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Thread: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

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    February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    The opening chords of Rough Landing, Holly fills the arena, and the crowd goes wild as the X-Fly Champion makes his way out onto the stage. He walks down to the ring, championship belt in one hand, microphone in the other, and climbs up into the ring.

    Logan V: You know something, this has been one hell of a week. And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the fans for the outpouring of support they've shown for Miss Tyler. She's taken a little time out, but don't you people worry. She'll be back in no time at all, and I know she's looking forward to it already.

    Logan V: But it's obviously not possible to talk about Miss Tyler than to talk about the man who put her in that position. A man so scared of me he'd rather hide behind an abducted girl than face me like a man. And tonight he'll avoid me again, but he won't avoid a little retribution. The all seeing deities who run this promotion have put us in Pick Your Poison matches, and while I face Minimal Pain, I've hand picked James Nero as his opponent. But I don't think that stipulation is exciting enough. So if he's not too much of a yellow bellied coward, I have another proposition for him.

    Logan V: I propose that we make these two matches Beat the Clock challenges. The participant who wins, if he does indeed win, in the fastest time will gain control of any and all match stipulations for the big showdown. So what do you say? Are you man enough to step up to the plate, or haven't those two walnuts descended yet?

    Logan patiently awaits an answer from his adversary. His wish is soon granted when Nicholas appears on the screen of the titantron with his signature cunning smirk strewn about his face causing the crowd in attendance to express their disapproval by booing.

    Joey Nicholas: Well, well would you look at what the cat dragged in? I was certain you would stay home to tend to your emotional wounds over that whore of a manger Miss Tyler, but surprisingly you proved me wrong.

    Nicholas takes a moment to mockingly clap his hands.

    Joey Nicholas: You lay claim that I am terrified of you Logan, a man who deems it necessary to conceal his identity within a mask. You should instead be asking yourself why your self esteem is so low that you hide behind a disguise? You accuse my actions last week as spineless, but that tends to happen to a man at the end of his rope! The powers that be would not listen to my demands that you put both your mask and the X-Fly championship on the line in Sydney so I took matters into my own hands and gave the perfect ultimatum which you chose wisely. God only knows what I would’ve done to poor Miss Tyler had you turned down my offer.

    Joey Nicholas: Now as far as your proposal for tonight goes, the competitive side of me wants to accept your challenge, as I’ve always wanted to shove it in your face that I am better than you in each and every single humanely way possible, our first one on one encounter was a fluke and everyone in attendance as well as around the world knows it! So what will it be Logan? What is it that I am to sacrifice tonight?

    Logan V: If you can beat my time tonight, the Lost Soul's Alliance will put it all on the line. In the X-Fly Championship match, my mask will be yours to win. But so will Jose's and Julio's. You can unmask us all.

    The smirk on Nicholas' face moves up to his eyes as they contemplate the prospect of adding three masks to his burgeoning collection.

    Joey Nicholas: You're on. Beat the clock it is. I'm gonna enjoy tearing the masks off all your weepy little faces.

    Logan V: Excellent. We have a whole arena full of witnesses who just saw you agree to the challenge. Although a smart man would probably have waited to hear my choice before committing.

    Joey Nicholas: I have nothing to worry about because no matter what the outcome is tonight, at Uprising I look to take away the very thing that you three cherish the most just like you did to me and the future at Five Star Attraction when you stole our championships! And Logan, it will be of no coincidence that I will stand over your unconscious carcass in reminisce to myself over Joven Rayo when I hold MY X-Fly championship in the air with one hand and your bloody mask in the other!

    Logan V: Nevertheless Nicholas, I’m offering you two masks, so I think it's only fair you offer two things in return. So if I beat the clock tonight, at Uprising, we'll have everything on the line. If you win, you take my X-Fly Championship, and my mask. If I win, I take your AMLL Title, and your status as an X-Fly competitor. I said all along I wanted to banish you from this federation. After I win tonight, and pin you to the mat at Uprising, I'll have started, by taking you out of this division.

    On the titantron, the Joey's smirk has been replaced with a horrified blank look, but before he can compose himself and respond, Minimal Pain makes his way out onto the entrance ramp, and the first Pick Your Poison/Beat the Clock Challenge begins.

    Beat the Clock

    Mini Pain starts things out with a clothesline, but Logan avoids it and takes Mini P down with an arm bar. As Logan is working on his opponent's arm, Mini P is able to reverses it into a hammerlock. Logan though rolls through to break the hold. Both men lock up and Mini P ends up in yet another arm bar, courtesy of the Masked Superstar. Logan changes it up into a camel clutch while hitting a couple of cross face blows on Mini P. the Superstar formerly known as Matt Jones, fights up to his feet and both men jockey for position. Logan regains the advantage by kicking Mini P in the head, sending him outside and into the barricade. The fans sitting ringside, urge on Mini Pain. Logan follows to the outside by flying from the top turnbuckle with a double axe handle that hits Mini P square in the head. Logan picks Mini P up and throws him back in the ring, where he follows it up with a drop kick. Logan looks up at the clock and then goes for the pin, but he's only able to get a two count.

    Logan now decides to work on Mini P's leg and hits him with a running kick to his knee. Logan wraps Mini's leg up in the ropes, just wrenching away at his knee. Then Logan locks him in a modified half crab, but right away Mini P is able to make it to the ropes, forcing him to break the hold. Logan continues his assault on Mini P's knee, hanging it up in the ropes and kicking away. Logan looks up at the clock one more time and it seems he wants to finish this. Logan body slams Mini P down and then climbs the ropes. Its time to fly and Logan does just that as he goes for a flyin' elbow drop, but at the last second Mini P moves out and Logan hits nothing but mat. Mini P shakes up his leg trying to get the blood flowing, then climbs the top rope himself and delivers a devastating Alabama Jam and successfully hits it. Mini Pain goes for the pin, but Logan kicks out just in time.

    Mini Pain now feels confident and delivers the 3 amigos on Logan and then follows it up with a running big splash. He could go for the pin, but for whatever reason doesn't. He picks Logan up instead and locks in a sleeper hold. Logan struggles to get free and eventually he is able to grab the ropes, forcing the ref to step in and break the hold...but Mini Pain wont. Logan holds onto the ropes while Mini P tries to yank him off as the ref tries to get in the middle of the two Superstars. Out of nowhere while the ref he trying to break them up, Logan uses a mule kick and nails Mini P right in the family jewels which the ref of course doesn't see it. While Mini P is down in pain, Logan climbs the top rope one more time and delivers a Shooting Star Press, which he quickly follows up with a pin attempt...

    1...2...3! this one is over!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies And gentlemen, Your winner at 19 minutes and 52 seconds, Logan V!

    Logan helps Minimal Pain back up to his feet and in a show of sportsmanship he shakes his hand. Mini Pain returns the gesture by raising Logan's arm in the air in victory.

    Harvey Buckworth: Well it's set now, Joey Nicholas has to beat Nero James later tonight in under 19 minutes and 52 seconds or he is forced to put up both his AMLL Cruiserweight championship on the line along with his X-Fly Contendership

    Jim Taylor: Nero better be ready for a fight tonight, as I'm almost positive that The Real Deal will be looking to send a clear message to Logan V before their final encounter at Uprising.

    "Map of the Problematique" by Muse cues up and the fans begin to boo. It's not long before "The Natural" Steve Osborn is heading to the ring to a chorus of boos. He's wearing dark jeans, white Adidas shoes and a blue track jacket. Osborn points and laughs at those he considers inferior (read: everyone) as he approaches the ring, requesting a microphone from a producer ringside. Osborn goes up the steps, walking along the apron before wiping his feet and entering slowly. The music fades out slowly. Osborn opens his mouth.

    Steve Osborn: ...

    Osborn holds the microphone close to his face and leaves his jaw ajar but says nothing. He puts the microphone down and smiles at the crowd. After they boo him louder than before, Osborn stops smiling and raises the microphone to his mouth.

    Steve Osborn: I don't know if any of you were aware, but the results are coming in from the online polling at our company's website, and among the most voted candidates for Best Newcomer is yours truly, "The Natural" Steve Osborn. Am I surprised?

    Osborn puts the microphone down and shakes his head slowly. More boos for Osborn.

    Steve Osborn: Yeah I've read what the fans of CWA are saying: they like to watch me wrestle but they don't like to hear me talk. Completely understandable. The truth hurts. I've only been here a short time and already I've enjoyed a victory against three opponents in the first televised CWA appearance of Steve Osborn leading in to Five Star Attraction, and teamed with Nick Arsen to wipe the floor with the Shining Rainbows. You haven't really known me long enough to commit to accepting me as your new favourite wrestler, but I'm enjoying too successful of a career in this federation for you to ignore. It's gotta be tough watching your favourites fall victim to the Natural Selection. It's three taps in an admission of inferiority that may haunt them forever. The first tap is degradation, the second humiliation, and the third: defeat.

    Osborn points toward the entrance ramp.

    Steve Osborn: I've been establishing myself with submission victories over the CWA roster over the past few weeks and to be honest, I don't intend to stop anytime soon. This doesn't mean that those in the back should fear me. Agreeing to step into the ring against Steve Osborn isn't a mistake. On the contrary, it's a learning experience everyone should have the opportunity to gain wisdom from. A few seconds in the Natural Selection sounds like valuable time for anyone looking to better themselves.

    More boos.

    Steve Osborn: I was going to sit here on my high horse, literally, riding a horse down to the ring... but it was a trophy-wining prize horse, and their type is allergic to losers like all of you.

    The crowd's hatred for Osborn is peaking. "The Natural" laughs at them.

    Steve Osborn: Instead, I've agreed to come out and say a few words. I suppose all of you want to know why I've helped Arsen humiliated Roberto and McCoy. I suppose you feel you've got a right to know.

    Osborn smiles at the audience.

    Steve Osborn: Truth is, you don't.

    They erupt.

    Steve Osborn: All you deserve to know is that what I do, I do for all of you.

    Osborn nods slowly at the audience and they begin to quiet down.

    Steve Osborn: You pay to see us ringside, or you watch at home and satisfy our advertisers - you put food on our tables and I am forever thankful for that. It's the reason I do my best. Unfortunately, though, when I do my best - it makes my opponents look bad. They begin to resent me backstage. It's very easy to gain enemies in the locker room when you're outperforming them on a weekly basis.

    Despite the crowd roaring in disapproval, Osborn smiles and points in a 275 degree rotation.

    Steve Osborn: You've all witnessed the greatness that is STEVE OSBORN introducing the audience to what wrestling is supposed to look like. When I got teamed up with Arsen recently to take on the Shining Rainbows, I had no idea what to expect. Well, I knew I would win, naturally, but I certainly hadn't expected to be put into a tag team match so early in my tenure within CWA... Regardless, we got the job done and came out of that one with a victory... but I should make myself perfectly clear: I don't believe in teamwork at it's core. "Trust," to me, is a fictional term that represents an ideal unattainable in today's world. However - there's something about Nick Arsen that I can relate to that allowed our pairing to prove so successful. There's something about Nick Arsen that compelled me to lend a helping hand at the last house show. And there's something about Nick Arsen that makes me take him seriously as a wrestler in this organization.

    Osborn scratches his chin and paces for a moment.

    Steve Osborn: We've got something in common and it's not our mutual hatred of the CWA Champion, Roberto.

    The fans cheer at Roberto's mention but Steve Osborn wastes little time before continuing.

    Steve Osborn: Nor is it our disdain for that idiot Ralph McCoy! No... it's that we're TOO GOOD FOR CWA.

    The camera pans around at fans, most are booing. Some are giving thumbs down to the cameras, others are giving Osborn the finger.

    Steve Osborn: It's true. They literally have to restrain themselves from scheduling Arsen and I from competition so that the fans will bother to take an interest in the other, inferior performers within the organization. I should have been showcasing my talent tonight, proving to everyone yet again that I am an example of what the fans deserve. But they didn't want the wrestlers backstage to riot or protest. Maybe my arrival has put a dent in their merchandise sales, their fan support, their believability. I wouldn't put it past any of them to be concerned, but it's not about them. It's about what all of you want - and you want Steve Osborn!!

    The negativity in this arena is deafening, Steve Osborn smirks and then leans against the ropes.

    Steve Osborn: I know that since I've been stealing fans left and right, my popularity among my co-workers in the back has decreased severely. It's become what you might call "an unsafe working environment." Not that wrestling ever should be, but there's no telling what jealousy might drive my competitors to do. That's why it was important for me to find someone who could watch my back. And find someone I have.

    The fans are silent.

    Steve Osborn: But I'm not here to show everyone my cards while the game is still being played. I'm here to save you from the mediocrity of Adrenaline Rush without Steve Osborn. And I'm not just here to save the fans, though they might deserve it more than anyone else for having to endure Roberto as their champion for as long as they have. I'm also here to save the wrestlers. For too long they've been content, their performances less than 100% and them having no impetus for change, they can't be blamed. But seeing a performer like Steve Osborn has helped the CWA roster to aspire to something greater. The episodes airing with Steve Osborn attached are growing increasingly better than the episodes that have aired without Steve Osborn. I think I've noticed a trend.

    Osborn laughs at the boos but gets splashed by a bit of soda and the Styrofoam cup that contained it. He turns around.

    Steve Osborn:You're not grateful yet - but you will be. My every action is for your benefit and when you realize this to be true you will beg for my forgiveness. And you will be forgiven. But first you have to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for being content and failing to thrive for more. Forgive yourself for enduring mediocrity when you deserve better. And forgive yourself for ignoring the call - until now. Now, salvation beckons and calls your name. I stand before you as your savoir, your guiding light. Will you follow me to greatness or revel in the darkness within which you feel safe, secure, and unimportant?

    The crowd grows silent once more.

    Steve Osborn: This isn't a casting call of sorts. I'm looking for soldiers to help change the tides of war but while everyone can be saved, not everyone has what it takes to be a savoir. Those who wish to be considered may make their intentions known but my selection process is rigorous and mediocrity is not tolerated. If you're not with the Natural, you're a nobody. And if you waste my time, you'll be wasted outright. Stay tuned.

    Osborn drops the microphone in the ring. There are some boos among the quiet crowd as "The Natural" walks to the back without looking at the audience.


    With Hardcore Hell already in the ring, El Tico and El Elfo come out to a pretty good ovation from the crowd in attendance. They get in the ring and the ref rings the bell. Burlom and Jones look at the 2 midgets and just start laughing. They are laughing so hard that tears are rolling down their face. But their laughter doesn't last long as El Tico and El Elfo dropkick Jones out of the ring and then go to work on Burlom. El Tico dropkicks Burlom in the legs, as El Elfo delivers a quick DDT. With Burlom down, they both climb a top rope each as fast as they can, and then deliver a double Swanton Bomb. El Elfo goes for the cover...

    1...2...3!!! This match is over!!!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of this match at 1 minute and 36 seconds...the team of El Tico and El Elfo!

    The two midgets quickly exit the ring and now they are the ones laughing, as Hardcore Hell is left in the ring wondering what the hell has just happened.

    Michelle Kelly is in the CWA Locker Room with a microphone in hand. She feels a bit uncomfortable because several of the wrestlers are eying her down. He looks around to see Top Dog, St. Deuce, Bret Storm, and others treat her as eye candy. She then turns to see the red light on the camera and starts to focus at the task at hand.

    Michelle Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen, I think it is obvious to say that the aftermath of our most successful Pay Per View to date, Five Star Attraction, has brought us some intriguing and interesting events. One of these events happens to be continuing the trend of controversial decision making as of late. Don de Vries has proven not only to be the ruler of the ring, but a man who gets what he wants. That includes Anna Williams. Nero James has tried doing whatever it takes to ensure the safety of his beloved Anna.

    Adam Brown comes behind Michelle and spanks her ass. He turns to the impressed crowd behind him. Michelle meets his pervertness with a punch to the face. He falls to the ground. She looks up and shoots an evil glare at the spectators. The fellow wrestlers scatter, and she regains composure.

    Michelle Kelly: The other recent event sending shockwaves through the promotion as been the debut of Jackson Sonik and Deportista, two friends that collectively make up A Mouthful of Awesome. Although the two have not only interesting pre-match rituals, but an unorthodox in ring style as well, they have made an instant impact, taking the tag team division by storm. Their dominance has even rewarded the fun loving duo with a tag team title shot at Uprising. This is our final stop to Sydney, and the action and the tension are ready to unfold! Tonight, the CWA World Tag Team champions, Los Calavera and the unlikely partner in Ryan Daniels take on an even weirder makeshift team, made up of A Mouthful of Awesome and Don de Vries. Here to comment is one-half of the number one contenders, Jackson Sonik!

    The camera zooms out to get a shot of Jackson and Michelle. Jackson is smiling and giving a thumbs up at the camera. He is wearing a Techno Super Bowl t-shirt and has a towel draped over his waist.

    Jackson Sonik: Thanks for coming here. Sorry I couldn't work around your schedule. Nice closed fist, by the way.

    Michelle blushes.

    Michelle Kelly: Ha! Thanks. I underestimate my own strength sometimes. So, Jackson. What do you think about this upcoming six man tag match, as well as the tension that could ensue between yourself and Deportista, and the tag champions, Los Calavera?

    Jackson begins to laugh. He bends down near a bench and pulls up a workout bag.

    Jackson Sonik: Michelle, I am a man made of laughs. I love to hear a chuckle from the voice box of the public occasionally. It is what makes me feel good. My humour rubbing off on other people makes me just enjoy the rest of a day. I enjoy practical jokes. I love classic one liners. Hell, sometimes racist stereotypes are funny, AMIRITE?

    Jackson wants a high five from Michelle, but she doesn't budge.

    Jackson Sonik: You are a tough nut to crack, Michelle, but I am sure you understand this analogy. Because while I love to laugh, I find one form of flattery and humour to be pain educing and teeth grinding. I HATE IRONY!
    Sonik takes off his shirt to reveal a good physique for a couch potato. He hoists a bag over his shoulder.

    Jackson Sonik: I hate irony because as it is defined, least expecting motives or events from an opposite standard. Irony makes me feel dim-witted. Irony makes me feel like a fool who has no capability of sensing the right choice. Over the course of being here with Deportista in CWA, him and I have been the centre of some ironic circumstances, and a great example can be tonight.

    Jackson sets his bag down so he can tie his laces.

    Jackson Sonik: I find it painfully ironic that even though Deportista and myself are the newest flavour here in CWA, winning matches after matches in the form that we know how to do it. Yet, some people that grace this very locker room do not have the respect to endorse our winning ways.

    Jackson gets up and takes his singlet out of his bag. He walks behind a big wall. Michelle tries to follow him, but for reasons of being naked, Jackson halts her from further moving.

    Jackson Sonik: I am positive that two-thirds of our opponents tonight's six man, Los Calavera, have enough balls to respect our impact and our ability. Then again, I find it ironic that from Ms. Tyler's words gives myself and Deportista the classification that we are like hunters. Like we are hunting after prized elephants.

    A towel is thrown over the wall and on top of Michelle's head. She struggles to get it off. When she removes it, she sees Jackson in full gear.

    Jackson Sonik: What is even more ironic that the attitude that Miss Tyler presents are the words that Miss Tyler presents. Because, as I least expected, could not be more true. However, it aches me to believe that the roles are reversed. As much as we love and respect Jose and Julio, they are the poachers, carrying the prizes that us animals want for the showcase. We are the elephants. And I play off of your elephant reference to further highlight the irony because our tag team partner just so happens to be 'The Elephant Man' Don de Vries. The complete opposite of myself and Deportista. Ironic, don't ya think? A cold and bitter man that sees destruction and hostility as a form of satisfaction. Tonight, I want to put an end to this ironic humour surrounding a Mouthful of Awesome. Not only do we want to go into Uprising with momentum by defeating Los Calavera and Ryan Daniels, but we want chemistry with Don.

    Jackson gets something from his bag and runs back behind the wall.

    Jackson Sonik: Tonight, we want ourselves and Don de Vries to introduce the crowd to the newest force in pro wrestling.......THE ELEPHANT TRIFECTA!

    Jackson comes around the corner with elephants ears and a strap on elephant trunk on his nose. Michelle shakes her head.

    Michelle Kelly: You are an idiot.

    Jackson Sonik: Hey, I just want Don to fit in! Besides, at least I didn't cross the line and do an Anthony Hopk----

    Deportista comes into the locker room in not only his gear, but with paper mâché lumps all over his body. Jackson walks up to Deportista. He seems offended. Still donning his elephant ensemble, he shakes his head. Jackson walks out of the locker room.

    Deportista: Es meina compro gala gala Beuno, no?

    Deportista gets no response from his bilingual blabber. He frowns and begins to take the paper mâché off. Michelle approaches him.

    Michelle Kelly: You look ridiculous.

    Shades from their first encounter, Deportista puts a Vulcan Death Grip on Michelle. She passes out. He runs out of the locker room as we cut to commercial.

    With both competitors currently in the ring, referee Billy Stevens signals for the bell.


    Kazin Yoshimaru makes the first statement as he connects with a flying forearm smash that knocks C.J .off his feet. The crowd actually gets behind C.J. which in turn fires him up even more as he catches Kazin with a dropkick as he tries to get back up. C.J. panders to the audience now as his opponent attempts to recover but the New York resident wont have any of that as he hit’s the Luchador with a crucifix turned into a DDT or what he likes to call it brain dead! C.J. looks to hit a high risk manoeuvre from the top rope as he quickly climbs the turnbuckle. He gets distracted for a moment by the crowd chanting “C.J.!, C.J.!, C.J.!” but then quickly regains his focus by jumping into the air and performing the Five Star Treatment for the Connecticut crowd, but no! Kazin rolls out of the way just in time causing C.J. to crash and burn belly first onto the mat. Kazin tries to rile up the crowd himself but only receives crickets in return. Dumbfounded by the situation, Kazin gives up and stands C.J. up before attempting to finish this bout but C.J. holds him in place before performing an impressive power bomb laying out Kazin! C.J. climbs the ropes for a second time but this time goes right for the win with a Shooting Star Press! He connects and before long hooks the leg and Billy Stevens is there to make the count 1...2...3!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner at 5 minutes and 34 seconds, C.J. Franchise!

    We go backstage now where we find Toxic Rain and Steve Ryan once again enjoying each other’s company. When they break for air, Toxic Rain has an idea.

    Toxic Rain: You know what? I’m going to get you a match for Uprising.

    Steve Ryan: Yeah? Is it going to be against Roberto as well?

    Toxic Rain: I’m serious. There is an X-Fly Rankings match on the card, I’m going to get you a spot in that match.

    Steve Ryan: How the hell are you going to do that? I haven’t even had a match yet.

    Toxic Rain: As you know, I can be very persuasive when I want to.

    Steve Ryan: I should have known.

    Toxic Rain and Steve Ryan return to their seemingly never ending make out session as we go back to ringside.

    vs. vs. vs.

    The match begins with Bonsen and Awesome with Isano and Powers on the ring aprons. Bonsen works on the neck of Awesome. Awesome counters out of that. Bonsen then works on the left arm of Awesome. Awesome flips out of that and works on the left arm of Bonsen. Bonsen throws Awesome down and follows it up with a back suplex. Bonsen hits a quick suplex on Awesome, covers, but Awesome kicks out quickly. Bonsen hits a scoop slam on Awesome followed by a knee drop. Awesome kicks out after two when Bonsen covers him. Awesome trips up Bonsen who hits the corner face first. Awesome props Bonsen up in the corner in a tree of woe. Awesome looks to go up to the top. Isano leaps off the top and takes out Awesome with a dropkick. Powers tags himself in and Isano takes him out with a big arm drag. Powers fights back pushing Isano away. Awesome takes out Powers with a leg sweep. Both attempt a dropkick, fall back, jump back up and stare each other down. Bonsen chops both men a few times followed by a snap mare to Powers and a big kick to the head for Awesome. Bonsen covers Awesome, but only gets a two count. Isano takes out Bonsen with a huge dropkick off the top rope. Isano takes out Awesome with a big side-kick but Powers hit’s a snap spine buster for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner via pinfall in 7 minutes and 21 seconds is Dan Powers.

    In the backstage hallway, Don de Vries sits with a jar of peanuts, enjoying a pre-match snack.

    Don: Ah, peanuts: the snack food of champions.

    No sooner does he shovel a handful into his mouth than Orlando Maxwell approaches him, mic in hand.

    Orlando: Don, can you explain to the audience why you assaulted your own partner Ryan Daniels last week?

    Don: Jesus, what are you know, a philosopher? “Why this, why that, how come such, what’s the reason for so-and-so?” Can’t you just take things at face value?

    Orlando: Why, no; that would contradict my mission as a journalist.

    Don mutters grumpily under his breath.

    Don: Fine, you need a reason, here it is: Right after Five Star attraction, Daniels and I team up against two 90-lb weaklings, McCoy and James, both of whom I’d beaten senseless at the pay-per-view. Things are in control, so I figure I can attend to Anna Williams while Daniels finishes the job. Should be a lay-up, right? WRONG! HE BLEW IT! So for some reason, we get paired together on the next show, and he nearly blows it again, had I not been so clutch. That’s why I had to send a little “memo” to management- that team was going nowhere.

    Orlando: Maybe so, but perhaps an email wouldn’t bring the threat of retribution from Ryan Daniels?

    Don: Retribution? I did him a favour! The more he continued to stink the joint out while paired alongside my brilliance, the worse he looked by comparison, and the closer he got to being wished the best in his future endeavours. Who knows, he could’ve ended up wrestling in a high school gym, or worse- maybe a soundstage in Orlando. But hey, if he wants his “retribution”, I’m more than ready. Go ahead, come at me, bro, come get down on the mat with me- I’ll stretch you out like a pair of size 2 jeans on Kim Kardashian’s ass.

    Finished ranting, Don now glares angrily at Orlando.

    Don: Yeah, that’s it, you gonna stick around and amuse me? Dance, monkey!

    Don begins chucking peanuts at Orlando, who covers up and scurries away.


    With all four participants in the ring, Tony Stevens gives his last minute instructions. Alsam ignores the referee and tells Rich Stone that he’s number one. Stone charges at Alsam and the match is underway. Victoria Stone backs away from the action as Rich lays in the hammer blows to the head of Alsam who desperately tries to cover up. Hakeem wraps his giant hands around the head of Rich Stone and squeezes to get him off of Alsam. Hakeem lifts Stone off the ground by his had before Stone hit’s a kick to the ribs. Rich cuts down the height advantage by leaping onto the chest of Hakeem and locking in a front face lock. Hakeem struggles against Stone but he isn’t letting go. Hakeem tries to find the ropes but Alsam shoves both of them through the ropes and to the floor below. Hakeem lands on Stone and breaks the hold but gets knocked out in the process meaning he’s dead weight on Rich on the outside. Alsam slowly turns around in the ring with a big smile on his face as he spots Victoria still in the ring corner. Alsam corners Victoria who tries to talk her way out of it but has no luck. Alsam grabs Victoria by the hair and pulls her towards him before forcing himself upon her once again. Alsam kisses Victoria in the middle of the ring and she cant get away no matter how hard she pushes. Finally Alsam comes up for air and Victoria drops to her knees before she starts spitting to clear out her mouth. Alsam keeps hold of her hair as she savours the moment. Victoria decides to take matters into her own hands, literally. Having seen the referee is trying to move Hakeem on the outside Victoria grabs hold of Alsam crown jewels and squeezes. Alsam lets go of Victoria and tries to break her grip but she isn’t going to let go easily. Victoria gets back to her feet and trash talks Alsam who is begging her to let go. Victoria twists and Alsam drops to his knees before he puts his hands together and tries to beg some more. Victoria finally lets go and Alsam’s head drops just like Victoria wanted. Victoria goes back off the ropes and hit’s a shining wizard to knock Alsam down and out. Tony Stevens hears Victoria calling and he slides back in to make the count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners in 4 minutes and 19 seconds, Victoria Stone and Rich Stone!

    Victoria celebrates like she has just won the world title until she notices her husband is still trying to get out from under the unconscious Hakeem on the outside. Victoria slides out of the ring and helps the stage hands in pulling her husband free. Once free, Victoria and Rich hug it out on the bottom of the entrance ramp but their celebrations are short lived. Rich Stone gets smashed in the back with a steel chair from Guardian Devil who clearly isn’t happy at having to get back into the ring at Uprising. Victoria gets as far away as she can as Devil smashes the chair across the back of Stone several more times before he finally decides he has done enough damage. Devil throws the chair away as Alsam comes to his side and raises his arm in victory. Devil turns and clotheslines Alsam down hard for his failure to win tonight. Devil storms back up the ramp clearly in a bad mood as we go backstage now where we find Alexa standing by with Michelle Kelly.

    Michelle Kelly: Congratulations on your news last week Alexa, how are you finding the early days?

    Alexa: Honestly, it’s great. People are so much nicer when they know you are pregnant. I’ve been getting door’s opened for me, people are offering to carry my bags, people are even offering to bring me food! It’s brilliant!

    Michelle Kelly: I’m going to guess Alexis isn’t one of those people?

    Alexa: You’d guess right. I don’t know what her problem with me is, and really I don’t care anymore, I have much more important stuff to deal with.

    Michelle Kelly: That’s the spirit. Just because she is the Women’s Champion she thinks she owns the place.

    Speak of the devil, Alexis shows up just in time to hear the last two comments being made.

    Alexis: It’s great to know people cant stop talking about you, like you Michelle, you always seem to be talking about me, why is that?

    Michelle Kelly: Because you get involved in everyone’s business maybe?

    Alexis: Shut up.

    Michelle Kelly: Now that’s not very nice.

    Alexis: Just stand there and hold the mic bimbo.

    Michelle Kelly: Whatever.

    Alexis: Alexa, how are you?

    Alexa: Why?

    Alexis: I’m curious, that’s all.

    Michelle Kelly: Yeah right.

    Alexis: You I told to shut up.

    Alexa: I’m fine.

    Alexis: Good because I just dropped by to invite you to a very special event at Uprising.

    Alexa: What event?

    Alexis: Well seeing as you have no friends, I decided to take it upon myself to throw you a baby shower!

    Alexa: Really?

    Alexis: Really!

    Alexa: Wow, that’s unexpected to say the least, thank you I guess.

    Alexis: No need to thank me, just be at Uprising.

    Alexa: I will be.

    Alexis: You’re not invited Michelle.

    Michelle Kelly: Why the hell not?

    Alexis: Cause I said so, is that a problem?

    Alexis gets in the face of Michelle who decides to back down today.

    Michelle Kelly: I didnt even want to go!

    Alexis: Good. See you at Uprising Alexa!

    Alexa: Bye!

    Alexa and Michelle wave goodbye to Alexis as she leaves the set. Once gone Michelle turns to Alexa.

    Michelle Kelly: Don’t tell me you bought that shit!

    Alexa: What? She’s trying to be nice.

    Alexa seems to have bought it even if Michelle didn’t as we go back to ringside.


    Los Calavera came to ring to receive a wonderful ovation. They were without Miss Tyler this week. DeVries did not appreciate A Mouthful of Awesome trying to be friendly by wearing strap on elephant ears and trunks. Daniels tried to tell his partners he wanted to start first, but without a translator for Jose an Julio, there was no point in Ryan Daniels talking. Daniels moved to the side and to the ring apron when he saw The 2010 Ruler of the Ring charge at his trio. Don knocked Julio out of the ring and pounded Jose in the corner. He grabbed Jose by the mask and flipped tossed him back first to the middle of the ring. Don double stomps Jose's mid section, causing Jose to spring up. Don sees this and runs off the ropes and connects with a grounded axe lariat to Jose! He is not letting Jose breathe. Don picks up Jose and tossed him into a corner, following up with ruthless and repeated knife edged chops to the chest! Jose is dazed. Don charges from an opposite corner and hits a huge body splash on Jose. Don backs up from Jose at the request of referee Johnny Yamaguchi. Jose stumbles into his corner. He tried to tag his partner but Ryan Daniels tags him in. Julio looks displeased, but it gives a chance to help his brother on the sideline. Ryan Daniels sneaks in a school boy on Don deVries, who was too busy badmouthing his own partners. He gets a one. Don takes a while to get up. Daniels gets right back up and charges toward Don. Don evades and pushes him to the corner. Ryan uses the corner as leverage to spring back over Don, who charged at Ryan. Ryan drop kicks Don into the corner. Don ricochets back off. Ryan cradles Don again. One....two.....Don breaks free. Don gets up quicker than last time.

    Ryan charges again. Don tried to throw a lariat, but Ryan grabs the arm and locks in a hammerlock. Don is struggling a bit. Deportista and Sonik are rallying him on. Don has enough strength to drag him to the rope and force a break. Ryan doesn't break the hold. Yamaguchi counts! 1.....2....3....Don deVries steps on the foot of Daniels to break the hold. He charges a Ryan with a big boot, but Ryan ducks and gets behind Don, only to take the back! Yamaguchi mouths him off again. Ryan locks in an abdominal stretch. He goes to his partners and reaches the hand out, asking them to cheat. They just stand there. Ryan mouths them off, but let's the guard down for Don to escape and hits a Samoan drop. Don lifts Ryan up, and puts him in an abdominal stretch! Much like Ryan, Don asks Deportista and Jackson to cheat, but they refuse. Don drops Ryan and fuses at Jackson Sonik. Ryan goes to the corner and tags in a refreshed Jose Domino, who waits for Don to turn around! He hits Don with the Cancion del la Luna! Much like Don did to him, he doesn't let him up. He hits a standing front flip leg drop. Jose tags Julio, who has ascended to the top rope. Jose hits a springboard Asai Moonsault and clears the ring, as Julio follows it up with the BME! The cover on Don, one......two......Don gets a shoulder up. Julio tried to rally the crowd. Don gets up.

    Julio hops on Don for a head scissors. Don tosses him off, and Julio falls face first on the canvas. Don tags in Deportista, who hops into the ring or a big applause. Deportista hits a grounded over castle on Julio. Julio stumbles getting up. Deportista watches this and gets behind him. He runs up behind Julio to him a bulldog. Deportista locks the Bulldog in, but Julio holds on. Julio counters with a back suplex. Deportista tries to get up but Julio delivers a missile dropkick to his face. Nice preview of what to expect when these two lock up at Uprising. Julio goes to the top. Deportista sees this and delivers a leaping bicycle kick to the top rope. Julio is dazed. Deportista tags in Jackson Sonik. Deportista hits a caticlysim on Julio, following with a lock arm bar. Jackson follows up with a springboard rotating leg drop. He covers Julio! One.....two....Julio gets a foot on the ropes. Jackson let's him up but Julio breaks a grapple and repeatedly slaps Jackson in the face. Julio wheel barrel’s Jackson into an arm bar. Julio charges again and kicks the knee from he had leverage on. Julio goes toward Jackson. Jackson uses his arm to buckle Julio's leg. Julio gets to a knee. Jackson gets up and nails Julio with an enzugiri. Julio is still on the knees! Jackson gets behind Julio, and spikes him on the head with reverse hurrancanrana! Jackson goes for the pin! One....two....Daniels illegally breaks it up!

    Jackson mouths of Daniels. Daniels grabs the leg of Sonik. This gave time for Julio to regain his senses and hit Jackson with a jumping knee. Jackson falls. Julio goes to the top again! Jackson regains and sees this! Jackson runs toward Julio, and hits an epic TIGER UPPERCUT! Julio is dazed. Jackson knocks Daniels off the ring ropes! He then leaps up on the top with Julio! They fight, but Julio gets the upper hand! Julio attempts a sunset power bomb, but Jackson hangs on! They stumble towards The Elephant Trifecta! Deportista blind tags Jackson. Deportista heads to the top! Jackson flips off of Julio so Deportista can knock him down with a double knee take down! Julio goes to the outside. Jose goes to check on him. Big mistake! Deportista knocks them both down with a huge over the top suicidal moonsault! Jackson gets in the ring, he waits for Julio to stand up. Jackson gets ready to fly, but sees Julio slide into the ring. Jackson skins "the Sonik" as he says, but Ryan Daniels catches his feet. Daniels muscles Sonik's grip on the ropes and tosses him neck and cranium first into the hard covering of the announcer's table. A wicked THUD echoed throughout the arena.

    It turned into a scary moment. Jackson Sonik was knocked out cold. He wasn't moving. Yamaguchi catered to Jackson. Sonik's long time pal, Deportista rushed to his aid. Even Los Calavera respectfully surrounded Sonik. Yamaguchi signalled for paramedics to come down. Sonik gets put on a gurney and received an ovation. All of the sudden, Alexa comes down and comes to Jackson. She begins saying "is he okay?" and "talk to me Jackson". This leaves the crowd, and the competitors, confused. Except for Ryan Daniels, who begins to gloat at the fact he did what he did. Deportista gets in the ring and yells jiberish at Ryan. This is now a 2-3 match! Julio waits for Deportista to turn around and hits a super kick!!!! Julio tags in Jose. Jose immediately hits a shooting star press. To keep Deportista down, he locks in a sharpshooter. One half of the crowd wants Deportista to tap, the other wants him to escape! Deportista manages to tag in Don from the hold! Don hits a neck breaker on Jose, then taking out Julio and Ryan from the apron. Don turns around and gets a cradle from Jose! One.... Two....Don gets out! Jose charges at Don, but Don throws Jose in the air. Jose crashes down! Julio gets in the ring and charges at Don. Don sends him flying over the ropes and to the outside.

    Don tags in Deportista. Jose gets the 1-up from Deportista. All of the sudden, Nero James comes slowly walking down the ramp, he fussed at Don. During this time, Deportista sent Jose to the corner, where the blind tag by Daniels takes place. Don hips off the apron and heads towards Nero. Nero has his kendo stick in hand and begs for Anna. Don laughs. Referee Yamaguchi got between the two. Before they could fight, Jose and Julio hit plancas on both men!

    In the ring, Deportista goes for a breath. Ryan Daniels takes advantage of an absent referee and low blows Deportista. He follows it up with a cradle Piledriver. He then sees his partners, Los Calavera he begins to mock them. He commands them to hit the Spanish Fly on Deportista, but instead of Deportista, they hit it on Ryan! Deportista regains his conscious! He picks up Ryan and hits a ranhei into the Escargot Stretch! Ryan taps! It's over!

    Lindsey Monahan: Your winners by submission at 26 minutes and 31 second, the team of Don deVries and a Mouthful of Awesome!

    Post match, Los Calavera lifted up Deportista and shook his hand in respect! Deportista goes backstage to check on his fallen friend, who hopefully will make it to Sydney.

    Next in the ring is Connecticut resident Harvey Buckworth with a microphone in hand causing his home state to instantly erupt into cheers.

    Harvey Buckworth: Thank you all here for such a warm reception! It feels great to be back home in the wonderful state of Connecticut!

    The arena bursts in cheers along with multiple “Harvey!” chants for a few moments before a teary eyed Buckworth motions them to pipe it down.

    Harvey Buckworth: Again, thank you all for your support! Now Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adieu, please welcome out to the ring, “The Real Deal” Joey Nicholas!

    The opening chords to “Now is the Time” performed by Dope ring throughout the arena, causing the once eccentric crowd to turn sour. They are tuned out by an explosion of Pyro that erupts at the top of the stage where Joey Nicholas makes his way out from behind the curtain before stopping at the top of the ramp and performing what one would assume to be a pre-rehearsed pose. The Real Deal cockily saunters down the ramp paying no mind to the insults that the Hartford Connecticut crowd throw at him. Nicholas slowly makes his way up the steps before strutting to the middle of the apron and striking yet another pose before finally making his way into the ring and walking up to Harvey Buckworth.

    Harvey Buckworth: Now Joe…

    However, the CWA commentator is cut off short when Nicholas promptly slaps Buckworth across the face knocking the older man down to the mat. The audience is in a frenzy as they jeer Joey Nicholas who now stands over Harvey before giving him a swift kick to the ribs. Joey deviously grins into the camera before picking up the microphone on the mat next to Harvey’s lifeless body.

    Joey Nicholas: Someone take this regurgitated waste out of my ring! Jimmy boy get your ass in here right now so I can be interviewed by a man with some sort of class!

    Amidst the heat from the crowd, Jim Taylor jumps up from his seat on the broadcast booth ecstatically and sprints up the steps before casually making his way into the ring. He nonchalantly steps over his fallen broadcast partner before making a bowing motion in the direction of Joey Nicholas who in turn smirks, basking in the imaginary glory currently radiating from Jim Taylor’s brown nosing. While the trainers and EMT’s help Harvey out of the ring and into the back, Taylor is handed the microphone from Nicholas.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to the man on my right, he is the most talented, the most peculiar, and the most charismatic man on the planet; and most importantly he is the Real Deal, Joey Nicholas!

    Nicholas mockingly takes a bow in front of the aggravated crowd before leaning towards the mic and putting his arm around Taylor’s shoulder

    Joey Nicholas: Now that right there was an introduction for the ages!

    Jim Taylor: Thank you Champ! Now what my imbecile partner was trying to get at was, Logan V’s challenge to you earlier tonight was where we hade the privilege to witness the two of you coming to terms that if he was able to beat your time in the beat the clock challenge you would put up the AMLL cruiserweight championship along with your X-Fly Contendership on the line at Uprising in a winner take all match. Are you at all confident that you will succeed in beating the clock at 19 minutes and 52 seconds for the Pick Your Poison main event bout in which your adversary Logan V has pit you against the “Underdog” Nero James thus ensuring that the entire Lost Souls Alliance will put their masks on the line when you go one on one with Logan V in Sydney, Australia?

    Joey Nicholas: What is that a joke Jimmy? Of course I am! Nero James saw me back down from him last month solely because I was still recuperating from the attack by Logan at my birthday bash. This underdog scenario has been the story of my life it seems as of late. It all wrapped up in the same book, but different chapter. Why just last summer I recall being faced with the task of destroying the hopes and dreams of Ralph McCoy. Now all of you may also be claiming that the two are miles apart from one another and surprisingly I concur as on one hand you have a retarded drunken hick that will never amount to anymore than Roberto’s fluffer while on the other you have a guy who carries around a stick named Woody to compensate for his erectile dysfunction!

    Jim Taylor: No wonder Anna left Nero for an “Elephant Man!”

    Both men snicker at their own jokes while the crowd voices their disapproval

    Jim Taylor: On a serious note, I would personally like to know what your thoughts are about stepping back into the ring after a short hiatus?

    Joey Nicholas: Well all of my Nicholites in attendance as well as the ones all around the world at home watching me via flat screen T.V. have been completely deprived of witnessing me entertaining them weekly in the ring since I was ultimately screwed out of my championship reign at Five Star Attraction by that crooked official Johnny Yamaguchi. If you haven’t heard by now Johnny, I have since taken my case to the board of directors and mark my words, it will be set in stone that you will never officiate another match of mine as long as I am active here in the CWA ever again! As far as you are concerned Logan V, it will not be if it will be When I reclaim MY X-Fly championship at Uprising, it will put you in the CWA history books as the shortest reigning champion second only to Doc Adams. Now come on out here Nero boy. get ready to get schooled like the little bitch that you are!

    Jim Taylor applauds Nicholas’ rant before he is cut off by Nero James’ theme. “The Underdog” comes through the curtain surprisingly alone for this bout with no Woody or even his Problem solver in sight. Nero slides into the ring as the official in charge of this bout, Karl Rooney rings the bell to get things under way!

    Beat the Clock

    The clock reads: 19 minutes and 52 seconds before suddenly starting to count down to zero. Joey aims to end this one early as he thrusts his boot in the form of a super kick or better known as the Deal Breaker towards Nero who immediately ducks the attempt and reverses it into a neck breaker. Nero stands straight up and awaits Nicholas to do the same. Once Joey does so, Nero mockingly points to his wrist as if a watch was there seemingly to say his time is running out. This doesn’t sit well with Nicholas who frantically lashes out a series of lefts and rights that Nero is able to dodge. The Real Deal seems done with this game as he promptly puts his knee into Nero’s gut causing the smaller man to go to his knees. As the Chicago native recovers he is on the receiving end of a kick to the temple that rings throughout the arena sending him face first down onto the mat. Nicholas adds insult to injury with a standing moonsault knocking the breath out of Nero who writhes back and fourth on the mat attempting to regain his composure. Nicholas hooks his leg and the official counts

    1...2... But Nero kicks out! The clock reads 09:33 at this time

    Nicholas pounds the mat with his fist before telling off Rooney who in turn just shakes his head saying it was a two count. Nero is brought to his feet before being driven back down with a release belly-to-belly suplex. Nicholas doesn’t seem done inflicting pain as he climbs the second rope and attempts to hit a massive leg drop, but Nero rolls out of the way in the nick of time causing Joey to come crashing down with all his weight on his hips! As The Real Deal writhes in pain stationed upright in a seated position, Nero rebounds from the opposite ropes and cracks Nicholas in the face with a running dropkick! Nero James quickly goes for a pin!

    1...2... No! Nicholas get his shoulder off the mat at 05:30 left on the clock.

    Nero already has his mind set on his next move as he quickly climbs the turnbuckle and awaits for his opponent to get to his feet. Nero takes flight once Joey gets to his feet however, unbeknownst to Nero, Nicholas glanced at the titantron that is currently showing the action while he was getting to his feet so he expected the manoeuvre! He puts his boot out catching Nero as he is coming down with an attempted forearm smash. As Nero kneels over making an effort to catch his breath, Joey hits the highlight of the night! He quickly glances at the clock that reads: 02:48 and quickly stands up Nero and looks to hit a fishermen suplex but the “Underdog” wriggles free and hits a dropkick to the back of Nicholas causing him to fall to his knees! Joey pounds the mat in frustration but he is quickly cut sort with a running bulldog from Nero which stops his tantrum dead in its tracks. Nero is feeling good now and he looks to end this with his finisher. Joey finally gets to his feet and Nero leaps into the air looking to hit the RKO but Nicholas sends him airborne making him land back first on the mat! Nero quickly gets back to his feet but he is drilled right back down with the Deal Breaker! Nicholas quickly hooks Nero’s leg as the clock strikes 00:03 left and Karl Rooney counts 1...2... But the buzzer resounds throughout the arena before Rooney’s hand is able to come down on the mat for the three count!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, Joey Nicholas has failed to beat the clock, therefore he will put both his AMLL Cruiserweight championship along with his X-Fly Contendership on the line at Uprising!

    Nicholas is in complete disbelief as he stares in a daze at the clock on the titantron reading 00:00 the crowd is cheering wildly as the stipulation has been set at Uprising the camera then switches to one inside the LSA locker room where Logan is watching the match on a monitor nodding his head in approval before Adrenaline Rush goes to break.

    "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour starts blasting throughout the arena and this means only thing...the CWA Champ is coming out. Roberto makes his way down the ramp with his World Title proudly draped around his shoulder, but something is different. His usual smile is missing from his face. He enters the ring and immediately asks for a mic.

    Roberto: As everyone can see, I am not a happy man. At the last Adrenaline Rush, my good friend Ralph McCoy was assaulted after the match and now because of it, he is sitting in a hospital bed. I'd like to wish my good friend Ralph McCoy a speedy recovery, because this place won't be the same without him. But I promise you this brother, Arsen and Osborn will pay for what they have done to you. They almost ended your career...I said almost ended it, because I know for a fact that you will overcome this and comeback to CWA where you rightfully belong.

    Roberto pauses as the crowd starts a Ralph McCoy chant.

    Roberto: ...and if that wasn't bad enough, Arsen dared to involve my family into our little war. I told you Arsen not too make this personal and now you have crossed a line which you can never cross back. Week in and week out, you talk about how I screwed you! How I stole your spot as the number one guy in this company! How I turned you into the man you are today!

    Roberto bursts into a loud laughter, but this laugh doesn't last long, as he gets serious again.

    Roberto: You were always a scumbag. You see Arsen, that was always the real you. I just exposed you for what you really are. Now you are trying to do the same to me, but it will never work. I am not a villain. Villains attack people with chairs and try to end fellow wrestlers' career and that's just not me. Villains go after people's family and villains cheat to win. I try to be a role model to the people who watch us every week and it doesn't matter what you try to do to me, I will never scoop down to your level. You will pay for what you have done, don't get me wrong, but it will on my terms. It will be inside this ring, one on one in an official match. My revenge will take place at Uprising when we face each other for my World Heavyweight Championship Title. I will make you pay, not by attacking your family or by ambushing you while your back is turned. I will punish you by squashing your dream of ever becoming CWA Champion.

    The CWA World Champion pauses again, as the crowd now start a Roberto Chant. All of a sudden the Roberto chant turns into loud jeers...Roberto looks towards the ramp and he finds out why. Arsen, together with his new buddy Osborn, has made his out. They stand on the entrance ramp with mic’s on their hands.

    Nickolas Arsen: Very nice Champ, very, very nice. It seems you always have the right thing to say, doesn't it. Whatever, I’m not going to sugar coat this, Roberto. You challenged me. You pushed me to strike back and god dammit, I did just as you asked. Your wish was my command, and I gave you someone who is determined to kill the momentum that you took from me.

    Fans try to get a 'shut the hell up' chant started.

    Nickolas Arsen: What did I tell you? If tearing the people you care about limb from limb is enough to make you feel how I felt when you came around, then as you have seen for the last month, I will do it. Now look at you, Roberto. Like I did predict, you can't hold back the feeling of striking me dead where I stand. You showed a weak force of entry into the section of your cranium that reveals emotion, and I planted my bomb into it.

    Arsen hands the microphone to Osborn.

    Steve Osborn: We have no remorse in ripping apart Ralph McCoy, because whether Arsen wanted to get inside your head or not, Ralph was a person that deserved reckoning cast down upon him.

    Arsen nods in approval.

    Steve Osborn: Ralph takes all the love he gets and transforms it into a deadly sin, greed. And in return, he shows people of high profile, just like myself and Nickolas Arsen, no lick of respect, when all we try to do is preach it like it is.

    Steve looks at Arsen, as Arsen pats him in the back.

    Steve Osborn: As a matter of fact, Arsen and I had a discussion about the amount of impurity that plagues this company. And the only way for us to survive here in CWA without catching the virus of insanity and blasphemy, is to put our talents together and save this roster......

    Osborn puts a finger up, as he looks in the sky.

    Steve Osborn: tap at a time!

    Osborn hands the mic back to Arsen, as fans start a "You Suck" chant.

    Nickolas Arsen: So, we come here tonight not only to address the fact that you, Roberto, might be a hypocritical false prophet, but to address all of CWA! ...and the only way this company can be saved is by the wits and brawn of myself, and the eagerness and remorseless persona of Steve Osborn. We will submit everyone with our humble word, literally and metaphorically speaking.

    The crowd gets louder with every word from Arsen, especially with Osborn teasing them. Both Arsen and Osborn start making their way inside the ring and they both get on Roberto's face.

    Nickolas Arsen: The Submission Coalition is born right before every unforsaken eye. We have formed this partnership because we share the same goal and that is to expose you Roberto for the man you really are. You are a liar and a fake. You talk about me being a coward and scum bag, yet you are just like me. The truth is, when trapped in a corner a man will do anything to survive and that's just the way it is. You trapped me in a corner and I just fought back, plain and simple. You would've done the same and you know it, in fact I am here tonight to prove it.

    Roberto shakes his head while saying something to Arsen. It can't be heard though, as he doesn't have a mic close to his face. Then he starts walking away, but before he can exit the ring, Arsen orders Osborn to attack him and his new buddy does just that. Osborn gets a few good shot on Roberto, but that's it, because the Champ is able to fight back. He nails Osborn with some big lefts before tossing him outside the ring. Roberto exit the ring as well, as he doesn't seems he is finished with the Natural yet. He grabs Osborn and he is about to perform the Ganzo Bomb on him on top of the announce table...but before he is able to do it, a video starts playing on the big Titantron. Footage of Arsen giving Uncle Sal a conchairto is shown. Roberto is outraged now, as he instantly lets Osborn go and enters the ring again, but not before grabbing a chair. As he is about to strike Arsen, who seems to want to get hit, he seems its taking all his strength not to strike Arsen who still has a mic with him.

    Nickolas Arsen: Come on Roberto, show everyone that beast inside you! You know you want to hit me...DO IT.

    Roberto again looks like he's going to strike Arsen, but he doesn't.

    Nickolas Arsen: DO IT I SAID!!! ..or maybe do you want my next movie to involve that ugly fat mother of yours.

    As soon as he says that, Roberto strikes him right on his skull. It seems he has had enough. Arsen goes down and blood starts pouring from his head. Roberto hits him a couple of more times before officials come down to stop him. He strikes a few of the officials as well, and the rings looks like a war zone. Roberto threatens the other officials, and as he is yelling at them, he seem to come to his senses. All of sudden Roberto freaks out, realizing he is becoming like Arsen. He right away exits the ring and leaves the arena with his hands on his head, as Arsen lays unconscious in the middle of the ring as we pass the last stop on the road to Uprising.

    ++Quick Results++
    Logan V def Minimal Pain
    El Tico/El Elfo def Hardcore Hell
    CJ Franchise def Kazin Yoshimaru
    Dan Powers def Isano Luchadoro, Hawk Bonsen, Bob Awesome
    Rich Stone/Victoria Stone def Abdul Akbar Alsam/Hakeem Abdul-Mustafe
    Don deVries/A Mouthful of Awesome def Ryan Daniels/Los Calavera
    Joey Nicholas vs. Nero James ends in a Time Limit Draw

    ++GFX By++
    Dr. Doom

    ++Matches Written By++
    Sir Nicky Talent

    ++Matches Graded By++

    ++Promos By++
    The Half Boy
    Nicky Talent
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    Whoever edited up that finish did a smashing job. Kudos to them.

    Nice show before Uprising.
    Quote Originally Posted by RaiZ-R View Post
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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    Awesome show before uprising. Another beat down after winning. Gives me some fuel to my promo. Cant wait for Uprising

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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    Great way to end the show, I cannot wait for NKA/Roberto II at Uprising

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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    Awesome show, I'm loving the Elephant Trifecta.

    Coming off two wins, I should have some momentum going into the ppv.

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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    Submission Coalition can be your salvation, but remember, you must submit to be saved. :D

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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    I like how this could possibly be an Invasion angle, but it involves just the CWA stars. There's a storm abrewing!

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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickolas Q. Talent View Post
    Whoever edited up that finish did a smashing job. Kudos to them.

    Nice show before Uprising.
    Gracias Senor!!!

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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    Powers on a hot streak!!

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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    This show was awesome! Got my second win. The beat the clock was used the best i ever seen it used and this story between Roberto and Submission Coalition is getting. o yea 6 man tag was good to. 9/10 guts cant wait for the ppv

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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    Holy fuck Nex we won! And that was by far one of the worst promo's we ever did.

    Good stuff guys. Solid show.


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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    Good match but I thought my promo was an interview for the show? If it was for the match I would have something more detailed ....

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    Re: February 10th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Hartford, CT

    your introduction promo was on this show
    after the fielding powers match

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