Last night at a PWA show in Edmonton, Canada the AMLL World Tag Team Championships changed hands but not without controversy. The current champions, The Future had competed in a champions vs. champions match with PWA Tag Team Champions The Hollywood Hunks. Markus Ryan and Sean Ryker went into the match as the underdogs despite being on home soil. At the twelve minute mark, Daren Storm donned his suspected loaded elbow pad and knocked out both opponents to allow for the pin fall victory. As The Future celebrated another title in their trophy case, they were challenged to another match by AMLL duo Matt Grape and Freddy Grape. The Future declined the match but AMLL representative Hector Gonzalez informed the AMLL Tag Team Champions that the decision was not theirs to make. The Sour Grapes charged to the ring and the Future began their second match of the night. After seven minutes, the Grapes had the Future in trouble but once again the elbow pad came to the rescue and gave the Future a second consecutive victory. After the match Hector Gonzalez offered a handshake to the champions but instead got a punch to the face. Daren Storm told the PWA fans that they have had enough of AMLL and their dictatorship. Axl Storm brought Gonzalez into the ring where he too felt the wrath of the elbow pad to knock him out cold. Daren Storm then announced that they would never have anything to do with AMLL again and spat on the title belts before dropping them onto the unconscious body of AMLL representative Hector Gonzalez and walking away. As of now, the Future are still listed as the AMLL Tag Team Champions but it appears they don’t want the belts anymore after they all but vacated the belts last night.