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Thread: Brotherhood Interweb Site

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    Brotherhood Interweb Site

    Kenneth Leblanc is standing next to a large object with a sheet over it.

    KL: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first ever webcast at the Hood's new and sparkly interweb site. Today I'm going to unveil something no Brotherhood member can go without.

    Leblanc pulls the sheet and its a black tour bus.

    KL: This is the Darkness on wheels... This is our mobile fort of operations. You see in my time away from CWA I have become increasingly paranoid and somewhat of a germaphobe. Also setting up the gamestations each and every night became increasingly tedious. You may ask yourself why one would need something like that every night, and I would respond to you by saying "How am I supposed to make my headshot quota without it?" Now inside we have 3 gaming stations. 360, PC, and my home with THE station... the PS3. Inside we also have our salsa and dew both on tap. We have our original belts from CWA still as they refused to take them back after being used as a Salsa bowl... We still use them now. Little known fact, title belts are dishwasher friendly.

    KL: Now I want to take this time to personally address the CWA fanbase. I have been asked many times why I came back via twitter, facebook, here on the sparkly new Brotherhood Interweb Site... and I will say to you all patience. I will let you all in on it on when you tune into Adrenaline Rush. But in the meantime know I'll be around for awhile along with my partner, whom I imagine will hit this site soon as well.

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    Re: Brotherhood Interweb Site

    Guardian Devil is backstage typing on his laptop, seemingly ready to address the CWA universe.

    GD: "Hello CWA superfans, this is the Guardian Devil. I wanted to take a moment to use this here site to, well in the spirit of the holiday season, thank some very special people. Klause, could you play some 'Thank You' music for me."

    *From off screen, a dashing elder gentlemen pops into view with a baby grand piano. Seemingly Mr. Devil's butler, he begins to play a soothing non-descript tune. GD lowers his head to the computer screen and begins to type notes*

    GD: "Thank you Alyster Black of the Gang *'s, for pulling a fast one on me at the Best of special. I thank you for making me realize how unfocused I have been and for irritating me to a point I thought impossible by someone not named Minimal Pain."

    *GD's pauses briefly*

    GD: "Thank you, CWA fans. For without you, I might still be a fake preacher-type individuals drifting aimlessly in the ether."

    *Pause again*

    GD: "Thank you, Michael Jackson, for being a bizarre, real time example of evolution from a smooth black (is this racist?) man to a white as rice lady. Also, I love Billy Jean."

    *yet another pause*

    GD: "Thank you, Kenneth "Canadian Guy" Leblanc, for once again, putting me in a jam and abandoning me like the rest of the Brotherhood. It makes me wonder why I don't seriously consider a singles run. Also, I threw out the PS3, you wagon-jumper."


    GD: "Thank you, Hulk Hogan, for making me want to be a wrestler in the first place. 99 problems and most of them are women eh Hulkster?"

    *Final Pause.......hopefully*

    GD: "Thank you, fates, for being so......erm......fateful. Without you, I would not be wondering who my tag team partner will be in 6 days when I take my golden opportunity to reclaim the tag team titles. Also, quit messing with me ok? It is X-mas for God's sake. Sheesh."

    GD: "Take note CWA locker room, I am on the lookout for a partner. Bums, vagrants, scruffy and stinky homeless folks need not apply. I got this thing here, and it's ****ing golden, and I'm not just gonna give it away for nothing you know? Papa gotta get paid, ight?"

    Team Cyrush T: ftBest

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