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Thread: AMLL "LuchaMania" PPV (August 29th, 2010)

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    AMLL "LuchaMania" PPV (August 29th, 2010)

    Fom the Estadio Pedro Bidegain in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    (August 29th, 2010)

    Rudy Ruiz and Living Legent El Perro Rabioso are calling the matches tonight like they usually do.

    Sumo Asako wins a 20 Man Battle Royal in a dark opening match.

    We go right into the arena and Carlos Espinosa welcomes us to LuchaMania 2010. Jets are shown flying outside of and over the arena.

    We get a slick video package of LuchaMania. Lots of feuds of tonight are highlighted, specifically the four way for the AMLL World Title. The package is amazing.

    Rudy Ruiz announces the attendance as 'over 40,000.

    The pyro hits in a pretty amazing display and the crowd, of course, is hot. Rudy Ruiz welcomes us properly to the PPV.


    The Divine Thugs vs The New World Army

    These two teams have been at each other's throats for awhile now. This wasn't a wrestling match, but a fight. Reverend Rudy gets the pin on Pierre Conti for the win.


    AMLL Cruiserweight Title Match
    El Luchadore Grande (c) vs Kid Crazy

    This was actually supposed be a match between CJ Franchise and Kid Crazy, but early in the week at the High Voltage show, El Luchadore Grande beat CJ for the Title. This match was disappointing, just because people really wanted to see the feud between CJ and Krazy come to a head. Grande retained by pinning Krazy after an over the shoulder Piledriver.


    Miguel De Blanco & Bonita Garcia vs Pantera Jr & Ramona

    Another grudge match, especially between the two women. Sloppy at times, but a very exciting match, with alot high spots. The babyfaces get the win when Miguel makes Pantera submit following an Ankle Lock.


    AMLL Tag Team Title Match
    Negro Judas & Lupe Garza (c) vs The Sour Grapes

    The most dominating tag team in Mexico and maybe the World, took on maybe the most exciting one. The Sour Grapes like always used alot of high risk maneuvers, while the champs used alot of submission holds to slow them down. This was probably the match of the night, as the champs retained, after Negro pinned Matt.


    Rey Guerrero vs Vic Diaz

    Battle of the former CWA stars. Rey is without a doubt one of the most popular luchadors in AMLL, while Vic Diaz might be the most hated. Quick match with Rey picking up the victory after a Uunracanrana/Pin combination.

    VS VS

    Fatal Four-Way for the AMLL World Title
    Mendoza Torres (c) vs Joven Rayo vs Black Shadow Fox II vs Dmac

    Awesome match with tons of near falls. Joven Rayo was definitely the fan's choice in this match. The ending was came when everyone started hitting their finishers on each other, before Joven pinned Mendoza for the win and the Title. Great ending with Joven celebrating with the crowd to end the show.

    Biggest Pop:
    1. Joven Rayo
    2. Rey Guerrero
    3. The Divine Thugs

    Biggest Heat:
    1. The New World Army
    2. Black Shadow Fox II
    3. Vic Diaz

    Match of the Night:
    Negro Judas and Lupe Garza vs The Sour Grapes
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