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Thread: Somebody fill me in

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    No Way Out Somebody fill me in

    Hi WC, I stopped watching WWE in April 2009 for the first time since I started watching Professional Wrestling (1997/1998). I stopped watching it because, as many of you are aware, it was being aimed more and more at small children and many of WWE's older fanbase boycotted it.

    I really want to start watching WWE again but I don't just want to jump in and not be aware of any major storyline twists, deaths, releases, title changes, major heel/face turns etc.

    Can somebody give me a run down on whats been going on? I know its asking alot but I guess if people collectively add information I will be able to have a general idea of current affairs in WWE.

    Also, I literally only found out about Umaga's death yesterday, RIP.

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    Re: Somebody fill me in

    Well a lot has happened since then. Like, just two days ago, WWE released 7 superstars.

    The released from two days ago are:

    Mickie James
    Shelton Benjamin
    Mike Knox
    Kung Fu Naki
    Jimmy Wang Yang
    Katie Lea Burchill
    Slam Master J

    But obviously since last April there were more releases, which would take a decent amount of time to find out everyone that got released.

    As far as champion go,

    WWE Champion: John Cena
    World Heavyweight Champion: Jack Swagger (not kidding)
    Unified Tag Titles: ShoMiz (Big Show and Miz)
    IC Champion: Drew McIntyre
    US Champion: The Miz
    Women's Champion: Michelle McCool
    Diva's Champion: Eve (no, not kidding)

    Also, Sheamus surprised most in December at TLC, by defeating John Cena for the WWE Title in a tables match.

    The Undertaker faced off against HBK at Mania, in a career vs streak match, which Undertaker won. HBK lost and retired, with a good sendoff the next night on Raw.

    CM Punk has formed a Straight Edge Society, which features Luke Gallows (formerly Festus) and Serena (Serena Deeb). Both Luke and Serena shaved their heads to join this group.

    Batista went heel sometime before Mania, and has been feuding with John Cena for the WWE Title ever since. Batista is expected to be taking time off after this Sunday's Extreme Rules ppv.

    Edge returned at the Rumble and has been going spear crazy since, while feuding with Chris Jericho.

    That is all for now, there is a lot I'm missing for sure.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Somebody fill me in

    Awesome Run Down Jereecho.

    To Add.

    New PPVs- Bragging Rights- A PPV with the main event being 5 Raw, and 5 Smackdown Wrestlers competing as teams in a first fall 5 man tag match for 'Bragging Rights'

    Breaking Point- A submission based PPV. With matches like Submissions count anywhere, I quit Match, standard submission only match etc.

    Hell in a Cell- Main Matches contested in HIAC. Last year it was Punk v Taker that went only like 12 min, Orton v Cena, and Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiasi) vs DX

    TLC- Matches with table, ladder and chair combos, eg. a chair match a standard table match, with main matches being TLC.

    Also Jeff Hardy left the WWE and went to TNA. He is currenttly waiting trial on some serious drug charges.
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