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Thread: Halloween (2018)

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    Re: Halloween (2018)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostface View Post
    Halloween 4 is hands down my favorite entry. That's great seeing everyone involved going into detail on the making of the film. I always wished they did film that hospital hallway explosion scene.
    Yeah it would of been cool to see. I think their were two Scenes I remember them talking about for Halloween 1 to blend into Halloween 2 was with Laurie's friend Lynda racing over to her home and saying their was someone following her which we know it's Michael. I guess the Scene was kinda slow for the pacing of the film, and I didn't mind it personally to see that Laurie who was already going through stress thinking someone was following her and watching her, and he was doing it with Lynda just as much as well trying to kill her friends before the night came. I think their was a Scene too that had Michael escaping and Loomis checking his Room and it having Sister written in his Room putting in the seeds that they were related before even saying so in Halloween 2.

    I think they did these Scenes for TV over a year later and it was pretty sweet to see these Documentaries. I love hearing the history of all this, when Scenes get cut out of the Movie and you guys need to read on a wonderful scene that wasn't used in the Movie It going back to Pennywise in the 1600's, and just reading it gave me chills on how it could of looked on screen. Now I need to find out if any of my fav Scream films had any of this over the years for their films next.

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    Re: Halloween (2018)

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