CWA Women's Champion Alexis has been on the CWA forums today and she had the following to say:

Alexis says:

I like surprises, everyone likes surprises right? Pregnant women especially like surprises so that’s why on March 24th on Adrenaline Rush live from Albuquerque, New Mexico I am going to give Alexa the biggest surprise of her life! Even bigger than her getting a CWA Contract, even bigger than her getting to wrestle at Five Star Attraction and yes, even bigger than the news that she was pregnant. Not to over-hype this or anything like that, but I promise you, this will be the biggest surprise of Alexa’s life. Why am I not doing this on the next show in Sioux Falls? Quite simply, I’m busy that night, I will be in attendance but I wont have the time to organize everything properly so it would be a let down. In Albuquerque though, I will be ready to deliver on my promise of a huge surprise. Believe me when I say that everyone who witnesses the events on March 24th, will never, ever forget what they saw.

Until next time, The pleasure has been all yours.
- Alexis