In the year 1976, the ABA folded. The NBA were the only running national basketball competition in the USA. Flash forward to 2006, 30 years late. A young Californian billionaire, Theodore Banks III, created a new competition. The IBA, Impact Basketball Association, was formed, created as an alternative to the NBA. The rules were slightly different to the NBA in that:

- There will be 26 Rounds contested per year in the main season, and a 4 Round Trial Season.
- There is a 20-Second clock to play the ball
- Games will go for one hour, with four 15 minute quarters
- Scores are the same with 1 point for penalty shots, 2 points for a standard shot, and 3 points for a shot either at or behind the 3 point line.

The season is kicking off soon, with 16 fresh teams coming into the line up. Franchises are open to bid now.


So how it all works, is that you sign up your own Franchise of your choice. Example will be:

Team: Las Vegas Adrenaline
Arena: MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
Owner: Jason King (enter name of your choice)

Point Guard - Mason Cool (c)
Shooting Guard - Red Steeler
Small Forward - Tom Dangerfield
Power Forward - Mike Doherty
Center - Josh Hal


PG - Danny Wolfe
SG - Tyler Reign
SF - Lenny Harbour
PF - King Weiland
C - Jeremy Field

Each team has a roster of 10. 5 starters, and 5 subs (2 players for each position) The results will be determined randomly, along with highlights from the match, and a match's MVP. Looking forward to seeing you all competing. Thank you!