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Thread: American Dragon: Jake Long Season 3

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    American Dragon: Jake Long Season 3

    Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long Season 3

    Date(s) aired between: October 5, 2007 – June 20, 2008


    Some people remember the Disney Channel animated series American Dragon:Jake Long, the show was a unique show because It featured magical things like Dragons, Leprechauns, Magicians and the Huntsclan who were out to destroy all magical creatures. I was shocked when Disney Channel decided no to renew the shows contract for a third season, so I took the time to write episodes for the third season. I am aiming at having atleast 25 - 28 maybe a good 30 episodes for Season 3 and whether I do a Season 4 will be up to me.

    Firstly some new additions into the third season is that Eli Pandarus, the wizard will be one of the villains in the third season. The main villains I have in the third season is a group of 15-16 year old Vampires who are a vampire group out to do what Vampires do best and that is suck blood. Jake and his friends Trixie and Spud are now in High school different from when they were in Middle School in the first two season. They are 15 year olds in this season and I have decided to not have Jake's love interest Rose in this season because she is now living in Japan as seen late in Season 2. Jake's sister Hayley is now 9 and is still learning her ways of being a dragon. In this series the main threats to the magical world are The Vampire group and also Eli Pandarous who is a wizard abusing his powers so that he can be made ruler of the world one day. As I said I did axe some characters because of the new setting in another school, firstly there is no Rose because she is in Japan and Professor Rotwood he is teaching in middle school.

    I thought of this booker because I wondered what if there was a season 3, So this thread thoughout I will be posting episodes of season 3 and also feel free to give any comments on my shows and how I am wriitng them any feedback at all will be much appreciated.

    List of Characters involved:

    • Jake Long – The Main protagonist and is the American Dragon.
    • Lao Shi “Gramps” - Jake’s grandfather and dragon master and is the Chinese Dragon.
    • Fu Dog - Jake’s guardian animal and talking dog, Lao Shi’s pet.
    • Spud Spudinski - Jake's best friend.
    • Trixie Carter- Jake's best friend.
    • Hayley Long - Jake’s sister and Dragon in training.

    Recurring Characters

    • Jonathan Long – Jake’s father; he is not a dragon and now knows his family are dragons.
    • Susan Long – Jake’s mother; she is not a dragon because it skipped her generation.
    • Sun Park – She is the Korean Dragon and was Jake’s former Home economics teacher in Middle School.
    • Roger – An Indian exchange student who is befriended by Jake. He is a Dragon and son of Councilor Singh.
    • Councilor Andam – He Is one of the members of the Dragon Council. The African Dragon.
    • Councilor Kulde – He is one of the members of the council. The European Dragon.
    • Councilor Omina – She is the Dragon of Atlantis and is a member of the council.
    • Councilor Kukulkan – Dragon of Central America, member of the council.
    • Councilor Singh – Is the Dragon of India and a new member of the council.
    • Dankia Hunnicutt - Jake’s love interest and close friend.
    • Nigel Thrall – former rivals with Jake; he is a magician and is from British descent.
    • Stacy Wintergrin- Spud’s love interest.
    • Kyle Wilkinson - Trixie’s love interest.
    • Andrew “Andy” Long – Jake’s youngest cousin and a dragon in training.
    • Principal Fredrick Wolfe – The principal of the Manhattan High School he is also a werewolf who is good.
    • Brad Morton- Jake’s Bully at school, is stupid and clumsy even though having a good body.
    • Andrew- Jake’s Little cousin
    • Aunt Cathy – Jake’s aunt.
    • Aunt Chiu – Jake’s aunt who has allergies and is a dragon.
    • Gregory – Jake’s annoying cousin and is a dragon who is developing.
    • Sara and Kara- Two oracle twins.


    • Eli Pandarus – the Main atontongist, he is a wizard who is out to take out Dragons from the world.
    • Bananas B - Eli’s new helper monkey and former guardian of Jake
    • Victor – A male vampire, who sucks the blood of people, has his own group of Vampires.
    • Tom– A male vampire who is in the group with Victor.
    • Rhea Sky – A female vampire who can be a shape shifter and also suck blood of people.
    • Emily – A female vampire who can become invisible and also suck blood of people.
    • Tyrone – A male vampire who is muscular and has a lot of strength and also suck blood of people.
    • Hunts boys #88 and #89- Two clumsy middle aged teenage boys who are the last remaining Hunts clan
    • Goblins
    • Chang- Is the former love interest of Lao Shi; she is jailed for life in an Asylum.

    Feel free for feedback.
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