I thought there was a sticky or sub-forum for this kind of thing. I looked but couldn't find it, so here we are. I went to a house show tonight and it was a pretty good time. It was interesting in that it was a house show before the backlash of the draft and the MizShow break-up.

Here's the card and results for anyone interested:

Evan Bourne def Chavo Guerrero (in a surprisingly long and awesome match)

Primo def Dos Caras Jr. - Caras got some mic time before the bout and drew some pretty good heat. Decent match, but I was put off by Primo acting really goofy.

Yoshi Tatsu def William Regal - Regal got on the mic and tried to belittle some kid in the front row before he was interrupted by another fan. After the match, he said he'd never visit this hell-hole again. The fans were into his whole act and I could even hear a faint "hey hey hey, goodbye".

MVP def Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendes - Seeing this live, MVP's charisma is even more apparent. His ring music exploded the crowd. I could say the same for Ryder, though. Fun match.

Christian def Carlito - Another fun match with lots of back and forth action and near-falls. Christian was insanely over and got an incredible pop when his music hit. All through the match he was able to get the fans responding to his slightest of gestures. He is called "Captain Charisma" for a very damn good reason.

Mark Henry def Vladimir Kozlov - Kozlov came out talking about being drafted and looking for competition, and the crowd gave him an ear-full of "WHAT". Henry's music hit and the crowd went nuts. Henry got on the mic and said that Kozlov should thank everyone in attendance for allowing him to make a good living, and that competition was standing right in front of him. Lots of USA chants. Good stuff.

Eve Torres def Maryse - Typical diva bout except the special referee was Santino. In the pre-bout instructions, he got a little too frisky with Eve and got a hard shove for his efforts. Santino was almost more entertaining to watch as the ref than either of the divas. Maryse is fucking hot, and her stage presence is phenomenal.

John Cena, Big Show, & Kofi Kingston def Sheamus, The Miz, and Ted DiBiase Jr. - This was what everyone was there to see and they got their money's worth. Teddy came out first, followed by The Miz who cut a promo about getting his jaw jacked by Show. He said he'd deliver his own KO punch to Show when he got the chance. Then Sheamus came out to a surprisingly strong round of boos.

Next came Kofi, who stood at the apron and waved on The Big Show, who cleared the ring for the babyfaces. Then Cena's music hit and the place came un-fucking-glued.

The match was fun with some good Show vs Miz teases until we finally got to see it. Show chased Miz up into the crowd at one point in the match. They finally isolated Show and worked over his leg until he ended up as the face in peril, and did a damn good job in that role.

He finally got the hot tag to Cena who cleaned house, everyone hit their finishers and the babyfaces won the day.

Overall, it was a fun show, but not a single heel won a match in this show! In all fairness, there were a LOT of kids in the crowd, so maybe that had something to do with it.

tl;dr... The lighting in that joint was horrible, and I'm a terrible photographer, so here's some lousy pics!