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Thread: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine

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    January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine

    We open in the CWA Parking lot where a camera man is at full sprint to keep up with an excited Michelle Kelly. Michelle stops dead and the cameraman almost runs into the back of her. Michelle points where she wants the camera o be focused. The cameraman does as he is told and focus’ in on the entrance where a huge white stretch limo is pulling in. The limo comes into the parking lot and takes a space near the entrance to the arena. Michelle Kelly runs over as the driver exits and goes around to open the back door. Michelle and the cameraman reach the limo just before the door is opened. The driver opens the door and after a few seconds out steps CWA owner Charles W. Anderson. Anderson fixes his jacket and tie before moving away from the door and offering a hand to someone else. A young lady with dark brown hair highlighted with blonde streaks steps out and stands beside Anderson as Michelle Kelly approaches with a mic in hand.

    Michelle Kelly: Welcome back Mr. Anderson. Are you here to relieve Guardian Devil of his position and captain the ship again?

    Charles Anderson: Thank you for the welcome Michelle but no, I am not here to relieve Guardian Devil of anything. I have been at home and relaxing while watching my creation flourish with life and excitement. I’m putting that down to the wonderful job that Guardian Devil has been doing, despite the continued protests of some members of the roster.

    Michelle Kelly: May I ask why you are here then?

    Charles Anderson: I am here to simple congratulate Guardian Devil on a very good pay per view, in fact, it was better than very good, it was damn near brilliant. I’m here to congratulate my good friend if that is okay with you Michelle.

    Michelle Kelly: Of course. One more question?

    Charles Anderson: Sure.

    Michelle Kelly: Who’s the arm candy? I thought you were married.

    Charles Anderson: I am. This is my daughter Megan.

    Michelle Kelly: Oh my god, I’m so sorry!

    Charles Anderson: That’s okay Michelle. Now, if you will excuse me, I have someone to see.

    Charles Anderson and his daughter Megan Anderson turn and walk away from Michelle and the camera as the head inside the CWA arena. Michelle meanwhile is embarrassed at her mistake and even blames the cameraman.

    Michelle Kelly: Why the hell didn’t you tell me he had a daughter?

    Michelle takes a swing at the innocent cameraman as we go ringside for the opening contest.


    Dan Powers gets in the ring and annoys the crowd on the ropes by telling them they are number one. The bell rings and the match is underway. The crowd is behind Hakeem. Apparently the ego of Dan Powers has already made itself known. Hakeem elevates Powers off the ropes and takes him to the mat. Hakeem looks to already be going for a spear as Powers goes to the outside. Hakeem follows and throws him into the rail. Hakeem rolls Powers back into the ring. Powers pleads with Hakeem then bows down. Hakeem continues to hit offense as he runs into an elbow from Powers. Powers tried to get the turnbuckle exposed but the referee stopped him. Powers gets a two count on Hakeem. Powers counters with hard slaps. Powers works Hakeem over and gets another cover for a two count. Powers has Hakeem on his knees, but Hakeem fights back. Powers counters with a DDT and gets a two count.

    Powers gets Hakeem to the outside and takes him over in front of the guard rail. Powers hits a knife edge chop but Hakeem counters. Powers slaps a fan at ringside and rolls Hakeem into the ring. Powers pulls Hakeem down. He connects on several elbows. The crowd cheers loudly for Hakeem. Powers gets a near-fall on Hakeem. Powers applies a submission hold on the mat. Powers wrenches back on a headlock on Hakeem on the mat. Hakeem is breaking it, he gets back to a vertical base and drops Powers down to the mat. Hakeem is down in the ring, selling the submission hold. Powers is down as well, double count out gets to 8 before they get up. They exchange rights and lefts in the middle of the ring. Hakeem takes down Powers. Hakeem hits a spine buster on Powers for a two. Powers is quicker to recover and is able to surprise Hakeem with a Reverse DDT for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 4 minutes and 38 seconds, is Dan Powers.

    Dan Powers climbs to the middle rope and taunts the fans who had been booing him throughout his debut match. Powers drops out of the ring and shows off his abs before heading backstage as Hakeem is slow to leave the ring and follow suite.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, before the next contest, please welcome for commentary, the CWA Women’s Champion Alexis!

    The CWA Women’s Champion Alexis struts her way to the ring with her title belt wrapped tight around her waist. Several fans along the way hold out their hands but only get a repulsed look back for their efforts. Alexis makes sure to stay away from each side of the entrance ramp so that no one can touch her along the way. Alexis finally reaches the ring and goes right around the ring to join Harvey Buckworth and Jim Taylor on commentary. Jim stands up and pulls out a chair for Alexis to sit on making sure it is beside him as apposed to Harvey. Alexis gladly takes the seat and sits down to call the next match.


    Toxic Rain was introduced first and much like Alexis, did her best to stay away from the fans extended hands. Rain slides into the ring and leans over the top rope to show off her cleavage as she awaits her opponent. Alexa was introduced three times but each time, she didn’t show up. Toxic Rain is unsure of what to do and Alexis is less than pleased with the no show.

    Alexis: That bitch better be dead.

    Harvey Buckworth: That’s a terrible thing to say.

    Jim Taylor: I agree, this is a disgrace. If she isn’t dead she better have a damn good excuse for missing this match.

    Toxic Rain, Lindsay Monahan and Tony Stevens have a quick meeting in the ring and seemingly decide on the best course of action.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match due to a forfeit, is Toxic Rain.

    Toxic Rain raises her arms in victory as if she has just won the match for real when all she did was show up.

    Alexis: Are you kidding me? I flew out to this dump for nothing? Alexa, if you’re not dead you better be listening, next week I’m not going to accept a no show. If you need some extra motivation to make the show, I’ll even put my title on the line.

    Jim Taylor: A title match? Next week? That’s huge!

    Alexis gets up from the announce table and replaces the title belt around her waist before she storms backstage clearly unhappy with having made a wasted trip. Backstage, Orlando Maxwell stands beside a very smug-looking Don deVries.

    Orlando: Standing here with me is the winner of the Ruler of the Ring tournament, Don deVries.

    Don: Indeed, I am. Thought to be honest, not too much has changed since that night. I’ve long thought myself to be a sort of regal figure to the lesser competitors around here- which is to say, everybody. But now, for all you sceptics and contrarians out there, there’s no more recourse: Don deVries officially owns you.

    Orlando: Now then, what can you tell us about your strategy for tonight’s main event, which will see you team with Ryan Daniels against Ralph McCoy and Nero James.

    Don: Ah yes, James and McCoy. I’ve been thinking about this one- if Ralph failed to beat me in the tournament final, and Nero failed to eliminate me in the rumble, what does that make the two of them when they team together? Epic fail, perhaps as the kids say these days? Bottom line is, when a man leaves you a quivering heap at the biggest show of the year, and your very next move is to get back in the ring with said man, it can’t bode well for your future.

    A very devious grin emerges on Don’s face.

    Don: However, one wrestler I think has a very bright future, would be miss Anna Williams.

    Orlando: Uh, what makes you think that?

    Don: She’s got a very inquisitive mind about what it takes to be a great athlete; why, at a recent live event, we had a nice discussion about my competitive career, from my rugby days to my meteoric rise to the top of CWA. So nice, in fact, that we had to continue things back at my hotel, where I could demonstrate some of my … techniques.

    Orlando: Techniques? Like what?

    Don: Wouldn’t you like to know.

    Still smiling, Don walks away.


    Hawk Bonsen runs the ropes before the bell in an attempt to warm himself up a little more as Steel slowly makes his way to the ring with a trashcan in his hand. Steel gets into an argument with every second fan along the way and soon enough Bonsen has gotten tired of waiting. Bonsen slides out of the ring and climbs onto the security rail behind Steel. Steel turns and Bonsen comes off with a double axe handle smash to the head. Steel goes down hard as Bonsen grabs his trashcan. Bonsen throws the can into the ring before turning back to Steel. Steel grabs Bonsen’s arm and pulls him down to drive him head first into the security rail. Steel quickly retrieves his trashcan and smashes it across the back of Bonsen. Karl Rooney tries to convince Steel to lay off so the match can start but Steel isn’t interested. Steel keeps smashing away until the trashcan is nearly flat. Steel throws the trashcan away but quickly goes under the ring and returns with a fire extinguisher. Steel shoves the nozzle into Bonsen’s mouth before pulling the pin. Karl Rooney tries to pull Steel off but gets shoved away. Steel releases the foam and it goes straight into the mouth of Bonsen who tries desperately to fight free. Steel stands over Bonsen as he chokes on the foam before heading backstage with a big smile on his face.

    Some generic music, that wouldn't be out of place on the WWF Attitude game's terrible Create-A-Wrestler section, hits out over the speakers and the lights go out, before a huge explosion brings the lights atop the entrance ramp back on! Standing in the middle of these spectacular pyros is Mini Pain, dressed in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a tight fitting tee, which shows off his rather pathetic body. He comes out looking totally serious, but manages to flash a few smiles towards the audience on his way down to the ring. He even gives a few high fives, clearly still revelling in his new found popularity. Mini finally makes it to the ring, climbs in and requests a microphone.

    Mini Pain: Alright, I'm here tonight to say well done to everyone in the back who had the privilege to perform at Five Star Attraction. Unfortunately I didn't have that privilege.

    Crowd shows their displeasure at Mini not being at Five Star.

    Mini Pain: I know, I know. I wasn't too happy either. And you know who's fault it is? Guardian Devil's! Still this man insists on disrespecting me and I'm tired of it. Not only am I still waiting on my chance to face him and Nicholas, I wasn't even worth a spot on the Five Star card now either? A travesty I'm sure we all agree. So much so I decided to come out here tonight and reiterate my challenge to these two men...Come out and face me right now if you think you're up to the challenge of the Miniiiiiimaaaal Paaaaaiiiiinnn!

    Mini looks expectedly at the ramp, waiting for any sign of life. A moment or so passes, and Mini brings the mic back to his mouth...

    Mini Pain: I guess you're both sti...

    When suddenly Supernaut hits out over the speakers and Ultimate Pain's trademark flashing lights zoom around the packed arena. The crowd is popping like crazy at this unexpected return! Even Mini seems to be in shock. Finally all the lights go out, like Pain's standard entrance, before a lone spotlight hits the middle of the stage, but unusually Pain has not appeared in the spotlight. The lights come back on, and instead of being on the entrance ramp, it seems a somewhat shrunk Pain has climbed in from the crowd and into the ring. Mini still looking confused, turns around, and walks into a huge clothesline from Pain! Pain then picks his brother up and slams him down with the Ulti-Bomb. Pain celebrates in the ring, when it becomes clear that it is in fact Shaun Quinn dressed in the style of Ultimate Pain, over-sized aviators and all. Quinn picks the mic up, and begins to speak.

    The Ultimate Quinn: You know something Mini, your almighty brother kicked me out of the Brotherhood a few months ago, and all this crap you're talking about exacting revenge, got me thinking...I actually never got my own-back on Pain. Well, it seems Pain isn't here anymore, leaving me with the conundrum of who to aim my frustrations at, and so here I am, exacting my revenge, on you! We all know you and Kennif were the worst two 'Hood members but old Ulti couldn't kick out his little brother and his friend, so instead I was made the sacrifice, well you know what, I'm not standing for it. You want GD to give you Joey or him, well how about you prove yourself against me first! I challenge you to a match next week, against the Ulllllllltiiiimmmmaaaate Quinnnnnnnn!

    Quinn stares at Mini for a moment, before dropping his mic upon him, and leaving.


    Rocky Ali and Jason Hawk are making their first appearance as a team tonight, going under the title of "Thunder and Lightning". Jackson Sonik is wearing a Sega t-shirt over his singlet. Tonight, Sonik and Deportista are billed from The Baxter Headquarters. Nice Avengers reference. Deportista and Jason Hawk start things off with a grapple, followed by each competitor trying to overpower one another to the ropes. The encounter slowly turned into who could display the better form of agility and lucha mat wrestling. They went counter after counter until catching their breath. The fans gave them a respected applause. Jason Hawk wanted more from Deportista, but the tag was made to Jackson Sonik, who leaps into the ring. Rocky Ali begins to yell trash about Sonik, saying he is surprised he doesn't have carpel tunnel from playing his Xbox. Sonik says his Xbox is dead, which draws heat. Sonik says he will slug that mug! But before he can attack Ali on the ring apron, he is met by an enziguri from Hawk, which draws even more heat. Hawk doesn't hold on, hitting a running senton. Hawk picks up Sonik and hits several strikes to Jackson's mid-section. He runs to the ropes and hits Sonik with a face breaker. He goes for the pin but gets a two count. Sonik tries to escape Hawk but gets a knee to the face. Hawk runs up and hits a tornado DDT on Sonik. Another pin attempt, but another two count. Hawk tags in Ali, who begins to mock Sonik. Sonik hits Ali, put Ali strikes back, then hits a running STO on Sonik. Ali then connects with a grounded big boot to keep Sonik down. Ali tags in Hawk.

    Hawk has Ali set up for an aerial double team manoeuvre. Impressive dragonrana from Hawk! He covers Sonik, but gets another two count. Sonik looks frustrated. He sees Deportista aching for a tag, so he takes him out. The crowd tries to rally A Mouthful of Awesome. Jason Hawk taunts, but sees Jackson Sonik slowly begins to get up. Jason runs to the ropes, but Jackson throws a hand in front of Jason and yells "STOP!!!!" Jackson then takes an inhaler out and begins to inhale. The crowd laughs as Jason and Rocky are confused. Jackson throws the inhaler in the air. Jason catches it but received a spinning heel kick to the chest for punishment. Jackson caught Hawk with a tonic. Jackson hits a phoenix splash and tries for a pin attempt. He gets a one! Jason Hawk quickly gets up and runs to his corner. Rocky Ali gets the tag in, but not before Jackson hits a running Tiger Uppercut. He sends Hawk out of the ring. Ali stands on the ring apron, making fun of Sonik. Sonik begins to charge up! He begins to make noise. Ali is confused, but before he can ask questions, The Real Life Street Fighter pulls one from Ryu's playbook, AND HITS A HADOUKEN! He sends Ali of the apron. This sets up double topes, Sonik on Ali, Deportista on Hawk.

    Deportista runs to the ring apron. Ali slowly gets into the ring, but gets a Shoyru-Reppa for his troubles! Sonik tags in Deportista. Sonik hits the one up on Ali, Ali stumbles into a BING BONG BUSTAH!!!!!!! Jackson follows it up with a kneecolepsy. Jackson rolls to the outside as Deportista gets the pin and the three!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners by pin fall at eight minutes and thirteen seconds, A Mouthful of Awesome.

    Backstage we find CWA newcomer Hakeem Abdul-Mustafe unwrapping the tape on his fist and he doesn’t look to be in a good mood having lost on his CWA debut. Hakeem kicks over a near by chair as he lets out some steam. Hakeem hears the locker-room door swing open and he turns around to let a roar at whoever has interrupted him.

    Hakeem: Beat it!

    Abdul Akbar Alsam: Your performance tonight was awful.

    Hakeem: Who the hell do you think you are?

    Abdul Akbar Alsam: Me? I’m the man who made CWA great. I’m the man who got CWA through that tough opening phase.

    Hakeem: You the guy who got kicked out of the company for losing nearly every time?

    Abdul Akbar Alsam: Looks like you are going to follow that example then, you seem to have gotten off to a good start anyway.

    Hakeem: Go to hell.

    Abdul Akbar Alsam: I’m not leaving for one simple reason. You have talent, but you don’t have any intelligence so I’m giving you an opportunity. An opportunity to make it here in CWA. If you do what I say, when I say and how I say, then you will have a bright future ahead of you. Are you interested?

    Hakeem: I’ll think about it.

    Abdul Akbar Alsam: I’ll give you a few weeks but I’m not very patient.

    Alsam turns and leaves the locker-room as Hakeem appears to have calmed down quite a bit and looks to be seriously considering the offer he has just received. We cut backstage, where we join what appears to be a pretty irritated Orlando Maxwell. Orlando is walking down the corridor, mic in hand, presumably preparing for an interview with one of CWA’s biggest stars.

    Orlando Maxwell: Can you believe this John? How are we ever going to a decent interview out of this guy? Why couldn’t GD make Michelle do this one?

    continues his incoherent rambling about his disgust at GD making him do this interview, and also about the supposed illiterate interviewee he is about to talk to. Orlando finally stops outside a locker room door with a huge star on it. Inside the star, are the letters KLB. After a few seconds most fans burst into a chorus of boos at this sight, presumably guessing that this means Kenneth LeBlanc will be returning to CWA action tonight, and apparently agreeing with Orlando that they don’t want to hear from LeBlanc. Orlando knocks the door, and waits for a response that never comes. From the other side of the door, there are nothing more than a few muffled noises of gunfire, as if these gun shots are coming from miles away.

    Orlando eventually grows tiresome of waiting for a response, and decides to burst in on his interviewee. As Orlando opens the door, and enters, so does John the cameraman, along with his camera. Finally it becomes clear that a blonde man with quite long hair is sitting on the sofa with his back to the camera, playing what appears to be Modern Warfare 2.

    Orlando Maxwell: Excuse me! We came here to have a little chat with you, by orders of our general manager Guardian Devil. I understand you’re very busy, uhm...preparing for your match tonight but this should only take a few minutes.

    The man doesn’t flinch from his gaming. This only causes Orlando to lose his cool once again, and so he tells John to follow him, as he moves round to stand in front of the sofa that the man is sitting on. As the camera follows Orlando, it eventually becomes clear that the man is not Kenneth LeBlanc at all, but none other than his “carbon copy” Kennif leBlanch! The appearance of Kennif is greeted with quite a few cheers from the crowd, which Orlando seems a little confused about.

    Orlando Maxwell: Alright Kennif, let’s just make this as quick and painless as we possibly can, shall we?

    Kennif, who is already dressed in his Canadian wrestling gear, simply continues playing his game, still yet to even acknowledge Orlando’s presence.

    Orlando Maxwell: So tonight brings with it, the biggest match of your relatively short career Kennif. We all know Kenneth has held numerous titles in different organisations, but now it’s your chance to prove, that like eh,...original, like copy, as you face Logan V for the X-Fly title. What are your thoughts on your chances tonight?

    Kennif leBlanch: ...

    Orlando Maxwell: Something told me you might say that Kennif. Now then, do you think you’ll have any support when you’re facing Logan tonight? The only victory you’ve ever garnered in CWA came with a huge helping hand from Ultimate Pain. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for this fight?

    Kennif stares straight ahead at the television and continues to simply play his Xbox. Orlando is clearly becoming more and more aggravated at this joke of an interview.

    Orlando Maxwell: Fascinating insight Kennif. What do you have to say to the people who have questioned your calibre for a title shot?

    Kennif LeBlanch: ...

    Orlando Maxwell: Ah, going to let your in-ring work do the talking no doubt. Very good Kennif. Now, final question for you today, what do you make of Logan V?

    Kennif just continues to play his game, completely ignoring Orlando.

    Orlando Maxwell: That’s it! John, we’ve tried our best. This idiot will never talk to anyone!

    Orlando begins to leave, but just as he is almost out the door...

    Voice: What’d you call me?

    Orlando turns around in shock, staring at the back of Kennif’s head.

    Orlando Maxwell: D...Did he just speak? No way!

    Voice: I’m going to kick your ass!

    Orlando Maxwell: Excuse me? I’ve never heard such intolerable language.

    Voice: Yeah, that’s right! I’m going to beat you and that English friend of yours if you don’t get out of here!

    Orlando Maxwell: English? Who? Oh wait! You mean Logan V?

    All this time it appears both audience and John the camera man have realised what is going on, but Orlando is still clueless. John zooms in on the TV screen, where a conversation between Kennif LeBlanch, and an American by the name of ‘Dangerous Dan’ is taking place. Kennif has insulted Dan, who happens to be wearing a mic, seemingly trying to lure him into shouting abuse back at him, and thankfully for Kennif, Dan has taken the bait. Also rather fortunately, or perhaps remarkably a player called ‘English Lion 2k9’ has also joined in on this chat, causing the English insults to begin.

    Orlando Maxwell: What is it you have to say about Logan?

    Voice: I think you and him are nothing more than a couple of ‘n00b tubers’! Just you watch this next match, I’m going to beat you so bad, I’ll be nuking your ass by the end!

    Orlando Maxwell looks remarkably confused at all this.

    Orlando Maxwell: N00b tubers? What? Does any of that make any sense to you John? Oh forget it, let’s just leave.

    Orlando makes for the door, but John stays aiming at Kennif for a second or two longer. Finally Kennif turns around after Orlando has left, and looks at the camera with a huge grin on his face.

    Kennif LeBlanch: Now that...that’s what I’m talking ABOOT!


    We go to the ring , with Steve Osborn and Callum Fielding ready to get it on. The ref rings the bell and the two Superstars lock up. Fielding with the advantage right away as he puts Osborn in a headlock. The headlock doesn’t last long though, as Osborn nails Fielding with a back Suplex. The Natural picks up Fielding and whips to the turnbuckle and then follows it up with a clothesline...but the Excellence of English lifts up a leg and Osborn smashes right into it. Fielding then hits him with a dropkick. He picks The Natural up and executes a side suplex on him. Callum Fielding is on a roll and delivers a couple of leg drops and then goes for the pin...

    1...2...Osborn kicks out!

    Fielding picks up Osborn again and tries to hit him with a fisherman suplex, but the Natural blocks it and delivers a Double-Arm DDT instead. With Fielding down, Osborn climbs the second rope and hits him with an elbow drop. Osborn goes for the pin...

    1...2...and Callum kicks out!

    Osborn decides to kick it in high gear...picks up Fielding and performs a Russian Leg sweep on him, followed up by a Springboard Plancha. Fielding is in pain, but the worst is yet to come, as Osborn gets on top of him and locks in The Natural Selection. Callum tries desperately to get free, but he is unsuccessful and eventually he is forced to tap...

    Lindsay Monahan:The winner of this match at 5 minutes and 13 seconds...The Natural Steve Osborn!

    Osborn celebrates in the ring. As the ref checks on the Englishman, We go backstage and see Charles Anderson walking with his daughter Megan Anderson. The two turn a sharp corner and come to a dead stop. Standing in front of them with a huge smile on his face is Frankie Enzo.

    Frankie Enzo: Welcome back sir!!!

    Charles Anderson: I have a bad feeling about where this is going.

    Frankie Enzo: Hello young lady.

    Megan Anderson looks repulsed as Enzo takes her hand and kisses it.

    Charles Anderson: I’m sorry Frankie, but I have things to do, so…

    Frankie Enzo: Don’t worry, this wont take long. Since you’re back, I have a tiny request to ask of you.

    Charles Anderson:Next time I’m coming in the back way.

    Frankie Enzo: Huh?

    Charles Anderson: Nothing, what’s the request?

    Frankie Enzo: Can I have a match next week?

    Charles Anderson: Ummmm….

    Frankie Enzo: Pleeeeaaaasssseeeeee?

    Charles Anderson: Fine. CJ Franchise is to make his debut next week, you can be his opponent, Good luck.

    Frankie Enzo: YES!!!!! YES!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

    Charles Anderson: You haven’t won yet.

    Frankie Enzo: I don’t care, I get to be on TV!

    Enzo leaves the area with his hands raised in victory, Charles Anderson shakes his head in disappointment while Megan doesn’t seem to know how to react as we go back to ringside. Suddenly, without warning the arena goes dark and a countdown begins from five with a single piano cord playing in the background. Once the countdowns hits zero the stage explodes with Pyro, as “Now is the Time” by Dope begins to play. Spotlights zoom around the arena during the beginning guitar rifts before halting once the vocals start up making the crowd start to boo heavily. Joey Nicholas comes down the ramp surprisingly with the AMLL cruiserweight championship slung over his shoulder. His recent loss seemingly doesn’t phase the former X-Fly champion as he quickly makes his way to the ring, holding the championship high in the air as the audience throw insults his way. As Nicholas is getting the Microphone from Lindsay Monahan, a chorus of “You Tapped out” chants can be clearly made out throughout the arena

    Joey Nicholas: You all were apparently too cheap to purchase the Pay Per View yourselves to witness me being screwed over on three separate occasions during that match by the official Johnny Yamaguchi. Any of the three other referees would have not only made the count on those three pin fall attempts during that bout but I guarantee you all that every single one of them would have stopped the contest due to the damages I inflicted to Logan V during the match ! Johnny shows no remorse for us as competitors and I will surely petition to never have him referee any of my future matches from this night henceforth!
    The crowd begins to voice their disapproval to Nicholas who seems content with the reaction.

    Joey Nicholas: I’m sure all of you here in attendance as well as all the Mexicanos in AMLL back over the border are happy to see me with their Cruiserweight championship safely sound here in my possession here tonight. You see I always found this championship as more prestigious than the X-Fly championship in the very first place which is why I never brought it with me. I always kept it locked up in an air tight sealed case so to not get any dust whatsoever on it! I do however feel a little bare on my other shoulder and being a champion of two separate companies at the same time made my day as it gave me an infinite number of challenges. Now that the CWA championship was practically stolen from me I‘m left with nothing. So in other words I want the rematch that I rightfully deserve Logan.

    Nicholas pauses seemingly recollecting his thoughts as the fans begin to boo heavily

    Joey Nicholas: You are contractually obligated to give me my rematch whenever I wish for it but I’m sure your whore of a manager Miss Tyler already went over those guidelines with you so my challenge should come as no surprise to you. However, I do wish to up the stakes if you will. I’m here to offer you a chance at making the history books just like I once did Logan. I am willing to put my AMLL Cruiserweight championship here on the line if you have the cojones to do the same with the CWA X-Fly championship at the next extravaganza known as Uprising next month, that is if you are still champion by the end of the night. Now as far as tonight goes…

    However Nicholas is interrupted by Gigi D'Agostino’s "Bla Bla Bla" and out comes Joven Rayo to a huge pop, not only 'cause they seem to love the Mexican High Flyer, but also because this has put an end to Joey's ramblings. Joven, already with a microphone in hand, slides inside the ring and gets right in Joey's face.

    Joven Rayo: Antes que usted se adelante a usted mismo, permita que mí digale algo.

    The fans cheer loudly, even though it's unlikely they understood what the Mexican Luchador has just said. Joey seems already annoyed by Joven's presence.

    Joven Rayo: Justo como Logan le debe una revancha para el X-Fly título, usted también me debe una revancha para el Cruiserweight título.

    Joey interrupts the former Cruiserweight Champion, as he obviously doesn't understand a word that Joven has just said to him and clearly he has also had enough.

    Joey Nicholas: Whoa there Pedro, relax there for a second, because I don't have a clue about what you have just said. You see amigo, I don’t speak Taco Bell! We are in America here and in this country we speak English. But nonetheless I still want to know why the hell you came down here and interrupted me for, so just wait a second Pedro, I'll be right back!

    Joey leans on the ropes facing the Spanish Announce Booth and asks Nino Flores if he could get in the ring and act as a translator for him. Nino seems glad to do it, as he grabs a mic and gets in the ring. As soon as he approaches Joey, he shakes his hand, which in turn earns him a few boos from the crowd.

    Joey Nicholas:...if you could please tell me exactly what this burrito just said to me, I would greatly appreciate it Nino.

    Joey Nicholas puts his arm around Nino Flores' shoulders as he sends a smirk in Joven Rayo's way.

    Nino Flores: No Problem Champ. Well, basically he said that just like Logan is obligated to give you a rematch for the X-Fly title, you are also obligated to give him a rematch for the Cruiserweight Title.

    Fans instantly burst into a loud cheer, as Joey's demeanour instantly changes as he really doesn't seem happy with this new development.

    Joey Nicholas: Say What? No Freaking Way! You tell this cuacamole that that's not going to happen. I have bigger fish to fry and have no time to waste with this reject.

    Nino Flores grants Joey Nicholas his wish and tells Joven Rayo, but Joven just laughs in return. Joey Nicholas turns to Nino Flores.

    Joey Nicholas: What is he laughing at?

    Joey then turns to Joven Rayo and gets right to his face.

    Joey Nicholas: Why the hell are you laughing ? I told you, you ain't getting no rematch...amigo!

    Joven Rayo just keeps smiling.

    Joven Rayo: Próximo tiempo, usted lee mejor la letra menuda....

    Joven Rayo and Joey Nicholas just keep staring as Nino Flores whispers to him what Joven has just said. Joey's face turns to shock and fear as Joven's face now changes to determination and intensity.

    Joven Rayo: ...Amigo!

    The two stand there for a moment not even flinching before Nicholas abruptly slaps Joven across the face. Joven charges Nicholas and tackles him to the floor and begins to lay a couple of lefts and rights to his foe who covers up. Nicholas finally turns the tide as he pokes Joven in the eye and escapes from underneath Rayo. As Joven is in a daze, Nicholas lines him up with the AMLL championship in hand and clocks him over the head with it knocking the masked man to the ground. Nicholas gives Joven’s limp body a few swift kicks to the gut as Joey frolics around him with an unremorseful scowl upon his face as the crowd boos him heavily. As Joven attempts to get off his back, he’s kicked back down with a boot to the face before Joey claws at his mask like a man possessed! Nicholas successfully tears the luchador’s mask down the middle exposing Joven’s bare scalp.

    Joey then takes this time to remove the padding from one of the turnbuckles exposing the steel ring holding the rope all while putting the Mexican warrior on his shoulder before walking over to the corner and dropping Joven face first onto the steel ring knocking him back down to the canvas almost instantaneously cutting him open. Nicholas takes this moment to exit the ring and push Bruce Mollard and Lindsay Monahan off both their respective chairs before folding them and sliding back into the ring and sitting atop one of them over Joven Rayo. The AMLL star is lying in a small pool of his own blood now as he struggles to get back to his feet all the while Nicholas stares at him with a sadistic daze. Joven begins to crawl towards Joey, grasping his pants in a dire attempt to pick himself back up as the blood from the open wound trickles down from his face onto his mask and the mat below as Nicholas just stares down at him in disgust.

    Nicholas has finally had enough as he steps back from Joven who finally gets back to an upright position whilst the Real Deal waves good bye prior to knocking out Rayo with a picture perfect deal breaker! All four CWA officials have since ran out to stop any further damage to Rayo as they slide into the ring. They are stopped dead in their tracks however and quickly exit when Nicholas shoots a scowl at them. Joey casually walks over to Joven once more and slides one of the chairs onto the face of Rayo who is face first on the mat. Nicholas fold up the chair he was sitting on and raises it high above his head as everyone in attendance as well as the commentators plead for Nicholas not to do it but he doesn’t mind them one single bit as he swings the chair down and making a loud crack upon impact as chair meets skull and chair which cracks throughout the arena leaving everyone in awe including Nicholas himself who seems disgustingly fascinated by what he has done. Once the awkward moment finally passes, Joey bends down and rips off the immobile mask of Joven Rayo who remains lifeless facedown on the chair in the forming pool of blood. Nicholas looks down at the bloody mask in his hand before raising a mic to his mouth.

    Joey Nicholas: Heed this very moment Logan, for at Uprising not only am I to reclaim my championship, I will be stripping your very identity away!

    Nicholas holds the bloody mask high over his head seemingly to send a message to his adversary, Logan V drawing tremendous heat from the crowd. He takes the mask along with him as he exits the ring passing the medical crew on the ramp way as they enter the ring to tend to the fallen Joven Rayo. Joey Nicholas takes one last look back at his work in the ring with a malicious smirk before walking to the back.

    With Marshall Jones already in the ring, Lindsay Monahan is ready to announce the next match.

    Lindsay Monahan:This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighting in at 154 lbs...Marshall Jones!

    As Marshall Jones climbs the middle rope to pose for the fans, "Indestructible by Disturbed starts playing on the loud speakers. Rich Stone, accompanied by his lovely wife Victoria, makes his way out from behind the curtains and down the ramp. A lot of boos can be heard from the fans in attendance, but there are also a lot of fans that are cheering for him. Rich Stone walks down the ramp seemingly careless about the fans 'response.

    Lindsay Monahan:...and his opponent coming down the ramp, weighting in at 245 lbs...”The Franchise” Rich Stone!


    Rich Stone kisses his wife and then climbs inside the ring. As Rich is getting through the ropes, Marshall Jones instantly attacks him by kicking him in the head. The sneak attack has caught Rich Stone by surprise and Marshall Jones right away hits him with his finisher "the Cyclorama". Usually the move finishes matches, but not this time. Rich Stone instantly gets back on his feet, as the move had no effect on him whatsoever. Marshall cant believe it, but he still goes on the attack....he hits Stone with a couple of rights, but again it has no effect on Stone. As Jones tries to hit him one more time, Stone blocks it and delivers a few rights of his own. Marshall is in la-la land as Stone kicks him in the stomach and delivers The Franchise Tag. Marshall Jones is out. Stone puts one foot over his unconscious carcass, as the ref counts to three.

    Lindsay Monahan:The winner of this match at 2 minutes and 12 seconds is Rich Stone!!!

    Rich Stone looks down at the lifeless body of his opponent and it seems he is not finished yet. He picks him up and delivers another Franchise Tag, this time closer to the turnbuckle...he then signals to Victoria to climb the top rope and deliver one of her high risk manoeuvres. She does and hits Marshall with a beautiful Swanton Bomb. Finally officials get in the ring and Rich Stone and Victoria leave the ring. The scene opens goes backstage now, where Nero James and Anna Williams are seen quietly conversing.

    Nero: Anna, babe, I’m fine. I got two stitches in the back of my head, but I’m ok. I took it easy until we flew out last night for the show, here in Maine.

    Anna: Well, Nero, I don't want you going out there and possibly injuring yourself some more. We don't need you going to the hospital. A few bumps and bruises is ok, but you laying in a hospital bed would be bad Hun.

    Nero: Don't worry. I don't have to worry about Ryan Daniels. I'm going for one guy only tonight and that is Don deVries. I know Ralph has had his fair shares with Don down the road, but that is in the past. What he did to me at 5 Star is inexcusable, Ralph just needs to stay back and mind his own business! I have no problems with him, but he can take care of Ryan Daniels. Don is mine.

    Nero catches Anna stare past his shoulder. As the camera pans out, Nero comes face to face with his tag team partner, Ralph McCoy, as the arena explodes into cheers.

    Nero: Speak of the devil! Are you ready for our match tonight? We have two men who are not easy, but I have no problem being an underdog.

    Ralph: So, you want me leave Don to you, huh? Look 'ere, I know that you have this here whole 'Underdog' thing goin' on, but partner, that won't save you from getting your ass chopped up in a cotton gin, fried in a boiler, and handed back to ya on a platter! Now, I have had earlier experience with these here tag teams. So just don't mess up.

    Nero: Let's go out there and show these fans what a good tag team can do. Your from the South and I’m a comforting guy, plus I need a laugh, so why not have our team name be
    'Southern Comfort'? Well, to be serious, let's tear the roof down on this place.

    Ralph: Good Lord, first The Shining Rainbows, now Southern Comfort? Damn in tarnation, why I am stuck with the people who can't make up a good name?

    Ralph shakes his head and seems to get ready to leave, but Nero grabs his wrist and pulls him closer.

    Nero: Stay out of my way against Don tonight. You can have Daniels all you want, beat the living hell out of him, but don't get in my way of Don.

    Ralph smirks as he easily pulls off Nero's hand.

    Ralph: No problemo, rookie. It ain't Don or Daniels I’m worried about tonight.

    Ralph walks past the couple and after a few seconds, Nero and Anna start to follow Ralph as the screen fades to black. We go backstage now where we find the newest addition to the Future, Steve Ryan, making himself a drink at the refreshments table. Ryan is just about finished when Toxic Rain appears beside him.

    Toxic Rain: Hi.

    Steve Ryan: Hey.

    Toxic Rain: Wanna make out?

    Steve Ryan: I’m sorry what?

    Toxic Rain: Make out? I have nothing else to do since my opponent didn’t show up tonight.

    Steve Ryan: Ummmm, okay?

    Toxic Rain: Great, I was starting to get bored.

    Toxic Rain grabs the hand of Ryan and leads him away from the refreshments table and off towards the locker-rooms.


    Logan and Kennif lock up and Logan gets a hammer lock applied on the Challenger. Kennif counters with one of his own, Logan reverses, but Kennif counters him over. Logan locks in another hammer lock, both men are on their feet as Kennif takes him down. Logan locks the hammer lock back in. They do the same spot a couple more times with Kennif taking Logan down and Logan re-applying the hammer lock. Finally it's broken and Logan misses on some high flying moves. Kennif bulldogs Logan. Logan connects on a drop kick out of nowhere. Kennif is on the outside getting counted out after the dropkick from Logan. Logan goes to the outside as Kennif is milking the count. Kennif gets back in as Logan rolls out. Logan gets on the apron and back in the ring. Logan scoops Kennif up and slams him down. Logan smashes into him and get a two count. Knife edge chops from Logan. Kennif press slams Logan out of the ring to the outside. Logan took a rough landing and is getting counted out.

    Kennif does his patent catchphrase into the camera before going to the outside. He slams Logan off the rail then picks him up and drop him on it. Referee Tony Stevens goes to the outside and warns him. Kennif rolls Logan back in the ring and goes back to work on him. Kennif counters a hip toss with an abdominal stretch on Logan in the ring. Desperation hip toss from Logan but Kennif counters with a move that impact Logan's ribs. Kennif buries his head in the midsection of Logan in the corner of the ring. Kennif kicks Logan in the midsection after a shoulder block. Kennif whips Logan coast-to-coast in the turnbuckles. Kennif picks Logan up in a standing bear hug. In a desperation move, Logan gives Kennif head butts. Kennif counters and reapplies the abdominal stretch on the Champion. We don’t what lit a fire under Kennif tonight, but whatever it was it seems to be working. Kennif wrenches back on the hold, The Referee checks for submission. Logan tries to back him off, working on his knee cap. Logan gives Kennif right has, Kennif exchanges. They go back and forth with right hands. Kennif kicks Logan, Logan hits a dropkick to the side of Kennif's head. Both men down, double count out started. Logan gives Kennif a couple of clotheslines followed by a snap suplex. Kennif props himself up in the corner. Logan goes after him and ends up on the apron. Logan over the top rope gives a forearm shot to Kennif for a two count. A snap suplex by Logan leads to another two count for him on the Challenger. Kennif goes for the Maple Syrup Lock but Logan counters. Kennif hits the DDT. Kennif covers Logan for a two count. Kennif goes to the top rope with Logan down in the ring. Kennif dives off, Logan gets out of the way. Logan kicks Kennif in the face, Logan tries for the Million Dollar Dream but Kennif blocks.

    Kennif Splashes in the corner on Logan. Kennif hits a second one sending Logan to the mat. Kennif sets Logan back up in the corner. Kennif hits a third one. Kennif sets Logan up on the top turnbuckle. Kennif tries superplex from the top but Logan fights him off and rolls through into a power bomb to the mat. Logan sets Kennif in the middle of the ring. Logan to the top rope, he hits the Moon Sault off the top rope. Logan tells the fans 'one more time'. He goes back to the top but he's taking way too much time. Kennif is back up, he dodges the missile dropkick and rolls Logan up for a long two count. Logan kicks out at the last second as Kennif tries for the Maple Syrup Lock again. Logan takes the opening he has been offered and rolls Kennif up in a small package to retain his title.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match and still CWA X-Fly Champion, Logan V!

    Logan is slow to get back to his feet where he can take hold of his CWA X-Fly Championship once again having made the always tricky first title defence against a very game Kennif leBlanch.

    All four competitors have made their way down to the ring at this time as Lindsay Monahan is in the centre with a microphone in hand.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following tag team bout is scheduled for one fall and will be…

    She is suddenly interrupted by the music of the most unlikely person, the “Natural” Steve Osborn. He quickly makes his way down the ramp way and slides into the ring before ripping the microphone away from Monahan’s hands as Daniels, deVries, James and McCoy look on perplexed at Osborn’s audacity with the crowd booing in the background.

    Steve Osborn: I'm going to save you and the fans some time and tell it like it is. This match is scheduled to be boring. There's four guys in here who, even when combined, don't compare to the "Natural" Steve Osborn. I'm sorry. Really guys, I am.

    All four competitors are seemingly irritated as they all slowly make their way closer to Osborn

    Steve Osborn: I'm sorry that I put on such a display of skill earlier, that there's no chance in hell this match will even compare. I'm sorry that I showed the fans what real wrestling looks like because now you can't help but disappoint them, and most of all, I'm sorry...

    All four men have cornered Osborn now in the centre of the ring as he hesitantly looks at all four of them with uneasiness. Suddenly Ryan Daniels sucker punches Osborn as the others soon join the fray volleying the new guy between the four of them. Ralph is the first to make a statement as he grabs the Osborn and executes Dust ‘Till Dawn, planting Osborn on the mat as Ryan Daniels climbs the mat and performs The Hologram! It’s Nero James’ turn now as he gets Steve back to his feet before hitting him with a RKO! Don looks to finish him off once and for all as he military presses Osborn high above his head before walking towards the ropes and throwing him out of the ring towards the entrance ramp. As Osborn is helped to the back, Tony Stevens is seemingly having a hard time holding back his laughter at the whole ordeal as he calls for the bell to get the main event underway.


    Ryan Daniels and Nero James start out for their teams and as everyone might have expected, the two showed off their quickness reversing the other’s attempts over and over again. Finally Daniels catches James with Pele kick knocking Nero to the canvas. Anna acts as the cheerleader outside the ring encouraging Nero to get back up which seemingly works as he sends a flurry of kicks at Ryan Daniels pitting him in the corner causing Daniels to sit in a daze. Nero runs to the opposite post before getting a running start towards a seated Daniels and hitting him in the face with a stiff missile dropkick. The “Underdog” tags in the “Roadrunner” who climbs the ropes and hits a coast to coast dropkick on Ryan Daniels. McCoy runs over towards the Ruler of the Ring winner deVries and knocks him off the apron before getting the crowd fired up. Daniels finally stirs and gets to his knees before being blasted with an enziguri by McCoy! Ralph is feeling good now as he runs towards the rope to launch himself back towards Daniels but he’s tripped up by Don! DeVries gets inside the ring and hits an axe bomber lariat turning Ralph inside out. Nero clotheslines Ryan to the outside before climbing the top rope and jumping off to hit Don but deVries catches Nero in a stunning spear turned into a spin buster! Don is in a rage now as he goes to the outside where Nero has rolled out to recover and grabs a steel chair. As deVries makes his way back towards his fallen opponent in Nero James, he is immediately greeted by Anna Williams who gets in front of him begging him not to do any harm. Don holds the chair up threatening to hit Anna who covers herself with her hands to brace for the impact. However it never happens as Don throws the chair away before grabbing Anna and throwing her over his shoulder. Don makes his way up the ramp as Anna screams and pounds her fists on the back of deVries with little to no effect. Once Nero comes to, he quickly scans the arena for Anna and Don before finally spotting them at the top of the ramp. Nero suddenly jumps to his feet and makes a beeline up the ramp giving chase to Don. As the trio go backstage, Ryan Daniels attempts his finisher the Death Drop Technique on McCoy in the middle of the ring but Ralph reverses it and hits Dusk ’Till Dawn before jumping atop of the turnbuckle and hitting 8-seconds and hooking Daniel’s leg as Stevens counts 1...2...3!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners at minutes and seconds, the team of Ralph McCoy and Nero James!

    “Eight Second Ride” plays whilst Ralph celebrates his win however, it is cut short as his music is cut short with Steve Osborn theme playing over the P.A. system yet again while he makes his way back out to the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand.

    Steve Osborn: Congrats. Not that anyone participating in a match full of losers could ever be considered a winner, but good job. You know, earlier I came out to apologize for setting a standard. But now I'm here to let you know... you're the ones who will be sorry. Every man in that match up. Daniels, deVries, James, McCoy - I deserve your RESPECT. I'm not what they call "a future legend," I'm a current legend. I was a legend from the opening bell of my first tryout. And you're going to regret the disrespect you've shown this legend tonight. I will have my retribution, gentlemen, and I promise you, I'm not alone.

    Osborn drops the microphone and walks back through the curtains as Ralph McCoy looks on in bewilderment. All of the sudden, a motion is seen from the crowd. The camera switches to one at the guardrail, and it shows Nickolas Arsen running from the crowd and dashing over the barricade. Unknown to Ralph, and to the disapproval of fans, Arsen stands behind Ralph McCoy with the AMLL championship belt in hand. Fans tell Ralph to look out, but when 'The Roadrunner” turns around, he is met with the gold to his face. Arsen taunts to the crowd after the shot to the head, but he is not done. Arsen lifts McCoy up and puts him back down with the Absolutely Fabulous. Arsen slithers over Ralph's body! He gets up and kicks Ralph out of the ring. Arsen sets a steel chair in the middle of the ring. He takes a moment to sadistically glare around at the wrestling fans in attendance. He takes a look a Ralph McCoy on the outside. Ralph is being looked at by medical assistants. Arsen shrugs of the boos and lays his AMLL World Championship in the middle of the ring in front of the chair. He calls for Lindsay, who hands him a microphone. He then sits in the chair and looks down on the ground, trying to ignore the reactions of the fans.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Well, my timing couldn't be more perfect.

    Arsen finally looks up at the camera. Fans will not stop with the jeers and the insults towards Arsen, who doesn't even take notice of the hatred towards him.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I was told backstage that because I won the Royal Rumble at Five Star Attraction, I was expected to come out here to Roberto so he can recall beating me, and proving me wrong. They wanted me to come out here after he hyped you imbeciles and you betrayers, say a couple of nasty things, and then bask in the glory of your World Champion.

    Arsen laughs, but is quick to shake his hand.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I'm not going to wait in the back and let things come to me like I have been doing since I have came to the CWA. I am going to be the one who sets the record straight. I am not going to have Roberto try to ridicule me once again, seen as I have a second chance. My second chance to redeem myself not as a human being just to make you all happy, but to show you all why I was the top contender in the first place. If you want to blame anyone as to why I am doing this, it is the man I want to wait for. The man I want to FOLLOW ME, and listen to everything I have to say. You want a confrontation? Then I am not moving until Roberto comes out here.

    Arsen lowers the microphone from his face and looks down at the ground. The fans start a "we want Roberto" chant. Arsen does not flinch at all until "Cult of Personality" hits the PA System. Arsen turns his head to the direction of the entrance ramp. The fans around him go bonkers. When Roberto comes out with the CWA World Championship on his shoulder, the fans go ultra crazy, getting just as loud as the music. Roberto slowly walks down the ramp, with his eyes covered with sunglasses. Arsen turns his head back towards the ground and begins to laugh to himself. Roberto sees Ralph McCoy being escorted to the back. He then looks at Arsen, lowering his sunglasses and demonstrating an angry facial expression. He walks into the ring with a microphone in hand. He just stands beside Arsen, who does not look at Roberto. Roberto gets the attention of Arsen when he drapes his CWA title over Arsen's AMLL title.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: That AMLL Title means nothing to me.

    Roberto: Really? Come on, Arsen.

    Arsen gets angry.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Stop talking!

    Roberto begins to circle a seated Arsen.

    Roberto: Well, we were supposed to come out here and hype our rematch at Uprising, but seeing how you want to make all of this about you, this confrontation has a new meaning.

    Arsen puts his hands on his face.

    Roberto: I just wanted to enjoy my title reign, relax a bit, and make this as quick as possible. I did not expect what you just did. So, talk. I am all ears. Go ahead and tell me off, Arsen. Maybe you can include why you attacked me a half a year ago!

    Arsen looks up at Roberto.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Is that all you are concerned about? A false accusation?

    Arsen stands up. He kicks the chair out of the way.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: How naive, how stubborn, and how ignorant can you possibly be, Roberto. Do you realize what you have done over the past two weeks? You created something that you yourself will not be able to destroy.

    Roberto is fully focused on Arsen, who is walking back and forth in a hostile manner.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: You didn't beat me, Roberto. I know deep down in your soul, you know you didn't beat me. However, just like every action I make and every word I say, you want to be quick to stand your ground and put me down. You called me pessimistic, you called me vulnerable, you make fun of my moniker, and you wanted to keep your accusations relevant.

    Roberto nods in approval as the fans applaud.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Granted, you were right about me being vulnerable and pessimistic. Ever since you came back, my aura and my foundation has been shaken around me. What was I left to think? That everything is okay? I never the expected nor endured the changes that were handed to me from several of my opponents dropping like flies to my personal life falling down hard and fast. Of course that will weaken my mental armour, of course I would have to add a couple pessimistic scenarios, and most importantly, of course I am going to be angry when everything is taken from you by someone who has it all.

    Arsen stops walking and turns his attention at Roberto.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: My so-called new attitude was not about me selling out nor was it about me being a traitor. This has happened because this is the reflection of someone suppressed and under looked. I myself was betrayed.

    Arsen points at Roberto.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Just because I am hurt and I am mentally crippled at the moment, that does not give you the right to kick me while I am down. That is exactly what you did up to Five Star Attraction. It wasn't a matter of you being brave, it was a matter of you being the true evil person in this situation. You criticized me without hesitation. You are the reason why I am who I am.

    Arsen grins and looks away from Roberto.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: So, much like you should be doing right now, I listened. I heard those accusations you threw my way before we stepped in the ring. When you sneaked one on me, you made me wake up. Maybe I should be more optimistic and confident. Maybe I should be like you, and keep an honest word. Maybe I should stand my ground.

    Arsen puts a stare on Roberto. Fans tell Arsen to 'shut the hell up'.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I did not attack you, Roberto. I know I have teased it, but I didn't do it, and I have enough dignity to admit I would never be that kind of person. I would never be a coward, much like I have been more recently.

    Fans start calling Arsen a liar. Roberto shakes his head, but Arsen is shooting a remorseful face at his rival.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: However, did you realize that calling me out like you have done, and stretching this idea that I attacked you at Redemption would be the biggest mistake of your life? You did this during a time where I have had enough in the direction I was going in, and I was ready to show you that I am one-hundred percent sure that I am better than you. You poked the bee hive while the bees were irked, Roberto.

    Roberto laughs at the bees analogy. Arsen smiles.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: You think that is funny?

    Roberto begins to speak but Arsen is quick in recognizing this action. He snatches Roberto's microphone out of Roberto's hands and tosses it out of the ring. Roberto shoots a disapproving look at Arsen, who has his back turned. The fans boo.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: You see? I know you want to anger the emotional bees stirring around my brain, but what you should realize is that they have already stung your mentality, and the swarm is getting started. I hope you are familiar with the term, "bite the hand that feeds you", because I am chomping right now, and I’m not going to stop until we meet at Uprising. I say this because with what I’m going to do to you mentally will fall on you. Because YOUR ACTIONS changed MY MORALE. You don't think I can rise up? Well, since you have said I’m too vulnerable to defeat you, I just want to let you know what I have done now that I mean business. I won the Royal Rumble with no other thought in my mind. I won the AMLL World Champion to show you that I am capable of being the champion.

    Arsen turns and gets in Roberto's face.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: And just to show you that I do mean business and that you have made me rethink my direction, I will attack you. I won't do it physically, however, though I know you want me to. Ralph McCoy was only the first victim of me attacking your mentality. Ralph McCoy was only the first in several steps of me giving you a taste of how I felt when you showed up. Just like you standing there while I give you a piece of my mind, the roles are reversing.

    Arsen gets closer to Roberto.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I will destroy YOUR MORALE with MY ACTIONS! I will make you become more optimistic about your direction. And I will take the title from your hands. And at Uprising, when you lie on the mat, looking up at the ceiling, and realize you lost everything, everyone close to you is going to watch from their hospital beds, and wonder why their precious Roberto wasn't able to redeem them being attacked by me. You are going to feel the exact same way I felt...when you picked a bad time to step in my life.

    Arsen draws incredible heat from the crowd. It seems his words only annoyed Roberto. Arsen hands Roberto the microphone.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Now, seeing that this may be the final time you get the last word, I suggest you make it count.

    Roberto: I didn't expect for you to stoop so low, Arsen. So maybe you are right. Maybe you are more determined. I did manage to catch the Royal Rumble, and through being beaten and battered, being exhausted, and being scarred, you showed a lot of strength and motivation. Although this is a crazy thing to say, you put on more of a demonstration of determination that our title match. And you put in 99.9 percent into that match!

    Roberto takes off his sunglasses and throws it into the crowd. A bunch of girls fight for it.

    Roberto: Now, I realize that at Uprising, I am getting the full one hundred percent. So I have to prepare myself once more for the two of us to participate in an all out war.

    Arsen nods, but Roberto gets serious.

    Roberto: However, I hope you realize that your actions will only do nothing but make me determined to make you suffer even more than you apparently have since I have came back. Actions towards my loved ones and my friends may be the way you want to prove to me that you are ready, but in reality, it is a stupid decision, because it will drive me further than any words you say and any rebuttal that I say.

    Arsen tries to grab the microphone but Roberto shoves Arsen out of his way. The fans cheer loudly.

    Roberto: You had your chance.

    Arsen is infuriated and stomps around the ring. Roberto takes this time to pick up his belt and place it over his shoulder.

    Roberto: Arsen, beating you once more won't do me any justice because once again, you won't have anything to cling onto but your false prophecies. So giving you the beautiful death that you deserve is the only way I can make you, and myself, happy.

    Arsen walks closer to Roberto, mouthing him off.

    Roberto: Ralph McCoy, as much as I respect him, is perfectly capable of getting his own measure of revenge. But whatever you do to my family, my rainbows, or any one else close to me, will only make ME more determined to finish you once and for all. In some weird way, I will get my own measure of revenge, whether you attacked me or not.

    Arsen is mouthing to Roberto that his didn't attack him. Arsen gets angry when the fans start another liar chant. Roberto gets closer to Arsen.

    Roberto: You let me have the microphone, Arsen, and for a reward, I did what you wanted me to do, and that was listen. What was supposed to be just five minutes of us hyping up another match between us turned into both of us making it perfectly clear that we want each other to suffer. So, while you said you don't want to lay a hand on me, and take out the people close to me instead, I guess it is safe to say that I can do this without any punishment.

    Much to the liking of the fans, Roberto drops the mic and throws two right hooks that connect to Arsen's face. Arsen stumbles and falls on his belt. Roberto puts his guard down. Arsen grabs his title and gets to a knee. He looks at Roberto with the intent of wanting to get back at him, but he slides out of the ring. Arsen grabs the mic from the outside as Roberto's music plays. Roberto climbs the turnbuckles to acknowledge his fans. Before the celebration can conclude, the music is shut off.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: You did it, Roberto. You angered the swarm. And so that I stay true to my word like you intended, you will get stung. What happens next falls on you!

    Arsen and Roberto have a very tense stare down to end the show.

    ++Quick Results++
    Dan Powers def Hakeem Abdul-Mustafe
    Toxic Rain def Alexa
    Hawk Bonsen vs. Steel ends in a no contest
    A Mouthful of Awesome def Thunder and Lightning
    Steve Osborn def Callum Fielding
    Rich Stone def Marshall Jones
    Logan V def Kennif leBlanch
    Ralph McCoy & Nero James def Don deVries & Ryan Daniels

    ++GFX By++

    Dr. Doom

    ++Matches Written BY++
    Sir Nicky Talent

    ++Matches Graded by++

    ++Promos by++
    Nicky Talent

    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine

    Not a bad show. I am really digging a certain character. This episode showcased a lot of new good talents.

    Hawk Bonsen no showing
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    Re: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine

    Awesome stuff on the Roberto/Arsen segment Nicky...that was one of the best segments I've read here in CWA.

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    Re: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine

    Awesome card, through and through. Osborn getting sent packing by all four was pretty epic. I imagine he had to sell that like he had been struck *dead* haha. Fingers crossed he gets his revenge. Can't wait to see where all of this is heading.

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    Re: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine

    Awesome ending segment Nicky great job allround

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    Re: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine


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    Re: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine

    Looks like Anna Williams is about to find out what she was missing all this time being with Nero.

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    Re: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine

    I think A.M.O.A. just became my favorite tag team I lol'd at the inhaler and the Hadouken at the apron

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    Re: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine


    I have fun with that team.
    Quote Originally Posted by RaiZ-R View Post
    What the fuck is happening to you guys? I once got a blowjob where she used her teeth a little bit too much and I ended up with a bloody dick, I still enjoyed the blowjob up to the point I started bleeding. I can honestly say that I have never had anything I would call a bad blowjob, that wasn't a great experience but up until I started gushing blood I was having a great time!

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    Re: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine

    Definatly an interesting show

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    Re: January 13th 2010 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Eastport, Maine

    Pretty good show but the text underneath the wrestlers was hard to read in my opinion

    Don is gonna get his ass kicked when Nero catches up to him

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