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Thread: Ultimate Pain CWA Interview

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    Ultimate Pain CWA Interview

    Ultimate Pain has had a strange year in 2010 and he has been kind enough to take some time out to discuss his views on it, as well as his goals for 2011.

    The following interview is by CWA online correspondent, Darren Gillis.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Darren Gillis: Thanks very much for this interview time Ultimate Pain. I know you're a busy man but it's much appreciated.

    Ultimate Pain: I aim to please my fans Daz. Can I call you Daz?

    Darren Gillis: Well I'm more used to Darr...

    Ultimate Pain: Yeah, I'm definitely going to call you Daz.

    Darren Gillis: Right, down to business then. On paper 2010 was a huge success for you. Remarkably you were only defeated once this year, and that was in tag team action. That's quite an impressive record.

    Ultimate Pain: Really? I didn't even know that. That really is impressive! Although I do know who defeated me and I'm sure Axl and Daren will happily remember that too!

    Darren Gillis: Quite. But what I'm trying to ask is, do you believe this year was as successful as it could have been for you?

    Ultimate Pain: What you're getting at is that I didn't hold any gold this year, correct? Well, you're right! This has been a tough year for me. I've struggled with a couple of injuries which saw me miss large chunks of the calendar, but inbetween I accomplished so much. I've beaten a couple of long-term rivals in Joey Nicholas, and more recently Nick Arsen, both in tremendous matches.

    Darren Gillis: You do agree though that your first year in CWA was a greater success?

    Ultimate Pain: You sure do love running me down Daz! Of course it was a greater success. I was the longest reigning CWA World Champion of all time that year. A feat that may never be matched! All I'm saying is, that this year was by no means terrible for me.

    Darren Gillis
    : Alright then. As you already mentioned, you managed to beat Nickolas Kennedy Arsen at Five Star Attraction. This we are informed makes you the official number one contender for the CWA World Title. How do you like your chances of beating Showtime?

    Ultimate Pain: Showtime was very impressive at Five Star no doubt. However, he's never experienced what it's like to step in the ring with me! That's a whole different proposition. So funnily enough, yes, I do like my chances of beating Showtime.

    Darren Gillis: As for Arsen, do you see a rematch between you two in the near future?

    Ultimate Pain: I definitely do. Arsen and I still have some unfinished business to sort out in 2011.

    Darren Gillis: And do you believe there is any chance the fans will get to see Roberto vs Ultimate Pain IV this year?

    Ultimate Pain: Well it's a feud that helped sculpt CWA and I know everyone wants to see us go at it one more time. So if Roberto eventually returns to CWA in-ring action, I'll be more than happy to give those fans what they defeating Roberto in the rubber match!

    Darren Gillis: Finally, a few quick-fire questions to finish with.

    Ultimate Pain
    : Shoot.

    Darren Gillis: World Title or beating Roberto in the rubber match?

    Ultimate Pain: Retaining my World Title against Roberto in the rubber match!

    Darren Gillis: Clever. Alexis or Alexa?

    Ultimate Pain: Alexis.

    Darren Gillis: Rolando or Joey?

    Ultimate Pain: Pfft. Rolando! Anyone over that scumbag Joey!

    Darren Gillis: GD or LeBlanc?

    Ultimate Pain: GD.

    Darren Gillis: Roberto or Pain?

    Ultimate Pain: Robe...What? I mean, Pain of course!

    Darren Gillis: Elite or Brotherhood?

    Ultimate Pain: Oh c'mon! Give me a break!

    Darren Gillis
    : And last but not least...Tony Hughes or Mike Harris?

    Ultimate Pain: Wait...Who?

    Darren Gillis: Thanks very much for your time Ultima...

    Ultimate Pain: Please, allow me Daz...Ullllltiiiimaaateee Paaaaaiiiinnnn!

    And he scores goals...!

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    Re: Ultimate Pain CWA Interview

    Great job on making this Stevo, it looks like Ulti is back to being the uber heel of the CWA

    Now if only Ulti can get passed the current champ

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    Re: Ultimate Pain CWA Interview

    Darren Gillis: And last but not least...Tony Hughes or Mike Harris?

    Ultimate Pain: Wait...Who?


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    Re: Ultimate Pain CWA Interview

    Who doesnt know the Juggalo of CWA?

    Didnt realise you only lost the one match in 2010 either. You matched my 2009 record with the Future but you did face stronger opposition so I may have to let you have that one. >,>
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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