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Thread: Scrubs Season 9 (Re-Done)

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    Scrubs Season 9 (Re-Done)

    Scrubs is one of my all time favourite comedy shows, following the adventures of the staff of Sacred Heart. However unfortunately it's final season (Season 9) in my mind, although had some enjoyable moments, never really grew to me as I couldn't really adapt to that big of a change. Scrubs had a good ending with Season 8's final episode, "My Finale" and personally I believe it could have even ended with Season 6's final episode, "My Point Of No Return" but anywho, for a bit of fun and interest, I've decided to try my best to re-write Season 9 in order to keep the storylines going, and not hit the dramatic change in storyline and the series, that the show did.

    So My Plans Are:

    From My Finale, write four more episodes for Season 8 (8.19-8.22)
    And Write Season 9 Again (Containing a total of 20-22 episodes).

    I've already done some rough planning thus far, and here is what I have:

    Season 8 (cont'd)

    8.19 - "My Next Move"
    8.20 - "My Point In Time"
    8.21 - "My Weary Thoughts"
    8.22 - "My Leap Of Faith" (Season 8 Finale)

    Season 9

    9.01 - "My Moment Of Truth"
    9.02 - "My Task At Hand"

    And thus continuing onwards. This is all I have planned so far. The first episode, "My Big Move" will be fully up in a couple days.


    Episode 8.19 - "My Next Move"

    After making his big decision to move away from Sacred Heart, and start a new at St. Vincent's Hospital, J.D. is trying his best to cope in his new workplace, along with living with Elliot once again, but their first time while in a relationship. Turk meanwhile tries to get used to not seeing his best friend all the time, while at the same time dealing with Carla's second pregnancy, and Dr. Cox hits a speed bump when he meets a familiar patient from before.
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