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Thread: Managerial Comings & Goings

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    Re: Managerial Comings & Goings

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed View Post
    Hard to believe how low his stock has become since taking the Man Utd job.
    Always said he should of had far more time at United and would of loved to see it, hate to say it but when he was fired there its kind of ruind his carear working in managment, things havent been the same for him since.

    Just rumers ofc but China could be an option for him i was reading on Sky Sports.

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    Re: Managerial Comings & Goings

    Glad hes gone, he completely sucked everything out of our club, with a different person in charge, we might have put up more of a fight, can't remember a Sunderland team with as little fight in them ever.

    Moyes was brought in for one thing and that was to tighten the purse strings and do things on a bare minimum which has now drastically backfired as the upcoming Summer is going to be one where we'll need a good 15 - 20 players to be competitive in the Championship next season and he was never going to be the person i had any faith in doing that and getting us out of that league.

    Don't think the stories about him not having money is 100% accurate, yes we're in the shit but we have been for the past few seasons but somehow a small amount of funds magically became available and we brought in a couple of players to keep us going, i believe Moyes had money but either couldn't get who he wanted or it would have been another ex Everton player.

    Can't believe too that we could have had Berbatov who was apparently all ready to sign but for whatever reason we ended up with Anichebe instead.

    This Summer is again going to be tough but hope Bain gets the right person in with that Championship experience or someone else who knows the club and the importance of it to the area, have heard rumours about Super Kev coming in and at the minute, couldn't think of a worse idea.

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