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Thread: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla - Introduction and General Discussion

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    Re: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla - Introduction and General Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Dook Gulak View Post
    hope pwg does well in their new venue. i havent enjoyed pwg in years but i still hope they succeed
    This. Happy to see them finally expanding, even if it is baby steps.

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    Re: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla - Introduction and General Discussion

    The undercurrent will never be killed. Sure, the boom will end at some point. All good things come to an end eventually, but it'll never really die. We were having this discussion years ago when TNA was stagnant and ROH was not really going anywhere and lost guys like Black, Dragon, Nigel, etc. It did not happen.

    I wish more fans would just sit back and enjoy the scene for what it is because there is so much great content out there and its available like never before.

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