The scene opens up in a huge office. There are posters of various MMA fighters draping the walls, and action shots of Rolando Fuentes doing MMA training, and his MMA fights. There is a trophy case in the middle of the room with various titles in the glass encasing. Behind a desk is a high backed chair that extends five feet in the air. The desk has magazine and newspaper clippings. There is a nameplate written in gold that says Rolando “Ice” Fuentes. The chair starts to move, and it swivels around 180 degrees to reveal Rolando sitting in the chair relaxed. He is wearing a business suit as he looks into the camera.

Rolando Ice Fuentes:
Welcome to my humble abode. You have been invited to see inside the office of an MMA and wrestling superstar. Of course dummies we are talking about me. This is where I am different from you other wrestling superstars. I treat this as a money making venture. I am here to make money and to make loads of money. I am not here in the CWA to chase around rats, take steroids, do drugs, drink beer and party. I am here for two things, and two things only, and that is to open the eyes of the UFC have Dana White call me so I can finally get my shot at the big time, and make a ton of money. The CWA is the biggest wrestling organization in the United States of America, and I am here to decimated any individual who gets in my way.

My popularity has rise like a rocket to the moon. Look at the wrestling magazines, Pro Wrestling Magazine, Wrestling Unlimited, and the Wrestling Observer newsletter have all done headline stories on me. Let me repeat what I said for you doubters. Not secondary stories, but headline magazine selling stories. My name is on the tongue of anyone that is anyone in wrestling. My shirts are shirts people want to wear. My theme music has become a number one seller on Itunes, and the merchandise is flying off the shelf. I am becoming the fastest rising star in the CWA, and I have to make sure the business of Rolando Ice Fuentes continues on the upswing. I had to hire a personal secretary to make sure that all of my engagements are met. You are looking at the next wrestling and I will say MMA superstar. Dana’s phone call is just around the corner.

Rolando Fuentes then points to the television, and he clicks it on. The TV is showing the official CWA homepage, and on the splash page has Ice hitting the Icepick , in his way to victory at the Hostile Takeover Pre-Show. He smiles, and then clicks on the video to show the fans how he won.

A week ago, I went into the CWA arena, and in front of my fans I told the audience that I would win at Hostile Takeover. I said that although there are seven other guys in that ring ready to take me on, I would reign supreme. Not only did I say I would reign supreme, but I also stated that I would beat the hell out of Tony Hughes. Well Tony I couldn’t even get my hands on you, because you were pinned before I could even get to destroy you. See Tony I am sure you are a hell of a guy, but I do not want my name mentioned with yours in any way. Historians will always say that Tony Hughes and Rolando Ice Fuentes came into the CWA together, but Tony Hughes, I am HHH, and you are Mike Bell. One made it in the wrestling world, and well one never saw the light of day, and is fighting in the indy scene.

I went into Hostile Takeover, I submitted these so called wrestlers, and I locked on the most dangerous hold in the world of professional wrestling, and that move is called the Ice pick. The fans have seen the move once, and they are chanting for it everywhere I go. CWA pretenders on my way to the top you will be destroyed by the Icepick. There is no kicking out of it.

Now I look towards the future, and my future on Adrenaline Rush. I will not let you forget that I was the highest pick rookie in the CWA draft, that makes me the best. I was highly touted, and showed the Adrenaline Rush brass that I would not let them down, as I destroyed all the High Voltage talent. I am the best, and now you know, and they know I am the best. Soon you will realize that I am just that damn good. I make the money, I have the girls, I got the cars, I have the most dangerous move in wrestling history, and I have the it factor. Look I am the real thing, no one can stop me, and you know something good luck trying. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Hey Dana call me, tweet me.

Ice turns back around in his chair, and you just hear him laughing. The camera turns the computer screen and you see Rickichet’s head bounce off the mat constantly off the Icepick. It replays four times with Rolando Fuentes laughing in the back ground. The camera pans to black.