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Thread: "The Chosen One" Roderick Kyle

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    "The Chosen One" Roderick Kyle

    Name*: Roderick Kyle

    Nickname: "The Chosen One"

    Age or Date of Birth*: April 25th, 1986 (23-24)

    Hometown: Portsmouth, NH

    Height: 5'11

    Weight*: 235

    Gimmick*: An egotistical misogynist who believes he's God's gift to wrestling. He also believes he has been chosen to be the greatest champion ever... It is his destiny to be World Champion. Will often due the dirty work of authority figures to achieve "stroke". Likes to smash guitars over people's heads (Adopted from his mentor).

    Disposition*: Heel/Tweener

    Appearance: Is always wearing sunglasses when not in the ring. Has blond frosted hair. In the ring he wears some similar to what what Matt Hardy wore in the ring during his Mattitude gimmick... arm cut off shirt and a pair of custom designed pants (Usually silver like K-Kwik's from 2001).

    Wrestling Style*: Technical/Submission

    Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best)
    Speed - 2
    Technical - 4
    Power - 1
    Brawling - 3
    Charisma - 5

    Regular Moves: Variety of suplexs (overhead, German, Tazplex, etc.. but only used on opponents of similar size), any possible variation of the Russian leg-sweep or STO (Front, reverse, inverted, etc...), rest holds and attacking body parts - if I'm not allowed to list these please tell me so and I'll edit them out.

    Signature Moves*: Super kick, Even-flow DDT, A modified shining wizard/enzuguiri (Gregory Helms' version), The Contra Code (Jimmy Jacobs' slice bread #2), Straight jacket lung blower

    Finishing Move*: The Chosen Finish (A modified "End Time" - a guillotine choke while Kyle hammerlocks the opponents arm)

    Previous Experience: Was trained by Jeff Jarrett, whom Kyle got most of his inspiration from, before conquering the independent scene. Was mainly a tag team specialist but Kyle's ego got too big to be saddled down by inferior partners.

    Name of representative*: Jeff Jarrett

    Entrance Theme: "Snap your fingers, snap your neck" by Grinspoon. It was one of the covers used by Justin Credible back in ECW.
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