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Thread: What happened? *Spoilers*

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    What happened? *Spoilers*

    Now if anyone has been paying attention, I've been one of Cena's main "hater" this year. Before MITB, His ppv matches were behind meh except for Extreme Rules and it seemed no one was benefiting because of him. Cena was NO FUN(Outside of his stuff with The Rock) and him being champion actually made me stop watching Raw. That was until Punk rapped some lyrical magic on Raw and turned not only Raw around but the whole WWE. Cena then assisted with the promo magic sumwhat and became one half of one of the biggest matches this year has ever seen......possibly bringing in the new era. Amazing promo again and tonight, he became a 11 time champion.....and I didn't mind it. Cena & Mysterio had a freaking great match that actually had some great psychology. Cena didn't do his formula that he seems to kinda rely on since 2007 but this match was unpredictable and not that, it was freaking amazing in my opinion. The leg kicks/mixed with the STFU causing Cena's leg to break, Cena's SELLING, Cena's mad power vs. Mysterio's counter/smart/high flying, and just Cena killing Rey at times(Especially with that Powerbomb of DEATH). Seriously, I haven't been on the Cena wagon since he got "canned" and at most been kinda alright with him but this new "era" might change wrassling foreva.

    In the AJPW era, they had guys putting on classics throughout the 90's. In the attidude era, the amount of amazing personalities/characters and logical booking made it one of the best eras ever. Imagine if there can be a combination of that? The ladies were entertaining tonight, the mid card has some good wrestlers floating around, and the main event stars can clearly provide the great matches if not classics in the future. The tag division will get a reboost with the Kings of Wrestling making their debut in the hopefully the near future and this doesn't exactly include if WWE signs more or builds new teams(Like Rollins & Steamboat who I've heard been doing alright in FCW as a tag team). For the first time in years or better say a decade, we might get the pinnacle of how fierce and how strong wrestling could ever become. Screw great interest once a year during Mania season, we may be in deep for years to come. CM Punk, John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Christian, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, and The Rock's possible drop bys might bring all of us back to markism. I certainly hope so.
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    Re: What happened? *Spoilers*

    I've always known Cena can fight. Admittedly, it's just more fun to boo him. But when you wrestle for 300 days a year, make media appearances and kiss babies and sign 1000 autographs a day, getting in that ring and making a 5 star match on every occasion is kind of difficult. As much as it pains me to say it, Punk helped him at MITB. Cena just kind of clicks with people like all wrestlers.

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