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    Name: Krash
    Nickname/s: ‘The Heartbeat of CWA,' 'The White Wolf'
    Date of Birth: 22nd September, 1991
    Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia
    Currently Residing: Melbourne, Australia
    Height: 5ft 11in
    Weight: 205 lbs
    Gimmick: An overtly-theatrical, somewhat absent-minded athlete with a flair for the dramatics, a touch of narcissism, and a desire to etch his name into history. Now a returning veteran to a land that has changed in his absence, Krash's primary goal is to prove that, despite a severe knee injury that nearly ended his career, the Beating Heart of CWA lives on, and hasn't lost a single step. Or, so he says.
    Disposition: Face
    Affiliation: The Gang Stars (w/ Alyster Black, now semi-retired and living in the Gang Star HQ in California)

    Wrestling Style: High-Flyer, with a lot of Showmanship.
    Wrestling Abilities:
    1. Speed.
    2. Charisma.
    3. Brawling.
    4. Technical.
    5. Power.

    Signature Taunts/Poses: On the top turnbuckle, before the 'Daybreaker' Elbow Drop, he'll often raise his arm and either adjust or flat-out rip off the elbow pad depending on how the match has been going thus far.
    Catchphrase: None
    Entrance theme: 'The Kill', ~ 30 Seconds To Mars

    The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd. He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner, patiently awaiting his opponent.

    Basic Moves:
    - Snap Powerslam
    - Release German Suplex
    - Dropsault
    - Spear
    - Spike DDT
    - Suicide Dive
    - Kick to the throat
    - Fame Asser
    - Leg Drop
    - Monkey Flip
    - Hurricurana
    - Super hurricurana
    - Running Latrait
    - Snap Suplex
    - Stalling Suplex
    - Samoan drop
    - Gordbuster
    - Facebuster
    - Green Mist
    - Springboard Overcastle
    - Figure-4 neck lock hanging from the turnbuckle
    - Surprise roll-up
    - Running dropkick to a opponent in the corner
    - Sliding dropkick to opponent sitting in the corner
    Signature Strike Moves:
    - Krash Kourse (series of stiff kicks to the opponent, most often to a larger one to get them down. In greater detail, low kick to the gut, followed by a roundhouse kick to the chest, then a Sweet Chin Music-looking kick to the chin. If opponent is still standing, Krash finishes with a quick jumping dropkick to the head.)
    - Overdose (Killswitch hold into Reverse Roll-out Dropkick)
    - Holy Frick (Rope-assisted armlock into
    a scissors kick)
    Signature Submission Move: 'Discordant Serenity' - Gulliotine Choke, w/body scissors, typically as a last-ditch reversal out of nowhere.
    Regular Finishing Move: ‘Daybreaker’ - Diving/Springboarded Elbow Drop

    Previous Experience:
    - OWW Takedown
    - CGS Wrestling
    - Combat Arts & Wrestling
    - Clique Wrestling Alliance
    - Apex Pro Wrestling

    CWA World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
    CWA High Voltage Champion (1x, final)
    CWA Pure Champion (1x, current)
    CWA Tag Team Champion (3x, 2w/ Alyster Black, 1w/ Dan Maskell)

    2014 CWA Wrestle-Royal Winner
    CWA Triple-Crown Champion
    4th place Runner-up in CWA's Ruler of the Ring Tournment
    4th place Runner-up in CWA's 2012 Wrestle-Royale
    2nd place Runner-up in CWA's 2013 Wrestle-Royale
    3rd place Runner0up in CWA's 2016 Wrestle-Royal
    2nd Longest-reigning CWA World Heavyweight Champion in history, at 214 days

    OWW Takedown World Champion (1x)
    OWW Takedown Tag Team Champion (2x, 1x w/ AJ Tornado & 1x with Steve Storme)
    OWW Takedown Hard Knox Champion (1x)
    Final OWW Takedown Tag Team Champion in history (w/ Steve Storme)
    Final OWW Takedown Hard Knox Champion in history
    Youngest Takedown Champion in history (19 yrs old)
    Only person to defeat Johnny Stardust in his entire OWW Takedown tenure
    Competed on every OWW Takedown card since debuting

    APW World Champion, longest-reigning in company on record

    #25 on CGS's Apex Wrestlers List

    Injury History:
    - Fractured wrist (late 2010-early 2011)
    - Nagging spinal injuries
    - Concussion issues
    - Significant left knee injury (2015 - early 2016)

    Name of character representative: Marion Fontaine
    In-Ring attire: Light-colored trousers w/ black stripes down the sides, black wrestling boots, black elbow pad on left arm.
    Entrance attire: Same as above, with an unbuttoned black waistcoat.
    Backstage attire: Trousers, dress shirt, waistcoat, boots, and jacket, all of varying colors.

    Y'all know who I am. RP Content's page for the 2016 homecoming a few posts below.

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    Re: Krash

    From one Takedown World Champ to another...welcome sir and good luck.
    Wade. to attack, approach, or begin vigorously.
    Will. power or capacity of free, conscious choice.
    Amiable. (to persons) having a pleasing and kindly disposition.

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    Re: Krash

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Showtime View Post
    From one Takedown World Champ to another...welcome sir and good luck.
    Thanks, dude. From one Takedown World champ to another.


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    Re: Krash

    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: Krash

    Quote Originally Posted by God View Post
    That's pretty awesome. Thank you.


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    Re: Krash

    Update for the first time in... nearly five years? Bloody hell.

    So, I typically don't add a new post for whenever I'm updating the profile, I just edit it in and go along my merry day. That being said I'm probably going to be doing some mass edits over the next few weeks/days, including a picbase change. That's right, ol' Krashykins is getting a makeover! ... Probably, still havn't settled on a new picbase yet. I'm open to suggestions in the meantime, though.

    In the meantime and as a sidenote, I've decided to take a page from the book of Jon Snowmantashi and others, and start posting my RP's here after the show. Because, why not, it'll help keep track of the timelines. Yeah, timeline/s. There's a whole other story being written in addition to the current adventure that only gets shown when Jimmy posts the RPs. This post will mark as a content's page for the RPs, along with the date and opponent/s, if any, assuming I can get all the proper links working. If not, then ignore that. I'll post the first return RP tomorrow, but until then, enjoy this contents page.


    Table of Contents: Krash Edition, Volume 1

    0.1 - Stranger in a Familiar Land
    Krash vs Drew Connor
    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Ontario, Toronto, Canada - 12 July, 2016

    0.2 - #BeatTheIndyClubClub
    Krash, Elijah Edwards, & Jon Snowmantashi vs Jonathan McGinnis, Drew Connor, & Ethan Connor
    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 27th July, 2016

    0.3 - A Veteran Vagabond and a Patchwork Desperado Walk Into a Diner...
    Krash & Cyrus Truth vs The Echo - CWA Tag Team Championship match
    CWA Kings Reign Supreme 2016 - Montreal, Canada - 11th August, 2016

    1.0 - Paved With Good Intentions
    Krash vs Ethan Connor - Ruler of the Ring Tournament, Round #1
    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Sacramento, California - 27th August, 2016

    1.1 - High Noon
    Krash vs Leo Taylor - Ruler of the Ring Tournament, Round #2
    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Anaheim, California - 12th September, 2016

    1.2 - The Past Meets The Present
    Krash & Jon Snowmantashi Contract Signing for Global Collusion
    CWA Adrenaline Rush - San Diego, California - 28th September, 2016

    1.3 - Snowfall
    Krash vs Jon Snowmantashi - CWA World Heavyweight Championship
    CWA Global Collosion 2016 - Los Angelos, California
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    Re: Krash

    Quote Originally Posted by Myself and my timely-relative ways. View Post
    I'll post the first return RP tomorrow, but until then, enjoy this contents page.
    *Looks at date*

    So for further reference, 'tomorrow' translates roughly to 'ten days, give or take.' It's modern slang, go with it. >_>

    So! As promised, here's the first RP of Krashykin's return to CWA. Fun fact: I wrote the first half a week after I originally left, back in May of 2015. Then I hibernated for about a year because I really needed some beauty rest at that point.


    Stranger in a Familiar Land ~/
    Krash vs Drew Connor
    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Ontario, Toronto, Canada - 12 July, 2016


    4th May, 2015 edition of CWA Adrenaline Rush, in Columbus, Ohio.
    Backstage within the Columbus arena.

    As the last notes of his theme rang out, possible for the last time, Krash limped through the backstage hallways, the roar of the crowd growing softer as Adrenaline Rush went off the air for another week. Every step taking him further and further away from that crowd, the sea of fans that love and idolize him, felt like the hardest steps he ever had to take. Even now that he had made it publicly official, a very big part of him was screaming for him to turn back, run - or limp, in his case - back through the curtain, and shout that it was all a ruse, that he's fine, absolutely fine, and he'll be back next week to take on some ruthless villain much to the delight of his loving fans. That's right! Krash is indestructible, shatterproof, ineradicable, im-

    Krash's train of mind was cut off quite suddenly as, distracted by the rather delusional and outright false thoughts he was having, the former CWA World & Tag Team Champion tripped, a crutch caught on some lightening equipment, and he fell, crashing against the cold, concrete floor. Krash hissed in pain as his bad knee caught the brunt of the fall, the pain in said knee suddenly amplifying to a blinding agony as his crutches clattered away. Biting his tongue, Krash rolled to a seated position, quickly straightening his knee out in an attempt to alleviate the pain.

    "Godamnit." Krash mouthed, as he massaged at the joints. Hopefully no-one saw that and he'd be able to recover some dignity from this setba-

    "Well, well, well. How the mighty has fallen! ... Pardon the pun, of course."

    Ah. So much for that. Krash closed his eyes, biting his bottom lip in irritation as the faux-charming, oily voice of Isaac Richman reached his ears, before glancing at the sleazy businessman approaching him, Vanessa in two. Isaac briefly paused, chuckling, before waving an arm at Vanessa behind him. "Vanessa, write that down, I can reuse that pun in a promo next week or something."

    Vanessa rolled her eyes, not even bothering to even raise her pen to pretend to write that down. Smart woman. Krash threw her a pitying look, dragging himself off the ground and sitting himself on a nearby crate, as Isaac picked up one of his dropped crutches, examining it closely before he placed it beside Krash. "You, ah, dropped this." He quipped, smirking at his own joke.

    "Yeah, thanks." Krash replied, forcing a smile though pursed lips. "Can't imagine what I'd do without it. Fall over again, probably."

    Isaac paused, smirk disappearing. "Not in a humorous mood? I suppose I can't really blame you, what with your current situation. For what it's worth, I am sorry to hear about... this." He said, waving a hand at Krash's leg. "Injuries are never a good thing, especially for someone as... passionate as yourself."

    Krash softened. "I appreciate the sentiments, Isaac."

    "Mmmm." Isaac nodded. "Good speech by the way, champ. Not a dry eye in the building. If we sold boxes of tissues we'd be making a fortune." Isaac chucked briefly, that self-assured smile almost instantly back on his face, before he paused, considering the outlandish idea. "Actually, Vanessa, write that down. I can see the advertisements now: Let some of CWA's megastars brighten your day, by wiping your tears away with a custom-print tissue featuring the likes of Rolando Fuentes, Humanity, Dustin Dreamer... Hell, get some of the new signings to take part, that McGinnis kid's got a hot enough following that this'd sell like hotcakes, I bet. Do people still use that term? 'Sell like hotcakes?' It feels like they should."

    Behind him, Vanessa quietly rolled her eyes, but nonetheless wrote down the idea on her clipboard. What a team player.

    "Anyway, as I was saying, great speech. Really tugged at the heartstrings." Isaac continued. "So, do we have a timetable for when you'll be healthy enough to be back in the ring? Like, September, or November, anything like that? We could build an entire show around your return if we know when."

    "Well... Not exactly." Krash replied, shrugging despondently.

    Isaac frowned. "'Not exactly'? What, like... You don't know?"

    "No, I don't. Doctor wants to take a closer look at this." Krash explained, tapping as his leg. "Said something about there being... underlying problems."

    Isaac glanced at Vanessa, eyebrows furrowed. "Underlying problems." He repeated, face darkening. "So it's not a matter of 'when', more of... a matter of 'if', then?"

    Feeling like someone just stabbed him in the heart, Krash sighed, and quietly nodded.

    "Ouch. So you weren't kidding out there when you said this might be goodbye forever? Or any of that 'empty on the inside' stuff?"

    Another sigh. "Nope."

    "Well. That's... disappointing." Isaac noted, before snapping his fingers. "Vanessa, business card." Vanessa stepped forward, brandishing a business card, bored irritation etched on her face as she passed it to Krash. "If you do get the all-clear, and feel the bite to get back into the wrestling scene," Isaac continued. "You know my number. Til then, go home, Krash. Rest up. Heal up. Find a good gal - or guy, whatever it is you're into - and settle for a while." Isaac patted Krash gently on his shoulder, full-on sincerity mode. "Good luck, Krash. Give me a call if you need anything."

    With that, Isaac Richman nodded, walking away, Vanessa trailing behind him. Krash watched them go, spinning the business card in his hand, before tucking it into one of his waistcoat pockets. Grabbing the crutch beside him, Krash hopped to a vertical base, glancing around for the other dropped crutch, the one that got caught and made him trip like a fool. Surely it was around here somew-

    "Here." A new voice said, a stranger's voice, unrecognizable as a tall, lean man passed Krash his dropped crutch. "Rest up, champ." He said, patting Krash on his non-hurt leg, before continuing his walk down the hallway.

    Krash watched the stranger leave down the hallways, his mind ticking over as he tried to recall the man's name. New hire, right? He seemed like a nice enough person.

    Although, try as he might, Krash's couldn't help but watch the retreating form of Jon McGinnis with a sense of... dread.


    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
    Backstage within the CWA hallway, following Krash's grand return and/or his chance encounter with The Echo

    Krash grimaced as he pressed a bag of ice against his forehead, the effects of Drew & Ethan Connor's 'Welcome Back' party evident in it's feelings, and let out a repressed groan. Really, he should've seen this coming. When's the last time a return went off without a hitch? Like, the 80's? Damnit.

    "I'm guessing as far as returns go, this isn't exactly how you hoped things would go." A voice said, vaguely recognizable as footsteps approached. Krash glanced towards the new voice, before beaming, tossing the ice pack aside.

    "Michelle!" He exclaimed, reaching out to Michelle and shaking her hand in greeting. "You're still employed here! Finally, a familiar face."

    Michelle Kelly, Lead Backstage Interviewer and frequently referred to as the 'Local Sane Person within CWA' smiled politely, microphone in hand. "It's good to see you too, Krash. Welcome back."

    "Thanks, Michelle. I swear, CWA as a whole feels so... so..." Krash waved a hand around, searching for the proper word. "... different, than from when I left so long ago. Even discounting the new hires, it feels like the atmosphere around CWA has changed, somehow."

    Michelle's eyebrows shot up. "Changed? For better or worse, you think?"

    "Honestly, I'm not sure. Granted, when I originally left CWA, it was still a cutthroat, every-man-for-themselves land, but now it seems like those qualities have been amplified in my absence." Krash paused, before shrugging. "Or if might just be me, being under-prepared for what my return would, undoubtedly, entail. Either or."

    "In any case, welcome back to CWA, Krash, your absence has most certainly been felt. The CWA fans have been clamoring for your return, but someone who most certainly have not been as welcoming as the fans are the current CWA Tag Team Champion, Drew & Ethan Connor, The Echo, who-"

    "Who are petty and insecure enough to not just let someone else, a complete stranger to them, have the spotlight for even three minutes, yeah, I know how it went down, Michelle, I was there." Krash remarked, indicating to the bruise forming on his forehead. "Don't mean to sound snappy, Michelle, but to say the night didn't go entirely how I was hoping is somewhat of an understatement."

    "My apologies." Michelle said, her composure even. "In any case, The Echo have now shot up on your list of CWA Superstars to face, so I'm told. A list containing the likes of Jon McGinnis, Jon Snowmantashi, Harrison Wake, and many others, would you say that The Echo are now, firmly, number one on that list?"

    "Now? Absolutely. Before, they were comfortable down at number 13 & 14, Drew higher, obviously, and there wasn't much of a chance I'd face them without a reliable partner by my side, so, y'know, whatever. But now, oh man." Krash blew out a breath, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. "They have made a relentless, powerful enemy out of someone they should've, and now that target on their back has gotten brighter. Which makes me very proud to say that Krash, the most decorated athlete in CWA history, will make his in-ring fighting return next week, as he takes on... Whichever Connor Jon Snowmantashi isn't facing. The ugly one."

    "I've been told it's Drew Connor." Michelle said.

    "Drew, Ethan, Igor, it doesn't matter who."
    Krash continued, irregardless. "Next week on A-Rush, I make my long-awaited return to professional wrestling, after more than a year's absence. And I do it, by beating the trailer trash out of whatever Connor got the short straw. Drew, Ethan, congratulations! You screwed up, and now, you're going to pay the price. I'll be waiting to hear some sort of apology next week, when I'm beating you senseless."

    With that note, Krash bent to pick up his ice pack, pressing it against his head. He nodded at Michelle respectfully, before leaving, with the mutter of 'damn Connors' under his breath.

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    Re: Krash

    So, one of my absolute favorite things about e-fedding is joint RPs. The idea of two completely different characters made by people on opposite ends of the world meeting up and interacting is just so appealing in so many ways. It's part of the reason why I love tag teaming, spending time just throwing ideas at the all and seeing what sticks, having someone to bounce off with conversations so it's not just Character A monologuing to a wall, and helps make everyone's character feel three-dimensional. I've made many online friends by throwing them a message saying 'Hey, we've got a tag match coming up, wanna do something?' and things progress from there. As is things here. I've wanted to do something with Snowmantashi and Elijah for a while, so for this six-man-tag to come about was an absolute joy. Phenomenal dudes, both of them.

    \~ #BeatTheIndyClubClub ~/
    Krash, Elijah Edwards, & Jon Snowmantashi vs Jonathan McGinnis, Drew Connor, & Ethan Connor
    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 27th July, 2016
    Co-written with Gambit/Elijah Edwards and Jon Snow/Jon Snowmantashi


    Adrenaline Rush opens with a bang, as numerous fireworks and pyro explodes as CWA's flagship show opens to a shrieking crowd, eager for the show to begin. The camera pans over the sea of raucous fans, from the loyal-to-a-fault Jon McGinnis fans, to the always vocal Elijah Edwards fans, anyone and everyone is pumped up for the show to begin, before the camera settles on the commentary team at ringside.

    Jim Taylor: Hello everyone, and welcome to Adrenaline Rush, coming at you LIVE from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! I'm Jim Taylor, joining me is my commentary partner Tim Coleman-

    Tim Coleman: SUPERIOR commentary partner.

    Jim Taylor: Absolutely not true, and we've got a jam-packed card for you tonight! And we're kicking it off with a bang tonight, as-

    Jim Taylor: ... As we kick it off with recent CWA returnee Krash, back from injury as of two weeks ago and already made waves with his issues with the CWA Tag Team Champions, Drew & Ethan Connor, the Echo, you've got to think his arrival here right now must concern them, right?

    An eager 'KRASH' chant kicks into gear as the Beating Heart of CWA enters through the curtain, all smiles and sunshine. Clad in a pair of dark orange trousers, along with a grey t-shirt underneath a white waistcoat, the self-proclaimed Veteran gestures welcomingly towards the crowd, strolling towards the ring.

    Tim Coleman: I'm pretty sure we were going to kick it off with someone who people actually care about, but I guess not.

    Jim Taylor: That's being more than a bit abrasive, Tim. Listen to that crowd, they're glad to see Krash.

    Tim Coleman: They're faking it. I can tell because my ex-wife said she- actually it's not important, let's move on, I wonder what Krash is out here for, Jim.

    Krash rolls into the ring, politely gesturing for the microphone from Lindsay Monahan, who hands it over. What a bro. Krash gently taps the microphone with the palm of his hand a few times, the dull 'THUD' echoing throughout the arena as the fans settle down in anticipation. Krash brings the microphone to his, clears his throat... and quickly sprints onto the second ropes, gazing out at the fans.


    The hometown fans in attendance pop heartily, because holy ducks, he just said that place from where we're from, let's get some applause up in this house. Krash pauses briefly at the pop, before climbing off the ropes and pacing about around the ring.

    Krash: That's what I like to hear, that unstoppable, undeniable reaction from a crowd that loves the product. Like music to my ears, like the beats of my heart. And I can absolutely tell, you lot are ready to witness some action-

    The crowd roars again once more.

    Krash: -And mark my words, you are going to see some action tonight like no other! I'm sure you've all hear of The Echo, right? About this tall, Caucasian, has this kinda offputting obsession with superkicks, current CWA Tag Team Champions, answer to the names of Echo, Drew & Ethan Connor, or just THOSE guys. You know them, right?

    A string of boos. Oh, this crowd knows the Echo, alright.

    Krash: Yeah, that's the one. Last week, as I'm sure you've witnessed, I had my return match, my FIRST match from a near-career-ending injury, against one of the Connors - I want to say it was Drew? Like, 60% sure it was Drew - and the match didn't entirely go the way I was hoping it would. I mean, yeah, it was still a victory for myself, I'm not going to complain about that, but when you return from an injury that came THIS close to being the end of your professional wrestling career, you kinda have expectations for your big return match. The main one, being 'Win your return match decisively, proving that all that time on the shelf doesn't mean you've missed a beat.' And, let's be honest, a DQ victory doesn't exactly fulfill that expectation, does it? No. No, it doesn't, because there's still those few naysayers, in the corners of the room, claiming that I'm lost my edge, that today's wrestlers have surpassed me, that I no longer have it. And I blame you for those thoughts, Echo!

    A low 'Oooooooh' runs through the crowd.

    Krash: If you didn't tuck your tail between your legs and run once things got tough, I could've proved in front of the entire world that I do, indeed, still have 'it.' Instead, I got a cheap DQ victory, which while acceptable, isn't enough to quell those thoughts of otherwise. So, here, tonight in Calgary, I'm calling you out, Echo. Drew, Ethan, or Igor, come on down to this ring and settle what we should've done last week, and this time, have it end decisively, instead of relying on your brother to bail you out like a-

    ???: Woah, woah now, since when do you make the decisions around here?

    A new voice arrives, instantly recognizable as Noah Hanson enters through the curtain, clad in this trademarked white suit above a salmon dress shirt. He doesn't seem entirely pleased at how his show has started, more confused than anything, really. He stares down Krash in the ring, who leans casually on the ropes towards him, waving politely, before Noah raises a hand, as if to settle the vitriol the fans are throwing his way.

    Noah Hanson: Did all your time in a hospital make you force how authority figures work? I get that you've just returned and you've still got this 'I'm a big deal' idea in your head, good for you, whatever helps you sleep at night, but I'm in charge, not you. So for you to act like the crown prince of CWA and demand a match for your petty vengeance, well... I'd say that's incredibly disrespectful, wouldn't you agree?

    The crowd boos, but Noah holds up a finger, requesting silence.

    Noah Hanson: Buuuuuuuuut, I do know a money hook when I hear it. Let's expand on this idea. So, Krasher, tell me, what do you think of this for tonight's main event: The White Wolf, The Heartbeat of CWA, The Returning Star that is Krash, versus one half of the CWA Tag Team Champions and the man he fought last week, Drew Connor...

    The crowd cheers at this rematch proposal, and Krash nods eagerly, applauding the decision.

    Krash: I knew you weren't completely soulless, Noah.

    Noah pauses. For a moment, it looked like he was perfectly fine with announcing Krash vs Drew Connor and leaving it at that. But as good-natured as Krash's remark was, it... irked him.

    Noah Hanson: I'm not finished. Drew Connor, alongside his brother and tag team partner, the other half of the CWA Tag Team Champions Ethan Connor...

    The smile of Krash's face wavers slightly. Meanwhile, the smile on Noah's face grows.

    Noah Hanson: And the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan McGinnis! How does that sound, huh? Krash vs the Indy Club, live on Adrenaline Rush! If you want some partners to avoid being superkicked into dust, then you'd better find them, Krasher ol' boy. Something tells me you're going to need them.

    Noah Hanson seems pretty pleased with himself, cheerfully leaving the scene as Krash stands in the ring, clear worry across his face... For about three seconds, until something clicks in his head.

    Krash: Find them? Wait, hang on, hang on. I've been in tune with CWA long enough to know that the Indy Club have certainly won gold and been a force to be reckoned with, that can't be denied, but... They've made a lot of enemies on the way. And I mean, a LOT. Who in that locker room WOULDN'T be biting for a chance to face of against these dastardly thugs? I mean, I could go around backstage asking people to join me in my valiant fight against the Indy Club. But I'm pretty sure they've already pissed off enough of the roster for everyone to throw themselves at the front of the line for this opportunity. So, CWA locker room, who wants to join the newly-founded Beat the Indy Club... Club? Applications for these positions start opening right... now. First come, first served, so don't delay, join the Beat the Indy Club Club today!

    Man, if Krash ever retired from wrestling, he'd have a solid job as a salesman, maybe. Barely three seconds pass, when suddenly-

    "Icky Thump" by White Stripes begins to play as Elijah Edwards flanked by Romeo Rollings make their way down to ringside. The fans are positively delighted, cheering for the Canadian Excellence, and inside the ring, Krash is having a similar reaction, bouncing on his heels as Elijah approaches.

    Tim Coleman: Great, the guy gets lucky with beating Jonathan McGinnis and now he's got his head up his ass thinking he can stop the club.

    Jim Taylor: Elijah Edwards is a man of pride of respect. And now he's going to help Krash dismantle the club.

    Elijah climbs into the ring with Romeo Rollings hanging out in the corner, and takes a brief moment to acknowledge the fans, before Romeo passes him a microphone from ringside.

    Elijah Edwards: I think I could be of some assistance.

    The crowd bursts into cheering, and a massive 'DOUBLE-E' chant breaks out as Elijah grins at this reaction, before waving a hand to quieten the fans as he raises the microphone to his mouth again.

    Elijah Edwards: Last week, I did the impossible. I shocked the world. I, in front of my hometown of Toronto, beat Jonathan McGinnis. I beat the almighty Indy God. I got a sample of what it's like to go against a top dog and I want more. I especially want to rid CWA of this foul organization that has been plaguing us for months. You need a partner? I want to fight The Indy Club. Congratulations, you've got Canadian Excellence as a partner.

    More cheering at the announcement! Elijah Edwards extends a hand, but Krash pauses, hand raised.

    Krash: If I had to pick one guy for a partner, Elijah, you would be my absolute number one choice. Welcome aboard, Elijah!

    And now, the handshake! The two shakes hands, the old guard and the new blood of CWA joining, however temporarily it is. Romeo Rollings applauds as Krash grabs Elijah by the wrist and raises his arm up, directing the majority of the cheers towards the Excellent One, and the fans eat it all up.

    Tim Coleman: This is ridiculous.

    Jim Taylor: Now, Tim-

    Tim Coleman: I can't wait until the Indy Club crushes these two like twigs. Yeah, good luck surviving a three-on-two beatdown, guys. They'll never convince any other guy to assist them in this hapless task.

    Goodness, if it was possible, the fan's chants become louder, quickly ducking into a long 'KAIJU' chant. The trio in the ring pause, and exchange glances, Krash whispering something into Elijah's ear, and Elijah shrugging.

    Jim Taylor: I can't say I'm surprised to see the former CWA World Champion here, after all, if there's anyone with a bone to pick with the Indy Club, he's right at the top of the list.

    Tim Coleman: He should be right at the bottom of the list, he lost fair and square in the Steel Roulette. He lost fair and square at World's Strongest. Where's Enigma, where's Von Horrowitz, Wake, Vegas? They've moved on. They know McGinnis and the Indy Club are above them and they've settled for things more their speed. It's time Snowmantashi joined them.

    Jim Taylor: It might be time but it seems like Snowmantashi is leaning towards the "Beat The Indy Club Club" instead!

    Tim Coleman: It's a stupid name, Jim, even when you say it.

    Jim Taylor: But look, it's trending. #BeatTheIndyClubClub worldwide.

    Jon Snowmantashi steps through the curtains in some shorts and classical KAIJU t-shirt. He's stone faced and looks a bit naked without the gold he once prided himself in wearing. At his side is the ever enthusiastic and hardly-swaggering John Duncan trying to power walk right next to the Inhuman. Snowmantashi says something to him all the while staring at the ring, eyes focused on Krash, a man he has made no secret about wanting to face, almost makes you wonder if he's actually here to join the new club, or if he's got other plans. In either case, Duncan is back around the ring in time to follow Snowmantashi into it with a microphone in hand.

    John Duncan: Now - Elijah Edwards here has already had the pleasure - or misfortune depending on the way you see it - to meet the man I represent, Jon Snowmantashi-lad... but you Krash, legend of CWA, former CWA World Champion have yet to meet this man here, also former CWA World Champion - as for legend, well, I don't think his tale is done yet.

    Snowmantashi's eyes remain on Krash all the while, unblinking, unwavering, while Krash's eyes flicker between the unmoving statue-like Jon Snowmantashi, and the walking, talking John Duncan.

    John Duncan: Let's face it, Jon Snowmantashi versus Jonathan McGinnis will happen, and in all likelihood, my friend here knows that the McGinnis's young boys as he refers them, will also be very much present to alter the balance of that match, he's rescinded to it... but... you've presented us with a golden opportunity here Krash. One... and this was the very easy one... to hurt the Indy Club. Two... to see you in action, first hand... and three... to sway the tides that much further to a fair match when McGinnis and Snowmantashi face off.

    After a brief pause, a grin spreads onto Krash's face, and he raises his microphone to his lips.

    Krash: So what you're saying is... you want to become an official member of the Beat the Indy Club... Club?

    The KAIJU grabs the microphone from John Duncan and decides to speak for himself, something he's never been afraid to do.

    Jon Snowmantashi: I liked your club slogan, the rhyme between delay and today was very clever, and the name is very catchy.

    Spoken like a true marketing teacher politely grading his student. Krash chuckles, nudging Elijah and mouthing that he 'came up with it himself.'

    Jon Snowmantashi: My parents always told me to join the school clubs when I was kid but I was a bit too lazy, I think this is a good chance to remove one of my life regrets, and I'm pretty good at... beating the Indy Club - I accept your invitation.

    And boom! With that, the match is set! The Indy Club vs The Beat The Indy Club Club! Krash is delighted, this plan has gone off splendidly, and he lifts up his microphone a final time.

    Krash: Goodness, I don't think I could've found a better team of partners for tonight if I tried. You heard it here first folks! Ladies and gentlemen, the inaugural members of the Beat the Indy Club Club, Krash, Elijah Edwards, and Jon Snowmantashi!

    The crowd pops to a feverish pitch as it's finalized. Our heroes, Krash, Elijah Edwards, and Jon Snowmantashi, will take on the Indy Club, live, tonight! The lads exchange words not picked-up by the mics, before CWA goes to commercials.


    Backstage, before the main event.

    We join the ever-delightful lead interviewer of CWA, Michelle Kelly, backstage in the CWA arena. Dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a red jacket, Michelle smiles politely, before launching into her usual opener, or at least trying to.

    Michelle Kelly: Hi, I'm Michelle Kelly, backstage here with-

    ???: Michelle, real quick, what's the t-shirt size chart for Canada/North America?

    Interrupting her usual opening, her guest at this time is none other than Krash who, flanked by Jon Snowmantashi and Elijah Edwards, dropped a cardboard box on a bench next to Michelle, and began sorting through it, either not noticing or plainly ignoring the interview that's attempting to take place.

    Michelle: I'm sorry? I-

    Krash: Ah, we'll work it out. Snowman, here, try this on.

    Krash handed a lump of screwed-up fabric to the Kill-sized Kaiju, who, shakes it open to reveal a thin black t-shirt that looks completely and utterly minuscule is his big, meaty hands. He swings it around, revealing the words 'BEAT THE INDY CLUB CLUB' neatly stitched onto the back in white, before glancing wordlessly at Krash. Ah, a fatal flaw: The shirt is almost ridiculously tiny, there's absolutely no way Snowmantashi will be able to fit into it. Elijah stifles a smirk as Krash realizes this, and frowns.

    Krash: No, wait, that's Michelle's. Sorry, Jon, could you pass that to Michelle? Cheers.

    Snowmantashi tosses the shirt at Michelle Kelly, who... politely says nothing as she lets the shirt drop to the floor, and quietly pushes it out of sight with her foot while Krash reaches around in his bag, finally letting out a noise of excitement as he finds what he's looking for. Michelle exchanges glances with Elijah Edwards, who only shrugs.

    Krash: Here we go. I couldn't find any blank black shirts with your, ah, size in mind, Jon, so I got you a scarf instead. I kinda rushed the stitching job, but it's still good, I think. I mean, I'd wear it, maybe, if you paid me, so it's fine.

    Krash brings out a black scarf out of his back, proudly handing it to Snowmantashi. Jon Snowmantashi unfurls the scarf, and watches as a stitched in B promptly flutters to the ground, now reducing the scarf to merely say 'EAT THE INDY CLUB CLUB.' Snowmantashi, like he was born a model, tosses the scarf around his neck, and without his shirt, he poses his hands on his hips and looks fetchingly heroic.

    Krash: Fabulous! Michelle, what do you think? Model material or what?

    Michelle stares blankly, before shaking her head. Before she can even answer, Krash ducks his head back into the cardboard box, rummaging around, and Michelle decides it'll probably be easier to skip Krash and go straight to...

    Michelle Kelly: Jon, ever since you joined CWA, you haven't really gone out of your way to team-up to fight anyone... even the Indy Club, why the sudden change of heart?

    Jon Snowmantashi: Duncan-kun told me that he could get us sponsored by independent Calgary restaurant Clubhouse if I joined a Club too.

    The KAIJU turns his hip for the newly minted 'Clubhouse' crest stitched onto his tights, fortunately it's of much higher quality than the scarf and unlikely to fall down at any point.

    Jon Snowmantashi: It also comes with delicious unlimited Club sandwiches.

    Those words come straight out of a teleprompter. Duncan leans in to the camera view, hands a box over to Snowmantashi, whispers 'you're doing a great job, just like we rehearsed', and hustles out of camera sight. Snowmantashi opens the box to reveal about a dozen or so Club sandwiches. Elijah raises his eyebrows. He clearly was not informed of... anything, here, while Krash plucks a sandwich from the sandwich box and takes a bite, before offering it to Elijah, who politely refuses.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Each of you may have half of one of these delicious Club sandwiches.

    Jon offers, and seems satisfied enough with himself before devouring a club sandwich.

    Elijah Edwards: If I could cut it in.

    Edwards comes to the forefront of the shot, and Michelle, gratefully, guides the microphone to the Excellent One.

    Elijah Edwards: For the low price of 9.99 you too could get a Beat The Indy Club t-shirt. Shipping and handling included. But while this all fun and games- this match is of the utmost importance. This is about putting dents in the armor of the The Indy Club. This about sending a message to those three stuck up douchebags. The CWA will no longer tolerate your presence here. Go back to NWA Japan or some other independent and pull those shenanigans. We are not going to allow you to think you're bigger than the sport. We're not going to allow you to think you can do as you please here in CWA. I'm ready to take apart the Indy Club. What about you guys?

    Mouth full of a sandwich, Jon merely nods, while Krash let's out an 'A-HA' sound and comes back into view, a baseball cap in hand with 'BICC' stitched onto it, of which he places of Elijah's head.

    Krash: $9.99? That's less than ten dollars, what a bargain! And Elijah is absolutely spot on. Someone has to stand up and put these guys in their place, and I think it's only fitting for us to do exactly that. Gentlemen, let's go break some superkicker's legs.

    With that, the trio walk away, mumbling something about Krash's 'Arts & Crafts degree,' leaving the scene. Michelle lets out a breath of bafflement, raising a hand to reveal a club sandwich she lifted from Jon Snowmantashi's box. She examines it, before shaking her head and taking a bite of it as we fade to black.
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    Re: Krash


    Finally settled on a new picbase, that of Marion Fontaine, who despite a distressing lack of useable photos to use, fits the look of the character I'm aiming for perfectly. Plus, that mustache, man. Also tidied up and added some flourish to the thing. Now for the next RP!

    Cyrus Truth is probably one of my favorite, if not top three, characters/writers there is, and the opportunity to write with him, let alone tag, is a blessing. Dude's just incredible, and weaves words like a fine-woven tapestry. That's not even touching on his staff duties, which he and Jimmy deserve noted applause at any and all times. Forever a king where it matters, any interaction I get to have with the Truth character are ones I treasure.

    \~ A Veteran Vagabond and a Patchwork Desperado Walk Into a Diner... ~/
    Krash & Cyrus Truth vs The Echo - CWA Tag Team Championship match
    CWA Kings Reign Supreme - Montreal, Canada - 11th August, 2016


    May 6th, 2015. Melbourne, Australia.

    Day Two. The second day. Dayeth the second. Forty-eight hours. Two thousand, eight hundred, and eighty minutes. Two days since CWA megastar Krash had given his farewell to the CWA audience under strict doctor's orders, and left. And now, two days later, he sat in a terribly uncomfortable chair, fidgeting, as he watched Dr. Raesh quietly read the results of his latest test from a folder. Time slowly, painfully, ticked by. Seconds felt like minutes, and minutes felt like hours. He was certain that if he waited long enough, hours would feel like days, and days would feel like weeks, as is the logical progression of the time/speed ratio increase. But it had only been five minutes, too early to debate the theoretical construct of such. So, rather, Krash sat in silence, staring out a nearby window, where, three stories below, life rushed past him.

    "Mr. Liro."
    Dr. Raesh eventually said, placing the folder on his desk after what felt like an eternity, but had in reality only been seven minutes. "I am going to be blunt with you, if you don't mind."

    Krash nodded, and waved a hand. "That's fine, go on."

    "You're going to need surgery." Dr. Raesh stated without emotion, handing over a folder full of x-rays and information to across the table. "In my medical opinion, I'd recommend we schedule surgery as soon as possible if you wish to walk properly this time next year."

    Krash ruffled through the folder, furrowing his eyebrows. "Is it really that bad?" He asked as he settled an x-ray of his knee, waving it gently. "I mean, this looks fine."

    "The problem is not with the bones, Mr. Liro." Dr. Raesh explained, pressing the x-ray onto the table. "It is with the muscles. The ligaments. Everything that makes the knee work as it should has deteriorated distressingly fast for someone of your youth. Your knee was a ticking time bomb, to use a phrase, and it was going to go off sooner or later. The, ah, 'incident' with a Mr. Crossy that you describe-"

    Krash interrupted. As much as he could despise the man who caused this injury in the first place, he still had a name.

    "Yes, Crosby, of course." Dr. Raesh continued. "Your incident with him was the, ah, straw upon the camel's back, so to speak."

    Krash adjusted his jaw, the words sinking in. "And surgery will fix this?"

    Dr. Raesh paused, weighing his words carefully. "Well, not entirely. There's a long and arduous rehabbing process that takes patience and time, and... Well..."

    Krash frowned, leaning forward and motioning for Dr. Raesh to continue. "Well? I don't like the way you paused there, Doc."

    "Even if the surgery and rehabbing is a success, there is still a very notable chance that your knee will give out again at the next strenuous opportunity, it's deteriorated that much." Dr. Raesh explained. "We can only do so much, you understand."

    Krash was silent, sitting back in the chair, head spinning. Surgery would only be putting a bandaid on the situation. There's no guarantee he would ever be 100%. His wrestling career would always be a mis-step from being put on the backburner again.

    Dr Raesh took pity, and laid a hand on Krash's palm. "My advice to you, Mr. Liro, is to find a less physical career choice than the one you currently have if you don't want to be reduced to a wheelchair by the time you hit forty. I'll schedule your surgery in for... How's the 10th sound?"

    Krash only heard about a third of the doctor's words as the impact of it all sank in. He suddenly felt very jealous about the people walking on the sidewalk three stories below, oblivious to his situation, carefree.

    "Mr. Liro? Sir?"

    "Yeah, the... that sounds fine, Doc."

    July 27th, 2016.

    It's late at night after the latest Adrenaline Rush. The fans are all but gone as most of the wrestlers have departed to either return to their hotels or head out to some of the local bars and watering holes. One of those wrestlers, whose exit is extremely discreet despite the circumstances on his return, is Cyrus Truth, who's walking out one of the open arena delivery bays, his gear in a beat up duffel bag. When you look at his eyes, you can hardly tell that this man, this legend of CWA who made his return in shocking fashion against the domineering force in CWA, came back with such a fury. No, the look on this man's face is one of a worker just finishing a job and heading home for the evening.

    But if you look hard enough, you can tell that there's a lot weighing on The Exile's mind. Not only is he now committing himself to two separate companies and pursuing gold on two different fronts, but he's also making some serious waves with this new order that's found itself in power in "his" company. Regardless, having the weight of the world on his shoulders doesn't stop his pace...but what does is the sound of footsteps running up behind him.

    Those footsteps belong to Cyrus's newly-minted tag partner Krash, who's running quickly to catch up with the Wayward Warrior. He quickly closes the gap as Cyrus turns to face him. Krash is still showing the wounds of his main event match against the Indy Club, but there's a certain energy...a lightness in his step, as if a certain weight was off his shoulders that had been there since his return. The White Wolf looks The Exile in the eyes before scratching the back of his head and cracking a sheepish grin.

    Krash: Yo! Cyrus! Hey, man, it's...well...I mean, I didn't get the chance to say this in the ring because, you know...

    Cyrus has a fairly stony expression as Krash struggles a bit to find the right words. He seems to gain his composure after a deep breath.

    Krash: I just wanted to tell you that it's good to see you again, man. I mean, I'm not the only one, right? That crowd reaction was huge! And did you see the look on those Club geeks' faces when you planted Johnny with that DDT! It was just...just...

    Krash, still charged on adrenaline, has to reel himself back in and calm down. But he finally relaxes just enough to say:

    Krash: Just...welcome home, Cyrus. It's damn good to have you back.

    Krash extends his hand that, after a couple seconds, Cyrus takes and shakes with his own. Krash seems pleased that the level of respect between him and Cyrus is still there, as strong as ever.

    Krash: But dude, I have a LOT of questions. And damn, we've got to talk about KRS! Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked and everything, but there's just a lot of things we gotta hammer out before the PPV! Everything's happening so fast and I...

    Cyrus Truth: Krash.

    Cyrus's simple, pointed statement seems to have gotten Krash to shut up for a minute. Krash looks a bit dumbstruck before Cyrus's expression finally relaxes.

    Cyrus Truth: You hungry? I was going to grab a bite if you wanted to come along. Figured you could get your answers while we eat.

    It takes a second for Krash to process Cyrus's offer before he nods in agreement. Cyrus hoists his duffel bag over his shoulder as he and Krash walk silently to where Krash's rental car is parked...


    20 minutes later, the duo of Krash and Cyrus have arrived at a 24-Hour dive and have found a booth to sit in. The two men have their drinks (tea for Krash, coffee for Cyrus) as the pair await their meals. It's obvious that the pair haven't said much, if anything, since leaving the arena as the silence is thick enough to spread on toast. Finally, Krash shatters the silence with the question he and the rest of the CWA fanbase have to ask:

    Krash: So...why'd you come back?

    Cyrus Truth: Why did you?

    Letting out a teasing 'a-ah', Krash wiggled a spoon, before he began stirring his tea.

    Krash: I asked first. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you did, but you're not really known for doing things without a reason.

    Cyrus Truth: A World Tag Title opportunity isn't enough of a reason?

    Krash: Not for you. Me, I'm known for my love of tag team wrestling and taking pride in what I've accomplished with the CWA Tag Team Titles. You? You've never even come close to a Tag Title reign. And you've never really cared about it before. So... why'd you strong-arm the Board into granting you a shot?

    Cyrus takes a sip of his coffee before setting the cup down and stirring in a touch of cream.

    Cyrus Truth: Maybe because I wanted a new challenge? Or maybe I wanted to help a friend who managed to get himself into a jam. What does the reason matter? I'm back, you're back, and we've got a shot at gold. What else do we need?

    Krash doesn't seem to be too pleased with that answer. But he's not stupid, and he knows that sometimes getting the answer you want involves going at it indirectly. So, he chuckles as he picks up his cup of tea.

    Krash: Well, I suppose I did get myself into a jam, didn't I? I tried calling Maskell or Alyster to see if either was up for a reunion, but Alyster's still not anywhere near ready to return to the ring and Maskell's...

    Cyrus Truth: ... Maskell.

    Krash: Pretty much, yeah. So you can imagine how stoked I was when you showed up. And that! I can't believe those chumps thought you'd ever join their little group.

    Cyrus says nothing, just holds his cup of coffee in his hands with a somber look. Krash quickly puts two and two together, and jovial expression turns to one of inquisition.

    Krash: You... You weren't seriously ever considering joining the Indy Club, were you?

    Cyrus is uncomfortably silent before he finally answers.

    Cyrus Truth: Do you want a comforting lie, or an honest answer?

    Krash: Holy crap... you were actually considering it?! WHY? Why would you ever even think about joining up with them?!?

    Cyrus sighs, as if he's exhaling a lot of doubt and self-loathing. No doubt that Cyrus has been carrying this burden with him for a while.

    Cyrus Truth: Because I, I need to leave a legacy. Something that will last, something that'll carry my name well beyond whatever time I have left in the ring. The Indy Club are petulant children, but I thought maybe...maybe I could've made them something more than that. Men like me...people who come from where I come from don't get remembered. We endure the indignity of the world and are quickly forgotten about, if we're ever remembered to begin with. Leading a group of young wrestlers who were willing to learn and become the torchbearers for the next generation...there was and still kinda is something appealing about that. So yeah, I was considering accepting McGinnis's offer. Even now, there's still a tiny bit of regret about not doing just that.

    Krash: So... why didn't you?

    A flash of fire seems to reflect in The Exile's eyes as he explains.

    Cyrus Truth: Because the Indy Club is beyond help. They believe they have everything figured out and are the masters of their craft already. The most frustrating thing in the world is trying to help someone who doesn't want to be helped nor will admit that they need it. I came to the realization that I wasn't going to be able to lead and mentor these selfish brats. All I'd be in the Indy Club is just another bobble for McGinnis to crow about. And I am not a trophy to be won or lost. I'm the man who claims the trophies and wins the competitions. It's why I'm still chasing Ryan Rondo for that FWA World Title and why I decided to help a friend who, despite not having the common courtesy to even call me before he decided to return to CWA, is still one of only a few men on the planet I respect enough to even give a direct line of contact to.

    Cyrus takes a big drink of his coffee, letting the hot liquid burn its way down his throat. He then turns things around on Krash.

    Cyrus Truth: Why DIDN'T you tell me you were coming back to CWA? Did you think I wouldn't care if you returned?

    Krash: You're not exactly the most approachable guy, y'know?

    Cyrus raises an eyebrow as Krash laughs quietly to himself, focusing on stirring his tea. Seconds pass, punctuated by the dull 'tick, tock' of the diner clock as Cyrus holds his gaze, unblinking, and soon the casual grin slides off Krash's face.

    Krash: Don't look at me like that, it's a compliment.

    Cyrus Truth: ... Is it?

    Krash: I mean, in a roundabout way of thinking.

    The Heartbeat shrugs, taking a small sip of his tea. Cyrus waits for a few seconds, before pressing on.

    Cyrus Truth: ... So, then? Why the secrecy in your return? You've never been a particularly quiet guy. Why now? I remember the whole deal you made over leaving last year, it was all over the news. And now you return without even a courtesy call? That's not the overdramatic Krash I'd expect.

    Krash pauses, running a hand over his jaw, caressing the fine stubble as he chose his words carefully.

    Krash: I wanted it to be... different.

    Cyrus blinks slowly, taking a long sip of his coffee as he threw the words around in his head.

    Cyrus Truth: Different.

    Krash: Different from the way I left in the first place. When I left CWA, it was loud and public and made headlines everywhere, sure, but everyone could see it coming. Even if it wasn't the knee injury that did me in, the people up as far as in the back rows could see that I was clearly running on fumes. Did you know a whole lot of people were predicting my departure within a month before my injury, just from how dead my eyes looked?

    Krash pauses, leaving the question hanging in the air as he leans back, his tea momentarily forgotten as he runs a hand over his eyes, as if attempting to wipe away years of worry, of anxiety, of fear.

    Krash: I left CWA as a broken, empty shell of the man I once was. My knee was in tatters, but perhaps it was my soul that was more damaged and therefore led to my leave. That night I left, I told myself that when, or rather, if, I returned, I'd want it to be the complete opposite of that. Lively. Purposeful. Spontaneous. Unpredictable. Which meant keeping everyone in the dark about when I'd be able to return to in-ring action. Hell, I didn't even tell Alyster, and I tell that guy everything, or, rather, I used to.

    Krash trails off, mind wandering. Cyrus slowly nods, before clearing his throat to regain Krash's attention.

    Cyrus Truth: That answers one question, but you still haven't answered my first question.

    Krash: Which was?

    Cyrus Truth: Why did you come back? You said it yourself. You were broken, burnt out, with a knee that was ripped apart like a steak to a hungry dog. So, why?

    Krash waves a hand, gesturing wildly.

    Krash: You saw the state CWA was in. Run-ins, treachery, barbarianism. It was turning into a lawless land of chaos, where one guy flanked by two hound dogs would rule over the wasteland and everyone would just accept that it was the way things were supposed to be. That was not the CWA I left, but it was the CWA I returned to, and it's heartbreaking knowing that I watched the place I love turn into something unrecognizable while I sat at home on a leg that refused to work. But now that I'm mostly better, I can help restore CWA to it's former glory, and then, well... Who knows. Maybe I'll be able to sleep at night a little bit easier. I mean, it's what you would've done, right? Or should've done, maybe.

    Krash sat back, running a hand through his hair, but Cyrus picked up on the words beneath his breath and frowned.

    Cyrus Truth: I beg your pardon?

    Krash waves the question away with an dry, humorless laugh and a shake of his wrist.

    Krash: Nothing, nothing. Slip of the tongue.

    Cyrus Truth: A man with a loose tongue typically has things worth listing to. Spit it out.

    Krash pauses, before sighing and leaning forward, resting his forearms on the diner table. One slip-up is all it takes for Cyrus Truth to get a hold of something.

    Krash: You asked earlier why I didn't let you know I was returning.

    Cyrus Truth: I did. You wanted it to be a surprise.

    Krash: Sounds like something I'd say, but there's more to the story. Can I be honest with you?

    Cyrus Truth: I'd prefer if you were.

    Krash: Even if things were different, if I was publicly making a big deal of my return, I don't think I would've told you about it anyway.

    Cyrus frowns, furrowing his eyebrows.

    Cyrus Truth: Why's that?

    Now Krash fixes The Exile with a disbelieving stare.

    Krash: Isn't it obvious? You were off gallivanting in FWA! Taking over, kicking ass in a whole new neighborhood while your homeland slowly succumbed to chaos. I thought you just abandoned CWA to the wolves while you amused yourself with FWA. I thought you moved on, that you put CWA behind you and didn't give a damn about it anymore, because it sure as hell felt like it.

    Tapping a finger against his tea, Krash avoided Cyrus's piercing gaze, before shrugging, admitting defeat.

    Krash: I guess I was wrong. Maybe you were waiting for the right moment, or maybe you changed your mind about your home. I suppose it doesn't matter in the long run, you're back now, and that's all that matters.

    The measured outburst done, out in the open, Krash let out an exhale he hadn't realized he had been holding on to, and shook his head. He gave Cyrus a nervous smile, but that quickly fell off as he slumped in his seat, resting his head on the table.

    Krash: It's good to have you home, Cyrus, and I do mean that with every fibre of my being. I hope I didn't just burn a bridge with you just now.

    Cyrus chuckles at this, as if it's the silliest thing he's heard in a while. It does confound Krash a bit, but only just briefly.

    Cyrus Truth: Relax, Krash. All I wanted was honesty, and you gave me what I asked for. No "bridge burned" or any of that nonsense.

    Krash breathes a slight sigh of relief as he returns to his cup of tea.

    Krash:'re not mad?

    Cyrus Truth: Not at all. I understand where you're coming from, and there's a bit of Truth in what you've said. I did leave CWA and went on to pursue gold and glory in FWA, and looking back it may not have been my smartest decision, nor does it seem like it was the right one. But after losing to McGinnis at last year's World's Strongest, I thought CWA didn't need me anymore.

    Krash: That's...a bit crazy.

    Cyrus Truth: Is it? Our industry is built on generations. Torches are passed from one generation to the next and the new torchbearers carry that light into the next era. At the time, a big part of me felt that CWA needed a new torchbearer. When McGinnis beat me, I took it as a sign. So when I was put on the shelf, I decided to see where CWA went from there, and initially, CWA grew and expanded and became a breeding ground for a new breed of athletes. Snowmantashi, Wake, Horrowitz, LIGHTBRINGER...without me clogging the path to glory, this new breed was set to take CWA into a new golden age.

    Krash: But, that's not what happened.

    Cyrus scowls, as if he didn't want to be reminded of that. The waitress comes to refill his and Krash's drinks as Cyrus grabs another creamer.

    Cyrus Truth: No...and it's because McGinnis wasn't ready to pay the price that glory demanded. He lost his mind, eschewed passion for arrogance, and created a three-headed monster. And the worse is those brats parading around as the Tag Champions.

    The mere mention of the Echo is enough to rile Cyrus up, as he clenches his fist.

    Cyrus Truth: Drew and Ethan have no pride, no honor, nothing resembling how a professional let alone a man should act. I don't think it's unfair to say that we've seen some folks leave CWA because they didn't want to put up with the Connors. If these two children are the next generation set to inherit my torch, I will rip that torch out of their hands and take it back by force. This is not MY CWA, not the company that I helped bring to prominence. This is not the CWA that you and I bled and fought for over countless battles in arenas too many to number. So, I simply refused to take this affront anymore. And that's why I came home...isn't it the same for you?

    Krash doesn't say anything in the tension, but he seems to agree. He sips his tea silently as Cyrus continues on his roll.

    Cyrus Truth: I don't just want the Tag Titles for the glory. This isn't just filling a hole in my resume. This is a reclamation of what CWA was and should be. You and I stand for something far greater than our personal accolades and our pride. We are bastions of a mindset that should never have been forgotten. The Echo need to be destroyed not just because they hold the gold, but because they are a cancer of unwarranted arrogance that needs to cut out and destroyed. At Kings Reign, The Echo needs to die. The Indy Club needs to be broken and CWA needs to be restored. CWA is my home, and it's been infected with a parasite that threatens to choke the life out of it. And the only way to do that is to beat The Echo so badly that their arrogance is battered into respect.

    Cyrus pauses as he cups his coffee in his hands. He looks somber as his gaze falls to the table.

    Cyrus Truth: Krash...I can't do this by myself. So, will you help me fix this problem and bring back our CWA?

    Krash mulls that over for a second, a hand stroking his jawline, before dramatically flashing a toothy grin.

    Krash: Well, where do we get started?

    Cyrus looks up at Krash's smile and cracks a smirk of his own.

    Cyrus Truth: You're the tag team expert. You tell me.

    Krash, rather excitedly, starts to talk about what he knows about The Echo and strategies for tagging as Cyrus listens intently, chiming in whenever appropriate. The waitress finally brings them their meals as the two legends of CWA continue talking Kings Reign Supreme as the camera cuts to black...
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    Re: Krash

    I look forward to suffering through cutting a picture of him.

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    Re: Krash

    \~ Paved with Good Intentions ~/
    Krash vs Ethan Connor - Ruler of the Ring Tournament, Round #1
    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Sacramento, California - 27th August, 2016


    May 28th, 2015. In the outback of Melbourne, Australia.

    “Why is it that every time I come down to this desert wasteland, your home somehow gets more and more difficult to find?”

    “It’s not that difficult. Outskirts of Melbourne, out west, it’s not exactly a labyrinth.”

    “Outskirts of- It’s in the middle of godamned nowhere!”

    “I know, right? Aesthetic or what?”

    Our scene opens within the home and sanctuary of former CWA superstar, none other than wrestling megastar Krash, as he stepped backwards from his front door to let his guest in. Closing the door behind him, Krash hopped briefly down the hall into the living room with the aid of some crutches, taking special care to avoid placing any pressure on his surgically-repaired knee, and with all the grace and subtlety of a speeding Mack truck careening through a group of schoolchildren, flopped himself on his plush brown couch. Dressed in a pair of bright red trousers, along with a sleek brown waistcoat above a yellow t-shirt, Krash let out a breath of relief and sank into a cushion.

    “There’s some drinks in the fridge.” He said, throwing a tired grin at his guest. “I’d get you something myself, but have you tried carrying things while hopping around with crutches? A mess waiting to happen.”

    “Oh, I know. Trust me, I know.” His guest nodded, before opening the fridge and grabbing two cans of Pepsi. His physique, beneath a thin Avenge Sevenfold T-shirt, rippled with muscles and long-healed wounds from numerous battles as he tossed one can at the couch next to Krash, before cracking open the other with a strong, scar-laden fist. A thick, black beard adorned his jawline with a short, cropped haircut topping off a face that was hidden for years beneath a mask, along with sparkling blue eyes that pierced through a body like knives hinted at the man this person once was, but never publicly shown. You’d expect someone who used to fight for a living beneath a mask to be hideously scarred or malformed, but no, for a man who spent the majority of his life throwing punches and eating fists, the man didn’t look too far gone from a random civilian, unless you noticed the abundance of faded scars, the way he walked with just a little bit more lean on his right side, or the way his eyes shone with intense focus even in the most casual of situations.

    Time had served former CWA Tag Team Champion and Gang Star Alyster Black well, apparently.

    “Seriously though, I’m not kidding.” Alyster continued, sitting himself in an armchair beside Krash’s couch. “When I’m at the front door and look around, I see a road, I see the horizon, and if I’m lucky, I’ll see a vulture eating the carcass of some tourist. Move to the city, it’s not that bad and if you have a heart attack there won’t be a thirty-minute wait for the ambulance when they get lost looking for some obscure ranch in the middle of nowhere.”

    Krash furrowed his eyebrows. “There aren’t vultures in Australia.”

    “That is entirely not the point.”

    “There’s dingos, though.”

    “Again, not the poin-” Alyster paused, shaking his head. “What the fuck is a dingo? Is that another one of your weird Australian mishmashes of creatures like a platypus? I’m guessing it’s half spider and half parrot or something ridiculous like that.”

    “Mainly a dog.”

    “Mainly a d- Alright, I give up, whatever the topic of debate was before this point, I surrender and you win.” Alyster grumbled, taking a swig of his Pepsi. “I’ve been in your company for all of two minutes and already I want to punch you in the face.”

    Krash smiled. “Just like old times, yeah?”

    Alyster chuckled softly in agreement. “Yeah. Just like old times.”

    A silence fell between the two. It had been a very, very long time since the former CWA tag team champions had reunited, at least two years, and the absence was most certainly felt between them. Alyster dropped out of the professional wrestling scene several years ago, after being plagued by injuries and a growing dissatisfaction for the business that grew too large to ignore. He left behind a legacy with multiple championship accolades and one of the most popular teams to span multiple companies, that being the Gang Stars. Back in the good ol’ days, when the Gang Stars ran roughshod over CWA’s tag team division and were household names together, inseperatble friends to boot. But, alas, that was a long time ago, and tension between the two could be felt in the air.

    Alyster cleared his throat, before motioning to Krash’s bandaged knee. “So… that injury, man. Heard about it on the grapevine. How’d the surgery go?”

    Krash glanced at the knee in question, before sliding a folder across the coffee table to Alyster. “You tell me.”

    Alyster grasped the folder, wringing it open and taking a cursory glance. “’Julian Liro’? Man, no wonder you go by ‘Krash’ all the time. A name like that is more suitable for a butler than a wrestler.”

    “Ha.” Krash deadpanned. “Read on.” He said, it dimly occurring to him that despite spending years of his life with this man, this man he considered his closest friend and family, he never got around to providing his real name. It’s always been Krash. If Alyster was ever curious about it, he never asked.

    Then again, he himself never asked if Alyster Black was Alyster’s real name. Were these the sort of things one’s mind wandered about when out on injury?

    “Underlying problems… Significant deteriorating of the muscles… Wheelchair by the time you hit forty? Jesus.” Alyster swore, tossing the folder back on the table. “That’s some pretty rough diagnostics, bud.”

    “Yeah.” Krash nodded. “The surgery fixed most of the problems, but like it said, it couldn’t fix everything. Here’s to being forever an injury risk.” He dryly stated, raising his unopened can of Pepsi in the air.

    “Might be time to… Y’know. Start toning it down.” Alyster said hesitantly, before taking another mouthful of Pepsi…

    … just barely missing the suddenly foul glare Krash shot his way. Krash hurriedly rearranged his features into a more neutral, solemn expression, before coughing. “You know what? Enough about this near-career ending injury, it’s kind’ve a downer on the whole conversation. What’s been going on in the life of Alyster Black?”

    Alyster narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t born yesterday; he could see a clear diversion of the subject. It wasn’t the injury talk Krash was avoiding, more of the idea of slowing down or giving up the wrestling business altogether. He took the hint, and instead, sat back. “Where do I begin?” He pondered aloud. “After I left CWA, I tried out a few Indy feds, but the spark was gone. No use doing this sort of thing when your heart’s not in it, right? So, I retired. Moved back home to Vegas. Got a job as a bouncer for some seedy club. It’s not too bad, all I have to do is stand around menacingly, make sure no-one causes trouble, and get paid. Hell of a lot better on my back than wrestling, I’ll tell you that much. Met this chick, Cindy, a nurse who I wooed with the tales of my numerous wounds, and, well…” Alyster shrugged, smiling.

    Krash smirked, leaning forward. “Alyster’s got a girlfriend!” He stated in a sing-song tune like a high school gossiper.

    “Damn right I do. And when you find a girlfriend I’m going to tease you about it too.” Alyster retorted, grinning. “Or… Or boyfriend? I have no idea what you’re into, but I’m going to mock you mercilessly when it happens regardless.”

    Krash shrugged. “I’ll let you know went it comes up." The tension was broken, years of silence between the two fading away as they chuckled, smiling. Just like old times, the dirty and sleezy Alyster Black and the charming, light-hearted Krash, together again, friends again. "So, that’s it? You’re done with the wrestling biz?”

    “Dunno. Might be down for a few one-offs, but honestly, it would have to be something special.”

    “Fair point." Krash nodded, a thought occuring to him. "You ever… Y’know, catch up with any of the CGS crew? Omega? Aesha?” Krash hesitated. “Steve Storme?”

    “Fuck Steve.” Alyster immediately shot back, bitterly. Krash raised his hands in surrender. Seems like things between the two’s mentor and teacher still weren’t great, and he wasn’t going to push on that subject.

    Instead, he tapped Alyster’s arm with his hand after a moment of consideration. “It’s good to see you, Alyster.” Krash said, smiling. “It’s been too long.”

    Alyster slowly nodded. “Yeah. Maybe you not being occupied with wrestling at the moment means you’ve got time for your friends.” He immediately winched after letting that slip, seeing the hurt look on Krash’s face. “That came out wrong. I meant…” Fumbling for the words, Alyster threw his hands up in the air and sighed. “Look, listen to me for a moment, because I’m going to drop some life advice on you. I’ve been in your spot before, injured and whatnot. And as much as it burns at you to get back into the wrestling scene as fast as possible, here’s my advice, friend to friend, wrestler to wrestler: Leave it. Just rest and recover and forget about wrestling, alright? Let your body heal before you even turn the TV on to Adrenaline Rush or open up the latest dirtsheet post. It’s not going to help, you hear? It’ll just hurt, okay? I know it sounds counter-productive, but I’m saying this as your friend who loves you. Understand?”

    Krash stared, expression cold, silent. His emerald green eyes flickered, a thousand thoughts running through his mind in the span of a second.

    “Krash?” Alyster prodded, leaning forward. “Just leave it, okay?”

    Slowly, quietly, Krash nodded. “Okay.”

    “That’s not enough, bud.” Alyster shook his head. “I want you to promise me. It’s only poison to your wounds, you hear? That idea of inspirational drive filling you as you watch from the sidelines is a lie, it’s not drive, it’s poison and it'll only make you hurt more. Promise me you’ll stay away. Please.”

    Krash blinked several times, before let out a sigh of resignation and dramatically rolled his eyes. “I solemnly swear, on twisted honour of the Gang Stars, that until I am medically cleared to compete, I shall not even think about wrestling.”

    Alyster let out a relieved whistle. “Okay. Good. Good. I know it’ll be hard, but it’s better this way. Trust me.”

    Krash smiled a thin, tight-lipped smile.

    The next day, after Alyster Black left to run some errands, Krash watched CWA World’s Strongest 2015 live. He watched in disbelief along with the rest of the world as Jonathan McGinnis score the upset and dethroned the elite CWA World Champion Cyrus Truth in what was his first two months in CWA. How the new, superkicking blood cheered, cradling his prize in his hands as the old veteran watched, defeated and lost within his emotions.

    Somewhere, deep within him, something burned.


    CWA: World’s Strongest, backstage following Krash/Cyrus vs The Echo.


    The shrill cry echoed throughout the backstage CWA hallways, as the self-proclaimed hero of our story, the recent returnee and Heartbeat of CWA, none other than Krash, paced to and fro inside his private locker room. Mere minutes ago, the well-anticipated dream team of himself and Cyrus Truth taking on the scumbag scoundrels who held the CWA Tag Team Championships with an Iron Fist, Drew & Ethan Connor of The Echo had ended in a rather… unwanted way.


    It was hard to say who was unhappier with the result: The CWA fans who had a grand, decisive finish, as well as new Tag Team Champions for that matter, yanked away from them at the last second, or Krash himself, who… Well, let’s be honest – It’s hard to find someone who’s particularly pleased in any way after taking an uppercut to the crown jewels, let alone such an incident costing you more, uh, crown jewels.


    Indeed. Soon though, the outbursts faded, and those very important technicians and workers in the backstage hallways of the arena were able to do their jobs in peace. Well, as much peace on can get in a professional wrestling arena, but I’m sure they appreciated one less dude yelling in the next room, even if they were having quiet betting pools on how many more ‘GODAMNIT’s our hero would curse. Krash’s locker room drew silent, and for some time, he was temporarily forgotten by the world as the final encounter between Jon Snowmantashi and Jonathan McGinnis blossomed in the spotlights.

    Or, so he thought.

    A fist gently knocked on the door of Krash’s locker room, connected to the slender arm of Michelle Kelly, Primary Backstage Interviewer for most CWA tidbits, accompanied by her trusted cameraman, whose name no-one ever seems to remember. Dressed in a black leather jacket over a red t-shirt and blue jeans, twirling a microphone in her free hand, Michelle waited patiently, listening to the sounds of movement from within the locker room, before the door opened enough for the Heartbeat to poke his head out.

    “Mich?” Krash questioned, wiping away at tired, exhausted eyes with a hand. “How can I help you? Or do I even need to ask that, I wonder.” He idly mumbled aside.

    “I was hoping to get some words with you, following your match tonight, but if now’s not a good time…” Michelle trailed off. Journalist in all but name she was, she wasn’t going to shove a microphone in someone’s face if they didn’t want it. Well, nine times out of ten, she wouldn’t. Maybe. On a good day.

    Krash closed his eyes, bowing his head. “No, it’s fine. Come in.” He replied, resignedly, drawing back the door and beckoning Michelle Kelly and her trusted cameraman within. The two stepped into the locker room, noticing a flat-screen TV currently showing a live feed of Snowmantashi vs McGinnis in front of an opened steel chair, evidently what Krash had been watching before Michelle came knocking. Speaking of, Krash fumbled around with a remote, switching the TV off, before placing it on a bench beside his gym bag and slouching himself down onto the steel chair. Still dressed in his wrestling gear, Krash motioned for Michelle to sit down in a nearby chair.

    “Would be more comfortable with a lounge chair, right?” Michelle joked, attempting to ease the tension as she sat down on the chair and crossed her legs.

    “Good luck fitting that through the door.” Krash replied, but the attempt worked – the Heartbeat seemed more as ease than before. “Let’s get this piece on the road, shall we?”

    Michelle nodded, before turning to her cameraman and nodding. He flicked a switch, and began recording. “Hi. I’m Michelle Kelly, Lead CWA Backstage Interviewer, here right now with The Heartbeat of CWA, Krash.” She automatically began, motioning a hand to Krash, who leaned forward and clasped his hands together. “Now, Krash, earlier tonight we witnessed the Dream Team, yourself and Cyrus Truth, two of the longest-standing CWA veterans, team together in an attempt to take the CWA Tag Team Championships away from Drew and Ethan Connor, The Echo. That attempt didn’t exactly go the way you wanted it to, did it? Your thoughts?”

    Krash paused, and blinked. “My thoughts.” He repeated dryly. “My thoughts on being screwed out of being crowned CWA Tag Team Champion once more, by a pair of blatantly unworthy trashbags who would rather take the easy way out when it was evident myself and Cyrus had their number? You want my thoughts on that?” His emerald eyes burning, Krash’s jaw clenched, before he let out a breath and slouched, voice even. “I should be Tag Team Champion right now. I should be toasting Cyrus as we celebrated two of the all-time greats of CWA joining forces for the first time to restore glory and honour to the CWA Tag Team Championships, bottles of wine in our hands and gold on our shoulders. An alliance solidified. A hazardous return from an injury risk, and an exile lost in a distant land, banding together for a common goal and scoring the big win like a children’s tale. That’s what it should’ve been, y’know?”

    Michelle nodded. “Perhaps. But-”

    “But it wasn’t.” Krash agreed. “No. Instead, Ethan and Drew, once again, bailed once they realized ‘holy dicks, these two are, like, for real, bro.’ Now the CWA Tag Team Championships are still in their dirty, grubby mitts, and it’s rather… infuriating, Michelle.” His voice waved, betraying exactly how much fury he was holding back, and Krash took a brief second to compose himself. “I had a chance, WE had a chance, and the only reason we didn’t succeed is because THEY took the easy road out. It’s not right, Michelle. Not right at all.”

    Michelle could only make a vague motion of impartiality. “Speaking of your tag team partner, Cyrus Truth – Was this the last time you and him will be teaming together? For that matter, where is Cyrus at this moment?”

    “I don’t bloody well know. He’s not here, I can tell you that much.” Krash said, waving a hand around the locker room as if he were hoping to magically produce the former CWA Champion out of thin air. “Rest assured, my issue with the Echo is far from over, and I doubt Cyrus’s is too. I’m more than happy to fight alongside him once more at any opportunity. If, or when, we get another opportunity against The Echo, my oh my Michelle, the tricks I have up my sleeve, the lines I’m now willing to cross…” Krash let out a loose chuckle, soft and deceiving. “It would be such a shame for the story to end here.”

    “I can agree with that.” Michelle said, hiding a concerned frown. “And as a matter of fact, I have some news for you regarding such.”

    Krash raised his eyebrows. “News, you say? Well, don’t keep me waiting. I could use a pick-me-up.”

    “I have been told that, next week on Adrenaline Rush, you face off against one-half of the CWA Tag Team Champions and one of your heated rivals, Ethan Connor of the Echo, in a first-round match of the Ruler of the Ring Tournament. Your thoughts?”

    Krash blinked, before his lips curled into a smile. “Perfect.” He purred, running his hands together with glee. “Oh my, this IS a pick-me-up indeed. Michelle, this is not going to be pretty. It’s going to be brutal, it’s going to be relentless, but above all, it’s going to be… So, so good. I’m going to take a delightful amount of glee in taking the Echo down a peg. Even if it’s not for the tag titles, a blow to their overblown ego will be a fantastic first-step, wouldn’t you agree?” Krash paused for Michelle to agree. When she didn’t, he shrugged, and let out a relieved sigh. “Man. Ruler of the Ring Tournament. I returned at a good time.”

    “You sure did.” That, Michelle could agree on. “Krash, I’d like to thank you for your words here. Good luck in next week’s match.”

    “Michelle, we’ve been over this.” Krash said, extending a hand. “Luck’s for losers, and I’m no loser. Thanks for the news.”

    Michelle took the hand, shaking it thoroughly as the cameraman flicked the switch, stopping the recording. “Good stuff, Krash.” She said, standing and stretching. “I’ll let you get back to Snowmantashi vs McGinnis. Have a nice evening.”

    “Same to you, Mich.” Krash replied, grabbing the remote and turning the TV back on for the live feed, immediately engrossed in the main event. With that note, Michelle left, cameraman in tow, being sure to close the door behind her.
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    Re: Krash

    oh yeah, I said I'd post RPs here and promptly forgot about it for, like, six months. Man, ain't I cool.

    Let's see how many RPs I can post before I forget.

    High Noon ~/

    Krash vs Leo Taylor - Ruler of the Ring Tournament, Round #2
    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Anaheim, California - 12th September, 2016


    Sacramento, California.
    Backstage after Krash vs Ethan Connor.

    Our scene opens backstage within the winding hallways of the CWA arena, joining Our Hero, the Heartbeat of CWA, none other than Krash after his hard-fought matchup with The Echo’s Ethan Connor. Winded, exhausted, yet a proud, accomplished smile across his features, Krash entered his private locker room, gently closing the door behind him, before collapsing on a bench. He breathed in, deeply, the smile fading away as the after-effects of his match with Ethan Connor set in, the adrenaline rush – pardon the pun – wearing away rapidly as he dragged the leg of his trousers up and pressed a hand against his knee, his surgically repaired knee, and grimaced as the red welts.

    ‘Krash is feeding off the energy of the CWA faithful, who are cheering him and loving every second of Ethan getting pummelled in the early goings of this match as Krash is eschewing tactics for punishment, making sure Ethan pays dearly for taking the coward's road at Kings Reign. Forearms and elbows are the course in this meal of agony as Ethan finally manages to get out of Krash's grasp long enough to roll out of the ring. Not that he's any safer as Krash drives him into the barricade with a suicide dive! Ethan arcs his back in pain as he stumbles to get some distance as Krash gets back to his feet and goes back on the hunt. Ethan, seeing Krash out of the corner of his eye, slides back into the ring as Krash follows...STOMP TO THE KNEE! Ethan furious stomps away at Krash's knee to keep him from getting to his feet, frantically trying to re-injure Krash's bad knee. Krash endures this for a few blistering seconds before using his good leg to boot Ethan in the head again to get him to back off. Ethan staggers for a bit as he turns into a leaping lariat from Krash! However, despite the explosive move, Krash is noticeably favouring the leg as he's slow to make the cover, getting only a two count.’

    “Motherf…” Krash quietly hissed as he pushed against the knee, quickly regretting the action as a wave of pain shot through his leg. He softly felt around the knee area, stretching it carefully, noting with a sigh of relief that despite the pain, everything felt like it was where it should be and did what it was supposed to do. Course, he was no doctor – not a licensed one, anyway – but he allowed himself to feel cautiously optimistic. Just a minor hiccup, attacks on the knee is bound to hurt ever so slightly more after having it surgically repaired.

    A knock on the door signaled his attention, and Krash hurriedly pushed his trouser leg back down to its normal state, before getting to his feet. Opening the door, he was greeted by none other than CWA’s Lead Backstage Interviewer, the journalistic Michelle Kelly, flanked as per usual by her loyal cameraman who no-one seemed to know the name of.

    “Michelle!” He greeted, dramatically rolling his eyes.“Goodness, what a surprise. Michelle Kelly, CWA Lead Backstage Interviewer & Journalist, at this, the doorway of Krash, CWA Wrestling Personality Interviewee & All-Round Cool Guy. By Jove, what an unprecedented turn of events. To what do I owe the honour?” He deadpanned.

    Michelle Kelly, CWA Lead Backstage Interviewer & Journalist, blinked. “Do people still say ‘By Jove’?”

    Krash shrugged. “I dunno, but it feels like they should. How can I help you?”

    “You up for a quick post-match interview?”
    She asked, motioning to her dutiful cameraman. “I figured with the result of your matchup tonight, you’d have some choice words for some headlines.”

    “I can spare some headlines.” Krash nodded after a brief moment of consideration, stepping out of his locker room. “Infact, here’s headline number one: ‘In Your Face, Ethan Connor, I Pinned You, One-Two-Three, Suck On That, No Ruler Of The Ring Glory For You Sunshine, Love, Krash.’ Might be a bit on the wordy side but I’d say it gets the tone across, wouldn’t you?”

    “More or less. So, Krash, it sounds like you’re pretty happy with how your match with Ethan Connor turned out-”

    “Pretty happy?” Krash repeated incredulously. “Pretty happy? Mich, I am positively delighted! One: I pinned one of the Connor trashbags. Two: I advanced forward in the Ruler of the Ring tournament. Three: I advanced forward in the Ruler of the Ring tournament, at the expense of the aforementioned Connor trashbag. That’s three solid, clear reasons to be happy with how tonight’s gone insofar.”

    “That’s… That’s technically only two.” Michelle pointed out. “Two-and-a-half at most.”

    “Michelle, shush.” Krash said, waving a hand. “I did what I said I was going to do. I beat Ethan Connor, got some measure of revenge, and man oh man, does it feel good. I dropped Ethan right on his head, nailed him with The Kill, and BAM. Vindication! It, admittedly, be only a minor taste of revenge compared to what it should be, but I’ll take it. I’m not picky.”

    “Noted.” Michelle nodded. “With your victory, you advance to round two of the Ruler of the Ring tournament, where you’ll be taking on one of CWA’s newer talents, the colourful and fun-loving fan favourite, Leo Taylor. Have you given any thought on your match with him next week?”

    Krash paused, thinking, as a smile spread across his face. “As a matter of fact, I was actually watching his match with Nate Savage earlier, and it struck me – this dude’s quite the charmer. Came out in that, that Metal Gear Solid box, so lively, so full of energy, so… so delightful. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a guy whose sole focus was to go out there and have some fun with himself and the audience. It’s quite endearing. That whole cosplaying thing he’s got going on?” Krash let out a quiet giggle. “Fantastic. It’s getting to the point where I’m looking forward to his matches purely for what he’ll be cosplaying as next. But, as much as I find myself enjoying the guy and his work, I’ll be damned if I’m going to be upstaged by Leo Taylor and his high-quality outfits.”

    “Upstaged?” Michelle echoed.

    “Upstaged!” Krash repeated. “If Leo’s thinking he can steal my spotlight by dressing up as… as… Mario, or something, he’s got another thing coming. I’m going to beat him at his own game, and ensure that spotlight shines directly on me.”

    “Hang on. Beat him as his own game?” Michelle raised an eyebrow. “You mean-”

    “Mark my words, Mich: Two can play at this cosplay game. Watch and wait, Michelle. Watch, and wait. Leo ain’t gonna know what hit him.”

    With that note, Krash backed into his locker room, closing the door behind him as he left Michelle Kelly to ponder that thought.


    Anaheim, California.
    Roughly about half-an-hour before CWA’s Adrenaline Rush begins.

    The arena is a buzz with activity as various technicians and stagehands and the like go about their business, setting up the arena for the upcoming Adrenaline Rush. Among them is Michelle Kelly, twirling her microphone in her hands while beside her, her ever-loyal cameraman tinkered with his camera, rummaging through the gallery to find and/or delete a certain video he filmed last night, alone, by himself, the contents of which he refused to explain to Michelle.

    In either case, Michelle glanced at her watch, and rolled her eyes. “Any minute now, right?” She deadpanned.

    Her nameless cameraman merely grunted in response.

    Michelle rolled her eyes. Figures. She opened her mouth to make another dry remark when something, or rather, someone, caught her eye. The rim of a large, brown Stetson cowboy hat, tilted enough to mask the face of a man leaning against a doorway nearby, arms crossed. How long the man had been leaning there, she did not know. But upon feeling her gaze, the man lifted his head into view, exposing a thin layer of blonde stubble around a toothy grin and bright, emerald eyes shining in the light.

    “Howdy, pardner.”
    He drawled, in a poor imitation of a cowboy accent, sauntering over in a pair of brown trousers, a white t-shirt, and a fancy black waistcoat.

    Michelle Kelly blinked, momentarily speechless. “… What on earth-”

    “Michelle, y’all seem a mite shocked!” The cowboy exclaimed, flicking his cowboy hat back as he approached, before leaning casually on the wall beside Michelle. “I reckon y’all are stunned and captivated by the amazing cosplaying abilities of ol’ Krasher now, ain’tcha?”

    Of course. That’s the reason her oral skills had taken a rapid sudden downshift into speechlessness. Clearly. “… What are you doing.” Michelle eventually said, after a few seconds of confusion.

    The cocky smirk fell from Krash’s face. “I’m… I’m cosplaying.” He explained, reverting back to his standard Australian accent. “Like Leo Taylor, except better. I’m a cowboy.” He added, doubtless earning himself a place beside the likes of Captain Obvious.

    “… You’re just wearing a cowboy hat.” Michelle pointed out.

    Krash nodded, that toothy grin returning. “Yep. Pretty cool cosplay, right?”

    “Isn’t it cosplaying if you’re dressing up like a pre-existing fictional character?” Michelle, ever the voice of reasoning, wondered aloud.

    Krash scoffed. “There’s lots of pre-existing fictional cowboys. Read a book, Michelle.”

    “Yeah, but you’re not one of those. You’re just some dude in a cowboy hat.”

    “One could argue that many famous cowboys are just dudes in a cowboy hat.”

    Michelle let out a sigh and placed a hand against her forehead. “Krash, I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think you’re quite getting the hang of this ‘cosplay’ thing.”

    Krash paused, frowning, as he took the cowboy hat off and observed it in his grasp. “… Michelle, do you know how much this cowboy hat cost?”

    “I doubt it’s worth more than twenty dollars.”

    “Fifteen, Michelle!” Krash corrected, waving the cowboy hat in the air. “I spent fifteen dollars of my hard-earned money on this cosplay to upstage Leo Taylor at his own game, and you’re telling me this barely even qualifies?” Michelle shrugged, and Krash let out a sigh, before perking up. “It’s a good thing I got a backup cosplay.”

    “You what-”

    “Here, Mich, hold on to this.” Krash continued, placing the cowboy hat on Michelle’s head. The hat fell over her face, obscuring her view until she corrected it, to find… absolutely no difference too what Krash was wearing minutes ago. “Behold, the best cosplay anyone could hope for.” Krash explained, posing dramatically as he waved a hand at himself.

    “You’re not wearing a cosplay outfit.” Michelle remarked.

    Krash wagged a finger. “On the contrary, I have the best cosplay of them all, that being the cosplay of none other than Krash! Ain’t nobody better than me, be it in the ring, or in a costume. Which, Michelle, is the reason why I’m winning the Ruler of the Ring tournament – that’s right, I’m aiming this into a promo, that camera better be working by now.” Krash said, pointing a hand at the cameraman.

    A quick nod from Michelle’s loyal, if silent, cameraman confirmed this, before Krash continued. “Because I am the absolute best there is, bar none. I didn’t return from a career-ending injury because I got bored sitting at home watching the world pass me by, oh no, I returned to professional wrestling because I’m damn good at it, you get that? The Echo know it, which is why they bailed like a pair of rats the second they threw hands with myself and Cyrus Truth. And tonight, Leo Taylor’s going to realize it. I’m all for fun and games, hell I spent all of last week trying to learn the perfect cowboy accent, but if you’re between me and glory, then sorry mate, something’s gotta give, and I already gave my knee for this profession and I don’t quite think I can do it again.”

    With that note, Krash turned to exit, before doubling back and picking up the cowboy hat off of Michelle’s head. “I’m keeping the hat, by the way. Happy trails to the both of y’all.” He said, placing it back on his head before sauntering away, whistling a quiet jingle as he went.

    Michelle watched him leave, half-expecting a tumbleweed to softly billow past him.
    “You got that all that, right?” She said to her cameraman, who merely nodded in response.
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    Re: Krash

    \~ The Past Meets The Present ~/
    Krash & Jon Snowmantashi Contract Signing for Global Collusion
    CWA Adrenaline Rush - San Diego, California


    We return from commercials to the CWA ring, nicely styled up with a red carpet, two lush leather chairs, and a professional mahogany table, upon which rested two microphones, two pens, and most importantly, a single sheet of paper, the contract for the main event of CWA Global Collision 2016. Ah, yes, the finals of CWA’s 2016 Ruler of the Ring tournament is almost here, all it needs is just two signatures, and it’ll be official.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been one hell of a night so far, but it’s not over yet. You can see in the ring the scenery has changed, a table’s in the ring, a pair of leather chairs are in the ring, and most importantly, there lies the contract to the main event of Global Collision.

    Tim Coleman: What Tim failed to mention is that they took OUR seats for this contract signing. I am no longer comfortable and I have half a mind to file a complaint.

    Jim Taylor: That’s half a mind more than you usually have for anything, Tim. You’re not joking around. In any case, we’re set to make it all official with this contract signing for the main event of Global Collision and the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. Perhaps this’ll be one of the rare instances where a contract signing doesn’t descend into chaos.

    Tim Coleman: Ha. Doubt that.

    The lights dim as the sound of footsteps slowly approaching becomes audible, before…

    A spotlight shines on the figure of the challenger, the suave and stylish Krash, back to the audience. A colourful parade of pyro explodes before he turns, greeting the roaring audience with a smirk. Dressed in a pair of white trousers with a yellow t-shirt beneath a dark blue waistcoat, the self-assured hero slaps the hands of several fans at ringside as he makes his way to the ring, mouth running a mile a minute.

    Jim Taylor: This must be a fairytale story come to life for Krash. Returning after more than a year due to an injury, climbing the ranks to get back in a position where he could possibly regain the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, I have to believe he has been waiting for a moment like this for a very, very long time.

    Krash slides into the ring, grabbing the contract and raising it in the air as he parades around the ring, before placing it back on the table. His music slowly fades away, and the Beating Heart of CWA sits down in one of the plush leather chairs, leaning back and placing his feet on the table as he awaits the Monster, the Kaiju, the Behemoth, the CWA World Heavyweight Champion that is Jon Snowmantashi.

    As a long ‘KAIJU’ chant fills the stands, as the CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jon Snowmantashi walks out from behind the curtain, dutiful John Duncan trailing behind him. Slowly, but surely, with all the time in the world, Jon Snowmantashi walks down the aisle, not taking his eyes off of his challenger. He’s got his usual wrestling tights on, with a Snowmantashi/Kaiju t-shirt over them, and most importantly, the CWA World Heavyweight Championship hung along his shoulder.

    Jim Taylor: The CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi, is a force to be reckoned with, having done something few others in his league have – actively put the CWA Championship on the line at all opportunities since regaining the championship from Jonathan McGinnis at Kings Reign Supreme, and has done so for the entirety of the Ruler of the Ring tournament so far. First it was Elijah Edwards, who fought valiantly but fell short, then it was Drew Connor, who couldn’t quite make it. Now, he willingly walks into the firing line, daring Krash to make the shot, do what only one other man could.

    Tim Coleman: Sounds like he has a death wish to me. Why would you WILLINGLY put the title on the line for this entire tournament?

    Jim Taylor: He wants challengers. He wants someone to step up and go the extra mile, bring the best out of any man. I don’t know about you, Tim, but that’s the true hallmark of a fighting champion to me.

    Unblinking, his gaze never wavering from his challenger, Jon Snowmantashi climbs into the ring. He stands, motionless, staring into the clouded soul of Krash, as his music fades away. The stare off continues, the fans eating it all up. A dramatic man would say the unblinking gaze of these two competitors never left each other’s eyes from the moment Snowmantashi walked out. A realistic man would note that yes, while all eyes were unblinkingly staring at their target, and yes, Jon Snowmantashi was staring a hole through Krash, Krash’s eyes were drawn to the golden CWA World Heavyweight Championship belt on Jon Snowmantashi’s shoulder.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, this contract signing for the main event of CWA Global Collision is now underway! Introducing first, the-

    Krash: Actually, Lindsay, I got this.

    Well, this is interesting. Microphone in hand, Krash gets to his feet, and runs a hand through his neatly-styled hair as he paces around the ring. Jon Snowmantashi, for his part barely moves a muscle, only tilting his head ever so slightly.

    Krash: Ladies and gentlemen! Allow me to introduce to you, the fine and faithful CWA fanbase, the reigning CWA World Heavyweight Champion! Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, but wrestling out of Los Angeles, California… He weighs in at a staggering display of two-hundred and ninety pounds… He has been called the monster, the beast, the unstoppable, unconquerable, undeniable, inevitable, unbeatable Kaiju… But perhaps most importantly, he is the two-time and current, reigning CWA World Heavyweight Champion! Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in warmly welcoming the living, breathing, fighting Mount Tsurugi of a man… None other than JON. SNOWMANTASHI.

    That’s one way to call an introduction. The fans respond, cheering and applauding for the Kaiju as a low ‘SNOW-MAN-TAH-SHI’ chant kicks in. Now facing Jon, Krash bows to the Champion, showing respect to the man he will be facing soon. Jon is still, motionless, perhaps amused, but not letting his guard down. Krash straightens, before gesturing to the leather chair in front of Jon.

    Krash: Take a seat, big guy. They’re quite comfy, these chairs.

    Jon Snowmantashi glances at the leather chair, before deciding to go with it, and sits down within the chair. It squeaks under the weight of the Champion, buckling slightly, but holds. Satisfied, Krash begins pacing around the ring once more.

    Krash: And his opponent, the challenger… Hailing from Melbourne, Australia… Weighing in at two-hundred and five pounds… He is the White Wolf, the Heartbeat of CWA, the man who walked down the road of ruined dreams with only one working leg, and came back better than ever… Pardon me, Jon…

    Krash climbs onto the table and stands above the contract, surprising Jon slightly before continuing with his introduction.

    Krash: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the challenger, the underdog, the man coming in with everything to lose and everything to gain, simply… Krash.

    The crowd pops once more at Krash’s self-introduction as the man poses on the table dramatically, Jon Snowmantashi eyeing him up and down. Eventually, Krash hops down from the table and sits himself down in his chair, eyeing Jon Snowmantashi pleasantly.

    Krash: Jon, before we make this official, there’s a few things I’d like to get off my chest, alright? Just a few thoughts I’d like to say, if you don’t mind.

    If Jon Snowmantashi has any objection, he doesn’t say so. After a brief second, Krash nods.

    Krash: Jon, I like you. You seem like a genuinely good person in a profession where most people are anything but. You’re honorable. You’re heroic. You’ve got a bangin’ sense of humor. I mean, there’s a reason you were one of my top choices for the Beat The Indy Club Club thing, y’know? And that reason wasn’t because you know how to win, although admittedly that did have a hand in it. No, it’s because, for all those reasons, I’ll gladly consider you to be a decent, honorable man, a true rarity in professional wrestling. Now, here’s the problem, Jon, because as much as you are all those things, there’s something else you are too. A Champion.

    Jon Snowmantashi breathes, before following Krash’s eyeline to his CWA World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. With one hand, he unbuckles the belt, before placing it on the table next to the contract. Krash nods.

    Krash: Yeah, that’s the one. You’re a champion, a two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion. Hell, your CWA career isn’t even two years old, but you’ve tasted that gold twice over. Which says quite a lot about your capabilities as a wrestler, I’d say. But here’s the thing. I haven’t held championship gold in a very, very long time, Jon. I want that to change, and if it means having to face off with this gigantic, handsome mountain of a man who you can counts the losses of on one hand, a man who is capable of beating me down and tearing me apart without breaking a sweat, a man who, in his own words, describes his style of wrestling against any opponent as ‘Breaking them’, then, well…

    Krash shrugs dramatically, somewhat despondently.

    Krash: Then fate’s a bit of a fickle bitch, ain’t she? Jon, come Global Collision, I’m pretty sure I’m in for one of the most painful nights of my career. But let me be honest with you, if it means having some modicum of a chance at being CWA World Heavyweight Champion again, then you’d best believe I’m going to fight like my entire life depends on it. I don’t care what I throw at you, if I have to break myself just to break you, I’m going to find a way to take you down, friend.

    Having said his piece, Krash places his microphone on the table before picking up a pen and signing his name on the dotted line as the crowd pops. He turns the contract towards Jon Snowmantashi, and pushes it towards him before sitting back on his chair and resting his feet on the table once more, portraying an air of deliberate casualness. Snowmantashi adjusts his chair so that he sits all the more closer to the table. He reaches over for the contract, gives it a glance, then grabs the microphone. He not-quite-glares at Krash and then looks the microphone over. Snowmantashi taps the microphone on the table, and it echoes across the arena. He does it again. A third time. He does this in rhytmic, patient fashion, but as he does it, there's always just a 1/10th of a second reduced between each taps, until the taps come all too frequently and the time between them is near non-existent. Krash frowns, perhaps out of curiosity for what Snowmantashi is doing. Then with one louder, and final tap, Snowmantashi stops. He raises the microphone to his mouth.

    Jon Snowmantashi: You are the Beating Heart of the CWA?

    It sounds like a question but its more of a statement, still, Krash nods. And the silent message Snowmantashi was sending perhaps grows clearer.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Every heart stops beating eventually. CWA's did for a bit, it looked like it wouldn't quite come back when Makuginisu-kun was on top of the world, but then, in the time least expected... it did. You returned, to their glee. And that was a mistake. You know, I've been here for just over a year, and I've faced many men with hearts. I tore Makuginisu-kun's heart out of his chest, and I... well you know what I did, I broke him. I've faced Eriyah-kun, and I broke his heart... twice. I broke the cold black heart of Misheru-kun. Even the young boy, brought everything he had, even his maggot-filled, filthy heart, and I broke that heart worse than it already was. Since the moment I've arrived, I've told you all, I do not care for fairy tales. I do not care if this is your destiny. A return long in the making. I do not care if you bring every ounce of fight in you... you will not win. You're not the one that takes this crown for me. No... like Makuginisu-kun, you would need an army to defeat me. And you do not have one, the best you can hope for, isn't a heroic victory in your very own fairy tale, the best you can hope for is the tragedy of a greek hero, inevitably brought down by a merciless god.

    He nudges the championship closer to Krash, allowing him an even better look at the golden belt, and of course, the plated name at the bottom of it.

    Jon Snowmantashi: I promise to you, as a man I too, respect... that should you bring everything left in you, I will not let you go gently into the good night, I will give you a fitting end, to be remembered as long as one can remember. When all is said and done, you will have fought your greatest fight, lost your greatest fight. Otherwise hesitate, or halt in your determination to defeat me, in hopes that you live to fight another day, and I will be disappointed. When I advise you to leave everything you have left in the ring, I truly mean that. Do not give up. Do not think about fighting another day. Think about this as your last fight, that is the best chance you have of defeating me... even if that in of itself won't be enough, at least you will fall fighting for the greatest glory in the world.

    He nods to the belt. He puts the microphone back on the table, and grabs the pen, he flips through the appropriate pages, and signs his name on the dotted line. He moves the contract over to the middle of the ring, and stands up to grab the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. He does it slowly, as if allowing Krash one last, truly last close look at the golden belt, so (over)confident that he is, that he'll emerge victorious. In respect to Krash's earlier actions, he bows to his challenger, before turning to leave as his theme plays out across the arena speakers.

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    Re: Krash

    \~ Snowfall ~/
    Krash vs Jon Snowmantashi - CWA World Heavyweight Championship
    CWA Global Collosion 2016 - Los Angelos, California


    July 17th, 2015







    A pair of pale, emerald-green eyes stared at the ceiling, wrought with tire and exhaustion. Another night of drifting in and out of sleep had passed, wracked with unsettling dreams of fears, of worries realized, of memories turning to ash and fading away in a hurricane, never to be found again.

    Krash’s eyes flickered to the clock beside his bed. 9:58am. As good time as any to get up. Time won’t go by faster just by laying here and wishing for it. With a grunt, Krash sat up in bed, rubbing a hand against his eyes, before carefully swinging his legs out onto the floor. He reached for his crutches by the bedside, pausing as he glanced at his cast-laden knee. It didn’t… feel as bad as it did last night. Perhaps a miracle happened overnight?

    Biting his tongue, Krash withdrew his hand, leaving the crutches untouched, before gingerly lowering his feet onto the floor. He slowly raised himself to a physical base, flexing his toes, before he stood tall, on his own two feet, without aid of crutches.

    Krash let out a bark of laughter. “I knew it.” He whispered as he gazed at his poor knee. “I bloody well knew it. I’m fine. I’m perfectly godamned fine. They were wrong, they were ALL WRONG. I… I need to call CWA. Call Isaac. I knew it wasn’t as bad as they said. I’m godamned Superman.”

    Krash took a step forward, leaning towards grabbing his mobile phone, and put his entire weight on his bad knee in the process. No longer sharing the weight with an actual, functioning knee, the bad knee buckled, making a rather distressing straining sound as Krash fell to the floor, white hot pain running through his leg. A colorful strong of profanity escaped from the gasped mouth of Krash, who instantly paled and clutched at his bed, grasping for his crutches. Sweat beaded on his brow as he finally got a hold of his crutches and steadied himself, lifting his bad leg off the floor.

    “Mother-” He hissed, inwardly blasting himself for what a stupid idea that was. Of course he was still hurt. Miracles do not exist, people don’t just heal from injuries from overnight, and he sure as hell isn’t Superman. Or Batman, for that matter. Not even Aquaman, for goodness’s sake! The reason for the lack of clarity revealed itself as Krash glanced at several empty bottles of wine on his bedside, scowling at himself as he waited for the pain to pass.

    The drinks help with sleeping. Ideas, not so much.

    That stupid experiment done away with, knee still throbbing in regret, Krash heaved himself into the living room. Need to get his mind off things. Off this leg, off the poor sleeping patterns, off the drinks, off the unwavering sense of dread and unease growing within him, off everything.

    Luckily, there was a certain event airing right now that he knew would help with that, regardless of what Alyster said.

    Easing himself onto the couch, Krash grabbed the remote and turned the TV on, flicking through channels until…

    ‘-You fly, I catch you, you try to hit me, I too hard, you try to carry me, I too heavy, you try to make me tap out, I too big. See, simple strategy. No need to prepare for someone stronger, or bigger, they always smaller, same strategy. I don’t know Styles, so you can’t prepare for personality. Ouenzu-kun is like me. He acts, me too, many movies made after me, Kingukongu, Gojira, Pashifikku Rim. He models, me too, I model for large underwear in Japan, very popular, very inspirational, like Maikeru Jodan and shoes. I bilingual too, I speak Japanese and fluent in English. He likes wine, I like sake very much. He likes food, I like food. He dances, I do pole dancing, very good. I show you sometimes, Keri-chan.’

    ‘I’ll consider taking you up on that offer.’

    ‘I not very good singer, but mostly, me and Ouenzu, very similar. I know Ouenzu, like I know McDonalds, every layer, every meat, every flavor, every sauce, and every ingredient, so I know what Owens do. He not surprise me. And Doreiku is very tiny man, nothing to fear. He has many moves, but pointless if you can’t use them. He also has body guard, bigger than him, but in Japan, I fight four people very easily, need at least five to beat me, or it’s not very fair for you. If Doreiku finds ichi, ni, san, shi more body guards, then maybe he can beat me. Maybe.’

    ’Bold statement, and before I let you prepare for the match Snowmantashi-san, a lot of us are aware of your success in Japan, what are your aspirations now that you’ve arrived in CWA.’

    ‘Same as Japan. People don’t want me as champion, Ritchiman-san won’t want me as champion, it’s okay. I will beat everyone in CWA until no one else to beat. I will beat the new people he brings, Ouenzu-kun and Doreiku-kun, I will beat the old people he brings back, Pain-kun and Jonzu-kun, I will beat those who have name here, Enigma-kun and Shedo-kun, I will also beat CWA’s legends, Sairasu Truth-san. And finally, when I have beaten everyone, and Ritchiman has no choice, I will beat their champion. Whoever it may be.’

    ‘Thank you so much, Snowmantashi-san, and good luck on your match tonight.’

    ‘Domo arigato, Keri-chan.’

    Krash arched an eyebrow. Some big Japanese fella whose name he didn’t quite catch, but carried himself like a big deal. Pretty humorous, too. He let out a quiet chuckle.

    “Alright, Snowman.” He mumbled aloud, leaning forward as the opening match of CWA Adrenaline Rush began. “Let’s see what you can do, yeah?”

    What Jon Snowmantashi could do, as it turned out, was crush the competition into fine paste. Poor Craig Owens and Drake Styles barely knew what hit them. Would anyone have known this was the beginning of a historic part of CWA’s history? That the path of pain and destruction that Jon Snowmantashi would lead to the CWA World Heavyweight Championship started here?

    Well, probably, yeah.

    In either case, as the referee counted the pinfall, Krash’s jaw dropped open.

    “Bloody hell.” He muttered, sitting back. “Hope I never get matched up against that guy. He’d probably rip my leg off and use it to beat me into submission.” He joked, to the empty room. See, if he had company around, that would’ve scored a few laughs. Alone, it was just quiet, half-joking muttering by a man who had nothing, about a man who would soon have everything.

    His phone rang, it's shrill ringing drowning out the silence all-too-loudly.

    Muttering in annoyance, Krash fumbled around on the tableside, eager to get it to quit making noise so he could focus on CWA. Finally, he gasped it, and answered.

    “Mr. Liro? It’s Dr. Raesh, from the Melbourne Hospital. We need to talk.”

    Present day.

    Our scene opens somewhere within a backstage area, a nice, classy interviewing area, complete with several couches, a TV mounted on the wall, and a lovely red backdrop, adored with the CWA and Global Collison logos. Michelle Kelly, CWA’s Lead Backstage interviewer, sat on one of the couches, dressed in a pair of red leather trousers and a white blouse, microphone clipped onto her collar and notebook on her hands, before turning to the camera and greeting us with a wave.

    “Hi everyone, I’m Michelle Kelly, CWA’s Lead Backstage Interviewer, here tonight with the challenger for Jon Snowmantashi’s CWA World Heavyweight Championship, the Heartbeat of CWA, none other than Krash!” She extended an arm in greeting as Krash made his way on screen, politely shaking her hand as he sat himself down on the couch opposite Michelle. “Krash, thank you for agreeing to this sit-down interview before your historic match at Global Collison.”

    “Not a problem, Michelle. I like the new interview area. Classy and comfy.” Krash responded, adjusting around on the couch to slouch comfily. Dressed in a pair of purple trousers along with a red waistcoat above a black t-shirt, the Heartbeat of CWA soothed out his glorious mustache, and relaxed. “Much better than ambushing me post-match for a few buzzwords.”

    “We had all this laying around in storage, I figured might as well trying ‘em out again.” Michelle said, gesturing to the couches and TV. “Why let a good couch go to waste, after all?”

    “I like your way of thinking, Michelle. If we could get some drinks in here I bet people would be more open to getting interviewed.”

    “I’ll bring it up with the producers.” Michelle nodded, glancing at her clipboard. “In the meantime, Krash, you have one of the toughest challenges ahead of you at Global Collison, as you take on the two-time and current CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi. We’ve watched Jon Snowmantashi run roughshod over CWA since regaining the CWA Championship, becoming, in your own words, a ‘living, breathing, fighting, Mount Tsurugi of a man.’ This will be the first one-on-one meeting between the two of you, and I have to ask – what’s the strategy? When you’re facing a man like Snowmantashi, how do you prepare for him?”

    Krash began, running a hand through his neat hair. “I don’t think you can prepare for someone like Snowmantashi. When he began with CWA, he was this massive monster who forced you into his kind of fight. You tried to fly, he’d catch you, you’d try to submit him, he’s too big, you tried to throw hands with him, he’d knock your teeth out. And that in itself, is one hell of a thing to try and prepare for, but at least there was a bit of naivety you could take advantage of. But now, more than a year later, that naivety is gone, and he’s found a way to become more dangerous, by analyzing the few losses he’s had, and adapting. Johnathan McGinnis managed to beat him by superkicking him into unconsciousness. How’d Jon react? He adapted. He learned around the superkick, and when they met again, things were different. He regained the title in a bloody war, and McGinnis hasn’t been seen since. Now, what have I done to prepare for Snowmantashi? That, I’m afraid Michelle, is a secret I’m keeping to myself, until the three count is over and I’m CWA World Heavyweight Champion once more. I’ll give you a hint, though: Every human being needs to breathe, even a human as monstrous as Jon Snowmantashi. You can’t breathe, you pass out, and if Jon passes out…” Krash rubbed his hands together, before making a soft whistling sound as he reopened them. “Say goodbye to that championship.”

    “I see.” Michelle nodded, even if she did not, infact, see. “Let’s go back to your confrontation with Jon Snowmantashi during the contract signing last week, shall we?”

    Krash frowns, but shrugs as Michelle turns on the wall-mounted TV with a remote. A video of the contract signing plays, sped up to the point where Krash had already said his piece and signed the contract.

    ‘You are the Beating Heart of the CWA?

    Every heart stops beating eventually. CWA's did for a bit, it looked like it wouldn't quite come back when Makuginisu-kun was on top of the world, but then, in the time least expected... it did. You returned, to their glee. And that was a mistake. You know, I've been here for just over a year, and I've faced many men with hearts. I tore Makuginisu-kun's heart out of his chest, and I... well you know what I did, I broke him. I've faced Eriyah-kun, and I broke his heart... twice. I broke the cold black heart of Misheru-kun. Even the young boy, brought everything he had, even his maggot-filled, filthy heart, and I broke that heart worse than it already was. Since the moment I've arrived, I've told you all, I do not care for fairy tales. I do not care if this is your destiny. A return long in the making. I do not care if you bring every ounce of fight in you... you will not win. You're not the one that takes this crown for me. No... like Makuginisu-kun, you would need an army to defeat me. And you do not have one, the best you can hope for, isn't a heroic victory in your very own fairy tale, the best you can hope for is the tragedy of a greek hero, inevitably brought down by a merciless god.

    I promise to you, as a man I too, respect... that should you bring everything left in you, I will not let you go gently into the good night, I will give you a fitting end, to be remembered as long as one can remember. When all is said and done, you will have fought your greatest fight, lost your greatest fight. Otherwise hesitate, or halt in your determination to defeat me, in hopes that you live to fight another day, and I will be disappointed. When I advise you to leave everything you have left in the ring, I truly mean that. Do not give up. Do not think about fighting another day. Think about this as your last fight, that is the best chance you have of defeating me... even if that in of itself won't be enough, at least you will fall fighting for the greatest glory in the world.’

    Michelle paused the TV, before turning her attention back to Krash. Krash, for his part, had stared at the floor while Jon Snowmantashi’s promo played. Indeed, as if played, Krash appeared to be mouthing along to it in perfect sync, as if the champion’s words were burned into his being.

    “It’s been a week since the exchange.” Michelle said. “Krash, have you thought about Jon Snowmantashi’s words as Global Collison ticks closer and closer?”

    “You could say that.” Krash replied, scratching at the back of his neck. “A distressing amount of thought has gone into the words Jon said. He’s a man of fighting, but godamn does he have a way with words too. But he doesn’t have to worry about being disappointed. I’m bringing all I have, pulling out all the stops, I’m going to be that One-Man Army Jon’s hoping to destroy. The question shouldn’t be ‘What is Krash willing to do to become CWA Champion?’, it should be ‘What is Jon Snowmantashi willing to do to STAY CWA Champion, in the face of as man like me? A man who knows the mountain he has to climb, a man who has watched countless others fall and will do anything, Michelle, anything to avoid the same?’ A desperate, desperate man who needs the CWA Championship, not wants, NEEDS, because otherwise, all the things I’ve done to return to the ring, all the sacrifices I’ve made, the doctors I’ve ignored, the shortcuts I’ve taken, the… questionable decisions I’ve made just to be here. All of that, would be for nothing. Infact, Michelle, let me ask YOU something.”

    Michelle blinked, but nodded. “Alright, what’s on your mind?”

    “July 17th. 2015. What does that date mean to you?”

    “That was more than a year ago. Michelle snarked, frowning. “I wouldn’t know off the top of my head. Probably another day interviewing CWA’s top stars.”

    “For you? Probably, yes. Do you know what that date means for Jon Snowmantashi?” Before Michelle could answer, Krash continued. “It’s the date Jon Snowmantashi first stepped foot in the CWA ring, making his mark by beating Craig Owens and Drake Styles in a triple-threat match. It was the start of what would be an iconic career in CWA. Now…” Krash paused, and tapped a finger against his chest. “What about me? What about Krash? Do you know what I was doing on that day?”

    Michelle shrugged. “I’m guessing watching from home.”

    “I was on the phone with the doctors, listening to them tell me I needed another surgery, that no, my knee wasn’t completely fixed, that they needed to get back in there, that any hopes of getting back into the ring were pushed further and further away. All the while, Jon Snowmantashi crushed Owens and Styles into dust as I watched, brimming with bitterness. In a roundabout sort of way, ever since returning to a fighting state, one of my goals has been to stand up with Jon Snowmantashi, prove that I’m just as good as ever and no-one, new destructive blood or not, can outclass me. And now, of all times, we face with the CWA Championship on the line? It seems fitting. The story ends with the hero, having gone through hell and back and beaten the unbeatable, taking the greatest prize there is, and justifying everything he did to survive up to that point.”

    Michelle nodded, consulting her clipboard. “What awful timing. In either case, I’m glad you’re healthy enough to be wrestling again. One final question, Krash, then we’ll call it a wrap.”

    “One more? Okay. Okay. Let me at it.” Hyped up, Krash waved at Michelle, eager for the final question.

    “Have you thought of what would happen if you don’t win at Global Collision? If your bid for the CWA Championship ends up unsuccessful, if despite your best efforts, Jon Snowmantashi retains? What happens then?”

    Silence. Krash blinked, and ran a shaking hand through his hair. He opened his mouth, but no words come out, before he closed it again. A hand stroked nervously at his mustache, and the challenger to the CWA World Heavyweight Championship let out a repressed sigh as he buried his head in his hands.


    Krash’s hands went to the microphone clasped onto his collar, and he gently clipped it off, placing it on the seat beside him. With a final, worried glance at Michelle, Krash walked off-screen, his footsteps fading away.

    Either he hadn’t thought about the repercussions of losing at Global Collison…

    Or he had, and the thoughts were eating him alive.
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