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Thread: Wrestling Stocks (Fantasy game)

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    Wrestling Stocks (Fantasy game)

    I didnt make this game, but it seems like its going to be a good idea and it starts for Raw 2nite here are the rules (which you can message the guy about if you have any ideas for improvements)

    - Every Portfolio contains 10 superstars (no more no less)

    - Every Superstar Starts Out At 5 Points

    - When you sell a superstar their overall stock value will be added to your portfolio score and when you wish to purchase a superstar it costs their current value (See Stock Shop)

    - If you wish to freeze a superstar and protect their value it will cost you 5 points every week,

    - Superstars can have negative values that will be deducted from your overall portfolio score

    - Point System:

    Normal Match Win: +2 Loss: -2

    Tag Match Win: +1 Loss: -1

    Any kind of Hardcore Match Win: +4 Loss: -4

    Minor Title #1 Contenders Match Win: +4 Loss: -2

    Minor Title Match Win: +6 Loss: -3

    Major Title #1 Contenders Match Win: +6 Loss: -3

    Major Title Match Win: +8 Loss: -5

    Special Matches:

    Royal Rumble Winner: +10 Loser: -1

    Money in the Bank/King of the Mountain Winner: +8 Loser: -1

    Bragging Rights/Lethal Lockdown/Survivor Series Winning Team Members +5 Losers -2

    Bragging Rights Winning Brand: Everyone +1 (including the Participants)

    Bragging Rights Losing Brand: Everyone -1

    (including the participants)

    Elimination Chamber/Ultimate X Winner: +6 loser:-1

    Feast or Fired: Heavyweight Championship Shot: +8

    X-Division Shot: +4

    Tag-Title Shot: +4

    Fired: -10

    Participation (Promo or Match) Bonus +1 and Malus: 0

    PPV Bonus:+3 Malus: -2

    Wrestlemania/Bound for Glory Bonus: +5 Malus:0

    Raw/Smackdown/Impact/Superstars Bonus: +2 Malus: 0

    I also think when a wrestler gets non-gimmick and without having a match fired he loses 20 points and if he gets gimmick-fired or with a match he loses 10."

    The link to the site is Home - Wrestling Stocks

    I hope you take a positive look into this and join in.

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    Re: Wrestling Stocks (Fantasy game)

    A little to complicated, take a look at the game I run and you'll see the difference. The new season will start soon, if you would like to play. Let me know

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