OOC, this is my rp for my match against Valence. I sent it to Jimmy King but wanted to post it so I could receive feedback. It isn't one of my best roleplays, as I did it at the last minute. It is short and sweet but I would love feedback (Both good and bad) please.


Ashton Bailey is shown pulling up in his Ford Mustang, outside a suburban home in Albany, New York. He opens the door of his car, and steps out, holding a bible in his hand. Ashton is dressed in a suit and tie, as if he is going to church on a Sunday morning. As he walks away from his car, he walks towards a brick house with pretty flowers around the lining of the windows. He walks up on the porch and rings the doorbell. “Ding Dong” fills the house and alerts those inside that someone is at the door. Instead of approaching the door, a woman peaks out the window. She sees Ashton Bailey dressed up with a Bible in his hand, and decides not to answer the door. Ashton seen her look out the window at him, and realizes that she is in the process of ignoring him. He rings the doorbell once again but she still ignores him. Bailey decides to yell, “You can hide from me but you can’t hide from God” before walking away. As he opens the door of his car to leave, a crimson red Corvette, pulls up to the house. Ashton shuts the door of his car, and a man steps out of the Corvette.

Ashton Bailey: Mr. Valence?

The man looks at him and mumbles, “That would be me.”

Yes, I was wondering if I could speak with you for a moment or two?

Well, who are you?

I’m Ashton Bailey. I actually work with your son in CWA.

Jason’s ok, right?

Oh yes, yes, well, for right now, at least.

What do you mean by that?

Just a little humor. I was wanting to borrow a few minutes of your time to actually speak with you about Jason.

Alright, let’s talk inside.

It seems as if the man is Jason Valence’s father. Mr. Valence walks towards the house and proceeds to open the door but it is locked.

Your wife probably locked the door when she seem that I had rung the doorbell.

Oh yeah, she doesn’t open the door for strangers. She’s always paranoid. I told her to quit watching the damn news.

Mr. Valence pulls out his keys and unlocks the door. He steps inside and has Ashton come in as well. Mrs. Valence asks Mr. Valence who Ashton Bailey is.

He works with Jason in CWA.

Oh well then, now I feel stupid. What was up with yelling at me about hiding from God, though?

I was just letting you know that you may be able to hide from man but it is impossible to hide from God.

I only see God on Church on Sundays.

Actually Mrs. Valence, God is everywhere. Thus, you are seeing him right now. I came to speak with yourself and Mr. Valence about Jason.

Is everything ok?

Yes, no worries. Jason is perfectly fine. However, he may not be fine after October fifth.

Mr. and Mrs. Valence sit down on their sofa, as Ashton continues to stand.

What are you talking about?

As you know, Jason is a professional wrestler. On October fifth, he makes his in ring debut in CWA. That very same night, I too, make my in ring debut. Unfortunately, I will be the man Jason has to debut against. I am his opponent. I wanted to speak with the two of you and find out if Jason was a christian.

Why does Jason's religious views effect you?

Because I want to make sure he is saved before he steps inside the ring with me. I am a Godly man but I am also a professional wrestler, and when I step into the ring, I show no remorce. No telling how bad I could hurt him, and I want to make sure he will have eternal life in heaven before I inflict pain on him.

We have never been much of a religious family. Sure we go to church but that's about it. I don't think I have ever noticed of Jason showing any interest in God.

Well la di da! No wonder he hasn't shown much interest in God. It is because of the two of you. I can't believe you just said that and didn't seem like you have a care in the world. Do you not realize that you are living a life of sin right now, as is your son?

We didn't invite you into our house to preach to us, so why don't you just leave?

Their you go, just like your wife tried to do earlier. You are trying to hide from God. You can't hide from him because he is everywhere. I believe you will be finding that out sooner rather than later because once your son steps into the ring with me, he will be walking down the green mile, and I have a feeling he might end up in Hell.

Leave, now!

Mrs. Valence begins to cry from the harsh words that have came out of Bailey's mouth. Ashton lays a Bible on their television set, and tells them they need to read it, before he walks out the door and leaves