CWA Womenís Champion Alexis was left in an odd situation on Wednesday night following the news that Alexa was pregnant. The outspoken Womenís Champion was left speechless! Now that she has a had a few days to gather her thoughts, Alexis logged in to and posted the following:

Alexis says:

Well it appears slutty ole Alexa has gone and gotten herself pregnant. My opponents have often come up with silly excuses to avoid a beating, but this is a new one. Never have I known someone to go to such a level that they would go out and get pregnant to avoid having to face me. Maybe she finally realised she isnít in my league and wanted to avoid another humiliation? Whatever the reasoning is, Iím not going to judge, instead, Iím going to help. If you know Alexa like I do, you will know that she will sleep with anything that has a pulse so the chances of her knowing who the father is are slim, to say the least. Iím going to give my input to help her narrow down the field a little, because lets face it, it will take her forever to do by herself.

Letís start shall we?

First Suspect: TJ Styles.

I know what you are thinking, they are brother and sister yes, but Alexa probably never even realised that and TJ would be happy to be with someone other than his hand for a change. If the baby comes out with two heads, we know itís TJ who did the unthinkable and slept with Alexa. Unthinkable not because itís his sister, instead unthinkable because, well youíve seen Alexa so you know she isnít a pretty picture.

Second Suspect: The Ultimate Pain.

The guy who used to be in the Brotherhood for those keeping score. I know he was hurting after I broke it to him that no-one even remembers him so I would not at all put it past him to do something this stupid in a poor attempt to get his name back out there. Minimal Pain damn sure ainít going to do it for him with his way below par performances in recent weeks. Itís painfully clear that wrestling is not a strong point for that family.

Third Suspect: Dan Powers.

He calls himself the Sex God. Personally I donít see it but either does Alexa, all she seeís is a male she can trick into sleeping with her. Even if it turns out to not be Dan Powerís kid, maybe the two of them created something else. A super STD from all of their own combining into one!

Fourth Suspect: Frankie Enzo.

We all know Frankie, heís the guy who loses all the time. But recently he has become known as the annoying guy who is desperate to be on TV. What better way to get back on TV than to get a CWA Diva pregnant? He was probably trying for me but security rightly didnít let him past so he had to drop his standards way down. He wasnít at Victoria Stone level, even he has more self respect than that, but he wasnít far above it, hence Alexa. You may have finally done it Frankie, you may get to be on TV without being beat up at the same time!

Fifth Suspect: Victoria Stone.

I wouldnít blame you if you were wondering how that would even be possible but have you been up close and personal with Victoria Stone recently? That Adamís Apple speaks for itself, plus, no-one would suspect her so she, or should I say it, thought they could get away with it. Rich Stone is too self absorbed to even notice such an important detail like his wife being a man in drag. I on the other hand, notice this sort of stuff and take the time out of my very busy schedule to inform the public so they can let Victor know we all know about his dirty little secret.

Thatís most of the work done for you now Alexa so all you have to do is count the days and try to remember who you were with on that night. That should narrow it down to three so after that, youíll have to wait and get a DNA test when the bastard child is spawned from you in about nine months.

Until next time, The pleasure has been all yours.
- Alexis