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Thread: Point-Spread Predictions

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    Point-Spread Predictions

    New England (-6 1/2) at Detroit. Detroit was really putting the pieces together with Matthew Stafford, but with Shaun King they look like the Lions we've been use to. In 2-years, this would be a close game, but right now, expect the Patriots to light up the Lions. Tom Brady will pick apart Lion's defense, resulting in his biggest stats game of the season. 34-10

    New Orleans (-3 1/2) at Dallas. Dallas is finally showing off why they were predicted as Superbowl contenders in the last two games. However, the Saints are showing off why they were the Superbowl winners last year. Drew Brees and their offense are getting into a groove and with the addition of Reggie Bush, the Cowboys' hands are going to be too full. Plus, Jon Kitna isn't Tomy Romo. Enough said. 34-20

    Cincinnati at New York Jets (-9). T.O tweeted that Darrelle Revis is just an average cornerback. Well, it's better to be average than it is to be the Bengals right now. Expect Darelle Revis to step up big here, and actually cause a turnover, while the Jets offense pull it together at the end. 20-10

    San Diego at Indianapolis (-3). San Diego looks stronger than ever right now, as Vincent Jackson and Gates are playing this week. However, San Diego isn't at home, and when they are not at home they lose to teams like the Rams. Plus, Peyton Manning is going to be able to pick apart SD's defense fully because of the lack of noise the home crowd will generate. Expect this to be a shoot-out, but Indy pulling it out. 38-34

    Philadelphia (-3 1/2) at Chicago. This is a very interesting game. The Giants proved that Vick is stoppable. Meanwhile, the Bears have shown that their defense is tough to score on. Just ask Miami. Anyway, I see this coming down to the wire, and between Vick and Cutler, I rather have Vick on my team in a close situation. 20-17.

    Green Bay at Atlanta (-2 1/2). Matt Ryan is nearly unbeatable at home... but Aaron Rodgers and the Greenbay Packers are on fire right now. This is going to be a great game. In fact, it's going to be the best game of the week. Aaron Rodgers seems as if he can throw the ball better than Matt Ryan can against Greenbay's D, and it just seems like Greenbay is the better complete team right now. 30-27

    Pittsburgh (-6 1/2) at Buffalo. Pittsburgh rebounded from their lost against the Patriots with anger. And although Bills are showing some life, Pittsburgh are just too good of a team for Bills to try and go toe-to-toe with. 24-10

    Minnesota at Washington (-2 1/2). With Brad Childress gone... the Vikings are still the same team. But, they are facing the Redskins, so expect Favre to pick apart Redskins' weak secondary. And McNabb fails at the 2 min drill. OH SNAP! 20-16

    Carolina at Cleveland (-11). Browns were getting on a role until they blew it against the Jags. Oh well, the pick up this win here against the team that can't get a win right now. 16-3

    Jacksonville at New York Giants (-7). Giants played well against the Eagles, but not good enough. However, Jacksonville might be in fact the luckiest team right now. Eli Manning will end that, though, and they will be no chances for Hail Marys in this one for Jacksonville. 23-13

    Tennessee at Houston (N/A). The battle of the two teams that started out looking promising, but have struggled down the stretch. Without Vince Young more than likely ever playing for Tennesse again and with Kerry Collins out, Houston's last ranked passing defense won't have their hands too fill with good ole Rusty. But don't forget Chris Johnson, who will more than likely have a big day against Houston. But I see Houston rebounding after their two really heartbreaking loses, with Schaub and Johnson playing a little catch. 24-13

    Kansas City (-1) at Seattle. The battle of the divisional leaders! No seriously, I'm not kidding. Anyway, Seattle has been nothing but terrible in the past couple weeks, while KC hasn't looked much better. But David Bowie predicted them for the SB, and that man doesn't lie. 13-10

    Miami at Oakland (N/A). Tyler Tigpen quite possibly gave the worst performance this year as a starting QB. Maybe Tony Sparano learned something from that experience: they should run the ball with Williams and Brown! Yeah, he's not that dumb of a guy. Miami edges one out to keep their season alive. 21-20

    St. Louis at Denver (-5). St. Louis just can't get the job done on the road. And Denver might be just below the Vikings as the most shocking bad team this year. Denver wins a close one, in helping Josh McDaniels keep his job for next season. 24-21

    Tampa Bay at Baltimore (-7 1/2). From most shocking bad team (almost), to most shocking good team: Tampa Bay. Josh Freeman has to be the most improved player this year thus far and like I said, the TB are quite frankly playing good football. Here lies their biggest team this year. I am sort-of cheering them on, but my cheering isn't going to help them once Josh Freeman experiences a stacked defense with Ray Lewis looking him into the eyes. 27-7

    San Francisco (-1) at Arizona. Monday Night Football presents the Toilet Bowl! Woooo! I don't even want to talk about this game, but 49ers win. 10-6
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