what lies ahead for The Pride Of Mexico.

    ***I CAME TO PLAY***

    And just like Alberto Del Rio before him The Miz receives a cold welcome from the crowd in Texas. The self proclaimed Awesome One prances down to the ring as Booker T and Michael Cole talk about how Miz made an enemy in Shelton Benjamin last week when he eliminated The Gold Standard from a battle royal after already being eliminated himself.

    ***BULLDOG BITE***

    William Regal saunters out from the back and right behind him is Harry Smith. The British Canadian powers down to ringside and does not look in a good mood as the announce team recap Smith’s demands to WWE General Manager Paul Heyman earlier tonight. Booker T notes that he cannot wait to see Harry Smith and Drew McIntyre go head to head again as he loves nothing more than to see two guys who generally hate each other tear each apart.

    ***AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ ME***

    A pop from the crowd as Shelton Benjamin makes his way out from the back. The Gold Standard looks upbeat as he tags several fans on his way to the ring. Benjamin stands on the outside of the ring as he awaits the arrival of his partners. Michael Cole reminds us that next week Shelton Benjamin will challenge Heath Slater for the WWE Television Championship.


    Harry Smith paces back and for inside the ring as Drew McIntyre makes his way out. McIntyre only has eyes for Smith too as he storms down to ringside but before he can charge into the ring Benjamin stops him in his tracks and reminds him that the numbers game is against them for now. The announce team talk up how personal the feud between McIntyre and Smith went up another level last week.

    “Footage airs of Harry Smith and Drew McIntyre fighting on the ramp until Smith sent McIntyre head first into the stage set. McIntyre returned later that night during a Fatal Four Way Match involving Smith and laid William Regal out with a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre pulled Smith out of the match and did the same to him to cost Smith the chance to become the WWE Television Champion.”

    Back at ringside Smith and Regal fume at the video footage as McIntyre trades insults with the pair from the ringside area.


    A great ovation awaits the WWE Television Champion and Heath Slater comes out with his championship title belt in hand and plays air guitar with it. Booker T states that Slater ain’t Gene Simmons but he likes him as The One Man Band rocks his way down to the ring. Slater points out to the fans before he joins Shelton Benjamin and Drew McIntyre at ringside. The trio enter the ring together and the commentary team discuss Slater’s so far successful run as WWE Television Champion and how he defeated three of the men in tonight’s six man tag team match last week in a Fatal Four Way Match to hold onto his title. With all six men finally at ringside the referee rings the bell to start the match.

    Six Man Tag Team Match
    Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater & Shelton Benjamin versus Alberto Del Rio, Harry Smith & The Miz

    Story & Finish:
    Plenty of little stories build throughout this match with Harry Smith and Drew McIntyre wanting to get at each other right away. With Del Rio and Benjamin starting the match the pair are made to wait a few minutes before both get into the match at the same time. As soon as they do McIntyre levels Smith with a running big boot to the face before he calls for Future Shock, only for Smith to wriggle free and tag himself out of the match. As McIntyre tries to get at Smith he gets caught by The Miz who nearly rolls him up for the win. Miz whips McIntyre into the ropes and Shelton Benjamin gets a blind tag into the match. Miz drops McIntyre with a clothesline but the referee warns Miz that McIntyre is not the legal man and Benjamin springboards into the ring and takes Miz out with a Flying Cross Body!!! Harry Smith decides to get himself a piece of the downed Drew McIntyre as he pulls him out of the ring and starts to brawl with the Scotsman.

    The pair battle up the ramp with William Regal in pursuit as the match continues and Benjamin calls for the T-Bone Suplex but Miz elbows out of the attack and drills Benjamin down with The Reality Check!!! Miz covers but Benjamin kicks out on two!!! Miz goes on the offence for the next minute or so but Benjamin remains resilient with Heath Slater urging him to tag him into the match. Benjamin manages to dodge a clothesline attempt from The Miz but as is the norm in tag team matches both men have the same idea and clothesline each other down on the turn. The crowd get behind Benjamin as he tries to crawl towards Slater in the corner but as he edges closer to making the hot tag The Miz creeps across and tags Alberto Del Rio in first!!! Del Rio charges in but can’t get his hands on Benjamin as he makes the tag to Slater just in time!! The crowd cheer as the WWE Telelvision Champion bursts into the match and knocks Del Rio down with a clothesline before he hits the kneeling Miz with a running big boot to the face.

    Heath Slater sends Del Rio into the corner before he charges up and looks for another clothesline but Del Rio sees him coming and gets a boot up into his face. Del Rio comes out of the corner and takes Slater down with an Armbreaker!!! Del Rio gets a close fall but moves back on the attack as he stomps on the shoulder and arm of Slater. Del Rio looks for the Cross Armbreaker but he takes his time setting it up and gloating and Slater breaks free and hits Del Rio with a Russian Leg Sweep!!! Shelton Benjamin is back up and he charges into the ring and hits a suicide dive through the ropes that takes out The Miz on the outside!!! Heath Slater calls for The Smash Hit as he pulls Del Rio up to his feet but The Pride Of Mexico manages to squirm free of Slater’s grip and ducks a follow up clothesline. Del Rio dropkicks Slater in the back and The One Man Band unfortunately clatters into Shelton Benjamin who was climbing onto the ring apron!!! Alberto Del Rio quickly rolls Slater up from behind and squeezes out the three count to earn his team the victory.


    Winners by pinfall with a rollup!!! Alberto Del Rio, Harry Smith & The Miz!!!

    The fans are not happy as Alberto Del Rio sneaks the win for his team tonight and the Mexican quickly heads out of the ring and basks in his victory as he looks back into the ring at the beaten Slater!! The Television Champion can’t believe he got pinned as Del Rio decides that he wants to let Slater know that he wants the Television Title by motioning his hands around his waist. On the outside Shelton Benjamin rises holding his head and he and Slater share a look of disappointment with each other as the announce team discuss what will happen in the future of the Television Championship with Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Shelton Benjamin all looking to take it away from Heath Slater.

    The cameras head backstage though where Drew McIntyre, Harry Smith and William Regal are in the parking lot and McIntyre slams Smith’s head off a shutter. Regal tries to intervene but McIntyre digs him with an elbow to the midsection before he looks for a Future Shock DDT on the concrete flooring!!! Regal looks in danger of being sent to the hospital but Harry Smith returns and clubs McIntyre over the back. Smith tells Regal to start the car and the Blackpool man disappears as this time Smith crashes McIntyre’s head off the large shutter. Smith delivers a couple of kicks to the midsection before he angrily yells at McIntre that he’s worthless. Smith manages to drag McIntyre up to his feet and looks for the Running Powerslam as he places McIntyre on his shoulder. The announce team beg for Smith not to go through with it as he looks to slam McIntyre on the concrete but the Scotsman manages to slide off and he connects with a running big boot to the face of his adversary!!! Smith starts to crawl away from McIntyre who looks ready to kill Smith but as he grabs at him he’s caught with a stray elbow to the face. The moment is just what Smith needed as William Regal screeches into the picture in his Ford Focus hatchback!!! Regal swings the door open and Smith dives in and slams the door shut… Drew McIntyre chases after the car as it begins to take off and leaps onto the roof… holding onto it in a star-shaped position!!! The car leaves the parking lot and Drew McIntyre’s grip gives in as he slides off the back and somehow lands safely on the ground!!! Regal and Smith drive off out of the arena as McIntyre angrily yells out in frustration that the pair got away. The cameras swing back to ringside where Michael Cole and Booker T discuss what just happened and wonder if the feud between Drew McIntyre and Harry Smith will ever be over. They move on to mention that still tonight we’ve got a huge tag team main event and that right now the man that everybody has been talking about is standing by backstage with Byron Saxton.

    Indeed Byron Saxton is backstage and he is ready to go.

    Byron Saxton: Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to welcome you all to the man who will make his return to WWE ring action tonight after five long years… The Nature Boy…. Ric Flair!!!

    The crowd erupts with the biggest cheer of the night as Ric Flair steps into the picture, flexing his trademark smile and wearing his signature blue and white robe. Flair takes in the moment as he awaits Saxton’s first question.

    Byron Saxton: Ric? There are plenty of questions that the WWE Universe would like to know the answer to right now? Like how does it feel to be on the brink of stepping back into a WWE ring after five long years? And what is your response to the challenge laid down by The Kings Of Wrestling earlier tonight to make tonight’s match a no disqualification match? And finally Ric… do you think making a return to the ring tonight is a good idea?

    Instead of getting upset by Saxton’s last question Flair acknowledges him with a nod.

    Ric Flair: Thank you Byron. But I can take it from here pal.

    Flair grabs the microphone and looks directly into the camera, much like The Kings Of Wrestling earlier tonight, and smiles as he prepares to address the questions proposed to him.

    Ric Flair: First off let me say how good it is to be back… WOO!!!! Oh yeah!!! The Nature Boy is happy to be here in Houston and ready to take out some royal trash. It’s been five long years…. but that’s five years too long. Because everybody knows that the WWE has never been the same ever since this stylin’… profilin’… limousine ridin’… jet flyin’… wheelin’ dealin’… kiss stealin’… WOO… son of a gun stopped being the dirtiest player in the game around here. And tonight me and Randy Orton are going to make up for lost time… oh yeah… tonight… Claudio Cesaro??? Kassius Hero??? You want to play dirty… then you picked the wrong guy to play dirty with!!! You have the audacity to question the balls of The Nature Boy??? I was putting out punks like you two when you were still in your mother's womb. You want no disqualifications… you got it!!! WOO!!!! You think I’m past my sell by date?? You think Ric Flair is done??? Uhuhhhh!!! You two knuckleheads want to be real men… well to be the man… you got to beat the man… and you two ain’t beat me yet!!! WOO!!!! And tonight me and Randy Orton are going to come down to that ring and kick your sorry asses all over Texas like the bunch of Queens that you are!! WOO!!!! The Nature Boy is back and tonight I’m gunna prove that diamonds are forever… and so is Ric Flair!!! WOO!!!!

    Flair struts off to a huge ovation from the crowd. The announce team hype up tonight’s main event, which is coming up next.


    ***KOW (KINGS)***

    A raft of boos and heckles meets Kassius Hero and Claudio Cesaro as The Kings Of Wrestling make their way out from the back. The duo look pretty happy and confident as they head towards ringside showered with heat from the crowd. The announce team mention that last week Kassius Hero and Claudio Cesaro might have picked a fight too many when they insulted Ric Flair which led to The Nature Boy giving them a preview of what they can expect tonight.

    Replays air from last week's show with Ric Flair and Randy Orton interrupted by The Kings Of Wrestling. After a few insults were thrown Flair's way The Nature Boy took matters into his own hands and poked Hero right between the eyes before he and Orton sent Cesaro and Hero packing.

    Back at ringside both Hero and Cesaro have the smirks wiped off their face as they watch the events of last week on the big screen before they angrily start to converse over their plans for tonight's match.


    A great cheer meets Randy Orton's music as the crowd are excited to see The Viper in action tonight. Booker T and Michael Cole talk up how this time last week we thought Randy Orton was going to walk out on his WWE career but tonight he teams up with his mentor Ric Flair to try and derail The Kings Of Wrestling once and for all. Orton enters the ring and poses from the middle turnbuckle to more cheers from the crowd before The Viper turns his attention towards Cesaro and Hero across the ring. Orton stares the duo down and they threaten Orton that tonight is a night he will wish he never signed up for. All three men continue to trade barbs as everyone awaits the arrival of the man of the night.


    "What an ovation!!!" are the words used by Michael Cole to describe the crowd's reaction to the arrival of Ric Flair. The Nature Boy strolls out in a luxurious, glittering royal blue robe and gives the crowd a spin before he starts to head towards ringside, a huge smile etched across his face. Flair gives the crowd alittle strut half way down the ramp as Booker T states that he loves Ric Flair and can't wait to see him in action again in a few moments. The Nature Boy steps up the steel steps and strolls along the apron and wipes his feet before he finally enters the ring. Flair poses to the crowd with Randy Orton and The Kings Of Wrestling both looking on. Booker T and Michael Cole discuss the fact that tonight's match is a No Disqualification match after The Kings OF Wrestling requested it. They debate whether Ric Flair accepting the stipulation will turn out to be a good idea when tonigh't contest comes to a close. Booker T adds that The Kings Of Wrestling like to bend the rules from time to time but there's nobody dirtier inside the squared circle than The Dirtiest Player In the Game. With Flair de-robed and everyone ready to go the referee rings the bell to start tonight's main event.

    Main Event Tag Team Match
    The Kings Of Wrestling versus Randy Orton & Ric Flair

    Story & Finish:The match starts with Randy Orton and Kassius Hero as Ric Flair is made to wait for his return to ring action. The two lock up and Orton takes the advantage as he drops Hero with a couple of hip toss takedowns. Orton sends Hero into the corner before he delivers a trio of elbow shots to the face, giving Hero a taste of his own medicine. Orton allows Hero out of the corner before he knocks him down with a vintag Randy Orton dropkick to the face. Hero rolls under the bottom rope to safety as Orton stands tall inside the ring. Hero is not given long to think about his next action as Orton slides out of the ring and takes it to The King Of K.O, as he fires a couple of right hands his way. Claudio Cesaro drops off the ring apron and tries to intervene but Orton sees him coming and back body drops him on the outside. Hero returns with a clothesline but Orton ducks under it and drops him on the outside floor with a kick to the gut turned into a swinging neckbreaker!!!

    The crowd are right behind Orton as he rolls Hero back into the ring but Cesaro is back and attacks Orton from behind with a club to the back. Orton is caught with a big uppercut from Cesaro before The King Of Swing lifts Orton up into the air and drops him face first off the ring apron. The fans jeer and Ric Flair leaves the apron to confront Cesaro but the referee leaves the ring and comes between the pair. He orders both men back to their corners and Cesaro tosses Orton back into the ring before he obliges. Kassius Hero is happy to pick up the pieces his partner has afforded him as he goes to work on Randy Orton for the next few minutes. A series of stomps are followed by elbow strikes to the back of the grounded Orton. Hero drags Orton up and drives him back into the canvas with a German Suplex for a close fall. Hero sends Orton into The Kings' corner before he tags in Claudio Cesaro. Cesaro comes in and immediately launches a trio of furious uppercuts into the jaw of The Viper. Cesaro pulls Orton out of the corner before he drops him with another uppercut for a close fall.

    The Kings Of Wrestling dominate Randy Orton for the next couple of minutes with a series of tags leading to a chain of tag team attacks from the pair. Orton falls foul to a double big boot, a double elbow drop and and a double suplex for three close falls before Hero calls for Cesaro to raise his boot up on the ropes. Cesaro obliges and Hero looks to drive Orton into it only for The Viper to counter out and chuck Hero face first into his partner's own boot. Hero wobbles back and Orton grabs him before he snaps him down with an Inverted Headlock Backbreaker!!! Both Hero and Orton are down but to the cheers of the crowd Orton crawls across and looks ready to tag in Ric Flair for the first time tonight... but Claudio Cesaro enters the ring and stops Orton from making the tag. The King Of Swing has a hold of Orton's leg but The Viper manages to stand on his free leg before he leaps towards Flair... and drives Cesaro face first into the top turnbuckle!!! And makes the tag to Ric Flair!!!

    The biggest pop of the night greets The Nature Boy's entry into the match and Ric Flair comes in all guns blazing as he takes out Kassius Hero with a clothesline before he grabs Cesaro by the head and slams him face first off the top turnbuckle. Flair backs Cesaro into the corner and unleashes his trademark chops to the chest, with the crowd yelling 'Woo!!' with every one. Flair stops and struts across the ring before he turns around and delivers one last big chop to the already red raw chest of Cesaro that stuns the Swiss man and sends him out of the ring. Hero is back up and the crowd try to warn Flair that he's coming but Hero catches him from behind with a big club to the back. Hero knocks Flair down with a second before he yells at him 'Come on old man!!!', a statement that sees The Nature Boy fight back dramatically as he reaches up and grabs Hero in the nether regions!!! Hero yelps in agony as Flair rises to his feet still in possession of his genitals and lets out a big Woo in the face of Hero before Booker T excitedly shouts out that you don't call Ric Flair old and get away with it with Michael Cole reminding us that anything goes in a no disqualification match.

    Flair takes aim and drops Hero with a clothesline before he runs and knocks Claudio Cesaro off the ring apron with his hip as The King Of Swing tried to return to the ring. Flair has Hero in his sights and grabs The King Of K.O in before he drops him onto his knee with a Shin Breaker... and transitions the attack into the Figure Four Leg Lock!!! The crowd roar their approval as Flair locks in his famous submission hold. Kassius Hero yelps out in agony as The Nature Boy shakes up and down in the middle of the ring applying pressure to force him to give up... but Claudio Cesaro slides into the ring... and is met with Randy Orton who hits the RKO!!! Out of nowhere!!! But Cesaro sees it coming and shoves Orton off... right on top of Ric Flair!!! The crowd jeer and the hold is broken as Cesaro and Hero survive. Cesaro picks up Randy Orton and sends him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Cesaro turns around and waits for Ric Flair to rise to his feet before he slams him into the canvas with Gutwrench Suplex!!!

    Claudio Cesaro pulls his partner Kassius Hero up off the canvas and tells him to get to work on Orton. Hero attacks Orton in the corner with several stomps to the chest and back as The Viper looks in real trouble. Cesaro and Hero seem to have a plan in store as he tosses Flair through the ropes to the outside. Back inside the ring Hero pulls Orton up and locks his arms inside the top and middle ropes... trapping The Viper!!! The fans jeer Hero's actions and the referee looks to free Orton from the ropes only for Hero to step in front of him and warn him 'This is no DQ!!!' which forces the referee to back away. Hero looks at Orton befoe he slaps him across the face. Cesaro and Hero finally exit the ring where they are met by Ric Flair and the pair overpower The Nature Boy before The Kings Of Wrestling pull back the protective covering on the ringside floor. Cesaro pulls Flair in and looks to hit a Ricola Bomb on the exposed concrete!!! Michael Cole calls for the pair to stop before they seriously hurt him... but before Cesaro can execute the attack Flair manages to counter with a back body drop!!! And luckily for Cesaro he lands on the flooring that is still covered!!!

    Kassius Hero goes after Ric Flair but The Nature Boy catches him with a rake to the eyes. Cesaro rises and Flair chops him down with a chop block to the back of knee!!! Randy Orton calls out for Ric Flair to free him from the ropes and Flair enters the ring, but as he climbs to his feet he is immediately tripped up by Kassius Hero who pulls him out of the ring. The Kings overpower Flair again before Cesaro grabs a steel chair from ringside and slams it into the back of The Nature Boy!!! Flair slowly stumbles across the ringside area before he performs his hallmark Flair flop to the floor!!! Cesaro and Hero taunt Orton from outside the ring before warning the referee again not to let Orton out of the ropes. The Kings pulls Ric Flair up to his feet and place him face first against the steel ring post. Cesaro heads into the ring and urges Randy Orton to watch as he pulls both of Flair's arms into the ring, pressing Flair's front against the steel ring post. Hero backs up into the corner of the ringside barricade before he charges towards Flair... who can't escape... and crushes his head against the steel ring post with The Knockout Blow!!!

    The whole arena is in shock as Ric Flair collapses to the floor. Both Cesaro and Hero shamelessly celebrate their attack on The Nature Boy and the commentary team talk up how it looks like it was a very bad idea for Ric Flair to return to the ring tonight. The cameras close in on Flair who rolls onto his back... and the claret of blood pours freely from The Nature Boy's forehead. Kassius Hero drags the motionless Flair up off the floor and rolls him back into the ring. Both Hero and Cesaro stand in front of Randy Orton and force him to watch as they pull Flair up to his feet. Flair can barely stand as The Kings Of Wrestling hit Ric Flair with the KRS-ONE!!!! Flair slams into the canvas and Hero makes the cover... picking up the win for The Kings Of Wrestling!!!


    Winners by pinfall with the KRS-ONE!!! Claudio Cesaro and Kassius Hero….. The Kings Of Wrestling!!!

    The crowd cannot believe it as The Kings Of Wrestling pick up the win over a bloody Ric Flair!!! Randy Orton is helpless as he the referee tries to free him from the ropes he's been bound in. The Kings decide to get rid of the referee once and for all as Kassius Hero shoves him out of the ring and both he and Claudio Cesaro continue to assault Ric Flair in front of The Viper!!! Orton yells out for them to stop and angrily tries to force himself free but to no avail. The Kings pulls Ric Flair up to his feet but somehow amazingly The Nature Boy has some fight left in him and starts to strike back as he hits both Cesaro and Hero with right hands. Flair pokes the eyes of Cesaro before he takes Hero down with a signature Flair chopblock!!! The crowd cheer for Flair and he looks to untie Randy Orton but Cesaro attacks from behind!!! Cesaro hits Flair with a couple of clubs to the back before he sends Flair into the ropes and pops him into the air... Very European Uppercut!!! Flair's head nearly decapitates from the attack as Cesaro and Hero regroup. The pair taunt Randy Orton until Hero exits the ring and retrieves a steel chair!!! Michael Cole yells out that we've seen enough steel chairs tonight as Hero re-enters the ring... the two set the steel chair up in a seated position in the middle of the ring before they grab Ric Flair!!! But here comes...



    Booker T!!! The SMACKDOWN broadcaster leaves his seat at commentary and rushes into the ring. The Kings see him coming though and immediately take Booker T down with a series of strikes. Cesaro stuns Booker with an uppercut before Kassius Hero hits the ropes and smashes Booker's face in with The Knockout Blow!!! Orton can only look on as Booker T and Ric Flair are both down inside the ring. Cesaro pulls up Ric Flair and the dastardly duo set The Nature Boy up for the KRS-ONE onto the steel chair!!! Michael Cole states that he can't watch as the bloody Ric Flair is in position...





    And the crowd erupt as the music of Batista hits the soundsystem!!! And there's not much waiting to be done as The Animal roars out from the back and charges down to the ring!!! Cole reminds us that we have'nt seen Batista since Extreme Rules several months ago and both Claudio Cesaro and Kassius Hero are in shock as Batista slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. Hero charges at Batista but misses with a clothesline and The Animal levels Cesaro with one that knocks him down. Hero turns around and walks right into the path of a Spinebuster from Batista!!! The crowd are on their feet nearly taking the roof off the arena as The Animal clotheslines Cesaro over the top rope to the outside!!! Batista finally frees Randy Orton from the ropes as Ric Flair and The Viper stand side by side with The Animal as both Hero and Cesaro retreat and lick their wounds on the way up the ramp. The Kings Of Wrestling are in shock as Batista fiercely points at them with both Flair and Orton looking surprised to see The Animal come to their rescue. Michael Cole tells us that it's all we have time for but again emphasises the huge finish to tonight's show and wonders what will the future bear for The Kings Of Wrestling now that Batista has returned to help Randy Orton. The show finally goes off the air with all five men staring each other down from the ramp to ringside and vice versa!!!


    WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results August 2nd 2013 - Houston, TX
    - Light SaBour def. The Gabriels by pinfall to qualify for the Last Chance Triple Threat
    - Joe Hennig def. Blackjack Rotunda by disqualification in a non-title match
    - Prince Devitt def. Sin Cara by submission
    - Christian def. Robert Roode by pinfall to retain his Intercontinental Championship rematch
    - Alberto Del Rio, Harry Smith & The Miz def. Heath Slater, Shelton Benjamin & Drew McIntyre by pinfall
    - The Kings Of Wrestling def. Randy Orton & Ric Flair by pinfall

    Glad to get this out before the new year. Hope everyone had a great holiday period and has a happy new year. Love you all!!!

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    I’m happy as to start off with some pretty much awesome tag team wrestling on this week’s edition of Smackdown. A really good win here for Sabin and Bourne even If I still hate their team name. At this point, considering they are still pretty new, I’m assuming they will be going to Summerslam. Either way, a good match and I enjoyed that you really put over their teamwork, and it seems you may have given them a new finish. A good way to help further establish the team, and overall I thought this was a good way to start the show.

    TLC highlight video is awesome by the way. Adds more hype to Summerslam and the upcoming match by doing this.

    I can’t think of The Gabriels every being involved with Legacy before, so this definitely came out of nowhere. Since they are heels, Ted just being a straight dick makes sense though. The retort from The Gabriels was good and it leads to an attack that seemingly builds some sort of feud out of nowhere… I don’t mind this at all, good to give your teams not involved in the title picture something to do.

    I have been pretty happy with basically everything Christian has done since I started reading this thread. The signs with “justice for Christian” were a really nice touch. It’s such a typical heel Christian move to whinge about being hard done by, especially after his heinous attack. Trying to apply pressure on Heyman to strip Rollins makes sense. Business picked up when Heyman went back at Christian, and a Summerslam rematch between these two should happen… Heyman making Christian earn his place there is perfect after everything he has done recently. More good stuff all around here.

    Devitt going to Heyman shows just how desperate he is. This segment continues that whole angle nicely, although I’m hoping for some Blake/Scarlett segments after how awesome the dinner date was.

    The video of Cody Rhodes schooling DeAndre Jordan in basketball is just straight funny. Thought this was a great way to throw sly digs at Hennig, especially with the “better than perfect” tagline. Good stuff.

    Booking of this match is pretty simple with Hennig looking set to overcome the odds and get the win, only for it to become a DQ due to outside interference. The attack afterwards was fine and dandy as well, and The Gabriels coming in for the save plays on tonight’s earlier segment. I did want to mention that this was solid enough, and probably builds towards a 6 man next week. I’m happy with that… Hennig constantly going one on one with Legacy members for some reason was starting to feel a little stale/repetitive. Glad you’re mixing things up.

    Gregory Helms coming out and being furious after being straight embarrassed by Neville last week makes sense. The surprise appearance of Rey Mysterio was awesome and the back and forth between the two was okay. They both made their points and I like that Rey Rey was really putting over the Cruiserweight Climax. However, fundamentally there is supposed to be levels to this. The Climax is about guys wrestling and the winner and maybe a few lucky others prove they belong in the WWE. Booking three guys from the Climax in a match against three WWE main roster guys straight up worries me a little. It just feels like they straight shouldn’t be there yet, especially not at Summerslam. Just, I don’t know. The match itself doesn’t feel like it should be booked because of what I just mentioned, plus the angle feels rushed. This would have needed some serious build up, not two segments. Not really a fan of the booking here.

    Nice little intro video to hype Climax competitor…

    Devitt/Cara would have been a nice little match here. I enjoyed the fact that throughout his entrance and even early on in the match, Devitt wasn’t himself because of everything that is happening with Blake and Scarlett. Still, he did need to get the win here as he’s a way more valuable player than Sin Cara at the moment, good stuff.

    Geez, I love Austin Blake in this thread. The plenty of fun and games line and having to put Scarlett over his knee were both tremendous. Even the whole beginning to fall for him was another nice dagger to Devitt’s heart, and I look forward to Blake and Scarlett actually making a live appearance next week. Devitt snapping is brilliant as well, showing just how much this situation is getting to him. Really good stuff here in my favourite angle of the thread.

    More trouble in the ranks of Beer Money. It’s clearly only a matter of time before they break up, and this was a step in that direction. This felt like the first real volatile segment in this relationship. Storm being jealous makes sense, although I thought Roode might need to have explained himself a little more before Storm became cool. It just seemed to be a click of the fingers change of attitude, where I’d assume with how angry Storm was, it would have taken a bit of time. This may have even worked better if it was split into two segments at different parts of the show… Still enjoying this angle though, solid work.

    An intense Harry Smith wants a piece of Drew McIntyre? Makes sense, especially after everything that occurred last week. Not much else to add at this point, but again, a good segment to remind us about this angle. Until this moment, I did almost forget about it.

    A really good match to break up the middle of the show here between Christian and Roode. I was glad to see the match write up got some good detail in it as well, this one was great. The match told a basic story, with Roode on top early, Christian weathering the storm, only for Roode to get some awesome false finishes. The visual win for Roode really puts him over as well. The ending was not really a twist, but a great continuation of an angle. Storm now turns on Roode continuing that feud, and Christian is on his way to Summerslam. Really good booking all around.

    Decent enough interview of Kings of Wrestling hyping tonight’s main event. All pretty stock standard except for the hilarious opening line for last week we were attacked by a pensioner. Looking forward to seeing tonight’s main event be no DQ as well.

    Interesting Slater/Benjamin segment here, showing they’ll be partners tonight and maybe adversaries again in the future. Based off of this, adds some intrigue as to whether they will get along tonight. Good stuff.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with Big E… He’s awesome.

    This Six Man Tag did a good job of continuing the Smith/McIntyre feud without giving too much away… And it was smart to give Benji time in the ring with Miz considering how adamant he was earlier on getting revenge. I wonder if Del Rio is now in the frame for a shot at Slater after the win, whilst the miscommunication between Slater/Benji makes me thinks there will be further developments there. Interesting times, solid stuff.

    Awesome little typical Ric Flair interview to hype the main event. Surprised Orton wasn’t around though? Just seemed a bit strange. Obviously happy that he accepted the No DQ stipulation as well.

    The main event was crafted very well. From the beginning with Orton being isolated, which means you built suspense for when Flair got a go in the match. Flair was awesome until KOW managed to get on top… The ending was brutal with the chair shot against the ring post and what not. The whole caught in the ropes thing works here for Orton to not be able to help. It’s strange how wrestlers to unhook themselves all the time, but then for the sake of an angle, they can’t. Still, it’s wrestling logic so it works.

    I’m a little mixed on the aftermath of the match. Whilst Batista returning is a big moment and an Evolution rerun in theory is a great idea, I feel like I’ve read this sort of thing way to many times before. You need to find a way to make this different then every other Evolution return that happens, because it has happened in BTB world many times. Also, Flair should be dead or at least on a stretcher, not standing side by side with his buddies. Not great to undersell the KOW ruthlessness throughout the match and aftermath. KOW/Evolution could be fun though, depending on how you book it.

    Another pretty good show here mate. I feel that since NOC, the thread has really picked up in quality, as I’ve enjoyed your last few weekly shows a lot more. This was another good one, and I think my only real issue was with Flair underselling. Things continue to move along nicely towards Summerslam though, keep up the goof work.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Quote Originally Posted by stojy View Post
    Gregory Helms coming out and being furious after being straight embarrassed by Neville last week makes sense. The surprise appearance of Rey Mysterio was awesome and the back and forth between the two was okay. They both made their points and I like that Rey Rey was really putting over the Cruiserweight Climax. However, fundamentally there is supposed to be levels to this. The Climax is about guys wrestling and the winner and maybe a few lucky others prove they belong in the WWE. Booking three guys from the Climax in a match against three WWE main roster guys straight up worries me a little. It just feels like they straight shouldn’t be there yet, especially not at Summerslam. Just, I don’t know. The match itself doesn’t feel like it should be booked because of what I just mentioned, plus the angle feels rushed. This would have needed some serious build up, not two segments. Not really a fan of the booking here.
    There's a reason that I've gone this route with the NXT guys and Helms. I think Mysterio is the perfect face role model that would stand up for the future of CW wrestling. I agree to an extent that the NXT guys should not be rewarded with exposure on the main roster so easily, but for me it's just a preview of what the NXT CC will provide and in reality there is just 1 of 16 heading to the WWE main roster at the end of the series. Also building on the fact that Helms is a hothead who would just fall right into the trap/proposal that Mysterio offered. There will be more to this next week without doubt.

    Nice little intro video to hype Climax competitor…
    Going to try and get one out for the majority of the stars who haven't been highlighted over the last few months through the interview series and what not.

    More trouble in the ranks of Beer Money. It’s clearly only a matter of time before they break up, and this was a step in that direction. This felt like the first real volatile segment in this relationship. Storm being jealous makes sense, although I thought Roode might need to have explained himself a little more before Storm became cool. It just seemed to be a click of the fingers change of attitude, where I’d assume with how angry Storm was, it would have taken a bit of time. This may have even worked better if it was split into two segments at different parts of the show… Still enjoying this angle though, solid work.
    I was trying to build that despite being a little bit pissed Storm was always going to be okay with it on the front, whilst brewing inside. That comes out later when he finally snaps on Roode and in all honesty I am pleased to have made the split because I've built the rest of the tag division up alongside Beer Money to a point where they are not needed anymore and can both offer a lot in the singles division instead.

    This Six Man Tag did a good job of continuing the Smith/McIntyre feud without giving too much away… And it was smart to give Benji time in the ring with Miz considering how adamant he was earlier on getting revenge. I wonder if Del Rio is now in the frame for a shot at Slater after the win, whilst the miscommunication between Slater/Benji makes me thinks there will be further developments there. Interesting times, solid stuff.
    Been looking to get some of my fringe stars involved without pushing them so the TV Championship is a good way to keep the likes of Del Rio, Benjamin, Miz etc busy whilst they aren't in major storylines.

    Awesome little typical Ric Flair interview to hype the main event. Surprised Orton wasn’t around though? Just seemed a bit strange. Obviously happy that he accepted the No DQ stipulation as well.
    I left Orton out of this as I wanted Flair to have his moment. I built the night being about Ric Flair's return and I let him have his say. I don't think Orton needed to say anything else to The Kings after the lengthy feud they've had but Flair did need to address his return and the challenge laid down by The Kings.

    I’m a little mixed on the aftermath of the match. Whilst Batista returning is a big moment and an Evolution rerun in theory is a great idea, I feel like I’ve read this sort of thing way to many times before. You need to find a way to make this different then every other Evolution return that happens, because it has happened in BTB world many times. Also, Flair should be dead or at least on a stretcher, not standing side by side with his buddies. Not great to undersell the KOW ruthlessness throughout the match and aftermath. KOW/Evolution could be fun though, depending on how you book it.
    Flair standing at the end might seem a little unrealistic after what happened but I'm just going with the fact that it's Ric F'n Flair and barely standing should have been the way I described it, as for Batista's return it has always been in the offing and I think this gives Orton's feud with The Kings Of Wrestling a much more balanced look. There wasn't a lot that you could argue for Orton winning the feud on his own without burying The Kings. But now they are in a feud with two former world champions it looks more likely than it did. The Kings toppled Punk and Bryan... can they topple Evolution?

    Another pretty good show here mate. I feel that since NOC, the thread has really picked up in quality, as I’ve enjoyed your last few weekly shows a lot more. This was another good one, and I think my only real issue was with Flair underselling. Things continue to move along nicely towards Summerslam though, keep up the goof work.
    Cheers Stojy. As always I appreciate your feedback and I might continue to respond to feedback in the future. Glad I could get this show up and I'll be returning the favour later today. Happy New Year mate and good luck in the end of year awards... I guarantee you will be walking away with at least one, maybe multiple awards!!!

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Nice change of pace to open the show with a solid tag match, definitely had the right team go over, as there’s much more upside in the Bourne/Sabin team (minus the name), and they’d fit much better than Adam Rose in a TLC match - should they qualify obviously. Glad you’re putting a lot of hype into the TLC match, and the video package is a simple tool to help increase the anticipation for it. Interesting back and forth backstage between Legacy & The Gabriels, setting the table for what is likely to become a feud once Legacy also fail to beat Bourne & Sabin in the three way next week.

    I was very entertained by Christian here, it felt like a callback to his I.C title run in 2003 when he was such a cocky, self-entitled heel that would pull stunts like this. Calling himself the ‘true’ Intercontinental Champion is a delusional move for Christian. Not sure how to feel about the #1 Contenders match being made. On one hand, it makes sense, given Christian shouldn’t be rewarded for his attack on Rollins or his petulant ‘Justice for Christian’ stuff, so, of course he should have to earn his shot. On the other hand, it’s pretty obvious he’ll beat Roode, as any other outcome waters down the interest in Rollins title match at Summerslam.

    For me, Devitt sounded a little whiny in his discussion with Heyman. Obviously, he’s in a rough spot, and it’s probably a natural reaction after losing your woman. That said, he knew the consequences for losing, and has no one else to blame but himself for being in the position in the first place. I’d just be a little worried he’s coming off as a whiner in segments like this.

    That Cody Rhodes video was fantastic. Loved everything about it, and especially the complete rip-off spot of Mr. Perfects overhead shot. Finishing with Cody calling himself ‘Better Than Perfect’ was … perfect, lol. Something different to help continue the Hennig feud. One of my favourite things I’ve read in a while. Good that Hennig may now have some back up against the Legacy by forming an alliance with the Gabriels seeing as they have common enemies.

    Have to echo stojys sentiments on the Mysterio/Helms segment. Not a fan of the booking of the six man tag for Summerslam for the same reasons. It also feels like a match the NXT guys have to win, or they’ll look like a bunch of small timers if they lose to the established order of Cruiserweights.

    On a positive note on the Climax - the hype videos for these guys continue to be great, and this was a great introduction to Everhett - someone I have no knowledge of. This tells us everything we need to know right away about him. Great stuff.

    Glad you got Devitt back on the winning trail, but kept the focus on him not being himself due to losing Scarlett. But obviously, the main thing here was the post-match promo from Blake. More goodness following last weeks shenanigans, and some great lines from Austin Blake too, but that last paragraph stood out for sure, with the double entendre when talking about her making it up to him tonight. Such a slime ball character. Brilliant stuff.

    Standard stuff to continue the disintegration of Beer Money. Glad you had this promo between the two, as given their issues, it makes sense for Storm to take umbrage at Roode getting in the I.C title hunt whilst they’re supposed to be chasing after the tag titles. I enjoyed the back and forth between the two, it all sounded pretty natural and flowed well to me, with Roode making a great, logical argument against Storms anger, as he should be happy for Bobby getting the opportunity. Despite Storm calming down - I don’t doubt for a second that this is another seed planted for the eventual split.

    Found the bit with Smith frothing at the mouth like an actual dog a little bit over the top tbh, and as somewhat of a throwback to the cartoony gimmicks from the past.
    Didn’t expect the break up to come on this show, so Storm turning on Roode here came as a surprise. When he came out, I was thinking along the lines of an “unintentional” mix up, before getting the actual break up in the next week, so to get it here was a nice surprise to me. Having Storm turn on Roode certainly makes this match feel worthwhile for having now, and whilst the big story was obviously the end of Beer Money - I have to say, I like that Christian was involved here and booked his title shot in this manner, further putting him over as a slimy heel. Hopefully we get a grandiose promo from Christian on this next week, putting himself over for winning.

    Also, Storm smashing the beer bottle on Roode was the icing on the cake, and the right way to officially bring an end to the team.

    Interesting development for the main event, with KOW getting the match changed to a No DQ match. Feels like it’s too big to be on Smackdown, and feels more like a PPV level match, especially with Flair involved. Still surprised this is happening tonight - Flair‘s comeback should be on PPV imo.

    Six man was a fine match to keep a few issues chugging along without anything major happening. Del Rio beating Slater most likely puts him in pole position for the next crack at Slater, while I imagine Shelton and Miz will be too busy dealing with each other over the next few weeks. Del Rio should provide a stern test for Slater - assuming that’s the route you’re going.

    Despite my misgivings on giving away Flairs first match in five years on TV, I really enjoyed everything about this main event. From Flair’s pre-match promo (loved him telling Saxton to beat-it essentially) to the match itself, and not having Flair involved in the match too early. Very nicely built to his tag, with a few false hope segments in there to build the suspense. The only thing I’d question is that seeing as it’s No DQ - why didn’t Flair just get in the ring and start wrestling?? That’s the main drawback of the No DQ stipulation, but besides that, I really enjoyed the structure of the match. Surprised how dominant Cesaro and Hero were in the end, getting the better of Flair and Orton, getting a big win - and in brutal fashion.

    Huge ending to the show with Batista eventually making the save. Thought the Booker T run in from commentary was a nice touch too, as no one would be expecting another run in after Booker, so that added to the surprise of Batista coming back. To echo stojy again, it’s a stretch for Flair to be standing after the punishment he just suffered, and realistically, he should be carried out and off TV for a few weeks at least after what he just took from the KOW. I wonder now if KOW will find a third man for a big six man tag at Summerslam, or if Flair takes a managerial role instead for this Evolution reunion.

    Really hot finish to the show, with the big return for Batista bookending a hot show with plenty of talking points, and setting quite a few big things in motion for Summerslam.

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    Re: September BTBOTM: WWE 2012 - A New Direction


    Staples Center - Los Angeles, CA
    25th August 2013
    The Biggest Party Of The Summer

    Updated match card (subject to change)

    WWE Unified World Championship
    Kevin Steen © vs Dolph Ziggler

    A rematch from Night Of Champions will take place at Summerslam with the biggest prize in professional wrestling on the line once more. But this time it will be Kevin Steen defending the title against Dolph Ziggler after Wrestling's Worst Nightmare dethroned The Show Off impressively at the last pay-per-view event. Ziggler is adamant that he will regain the title he feels he should never have relinquished but the reigning King Of The Ring Steen has looked irrepressible as he continues an amazing year that has seen him not only become the King Of The Ring but also the ruler of the WWE. Will Dolph Ziggler immediately earn redemption and steal the show against the man that took his title? Or will Kevin Steen continue to be his Worst Nightmare and prove that he is going to be the top dog in the WWE for a long time to come?

    WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Seth Rollins © vs Christian

    Night Of Champions was supposed to be a great night for Seth Rollins. After successfully winning the Intercontinental Championship from Christian he was expected to have a long and fruitful WWE career ahead of him. But Rollins never got as far as looking forward to the next night as Captain Charisma brutally and viciously assaulted his conqueror with a steel chair. Christian would end Rollins' night by placing him over the steel steps before he slammed the steel chair over his head for a revenge-filled Con-Chair-To!!! With Seth Rollins severely injured and out of the picture Christian would campaign for Paul Heyman to return the Intercontinental Championship to him, a plea that fell on deaf ears as Heyman not only refused but forced the Canadian to defend his rightful rematch for the title against Robert Roode as punishment for his Night Of Champions actions. With unexpected help from Roode's partner James Storm, Christian was able to hang on to his rematch and at Summerslam Christian will get the chance to win back 'his title', as long as Rollins can recover in time and defend it. Can Christian prove that Seth Rollins beating him was a 'fluke'? And will Rollins even make it to The Biggest Party Of The Summer?

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    The Prime Time Prayers © vs The Maple Leaf Mafia vs The Flood vs ????????????????
    Tables, Ladders & Chairs Fatal Four Way

    The Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match returns in Los Angeles with the WWE Tag Team Championships on the line. Paul Heyman's first big announcement as sole General Manager in the WWE did not go down well with the current champions The Prime Time Prayers, but over a series of matches two of their three challengers have been announced. The Maple Leaf Mafia and The Flood booked their places alongside Titus O'Neil and Darren Young whilst The Usos, Legacy and Light SaBour will battle it out for the final spot in the coming week. The chaotic TLC Match will pit four teams into war for the Tag Team Championships, with tables, ladders, chairs and whatever else the teams can get their hands on legal to use. Four teams will enter the match, but only one team will climb the ladder and pull down the title belts and walk out of Summerslam as the WWE Tag Team Champions.

    Thirty Minute Iron Man Match
    CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan

    A feud of two former friends, now turned bitter enemies will possibly conclude in the grueling Iron Man Match. After feuding for most of the year since Wrestlemania with Daniel Bryan attacking CM Punk following their loss to The Kings Of Wrestling, it has finally come down to one of the most energy sapping types of match possible to prove who truly is The Best In The World when it comes to The Straight Edge Superstar and The American Dragon. For thirty minutes both men will battle to see who can beat who the most inside the time. Only one will emerge the victor.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Gonna start following this as with over 50+ pages of booking it's bound to be tremendous. I'll try to leave reviews when I can but for now just a few opening thoughts..

    -First thing that caught my attention was Callihan and Ambrose back together two of my favourite guys in the Biz, will re-read to find out what direction you've taken them so far but with how good those two are they deserve to be the faces of the tag division! Hoping they win the titles.

    -Punk vs Bryan in a 30 man iron man match too should be amazing, WWE miss a trick by not putting these work rate guys in Iron man matches so these two will be perfect for that and looks like it will be a fight to the death! If you do it right could be a fantastic read.

    -My boys Seth & KO bringing some prestige to the mid-card!

    -Also what really caught my eye was the star power in both of your tag team divisions! Good to see Beer Money together and I hope they stay together for a little while at least but a feud between the two would be hot stuff!

    All in all only read the last few pages and it's definitely a bit of me, will keep on reading and will leave more detailed reviews in the future. Real good stuff mate

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Excitement is building for your SummerSlam! I love the previews as well. Allowed me to catch up quickly after missing a couple of shows.

    I can't see Owen's not retaining but it will be interesting to see how close Ziggles takes it and what's next for him. I expect the reigning King and WWE Champion to dominate for a while and I'm totally cool with that situation!

    Christian vs Rollins is similar, can't see Rollins dropping the belt but this match could end up being a break out moment for Rollins. Carrying injuries and with Captain Charisma suggesting the victory was a fluke- Should Rollins make it and win as I expect him too, could be an awesome moment.

    TLC should be swweeettttt! Wonder who the remaining team will be though? Hmm.

    30 minute Iron Man Match?! YES! YES! YES! :D Awesome.

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    Re: WWE 2012 - A New Direction

    Summerslam card is already looking to be something special, SO stacked. Can't wait for it, and on that note, stop stalling and post Raw please.

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