CWA Womenís Champion Alexis has been back on and has offered to help her teamís conquerors to fit in within the United States.

Alexis says:
Since you two are now in possession of our titles, I have decided to take the high road and extend to you the hand of friendship. Thatís why Iím writing this right now. Iím going to help you live in America. Now, since you two donít speak any English whatsoever, I figure thatís a good a place as any to start. To help you, Iím going to teach you some basic English phrases that will help you fit in.

Firstly, one that will be invaluable to you two when we come and take back our titles. ďWould you like Fries with that?Ē Short and to the point. Once we take our titles back, you will no longer be needed and will surely find yourselves unemployed so McDonalds is the most likely next career move for you two.

However, should that career not work out, we have plenty of other job opportunities for people like you. Another phrase that will be very helpful to you is ďDo you know where the nearest Home Depot is?Ē The next one wont be helpful in the work place, but may help keep you two out of trouble. ďHe looked eighteen to me your Honour.Ē Given your background, I suspect that one will be used the most.

Now, I donít want to overload your tiny little minds, so that will be all for today. You can thank me with money or jewellery.