For the first time since his near career ending injury at Five Star Attraction, former CWA World Tag Team Champion Daren Storm has logged onto and he had quite a bit to say.

Daren Storm says:

Rejoice good people, the rightful CWA World Tag Team Champions are back and soon enough we will be crowned champions once again. In Exile 2010 is the event, New Delhi, India is the place. For those of you who know your wrestling history, you will know that the chances of us becoming CWA World Tag Team Champions at In Exile are through the roof! If you donít however know your history, Iíll give it to you in brief. We won the CWA World Tag Team Championships at In Exile 2009 and it was held on the continent of Asia. We will be competing for the CWA World Tag Team Championships at In Exile 2010 and it will be held on the continent of Asia. As they say, History is about to repeat itself.

Before that happens however we have some very pressing issues to address so, why wait any longer?

As you all know, myself and Axl Storm were hospitalized after a brutal, vicious and unprovoked assault at Five Star Attraction in December. What we thought would be a wrestling match, turned out to be a trap in which Los Calavera cheated their way to victory and in the process tried to end Axl Stormís career, and even worse end my life with that ridiculously dangerous move of theirs. It took quite a while to recover from and you would expect the people that you are paying would have the decency to drop by and see if you are still alive, wouldnít you? We expected the members of our entourage to drop by but we were left very disappointed by the lack of visitors. Only four people dropped in. I would like to publicly thank Alexis, Joey Nicholas and Jim Taylor for seeing how we were getting on.

Justin Nukem, Lacey and Steve Ryan on the other hand didnít. We took the three of you in, and made you something, and this is how you repay us? I donít think so. Lacey, you are no longer our official interviewer, you had better hope someone in CWA was impressed by you because thatís the only way you will be sticking around. Justin Nukem, we go way back and you couldnít even send a get well card? Need I remind you that back in early 2009 you had a trial with CWA but they werenít interested in signing you. We talked to management and a couple of days later you received a contract offer. Did you really think that was a coincidence? Well Justin, we have since talked to CWA management again and you can expect a pink slip to find itís way to you in the coming days. Youíre done with the Future, and now you are done with CWA.

Finally we come to Steve Ryan. The biggest ingrate of the lot. Had it not been for us, he would be wrestling in front of seven people and not even getting paid at the end of it. We saw something in him and allowed him to join CWA so he can learn from the best and become a suitable stand in should he be required. It took Steve Ryan quite a while to find his way into CWA, it didnít however take him very long to find his way into Toxic Rain. We have worked with Toxic Rain in the past and believe me, you will regret the decision you made. You had everything going for you Steve, but now, itís only a matter of time before she gets bored and CWA stop booking you. You had better hope you win the Ruler of the Ring tournament because Toxic Rain is only interested in winners, and looking at your early record, youíre on thin ice. I hope you donít misunderstand this Steve, we are not offering you a way out. When you jumped into bed with Toxic Rain, you started digging and we are not going to help you get out. In fact, weíre the oneís who will be kicking the dirt back in on top of you. Hope it was worth it Steve, because you, along with Justin and Lacey, are fired from the Future.

Now that all that is done with, I need to tell everyone that myself and Axl Storm will be taking part in a small tour of India next week. We will be wrestling four shows against some of the best tag teams in Asia. In short, weíre going to show them how itís done. The dates are listed below. Iíll be back next week with results but I can tell you now, itíll be four wins for the rightful CWA World Tag Team Champions. One more thing, Jackson Sonik and Deportista, you had better make the right decision on March 24th, because you wont like the consequences.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Ultimate Pain in the ass was on here a few days ago with yet another pathetic attempt at staying relevant and dropping some more not so subtle hints about a return to CWA. I told you before Pain, and Iím going to tell you again now. If you step back into the ring, we will ensure that you wont be stepping back out of it. Do whatís best for your health, and hit the retirement home along with your old buddy Kenneth leBlanc. You can try and dictate the present, but the Future, is already written.

India Tour Dates:
March 16th - Bombay, Maharashtra, India
March 17th - Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
March 18th - Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
March 19th - Chandigarh, Punjab, India