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Thread: Elite Fighting Club

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    Elite Fighting Club

    Note this is not a real thing.

    In 2006 Elite Fighting Club was finally made. After 5 years of preparation, all the hard work was finished. It is owned by a wealthy young 23 year old named Richard Clarke. Clarke had always wanted to start a fight club, and it is now done.

    The Pen:
    The Pen is squared shaped, and is around the same size as an average boxing ring. It is surrounded by sheets of wood and metal. The mat is a typical gym mat with a white cover over it. The Pen is located in the basement of the owners house.

    The Rules
    The only rules that apply are:
    • No Ball shots
    • no rabbit punches
    • No eye poking

    There are no rounds. A non title fight lasts for 5 minutes. Title matches last 10 minutes.

    Ways to victory are:
    KO- The fighter is knocked unconcious
    TKO: The ref stops the fight
    Submission: the fighter taps out
    Decision: If the fight goes the distance, the Judge will give his opinion on who won.

    The fights are broadcasted live on our website, and posted a week after on

    Weight classes
    They are 2 weight classes. This rule was enforced just 1 year a go
    Heavyweight- Over 180lbs
    Lightweight- Under 180lbs

    They are 3 titles:
    World: (World can be anyone from any weight class)

    The Fighters must wear shorts, with no shirt. Gloves are optional. Footwear is not allowed

    The Staff

    Fred Hallman
    Danny Clarke

    Camera men:
    Dennis Quayle
    Scott Clarke

    Website supervisor:
    Kane Law

    Richard Smith
    Charlie Watts
    Luke Raddon

    Fighters posted Below.

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    Re: Elite Fighting Club

    The Fighters


    Weight Division Champions are in Bold
    World Champion is Underlined

    Nick Bruce- 6ft1- 194lbs- Leeds- 52-2-0
    Connor Rollings- 5ft11- 210- Leeds- 21-1-0
    Luke Wilkinson- 5ft10- 240- Halifax- 72-3-0
    Jack Walton- 5ft11- 185 lbs- Manchester- 41-4-0
    John Jones- 6ft4- 230- Bradford- 24-0-0
    Robert Town- 6ft7- 276- London- 21-15-0
    Mark Chapman- 6ft1- 200- Birmingham- 32-13-0
    Josh Mills- 6ft3- 246- Liverpool- 40-10-2
    Jack Moss- 6ft2- 205- Halifax- 81-15-0
    Euan Garrity- 6ft3- 220- Halifax- 23-7-1
    Robbie Stokes- 6ft- 191- Huddersfield- 32-0-0
    Zack Dewhirst- 6ft1- 220- Newcastle- 41-3-0
    Jake Smith- 6ft- 201- New York- 10-1-0
    Upah Huller- 5ft10- 203- Berlin- 13-0-0
    Geroge Hallwood- 5ft11- 186- Orlando- 12-11-0
    Danny Minshull- 6ft- 190- Leeds- 11-3-1
    Shawn Juller- 6ft2- 211- Sheffield- 5-2-3
    Niko Kalic- 6ft4- 212- Hull- 7-2-0
    Alex Rogers- 5ft11- 215- Blackpool- 45-23-0
    Alexis Sanchez- 6ft- 199- Torluca- 1-0-0
    Owen Waite- 6ft5- 260- Liverpool- 4-0-0

    Danny Darko- 5ft11- 175- London- 34-0-0
    Brad Waddington- 5ft10- 170- Halifax- 32-0-0
    Tom Hiley- 5ft9- 172- Leeds- 49-4-0
    Jack Dighton- 5ft9- 176- Huddersfield- 37-10-1
    Greg Walker- 5ft5- 145- Liverpool- 22-14-0
    Ross Hodgson- 5ft7- 155- Leeds- 23-2-1
    Chris Woodhead- 5ft8- 170- Manchester- 23-3-0
    Josh Spencer- 5ft7- 175- Cambridge- 13-7-0
    Hull Kin- 5ft8- 174- Hong Kong- 14-2-0
    Luiz Falcao- 5ft10- 169- Sao Paulo- 24-0-0
    Royce Lorenzo- 5ft11- 178- Madrid- 22-0-0
    Junior Da Franca- 5ft10- 177- Rio De Janerio- 14-0-0
    Cruise Johnson- 6ft- 179- Oxford- 10-0-0
    Geroge Freeman- 5ft11- 165- London- 13-7-0
    Jeff Simpson- 5ft10- 155- Washington- 14-13-0
    Sergio Canales- 6ft1- 177- Buenos Aires- 15-0-0

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