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  • Batista vs Daniel Bryan (RAW)

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  • Ted DiBiase vs John Morrison (RAW)

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  • John Cena vs Wade Barrett (RAW)

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  • Maryse vs Nikki Bella (RAW)

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  • Zack Ryder vs Mark Henry (RAW)

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  • The Hart Dynasty vs William Regal/Vladamir Kozlov (RAW)

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  • Michael Tarver vs Daniel Bryan (NXT)

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  • R-Truth vs David Otunga (NXT)

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  • Chris Masters vs Chavo Guerrero (Superstars)

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  • Beth Pheonix vs Rosa Mendes (Superstars)

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  • Shad Gaspard vs JTG (Superstars)

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  • Luke Gallows vs MVP (Smackdown)

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  • LayCool vs Tiffany/Kelly Kelly (Smackdown)

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  • Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler (Smackdown)

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  • Christian vs Cody Rhodes (Smackdown)

    7 87.50%
  • Jack Swagger vs Kane (Smackdown)

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Thread: Match Of The Week 5/3-5/7

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    Match Of The Week 5/3-5/7

    Match Of The Week 2/1-2/5 - Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler (Smackdown)
    Match Of The Week 2/8-2/12 - Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk (Smackdown)
    Match Of The Week 2/15-2/19
    - Christian vs Ezekial Jackson (ECW) + Evan Bourne/Primo vs Chavo Guerrero/Carlito (Superstars)
    Match Of The Week 2/22-2/26 - Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan (NXT)
    Match Of The Week 3/1-3/5
    - Rey Mysterio vs Luke Gallows (Smackdown)
    Match Of The Week 3/8-3/12
    - The Big Show vs John Morrison (Smackdown)
    Match Of The Week 3/15-3/19 - Rey Mysterio vs Luke Gallows (Smackdown)
    Match Of The Week 3/21-3/26
    - Rey Mysterio vs Tyson Kidd (Superstars)
    Match Of The Week 3/29-4/2 - The Hart Dynasty vs The Dudebusters (Superstars)
    Match Of The Week 4/5-4/9
    - Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton (RAW) + Jack Swagger vs John Morrison (Smackdown)
    Match Of The Week 4/12-4/16 - Rey Mysterio/Hart Dynasty vs SES (Smackdown)
    Match Of The Week - 4/19-4/23
    - Jack Swagger vs The Undertaker (RAW)
    Match Of The Week - 4/26-2/30
    - Batista vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus (RAW)

    I'm going to go ahead and say Christian vs Rhodes was the shit this week.

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    Re: Match Of The Week 5/3-5/7

    Watch the Nazi Banksters Crimes Ripple Effect Film.

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    Re: Match Of The Week 5/3-5/7

    Christian vs. Rhodes was pretty freaking awesome, loving Cody right now. He needs to start cutting some epic promos.

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    Re: Match Of The Week 5/3-5/7

    Like the others, Christian and Cody pwn it up this week, though Dolph/Kofi was really good too.


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