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    Re: Currently Playing

    Yeah your choices impacted everything so her blood is on your hands. Monster.

    The only way to ensure everyone lives is to do all of their loyalty missions and then send them on missions appropriate for their talents during the suicide run IIRC, which is pretty hard to get right without a guide. If you only had one casualty then that's not so bad.

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    Re: Currently Playing

    I did all their loyalty missions. Sent Tali down the ventilation shaft (I imagine Legion is probably the correct choice), made Miranda second team captain twice. I brought along Jack because she didn't like Miranda so wanted to separate them, and brought Garrus in my squad too because GOAT (plus wanted to keep him close so I could keep him safe).

    Should mention that I kind of failed Tali's loyalty mission. I completed it, but I picked the choice where I told the council her father's crimes so she hated me after that. So maybe that's why she died?

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