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    Kyle Crosby

    Basic Information
    James Kwiatkowski
    Ring Name
    Kyle Crosby
    The Canadian Cobra
    The Cobra Commander
    The New Icon of CWA
    The Choice Of A New Generation
    Black Skull(in Japan)
    Date Of Birth (Age)
    June 15 1989 (22)
    London, Ontario, Canada
    Currently Residing
    Baltimore, Maryland
    195 lbs

    Wrestling Information
    A well rounded technical wrestler with a multiple personality disorder. He often gets fiction confused with reality and confuses his life with that of movie & cartoon/comic book villains. On one hand he's spastic & unpredictable, on the other he's over confident, egotistical, and narcissistic. At times he can seem completely heartless and insane, while he can also be rather genuine and comedic.
    Wrestling Style
    Submission Specialist/Technical/Brawler
    Wrestling Abilities
    Technical-1, Brawling-2, Speed-3, Charisma-4, Power-5
    Submission Finisher(Primary Finishing Move)
    Cobra Stretch-Hammerlock legsweep DDT into an arm trap cross legged STF
    Signature Moves
    Canadian Venom-Rolling Cutter
    The Red Scare-Lifting Falling Reverse DDT
    Black Death-Pumphandle Reverse Piledriver
    Inverted Brainbuster
    Multiple kicks to the chest & face followed by frankensteiner
    Signature Submission Moves
    Thumb lock with foot applied to opponents throat
    Hammerlock sleeper
    Crosslegged stranglehold
    High angle boston crab
    Common Strike Moves
    Standing dropkick
    Open palm slap
    European undercut
    Back body chops
    Punch & elbow combinations
    Stomping singled out body parts
    Common Moves
    Snap suplex
    German suplex(sometimes w/bridge)
    Fishermans twisting neckbreaker
    Double underhook backbreaker
    Suplex lifted sitout jawbreaker
    Leg hook belly to back suplex
    Half nelson suplex
    Russian leg sweep(often transitioned into as submission move)
    Belly to belly suplex
    Northern lights suplex(sometimes w/bridge)
    firemans carry slam
    arm trap neckbreaker
    crossface chickenwing(sometimes w/body scissors)
    Jumping hammerlock twisted into a short ranged lariat
    Reverse headlock, followed by elbows to the chest

    Signature Taunts/Poses
    Kyle constantly smiles or glares(as a heel) at various audience members and the camera.

    Kyle is a submission specialist and sound technical worker. What he lacks in power & size against bigger opponents he makes up for in speed & ability. He is known for being able to withstand a lot of punishment, and loves to play possum. However many opponents under estimate his strength, and by the time they've realized their mistakes he has them locked in a submission hold. Crosby loves being able to out smart his opponents and inflict extreme physical damage. If you show any type of weakness or flaw, he'll waste no time in meticulously & viciously picking you apart. He doesn't like to use weapons, but will if It's necessary. Referees will usually have to yell at him several times to release as submission hold even after the bell has been rung.
    With Kyle's return, his actions and demeanor have changed slightly. Less negative and a little more reception to his peers and fans, the Canadian Cobra seems less focused on hurting other for the sheer pleasure of doing, and is more focused on winning essentially.

    "You'll know why I'm called the Cobra when you get a taste of that Canadian Venom!"

    "I only want to be recognized for the truth..and that's just how good I actually am."

    "It's not about you or them, IT'S ABOUT ME!"

    "I am "the New Icon" of this business!"

    Previous Experience
    Wrestled all throughout Middle & High school. Won various tournaments with the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association(OAWA) as well as several tournaments in Calgary as well. When he turned eighteen, Kyle relocated to Calgary where he trained with Larry Stern at his wrestling academy. After graduating the school he wrestled shortly for New Calgary Wrestling Association(NCWA). He would then travel to the UK to make appearances in various promotions, which led to him being contacted by Japan Pro United(JPU). There he became a one time junior JPU tag team champion, a two time junior JPU heavyweight champion, and also won the annual JPU Young Stars Cup. This would gain the attention of CWA employee Jack Adams, and Crosby later signed with the promotion.

    Current Partner

    Past Known Associates
    Guardian Devil - Making his return to CWA on the night of Five Star Attraction, Kyle heard GD was looking for a partner. So the two teamed up to defeat the Gang Stars and become the new tag team champions.

    Jason Blair - The man who Kyle had some what brain washed into following and obeying his every command. Attempted to abuse his size and power for his own doings.

    Jay Walters & Hade Mckenzie - Two lower card tag team wrestlers who Crosby took under his wing, and used as additional security, back up, and muscle.

    In-Ring Attire
    Short red or white tights with his signature Canadian Cobra logo on them somewhere. Often has his name is on the back in GI Joe font.
    (Also comes to the ring with a Canadian flag on a hockey stick at times)
    Non-Wrestling Attire
    Before matches, usually a red/white track suit (w/logo & name on back).
    Likes to wear expensive custom fit suits.
    Also wears a full body suit and mask similar to the Cobra Commander.
    When not wearing his usual outfits, he often dresses in various styles and costumes according to which fictitious character is influencing him.

    Robert Roode

    Theme Song
    "Seizure Of Power" By Marilyn Manson

    You might say he has a few screws loose, well that's probably putting it lightly. Raised in a foster home as a kid, Kyle never knew his real parents. Due to that and his living arrangements, he grew up with extreme resentment to anyone and everything around him. Getting involved in lots of fights early on, he eventually took up wrestling as a way to channel his aggression. With various mental disabilities that would normally hold him back or makes things hard for him, he was able to stay focused and completely submerge himself into his training. Quickly becoming one of the most talented youngsters at his school, Kyle started becoming really self absorbed. Due to various bumps and knocks that he sustained to his head, many feel this has worsened his "condition". In that sometimes he has a really hard time differentiating what is real, not real, or what is right or wrong. A bit of a basket case and hot head at times, what you see with Kyle isn't always what you get. He thoroughly enjoys picking his opponents apart and makes sure they know he enjoys it. Where he goes from here isn't really certain. Kyle himself might or might not even know.

    "'s self can be one's own enemy. But I know myself better then anyone in this world possibly ever could. It's not me I would be worried about. IT'S ALL OF YOU! Everyone else is more messed up then I am. I'm not the one who makes the world a bad place, but I can certainly inspire everyone to be better whether they like it or not. I only want to be recognized for the truth..and that's just how good I actually am."

    James Kyle Kwiatkowski was born on June 15 1989, in Saint Thomas outside of London Ontario Canada. Being of Polish decent, he was the second child and first son of wrestling veteran Edward "The Creeper" Kwiatkowski.
    As a child, it was determined early on that young James was notably different from other children his age. Often teased and tormented, early on he was prone to violence and got in much trouble at school. With his father constantly away from home, and his mother abusing alcohol, James became not only distant from others but his family as well. What little interaction he did have with his father, was always bad as he too was a victim of alcohol as well as pain killers. In 1997 when James was eight, his mother died in a automobile accident related to her drinking. He was later moved into an orphanage where he lived out his teenage years.
    No longer in contact with his father or older sister, aside from the obvious mental trauma, the seeds of pro wrestling had been planted in his mind. At the age of 12 James went out for his junior high school's wrestling team. Immediately taking to the sport, he began to block everything else out in his life, and focus everything completely on exercise, training, and wrestling.
    By high school he was competing in various wrestling tournaments affiliated with the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association(OAWA) to which he had various wins throughout his last three year in high school. James also competed in and won several tournaments in Calgary, Alberta. After graduating and turning 18, James temporarily moved to Calgary where joined former professional wrestler Larry Stern's wrestling academy. The school was a 12 month program, and James passed with flying colors. Stern claimed that he was one of the most promising students he had ever had the privilege to work with.
    Soon after James took on the name(that he is now know by) Kyle Crosby, as he wanted to distance himself from his fathers name. He then wrestled quite a number of local shows with(then, the small time promotion) New Calgary Wrestling Association(NCWA).
    Not long after that he traveled to the UK and wrestled in various promotions, this led to Kyle being contacted by Japan Pro United(JPU). Where he would take on the character and persona of "Black Skull". He worked in JPU for just over 10 months, becoming a one time junior JPU tag team champion, a two time junior JPU heavyweight champion, and also won the prestigious-annual JPU Young Stars Cup by defeating the popular and established Hotaka "The Griffin" Daiki.
    Not long after this, Crosby was contacted by Jack Adams about working in CWA. Realizing the great opportunity before him, Kyle accepted the offer and relocated to Baltimore Maryland. Not long after that he made his debut on the 4/20/10 edition of High Voltage, where he was eliminated from a ten man battle royal. The rest is history.


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    Re: Kyle Crosby

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    5/4/10 High Voltage Promo:

    Coleman: Timothy Coleman here with the latest, as I welcome Kyle Crosby. Kyle?

    Crosby: Yes Tim I know what you're gonna say, in fact I even know what you're thinking right now. It's quite simple really as all my fans are thinking the same thing.

    Coleman: Oh really? And just what might that be?

    Crosby:*Kyle talks in a sarcastic whiny voice*
    "How come you weren't able to win that battle royal Kyle? How come you you were eliminated by some no name pencil neck like Trent Wheeler? Kyle....what happened?"

    Coleman: Now that you mentioned it, that was one of several things that crossed my mind there Kyle.


    Coleman: Yeah um, my bad.

    Crosby: YEAH! Yeah, it is YOUR BAD! You will, address me as Mr. Crosby, as I am your superior! How do you even keep your job? You don't seem any better than whoever attempted to do what you're doing the other week!

    Coleman: Well I-

    Crosby:*cuts Tim off* Enough! Just shut it, enough of my time has been wasted on your presence. Just hold the mic and listen!

    *Coleman nods, frustrated*

    Crosby:*Kyle pullls the mic closer to his face*Trent Feeler, or whatever your name was. Don't you worry, I have a great memory and there's a time and place where we'll meet again and you'll get what's coming to you! As for the matters at hand. To all my fans out there that I let down, you don't need to be this is just a temporary setback. A minor speed bump while driving down the road if you will. But man will I soon you be rolling, and ladies if you hadn't noticed*motions at his physique* I roll in style!

    *Coleman groans in disgust*

    Crosby: It's alright Timmy boy, we can't all be as good looking or talented as me. So keep dreaming there buddy boy...and speaking of sleeping. The Problem Solver! *Kyle pauses, confused*
    The Problem Solver? What kind of name is that? You haven't solved anyone's problems by showing your face around here. Sure I may have "lost" *makes quotations with fingers* that battle royal. But me losing was just a fluke, a mistake, a minuscule error(if you will) that will soon be corrected when I beat your sorry behind! You're probably in some bar somewhere at the moment hiding at the bottom of a beer bottle still scratching your head trying to figure out the problem of why you suck so much. Well I'm a quick learner and one heck of a teacher. I won't even bother to ask you if you know why I'm called the Cobra...but just as I mentioned sleep before, you'll soon be snoozing with out good ol'buddy Timmy here when I give you a lethal dose of that Canadian Venom-OH YEAH! *walks off*

    Coleman: *still annoyed* Ladies and gentleman...that was, Kyle Crosby. Guys back to you.

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    5/18/10 High Voltage Promo:

    Coleman: Timothy Coleman here on High Voltage*Kyle Crosby walks up along side Tim with a devious smirk on his face*, and I'm joined by none other then the Canadian Cobra..Kyle Crosby! Coming off from your first win on our last show, what are your thoughts Ky-*Kyle raises his eyebrow at Tim* er-Mr. Crosby?

    Crosby: Good man Timmy boy! I see that you aren't as dumb as you sometimes present yourself and that you can in fact learn something! It's a good thing you remembered to address me as Mr.Crosby, otherwise I might have to remind you of your place and status! But seriously now, were you in the least bit surprised at last weeks match?

    Coleman: Not at all Mr. Crosby, you were very fast and more than effective in your win against the Problem Solver. I'm sure all the fans were equally impressed.

    Crosby: Impressed? Well yes, of course everyone was impressed. You must not have been able to take your eyes off of myself or the action going on in the ring, cause if you looked at all those fans around the arena you would have clearly saw that they were AMAZED!

    Coleman: Yes, I'm sure they-*Kyle grabs the mic out of Tim's hand*

    Crosby: Enough of that! If you want to praise me and remind everyone of how good I am and how much you love me, that's what the internet is for! I know you're a bit of a geek there Timmy, go ahead and blog it up with all my fans! Now...*clears throat and looks directly into the camera, now completely serious*
    Roderick Kyle! I hope you're paying close attention wherever you are, on whatever high throne you're sitting on. Don't get anything twisted, we may share the same name of Kyle, but I guarantee that is all we have in common. But I'll go ahead and acknowledge your self proclaimed nickname: The Chosen One. Oh, oh you're right. You are absolutely right, you are in fact the chosen one...chosen to be my next defeated opponent on the path to greatness! Do you recall in the past when I spoke of a road, a certain road that I am traveling down? With twists and turns and pot holes and speed bumps here and there? You're just one more carcass along the side of the road that will be gone two months from now. You believe you are god's gift to wrestling huh? *Crosby laughs, then regains his serious composure*
    I'm not gonna sit here and preach to you about religion. I'm sure you get enough of that at whatever church you have wrongfully made for yourself. I'm no man of faith, but I AM a man of truth and reason. I'm not gonna tell you that god isn't real, but I will promise you, that he won't be there to help you when you're in that ring with me. As soon as you step between those ropes, I am the ultimate hand in your judgment. But don't worry, the Canadian venom may be excruciating, but it is ruthless and quick. I'll let you taste enough to cleanse your soul, then I'll be on my way to meet my next victim. *shoves the mic into Coleman's hand* Put that in your sermon. *walks off*

    Coleman: Ladies and gentleman, a recently victorious and surprisingly more serious Kyle Crosby. One can only look forward to his upcoming match with Roderick Kyle! Guys, back to you.

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    6/1/10 High Voltage Promo:

    After Chaos and Falcon Hawk are helped to the back, the crowd pops as "Put It On" by Big L hits the speakers.

    Dr. Jack Adams: Here comes Shawn Stargell ladies and gentlemen!

    The music suddenly stops playing as "Picking Up The Pieces" by Go It Alone now plays over the speakers.

    Dr. Jack Adams: My mistake, it looks like this was simply a ruse, as here comes Kyle Crosby.

    The crowd boos as Kyle Crosby strolls out onto the entrance ramp decked out in his ring gear, sporting the Canadian colours of course. He motions to a CWA employee by the ramp, who then hands him a microphone. He goes to speak into the mic, but as he raises the mic the crowd boos even louder. After a brief pause, he then speaks anyway.

    Kyle Crosby: You fans certainly sound happy to see me!

    The crowd reacts with even more boos and yelling.

    Dr. Jack Adams: He must not be listening to the same crowd I am!

    Kyle Crosby: Before I address "you people", or anything else for that matter, something needs to be done. Cause something just isn't right, there's an ingredient missing here. Kyle scratches his chin. Oh yeah, can Timothy Coleman please come out here?!

    Dr. Jack Adams: Crosby is requesting that, Timothy Coleman come out?

    After a brief moment Timothy Coleman timidly walks out next to Crosby.

    Kyle Crosby: Ah, perfect. Just the person I was looking for.

    Coleman goes to speak but Crosby motions for him to stay silent.

    Kyle Crosby: Don't speak dear Timmy boy, just do your dear old buddy Kyle a favour and hold this mic for me.

    Dr. Jack Adams: Wow, cause that was necessary.

    Coleman silently nods and holds the mic up so Crosby can speak hands free.

    Kyle Crosby: Now then, I personally welcome all of you fans to the continuing journey down this long epic road that I have embarked on. First, you witnessed me "solve" a simple "problem" that was annoying the CWA faithful. More recently, you witnessed a supposed "chosen one" who would also fall victim to The Canadian Cobra. But come on now, really, was there ever any doubt in your minds?

    Dr. Jack Adams: I can't say I was really excited, but he did pick up two big wins.

    Kyle Crosby: Even though you people aren't exactly the brightest little light bulbs ever, you should know that unlike some others. I'm willing to take time out of my busy schedule to enlighten you. Are you stupid enough to think that this Shawn Stargell would come out here, let alone actually acknowledge you? Please, he is nothing more than a petty thug. Nothing more than a glorified criminal. He doesn't care about you, yet you blindly cheer for him anyway. All he cares about is money, himself, and oh wait let's see,!

    Dr. Jack Adams: Now who is Kyle Crosby to make a statement like that?

    Kyle Crosby: Stargell, I hope with all that cash you have, that you're actually "paying" attention right now. You think you can just buy your way into this industry? You think you can purchase talent, and the natural charisma and ability that it takes to be successful in this business? You can put up a front, a proverbial smoke screen if you will. You can buy out the hearts of these cheap fans and trick them into thinking you're good.

    The crowd really starts to boo now

    Kyle Crosby: But even with all that money, YOU STILL KNOW THAT YOU'RE NOTHING! Lie to everyone else all you want, throw dollars in their faces, I see you for what you really are...and soon, everyone else will too. The Canadian Venom isn't just ruthless, effective, and deadly...It's the ultimate truth serum! I'll be sure to give you an extra dose just to clear your head, so you don't have anymore sick delusions of even considering the idea that you could ever make it as a wrestler. Then you can go on your merry little way, and be some floozy actor playing in cheesy movies.

    Kyle finally stops talking much to the delight of the fans in attendance before heading to the ring as a dumbfounded Timothy Coleman shrugs and then walks off.

    Dr. Jack Adams: Well folks, that was The Canadian Cobra Kyle Crosby with some very choice words for his next opponent: Shawn Stargell. The two should be having quite the match up next on High Voltage!

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    Hostile Takeover '10

    Quote Originally Posted by BenWah
    The camera pans upward and we see Michelle Kelly walking in front of a motel walking towards the room at the end of the walkway.

    Michelle Kelly: Hello everyone I'm Michelle Kelly here on location on the sunny beaches of Cape Town Africa! With a CWA dot com exclusive, I'm here to interview and talk with the young and upcoming Kyle Crosby! So let's go to his room and see what we can find out.

    Michelle walks to the side of room 652 so that the doorway is in full view for the shot, and she knocks. The force of the knock has the door lightly swing open due to it not being closed fully, and we see Kyle Crosby shirtless doing push ups.

    Michelle: So sorry to intrude here Kyle, I'm Michelle Kelly here on behalf of CWA dot com, can we have an interview?

    Crosby finishes doing his set of push ups, slowly rises, and grabs a bottle of water from the top of a dresser as he walks towards Michelle covered in sweat.

    Kyle Crosby: Who are you?

    Michelle: I'm Michelle Kelly, lead interviewer for CWA.

    Crosby: Where is Timothy Coleman?

    Michelle: He's just the head interviewer for High Voltage.

    Crosby: I would much rather him interview me for now on.

    Michelle: I'll keep that in mind, you seem...upset. Is this a bad time?

    Crosby: Actually yes, this is a bad time. But since you're already here, and you've already wasted enough of my time, we mine as well continue.

    Michelle: Alright well do you want to sit down?

    Kyle smirks at Michelle.

    Crosby: Save the formalities and just get to it, I'd like to hurry this up, I'm already losing my patience with you.

    Michelle gets upset, putting her hand on her hip, but she bites her lip then maintains her composure.

    Michelle: What are your thoughts on your start here in CWA so far?

    Kyle laughs a bit to himself.

    Crosby: What did you or anyone else expect? In singles competition, I'm undefeated. Why is that do you think?

    Kyle pauses waiting for an answer, but Michelle doesn't take the hint.

    Crosby: It's amazing you're the "head interviewer", I'm asking you a question. But you know what, don't say anything else. Why is Kyle Crosby undefeated in singles competition? It's simple, I AM JUST THAT GOOD!

    Michelle jumps at the sudden change in Kyles volume and demeanor. Kyle notices and seems to get some kind of sick amusement out of it.

    Crosby: So many of you people, ESPECIALLY YOU "MICKIE", seem to doubt me. Or think that I don't have what it takes. WHAT IS IT WITH ALL OF YOU?! Is it because I'm so young, or that I'm shorter than most people? All of that means nothing. This isn't just a job or some random thing I decided to do, THIS IS MY LIFE!

    Michelle timidly raises her arm. A big sadistic grin creeps across Kyles face as he gently touches and pushes her arm down.

    Crosby: By all means, say what you have to say, ask what you want to ask. That is why you came here after all.

    Michelle: How do you feel about your upcoming match at the Hostile Takeover pre show? You are one of many young talented wrestlers in that eight man survival match.

    Kyle grabs the mic out of Michelle's hand. Completely ignoring her he angrily looks into the camera.

    Crosby: ALRIGHT, this is for everyone who's listening, cause this is the "CWA dot com exclusive" or so I've been told. Like I was saying before, THIS IS MY LIFE! This isn't something I just do as a hobby or because I can. I was born with the talent, charisma, and ability to go to the top! I just happened to realize this sooner then other people do or possibly ever will. Am I unappreciated and under rated? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I AM! Just the fact that I'm on the under card, of the "PRE SHOW" shows you exactly what everyone thinks of me. Well you know what? It doesn't matter what anyone thinks, CAUSE YOU'RE ALL WRONG! We can't all be naturally gifted and smart like I am, so sometimes it takes a while for people to realize certain things and catch on. That's fine, if I was a weak minded fool I would have dropped out of this years ago. This life style isn't for everyone. But seriously, look at these other schmucks that shouldn't even have the right of being in the same ring with me.

    Kyle pauses for a minute and takes a swig of water.

    Crosby: Lately, all I've been hearing about is this Rolando Fuentes. TELL ME, why is this guy so impressive? What has he done? Oh, he thinks because he has experience in mixed martial arts, he can just enter a squared circle and suddenly be great? WRONG, HE IS DEAD WRONG, and that over hyped nothing will soon learn the error of his ways. Everyone that watches High Voltage will know exactly how I feel about Roderick Kyle and Shawn Stargell. On one hand we got the self proclaimed Jesus freak who says he is god's gift to wrestling. Well I already exposed him for the false profit that he really is. Then there's Stargell, an ex convict who suddenly gets himself a lot of money and thinks he can go toe to toe with someone like me. As well as Falcon Hawk? I don't even know how you get a dumb name like that, but OH LOOK! He's an ex convict too!

    Kyle laughs sarcastically, but then showing frustration and anger gets serious again.

    Crosby: Are you starting to see the pattern here? Just what possesses the mind of these losers to think they can do this as a career and be successful, AND WHY WOULD ANYONE HIRE THEM OR PAY THEM MONEY? Do CWA fans really want to see such low life scum? Then there's Chaos, some mask wearing freak who can hide his ugly looks..but he can't hide the fact that he has no talent or ability. Let's not forget Tony Hughes! Some backwater inbred redneck who thinks he's suddenly tough. Yeah that will be a challenge.

    Kyle shoves the mic back in Michelle's hands. She slowly raises it to speak.

    Michelle: You forget about Rikichet.

    Crosby: What's that? I'm not even going to dignify that a response.

    Michelle: I have a few more questions for you, if you don't mind?

    Crosby: As a matter of fact "Misha" I do mind, and I've answered enough questions. All the people watching this have had their questions answered, and if this hasn't been enough for you. Be sure to tune in to the Hostile Takeover pre show, where you'll be left with no more doubts. The Canadian Cobra will dismantle and destroy everyone in his path, SO DON'T MISS IT KIDS!

    Kyle then backs up and slams the door in Michelle's face. Michelle who is frustrated and angry looks at the camera.

    Michelle: Ugh, and that CWA fans was Kyle Crosby. Be sure to watch Hostile Takeover June sixteenth, only on pay per view!
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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    The shot fades into a parking lot, where we see a few cars parked here and there. The wind is blowing some trash around, you can make out some flyers, napkins, drink containers, and such. The camera slowly pans until you can see the arena in Casper Wyoming. Kyle Crosby then comes into view, sitting on a bench wearing cargo pants and a bomber jacket. He motions at the camera man to come closer.

    Kyle Crosby: Pst...over here.

    The camera zooms in on Kyle, he is sitting casually with one leg crossed over the other. His eyes are hidden behind sunglasses.

    Crosby: That's right, It's Me...Kyle Crosby. The one and only. Who else would you expect to see in my position right now? Some talentless masked freak, who's name implies much more then what you'll actually see in a performance? Chaos? Or perhaps some nut job bible banger named Roderick Kyle, who he thinks he's a gift from a supposed god?

    Kyle laughs a bit to himself, then pushing his sunglasses down a bit, cocks his head at the camera.

    Crosby: Come on now, are you really that dumb and naive?

    Kyle pauses for a moment, looking off into the distance. Then he smirks once again looking at the camera.

    Crosby: Then again, you probably are. This is not a surprise to someone such as myself. But someone who was watching that eight man survival match knew how to see through the smoke screen, fog, haze-whatever metaphor you wanna use. That person is Orlando Maxwell. He is the one who exclusively selected me to stay here on High Voltage in the 2010 CWA draft, and It's that little gem of a decision that is gonna turn out to be his diamond in the rough so to speak. If you've paid any attention to my website, you'll know what I had to say regarding my loss at the Hostile Takeover preshow...and you'll also know that play time is over.

    Kyle sits the sunglasses down on the bench and quickly stands up, looking directly into the camera with a devilish grin.

    Crosby: Eddie Von Gunner! I'm not even going to ask how you got such a stupid name, but looking at you and your washed up career, It's pretty easy for me and practically anyone to come up with assumptions. Look around me.

    Kyle motions at the deserted arena and empty parking lot.

    Crosby: Look familiar to you? Well it should, these are the kind of turn outs you're used to getting. We all know how your failed music career has turned out.

    Kyle pulls out a cd from a bag he had next to the bench.

    Crosby: Look what I have here!

    He waves the cd around in front of the camera a bit.

    Crosby: I was actually able to track down and find one of your solo albums! Yeah, I know...I was surprised too! You can't find any of this crap on the internet. Ebay, Amazon, Craig's List, none of them had it. Cause no one ever bought it! I managed to find it at the bottom of a fifty cent bargain bin at some hole in the wall music store.

    Kyle laughs sarcastically while tossing the cd onto the ground. You can here the plastic case crack.

    Crosby: You call yourself top forty? If you're referring to the top forty worst acts of your forgotten generation than I completely agree and support your claim! Nobody remembers you, and nobody cares about you. I'm amazed that you even got a job here in CWA. I thought you would have been a perfect fit to be on some VH1 celeb-reality rehab show, but they probably had never heard of you either when you applied for that!

    Kyle laughs again, then quickly gets serious.

    Crosby: All jokes aside, YOU MAKE ME SICK! Sure I lost my match at the preshow, but at least I put up a damn good effort and gave the fans quite the show. How long did your match last like fifteen seconds? I don't even think you were able to get any offense in. Maxwell is doing the smart thing by considering me to be a contender for the X Fly championship. How your name even got brought up in the same sentence I'll never be sure, but YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED. Did you happen to catch any of my previous matches? It doesn't matter, cause you'll soon find out why I'm undefeated in singles competition! I'm gonna make you wish your so called career died out years ago around the same time your stupid hair cut went out of style. You lost your last match in fifteen seconds? Expect to lose this one in ten! EXPECT PAIN, EXPECT NO MERCY, AND YOU BETTER DAMN WELL EXPECT A LETHAL DOSE OF THAT CANADIAN VENOM!

    Kyle puts his sunglasses back on, then walks off as the screen fades to black.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    The scene opens to a fairly crowded bar & restaurant in Biloxi. Country music plays over the jukebox as a waitress walks past the camera delivering some drinks to a group of thirsty patrons. We move towards the back corner of the room next to the bar, where we see a table filled with plates of delicious looking food. Sitting in the booth devouring a half rack of bbq ribs is a well situated Kyle Crosby. He's so focused on the food that he doesn't even notice the camera at first.

    Kyle Crosby:*looking up* Oh my, and just where are my manners?!

    Crosby uses a napkin to wipe sauce from his mouth as he motions for the camera man to sit across from him at the booth.

    Crosby: Please have a seat, have a seat!

    Crosby laughs a bit to himself as he takes a big drink of water.

    Crosby: Boy, that's some good eats. I tell you what! And booooy oh boy is that southern hospitality rubbing off on me like a good seasoned steak rub!

    Crosby looks at the camera directly, still grinning deviously.

    Crosby: What's that Ralph McCoy? I'm not gonna get a warm southern welcome from you? Pft, please...I have more class in my little finger then you do in every bone in your body!

    He motions towards the food on the table.

    Crosby: I'd offer for you to join me, but from what I've been told by the were already here? So, you had a long rough night on High Voltage? Well...GET USED TO IT! This how things are going to be for a lot of unhappy individuals in CWA-who cross paths with the Canadian Cobra.
    When you come to a fine little establishment like this, you're here for all the wrong reasons. For you this is something reminiscent of your home. It's a place where you can crawl into with open invitation, and you can drown away your sorrow and self pity in the bottom of a bottle. See me, I'm never welcome anywhere I go, I'm used to it. People see and realize me for exactly what I am, a legitimate all around threat. Do you feel uncomfortable when you're next to me in that locker room? What about when you walk by me at any given point in a day? Are you cautious or worried that I may strike at any moment? YOU DAMN WELL BETTER BE! Not only am I smarter, stronger, and more evolved then you, I'M JUST PLAIN BETTER!
    You come here to water yourself down and waste away on something as meaningless as alcohol. I come here to feast and take in the ambiance of my soon to be fallen opponent, which I savor ever so much. In the past, you've heard me reference the fact that I am young, hungry, and out for the proverbial shark or lion waiting and stalking Its prey. Then you hear my nickname, and you laugh to try and solidify it as a joke in your mind. That's just your subconscious doubt and fear trying to aid you through this dangerous situation you've put yourself in.
    Just like a snake with no eyelids, I sleep with my eyes open. I have no pity, sympathy, or remorse for my victims. I get a thrill and enjoyment out of squeezing the life out of my food, before I devour it then move on. You already got a taste of the Canadian Venom, It's already coursed through your veins and rendered you helpless.

    Crosby motions towards the rest of the un-eaten food in front of him and smiles. He looks right into the camera.

    Crosby: You know, what comes next...

    The camera pans up as the scene fades to black.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    We fade into a shot of a crowded walkway, where the are many people all outside in the hot sun. There are various cages & exhibits lined up in a row that kids all try to see into by standing on the tips of their toes. Adjacent to all of this is a frozen beverage stand, next to that is a bench under the shade of a big tree. Lacey is standing at attention and ready to speak.

    Lacey: Hello everyone! I'm here on this beautiful afternoon, coming to you from the Maryland Zoo here in Baltimore.

    An annoyed parent chases after a kid with a balloon as the camera pans slightly to the right. We see Kyle Crosby sitting comfortably on the bench in the shade of the tree. He is wearing sandals, cargo shorts, a bright red shirt with a Canadian flag, sunglasses, and is sipping on a cold drink. Lacey walks over to him.

    Lacey: I am joining one of the most talked about up and coming young stars in CWA, the Canadian Cobra himself: Kyle Crosby!

    Kyle tilts his head downward, sliding the sunglasses down his nose a bit. His gaze now fixated on Lacey.

    Lacey: May I join you Mr.Crosby?

    A big cocky grin creeps across Kyles face as he motions to her with the hand not holding the drink.

    Kyle Crosby: By all means Lacey, do sit down with me here on this bench. It is such a scorcher out today, the shade and this drink are a lovely combination.

    Lacey sits next to Kyle on the bench as he slightly adjusts himself so he's now facing her.

    Lacey: I'll get right to it then.

    Kyle chuckles to himself, still grinning.

    Crosby: Good, I like my women fast and to the point.

    Lacey frowns somewhat, but shrugs off the remark.

    Lacey: On the July 13th edition of High Voltage, you had a singles match against Ralph McCoy. Care to explain in your own words what transpired?

    Kyle takes a long sip from his drink then sits it next to him on the bench.

    Crosby: I've heard various comments regarding that whole situation Lacey. A select few praise me for my actions, while the stubborn majority give me crap over what I did. Saying that I'm potentially throwing away my chances at the X-Fly championship.

    Lacey: Well you did cheat-

    Kyle raises his hand cutting her off, the smile gone from his face.

    Crosby: Excuse me Lacey? Please keep your mouth shut for a moment, and allow me to explain.

    Lacey pouts a little bit, her cheeks turning bright red as a bead of sweat runs down her brow.

    Crosby: Did I use some type of illegal tactics or supposed "weapon"...

    Kyle makes quotations with his fingers while emphasizing the word. my match? Maybe, maybe not. You can't prove anything.

    Lacey: But the referee clearly saw-

    Kyle once again cuts her off.

    Crosby: That referee is a schmuck, and quite frankly I don't think he even deserves to have his job. It's true, whatever he claims he saw affected his ruling and the overall outcome of my match. But let's think about this and analyze the situation a little more shall we?

    Kyle pauses, but Lacey stays quiet as she is getting annoyed.

    Crosby: So I lost the match, big deal. I'm still ranked third in the X-Fly rankings, but who is the real winner in this situation? Look at this body baby.

    Kyle motions towards his physique, Lacey just glares at him slightly looking away.

    Crosby: Don't worry, you couldn't handle me anyway. No one can! Ranked second or not, what good is Ralph McCoy gonna be when he can't even stand up right? He thought he was all cute by coming out to the ring on a horse, well I'll give him a little bit of credit. He's gonna be needing that horse a lot more now. At the rate things are going for him, he'll be lucky just to make it to the next High Voltage let alone our next pay per view!

    Lacey: On the July 27th High Voltage you'll be teaming up with CJ Franchise to take on not only Ralph McCoy, but the X-Fly champion himself Steve Ryan. However, all three of those men will be your opponents in a fatal four way match for the X-Fly title at Redemption!

    Crosby: You think I don't know that? When it comes time for our tag match on High Voltage, I'll have no problems collaborating with CJ Franchise to weaken and beat down those other two losers. But don't get any misconceptions, because anytime CJ is in the ring you'll see me on the ropes taking notes.

    Lacey: Don't you feel a little outnumbered or out matched knowing that all three men are basically against you?

    Kyle loses his temper and composure, knocking his drink over and standing up looking down at Lacey angrily. Several bystanders take notice to his behavior and watch from afar.

    Crosby: Haven't you paid any attention to anything that's been going on?! You think it matters, that I'll have to face three men at Redemption? The more the better, and why not make that fatal four way a ladder match while they're at it?! I am always outnumbered, and I am always considered an outcast and I always will be! In this world there are two kinds of people: Those that get stomped on, and those that do the stomping!

    Lacey sinks a little bit into the bench, clearly startled and scared at this point. Kyle removes his sunglasses, he looks almost possessed. A little kid near by cries for his mommy.

    Crosby: It's so convenient that we're here in this zoo, It's the perfect comparison to everything going on right now in CWA. We're all part of this animal kingdom, and we're all fighting to stay at the top of the food chain. I can't trust anyone but myself, I've known this and adapted this concept my whole life.Anywhere I go, It's survival of the fittest and people stabbing each other in the back. It's even more befitting since I'm the Canadian freaking Cobra! McCoy and Ryan are going to get themselves a harmful little taste of what is to come at Redemption. Mr. Franchise is safe for now but he better rest easy while he still can, cause he's gonna damn well get a taste of that Canadian Venom at some point whether he's ready or not!

    Kyle puts his sunglasses back on and regains his composure. People lose interest and go back to looking at the various animals in their pens.

    Crosby: This interview is over.

    Kyle walks off, blending into the crowd of people as the camera pans upward and fades to black.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    We cut to a shot of Orlando Maxwell with microphone in hand, walking down a backstage hallway. He looks a little nervous but ultimately is excited.

    Orlando: "Greetings CWA fans, and welcome to the day of Redemption! I'm sure you've all been caught up in the hype of everything that is going on, and is planned to transpire, but tonight is a very huge night for say the least!"

    Orlando finally walks up to a specific dressing room, where the emblem on the front of the door is instantly recognizable. A huge red cobra with a Canadian maple leaf on the inside. He eagerly knocks on the door a few times. After a few moments, the word "ENTER!" booms from the other side. Orlando opens the door and slowly steps inside. What was once a normal locker room has been modified and outfitted to look almost like a war room or barracks of some sort. However the room is eluminated by a dark red light from the far corner, so It's hard to make out a lot of the surroundings. As he walks, he can see a dark masked figure standing behind a table at the the ready. The man is wearing an all black outfit that has the emblem on the chest. He then slowly extends a gloved hand outward motioning towards a chair that has been carefully placed in front of the table.

    Masked figure: "Please, by all means Orlando Maxwell. Join me, have a seat...can I get you anything?"

    Orlando is slightly afraid and confused, he swallows a bit then bravely responds.

    Orlando: "No, no thank you. Mister?"

    The figure laughs quietly to himself for a brief second then abruptly stops.

    Masked figure: "Please Mr. Maxwell, don't insult my intelligence. You know exactly who I am, and I would hope you realize what you may have potentially gotten yourself into."

    Orlando's eyes dart around the room nervously, scanning for any signs of a possible threat. But even with his eyes adjusting, It's still too dark to see anything clearly.

    Orlando: "What, what are you talking about?"

    Masked figure: "No more questions at this time."

    Behind the masked man are detailed reports and information on a bulletin board, almost resembling a "battle plan" if you will. The man reaches into a file cabinet and pulls out three dossiers, which he then carefully places on the table. He casually motions for Orlando to pick one up. He does so, and inside the first dossier is various pictures as well as detailed information on Cj Franchise.

    Orlando: "What exactly is the meaning of all of this, what is the purpose?"

    Masked figure: "I've learned many valuable lessons throughout my life Mr. Maxwell. Many of which came with a hefty price. Regardless of the trials I have been through, one rule has always been essential."

    Orlando pages through the file some more, then sets it down, still opened up.

    Orlando: "Oh yeah, and what is that?"

    The man does not speak at first, for he just stares at Orlando to the point where It's as if a chill sweeps through the room.

    Masked figure: "Know your enemy Mr. Maxwell, and know him well. It did not start with Cj Franchise, but he will soon be a crucial factor in the end of two others. Cj and I actually have a few things in common whether you choose to believe that or not. However, where his strengths end, his weakness also begins. He is a wealthy man, young, talented in various ways, and very cocky...too cocky for his own good."

    Orlando: "Well, to be honest not a lot of people like him."

    Masked figure: "Yes, this a crucial element that fuels the fire to his weakness. He has every right to be cocky, given his talent and ability. But without the proper thought and control, this is just one of many tools that can be used to bring him down. Ultimately, he boasts about living a straight edge lifestyle, and that anyone who doesn't adhere to that is a parasite. There's another similarity. I can see the sense in keeping a healthy mind and body, but his number one priority isn't himself. It's the exact same parasites who he denounces. If he didn't care and didn't focus on everyone else so much, he might actually be a champion right now. So at the end of the day he poses no real threat to me, and he will simply be another instrument of destruction used by me. Then when he is done and has served his purpose, he will be discarded. Collateral damage if you will."

    Orlando picks up one of the other files and starts to connect the dots in his head. He opens the dossier to see the same high level in-tel, but on Ralph McCoy. The man seems pleased and rubs his hands together.

    Masked figure: "I'm glad you have selected that file next, for he is the next step to the process. Whatever I have said about Cj Franchise, Ralph McCoy is the opposite. Don't worry though, I haven't underestimated him in the least bit. This man is nothing but a shell, and in more ways than one. Sure he can put up a fight in a match or two once in a while. But what little talent he actually has, he lacks everything else required to truly be great. Instead of taking things seriously, or focusing on systematically taking out each opponent. He just focuses on the little nothings in his meaningless life. Using cutesy catch phrases, stupid jokes, and carnival antics to amuse his brain washed fans. He really has no motivation or true driving force to win or even consider being a champion. This will burn through his little clown mask he wears, and cost him more than a match. I hope he plans on having his horse to drag away his pathetic carcass."

    Orlando frowns, the color leaving his face as he now looks solemn and grim.

    Masked figure: "What's the matter Mr. Maxwell? Clearly you of all people should have known this day would come."

    Orlando: "I don't know who you think you are, or what you plan on doing. But everything that you have said just sounds completely absurd!"

    The man points to the last dossier sitting next to him on the table.

    Masked figure: "Is it absurd Mr. Maxwell? I highly doubt that I even need to remind you who's detailed in that file."

    Orlando: "Steve Ryan!"

    Masked figure: "Yes, the final piece to this intricate little puzzle we have here."

    Orlando can't see the mans face, but there is a certain satisfaction in his voice. As if he's getting a sick thrill out of this whole experience. Orlando can only picture the perverted smile on his face.

    Orlando: "Whatever you think you have planned, there's no way It's going to work."

    The man abruptly and viciously slams his fist down on the table, catching Orlando off guard and causing him to jump out of his seat.

    Masked figure: "IT MOST CERTAINLY WILL WORK. You just wait and see, Mr. Maxwell. When you let me into this company, there was no way you could predict the rage that you were going to unleash on Its employees. In a sense, you were the one who opened the flood gates. The single person responsible for poisoning the water. You were the one to let the snake out, knowing more so than others just how deadly it was. Now Steve Ryan will suffer for what you have brought upon him. Just like McCoy and just like you, he probably hasn't even had two thoughts about me. You're all fools. All of you. You think you would learn from your mistakes at this point, but you all continue to write me off and underestimate me."

    Out of nowhere the man takes off his hooded mask, revealing the sharp features and devious grin of Kyle Crosby.

    Orlando: "Did you actually think that you had me confused? Of course I knew it was you. Who else would it be, the "Cobra Commander"?"

    Kyle flips the table sending it crashing across the room.

    Kyle Crosby: "YOU JUST DON'T GET IT! There's nothing you can do now! Destiny has a sick way of of fulfilling itself sometimes, and fate is only that of which you make it. I don't believe in luck, because I make my own luck. Some might say that I'm outnumbered going into my match against three other opponents. But no one knows what I know, they can't see what I see with these eyes! Everything that has happened has lead us to this day and this moment. It doesn't matter how Steve Ryan plays his cards, he already has a losing hand. He's going down with the ship whether he chooses to or not! Go out there and stand at ringside with all those clueless fans Orlando. Franchise, McCoy, and Ryan will all recognize the truth, and see just how good I actually am...and what better truth serum then an overdose of that Canadian Venom! August eleventh is the day of my Redemption, and this is the day, THAT THE CANADIAN COBRA-WILL RISE!"

    Kyle is out of breath from yelling at Orlando, he breaths heavily as he stands there looking possessed.

    Kyle Crosby: "Get him out of my sight."

    Orlando Maxwell is caught off guard as two masked figures appear out of nowhere and escort him out of the room.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    The Scene opens to the inside of a car at night time, in Montpelier Vermont. It just after 9 pm and Lacey has been instructed to track down and interview Kyle Crosby for his match on High Voltage. So far she isn't having the best luck, so she calls Orlando Maxwell on his cell phone...

    Orlando Maxwell: *after three rings* Hello?

    Lacey: Hey, It's me. Just where in the hell is this place I'm supposed to meet him again? I've been driving around this stupid city for a half an hour now.

    Orlando: Yeah, I'm not exactly to sure myself on this one.

    Lacey: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Ugh, why can't you send someone else to do this crap? You don't even have an address?

    Orlando: Nope sorry, just the name. Seedy's Bar, but look I gotta go. Text me later on if you ever find it.

    Lacey: FINE BYE! *click*
    Lacey pulls off the main street onto a side street and parks the car to collect herself. It is at this very moment that she looks across the street and sees her destination.

    She breaths a sigh of relief, but then remembers where she's at and gets kind of scared. She is sure to lock the door before she attempts to cross the street to the bar. She walks inside and immediately everyone turns and stares her down. The room is filled with smoke and the typical cast of disgusting sleaze balls that might expect to find. She cringes at the smell of alcohol, piss, and body odor. She decides to ignore the men staring at her, and bravely ask the bartender.

    Lacey: Um, excuse me.

    The bartender barely looks up from what he's doing.

    Lacey: I'm looking for a Mr. Kyle Crosby, is he here by any chance?

    Bartender: Yeah, who wants to know?

    Lacey: I work for the Clique Wrestling Alliance, I was told I could reach him here.

    The bartender spits on the floor then responds gruffly.

    Bartender: Is that a fact toots? You ain't no freakin' cop are ya?

    Lacey looks confused and more annoyed.

    Lacey: No, is he here or not? I don't have time for this crap.

    The bartender stares her down for a minute, then smirks a little.

    Bartender: You got some spunk in ya toots, I'll give ya that. Head in the back, second door on your right, knock twice then say Apples and Oranges.

    Lacey breaths another sigh of relief, thanks the bartender then quickly makes her way into the back of the bar towards a steel door. She raps on the door twice, and a little peep hole at eye level opens.

    Guy: Yeah?

    Lacey: Um, apples and oranges?

    The peep hole shuts, and you can hear several locks unlatched, then door opens. Lacey steps inside and begins walking down a narrow flight of stairs as the door slams shut behind her. There are various men in suits walking around the basement doing various things, many are carrying guns. At the far end of the room sits a man behind a table. As she nears, he stands up and walks in front of his desk to greet her.

    Masked Man: So nice of you to join me again, Miss Lacey. Why don't you have a seat.

    Lacey sits down gingerly, still eying her surroundings worriedly.

    Lacey: Wait a minute, you're Kyle Crosby?

    Kyle Crosby: Oh course, who else were you expecting?

    Crosby sits on the edge of the desk, motioning towards the X-Fly championship belt placed behind him.

    Lacey: Was all of this really necessary?

    Crosby: I'm not sure what you are referring to, but if you mean the secrecy and protection then yes, absolutely.

    Lacey: Are you crazy or something?

    Crosby: Are you a broad that's easy to know for less than ten bucks a pop? Get outta here, come on.

    Lacey now gets mad as she feels insulted.

    Crosby: Cool your jets babe, I kid. What can I say? Sometimes I'm a funny guy. Sometimes I can also be quite hospitable.

    Lacey snorts a little to herself.

    Lacey: Yeah Right. *she mumbles*

    Crosby: What, can I get you a drink?

    Lacey glares a hole right through Kyle, mask and all.

    Crosby: Anyways, make it short sweetheart. I gots business to take care of.

    Lacey sighs and shakes her head before continuing.

    Lacey: In your last match, you ended up facing Ralph McCoy instead of Steve Ryan. Yet you still managed to retain your title-*Kyle cuts her off abruptly*

    Crosby: Whoa whoa whoa there babe, slow your roll for just one second okay? Managed, I managed to retain my title? What kind of low life reporter are you anyways? I invite you into to my fine establishment, I offer you a drink, and you repay my kindness with insults? Baby, if you're trying to win my heart this sure ain't the way to do it.

    Lacey: Will you cut the crap with this whole act you're pulling here? I'm not buying into any of it, so stop wasting my time.

    Kyle pulls a small knife out and slams it down into the desk top angrily.

    Crosby: You want me to cut the crap, how's about I cut that crap sitting on your shoulders off and mail it home to ya mother for Christmas?!

    The color leaves Lacey's face as she is now really scared.

    Crosby: Forget that Steve Ryan guy, he's nothing. As far as Ralph McCoy is concerned, I don't know about managing to beat him. But I sure beat him pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. Those guys shouldn't be a problem anymore. They poked their big fat noses in all the wrong places, and they gonna pay for it. Ya catch my drift?!

    Lacey just nods slowly, as she's too scared to respond.

    Crosby: As for my next match on High Voltage. I'll be teaming up with the Five Star Classic Mr. Showtime. As you may have already figured out, this is perfectly okay by me. Cause when ya really think about it, he's my kind of guy. As for him and the whole Submission Coalition posse they got going, I ain't got no gripe with those fellas. We stay outta each others way for the most part, then in times like this, I scratch their back, they scratch mine. Business gets handled, It's a solid investment for everyone and we all go home happy, kapeesh?

    Lacey gathers her courage then asks the next question.

    Lacey: So what about your opponents, Clint Shepard and Lucha Grande?

    Kyle and a decent amount of the guys in the room all share a hearty laugh for a moment, then he responds casually.

    Crosby: Come on doll, take a good look around you. Do you think I'm worried? Do I sound worried? Baby please, you're killing me here. This El Lucha guy-what's his name, I've seen him. Sure, he's big and has a lot of power. But I'm starting to think It's too much for the big boy to handle. Does he even know what's going on in CWA half the time? Can he even speak English? Forget about it, he'll be taken care of in time, unless he takes care of himself first.

    Crosby pulls out a snub nosed pistol and places it on the table, to which Lacey is now fixated on.

    Crosby: As for Clint Shepard, sure I gots some respect for the guy. Heck, he been wrestling in this business now for what, forty something years? He's paid his dues and done his thing, and we even met once before. But this time will be different. It's time for nature to take Its course, call it natural selection if you will. The cobra is workin' his way up the ranks, and I think It's high time we start cuttin' off the fat. Know what I mean?

    Lacey: *still staring at the gun* I-I, I think so, M-Mr. Crosby.

    Kyle walks over placing a hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently.

    Crosby: Don't worry about it, the match is in the bag. Unless there's something else in there...

    Lacey's eye go wide after hearing that remark.

    Crosby: Now, you've been a lovely guest and everything. But unless you want to get to know me on a more personal level, I suggest ya hit the bricks and beat it girlie.

    Lacey stands up quickly. Kyle motions towards two guys across the room.

    Crosby: Henry, Tony, show this broad the door will ya?

    Lacey leaves as the two men escort her out, and the scene fades to black.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    We cut to shot back stage where we see a door propped halfway open, with a bucket balanced on top. Behind the camera and off to the right we hear muffled laughter and chuckling. A moment or two goes by, then Lacey opens the door...only to have oatmeal mixed with purple food dye dump down on top of her.

    Lacey: OH MY GOD-WHAT THE HELL?!?!

    Lacey begins to shake as she angrily wipes lumps of purple oatmeal out of her hair. She squeals with frustration as Orlando Maxwell walks up trying not to laugh.

    Orlando Maxwell: What happened here?


    Orlando: Do you know who could have done this?


    Orlando: Well, go get yourself cleaned up.

    Lacey storms off leaving a messy trail behind her on the floor as Orlando shakes his head in amusement. The smile on his face disappears when he realizes someone is standing behind him. He spins around quickly to come face to face with....The Joker?

    Joker: *Whispering*Boo-AHAHAHAHAHA!

    The man in front of Orlando is wearing a cartoon Jokers mask and a purple suit. Orlando is no longer amused.

    Orlando: Just what the heck is going on here?

    Joker: Why just having a little fun and games there Maxie boy! I certainly got you to laugh now didn't I?!

    Orlando: I'm not laughing anymore.

    Joker: Awwwwww, why such a sour puss? That prank wasn't intended for poor little Lacey, but come to think of it...she had it coming anyway-AHAHAHAHA!

    Orlando: Am I gonna need to call security? Just who in the heck are you anyway? Don't waste any more of my time.

    The Joker squeezes the flower attached to his jacket and squirts Orlando with water.


    Orlando angrily steps backwards trying to avoid the water and in turn slips on some of the oatmeal falling onto the floor.


    The Joker rips off his mask revealing himself to be none other than Kyle Crosby! Orlando for once is actually surprised by this.

    Orlando: Why, you?! Why...

    Kyle Crosby: Why so serious there Maxie boy? Can't cha take a little joke?!

    Orlando:..why I outta.

    Kyle tosses a handkerchief at Orlando then smirks.

    Crosby: Ha, you outta what? That little joke was meant for my joke of an opponent tonight. What's his name, Shock Tart 5000 or something? Not like it really matters, cause no one cares! At the end of the night, no one will remember his name, or even care that he was ever on tv. But they will remember, the message that I'm gonna be sending out to my supposed number one competitor.

    Kyle turns and looks down the hallway to see security coming, he ignores Orlando who is now standing up and looks directly into the camera.

    Crosby: Clint Shepard, I don't know what the bigger joke is right now. The fact that I have to face you at Meltdown, or the fact that you actually get a shot at my X-Fly championship! Well buddy boy, I hope you're paying attention to my match tonight. Cause It's just a small taste of what you're gonna get at Meltdown! Shock Tart boy is gonna get his dose of the Canadian venom, but I'm gonna go out of my way and whip up a special batch.... JUST FOR YOU!

    Security is closing in on Kyle so he begins to run off in the opposite direction. As he runs away he points at the doorway and yells.


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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    We fade into a shot of a plaque on a wall reading,"The Westin Palace Madrid". The camera pans to the right and you can see glass windows that look into the glamorous hotels big gym. The camera pans a little bit more in front of the doors and we see Orlando Maxwell on his cell phone nervously pacing back and fourth.

    Orlando: What do you mean Lacey is refusing to take this interview?! I know he's a hard head, and I'll admit he makes me mad sometimes. But this man is our X-Fly champion, and we need an interview for his match at Meltdown!

    Orlando nods a few times and mutters,"Yeah." "Fine." Then he begins shaking his head in disagreement, the stress is apparent on his face as sweat now rolls down his forehead.

    Orlando: Look, I don't care who you get then, just get somebody! But this is coming out of her paycheck!

    In the background you hear the shuffling of someone running down a hall, Orlando spins around as Timothy Coleman runs out from behind the corner. He takes a brief second to catch his breath.

    Coleman: I just got a text that said you needed me sir?

    Orlando: I didn't know you or the staff from Adrenaline Rush had the money to afford staying at this hotel.

    Coleman looks embarrassed and begins to stammer, but Orlando cuts him off.

    Orlando: In any case, he doesn't completely hate your guts from what I remember.

    Orlando shoves a cordless microphone into Tim's hand.

    Orlando: Get in there and interview him about his match, now! Just uh, be never know if he'll try something stupid.

    Orlando who is still on the phone arguing storms off leaving the nervous Timothy Coleman with the cameraman. Coleman slowly opens the door to the gym and is immediately blasted in the face by the sounds of Sum 41's "Still Waiting". He walks past an array of different equipment and machines that are all empty, as the gym is rented out just for Kyle Crosby's personal use. Tim finally nears Kyle who is drenched in sweat, wearing nothing but shorts and running shoes and is sprinting away full speed on a tread mill. All the while, his attention is focused on a big screen tv in front of him playing a match with Clint Shepard. Tim attempts to yell over the music.

    Coleman:EXCUSE ME, MR. CROSBY?!

    Kyle is so focused he doesn't notice Tim at first, but then finally he turns the music off and slows the treadmill down to a jog as he drinks from a bottle of water.

    Crosby: What do you want? You don't work for High Voltage anymore.

    Coleman: They sent me to interview you because Lacey is still mad about what you did before. I didn't know you liked Sum 41?

    Kyle smiles a little bit, then the serious look returns to his face.

    Crosby: Why wouldn't I like them? They're one of the best bands to come out of Toronto. But are you telling me you aren't nervous being here Timmy? I could have something special planned for you as well.

    Tim gulps nervously, scanning the gym room with his eyes.

    Coleman: Yes sir, I'm a bit nervous. But for one, I'm pretty sure you don't hate me. And two, even with the things you do outside the ring. Your match with Clint Shepard is right around the corner, I think you'll be more focused on that instead.


    It seems as if Kyle was about to freak out, but then he caught himself and calms down a little.

    Crosby:..but Timmy boy, when did you suddenly grow a pair? I appreciate your honesty, and I admire that you're able to actually talk properly instead of stammering and bumbling like that idiot Lacey.

    Tim stands a little taller and nods patiently.

    Crosby: But like I was saying, of course I'm focused on my match with Clint Shepard. You've heard me talk and say all the mean things I have about him and his age, and you've heard about all the pranks and little mishaps he has been having lately, right?

    Coleman: Yeah, a lot of people are upset with you. Some are even saying you don't deserve to be the champion at this point.

    A big grins creeps across Kyle's face as he stops the treadmill and steps off directly in front of Timothy.

    Coleman: That makes you happy?

    Crosby: It certainly does...

    Coleman looks confused

    Coleman: Um, why exactly?

    Crosby: Everybody knows about my in ring talent Tim, you can see me on High Voltage all the time and realize how good of a competitor I am. But my talent, my strategy, and my game plan don't stop there. You, the fans, Orlando Maxwell, and especially Clint Shepard...are just biting right into this big meal of lies and deception and you're falling for all of it. But you should have realized something else before you even took your first bite.

    Kyle pauses, staring at Tim intently. Tim looks kind of scared.

    Coleman: And what's that?

    Kyle's smile gets even wider.

    Crosby: Your food was laced, or poisoned if you will....with Canadian Venom! You see, I just don't dominate my opponents in the ring. I discover, exploit, and destroy them using all of their weaknesses. Clint Shepard is a well rounded mat technician and seasoned worker in this business. Is he better than me? No. Does he have more experience than me? Yes. In a wrestling match alone, it could go either way between us, cause we're both great. But I'm not leaving it up to chance, and I'm not underestimating him. I have gone to all lengths to make sure that I am fully prepared in every aspect that I can be to face him. Have I been hitting the gym? Oh, you better believe it. I'm in the best shape of my life. But I've also went back to the basics, working on my Greco Roman wrestling for eight hours a day. Clint Shepard has been in hundreds upon hundreds of matches over the years, and I've had them all sent to me on dvd to study everything he can and will possibly do.

    Coleman nods in approval.

    Coleman: So why all the other stuff then, outside of the ring?

    Crosby: That's the key to everything. If you talk to Clint Shepard, he'll say that I'm some young punk who is a little high on himself, and thinks that I can beat him because he's old. That is his biggest mistake. He has underestimated and misjudged me, just so like so many other people. I can match his skills in the ring, but with the way he views me, he doesn't see me as the threat that I am. So come Meltdown, I'll be ready, he'll be improperly prepared, AND I WILL BEAT HIM. Now leave, I must keep training and studying for my match.

    Coleman looks at the camera

    Coleman: This has been Timothy Coleman speaking with Kyle Crosby. We'll see you at Meltdown folks.

    The scene fades to black.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    "Seizure Of Power" plays as we return and the crowd is already booing who they know is going to walk out. Kyle Crosby carefully walks out from the back onto the entrance ramp. He is wearing worn out looking converse, blue jeans, his "New Generation" t-shirt, as well as a black zip up hoodie and sunglasses. With the X-Fly title slung over his shoulder, he pushes the sunglasses down his nose a bit, as he looks around the arena taking in the negativity of the capacity crowd. Finally, he clears his throat, then raises the cordless mic he's holding up to his face to speak.

    Kyle Crosby: So, you people here in Little Rock, aren't pleased to see me huh?

    Kyle holds his hands out as the crowd boo's even louder than before, to which Kyle just nods and scratches his chin.

    Kyle Crosby: Understandably so, I haven't been the nicest guy to be around lately. I'll admit, I was wrong in some of the things I did to Mr. Shepard leading up to our match at Meltdown...and........and, "I'm sorry".

    The boo's die down as the crowd begins to listen intently. Kyle takes off his sunglasses, and clips them to the collar of his shirt.

    Kyle Crosby: Did you all see our match at Meltdown? I believe I handled things in a very professional and respectable manner.

    Kyle looks up at the titantron as footage from their Match at Meltdown is shown. First you see Crosby extending his hand to shake Clint Shepard's hand. Then the video cuts to a shot after the match was over, where the bloody but victorious Kyle Crosby shakes the hand of his fallen foe.

    Crosby smiles a bit then continues.

    Kyle Crosby: I've gotten to know Clint quite a bit these past few weeks and I gotta admit, not only have I learned an awful bit about him....but I've discovered quite a few things about myself as well. If I do say so myself, I believe that I stand here before you a changed man!

    A few people in the audience actually applaud, but the majority stay silent or mumble amongst themselves.

    Kyle Crosby: Clint, I've learned that you and I aren't so different after all. In fact, we have a lot in common you and I.

    Kyle looks back up at the titantron as a short video plays showing pictures and explaining how Clint started wrestling out of high school, and that in his storied career he has wrestled all over the world. Early into his career he struggled with alcoholism, but was able to overcome his addiction when he lost his father because of a drunk driver. The video then ends showing Clint smiling with his wife Grace, and their beautiful 5 year old daughter Abigail.

    Kyle Crosby: You see Clint, both of my parents both struggled with alcoholism too. When I was eight years old, I lost my mother in a car accident too...except she was the one who was drunk.

    The crowd has fallen silent as it appears Kyle is overcome by emotion. After taking a moment, he coughs a little bit then continues.

    Kyle Crosby: I also started wrestling out of high school, and while I haven't wrestled all over the world. I did wrestle in the UK as well as Japan. However, my career can't even come close to comparing to yours.

    The crowd seems to agree as Kyle stands there clapping his hands slowly.

    Kyle Crosby: But you want to know what the huge difference between you and I is Clint? You may have lost your father, but you were able to have a nice and loving relationship with him. My father, on the other hand....DIDN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ME! IS MY FATHER STILL ALIVE? I think so, BUT FOR ALL INTENSIVE PURPOSES HE MIGHT AS WELL BE DEAD! HE DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING TO ME!

    Kyle is sweating profusely and breathing heavily as he is losing all self control. The crowd is momentarily stunned.

    Kyle Crosby: I don't feel sorry for you, in fact I'm glad your father died. IF MY FATHER DIDN'T LOVE ME, WHY SHOULD YOU BE LOVED?! But like I said, we have similarities....if one of us must suffer, THEN LET US BOTH SUFFER!

    The crowd really let's Crosby hear it now. He just smiles, laughing to himself, as he then holds up one hand.

    Kyle Crosby: Then I realized you had something else that I don't have....a loving family.

    The patented demonic grin, sweeps across the distorted face of Kyle as he looks directly into the camera.

    Kyle Crosby: Remember when your rental car didn't work right, and your flight home to Phoenix was suddenly canceled? Yeah, sorry...that was because of me hahahaha. But don't worry, I knew they would be I paid them a visit in my free time. ROLL THAT FOOTAGE!

    Kyle once again looks at the titantron as yet another video plays showing Kyle standing outside the luxurious home of Clint Shepard. Kyle is holding the camera as he walks around the side of the house then stands next to a window where you can see Clint's daughter Abigail inside their living room coloring. While Shepard's wife is preparing some food in the kitchen. The video cuts ahead, to where the camera is now placed on a counter top facing Clint's family who are gagged and tied up to two chairs. Crosby now walks into view of the camera, and he is seen wearing Shepard's clothing. Both the wife and daughter are crying, Kyle takes his hand and gently wipes away their tears then carefully tastes them with his tongue.

    Kyle Crosby: Don't cry, daddy is here, and I love you. Oh how I love you. Do you both love me? Tell daddy you love him.

    Kyle removes Grace's gag and she blurts out in a raspy voice.

    Grace: Burn in hell you sick f-

    Before she can finish Kyle covers her mouth with his hand.

    Kyle Crosby: Please Grace, honey, not in front of your daughter! Now I know how much you love me, you love me right?

    Kyle forcefully makes Grace nod her head up and down.

    Kyle Crosby: That's right, see, It's not so bad. CAUSE YOU LOVE ME, YOU REEEEALLY LOVE ME!!

    Kyle laughs hysterically as he turns the camera off.

    The crowd is disgusted and appalled, some children throughout the arena in Little Rock are even crying. Kyle just stands there with his head cocked to one side, still smiling.

    Kyle Crosby: Don't worry Clint, your family is fine, in fact they're better than ever. We had ourselves a lovely little time. I just hope you now realize what you've gotten yourself involved in. Come Five Star Attraction, not only will I destroy and remove you, haha.....I'LL TAKE YOUR PLACE!

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    Clint is interrupted by the sound of Seizure of Power as Kyle Crosby walks out with crutches and a neck brace on, and the crowd erupts with boos, Kyle has a microphone in hand.

    Kyle Crosby: What? You people are happy with what that man did to me on the last High Voltage?

    Jim Taylor: I can't believe these fans here in Utah, I'm disgusted!

    The Crowd cheers, and some people even begin to chant, "Icon".

    Jack Adams: I think they just understand who the real Icon is, and soon to be X-Fly champion.

    Kyle Crosby: Not that it matters, and not that I really care what you....but I knew you fans would get off on this. As for you Clint, even though you're basically senile at this point, I think you're finally starting to get it.

    Clint Shepard: Just what is it that I get now?

    Crosby adjusts himself on his crutches, then tries to smile through the pain.

    Kyle Crosby: This is and always has been personal.......we're not so different you and I-

    Clint Shepard: I'M NOTHING LIKE YOU!

    Jim Taylor: Shepard is such an impatient man, let Mr. Crosby finish!

    Kyle Crosby: -We're connected. Roll the footage boys!

    Jack Adams: I'm not even sure I want to watch this.

    Kyle shifts so that he is looking at the titantron as a video plays:
    We see a familiar shot of Clint's wife and daughter tied up in his house. Crosby steps in front of the camera dressed up in Shepard's clothing.

    Kyle Crosby: Look at my family portrait.

    Kyle holds up a studio shot of Clint with his family, but Kyle has put his face where Shepard's head should be.

    Kyle Crosby: You won't admit it, but we're connected. The only problem, is that I am the champion. Your time is up, and now, I am going to replace you, remove you, and erase you.

    Kyle turns his attention back to Shepard's tied up family. You can hear Clint's wife screaming no with the gag in her mouth, and his daughter is crying.

    Kyle Crosby: Daddy isn't going to leave just yet, we still have time to take some new pictures for our family album!

    The screen goes black.

    Clint Shepard immediately jumps out of the ring and runs up the ramp.

    Jack Adams: Here we go, it looks like Clint is gonna get some well deserved pay back!

    Clint rams into Crosby who falls like a ton of bricks. Shepard who is over emotional, turns around to look at his wife and daughter again. He isn't paying attention however, as Kyle easily stands up ripping off his neck brace, throwing it to the side. Shepard's family are motioning for him to watch out, but It's too late. By the time Clint turns around, Kyle swings full force driving the crutch into Shepard's gut.

    Jack Adams: Now that was just uncalled for!

    Jim Taylor: You were all for pay back just a second ago, well turn about's fair play!

    Kyle finishes the job by smashing the crutch down over Clint's back sending him face down on the ramp. Shepard's family looks devastated, and the crowd is furious with Crosby.

    Kyle Crosby: ...And, the plot thickens!

    Crosby laughs and walks back stage as Shepard's family run up the ramp to check on him as we take our final commercial break of the evening.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    We cut the backstage area where we see Kyle Crosby moving quickly through a hallway. He is wearing track pants over his in ring attire, as well as a matching jacket. When he finally makes it the locker room area, he sees two large body guards standing outside a room. Then he notices the sign on the door that reads, "Clint Shepard". He walks over and is immediately stopped by the first guard, the other guard looks ready to fight.

    Guard#1: No one is permitted to see Mr. Shepard at this time, especially not you!

    Kyle Crosby: Aww come on fellas, this is important that I see him. We have an important match tonight, I need to discuss some strategy!

    Guard#1: If you don't leave now, we will be forced to make you leave.

    Kyle Crosby: Oh really?

    Kyle swings his head to the side so he facing the second security guard.

    Kyle Crosby: I'm sure chuckles here feels the same way right? Cause he clearly doesn't look like the brains of the operation!

    The second security guard is about to move when a voice is heard from inside the room. The first guard cracks open the door slight, sticking his head in. After some muffled talk and a few brief moments, the door is opened up.

    Guard#1: Alright, you can go in.

    Kyle Crosby: Finally!

    Guard#1: Just remember, you can't lay one hand on him. Plus, we'll be here the whole time.

    Kyle pats the guard on the shoulder and laughs.

    Kyle Crosby: Good to know you'll be looking after me for now on guys, go speak to my secretary about the location of my new hideout then when you leave.

    The guards both look at each other confused. Kyle doesn't seem to notice as he strides into the dressing room with a big grin on his face. Inside the room Clint is sitting at a desk with a laptop and webcam. Kyle can see that he is talking to his family, so he quietly tip toes across the room and sits on the couch adjacent to Shepard.

    Grace Shepard: We miss you honey! You be safe out there.

    Clint Shepard: I miss the both of you too, and don't you worry I'll be fine. What's that noise?

    Clint turns from the computer to face Kyle, who is playing with the zipper on his jacket and not really paying attention. Clint coughs sarcastically and Kyle looks up finally.

    Kyle Crosby: Finished the chit chat with Mumsy poo?

    Clint just glares at Kyle, who sits up on the couch so he's facing Clint directly.

    Kyle Crosby: Come on now buddy boy, I know we aren't the best of friends or anything, and.......well....wait a minute. Oh that's right, we aren't friends at all!

    Kyle starts shaking his his arms, hands, and is looking around really fast and is acting panicky.

    Kyle Crosby: As a matter of fact, some might go as far as to say you hate my stinking guts!

    Kyle suddenly covers his mouth as he gasps, he then lowers his voice to a whisper.

    Kyle Crosby: Some might even say, that you and I....that we're.....

    Kyle suddenly gets loud again.

    Kyle Crosby:...dare I say it, enemies!

    Clint doesn't look amused in the slightest as he crosses his arms. Kyle calms back down a little bit.

    Kyle Crosby: Awww, don't be a sour puss. You were "the Icon" after all right? Oh, that's right. You're still supposed to be "the Icon", haha my bad!

    Clint now looks really irritated and he looks ready to do something.

    Kyle Crosby: It's not that bad, besides...tonight we won't be fighting each other. Yeah that's right, I didn't stutter. In fact, we'll be teaming up to take on one of the best tag teams in CWA right now, if not the best tag team of all time. That's right I'm talking about that silly nonsensical Mouthful of Awesome that those nutty fans love so very very much! They aren't just the current tag team champs, they're also two time tag team champs to boot!

    Clint stands out of his chair as if he's going to leave. Kyle jumps up and sticks an arm out to stop him, but then yanks his arm back as if he almost touched lava.

    Kyle Crosby: I know your love for competition and this industry, come on dude we can beat them! I even thought up some sweet idea's for us as a team. Since you're first name is Clint, I could dress up as a famous Clint Eastwood character like dirty Harry or Josey Wales! It'd be awesome, and since your last name is Shepard, you could dress up as, well.....a shepard?

    Clint Shepard: Do you have any idea how much I would like to hit you right now? It's taking every fiber of being to hold myself back from doing it, I think about what you did to my family and it just makes me want to rip you to shreds...but that will have to wait I guess. Look you do whatever you wanna do, dress up in your silly costume I don't really care, as hard as it does sound let's just try and co exist tonight.

    Kyle Crosby: That's the spirit buddy boy!

    Kyle almost slaps Clint on the back but catches himself before doing so, Clint shoots him a look.

    Clint Shepard: We are not buddies, let's just get this over with tonight. I know what you're trying to do, you think I'm dumb? I know your mind games very well, that's all everything is to you, a game.

    Clint turns to leave but turns back towards Kyle to say one more thing.

    Clint Shepard: One more thing, even if we do win tonight, don't think it's over between us, because it won't be. See you out there....*sigh* partner.

    Clint walks out leaving Kyle standing there, who grins mischievously and mumbles to himself as he rubs his hands together.

    Kyle Crosby:That's right Clint, just keep thinking this is all a game...

    Crosby walks out after Clint as the camera fades to black.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    Collision Course returns from the commercial break, only the screen is blank and fuzzy. This is followed by a "Please Stand By" message, then finally the image comes in better, just enough so you can make out the masked man sitting on his throne: The Cobra Commander, Kyle Crosby!

    Kyle Crosby: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the very first, and uber special edition of Cobra-TV! Just like with anything I do, I have some nice surprises planned for everybody!

    Off to the side of the camera you catch a quick shot of a CWA employee tied up and gagged, who is trying to make noise. It appears Kyle Crosby has taken over the tech room in the back. Kyle turns his attention to the man.

    Kyle Crosby: Shut up you ingrate, you're witnessing history first hand here! Besides, It's the holiday season. I gave you one of my t-shirts, so be happy!

    Crosby turns his attention back to the camera.

    Kyle Crosby:
    Anyways...while you're at it, you could even consider me to be a nifty little public service announcement. So that all you kiddies can keep up on the latest scoops and inside news, coming to you right from your number one inside source......ME!

    Crosby snickers to himself quite a bit as he leans back, adjusting himself in his throne. He then sighs a little bit as he calms down.

    Kyle Crosby: Yes, good old Kyle has his little nose in almost everything it seems these days. Even in the places you wouldn't expect or even come to consider.

    Crosby takes his mask off sitting it on the floor next to him, he turns his attention to the camera as it zooms in a little bit. You can see that his expression is somewhat focused and serious for a change.

    Kyle Crosby:You people think I don't watch or pay attention to Adrenaline Rush?

    Kyle turns and pauses a minute as he seems to ponder this and maybe something else, then he looks back at the camera with a smug look on his face.

    Kyle Crosby: You're right, I don't really care what any of you parasites think to be honest. Of course I do. But do I expect you to doubt me? You know it, I mean just look at all the CWA *cough*super stars*cough* who have made that very same mistake! I mean come on, just take a look at that...

    Kyle turns slightly motioning towards the X-Fly championship belt which he has hanging on the wall in the background.

    Kyle Crosby:..Now I'm sure I can guess what else you're thinking.

    Kyle begins mockingly talking in a whiny voice.

    Kyle Crosby: What the heck, he tied up a bunch of CWA personnel and took over the tech truck, and then he had someone not only place a gigantic cobra throne in there, but he also had someone hang his title belt on the wall?!

    A huge smile falls across the face of the X-Fly champ as he waits a moment, then quickly responds.

    Kyle Crosby: You're damn right I did! Hahahaha.

    Crosby laughs a bit, as he seems to be thrilled with himself and the whole situation more than anyone could ever know. However finally he calms down.

    Kyle Crosby: But enough of the small talk, you little twerps want the dirt, you want the good stuff. So I'll give you some of that, starting with Diego Gonzalez, my opponent for tonight. I'm fully aware of this "gringo", and everything that he has to offer. Sure, he was the first ever CWA Continental champion. But did he win that title by facing me? Of course not, or I would be the Continental Champ as well as the current and reigning X-Fly champion!

    Kyle suddenly stands up, slinging his title belt over his shoulder, still looking at the camera.

    Kyle Crosby: This show is rightfully titled Collision Course. You may be one the "best" superstars that Adrenaline Rush has to offer "homes", but you have to be "loco" if you think you're better than me! I mean, with out mentioning anything else...I am Canadian hahaha!

    Kyle walks slightly to the right where you can just make out a person standing off camera.

    Kyle Crosby: I happened to run into an old acquaintance of mine, who is also better than you. Now in no way is this man my friend or colleague, but for tonight he is definitely an associate.

    The camera turns slightly revealing the solemn face of Rolando Fuentes, who looks irritated but determined.

    Rolando Fuentes: Okay Cobra, I'll be ready when the time comes. Do your thing, I'll do mine.

    Rolando walks off and the camera turns back to Crosby who is holding a poster of Clint Shepard. Which has a Santa hat and outfit crudely drawn on it with a sharpie.

    Kyle Crosby: Let's hope no one forgot the bigger picture! Oh, and Clint...lately you've seen that I can be quite the classy Canadian. Before you think about interfering or ruining my match, remember all the spiffy little things I've done for you! Happy Holidays everyone!

    Crosby laughs manically as the screen goes to black.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    The screen flickers to life, as the audience watching quickly realizes that we see the view from a hand held camera. The camera is resting on a porcelain counter in a bathroom facing the mirror, which is broken. Standing almost out of view and barely recognizable through the broken glass, is Kyle Crosby. Wearing black gym shorts along with a Clint Shepard t-shirt that has the name crossed out, Kyle holds his hand in front of his face as the blood drips into the sink.

    Kyle Crosby: Everything is pain, blood, suffering, and sacrifice. For some people, these things can drive and motivate an individual. For others, they can be major set backs.

    Kyle brings the cut hand up to his mouth, as he tentatively licks the blood a bit. He seems to be pondering various thoughts in his head as he then leans against the counter looking straight ahead.

    Kyle Crosby: You may be a deserving contender, and you may be a worthy opponent, but you will never be the X-Fly champion Clint. Everything with you is a set back, because you have tunnel vision. I understand you inside and out Clint, quite possibly better then you or anyone else. At one point, I even thought about how much we have in common, and that maybe we weren't so different. But we are nothing alike, just as you so blindly have reminded me on many occasions. You don't understand or appreciate all that I have tried to do for you.

    Kyle picks up the camera so that it is now facing himself through the broken bloody glass. You can just barely see his distorted face through it all.

    Kyle Crosby: You have come such a long way, only to accomplish very little. These parasitic fans worship you. They say you are a hero, an inspiration, and you bow to them, pander to them, and lower yourself to their level. You put them before yourself, and it makes you weak. For you to make any progress, there has to be someone pushing you. That's what I've tried to do Clint, I tried pushing you beyond your limits. But now we both know just how limited you really are. This is no longer about ability. I know better than anyone how talented you are, I have studied your career and matches endlessly.

    Kyle scratches his chin a bit, then clears his throat.

    Kyle Crosby: While I am obviously the better wrestler, I am also the smarter and more driven opponent. I have no limitations, and I am willing to do anything for the greater good of Me, Myself, and I!

    Kyle walks out of the bathroom and you can see that he is in an elaborate hotel suite. He stops next to the huge bed where he rested his X-Fly title belt, and he picks it up admiring it.

    Kyle Crosby: Just think about it Clint, think about what it has taken just for you to be where you're at now. For years you battled with alcoholism, and the only reason you were able to kick that, IS BECAUSE YOU HAD A "PUSH"...and by push, of course you know I'm referring to the death of your father. If he was still alive, if that drunk driver hadn't taken him from this world, you might be dead yourself you worthless piece of garbage!

    Kyle places the title belt back on the bed as he rips off the Shepard t-shirt he's wearing, and drapes it over his shoulder. He walks across the room to the fire place, where a dimly lit fire is barely burning. He places the camera on the mantle so that it is facing him and he tosses the shirt in the fire, as it roars to life. He picks up the infamous family portrait with his face pasted over Clint's. Kyle has a warm smile on his face.

    Kyle Crosby: You know, It's kind of sad and pathetic on my part actually. Throughout this whole experience, there was one brief window of opportunity that you could have taken advantage of.

    The smile disappears from Kyle's face as he takes the picture out of its frame.

    Kyle Crosby: There was a key moment, where I actually put my guard down and left myself exposed and vulnerable. I actually thought that I wanted to be you, and I wanted some of the things that you have that I don't.

    Kyle dips the edge of the photo in the fire, as he watches it slowly burn.

    Kyle Crosby: Your family is beautiful Clint, and they are also another beautiful weakness on your part. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas with them, I really do...because it might be the last time they see you in your current state and condition.

    The picture becomes fully engulfed in flames as Kyle places it in the fire place.

    Kyle Crosby: I spent my Christmas with the only two things that matter, myself and my X-Fly championship. I will do anything and everything it takes to beat you Clint. There is nothing you are able or willing to do, to actually stop me.

    Kyle picks up and looks directly into the camera. You can see the reflection of the flames burning in his eyes, as he glares with a maniacal possessed gaze.

    Kyle Crosby: See this face? Look into these cold eyes, this is what you will see for the rest of your sad miserable existence. Luck is no longer on your side, and it'll be a miracle if you even make it out alive.

    The all too familiar grin has made its way to Kyle's face, as he grins like a happy little devil.

    Kyle Crosby: You cannot escape your fate. Even if you leave this place, you can NEVER leave this place!

    Kyle is now breathing rather heavily as he seems to be enraged, yet some how happy.

    Kyle Crosby: Just to survive and see the sun, you'll have to turn yourself into what you never wanted to become...

    Kyle goes to turn off the camera, but pauses for a moment.

    Kyle Crosby: ..Come Five Star Attraction, the biggest match of your career, will see the rise of the "New Icon", and the demise of you! AHAHAHAHAHA!

    The laughter can be heard until the screen goes black.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    The crowd in Topeka Kansas has just witnessed a CWA dark match, as they eagerly await the beginning of High Voltage. The crowd grows silent with annoyance as a familiar song begins to play throughout the arena.

    The crowd remains in silence however, as several men in uniform begin setting up the stage area. Huge black, red, and white banners are hung next to the titantron bearing the Canadian Cobra insignia. A red carpet is laid out and a podium with a microphone and the same logo are placed at the front of the stage. Eventually the men finish their jobs and all stand at ease in a straight line behind the podium. It is at this time that another man walks out, though the people in attendance are some what confused at his appearance.

    He is of course holding the X-Fly championship, and he stands at the podium as the music dies down. For a minute, he looks around him admiring the stage set up and taking in the negativity of the crowd. He places the title belt in front of him, clears his throat, then he begins to speak.

    Black Skull: Greetings, dwellers of the rural infestation known as Topeka!

    The crowd quickly picks up the hint and begins to verbally retaliate.

    Black Skull: Yes, I'm not entirely thrilled to be here in your presence either to be honest. You may not like Kyle Crosby and you may even hate him, quite frankly, I could care less as you all are beneath the insects that he steps on. However you will respect him, and if you know what's good for you, you will fear him!

    Many members of the audience begin to chant "BORING!" along with the ever present boos that accompany it.

    Black Skull: But enough acknowledgment of you pathetic creatures. This presentation is an important one, as it is about one man who you all have come to know of quite well.......Kyle Crosby! 2010 was a year that brought major changes here to the Clique Wrestling Alliance, and arguably there are none bigger than the Cobra Commander himself!

    Black Skull turns around to face the titantron, which shows a picture of Kyle Crosby forcing Steve Ryan to submit to the Cobra Stretch.

    Black Skull: Early on, many were warned that the Rise of the Cobra was coming. Like many great philosophers, I was correct in my prediction. For it wasn't just a guess, it was a promise when I revealed Kyle's plan to then general manager Orlando Maxwell. At Redemption, the result of various strategic and well placed moves all came into fruition as Kyle Crosby forced Steve Ryan to submit. Resulting in the crowning of a new X-Fly champion!

    As the crowd chants "YOU SUCK!", Black Skull turns the titantron once again as a picture of Clint Shepard appears. To which the crowd changes their tone and cheers hard for.

    Black Skull: Yes yes, cheer for your so called and fallen "hero". It was at this time that powers at work decided on a new contender for Crosby's title....and what a contender he was. Not long after, he was given his first of what would come to be many chances. Little did he know that he was being thrown in over his head, and he would be swimming with the sharks. With the blood in the water, the hungriest and most vicious shark struck without any mercy.

    A picture of Clint Shepard submitting to the Cobra Stretch at Meltdown is shown.

    Black Skull: At the time, Clint Shepard was far from done as he felt he had something...."to prove" to everyone. It was a long and hard fought road from Meltdown to the pinnacle event: Five Star Attraction.

    A picture of Diego Gonzalaz is shown tapping out to the Cobra Stretch at Collision Course.

    Black Skull: Everyone was behind "The Icon" in his efforts, only he fell horribly short and the result was ultimately the same.

    A picture is shown of Clint Shepard tapping out to the Cobra Stretch at Five Star Attraction.

    Black Skull: So many of you miserable ingrates refuse to appreciate and acknowledge your reigning X-Fly champion. It is as if you all have a veil of stupidity and ignorance held over your little bloated heads. You knew this was coming, you all were warned and did you heed this information? Of course not. All of you mindless sheep continue to fall in line and follow the path that is chosen for you. As if all of your thoughts and choices are predetermined, as you blindly worship your false idols. One day, and in some way shape or form, you will come to understand, realize, and appreciate just what he is doing for not just himself....but for all of you!

    Black skull abruptly turns and walks off stage as a picture of Kyle Crosby holding his title at Five Star Attraction is shown. After a brief moment, Crosby himself emerges from the back to a barrage of boos from the capacity crowd.

    Kyle Crosby: Dear sweet people here in Kansas, don't all you hesitate to thank me at once. I'm not going anywhere!

    Kyle slings his title over his shoulder as he looks around a bit.

    Kyle Crosby: As you all know, the landscape here in CWA is constantly changing and evolving. Of course I am the most obvious improvement, but most recently King Johns took over the reigns as the general manager of High Voltage. This would lead to the decision for yours truly to be booked in an eight man one hundred thousand dollar New Years gauntlet match, for tonight's episode of High Voltage.

    Pictures of Peter Jacobs and Eddie Von Gunner appear on screen.

    Kyle Crosby: Let us take a quick gander at the opponents I'll be facing in my match. On one hand we have the rusty and broken Eddie Gunner. Who if I remember correctly has already been beaten by yours truly. I look forward to once again inflicting pain on this imbecile. Calls himself "Top 40" to remind us that he was never able to get a song anywhere near a best sellers list, then decided he'd give wrestling the old go around. Remember that phrase,"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."? Well some things can never be fixed, and soon enough to the delight of everyone, I will dispose of that ridiculous piece of trash.

    A few people in the audience actually clap as Kyle laughs to himself a little bit.

    Kyle Crosby: The next in line is a delusional man who suffers from the same sense of stupidity that Gunner does apparently. A man who refers to himself as "The Gambler". Well there's his first mistake right there. You don't belong here in wrestling, and you have the bellowing beer gut to prove it. I am in no way a betting man nor do I believe in "chance", and in my life and from my experiences I have proved that there is no such thing as luck. Jacobs, I'm sure you have worked yourself up and filled your fat head with all kinds of silly nonsense to think that you could possibly go anywhere in this company. Consider your hand busted old fart as I'll gladly put you in your place.

    Pictures of Tigre Santos and Clint Shepard are then displayed.

    Kyle Crosby: Santos has been brought aboard here on High Voltage as a possible contender for my title. As with almost anyone who they consider to put against me, I am of course insulted that they would put this guy on television let alone pay him money. Just because he has some internet hype and apparently had some "good matches in Mexico", that makes him a possible contender to face me?! He's no better then the man formerly known as "The Icon" Clint Shepard. I am the true icon in this company and business. As long long as he is still here, I eagerly await to kick him while he is down and savor every juicy moment of his pain and misery hahaha.

    Pictures of NovaKain, El Luchadore Grande, and Mr. Willis are now shown as the crowd openly cheers for their favorites.

    Kyle Crosby: Ah, I see you have heard of the final three contestants. Don't worry, so have I. I always scout any and every opponent ahead of time, long before I am ever booked in a match with any of them. So that when the time comes, I am most certainly ready and prepared to dismantle and destroy them piece by piece. I would like to openly express just how much I love and enjoy hurting other people to get to where I need to be. Hey, if you're gonna make it to the top, why not enjoy stepping on several faces along the way! Right there the proverbial "gun" comes into play. You could say that NovaKain am I have several things in common at first, but not if you break the skin and go in a little deeper. I admire and appreciate his thirst for blood and destruction, as not everyone can do what is necessary to get what they want. But his lack of smarts, common sense, and much needed skill are what will be his ultimate downfall. This man focuses so much on religion, government, authority, and even goes out of his way to show that he is a "non conformist". Well let me be the first person to tell you that none of that will help you in the ring. This fool has the audacity to call himself "The Fastest Rising Star is the history of the CWA". Remember that gun I mentioned? I believe you speak of it quite frequently. Well before you get a chance to explode or burn out, I'll do yourself and everyone else the favor, and gladly....."pull the trigger"!

    The crowd is indifferent to Crosby's words as the picture of NovaKain disappears from the titantron.

    Kyle Crosby: Next on the countdown of potential victims, we have the self proclaimed "Mr. Sports Entertainment". A loud mouth doggy with overbearing amounts of bark, yet very little bite to go with it. Oh don't get me wrong he can hold his own against various opponents. But let's be real here....having a lot to say and being voted "Babyface of the Year" didn't exactly win him a title now did it? There are various rumors circulating that Willis isn't very found of me either. Aside from the countless hours and days of sleep that I have missed, you have no idea how much I have worried about how someone like Mr. Dip-Face, riding on his high horse doesn't want to be my friend! I like how people like him have somehow overshadowed the greatness of someone like me in this company. If taking you out and putting you in your rightful place is what I have to do to get myself to the main event where I belong, then you best believe I will do it without any hesitation!

    The crowd chants the name of Willis relentlessly as his picture disappears as well. Leaving El Luchadore Grande's picture up on the big screen. The crowd cheers quite loudly for him as he is a big star not only in Mexico, but all over the world as well.

    Kyle Crosby: Finally we have the next mistake chosen by the ever so bright members of our CWA staff. The next contender for my X-Fly championship, El Luchadore Grande! I can pretty much imagine how they thought this one up.

    Kyle talks talks in a mocking whiny voice.

    Kyle Crosby: Oh man, Kyle actually beat Clint Shepard on various occasions, and he was one of the best technical wrestlers in our company! How will we ever find someone good enough to beat him?! Oh wait, I know! That Luchadore Grande, he dwarfs Crosby in both size and strength! Clearly he will be the downfall of that menacing and technically gifted Cobra! Hahahaha!

    The crowd groans a collective sigh of annoyance and boredom as they're getting sick of listening to Kyle rant.

    Kyle Crosby: Grande, if you're listening and even if you are, you probably can't even understand English! It's true, you most certainly do outsize me and you are very strong. But you are also slow, inefficient, and as technically gifted as a block of concrete! Like many great giants before you, you rely on your two greatest advantages as well as fear and intimidation to get what you want. Although I highly doubt you even think about it in such an advanced format, as most animals could coordinate a game plan and attack better than you! With what little bit of brain power and comprehension you have, I hope you managed to pay close attention to what I did to poor old Clint Shepard. Cause It's only gonna get worse for you big boy! You better hide your Achilles heel well, because It's the first thing I'm aiming for. Once you have fallen and are beaten, that's when I'll finish the job and remove your head, and you and everyone else will see just how good I really am!

    The crowd is beyond frustrated, bored, and annoyed at this point, as Kyle arrogantly steps away from the podium. With his music blasting over the speakers once again, Kyle bows and swiftly makes his exit. The men in uniform all begin to dismantle and take down the various set pieces as High Voltage is about to go on the air.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    It's after 7 pm in downtown Bismarck, as I leave the featureless night club simply called LINOR, to which I spent the early part of my evening at alone. Recently I was on a kick with clubs that focused more on ambiance and tone above anything else. Sometimes I traveled with a small entourage, but tonight I'm solo. Even with it being dark out, I slip on a pair of Wayfarers as I wait for them to pull my car around. Some models are standing near by and I can hear them whispering about me, but I pretend not to notice as I silently eye up the various paparazzi who unmercifully attempt to blind me with their cameras. I feel the buzz and vibration of the phone in my pocket as the valet pulls up in my Mercedes Benz CL600. The valet steps out, warily holding the door open for me as the models look on in silence.

    Valet: Here you go Mr. Crosby.

    KC: Did you plug the required coordinates into the GPS as I instructed?

    Valet: Yes sir.

    KC: Excellent, that will be all.

    He attempts to raise an arm as if about to stammer out a question, but without even acknowledging him I slip a fifty in his breast pocket and slide into the drivers seat, closing the door behind me all in one swift decisive motion. I tap a button on the GPS as it has my route marked out and tells me to continue onward and make the second left at the light. I hit the sound system and speed off as X begins playing over the speakers.
    As I pull up to wait at the light, I glance at my phone which says I have two new messages.

    1/21/11 6:55 pm
    From: Unknown Sender

    "Sir, everything is going according to plan. The target is in transit and is being tailed without delay. Expect to hear from someone before the night is over. You will be given a packet containing various items. Don't look for them, they'll find you."

    1/21/11 7:02 pm
    From: Orlando Maxwell

    "I hope you plan on attending the party tonight. I know you generally keep to yourself and that you aren't exactly a people person. But as the X-Fly champion, I would hope you understand the importance of your public image and making appearances. I also know that in the past you've had should I say, a unique way of interacting with others. So no funny stuff Mr. Crosby, make it quaint."

    I have a quick laugh to myself as I type back a quick response with one hand.

    1/21/11 7:12 pm
    Sending to: Orlando Maxwell

    "Don't worry about it Slick, you can expect me very shortly. As with anything, I got this situation handled. Everything will run smoothly and be take care of. Don't you forget to be on top of things.."

    Maxwell is quite self inflated imbecile, that always seems to think he knows what's going on. If only he knew one fourth of the things I had planned for the stars of High Voltage.

    GPS: You have arrived at your destination.

    So I arrive at the Sheraton in downtown, and immediately someone is waiting to park the car. I'm ushered into the hotel through a side door into a private elevator, where I am taken up to the top floor. As soon as the elevator door opens and I am blasted by the sounds of Depeche Mode.
    As I walk into the huge room before me, I instantly take notice to the horribly tacky decorations strung up all over the place, that are of course in the colors of High Voltage and look like a year 5 old did it in 15 minutes. I rudely push a cocktail waitress out of my way who is trying to give me champagne, and I begin scanning the room for familiar faces.
    I quickly notice Frankie Enzo, who is on the small dance floor dancing with three or so women. Peter Jacobs, Ralph McCoy, JT Saxton, and TJ Styles are in the middle of a high stakes poker game, I give a quick nod to the "Machine" who intently stands guard.
    I'm disgusted and annoyed as Deporista staggers by, wine bottle in hand, wearing only his mask and the tag title belt around his waist. Before I know it, I feel a quick tap on the shoulder. I turn to come face to face with...."some guy"?

    Some Guy: Holy crap, I can't believe you actually made it! I spoke with Orlando Maxwell earlier, and he said you might not come. But here you are! I'm a really really huge fan!

    I'm considering punching this man in the face as I'm not in the mood, and at this point I think he's a stalker. He has this look on his face like a deer in front of headlights and I'm pretty sure all his clothes came from K-Mart. I sigh when I notice that he's even wearing a Canada t-shirt. Pulp begins playing.

    KC: Who the hell are you? Do I even want to know?

    Petey Williamson: I'm Mr. Canada, Petey Williamson! Didn't you kno-

    Before he can even continue, I literally shove him in the face and b line it in a direction he's not. Just as I think I've gotten away, Nero James walks up to me looking pissed off.


    KC: You mean that blonde bimbo that was making out with Frankie?

    Nero James: WHAAAAAT?!?!

    I laugh a little to myself as he storms off like an angry hornet. Finally I make my way to a separate room with significantly less people. I spy Orlando Maxwell who instantly begins waving me over. I sigh a little bit as I just want to get this out of the way.

    Orlando Maxwell: Welcome Mr. Crosby, I'm glad you could make it! Nice suit, how much did that set you back?

    I just glare at him a little bit, as he swallows and switches gears with me.

    Orlando Maxwell: Er never mind then, let me introduce you to everyone here.

    KC: I don't have time to meet your stupid "friends".

    Orlando Maxwell: Oh, never mind then.

    He silently motions for the various people he's with to vacate the room, and they do without arguing.

    KC: I thought King what's his face took over things?

    Orlando Maxwell: Oh I'm still the head consultant around here. I do more than you or many people realize.

    KC: Yeah, and I'm sure you were the idiot who failed at decorating this place.

    Orlando silently reacts as if I have just slapped him across the face.

    KC: I'm sure I can guess why you wanted to speak with me. It's about attacking Grande with the chair, and the brass knuckles on Shepard at that house show right?

    He seems to take some time in planning his next words, he begins to respond as The National begins playing.

    Orlando Maxwell: Well, we can't have you injuring some of our top stars. I mean Grande is the number one contender for your title, and Willis will be your other opponent in the tag with Nova.

    KC: Speaking of which, did the little hoodlum happen to show up?

    Orlando Maxwell: No, he had.....other um, engagements.

    KC: Right, I'm sure he did. Probably blew that prize money he won on a bunch of hookers and blow.

    Orlando Maxwell: I wouldn't know, I don't pry into other peoples private business.

    KC: I'm the X-Fly champion, the last thing I need is money to get by. When the time comes for the main event next week, you see any weapons or foul play from me. I can't speak for my so called partner now, but It's gonna be a by the book match on my part. As for who I make submit for the win, now that's the real debate. On one hand you have like you said, the number one contender to my title. He's bigger and stronger than me in every way, and the fans expect him to walk all over me and walk out the champion and the hero. So while an early victory over him would be great, then you have our resident loud mouth. The one people refer to as the face of High Voltage and the future of this company. For being so high on himself, he certainly has lost track of his priorities, like um I don't know, winning matches?! Not that I care if he's finally realizing just how much he actually sucks. But I would love to make "Mr. Failed Main Event" tap out in the main event. I think I can whip up a strong batch of Canadian Venom that will benefit the both of them.

    Before Orlando gets a chance to respond, we are both caught off guard by an ear piercing scream that echoes through the building as Motley Crue begins to play.
    We quickly realize that a drunken Eddie Von Gunner has decided to sing karaoke. But it would also seem that a fight has broken out, as I can just barely make out the sound of Nero James yelling something about "his woman". Before Orlando can maintain his bearings, I see this as my opportunity to make a swift exit. I push through the chaos and noise and make it to the elevator just as a piece of furniture flies by crashing into the wall.

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