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    Name*: El Elfo
    Nickname: none
    Age or Date of Birth*: Oct, 21, 1982
    Hometown: LA
    Height: (In foot and inches) 4’5
    Weight*: (In lbs) 72lbs
    Gimmick: He’s a midget with elf ears, and elf hat, and a white beard!

    Disposition*: (Babyface or Heel) Face

    Wrestling Style*: (Hardcore, Technical etc.) highflying, with an hardcore aspect
    Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best) Speed, Technical, Power, Brawling, Charisma.
    1. Speed
    2. Charisma
    3. Brawling
    4. Power
    5. Technical

    Signature Moves*: (Minimum of Two, Maximum of Five)
    1. Dive from top rope
    2. Powerbomb
    3. Crucifix powerbomb
    4. Dive over the ropes
    5. Clothesline

    Finishing Moves*: (Maximum of Two)
    Umpa Lumpa Humpa
    He humps his opponent’s leg until they submit
    Name of representative: The short one
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    Re: El Elfo

    February 10th 2010

    El Elfo & His Star Wipe

    El Elfo:
    My name is El Elfo, and I am a superhero. No, I do shoot webs out of my wrists like Spiderman and I cannot see through your clothes like Superman. My story is not tragic like the one of “The Batman!” I also do not wear an oversized cod piece like the masked Avenger!

    I do have a partner, his name is El Tico. We moved to the sunshine state of California many, many years ago. However, unlike the partners in San Francisco, we are not how you would say, “In a romantic relationship.”

    Over the years people have place obstacles in our way, telling us all the things which we are supposedly unable to do. However, thus far we have been able to prove them wrong. That is why we are here in CWA. We want to be an inspiration to your children. We want to show them that no matter whom they are they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.

    As a child my favourite superhero was Batman. I wanted to live in a mansion like him. I wanted to drive the fancy cars, fly the technologically advance planes, and ride on the pimped out boats. Now, I am just like Batman!

    Star wipe down to show El Elfo standing inside the door frame of the front door of his house.

    El Elfo: Hello MTV and welcome to my crib~!

    El Elfo turns around and waddles down the main hallway of his home towards the kitchen.” Umpa Lumpa Gobblity Goop!”

    Now I know what everyone wants to know, what exactly does a superhero have in their fridge? Well, I have an addiction to Coke.

    El Elfo opens up his fridge door and pulls out a pack of small sized coke cans.

    El Elfo: What is this doing in here?!

    He throws the cans of coke behind him and pulls out a clear plastic bag with white powder in it. El Elfo grabs a stepladder, sets up, climbs the step ladder, and places the bag on the counter. Slowly he opens the bag, drool dripping down his chin.

    El Elfo: Ah, this is the stuff. Watch this, no hands!

    El Elfo dives face first into the bag of white powered. El Elfo rubs his face back and forth within the bag.

    El Elfo: Ah, what a rush! Say “Ello” to the bad guy. You people, you need people like me. You need people like me so that you can point your grubby little fingers and say, “Hey look at the midget, look at his little butt go as he walks. He’s so cute!” Well guess what, last night I introduced your girl to my little friend! BAM, look at the picture!

    Now follow me up stairs, cameraman!

    Star wipe to El Elfo standing in front of his bed.

    El Elfo: This is where they say the magic happens. I say this is where the saying, “It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean” started. Yes it may be true, that while others, such as the Negros pack a streamliner, I pack a small canoe. However, I get girls like I’m the Nature Boy Ric Flair. WOOOOOOOOOOO! And if you don’t like that, well your mother can suck my tiny dwarf penis!

    Cut over to El Elfo in his walk-in closet.

    El Elfo: This is my closet. As you can see, much like your celebrities of the world, I have a shoe fetish. My shoes are not custom made however. You see my feet are so small I can’t even wear boy’s shoes. Look at this, Barbie! I have to wear girl’s shoes, pink Barbie shoes!

    El Elfo tosses down the shoes in disgust.


    A red phone on the end table rings beside the bed.

    El Elfo: Commissioner Gordon sir, how may I help you? Oh my god the horror, a burning building with a cat inside? I bet it was set by those evil doers Hardcore Hell. Tell El Tico I will meet him there! To the Elf Cave!

    El Elfo sprints into his closet, pulls on a shoe and the back wall of his closet opens to reveal a pole.

    *Slow motion camera shot. Like what you’d get in a cheap porno movie.*

    El Elfo jumps on the pole and slides down head first, very slowly. His midget legs clasp around the post, his junk vibrating as he glides against the pole.

    ♪Cause I'm N Luv wit stripper
    He poppin he rollin, he rollin
    He climbin that pole and
    Im N Luv with stripper
    He trippin he playin, he playin
    Im not goin nowhere gui,im stayin
    Im N Luv wit stripper♪

    El Elfo: Hold on kitty I’ma coming!

    *Bring Bring, Bring Bring*

    The garage door opens and El Elfo rides his tricycle off into the sunset.
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