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    Joey Johnson

    Name: Joey Johnson
    Date of Birth: 7/16/1980
    Place of Birth: Church Hill, North Carolina
    Currently Residing: Church Hill, North Carolina
    Weight: (In lbs) 205
    Gimmick: Jeremiah's Brother/His mouthpiece
    Music: Jim Jones We fly high
    Wrestling Style*: (Hardcore, Technical etc.) Boxing
    Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best)
    1. Brawling
    3. Charisma
    5. Power
    Signature Taunts/Poses: Waves to crowd

    Basic Moves: headlock, drop kick, leg drop
    Signature Strike Moves: Left Hand KO
    Signature Submission Moves: sleeper hold, leg lock
    Regular Finishing Moves: (Maximum of Two) Knockout Right Hand
    Submission Finishing Move: (One only) Sharpshooter

    Previous Experience (If any): CWA, Pride N' Honor, AWA

    Injury History (If any): None

    Name of character representative: Kanye West

    Introduction Promo:
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    Re: Joey Johnson

    Added theme music, same as Jeremiah.

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    Re: Joey Johnson

    Match of the Year Candidate

    Rp for Hostile Takeover vs. Dave Hunter & Koran

    *As the scene opens up, Michelle Kelly, the current interviewer, is in the hallway scurrying after The Johnson Brothers, both are in there ring gear, Michelle is wearing a short green skirt, high heels, and a green shirt*

    Michelle: Hold up please, hold up! Do you have time for an interview?

    *The Johnson Brothers both turn around at the same time*

    Joey: Sure, anything for you Michelle.

    Michelle: You two, Joey and Jeremiah, are the only undefeated team in CWA, having defeated your opponents tonight, Dave Hunter & Koran, as well as Nero James and The Problem Solver. Is it hard to have that on your shoulders?

    *Jeremiah begins to speak, but his older brother cuts him off*

    Joey: Of course, Michelle. But, we are the best, I mean, our record says so. We have a target on our back, everyone wants a piece of the future champions, and each week, we have to work our asses off, excuse my French. Each week, the competition is getting twice as good, so we have to get three times better than that.

    Michelle: But, how can you call yourself the best if you not champions?

    *Again, Jeremiah begins to speak, but Joey cuts him off, again*

    Joey: Another great question. The answer to this of course, is because we believe. The Future, are also a great tag team, and are headlining this amazing event known as Hostile Takeover. The Future though, have never faced anyone who wants to win as much as me and my younger, less talented brother do.

    *Jeremiah gives Joey a dirty look*

    Jeremiah: Less talented? I don’t think so. Next question Michelle?

    Michelle: Well, about your match tonight, against Dave Hunter and Koran, what is your game plan?

    *This time, Jeremiah gets to talk, as he talks quick enough so Joey never gets a chance to interrupt*

    Jeremiah: Our game plan? Game plans are unnecessary. My brother though doesn’t believe that.

    Michelle: No game plan whatsoever?

    Joey: My brother doesn’t believe in game plans, but trust me, we have one. Keep Dave Hunter in the ring, Koran is a monster. Koran would most likely dominate me and Joey at the same time, and pick up the win by himself. So, in order to keep Hunter in the ring, we must wrestle over in our half of the ring, specifically, in our corner, and we must use that up tempo wrestling style we use, and prefect, the one that has given us our win in the last two tag matches. And let me tell you this, if you thought our last match against Hunter and Koran was good, then be ready for a match of the year candidate.

    Michelle: What about the CWA draft? What are your opinions on it? Are you glad you went to Orlando’s show?

    Joey: Well, the draft was really something special, with Megan picking the already established people, ala The Future and Ultimate Pain. While Orlando used his brain and picked the young talent, like us, and Kyle Crosby, and Roderick Kyle. I really think that High Voltage will be the superior brand, and both of us were thrilled to be drafted by Orlando, especially as his 8th pick! I was expecting us to go in the supplemental draft or on the last day, but on the second day, Orlando chooses us!

    Michelle: Jeremiah, what are your opinions on the draft?

    Jeremiah: High Voltage for life!

    *Jeremiah puts up the peace sign*

    Michelle: Well, you two have a match to get to, good luck!

    Jeremiah: Wait, there is one more thing. Future, after we win here tonight, we want you two in a tag match at Redemption! Better bring you’re A game boys. Because we aren’t going to hold back!

    *Scene ends*

    *My opponent has already sent his in so I decided to post promo*

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    Re: Joey Johnson

    Promo from High Voltage (July 13th, 2010)

    Quote Originally Posted by The Johnsons
    Still Undefeated

    *The scene opens up in the Johnson Brother’s locker room. There are two wooden benches, two wooden locker things, and a fan made poster of Redemption, whereas it has in the middle the tag title belts, on the left the future, and on the right the two brothers are there. A young man, about 22, with brown hair, blue eyes, wearing jeans and a CWA shirt. He is an interviewer from*
    Joey: Nice to meet you, I assume you’re here to interview us before our match?
    Interviewer: Yes, I am. I am from and my name is Jeff Glawinsky.
    Joey: Well Jeff, ask a question.
    Jeff: In your latest match, some say CJ Franchise pulled you along. How do you feel about this?
    Joey: Well, he did not pull us along, just because he got the pinned, doesn’t mean he did crap. You see the knockout I landed in that match? If that didn’t happen, we lose, plain and simple. Next question.
    Jeff: Ok, my next question is, do you really believe you can defeat the future. Because inside sources say all you talk about is wanting to face the future at redemption.
    Joey: Were not saying were better, but we think we can put on a hell of a match with these guys. I mean, were undefeated as a team, the only team undefeated I might add, and there, well they are the future. They had a huge winning streak, and are the current tag champions, after defeating the brotherhood. So the way we see it, we are them, before the titles. Except of course, we know that we are not the best, the future parades around saying they are the best because they have the titles. They say they are the best tag team in the world. That is a lie. Jeremiah and I aren’t the best, and the future is not the best. We and the future may be some of the best, but not the best.
    Jeff: Well, who is the best tag team around?
    Joey: Probably one of those teams in and indy league to be honest, because if there is one thing my mom ever taught me, it is that no matter what, there is always someone better than you.
    Jeff: What about your match tonight?
    Jeremiah: What about it? Everyone in that match we have defeated, and defeated more than once in the case of Hunter and Koran. And no one, and I repeat no one, can say we are not the best in that match. You either have to be dead or retarded to think we stand a chance at losing.
    *Joey glares at Jeremiah*
    Jeff: Ok, my next question, and final question, are you fine with your rankings in the CWA tag team? You currently are behind the brotherhood, despite a brotherhood loss.
    Joey: We are completely fine with our position in the rankings, because we all know, that the brotherhood are a good team, just, not as good as us. But, the reason I believe they are ranked so high, is because of a cheap loss.
    Jeff: Thanks.
    *Scene ends*

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