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  • John Morrison vs R-Truth - Falls Count Anywhere (RAW)

    1 9.09%
  • Jack Swagger vs Alex Riley (RAW)

    0 0%
  • The Nexus vs Kofi Kingston/Evan Bourne (RAW)

    0 0%
  • Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio (RAW)

    3 27.27%
  • Wade Barrett vs Trent Barreta (Superstars)

    0 0%
  • Brodus Clay vs Jose Vargas (Superstars)

    0 0%
  • Santino Marrella vs Primo (Superstars)

    0 0%
  • Zack Ryder vs Drew McIntyre (Superstars)

    1 9.09%
  • Cody Rhodes vs Ezekial Jackson (Smackdown)

    0 0%
  • Tyson Kidd vs Justin Gabriel (Smackdown)

    0 0%
  • Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan (Smackdown)

    4 36.36%
  • Battle Royale (Smackdown)

    2 18.18%
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Thread: Match Of The Week - 8-15-8/19

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    Match Of The Week - 8-15-8/19

    Week 1 - The Miz vs John Morrison - Falls Count Anywhere (RAW 1/3)
    Week 2 - Sheamus vs John Morrison (RAW 1/10)
    Week 3
    - John Cena vs CM Punk (RAW 1/17)
    Week 4 - Daniel Bryan vs Ted DiBiase (NXT 1/25)
    Week 5 - RAW Rumble (RAW 1/31)
    Week 6 - TIE: Drew McIntyre vs Chris Masters (Smackdown 2/11) / Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barrett (Smackdown 2/11)
    Week 7 - The Miz vs Daniel Bryan (RAW 2/14)
    Week 8 - TIE: CM Punk vs John Morrison (RAW 2/21) / Daniel Bryan vs Ted DiBiase (Superstars 2/24)
    Week 9 - Edge vs Drew McIntyre (Smackdown 3/4)
    Week 10 - Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre (Smackdown 3/11)
    Week 11 - Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus (RAW 3/14)
    Week 12 - Alberto Del Rio vs Christian (Smackdown 3/25)
    Week 13 - Curt Hawkins vs Trent Barretta (Superstars 3/31)
    Week 14 - Randy Orton/Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk/Cody Rhodes (RAW 4/4)
    Week 15 - Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre (Smackdown 4/15)
    Week 16 - Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes (Smackdown 4/22)
    Week 17 - Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry (Smackdown 4/29)
    Week 18 - Christian vs Randy Orton (Smackdown 5/6)
    Week 19 - Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan (Smackdown 5/13)
    Week 20 - Daniel Bryan vs Chavo Guerrero (Smackdown 5/20)
    Week 21 - Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes (Smackdown 5/27)
    Week 22 - Daniel Bryan vs Ted DiBiase (Smackdown 6/3)
    Week 23 - Randy Orton vs Sheamus - No DQ (Smackdown 6/10)
    Week 24 - TIE: John Cena vs CM Punk (RAW 6/13) / Justin Gabriel/Heath Slater vs The Usos (Smackdown 6/17)
    Week 25 - CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio - Falls Count Anywhere (RAW 6/20)
    Week 26 - Daniel Bryan vs Ted DiBiase (Smackdown 7/1)
    Week 27- Sin Cara vs Tyson Kidd (Smackdown 7/8)
    Week 28 - Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes (Smackdown 7/15)
    Week 29 - Randy Orton vs Kane - Street Fight (Smackdown 7/22)
    Week 30 - Rey Mysterio vs John Cena (RAW 7/25)
    Week 31 - Daniel Bryan vs Tyson Kidd (Smackdown 8/5)
    Week 32 - Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan (Smackdown 8/12)

    Tough week. RAW main was fun but not their best match. Drew was back with a vengeance on Superstars and had a damn fine match with the hella over Ryder. But I REALLY liked the SD Battle Royale. Everything with the final four was quality and Henry is just tremendous.

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    Re: Match Of The Week - 8-15-8/19

    Good week, but I thought Bryan/Del Rio was really good. Last week's match wasn't that great but this one was all sorts of good with Bryan looking like a complete equal and really getting the crowd behind him. The psychology was really good too.

    Rey vs. Del Rio was good for a guy wrestling with one leg, the Superstars main event was pretty good and Henry owned the battle royal, but I've got to go for Bryan/Del Rio by quite a distance.

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    Re: Match Of The Week - 8-15-8/19


    I'm really torn between the two Alberto Del Rio matches, if we were voting for superstar of the week, he'd win it hands down. Bryan/ADR was better than their match last week, Bryan's tilt a whirl guillotine choke was ****ing beautiful, but I think the WWE Championship match on Raw seemed like a bigger deal, the fans were more into it, and those two have great chemistry.

    Rey v ADR for me.

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    Re: Match Of The Week - 8-15-8/19

    Not sure what was so good about the Battle Royal.

    Went with Danielson/Del Rio.

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    Re: Match Of The Week - 8-15-8/19

    Once again I had to go with Del Rio vs. Bryan. These two once again put on a great match. Although I still don't get why Del Rio was on Smackdown again.

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    Re: Match Of The Week - 8-15-8/19

    I missed Smackdown this week so I am sure there were better matches than what I picked. But I thought Truth was great in his match. I find him crazy entertaining.

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    Re: Match Of The Week - 8-15-8/19

    I chose the Battle Royal because I am a sucker for them but also because a lot of it was good. I particularly enjoyed Mahal's antics with Khali, the Khali/Henry stuff, Henry just being an absolute beast in and out of the ring and some good bumps taken by many of the participants. It was everything I hoped it would be and more.

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