Daren Storm has never been one to stay quite or to try and sugar coat what he has to say. At this point we donít expect anything different and his latest post on CWA.com forums confirm it.

Daren Storm says:

I know I said I would be on last weekend to give all of you a much anticipated report on our mini tour of India. For those of you with good observation skills, you will have realised that did not happen. Why? Multiple reasons but I suppose the main reason is because I didnít want to. You got a problem with that? Take a walk and try to find someone who cares about your insignificant little problems. Much like Deportista, everything in your miserable little life is insignificant and unimportant when compared to the greatest tag team on the planet and the travesty of justice that has seen us remain title less since re-gracing CWA with our presence a few weeks ago. Normally, I donít like to point out how much better than everyone else we as a group are, but I think I need to make an exception to that rule just this once. This past weekís edition of Adrenaline Rush, our return to Adrenaline Rush, was the highest rated since December 16th 2009. For those of you with Jackson Sonik levels of intelligence, that was our last Adrenaline Rush appearance before the criminal actions that took place at Five Star Attraction. Of course, those of you with an IQ over three already knew that. To sum up, The Future = Ratings weather you want to admit it or not.

If you need any further proof of that statement, you need only check the attendances for our four appearances in India last week. All four shows set a new attendance record for wrestling in each area. On March 16th we were in Bombay and facing two local guys whoís names I donít care to remember. We annihilated them in what many are rightfully calling an early preview of In Exile when we finally take back what is rightfully ours. Nickolas Kennedy Arsen and Steve Osborn showed once again that no matter how hard they try, they cannot and will not replace the greatest stable of all time, The New and very much Improved Brotherhood. The next night we were in Jaipur and faced Eoghan OíNeill (Remember him?) and Zero (Donít expect you to remember him). As big and strong as Eoghan is, it was embarrassingly easy to outsmart him. Axl simply pointed upwards and the big ape looked up which ironically led to him going down very fast. The locals are saying it is how our match with Hardcore Hell next week will go but I disagree. I expect it to take a whole lot less than the seven minutes it took in Jaipur.

March 18th and we arrive in Lucknow. Itís the middle of nowhere and at this point we started to question some of the facts we had been told before hand. Logically, India would have Indians but yet they didnít have war-paint on so, I for one am questioning the validity of those claims of actually being Indians, very much like the claims that Los Calavera are a good tag team. Ironically our opponents on the night were masked wrestlers from Mexico, much like Los Calavera. So much like Los Calavera in fact, that they cracked under the pressure of being in the spotlight for the first time in their dull pitiful little lifeís. Less than ten minutes and it was yet another victory for the greatest tag team in the universe. And finally we came to some place I donít know how to pronounce but itís spelled Chandigarh, you try say it. Eoghan OíNeill may have begun stalking us as he was one of our opponents that night as well but this time teaming with his old CWA team-mate Mike Rotch. If for some reason you remember them and are wondering, yes, they still suck more than Victoria Stone does to pay the bills. Unfortunately, our brilliant tactic from two nights ago didnít work out so well this time around as Eoghan didnít look up but instead hit a choke slam. That was his first offensive manoeuvre and he celebrated like he had actually beaten us. He was soon on the receiving end of the Future Shock and that was all she wroteÖ again.

In closing, we are now 5-0 on the continent of Asia so In Exile looks an increasingly good bet for us to be recrowned CWA world tag team champions. Hardcore Hell in New Orleans wont be of any trouble to us and will merely be a minor inconvenience along the way. Jackson and Deportista, our focus is fully on you two window lickers, I just hope the same can be said for you in regards us because it would be a terrible shame if something as unimportant as Alexa being put in the hospital distracts you on the night. Unlike you, we wont hesitate to take advantage of any opening that may be presented to us. You open the door a tiny crack, weíll kick it down. Your time with our title belts is running out so you had better be taking lots of pictures from the hospital bed because I guarantee that it will be a very long time before you ever get to even look at them again. You donít have to like it, but by now even you two should have figured out that you can dictate the present, but the Future is already written.