CWA Women’s Champion Alexis has wasted little time in responding to Jackson Sonik following his post on earlier today. Here is what she had to say in response.

Alexis says:

When Jackson Sonik talks, people fall asleep.

Cold? Yes. Mean? Yes. True? Absolutely. I’m going to be honest Jackson, after reading what you had to say, I went straight to Google to find out why some fan was allowed on to reply to me. Imagine my surprise when I find out that you are not a fan but are instead a contracted CWA wrestler! Needless to say, it was a shock, mostly because I have never heard of you. I’ve probably never even seen you and yet here you are, trying to make a name for yourself? At my expense? Listen little boy, nobody, and I mean nobody, makes their name off of us. We did it the hard way, why should you be any different? Go out and earn your stripes in CWA, as of now, you and your partner have done literally nothing and as a result, you are nowhere near being on our radar.

If however, you want to change that and get our full attention, there are two things you must do. Firstly, I hear you are a big video game fan. That needs to change. Come back when you grow out of it, it usually happens around puberty. Secondly, hit the gym and work on those God-awful wrestling skills. It’s easy to see why you were on the pre-show and not the full show at Five Star Attraction. You would have brought the whole show down with your sloppy wrestling.

I’m surprised that I even took the time out of my busy schedule to reply to someone so far down the pecking order that Victoria Stone is above him, but alas, here we are. Jackson, I advise you not to bother me again. You’re not worth my time, and you damn sure aren’t worth the time of the Future. You may not like it, but you better get used to it.