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    Black Dagger

    In Ring Name: Black Dagger
    User Forum Name: Lucas Michael McCoy
    Real Name: Luke McCoy
    Nickname(s): "The Dark Messiah"

    [ Basic Details ]
    Hails From: Memphis Tennessee
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 275 lbs
    Alignment: Heel
    Age: 32
    Entrance Music: "The Smashing Pumpkins(Bullet With Butterfly Wings )

    Entrance Description: The lights begin to flicker and go dark. Kings and Queens then blasts through the arena, Black Dagger,Black Angel and Craig Smith make there way to the ring to boos, Black Angel embrace on the stage while Craig walks down the ramp. Angel and Dagger begin to walk on the lights light up now and fireworks go off. They both tell Craig to lift the ropes up so they can get in which he does. They begin to raise there hands in the ring and smile.

    [ Exterior Scrutiny ]
    Pic Base/Poser: Kevin Thorn
    Eye Colour: Green
    Hair Colour: Black
    Out Of Ring Outfit: Dark Black Leather Trousers,Black Vest T-shirt and A Red Leather Jacket
    Entrance Outfit: Black Wrestling Boots,Plain Black Shirt,Plain Black Leather trousers

    [ In Ring Attributes ]
    Years Wrestling: 3
    Debut: Fall 2007
    Trained By:
    Promotions Wrestled Under:CGS,ROG,Ring Riot

    Championship / Achievement History:
    CGS Pure Champion
    CGS Livewire Champion
    CGS American Champion
    Primary Wrestling Style: Technical
    Secondary Style: Aerial

    Persona: Leader who wants followers and fans to be like him and will do it at all costs.
    Tends To: DisRespect fans who dislike him,Fight Dirty,Show an agressive streak
    Will Never: Respect Fans apart from his followers,Fight Fair,Not try to injure anyone
    Preferred Weapon: Black Dagger, thumbtacks

    [ Moveset ]
    Commonly Used Moves:
    - Dr Driver II
    - Black Dagger Bomb (Black Tiger Bomb)
    - STO
    - Suplex Into STO
    - Big Boot
    - Beheading Clotheslines
    - Go To sleep
    - Jig N Tonic
    - Celtic Cross
    - Brainbuster
    - Huge Leg drops
    - Reverse Sto
    - The stroke
    - Various types of powebombs
    - Cop Killer
    Signature Moves:
    Time to Join Us (Ranhei)
    Following Orders (Spinning Piledriver
    Lights out (Orange crush driver)
    Impact Driver
    Deltoid Vice (Ankle Lock

    Primary Finisher Name: Daggers End
    Description: F5
    Secondary Finisher Name: Vindication
    Description: Twist of Fate

    Rare / Desperation Moves:
    Dagger Drop: Pepsi Plunge
    123 Driver: Tombstone Piledriver of top rope

    [ Relationships ]
    Dating: Black Angel (Wife)
    Dated: N/A
    Trained: Craig Smith,Horatio Gates
    Affiliation: Craig Smith,Black Angel
    Tag Team: N/A
    Allies: N/A
    Foes: Steve Storme
    Win / Loss Record:

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    Re: Black Dagger

    welcome to the fed

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