First question, Who gave you guys the idea for this then? It seems strangely familiar?

Daren Storm: CWA asked us to do it. I guess after reading that abomination of a Question and Answer session that the Ultimate Pain did for some z-list website a few months back, they must have wanted someone who people are interested in to do their version. I cant really blame them for asking us. Nobody cares about the Ultimate Pain anymore but yet he seems to feel differently. Fact is, we are the most successful tag team in wrestling today and despite what everyone says, they tune into Adrenaline Rush each and every week to see us. They buy pay per view events to see us. Iím betting that Uprising was the lowest buy-rate since we came to CWA simply because we were not on it. Alexis, can you give us your thoughts on Roberto? Would he ever be welcomed in the Elite if the right opportunity came along?

Alexis: Seriously? You have the chance to ask me anything, and you ask me about Roberto? No wonder everyone thinks wrestling fans are idiots but anyway, Roberto is a nobody to us. SureÖ he is in the main event but thatís only because Minimal Pain has gotten in the way and prevented Joey Nicholas from taking the world title. As soon as Joey gets that title match one on one, with no Ralph McCoy, Steve Osborn or whoever the flavour of the month is at the time, we will have a new CWA World Champion. As for the second and perhaps most brain-dead question weíll get, itís highly unlikely that Roberto would ever be welcome into the Elite. Why? Heís not Elite. To join us, means you are the absolute best in the world. Roberto is not the best in the world. He is far from it. But, letís pretend for a moment that he is actually good enough, would he be welcome? Again the answer is no and this time its because he is not needed. We have the future World Champion, the future Tag Team Champions and the current Womenís Champion. If we ever do open up the doors, it will be to induct a future X-Fly Champion, and thatís not Roberto. Did either of you guys ever consider going as singles wrestlers?

Axl Storm: Honestly, no. CWA wanted me to go as a singles wrestler when my partner was injured only a few months ago but I refused. I have no desire to be a singles wrestler, not now, not ever. Growing up as a kid, I loved tag team wrestling and unfortunately today it is becoming more and more of a lost art. You would think a global company like CWA could manage a few months without the best in the world but they couldnít. As soon as we were out of action, the tag team division went down the drain. We were the glue that was holding it all together. I was very proud of the fact that when we came to CWA there was no tag team division. In less than a year we made tag team wrestling a staple of this company. Unfortunately, our co-workers were unable to carry the weight for a few months and have let it slip. At In Exile, we will restore tag team wrestling to itís rightful place at the top of this industry. So no, I wont be venturing into singles action if I can help it.

Daren Storm: Been there, tried that. Tag team wrestling is where my heart lies. Given the recent victory for Steve Ryan over the previously unbeaten Steve Osborn, do you regret firing him? He could have been your X-Fly Champion it seems.

Alexis: The kid got lucky, so no, we donít regret firing him. He couldnít follow simple orders so we didnít want anything to do with him.

Axl Storm: Not going to deny that it was a huge win for him but he still needs to do a lot more to show he deserves a shot at a title and he has to do even more still to show we were wrong to fire him. Getting a win against a cocky bastard like Steve Osborn isnít a big deal, even if he somehow manages to win the Ruler of the Ring tournament, it wont be a big deal, if by some miracle he wins the world title as a result, it still wont be a big deal. He showed a major lapse in judgement and we donít tolerate that. If he wins the world title, good for him. Do I care? Not at all. Why did you change from the Brotherhood to the Elite?

Daren Storm: I thought we explained that on Adrenaline Rush but I guess not. In short, we got sick and tired of carrying the Brotherhood name, it was doing nothing but damaging us. The Ultimate Pain and all his cronies raped that name and we had to try and rehabilitate it but it was beyond repair. We decided to start a fresh new chapter in our history. After In Exile the Brotherhood will be well and truly dead and buried and it will be down to the Elite. Alexis, If CWA were to introduce Womenís Tag Team titles in the future, who would be your preferred partner from the current roster?

Alexis: Thatís like asking if I would rather lose my left arm or my right arm. The rest of the CWA Women know well that they are not on the same level as me. Need I remind you that I am still unbeaten in CWA. I have beaten literally all of the other Women here, some of them more than once. I even managed to beat five of them at once. Taking that into account, I simply wouldnít need a partner. I could win those titles and successfully defend them on my own. If however, I were forced to pick, Iíd probably go with Lacey as she would just stand there and look pretty while I take care of business like always. Alexis again, are you going to do Playboy?

Alexis: Oh for Godís sake, how many times do I have to say it? NO! I will never give you perverts the honour of seeing me naked. None of you deserve to see me half naked, hell you should be thankful you get to see me at all. Are any of you romantically involved with another member of the CWA roster?

Alexis: These questions are getting very intrusive. Not that itís any of your business, but no.

Daren Storm: Yes, but Iím not saying who as thatís private.

Axl Storm: Not single but itís not a wrestler Iím with either. Alexis, would you date a wrestler?

Alexis: And Iím done. Call me if you ever get some good questions but I wont be holding my breath based on the standard we have gotten thus far. Down to two, Why donít you guys compete in AMLL more often?

Daren Storm: Because we donít want to. Do you plan on regularly competing anywhere outside of CWA in the near future?

Daren Storm: Conveniently, yes, but you will have to wait for the press release to come out as the contracts are still being worked on. One thing I can say is barring any last minute pit falls, we will be wrestling every Saturday night as well as our current CWA schedule. What are your predictions for In Exile?

Daren Storm: New tag teams champions in both CWA and AMLL, the Minimal Pain seeing his pathetic career coming to an end, Nick Arsen keeping the world title warm until Joey takes it at Hostile Takeover and I donít care about the rest.

Axl Storm: The same but with Don deVries and Rich Stone picking up wins. Would you be willing to come back and do a more in depth interview in the near future?

Daren Storm: Not bloody likely. If we werenít such nice people we would have left with Alexis so I advise you to skip to the good questions or weíll be leaving as well. Thatís all we got.

Daren Storm: Well this was a great waste of time. Any final comments before we wrap things up?

Axl Storm: Donít miss In Exile where we will become the new CWA and AMLL World Tag Team Champions, Joey Nicholas will end the career of the Minimal Pain and probably a few days later, a press release about us joining a second company.

Daren Storm: What he said. Thanks for your time.