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Thread: March 24th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Albuquerque, NM

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    March 24th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Albuquerque, NM

    We open the show with the CWA Womenís champion Alexis en route to the ring with the pregnant Alexa by her side. Alexis ends up reaching the ring first as Alexa stops to hug a kid at ringside who is wearing a very rare TJ Styles shirt. Alexis patiently waits in the ring until Alexa joins her. By this time, Alexis already has a mic in hand.

    Alexis: The time has finally arrived. A couple of weeks ago I made a promise to every CWA fan that tonight, I would give the biggest, most surprising and even the most shocking moment of 2010. As you all know, I am always a woman of my word and tonight shall be no exception, so, without further delay, Alexa, here is your surprise.

    Alexis points up to the top of the ramp with a smile on her face as Alexa looks on anxiously. The smile disappears from Alexisí face when her surprise doesnít show up but instead her stable mates The Future do. Alexa questions Alexis in the ring but Alexis seems to be reassuring her as The Future make their way to the ring. Both men slide into the ring and Daren Storm immediately goes for a mic from Lindsay Monahan.

    Alexis: What the hell?

    Daren Storm: Sorry for the interruption but this will only take one minute.

    Alexis: Fine, make it quick.

    Alexis backs up and gives the Future the ring as she stands beside Alexa and appears to be explaining the situation to her. Daren Storm steps forward and begins speaking.

    Daren Storm: Last week at the conclusion of High Voltage, I thought we had sent a very clear message of intent to the CWA roster. I thought we had given Jackson Sonik and Deportista a way out of humiliating themselves at In Exile, but apparently I was wrong. Jackson and Deportista, we gave you two a choice last week. You could have done the sensible thing and handed the CWA World Tag Team Championships back to their rightful owners and avoid the beating of a lifetime at In Exile. For some reason you chose not to do that. The alternative was for you to suffer the consequences and by way of default, thatís what you have chosen. What we did to El Tico and El Elfo last week should have been enough to get you to make the right decision. I donít know if you two are incredibly brave or just incredibly stupid, either way we donít really care. Jackson and Deportista, we gave you a choice and you chose the wrong one, itís time to feel those consequences.

    With that Daren Storm drops his mic and without even a hint of hesitation Axl Storm springs into action with a super kick to Alexa! Alexis grabs hold of Alexa to keep her from falling to the ground but only so that she can have the next shot. Alexis lifts Alexa off her feet and drives her down with the Barbie Killer. Alexa hits hard and falls onto her back. Alexis and the Future donít look finished but quickly bail out of the ring when Jackson Sonik and Deportista charge to the ring. Jackson goes straight to Alexa as Deportista tries to catch the Future before they get out of the ring. TJ Styles is next to the ring as he goes straight to his injured sister as well.

    Alexis: I hope you enjoyed your surprise Alexa. No need to thank me, it needed to be done.

    Daren Storm: Hey window lickers, do we have your attention yet?

    Jackson Sonik gets up from Alexa and looks like he wants to go after the Future but is torn between revenge and the wellbeing of Alexa as the EMTís head into the ring.

    Daren Storm: Just think Jackson, you could have prevented this from happening, we gave you a choice and this is what you chose. This is all on you.

    Sonik again appears to be considering leaving the ring in a bid for revenge but decides against it at this moment in time.

    Daren Storm: Now, it wouldnít be much of a consequence if it ended there now would it? Thatís why we have a second part to take place later tonight. We pulled a few strings backstage and your match later tonight, itís now for the CWA World Tag Team Championships. But! Yes, there is a but and a big one at that, when you tap out later tonight, Arsen and Osborn wont be leaving as the champions, that just wouldnít be right, they havenít earned a title shot yet. Instead, when they beat you later tonight, those titles are going back home where they belong, around our waists. Good luck boys, youíre going to need it.

    The Future and Alexis finally head backstage as Alexa is strapped into a stretcher and brought backstage. Jackson Sonik and TJ Styles stay with her the whole way but Deportista fall behind as he seems a little more concerned about his match later tonight than a girl he barely knows.

    We go backstage to the parking lot, where Timothy Coleman and a cameraman are standing by. The camera pans on a car driving in. Itís a bright red Ferrari Testa Rossa and itís going pretty fast. The driver parks the car and gets out of it and we can see that it is none other than CWA original Frankie Enzo. Along with him is a very tall and beautiful blonde girl. The Second Generation Superstar has been on pretty bad slump lately to say the least and I doubt anyone can remember when he last won an official match. When CWA was formed and debuted on the WC Network in late 2008, Frankie Enzo was considered the future of this company. He was always well dressed and always in great shape. He was also very cocky and very arrogant. He could care less about being liked and inside the square circle, not many could hang with him. But along the way, Frankie Enzo seemingly lost his confidence. Winning matches became impossible for him and his Armani suits were traded in for sweat pants and dirty t-shirts. The girls that often were seeing with him were now a thing of the past. It got so bad, that for months now, heís also been having a tough time even getting any television time. But tonight he has chance to turn things around, as CWA is giving him a chance to turn things around. Tonight he will face Nero James in a ďRuler of the RingĒ Qualifying Match and it looks like he is taking this serious. He is not wearing track pants and a dirt shirt tonight. He is not going around making jokes or trying to make people laugh. It seems tonight the old Frankie Enzo is back. The New Jersey Bully, with the sexy blonde by his side, approaches Timothy.

    Timothy Coleman: Hey there Fran...

    Frankie instantly cuts him off.

    Frankie Enzo:
    Shut your dirty mouth you mamaluke and listen to me. For months, I have been made to look like a joke, but it stops now. When I first signed for CWA, I was supposed to be the man to beat and rightfully so. I am the only second generation superstar in this company. When I was growing up, wrestling was all I knew; in fact you can say wrestling is in my blood. My father, the great Beppe Enzo was a champion! He has wrestled all over the world and won countless titles, including the World Tag Team Championships with Super Mario Ganzo. Just like he has done, I too, am going to put my mark in this business. The Ruler of the Ring tournament is my launching pad! I am going to win my match against Nero James tonight and I am going to qualify, you can bet your all bank account on that. No more games, no more messing around, Frankie Enzo is back babaaayyy!"

    Frankie Enzo turns to his girl and plants a wet kiss on her, before smirking into the camera.

    Timothy Coleman: Well, you sure dressing different and....

    Once again Frankie cuts him off.

    Frankie Enzo: Whatís the matter with you? Didnít I just tell you to shut your pie hole?

    Frankie stares Timothy and tries to frighten him and it looks like he is succeeding.

    Frankie Enzo: I told you, the Frankie Enzo you saw running around here these last couple of months is dead. The old Frankie Enzo is back! The one people feared is back! The one who always wore an Armani suit is back! The one who always had a sexy broad by his side is back! The one who drank champagne whenever he was thirsty is back! The one who did whatever it took to win matches is back, and tonight Nero James will be his first victim. Iím done playing games and Iím done losing. Tonight is my rebirth and no one will stand in my way.

    Frankie grabs his lady by the arm and starts walking away, but after a few steps he stops and turns around.

    Frankie Enzo: Nero James, you can forget about it!

    Backstage we see the EMTís rushing Alexa to a waiting ambulance. TJ Styles holds her hand as Jackson has his hand on her stomach. The stretcher is loaded into the ambulance and TJ Styles quickly jumps in. Sonik goes to get in as well but Orlando Maxwell grabs him by the arm and pulls him back.

    Orlando Maxwell: You cant go, you have a match later tonight.

    Jackson Sonik: Did you not see what just happened out there?

    Orlando Maxwell: I did, and it was awful but you cant leave your partner to defend your titles alone against Arsen and Osborn, theyíll kill him. He needs you, donít let him down.

    Jackson Sonik: ButÖ. Fine, but I need you to go with Alexa and keep me informed on her throughout the night, Iíll be there as soon as I can.

    Orlando Maxwell: Will do.

    Orlando climbs in the back of the ambulance as well before it speeds off leaving a very upset Jackson Sonik alone in the parking lot. Sonik kicks over a nearby trashcan before storming back into the arena.

    Lindsay Monahan is in the ring and ready to call the next match.

    Lindsay Monahan: This match is scheduled for one fall and itís a Ruler of the Ring Qualifying match. Introducing first from New Jersey, Frankie Enzo!

    Frankie makes his way out and the fans let him know right away what they think of his new attitude. He doesnít seem to care though, as he strolls down the ramp with his beautiful escort. He gets in the ring and awaits his opponent.

    Lindsay Monahan: ...and his opponent from Chicago, Nero James!

    Nero comes out and the place explodes. He is one of the most popular stars in CWA today and thereís no doubt who the fans will be cheering in this match. He gets in the ring and the ref rings the bell.

    Ruler of the Ring Qualifying Match

    Nero tries to shake Frankieís hand, but gets a middle finger in return. Nero shakes his head, as both wrestlers start circling each other. They hook up and Frankie right away takes to Nero by raking his eyes and nailing him with a bunch of right hands and a couple of kicks to the mid section. Frankie pushes The Underdog to the corner and then proceeds to chop Neroís chest red. Frankie doesnít waste any time, and Irish whips him to the other corner, which he quickly follows up with a running clothesline. Frankie seems to be in the zone. He picks up James and hits a Fall-Away Slam and then goes for the cover...

    1...2...Nero James lifts his shoulder up just in time.

    Nero is in trouble and if this continues, his dream of becoming the 2010 Ruler of the Ring could come to an end here tonight. Frankie picks Nero up and locks him in a bear hug. He is looking to finish this via submission. Nero struggles to get free, but Frankie wonít let go of the hold. Nero is fading fast and the referee starts checking on him. He lifts Neroís arm up once and thereís no response. He lifts again and thereís no change. If Neroís falls down one more time, this match is over. He lifts his arm for the last time, but this time his arm stays in the up. Nero pumps himself up and drops an elbow on Frankieís skull. Frankie still wonít let go though. Nero elbows him again and again and again and finally gets free. Frankie is dizzy and Nero goes on the attack. He runs the ropes and hits him with a clothesline, but the big man stays up. Nero runs the ropes again and this time nails him with a flying shoulder block. Frankie still wonít go down. Nero points to the top rope then proceeds to climb it. He flies through the air and hits The Bully with an awesome missile drop kick. This time Frankie goes down. Nero signals for the Walls of Nero and then locks it in. The fans are going crazy, as Frankie screams in pain...but wait, Don deVries runs down the ramp and inside the ring and hits The Underdog with a kick in the back of the head. The ref quickly calls for the bell and this match is now officially over...

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of this match at 6 minutes and 21 seconds by a result of a disqualification...Nero ďThe UnderdogĒ James!!!

    Don deVries is not done with Nero and nails him with The Elephant Driver. In the meantime, Frankie recovers and goes to work on him as well. He picks Nero up and drops him with his New Jersey Spike. Nero is down and out. Finally the Problem Solver comes down for the save, as Don and Frankie both scramble out. The Problem Solver checks on Nero, as Frankie and Don laugh and raise each otherís arm in the air. Nero might be going through in this tournament, but he surely has paid for it.

    Michelle Kelly is standing by backstage, waiting outside the menís locker-room. Mini Pain comes out from behind the door a few seconds later, looking quite apprehensive. The crowd in attendance cheers at the sight of Mini, they know heís on his way to the ring to face Joey, but itís evident that itís on Miniís mind too as never before as he looked so nervous. Mini acknowledges Michelle and then she begins to speak.

    Michelle Kelly: Matt, tonightís the biggest match of you...

    Mini Pain: Not to be rude, cause Iíd want to be anything but to you, but itís Mini Pain only these days!

    Michelle Kelly: Ugh...right then. Mini tonight brings about your biggest match ever. How are you feeling?

    Mini Pain: Yeah, Iím feeling good.

    Michelle mutters something along the lines of ďYou wouldnít think itĒ under her breath, causing Mini to glare at her for a few seconds before continuing.

    Mini Pain: Iíve waited a long time for this moment. Itís been a tough and testing road to get this chance at facing Nicholas but finally Iím about to get my chance! I definitely have a mixture of feelings running through my mind, but none more so than excitement. Iím excited that Iím about to get the chance to avenge my brother Ulti and beat that no good egomaniac Nicholas all in one match!

    The crowd loudly pops at this, starting a ĎMinií chant.

    Michelle Kelly: You certainly sound confident yourself. A little over-confident some might say.

    Mini Pain: I know the time is right for me to not only beat Joey, but also to finally stand out of my brotherís shadow. Itís Mini Pís time to shine!

    Michelle Kelly: You mentioned earlier that you want to avenge your brother tonight and that you believe the best way to do so is to beat Joey. What do you make of Joeyís comments last night on High Voltage that you are in fact to blame for your brotherís exit from CWA?

    Mini Pain: Yeah, I saw what Joey had to say last night. And you know something, for a change a couple of things he said actually made sense. I was treated like a bitch by the ĎHood, but the new Mini Pain will never let anyone treat him like that again. Iíve learnt my lesson. Iíll never be pushed around again, least of all by losers like Joey and the Future!

    Crowd starts a ĎHood suck!í chant which gets a chuckle from Mini.

    Mini Pain: Now thereís a chant I never thought Iíd enjoy hearing. I think we all know those 4 are nothing more than the ĎHood Lite though. Maybe when I beat Joey tonight itíll be the start of their demise. We can only hope, right?

    Michelle Kelly: And the question Ma...Mini? Do you believe you were to blame for your brotherís exit from CWA?

    Mini Pain: Iíll admit that I was to blame for a slight right being caused in the ĎHood but it wasnít me who screwed Ulti over that night. GD and Joey were to blame for my brotherís demise or heíd still be CWA World Champion today frankly, but thatís a different matter entirely. This goes further than just my brother. I want to beat Joey to right so many wrongs. Yes for what he did to my brother, but also for how he treated me, and if I happen to teach him some respect at the same time, so be it! He wants to make me his bitch tonight? Good luck to him! I think heíll have to stick some of those low class hookers I usually see him with!

    Even Michelle manages a slight laugh at this from Mini.

    Mini Pain: If I donít beat Nicholas tonight, I donít know how I ever will!

    Mini begins to slap himself in the face, pumping himself up! He shouts into the microphone one more time...

    Mini Pain: Letís go Joey. Letís go! Iíll make you feel the Minimal Pain tonight!

    Mini stops slapping himself and looks puzzlingly at Michelle for a second.

    Mini Pain: Wait a minute. That still isnít right. I definitely have to work on that!

    Mini then continues to psyche himself up as he walks off down the corridor towards the entrance curtain.


    As the referee rings the bell, the two superstars start circling the ring, staring each other down with evil intent in both of the fighters eyes. C.J. Franchise then attempts to lock in a grapple with Roderick Kyle but as he lunches in, Roderick ducks under his attempt. Roderick then attempts to hit the same move on CJ but CJ shoves Roderick in the chest, forcing him to back away and not getting outdone by the Chosen One. Roderick then attempts to punch CJ but CJ grabs Roderick arm stopping the attempt and then hits Roderick with a right hand. The two superstars then lock up in a grapple several times but neither man gains any advantage as they are both evenly matched in strength. CJ is the first to release the grapple by kicking Roderick in the midsection and then connecting with a suplex. CJ then attempts to win the match early on by covering Roderick for a quick kickout!

    Roderick manages to lift his shoulder up at the last second. As both men then make their way back to their feet, they started trading punches with each other showing two very unlikely styles of the two until CJ hits Roderick with a ddt. CJ Franchise then lifts Roderick up from the mat and held his head down so that CJ could start hitting Roderick , face first with his knees. Roderick , then started getting pissed off with the signs of disrespect that he was being shown and grabbed CJís leg before making CJ fall straight to the mat. As CJ got back up, Roderick showed his flashy style by quickly taking CJ down with several quick grapples. CJ Franchise then startes hitting Roderick with several punches forcing himself back up. Roderick and CJ then started trading more punches to each other until CJ broke up the flow of punches and hits Roderick with a jawbreaker which was closely followed by a backbreaker. As Roderick made his way back up and saw CJ taunting, he launched himself at CJ and took him down with a Lou Thez Press followed by right handers to CJís face. The referee then told Roderick to lay off the punches and Roderick reluctantly did so, but then started choking CJ with his legs. The referee then started counting and ordering Roderick to get off CJ which Roderick did. As CJ got back to his feet, he started exchanging punches with Roderick before hitting Roderick in the midsection and then lifting him onto the ropes. CJ then started bouncing the ropes around before hitting a right hand to Roderick making him fall from the ropes into the ring.

    CJ Franchise then proceeded to waste more time by taunting instead of taking advantage to either unleash some more damage or to hit a pin attempt. As Roderick makes his way back to his feet, CJ and Roderick start grappling to see who was the more powerful and dominant man. CJ then breaks up the grapple and hits an arm lock on Roderick working the hold into a sleeper. As CJ applies so much pressure to the fighting Roderick, Roderick started slowly passing out, falling to his knees and then to the mat. As Roderick was down on the match and looked knocked out, the referee starts lifting Roderickís arm and dropping it several times to make sure but as the referee dropped his arm for the third time. Roderick showed that he still had lift in him and started fighting back. Roderick starts punching CJ fighting back onto his feet. Roderick then Irish whips CJ into the ropes and as CJ bounces back, Roderick knocks him down with a clothesline. Roderick then hits CJ with more flashy and quick moves and takedowns gaining an advantage over the Straight Edge Franchise. CJ then fights his way back up to this fight and starts trading punches with Roderick, CJ then bounces off the ring ropes and attempts to take Roderick down with a clothesline but Roderick manages to reverse the move into a sidewalk slam. Roderick then lifts CJ and places him onto the ring ropes and starts shaking the ropes, returning the favor to CJ, Roderick also shows the same sign of anger that he received by knocking CJ off with a right hand.

    Roderick then started to taunt, which was met with much heat from the crowd as they were expecting a whole lot more fighting then actual taunting, why? No one knows. As CJ gets back up, he is quickly knocked back down again by a leg sweep. CJ then gets back to his feet and starts trading more punches with Roderick, he then stops the punching and lifts Roderick up in the air before dropping Roderick back first into his knees. CJ then continues the assault on Roderick by stomping at him and hitting punches to his face but Roderick manages to shove CJ off and fight his way back onto his feet. Roderick then takes CJ down with a leg lock but CJ manages to grab the rope forcing Roderick to break the hold. Roderick then starts stomping at CJís head and chest before covering him kickout!

    CJ Franchise somehow managed to kick out and showed determination to win the bout. Both superstars then start grappling and trading punches until CJ hits a front belly to back sulpex on Roderick , CJ then lifts Roderick back up and hits the Razorís Edge before covering...1...2...3...!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, Your winner at 17 minutes and 22 seconds, CJ Franchise!

    The lights in the arena dim and Indestructible plays over the PA system. The crowd starts to boo, as they know who is coming out. Over the entrance of the tunnel pyro starts to rain down as Rich hand Victoria Stone come out from the tunnel. The gives a mixed reaction as Rich comes out in his a black suit and Victoria is wearing a black and white business suit. Rich climbs up the apron and enters the ring, and Victoria takes her time walking up the steps knowing that everyone is looking at her. Rich goes to the far turnbuckle and goes to the second rope. He lifts his arms up in a Randy Orton like pose, he then jumps down and gets a microphone while Victoria wraps her arm around his waist.

    Rich Stone: Well once again I stand before you all victorious in my latest match. Once again, I proved all the doubters wrong and beat 5, count them, 5 men in a row. All in dominating fashion might I add. Lucky for you all, I didnít come out here to brag and boast about what I did last week. I am hear to address the debacle that happened at Five Star Attraction, a few short months ago. For those of you who have forgotten, I was wronged out of the Royal Rumble match. I was thrown out of the ring by someone who I have already eliminated. That person being Guardian Devil. No body did anything about it, and no one batted an eyelash at the situation.

    Rich takes a few steps forward and leans over the ropes.

    Rich Stone: You know what I did though. I didn't stand behind, and let that atrocity happen. On the contrary, I did something about. That being, doing the so called impossible in beating Guardian Devil. The first person to do so might I add to that. I made it my mission to beat him, and I did it. The point I am getting at here is that it is time for me to get what should be mine. That CWA title that NKA holds should be mine, and whoever wins that title, better not get too comfortable with it. I am planning, no I am guaran-damn-teeing that I will in the title picture shortly after Exile. You think that Ralph McCoy is going to stop me. Please, get real, he is merely an obstacle in my career. This is the Franchise's World, and I am here to stay.

    Rich gives a cocky smile into the camera as Victoria blindly claps behind him. Rich drops the microphone and heads towards Jim Taylor and Harvey Buckworth on commentary.

    Suddenly ďEight Second RideĒ by Jake Owen plays over the PA system and the crowd goes wild! McCoy sprints down the ramp slapping hands with the fans in the aisle before sliding into the ring and throwing his Cowboy hat into the crowd. His music is soon replaced with the rifts of Bob Awesomeís theme which receives a mixed reaction from the Albuquerque fans. Bob quickly makes his makes his way to the ring and awaits for the official in charge to ring the bell. Johnny Yamaguchi then calls for the bell and we are underway!


    Ralph wastes little time in going after Awesome as he springboards from the ropes and hits a dropkick to the knees of his opponent causing him to buckle. Ralph rebounds from the opposite ropes and connects with a bulldog laying out Awesome. Ralph looks over at the booth seemingly to make sure no shenanigans are to be had. With McCoy distracted, Awesome nails his opponent with a vicious clothesline turning Ralph inside out.

    Harvey Buckworth: Why are you even here Rich? Youíve already made your presence known earlier tonight!?

    Rich Stone: Ralph stuck his nose somewhere where I didnít belong so now heís going to have to suffer the consequences whether it be me getting in his head week in and week out or being beaten within an inch of his pathetic life at In Exile, I enjoy both fully

    Jim Taylor: Harvey just call the damn match, all Stone is here doing is studying his opponent in a few weeks time!

    Rich Stone: Exactly!

    Bob Awesome stands McCoy back to his feet before levelling back down on the mat with a back breaking sidewalk slam that causes Ralph to cry out in agony! Bob climbs the turnbuckle and dives off of hit targeting a prone McCoy who rolls out of the way in the nick of time causing Awesome to crash and burn! Ralph connects with an enziguri to the temple of Awesome knocking the bigger man down on the mat!

    Rich Stone: What a pitiful display of athleticism by Ralph here. I obviously have more talent in my pinkie finger than McCoy does in his entire body! The thought of him being any threat to me at In Exile brings me to tears in laughter

    Harvey Buckworth: Ralph McCoyís heart and determination helps him overcome any obstacle thrown his way. So irregardless of if you are indeed the superior athlete or not, Ralph will give you everything he has and more!

    Jim Taylor: That hasnít helped him in the past win anything important Harvey, I see my man Rich here put a stomping on The Road Runner!

    Harvey Buckworth: The same could be said about Stone in that context

    Rich Stone: You best watch your watch your mouth old man before I smack the taste out of it. Do your damn job and call the match!

    Ralph lays out Awesome with Dust ĎTill Dawn before ascending the tope rope and hitting Eight - Seconds. But before he can cover Awesome, Rich jumps atop of the apron and distracts the referee from making the count. Ralph goes to knock Stone off the apron but Stone sees it coming and drops off the canvas. Ralph is threatening Stone now and is baiting him to come in but Rich just smirks. Out of nowhere, Ralph gets rolled up in a school boy by Awesome as Yamaguchi counts 1...2..3!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner in 7 minutes and 43 seconds, Bob Awesome!

    Ralph stares at the official in disbelief of what has just occurred as Rich and Victoria now begin to stroll around the ring towards the ramp laughing to themselves. Ralph then jumps to his feet and stomps the ropes nearest to the ropes and yells out obscenities towards the Stoneís but they pay no mind to him as they make their way to the back

    Michelle Kelly is standing by in the interview area with a microphone in hand. She has a solemn and disoriented look on her face.

    Michelle Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at the time are your CWA World Tag Team Champions. Please welcome Deportista and Jackson Sonik, better known as A Mouthful of Awesome.

    The camera zooms out to barely get Jackson Sonik and Deportista in the same shot as Michelle Kelly. Jackson Sonik has his brand new mask resting halfway applied on his head, with his face visible. His face is supporting a face of anger, something we rarely see. Deportista is a good distance behind him, trying to blend into the background to hide his anguish. Jackson, wearing a 'Samus Says Relax, Citizen!" t-shirt that hides the top half of his Metroid Prime themed singlet, doesn't take his focus off of the ground.

    Michelle Kelly: Guys, I am glad you guys could be here on such short notice. It has been a tragic and saddening time not only here tonight, but ever since you guys won the World Tag Team champions. You guys haven't had a chance to really bask in the glory. You guys were the victims of post match beat downs at Uprising, and last week, made up two of the five wrestlers taken out by the World Heavyweight Champion, Nickolas Kennedy Arsen. Worst of all, with a chance of personal redemption towards The Submission Coalition at stake tonight, the reappearance of the Future has brought in hell in the form of seeing your companion and best friend Alexa being beaten down in the ring, as well as the news that your match tonight is now for your CWA World Tag Team Titles. Guys, with this in retrospective, what will we see from A Mouthful of Awesome against The Submission Coalition?

    Deportista is pacing back and forth with his championship in hand. He spins around and rallies behind Jackson. He gives Jackson a pat on the back. Jackson's focus remains on the ground.

    Jackson Sonik: Is this the price we pay?

    Michelle leans in to get that again.

    Michelle Kelly: I'm sorry Jackson, I di---

    Jackson looses his composure and gets in Michelle's face


    Michelle backs up a bit. She hands Jackson the microphone.

    Jackson Sonik: Do we deserve the hell that we have gone through? All Deportista and I have done is stand up for what is right. The two of us have impressed the tag team circuit by being ourselves, and being pretty damn good at it. We came into CWA with our own code of ethics. We didn't come in here to be victims of cheap shots or ambushes. We did not come here so people that arrive here with nothing DO NOTHING to get what they desire. We definitely didn't come here to see a member of the Mouthful Family get brutalized in the ring.

    Sonik looks away from the camera. He gives himself a face palm before calming down and looking back at the camera.

    Jackson Sonik: The most unhealthy thing about me is my ability to just let the things that upset me stay inside to not be released in any sort of emotional manner. When my first pet died when I was seven, I moved on. When my parents divorced when I was at the age of ten, I tried to make the best out of a bad situation. When I am losing at first person shooters, I just tell myself that I'm playing a video game. For the first time in my live, I feel like all of the negatives, big or small, are ready to unleash a backlash of anger. I feel like I am ready to let my anger go. I feel bad for the guys who have caused this.

    Jackson bends over to pick up his tag team championship he holds it at the camera.

    Jackson Sonik:
    I tried to shake off the fact that Alexis brought back in her two bullies in The Future to get in our head, and I did a pretty good job. Seeing you destroy two midgets doesn't impress me, nor does it get my attention. However, you bringing my best female friend in the entire world into your issue with me, and you proceed to beat her down. You feasted upon her like a pack of wolves. A sweet and innocent girl like that doesn't deserve your punishment just because you want something from us.

    Deportista holds his title up with Jackson's.

    Jackson Sonik: These titles that you rightfully lost at Five Star Attraction aren't worth you beating up a woman and changing stipulations, because although it gets my attention, it doesn't impress me one bit. You want these titles back so bad? You give Deportista and I a reason as to why you deserve a match against us. However, we will raise you in your mind games, because we will prove to you buffoons as to why we are the tag team champions.

    Sonik looks at Deportista, who looks amped up an ready to go.

    Jackson Sonik: Just like The Future, The Submission Coalition have a mission they are pretty set on accomplishing. Last week, the only thing they accomplished was further getting underneath my skin. We have taken chair shots, Tiger Drivers, cross faces, lariats, and a whole lot of low blows from the two of you. All of that has ruled this little fact out. The fact is you cannot make us submit. You cannot take these titles out of our hands. No matter what you do and no matter who you, or the Future, ambush, YOU WILL NEVER BREAK US DOWN! Every emotion that has been hidden to me in my life, every emotion hidden in Deportista's life, and every anguish that we have suffered as a team will be realized and demonstrated. You wiped the smiles off of our faces. You guys have killed the joke. You four men have done something you will regret, and it starts with this "prophecy" in The Submission Coalition when we retain our title.

    Jackson puts his mask all the way over his face.

    Jackson Sonik: You guys will regret that you made this nerd angry.

    Sonik throws the microphone on the ground as he leads Deportista out of the camera shot. Michelle shuffles to get the microphone as the promo fades to black.


    Don controlled the first couple minutes, but Powers came back with a forearm that knocked Don off the ring apron and onto the guardrail at ringside. Powers went for the Thrust, but Don countered and back dropped him over the top rope to ringside in a big spot. Don picked up Powers on the outside and threw him over the announcers' table. Don struck Powers with the timekeeper's bell. Ding, Ding, Ding. Don Irish Whips Powers into the steel ring steps before shoving him back into the ring. Don grabbed a chair from ringside and brought it back inside the ring. Don swung and miss. Powers dropkicked the chair into Don's face. Powers hit the super kick and went for a cover, but Don kicked out.

    Powers charged toward Don, who was using the corner to get back to his feet. Don moved and Powers went through the ropes and hit the turnbuckle. Don hitís a German Suplex and makes the cover but Powers kicks out at two. Don appears to be annoyed and drags Powers back to his feet before going for the Elephant Driver but Powers slides out and hitís a hurrancanrana on the big man. Powers goes off the ropes for ahead of steam but it works against him as Don rips him in half with a spear. Don hooks both legs and despite the best efforts of Powers to kick out, picks up the three count and the win.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the time of the fall is 8 minutes and 12 seconds, your winner is Don deVries!

    Don slowly gets back to his feet being sure to never take his eyes off of Powers. The tunnel vision ends up costing Don as Nero James charges to the ring with Woody in hand and is upon Don before he notices. Nero smashes Woody across the head of Don several times until Don calls it a day and bails out of the ring to head for higher ground. Nero asks for a mic and is quickly handed one.

    Nero James: Don deVries, I have had enough of your games. I just came from the office of Guardian Devil and I got a match signed for next week. Next week, live from New Orleans, itís going to be Don deVries one on one with Nero James!

    Despite his good run against Nero in the past, Don doesnít look all that thrilled with the news he just heard.

    Nero James: And the winner, will be getting Anna Williams.

    Don definitely doesnít like that little stipulation but the fans love it. They want to see Anna back at the side of Nero James instead of locked away with Don deVries and next week they could be getting what they want. Don shouts profanities at Nero before storming backstage. Nero James remains in the ring to help Dan Powers who is still feeling the effects of that vicious spear from Don a few minutes ago.

    ďCult of PersonalityĒ by Living Colour starts blasting throughout the arena and the fans go into frenzy. They know that the former CWA World Champion is coming out and in fact he indeed does. He makes his way down the ramp, but the smile that usually is on his face, itís missing. He also doesnít make time to greet his fans on his way down the ramp and instead just gets into the ring and asks for a mic, which Bruce Mollard does.

    Roberto: I guess you can say it hasnít been a good couple of months for me lately. At Uprising I lost my World title and before that, The Submission Coalition beat The Shining Rainbows in a tag team match. Two weeks ago I was again beat down like a dog.

    Roberto takes a breather, as the fans do a Roberto chant to show him their support. Roberto nods his head in appreciation, and then continues...

    Roberto: Itís been tough, but Iím still here and Iím still standing. At Uprising, Nickolas Kennedy Arsen beat me, but guess what? Itís not because he was a better man or a better wrestler, he beat me Ďbecause he was simply just a better villain. I tried to be a villain like him, I tried to attack his family like he attacked mine, but I just couldnít do it. I couldnít hurt a woman and a child, thatís just not me. That morning I went there looking for revenge, but oddly enough I ended up having a heart to heart with his wife instead. She told me things that were on her mind, that she never told anyone else. She told how Arsen didnít pay enough attention to her and how his quest of becoming CWA World Champion was eating him alive.

    Roberto pauses again, as he looks distraught. After a brief moment, he stares at the camera and continues once again.

    Roberto: We talked and we talked until something weird happened and strangely we found ourselves in the master bedroom. It was a moment of weakness from both of us and it just happened. Maybe your next child should be named Roberto Jr., if you know what I mean.

    All of a sudden the distraught look on his face is replaced by a smirk, as the arena goes absolutely silent. They are shocked at what Roberto has just said it and donít know how to respond it seems. Roberto though helps them out by encouraging them to cheer. The fans do just that and as Roberto is about to speak again, he is all of a sudden interrupted by someone speaking.

    Man: Blah, blah, blah! No one here cares about what you have been through or what you are going to do.

    Roberto looks around to figure out who it is, when he finally spots Damian Kahn coming out from behind the curtains. The fans let him know exactly what they think of him, but Damian doesnít seem to care at all. He slowly walks down the ramp, as he continues to speak.

    Damian Kahn: You are a thing of the past Mr. Superstar and I think itís time you move a side for the new generation.

    The Beautiful Man looks confused, as Damian Kahn gets into the ring and to Robertoís face.

    Damian Kahn: I am seriously sick and tired of you always being in the spotlight. I am sick and tired of you holding me down.
    Roberto still looks confused, as he doesnít seem to have a clue about what Damian is talking about.

    Roberto: I am holding you down?

    Damian Kahn: Shut your mouth you no good infidel, I am not done.

    Damian gets right on Robertoís face and an intense stare down takes place. Eventually Roberto moves back and tells him to continue.

    Damian Kahn: I have been here for months now and even though I have a winning record, I keep getting overlooked. Maybe itís because management only has eyes for you. Every single Title shot or Main Event seems to be going to you! You have been in the Main Event here in CWA, more times than anyone else...ever!

    Roberto laughs and nods his head in approval.

    Damian Kahn: Oh, you think this is funny? You think this is right? Well, all of that is about to change. Tonight I am here to make a name for myself and you are going to be my stepping stone pretty boy.

    Roberto now gets serious and it seems he has had enough.

    Roberto: You and what army?

    Damian Kahnís smiles and all of a sudden we learn why. Father Jerome Matthews comes out of the crowd with a chair in hand and gets inside the ring. Before Roberto can figure out he is there, Matthews smashes the chair across his back. Roberto goes down and both Damian and Matthews begin to lay a beating on him. They both stomp on Roberto, then Father Matthews tells Kahn to stand him up. Damian does, as Matthews picks up the chair again. He tells Kahn to hold him steady and then goes for the knock out strike...but wait, Roberto is able to move out of the way at the last second and Father Matthews hits his new partner instead. Roberto nails Matthews with some nasty European uppercuts, before hitting him the Milkshake. Matthews and Kahn are both down and out and it doesnít look like Roberto is finished with them. Roberto tosses both Matthews and Kahn outside of the ring, and then rips off the protective mat, exposing the cold hard concrete. He then proceeds to Ganzo Bomb both of them on it. Officials and medics quickly come down to check on them, as it looks like they are seriously injured. Roberto is escorted out by security, as medics put both Kahn and Matthews on stretchers.

    We return from the commercial break to Minimal Painís generic music resounding throughout the arena causing the crowd to pop before partaking in a ďMini PĒ chant as Matt Jones quickly makes hit way down the ramp way and stomping with authority up the steel steps in excitement, eager to get this bout going.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, Hailing from Detroit, Michigan; standing at 5í10Ē and weighing in tonight at 157 lbs, please welcome; Minimal Pain!

    The crowd is electric tonight and they erupt yet again when Miniís name is announced. They are soon interrupted with the lights going out as a countdown from five illuminates the screen all the while a single piano cord plays in the background. Once the countdowns hits zero the stage explodes with prosthetics, as ďNow is the TimeĒ by Dope begins to play. Spotlights zoom around the arena during the beginning guitar rifts before halting once the vocals start up making the crowd start to boo heavily as Joey Nicholas finally appears from behind the curtain. He gradually makes his way down the ramp way, seemingly to aggravate a hyped up Mini P who attempts to exit the ring but is stopped by Karl Rooney.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent in this contest standing at 5í 11Ē and weighing in at 232 lbs, he hails from Los Angeles, California; the ďReal DealĒ Joey Nicholas!

    Joey saunters up the ring steps and takes his sweet time in getting inside the ring as an irritated Mini begins to head his way. Rooney gets in in front of him warning that he will throw this bout out if he does anything before the bell sounds as Nicholas attempts to egg him on smirking and throwing slanders Mattís way. Finally order is restored and both competitors await the bell. Rooney signals for it and the match begins!


    Mini charges at Nicholas like a mad man with a flurry of punches who in turn back pedals to the ropes and hangs halfway through for the ref to hold Mini back. Pain tries his damnedest to get a couple of fists to connect but heís soon cut short and told to back off. Nicholas returns fully into the ring and laughs at Mini further infuriating him to the point where he catches Joey off guard with a take down that nearly knocks Nicholas out of his boots! Mini connects with multiple lefts and rights that he lays down on Nicholasí face before Joey finally comes back to his senses and covers up before using his legs to push Mini away from him. However thatís not enough as Mini jumps back to his feet and charges at Nicholas again this time he drives his foot into Joeyís gut before hitting a thunderous DDT! He hooks the leg as Karl Rooney is there to count:

    1...2...No! Nicholas gets his shoulder up just in time to the astonishment of Mini who then rebounds from the ropes and levels Nicholas with a dropkick to his face as the Real Deal sits up. Mini goes to the outside of the ring on the apron before diving back into the ring and landing on Nicholas with a Senton! Mini leans over Nicholasí prone body, licking his hand a couple of times before winding up swiftly slapping him across the face! Nicholas writhes around in agony on the canvas before exiting the ring to catch a breather as Mini panders to the crowd. Nicholas circles the ring for a moment before getting drilled by a baseball slide to his face by Mini sending him back first into the guardrail.

    Mini dives over the ropes but only eats the guardrail as Nicholas sidesteps him. Joey kicks the steps in a rage before putting Mini on his shoulder and driving him back first into the adjacent ring post causing Matt to cry out in pain. Joey rolls into the ring to break the ten cont before returning to the outside to go to work on Mini. He puts his boot on Miniís face which is currently against the ring post putting skull crushing pressure on the former ĎHoodlum as he again cries out in anguish. Joey gets bored of this tactic and rolls Mini into the ring and slides in after him. He jumps atop of the middle rope and rebounds from it to perform a spinning leg drop to Miniís neck! Joey stands up Mini before kneeing him in the cut and driving his face into the mat with the Highlight of the Night! Nicholas hooks the leg:

    1...2...No! Mini just gets his shoulder up in what was nearly a three count. Nicholas raises his hand up with three fingers extended questioning the ref who in turn stands by his call. Nicholas then hits a standing moonsault driving the breath out of Mini who writhes on the canvas attempting to regain his breath. Nicholas doesnít wait for it as he folds Mini's knees like a pretzel and attempts to lock in the Realization! However, Mini is more than ready for the submission as he extends his hands out and grasps the ropes causing Karl Rooney to force Joey to break the hold. Nicholas walks over to the ropes that Mini is huddled at and uses them as leverage as he jumps high in the air and lands atop of Miniís lower back with the bottom of his legs sending Mini face first back down to the canvas busting open his lip.

    Nicholas then cocks back and awaits for Mini to get back to his feet. As Mini uses the ropes to pull himself back and turn to face Nicholas, Joey lunges forward with his boot in the form of the Deal Breaker that Mini evades by side stepping his adversary before sending him down to the mat with an inverted DDT. Mini is fired up now as he leaps atop of the turnbuckle and performs his Mini-sault! But as he comes down his chest is met by Nicholasí knees knocking the wind out of Mini yet again! Mini gets back to his feet quickly to regain his composure as Nicholas finds the opening he needs to roll Mini up in a school boy. Karl drops to the mat for the count as unbeknownst to him Nicholas uses the ropes behind him as leverage to keep Mini down. Mini thrashes his feet wildly into the air but is unsuccessful in breaking the count as the ref counts 1...2...3!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner in 22 minutes and 34 seconds, Joey Nicholas!

    Joey Nicholas quickly rolls out of the ring and rests against the guardrail as Mini jumps up to his feet looking in disbelief at the ref before pleading his case which goes unheard. He begins to pull at his long hair in frustration as Nicholas begins to back his way up the ramp grinning mockingly and holding up three figures to signify his victory. We then go backstage were we find Michelle Kelly and Ruben Johns.

    Michelle Kelly: Really? How hard can it possibly be to hold a camera on your shoulder for a few minutes? You were a wrestler for crying out loud and this makes your shoulder sore?

    Ruben Johns: Itís heavy!

    Michelle Kelly: Why did John have to take a vacation this week? Or alternatively, why did Charles Anderson give you his job for the night?!?!

    Ruben Johns: WellÖ

    Michelle Kelly: That wasnít a question you idiot.

    Ruben Johns: It sounded like one.

    Michelle Kelly: I am this close to hitting you, donít push me. Now, put the damn camera on your shoulder, stop complaining, and follow me.

    Ruben does exactly as he is told eager to avoid getting slapped by Michelle who we doubt would think twice about doing it. Rubenís camera work is less than spectacular as he tries to keep up with Michelle as she makes her way down a narrow hallway before coming to a sudden stop. Michelle bangs on the door to her right as Ruben works his way around to find out whoís locker-room it is. Ruben finds the zoom control and zooms in to highlight the nameplate that reads The Brotherhood. The door opens and the camera pulls back to show Alexis.

    Alexis: What?

    Michelle Kelly: Iím here for an interview with you and the Future about what went down earlier tonight.

    Ruben lets the camera drop down a little and zooms in on the breasts of Alexis but when she notices the camera isnít pointed at her face, she lets him know about it.

    Alexis: Iím up here you pervert. You had best keep above shoulder height if you ever plan on having kids.

    The camera jerks up and somehow stays steady as it zooms back to get Michelle back in the shot.

    Michelle Kelly: So, interview?

    Alexis: Okay then, but donít expect me to be in this good a mood every week.

    Michelle Kelly: Can we get the Future out here as well?

    Alexis: Fussy little bitch arenít you?

    Alexis heads back into the locker-room and slams the door in the face of Michelle who had started to follow. After a few seconds of waiting patiently, Alexis re-appears with the Future behind her.

    Michelle Kelly:Thank you. Iíll keep it short, why?

    Daren Storm: Why? Why what?

    Michelle Kelly: Why did the three of you feel the need to make it personal against Jackson Sonik earlier tonight by attacking one of his best friends who just so happened to be pregnant?

    Daren Storm: Personal? I donít know about Jackson, but we didnít make it personal with him, if anything, he made it personal with us by refusing to do the right thing last week and give us our titles back.

    Michelle Kelly: Thatís why you attacked a pregnant woman?

    Daren Storm: Not at all. That was all Alexisí idea.

    Alexis: Indeed it was. You see, when I first found out that Alexa was pregnant, I made a decision there and then. I was not going to allow that baby to be born. One Alexa is bad enough, Imagine if there was a second one running around here! It would be mayhem.

    Michelle Kelly: Then why did the two of you partake in it?

    Daren Storm: We needed to get Jackson Sonikís attention, I think we did that.

    Michelle Kelly: You were willing to attack an innocent young woman, to get someoneís attention?!?!

    Daren Storm: In short, yes. We made it clear last week that we were sick of playing by CWAís rules so weíre making up our own. It may not have been the most popular decision of the year, but unlike Jackson Sonik and Deportista, we donít really care about popularity. We tried that route before and it doesnít work. The only thing it does is drain you mentally and hinder your career. What have these inbred jack offs in New Mexico ever done for us? Nothing, thatís what. Why on earth should we cater to them?

    Michelle Kelly: Without the fans you wouldnít be anything.

    Daren Storm: Without the fans we would still be on top of CWA while Los Calavera are still in Mexico and Jackson and Deportista are still unemployed. Playing to these morons may help you in the beginning, but they donít help you get successful. Karl Rooney tried to suck up to the fans at Five Star Attraction and look what it got him. Heís sitting in a hospital bed with what Iím told is a very serious concussion. He, and every other CWA official will think twice before they try and make a name for themselves at our expense.

    Michelle Kelly:
    Another thing has been bugging me all night. How exactly did you manage to get the main event tonight made into a title match?

    Daren Storm: You donít need to know that, but Iím glad you brought it up because when we are re-crowned the CWA World Tag Team Champions later tonight, we wont be ducking challengers like Jackson Sonik and Deportista are. At In Exile, we will be giving CWA Management the match they want, the match that they have been pushing for, the match that they have been begging for. A triangle match pitting ourselves against not only Jackson Sonik and Deportista but also Los Calavera and that match, will be a two fall match. The first fall will see us be crowned the new AMLL World Tag Team Champions, the second will see us retain our newly won CWA World Tag Team Championships. But wait, you guys havenít had a match since December, I hear you yell.

    Michelle Kelly: I didnít hear anyone yell.

    Daren Storm: Shut up and hold the mic. Technically, you are right, we havenít had a match in CWA since December and thatís why next week all three teams will partake in warm up matches. Myself and Axl will be facing our old rivals in Hardcore Hell while Jackson Sonik and Deportista will be facing Los Calavera.

    Michelle Kelly: You got to be kidding me! How the hell is that fair?

    Daren Storm: I never said it was. Instead, I simply said we are making up our own rules, and we seem to be doing quite a good job of getting them enforced. I hear Charles Anderson is here tonight, we may have to go and have a little chat with him regarding someoneís employment status.

    Michelle Kelly: You know well that you cant get me fired. Youíve tried before, and Iím still here.

    Daren Storm: I donít know why you keep making assumptions Michelle, I didnít say it was about you.

    Michelle Kelly: Then who?

    Daren Storm: Guess youíll just have to wait and find out like everyone else.

    Daren Storm pushes past Michelle before Alexis does the same. Axl Storm stays where he is as he has a good long look at the nameplate on the locker-room door. Axl runs his fingers along the nameplate before turning to Michelle and speaking.

    Axl Storm: I think we need a new one.

    Michelle Kelly: Do I look like I care?

    Axl slides past Michelle before breaking into a jog to catch up to his team-mates as we go back to ringside for the main event of the evening.

    ĒMap of The ProblematiqueĒ by Muse hits the P.A. System. Not even within a full second does the Albuquerque crowd fills the stadium with boos. Steve Osborn runs from behind the curtain with what looks like a banner wrapped around his shoulders and backside. He kneels down, draping the banner over him. Nickolas Kennedy Arsen follows route of Steve Osborn. ďThe AbsoluteĒ has both the CWA World Heavyweight Championship and the AMLL World Championship in the grasp of his left and right hands respectively. Arsen gets in front of Osborn, and then nods towards his direction. Once Arsen turns around, he falls to his knees and raises both championships as far away from himself as possible. Osborn stands up, and extends the banner out by doing the same. The banner is revealed to be a big flag with ďSub. Co.Ē written on it with a big symbol in the middle. Arsen then stands up and follows alongside Osborn to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: The following tag team contest is your main event! It is scheduled for one fall, with the CWA World Tag Team Championships now on the line! First, at a combined weight of 435 pounds, they are the challengers. Steve Osborn and the CWA World Heavyweight Champion Nickolas Kennedy Arsen, The Submission Coalition!

    Arsen looks at referee Marissa Matheson very diligently before handing her his world titles. Steve Osborn climbs the ropes and basks in the jeers while folding the Submission Coalition flag and dropping it into his corner. Steve Osborn hops off while Arsen calls for a microphone. Lindsay hands him one.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Selfish indulgence can only get you so far. Courage will only give you a temporary reputation. Liberation can give you anything that your heart desires. And Iím living proof.

    The fans try to have their boos overpower Arsenís words. Arsen breaks a bit before shaking his head. Steve Osborn laughs.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen:
    I feel a bit naked, ladies and gentlemen. Granted that I do hold two of the top world championships in professional wrestling, but I am not going to lie. And I think I speak for Steve when I say we need to dress to impress.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen hands the microphone to Steve Osborn.

    Steve Osborn: You see, A Mouthful of Awesome finally know what it feels like to be the victim of their own actions. Their foolishness, their shenanigans, their rebellion. It all leads up to their consequences. And because this grudge match now has the tag team championships on the line, it is time for your game to end. It is time for you two to help establish the cause and effect with the Submission Coalition. And it is time for you two masked retards to submit to be saved. And to the Future, I appreciate your attempt to get something you lost, as the chase can be ever so sweet. But if we claim those belts tonight, which we will, you better bring some extra padding, because you are going to have to come take it from our grasp! Weíre showing up to the dance with gold covering our waists!

    Steve Osborn slams the microphone into Lindsay Monahanís cleavage. She seems offended, but shakes it off due to the job she has to do. ďSonic BoomĒ by War bringer hits the P.A. system and a good majority of the crowd blows up. Jackson Sonik quickly walks through the entrance way with his mask resting on top of his forehead. He arrives with a face full of determination and anger, staring a hole through The Submission Coalition. Deportista comes out from behind his partner and wails his belt around. He hops back and forth, pointing at his trainer, Nickolas Kennedy Arsen. Deportista moshes down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Arsen and Osborn slide out and huddle near the announcerís table. Jackson follows slowly down the ramp.

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents come into tonight weight in at a combined weight of 401 pounds. They hail from the Lylat System! They are your CWA World Tag Team Champions, Jackson Sonik and Deportista, A Mouthful of Awesome!

    Jackson and Deportista hand their titles to Marissa, who raises them up in the air to signify a title match. Jackson paces back and forth, not taking his stare off of his opponents. Deportista is adjusting his gear. Arsen and Osborn are discussing strategy on the outside. Arsen hops up on the apron as Osborn slides into the ring. Marissa calls for the starting bell.


    Jackson Sonik puts on his mask and charges towards. Steve Osborn. Osborn sees this and quickly exits the ring. Jackson stops before running into the Submission Coalition corner. Steve Osborn starts yelling at Jackson to give him a moment to prepare. Arsen starts yelling at Marissa. Steve slowly takes his time to get into the ring, but once Jackson charges again, Steve slides back out. Marissa starts to get angry and begins a count. Arsen tells Steve to take his time. Jacksonís face looks dead panned for the first time in forever. Deportista comes over to Jackson and whispers something into his ear. Steve Osborn tells Marissa to quit being such a woman and let him do his thing. Pretty funny. Osborn slides into the ring one more time. Deportista slowly gets into the ring, seeing Jackson charge at Steve with Steve sliding out of the ring one more time. Arsen comes to Steve near the announcerís table again, but they arenít quick enough to react to Jackson Sonik and Deportista coming their way with duel dives! Jackson comes through with a forearm smash through the ropes on Arsen, while Deportista shoots over with a tope moon Sault to land on top of Osborn. Everyone goes down, but Jackson is quick to get to his feet first. He picks up Steve Osborn and drives his face into the announcers table. Steve Osborn bounces off and stumbles near the ring post. Jackson thinks quickly and drives Steve head first into the ring post. Marissa has started her count! Steve Osborn gets near the barricade, with fans screaming Ďyou suckí at him. Jackson hops over Osborn and hits him with a hand plant bulldog, driving Osbornís larynx into the barricade. Jackson screams with much momentum and hops over the barricade. He hears Marissa at a seven count. He slides back in and then slides back out, forcing the count to restart. Deportista is now up with Arsen. Arsen sees Deportista near the ring steps and charges. Deportista hops onto the apron, sending Arsen through the ring steps by himself. Osborn hops over the barricade. Jackson grabs him by the ears and throws him inside the ring. Steve rolls inside and slowly tries to get up. Jackson walks up to Osborn and relentlessly kicks him square in the face. Jackson kicks him hard in the face to get Osborn to shift up to his hands. Jackson hops up and hits a grounded double stomp, forcing Osborn right back down to the ground. Stiff offence from Sonik. Sonik lifts up Osborn. He hits Osborn with a couple of elbows to the face. He tags in Deportista. Jackson throws Steveís leg up at Deportista, who stand on the ring apron. Marissa Matheson begins a count to five. Jackson leaps off the ropes and hits a sunset neck breaker. Deportista uses the grasp on the leg to leap over the ropes and sunset pin Osborn. Marissa stops her four count and starts a pin count. 1Ö.2ÖOsborn puts his foot on the ropes immediately after the two count.

    Jackson gets up and sees Arsen struggling to get on the ring apron. He dashes towards NKA and hits a huge baseball slide sending the world champion against the barricade. Jackson positions himself for a tope body splash, and elevates over the ropes. Arsen sees this, however, and responds quickly with a devastating FALCON PUNCH that knocks out Jackson in mid air. Jackson collapses to the ground, as Arsen huddles behind the ring apron.

    Harvey Buckworth: WOW! You know, I have my problems with Nickolas Arsen, but Jesus Christ, that was pretty smart!

    Jim Taylor: It was brutal as well. Did you hear that thud?

    Harvey Buckworth:
    It seemed to stop Jackson Sonik for the time being.

    Deportista hits Steve Osborn with some chops against the ropes. Deportista tries to Irish whip Osborn, but Osborn responds with a reversal. Deportista doesnít let goes and turn Osborn inside out with a quick thinking exploder Suplex. Osborn q\gets up on his feet pretty quick, but seems pretty dazed. Deportista follows it up by getting him in position and connecting with a rolling power slam! Deportista is fired up! The aggression is coming out of A mouthful of Awesome. Deportista runs to the ropes, but Arsen grabs Deportistaís boot. Deportista stumbles. He turns around and yells gibberish at Arsen. Arsen looks innocent, but tells Deportista to turn around. Osborn spins Deportista around himself and plants him with a double arm DDT. Osborn goes for the pin.

    1Ö..Deportista kicks out. Osborn sees Arsen on the apron now and tags him out. Arsen runs up to Deportista and hits a grounded flying elbow right at his head. Arsen picks him up and hits him with a few forearms to the masked face of one of his students. He takes him to the ropes and hits him with some stiff chops of his own. Marissa tells Arsen to get off the ropes. Arsen tells Marissa to go get him a fruit roll-up. It seems like the rolls have changed with Submission Coalition being really funny. Arsen Irish whips Deportista, but brings him right back and drives a knee into Deportistaís mid-section. Arsen goes to the other side of the ring and does the same spot. Arsen does it one more time before hitting Deportista from behind with an elevated headlock slam. Arsen covers. Deportista. 1Ö.Deportista kicks out. Arsen doesnít let Deportista breath. He picks him up and hits some knee strikes to the masked forehead of Deportista. He grabs Deportista by the mask and drags him over to his corner, tagging in Steve Osborn. Osborn gets behind Deportista. Arsen uppercuts Deportista, causing Deportista to bend straight up and turn around to Osborn, who hits a spinning heel kick to Deportista, causing him to bend over again. Marissa tells Arsen to get out of the ring, but Arsen waits for Deportista to turn around and hits him with a spinning back fist, which causes Deportista to turn around and receive a super kick from Osborn. Arsen gets out of the ring with Osborn gets a cover. 1Ö..2Ö..

    Deportista barely gets out. Osborn tells Marissa to count fast like a real man. Jesus Christ. The crowd is actually laughing at some of this. Steve Osborn turns Deportista around and mounts his back. He starts untying Deportistaís mask. Marissa tells him to get off the mask, for removing it will be a disqualification. Osborn lets go at four, getting a fourth of it untied. Osborn waits for the count to end and goes back at untying the mask. Marissa starts a count again. Osborn lets go with it halfway untied. He shifts his position and hits Deportista with as snap mare, then forcing Deportista right back down by grabbing the laces of his mask and slamming him down violently. Arsen gets tagged in. Osborn lifts Deportista wheelbarrow style. He throws Deportista up, then propels him face first down on Arsenís knee. Arsen goes for a pin. 1Ö..2Ö.

    Another close pitfall for The Submission Coalition. Arsen starts gyrating his hips towards Marissa and corners her before Deportista gets back up and tried to cradle Arsen for the pin! 1Ö.2ÖArsen quickly kicks out. He runs at Deportista and attempts a lariat. Deportista ducks and runs to the ropes. Arsen bends down, but makes the mistake and receives a ďGOOOOOAAAALL!Ē right between the eyes. Arsen stumbles a bit and sees Deportista coming at him again. Deportista goes for a Yakuza kick, but Arsen matrix dodges it. He cartwheels from his position and hits Deportista with a leaping enziguri. Deportista stands dazed. Arsen throws him up and hits a huge lung blower on Deportistaís mid section. Deportista bends over. Arsen takes this advantage and hits a northern lights driver. Arsen flips out of the cradle and slaps an arm lock on Deportista. ďPlease donít tapĒ chants begin to start, and they pay off. Deportista slowly tries to circle around the lock and find a weakness. He spins himself out of the lock and hits an STO on his teacher. He slaps Arsen in an arm lock of his own, and looks to tag in Jackson Sonik, but Jackson is slowly getting up from the punch on the outside. Arsen sees this disadvantage and kicks Deportista in the head. He stands up and picks up his student hitting Deportista with a HUGE running Saito Driver. Arsen gets near his teamís corner. He places Deportista in the tree of woe. He tags in Osborn. Arsen hits Deportista with the Landscape Blazer. Deportista rolls from his position and straight into a double Russian leg sweep from the Submission Coalition. Osborn pins Deportista! OneÖ.towÖthr---

    Deportista gets the foot on the ropes. Osborn, as well as Arsen, is getting frustrated. He runs to Marissa and tells her to quit being sexist. Deportista runs behind Osborn to take advantage of another distraction and hits Osborn with a German Suplex. Osborn tries to get back up, but Deportista hits a desperation Yakuza kick! Both men are down! Deportista slowly crawls to his corner, but still doesnít see Jackson Sonik. Sonik is almost on his feet on the outside. Marissa gets to a seven count before Deportista gets up and runs into The Natural Disaster. Deportista is laid out! Steve looks at Deportista from his knees. Arsen tells Osborn to cover him. Osborn tells Arsen that the bidding must be done. Osborn slaps on the Natural Selection! Deportista is in a lot of pain. Osborn gets the grasp on tight. Deportista tries to use his lower body to slide closer to the bottom rope near his corner. Arsen is yelling to Osborn to let go and pin him. Deportista is getting closer to the ropes, but with each inch moved, Osborn puts more pressure on the hold. Deportista looks like he is going to tap. His fingers are too close to give this one up! And he gets the bottom rope!

    But Osborn yanks him away and turns to a side position, keeping the hold still in. But Deportista gets another arm free and uses his arm length to get the ropes! All of the sudden, Arsen comes out of nowhere and kicks Deportistaís hand off the ropes. NKA, proud of his accomplishment, gets a tongue lashing from Marissa Matheson. All of the sudden, Jackson Sonik finally gets on his feet and comes out of nowhere with a huge Tiger Uppercut on NKA! NKA goes stumbling down to the floor. Sonik runs on the ring apron and latches onto a positioned Arsen for a hurrancanrana takedown. Sonik hops up to his corner and rallies Deportista to tag him in. Deportista is still in Osbornís hold! Jackson tries to use leverage to extend the hand. Deportista uses his lanky arms to get the tag in. Sonik hops in and break the submission hold with a dropkick. Steve lets go and sells the dropkick, quickly getting to his feet. Sonik throws a lariat and brings down Osborn to deliver a backbreaker combo. Osborn drops. Sonik hits a phoenix splash and goes for the pin!


    Arsen breaks it up. Marissa tells him to get out of the ring. Deportista comes to Jacksonís aid and punches Arsen. Arsen rakes Deportistaís eyes and lifts up Deportista for a vertical Suplex! However, Deportista shifts his weight, sending Arsen to move toward the ropes. Arsen tumbles over the ropes, causing Deportista to turn over and REVERSE IT INTO A BING BONG BUSTER ON THE RING APRON!. Arsen is out! Deportista slowly gets to the ring apron!

    Harvey Buckworth: Oh my God! I cannot believe what I just saw!

    Jim Taylor: What the hell did that retard just do? He hurt the champ!

    Jackson gets a super kick from Osborn. Osborn scream ďTHATíS IT!Ē and charges to the ropes. Deportista gets inside the ring. Osborn springboards off the ropes and receives double one ups from A Mouthful of Awesome! Sonik goes for the pin! The champs are going to retain!


    Arsen yanks Marissa out of the ring and begins to complain that his hair was pulled. Marissa tells him to go to his corner. Deportista comes to the ropes near Arsen. Arsen takes Deportista down from the outside and yanks him to the outside. Arsen then shoves him hard into the ring steps. Jackson Sonik gets to the top rope. He signals for something big on Osborn. Arsen comes out of nowhere and hits a huge leaping enziguri on Sonik. Sonik still has his balance! Arsen leaps up to the top with Sonik! He beings punching the daylights out of Sonik. He lifts Sonik up for a superplex, but Sonik hops over Arsen, and grabs hold of Arsenís neck with his legs to hit a huge super reverse hurrancanrana off the top, driving Arsenís head into the ground! Arsen rolls away to the outside. Steve Osborn sneaks up behind Jackson Sonik and locks in the Natural Selection! Steve has him in the middle off the ring! There is nowhere to run! These men canít take anymore punishment, especially a concussed Sonik! Sonik tries to wiggle around! Deportista breaks up the submission hold right when Osborn was going to tap!

    This tag match has lost control! Deportista lifts up Osborn for a Bing Bong Buster. He collapses, and Osborn falls on his feet. Osborn pushes Deportista into the ropes and charges at him. Deportista back body drops Osborn over the ropes! Arsen comes in holding a steel chair. He sneaks up behind Deportista, who is tending to his partner. He goes to swing it, but Marissa Matheson takes it from his hands! Arsen yells at Marissa. Marissa goes to put the chair outside the ring. Deportista goes for a lariat on Arsen. Arsen ducks, then runs up to Jackson Sonik and kicks him right in the groin! Marissa didnít see it! Deportista turns Arsen around and goes for a Bing Bong Buster! Arsen hits Deportista on the head and buckles down, reversing it into the Absolutely Fabulous Driver! Nickolas is ready to finish this! He slaps Deportista into the heel hook, attempting to get Deportista to ĎSing for Absolutioní. Arsen tries to unmask Deportista at the same time. Jackson comes back into the ring with the steel chair! Deportista is about to tap. Marissa is telling Arsen to let go of the mask! Jackson comes up in front of Arsen and blatantly hits Arsen in the face with the steel chair, busting open an already stitched up world champion. Marissa calls for the bell!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners by disqualification at thirty seven minutes and seven seconds, Nickolas Kennedy Arsen and Steve Osborn! Therefore, still, the CWA World Tag Team Champions, A Mouthful of Awesome.

    Jackson takes off his mask. His face his red with rage. He sees Steve Osborn come into the ring and hits him with a chair shot! All of the sudden, the Future come down the entrance ramp! Jackson signals for them to come in. Axl comes in, but gets a chair shot to the face! Daren comes in! Jackson swings for the fences and nearly takes Darenís head off. Alexis then slowly tries to get into the ring and sneak up behind Sonik. Sonik turns around and meets Alexis with anger. He begins yelling at her.

    Harvey Buckworth: Pardon my language, but holy shit! Iíve never seen a man possessed such as Jackson Sonik in my entire life! Get them Jackson!

    Jim Taylor: Get out of there, Alexis! Save your pretty face!

    Alexis curls up in the corner and begins to scream. Jackson begins to swing the chair right at Alexis, but Nickolas Kennedy Arsen comes up from behind Jackson and hits a Quackenbush-Modified Absolutely Fabulous Driver! Arsen looks at the chaos in the ring, with Osborn and the Future slowly getting up. Deportista runs into the ring and begins to punch Arsen in his bloodied head, but Osborn shoves him down and locks in The Natural Selection one for time. Arsen tells the time keeper to get his world titles. He locks in the heel hook, completing The Double Tap. Deportista is tapping wildly! Arsen gets both of his titles and raises them from his position. Axl and Daren grab a lifeless Jackson Sonik and handcuff him to the ropes. Each of them get a chair, while Alexis grabs Jacksonís hair from the outside. Axl steps up first and drives the chair to Jacksonís mid-section. Jackson canít do anything. Daren then drives the chair into the skull of Jackson. Both of them take shots continuously, and The Submission Coalition wonít let go of the Double Tap, no matter how hard Deportista taps.

    Los Calavera, and Roberto run down the ring. Alexis gets out of the way. Los Calavera run on the apron. They springboard at The Future. The Future swing, but miss with the chairs. Los Calavera charge at the Future, but the Future leaves the ring. They drop the handcuff keys on the way out. Los Calavera uncuff Jackson from the ropes, who isnít moving before going after Osborn, who quickly gets out of the ring. Roberto grabs Arsen by the hair and sets up for The Colours of the Rainbow, but Arsen escapes and leaves the ring as well. The Submission Coalition and the Future throw it into reverse and quickly head back up the ramp as Roberto, Los Calavera and a Mouthful of Awesome stand tall in the ring to end the show.

    ++Quick Results++
    Nero James def Frankie Enzo
    CJ Franchise def Roderick Kyle
    Bob Awesome def Ralph McCoy
    Don deVries def Dan Powers
    Joey Nicholas def Minimal Pain
    Submission Coalition def A Mouthful of Awesome

    ++GFX By++
    Dr. Doom

    ++Matches Written By++
    Nicky Talent

    ++Matches Graded By++

    ++Promos By++
    Nicky Talent

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    Re: March 24th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Albuquerque, NM

    Wow crazy show AMOA promo was great and everythimg played out well and another win for the Straight Edge Franchise is good. Good job guys

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    Re: March 24th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Albuquerque, NM

    I see Don de Vries took advantage of that two for one beatdown special, very nice.

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    Re: March 24th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Albuquerque, NM

    This show was very well written, I would rank it as one of the best A.R. this year

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    Re: March 24th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Albuquerque, NM

    awesome work everyone show was amazing

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    Re: March 24th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Albuquerque, NM

    Very entertaining show. I enjoyed Pain/Nicholas. Glad Roberto came off strong in this show. Also, at McCoy losing.
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    What the fuck is happening to you guys? I once got a blowjob where she used her teeth a little bit too much and I ended up with a bloody dick, I still enjoyed the blowjob up to the point I started bleeding. I can honestly say that I have never had anything I would call a bad blowjob, that wasn't a great experience but up until I started gushing blood I was having a great time!

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    Re: March 24th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Albuquerque, NM

    Yeah yeah >.> I had strept throat so I was in bed all week.

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